i think this is a vocaloid cosplay ; ;

Cosplaying While Black

Me: *Wants to cosplay a character other than one that matches my brown skintone*

Cosplayers: How DARE YOU? *Are white and cosplaying characters that are supposed to be Japanese*

Me: But..can’t anyone cosplay? It’s not fair that if you say I can’t cosplay Hatsune Miku because she’s pale but you can cosplay Avatar Korra(who I have also cosplayed) and she’s my color. I think anyone should be able to cosplay regardless of color…

The small amount of nice cosplayers: Yeah!

Everyone else: Nope. You’re black. You cannot cosplay. Sorry not sorry.

Me: Oh. Okay..

Me: *Sits on the sidelines or searches for dark characters that are not racial stereotypes* 

I’ve got Korra from Legend of Korra, Hannah from Kuroshitsuji,Katara from Avatar The Last Airbender and Nico from Nanbaka. I’ve only done two of those cosplays so far. I have done Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid IA. I am afraid to wear the last two ever again. I met nice people at the cons I went to but I am afraid of dealing with the racism I see online that POC cosplayers face. It’s not fair. The double standards need to stop. We should be able to cosplay without being called racial slurs.A fried of mine said “Oh. So you’re doing black Miku?” Funny how for white people it’s just Miku, but for me it’s BLACK Miku.


In a couple of weeks, Hatsune Miku will "return” to the city of Dallas for Miku Expo 2016. Last time she was here, it was under less pleasant circumstances!

I decided to update my Dean Ambrose-Hastune Miku cosplay for the concert. I created my very own “Vocaloid World Heavyweight Championship” title (don’t call it a belt :P)! I actually never had my own full-scale replica bel–err, title, so I built this one from scratch!

This is also my first time working with EL wire. I think it turned out pretty well!

If I wear this to Miku Expo, and I’m sure very few people will understand it, lol. I’m thinking about converting it into a John Cena Miku cosplay, because anime people know John Cena because of meme reasons!


Last day of Comic Con. I spent the day buying a couple last minute items I had been wanting to get the other days but hadn’t decided on. This included a pair of soft ears, an adorable tentacle kitty named Mochi, a picture of my favorite Ghost Lewis :D, and tons of other cute and awesome stuff. The rest of the day consisted mostly of taking pictures. I was so happy with my cosplay, I thought I should model it for you guys a little better. :3 I didn’t think any editing would be necessary on acount that Barbara Gordon is an excellent photographer. ;) It felt amazing to dress up as my favorite Vocaloid for three days of overwhelming fun. I’m a little sad it is over, but I have a lot to remember it by. I never expected my first hand-made cosplay to go so well! If you’re curious, the shoes and stockings and tie were bought, I borrowed my friend’s headset, the vest was made from an old button up shirt I adjusted to my shape and added edges to, and the sleeves, hair pieces, skirt and belt were ask made from scratch. It’s a very satisfying feeling too be able to enjoy the end result of all of your work. And now I can’t wait for next year and the new characters I will be able try! So much to look forward to!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to include you lovely people as always. (*^▽^*)

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Hi! Just saw that you reblogged that "Guys can cosplay girls"-post, and since you like Vocaloid, just wanted to let you have a small fun fact that the last pic is of an artist called YOHIO, who I think has his own vocaloid called "YOHIOloid", which he also voiced. Maybe you already knew that, but hey, if not, now you know! :D

oh wow!! i’ve seen YOHIO before and i know about YOHIOloid, but i didn’t know that photo was of him! that’s super awesome!! he looks amazing, haha!

Rainbowshipping headcanons

(I just realised I haven’t done one of these so here we are)

- Zane is trans and everyone is very supportive and respectful about it

- everyone is very cuddly and every single on of them are night owls that don’t like mornings

- kawaii chan randomly sings I really like you and points at random members of the relationship, everyone always gets super flustered

- Dante is casscada trash

- kawaii chan and Lucinda actually like my little horsey and watch it with Zane

- Travis randomly plans dates because he likes surprising the others

- katelyn is the tallest at 6'8, Travis is 6'6, Lucinda is 5'9 (wearing high heels boosts her too 6'3), kawaii Chan is 5'9, Nicole is 5'7, Dante is 5'4 and Zane is 5'1

- kawaii chan made Zane a scarf that Zane always wears

- Nicole is the best cook since Dante always burns the food

- Nicole is best hugger and the others always wanna cuddle with her

- Travis and Lucinda do each others make up sometimes

- Zane normally does Lucindas though

- Nicole has a YouTube channel and it’s called “the daily life of a dork”, shipping wars occur often

- katelyn is strong tol wife that often helps with a lot of the house work

-katelyn is strong enough to pick up Travis

- kawaii chan is strong enough to pick them both up

- Travis is actually really sensitive

- Dante is very sensitive to light and noise so the others normally don’t open the curtains

- they all live in one huge house and sleep in the same room

-cuddle piles, this happens almost everyday and they normally fall asleep

- they have fun confusing everyone else on mystreet about who’s dating who, except for Vylad and Aaron, they know and thought it was obvious

- they Have a group chant tumblr that is really popular because it’s A+ shit posting at its finest

- Dante and Nicole still dab

- Lucinda uses her magic to prank the others a lot

- kawaii chan is normally the victim of these pranks

- Lucinda and kawaii chan often complain about small things

- group cosplays, it’s always group cosplays, last year they went as danganronpa characters and next year there going as vocaloids

- they always play games like king, truth or dare, twister and others

- the loser of said games has to do housework

- kawaii chan always makes clothes for the others because she thinks buying them is a wast and a rip off

- katelyn and Nicole are really good at dancing and normally dance together

- Dante and Lucinda are very cuddly and Lucinda is always helping Dante with his ache problem


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Your blog is really interesting? It's really able to reflect what you're into at a given time. There's distinct phases. Right now you're in a Phoenix Wright phase. Other phases include Borderlands, Team Skull, and Undertale. You generally end up cosplaying a character from said phase. But Vocaloid is Always There like literally always. Your love is strong

oh definitely LOL i could not agree more, actually! yeah whenever i find something new that really interests me i just nosedive straight into it hahaha…

Vocaloid has been omnipresent in my life every day for the past 10 years and im honestly so happy lmao it gives my life meaning haha

i think……..a part of it is that Vocaloid consistently has new content. i mean of course Pokemon is getting new games like annually and there’s a lil buzz about Borderlands 3 but with Vocaloid it’s like…? new stuff is announced on a near DAILY basis and there’s just so MUCH of it that it’s actually almost difficult to get tired of it at all because there’s always something completely new while STILL being a Vocaloid thing and it’s like. welp. no escape for me i guess hahahaha

I have no idea what he wanted to do to her

could this stay anonymous? thanks!
Alright, this isn’t as dramatic as some of the other stories on here, but I think it’s pretty worthy.

I was at FanExpo in Toronto with my girlfriend a few years back, my dad took us cause he’s a pretty big nerd too. It was our first time going to a convention, so we were all pretty excited. I was cosplaying Kaito (the vocaloid), and my girlfriend was cosplaying Miku. It was a great day overall, we all had a good time. It was at the end of the day only when we encountered something weird (well, if you skip the guy asking for a picture of me for his ‘collection’).

We stayed right until the end, and were deciding what to do last before we left, my dad was off looking at something else. Then, this man comes up to us. He was wearing a vocaloid shirt, but other than that he looked pretty normal. He was just one of those people that gave off a very unsettling vibe. He asked for a picture of my girlfriend in her cosplay, because he loved Miku. she said sure, and none of us thought anything of it. Then he said that he couldn’t take it here. “…Okay, then where?” He said he found this good photo spot far away, like. Practically at the other end of the convention. And that he would take her there. Alone.
Red Flag.

My girlfriend (bless her heart), one of her traits (or in this case, a flaw) is that she’s trusting of people. She’s really kind. She of course agreed and went to go with him. I practically grabbed her to stop her, asking the man if they could just take the picture somewhere nearby. He refused, saying the best place was where he mentioned before, and kept trying to convince her to leave with him. She’s nervous. Suddenly, thank god, my dad comes over. A 6"2 guy who’s been in a lot of fights to be exact. He asks the man what he’s doing, and he repeats what he told me and my girlfriend. My dad replies with “Like hell you’re taking her out of my sight”, and that’s what gets the guy to finally back off. He gets a picture of her, but it’s in that same hall with my dad practically breathing down his neck.

Overall, good experience! Go to conventions! Just don’t go somewhere with someone you don’t know. 

New makeup style for Gumi. I love it! I think this cosplay is all ready for San Japan! (After some ironing of course)

Gumi has kinda become my thing that everyone knows I cosplay even though I barely know anything about vocaloid. I find it kinda funny.


Part 3/3 Notepad, Prince Gumball, Connie, a cactus I think is Peridot, the Miku gang, a Mangle with identity issues, and a really cute Olaf who won a date with me during the Five Dates at Freddy’s at the FNAF Meet up. These were amazing cosplays and if you know who they are please tell me so I can probably credit them for their hard work. See you Sunday!!


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Deader than a doornail, people.

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I Can't See Without Glasses!

This is a short story about that one moment in my life that I burst out in anger. Towards a weeb.

You see, my friend invited me to go with her to a cosplay con. I agreed, seeing as it was my first time attending one. I wasn’t piss poor, but we couldn’t exactly throw money willy-nilly and thus my mother didn’t like spending on stuff that we didn’t need or spending on times that weren’t special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, so I was pretty excited when my friend paid for the entrance fee.

Since it was all new to me, my friend loaned her Luka costume to me, and she cosplayed as Miku. Our other friends decided to tag along and they dressed up as the other Vocaloids to complete the package.

Everything went well at the con, people were fairly pleasant, polite requests for pictures and stolen photos (that I didn’t mind much;  they were just photos and were not inappropriate in any way), and there were some that asked us if they could glomp us and other stuff like that.

That is, until we ran into another Miku cosplayer.

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I made 12 costumes this year!!! That’s crazy, I made 15 last year. I honestly thought I’d been slacking off and hadn’t been working on much but once I stopped to think about it, 12 is a good number! I borrowed costumes from Atelier Heidi(Moogle), Shinka Studios(Cloud Strife) and NipahDUBS(Robin) for a few cons/shoots too so I included them in my collage~ As usual this doesn’t include my upcoming Ikkicon costume C:

1. Bravely Default - Agnes Oblige
2. Chrono Trigger - Ayla
3. Disney - Moana
4. Disney Parks - Move it Shake it Celebrate it Minnie Mouse
5. Disney Fairies - Legend of the Neverbeast Fawn
6. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Red Mage Viera
7. Final Fantasy VII - Tifa Lockhart
8. Final Fantasy XIV - Topaz Carbuncle
9. Final Fantasy XIV - Y’shtola
10. Pokemon - Eevee Gijinka
11. RWBY - Penny
12. Vocaloid - It’s a Wonderful Cat’s Life Gumi

hello vocaloid fandom!!

so yes hello

ok so!

idk how to start this, so i’ll just kinda jump right in.

i’ve had the idea for a while to do an art series of hatsune miku, only changing her skin color, body type, hair, etc etc in each drawing to represent how the vocaloid community has so many diverse people working on art and songs and pvs and mmd and cosplay, etc and how these people make these characters who they are. like, think about it, all of the characters would literally be nothing but strings of voice samples. no songs, no drawings, no wacky headcanons, no personality traits without the fans.

but in the process of typing this out to explain to my instagram followers what my newest drawings would be, i thought, ‘damn, wouldn’t it be cool if there were lots of people on this, representing themselves and others through miku’

so, i donno, im just going to leave this here (and on IG and twitter) and see how everyone feels about it! it would be really cool in my opinion;;; if you agree, please reblog this to spread the word and see if more people will get in on it !!! 

i guess it would mostly be focused on miku (since she’s the main ‘icon’ for the software) but any vocaloid can be cool !!

right now im thinking of using the name and tag #MikuWorldProject and the main blog being mikuworldproject 

so yeah! if people show interest in this, i’ll make a more formal explanation post on the blog and it can start! (in fact you could start your’s before the formal post if you want) 

thanks for reading & please please please reblog if you like this idea, ((because that’s the only way it might catch on enough to happen!!))