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Your tag on the Abigail Disney post about voting made me think of this: In the U.K, have y'all caught wind about all the stuff going on in a lot of states over here that are either illegally taking away people's ability to vote, or trying to put in regulations to legal bar whole groups of people from being able to vote? That news keeps getting buried over here, so it made me wonder if you're getting those stories at all? :o

actually yes I have and it’s. wow. I don’t even have words. anyway there was this here link on twitter a while back so yeah head’s up you american folks this might come in useful for you! good luck everyone I love you xxx

Part 2 of me feeling bad about not posting anything today, feat. me trying out a brush that I haven’t used since I couldn’t sketch clean..ly..

Anyway, what do you think? Do you like this brush better? Should I go back to answering requests with sketches so I can do them faster, or do you like my clean monochromatic lineart? Do you want me to switch between them? Let me know!

round 1 of stickers !! not including the mothmans ive done in the past but we have four dif pride designs(the square one says “out - loud - proud” and features bi, gay, trans, lesbian, and ace flags) n then some torn flags(bi, trans, gay and i ran out of paper to do a lesbian one but it’ll b there) haunted pants(ty @spud1234556) skull, spooky pumpkin, bat, and the most majestic of em all- 

the dickbeast. @appleciderdan i hope u appreciate the lengths i go to for u (ilyy)

bts reacts; his crush being from europe

heyyy, so i hope you don’t mind but i changed this one up a bit as well.
personally i don’t feel comfortable writing about a 18+ person having a crush on some who is younger then 18 as where I’m from she/he still wouldn’t be legal.
hope you understand.
and i also hope you enjoy this react. plus, i only did it for the hyung line because i didn’t really know what to do for all of them.

he’d find it awesome, however he’d be shocked since you can speak Korean so well. namjoon actually thought you was from korea it’s that good.
i feel like he’d also want to learn your native language- unless it’s English, in which case he already knows- juust so he could impress you.

i think he’d tease you about it. as you know, every country has their stereotypes like there’s this running stereotype that british people like tea or if your French you like eating snails and frog legs.
tae tae would figure out your countries stereotype and basically take the piss out of you because he’s a little shit.

suga would love that fact that your from a different country. he’d love to hear you speak in your native language, he finds it so sexy and it’s a massive turn on for him.
to be honest, he’d try and learn it like namjoon but not to impress you- just so he can communicate with you easier. he’d just be mesmerised by how different people from your country where to how people are in korea.

he’d love it!
it’d be one of his favourite things about you. knowing jhope and his hyperactive ways, he’s probably go round to the boys saying things like “my future wife is from [your country]”, and shit like that which would probably annoy the others guys a little but he frankly didn’t care. i think he’d end up making a stupid rap about it, because he’s a smol bean.

sup, hey, how ya doin!
so, can i just say that jhope has been bias wrecking me harder then ever today and I aM dOnE wItH hIs ShiT aLrEaDy!
just @ jhope; can you pls stop!

anyway, on that note- i hope you liked it, and im actually starting to like making these a lot, even though there probably getting progressively worse as time goes on.
don’t forget to request!
my inbox is always open 
love ya all..
- kala
last post; bts reacts; their s/o having bad depression

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ah~ i love your blog >×< it's quite a gem, even if there isn't a whole crap ton of posts. anyways, how about the axis/allies and a s/o that is v blunt/honest? like, whatever is on their mind, they blurt it, especially when pointing out tendencies that unnerve them or make them extremely uncomfortable.

Grace: Ah, I’m glad you think so! Hopefully you still do after some of my crack-ish posts, haha. I wanted to have this up yesterday, but my internet was down, thanks Spectrum. In all seriousness though, we’ve been having some bad wind storms here so I’ll be clearing out my ask box tonight but I can’t promise anything will get posted. Depends on the weather and the integrity of my power lines. Also, I did the Axis and Allies together since I was afraid I’d end up repeating myself if I did them in two separate posts.

America/Japan: They’d hate it, tbh. Out of all the yanderes, I feel like they’re the ones that, in the deepest corners of their minds, know what they’re feeling isn’t right. Love shouldn’t be about possessing someone and, when you call them out on their more extreme behaviors, the voices in their heads screaming about the wrongness of your relationship get louder. However, if it’s just you voicing your opinion on something inane, ie not about their occasional creepiness, they appreciate it. When most of your time gets taken up by politicians and their slippery ways, having someone clearly state what they want or how they feel is a blessing.

England/Germany/Russia: Oof, I can see this going one of two ways with these guys. They either ignore your complaints and write it off as you having a bad or they take your statement into serious thought and, through a series of complicated trains of thoughts, conclude you’re going to leave them. They’re the most insecure about your relationship. They aren’t confident in themselves, be it emotionally or physically, and it can cause some detrimental, to you, delusions. They’ll react with violence and harsh punishments and you slip from being their S/O to a pet or, at worst, a pretty bauble to displayed in their homes for their viewing pleasure. Either way, it doesn’t matter if you’re broken mentally. Your general bluntness, though, doesn’t really turn them off. If anything, it’s a great weight off their shoulders since they don’t have to guess at your every thought.

China/France/Prussia: They deal with your admittance the best yes, even Prussia, and will try to stop doing whatever’s making you uncomfortable. If anything, they see this as something that strengthens your relationship. Communication is key after all and your honesty clearly means you trust them enough to speak up. They’re also the only ones you might find your bluntness off putting. Being so truthful used to get you killed back in the day and I can see them still holding onto the paranoia of years passed and might even try to train you in the art of intrigue.

Canada/Spain/Italy: Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt. How could you say something so mean? So cruel? So untrue? I might have to rename them as the guilt trip trio because that’s what they do. Why leave marks on your skin when they can leave marks on your mind? Not that it does them much good since this is, probably, what you were calling them out for in the first place. At the end of the day, save yourself a headache and just deal with their bs. Trust me, it’s not worth fighting over since you aren’t going to win either way. Your straightforwardness doesn’t really matter to them in your everyday lives unless you’re doing something risky, like snapping at a waiter for their crappy service or telling someone off. In which case, they get the fuck out of Dodge with you in tow.

Romano: This boy gets a category all on his own. Now, I adore Romano, he’s my boo, but it’s canon that he’s an emotional disaster with a dash of inferiority complex for flavor. So, he’ll take your comments as an attack against himself and it sets him off spiraling into a state of something bad. He second guesses everything about himself, bouncing between depression and anger and then back again. It’s not like he’s doing it on purpose either, unlike his brother, and won’t really recover until you do something. As a consolation, neither of you have to worry about secrets since you’re both the most honest, and sometimes mean, people on the earth. It’s very reassuring, actually. Remember: communication is key.

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Hi!! I’m deaf and I was wondering if you could write something with the paladins +Allura with the s/o using some sign language and this cool alien device that helps them communicate? That would be rad!! Thanks so much!!

A/N: Dude this is a  super cool idea, thank you so much for suggesting it! I had some trouble with it, tbh, but I managed to power through. Then I tried posting it and Tumblr ate it… anyways, sorry it took so long, though. I hope you like it!


  • he’s not half bad at sign language
    • sometimes he had to think for a minute to figure out what his s/o said
    • but he’s a fast learner  
  • he’ll steal the device and sign at it to make sure he’s doing it right
    • his s/o stumbled upon him practicing one night and they were so touched 
  • he likes to show the device off a little bit 
    • more of like a “Hey look at how cool this thing is” sort of way 


  • he isn’t great but he isn’t bad either
    • he’s like, average 
    • it’s certainly easier than the Spanish he was forced to take in school 
  • he likes how it makes his life easier 
  • his s/o is really grateful they found it
    • and so is he
  • he does a bit of translating for his s/o so it makes Keith’s life a bit easier


  • believes everyone should have one
  • he messes around with it a lot
  • he’s really curious about the device and plays with with his s/o 
  • he’s very grateful for it, as he does a lot of translating for his s/o
    • I mean, he’s happy to do it, but it’s just easier on the both of them
    • there’s no worry about messing something up or anything 


  • she’s so curious about it and spends a lot of time checking it out
    • and wondering how she didn’t think of something like that on her own
  • she wants to figure out how it works
  • she takes every opportunity to use it
    • even if she knows a lot of sign language


  • he really likes the device
  • he likes that his s/o is able to talk to more people and that they’re able to make more friends
    • being able to communicate with more people makes his s/o feel less lonely
  • he thinks it’s really cute how excited his s/o is about the device 


  • she’s terrible at sign language
    • it’s not really her fault, though
    • nothing like that really existed on Altea
    • she doesn’t know the english alphabet, so she can’t spell anything out
  • so the device is a huge blessing to her 
  • she’s just extremely grateful for it

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what if something really bad happend to the forth todoroki sibling (maybe he died)? It could be the reason why none of the todoroki siblings recognized him. But tbh this was the first time Fuyumi and Natsuo both saw Dabi as a villain, we still dont really know how they reacted to it. anyways, thanks for taking your time explaining the actual translations of the japanese manga ^^ have a nice day! -o

It’s true, as I mentioned in this post Dabi’s family most likely believes he’s dead.

I’m not even sure if Fuyumi and Natsuo saw Dabi, tbh. Dabi put up a huge wall of fire, and the helicopter that was filming the whole thing was too far away to capture Dabi’s face.

All they can see is the fire. This could be another one of those convenient diversions so that nobody in the Todoroki family would recognize Dabi.

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So imagine in the Spidey au, that Prompto at the moment is classified as some sort of Vigilante at the start of his days. And like, he gets super injured to the point of near hospital, but can't go to the hospital because he's "a criminal" in the eyes of the law. Maybe because he would break into bad guys houses, or be at the scene of a bombing, and people think it was him. Anyways, imagine him getting really hurt, and he can't go to the hospital because he'll be arrested.

I actually had a headcanon about that, and @rainedrop777 wrote a fic about Prompto getting injured and knowing he can’t go to a hospital… so he ends up going to Gladio’s place instead, revealing his secret! :O

Here’s a link to the fic! It’s really good!!!

28/09/16 • 12:50PM • 6/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY // oh my god i’m so frickin’ bad at remembering to post a pic for the 2 studyblr challenges i’m doing rn \o/ anyway, i think i’ve almost given up on using my ban.do agenda for schoolwork… i’ve been trying to use my bullet journal for “personal” things and my planner for “academic” things but i just can’t really figure out how to lay out everything i have to do in a non-cramped manner in the ban.do planner. i’ll give it another couple weeks and then maybe i’ll switch gears and use the ban.do one for personal things and the bujo for academic things? idk idk idk (in other news i’m frigging starving i never have much of an appetite when i go to breakfast in the mornings but by lunchtime my stomach’s growling horrendously)