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so I recently was not feeling too good about my inability to use colors in unconventional way so I started randomizing my palette for my daily doodles (the exact colors used are in caption, those were colored with Promarkers for the record)

I must say I’m quite happy with the results and I have been very surprised by some color combos and I’m definitely going to use some in future works

also there’s a bonus Kiraboss under the cut, which was the first doodle I did for the soft pink/orange/blue one but I’m too chickenshit about ship stuff so I did a little Doppio to hide my shame

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Well, it’s not really a tag yourself thing, it’s rather my attempt to describe these characters in a few sentences and with humour-teapot-style. I started this series in September and now I’m happy to see them all finished ;; I know, they look terribly different, but still ;;

(If cats, ducks, fans and daikon tell you nothing, I suggest you checking out hakuouki sekkaroku ovas and zuisoroku game, because these bits are just funny and adorable)

*is reminded girls exist*

Welp, time to try to unsuccessfully talk to women on a dating app again until I get bored and forget how single I am.

It’s A Symbol Of Hope - Superman AU


The air around him was dense and hot, the thin wisps of stale oxygen suffocating him as the darkness began to close around him. His hands and feet were bound by heavy shackles, the metal cuffs chaffing his wrists and ankles and tearing at his sweat-soaked flesh. Clusters of blisters and welts had begun to irritate his skin, smears of blood and mud coating his frail limbs.

How long had he been there? Days? Weeks? Months?

His mouth was as dry as a desert and his chapped lips were cracked and bleeding, caked in clumps of dried blood.

He was trapped in a container or crate of sorts—that much he knew. The walls around him were made of metal grates that held back the thick clay and the only glimpse of the outside world was through a small piece of PVC piping through which water had trickled on the days it had rained and air had flowed freely, at least until it was blocked by the thick clay that surrounded him, leaving him to slowly suffocate.

HIs body was on the verge of collapsing when a wave of blazing heat washed over him. The confined space lit up with a molten red glow; the roof of the cage gave way, the blinding light of day breaking through the darkness.

Stiles winced, squinting against the glaring light as he looked up at the figure who hovered high above him in the air. The haze of light obscured his vision, but he could distinguish the shape of a man dressed in a skin-tight suit, the billowing fabric of his cape drifting about his body.

Stiles tried to fight it, but the darkness was seeping in around his eyes. The cool air made him shiver as it washed over his sweat-soaked body. He felt his body tremble and weaken before he hit the bottom of the crate.

He remembered the sound of shattering metal as his limbs were freed from the shackles and the sensation of weightlessness as he was hoisted off the ground. Through squinted eyes he could make out the shape of an S sitting inside a shield upon the man’s chest. The last thing he remembered was the drifting sound of the deep voice that reached his ears, a soft whisper of a husky voice strained by fear, “Hold on, Stiles… Hold on.”

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I’m stealthy, like a ninja. | for @burnhamsmichael

  • aos: sees a ship they hadn't planned for but has a ton of chemistry and history and are fantastic together
  • aos: let's make them canon
  • marvel: sees a ship they hadn't planned for but has a ton of chemistry and history and are fantastic together
  • marvel: let's put them with someone boring who they have no chemistry with!

anonymous asked:

It's official. I have started to ship you with Red AND Prussic. And it goes down two different ways: both guys fight for your attention/love or they learn to cooperate and, ehem, share. >:3 Either way, I ship it. >:D

Okay but w h y .

Ship whatever you want, anon, but Pruss is not and will never be on my Thirst List XD But I’m not opposed, there’s some great angsty and shitposty possibilities in it pff regnjebjkfekjfæ

@parttimeslave is the creator of this particular Fellby (aka Prussic)

random UT question

People who believe in the Narrachara theory think that, on the Game Over screen, Chara shows you a memory of something Asgore said to them to help them stay determined on their deathbed (”This is all just a bad dream… Chara! Stay determined!”).

If you die in the Omega Flowey fight, if I recall correctly, you get this message: “This is all just a bad dream… AND YOU’RE NEVER WAKING UP!” followed by laughter and the game closing. 

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Like, Flowey can mess with the battle GUI and close your game, so naturally he could mess with the game over screen. Does it not have a deeper meaning than that?

Because Asriel would remember Asgore saying “this is all just a bad dream” to Chara, too, but it seems so specific to say that to Frisk and then rip it away with ‘and you’re never waking up”? Like he could have said anything? If you aborted a No Mercy route, Flowey does refer to you as “Chara” right before the Omega Flowey fight, but the “you’re never waking up” quote doesn’t happen only in that instance? 



It’s not very good and took WAYYY too many hours or rendering but it’s done and now i know what to do for next time !