i think this is a riff on the ramones


Hollywood Rose

Chris Weber:

“Tracii Guns introduced me to Izzy, and later on I called him to ask if he wanted to get a band together. He said ‘Yeah,’ and he introduced me to Axl. So I went over to the place where Axl was living, that was over in Hollywood, and I go up to the roof and he was laying down on this… I don’t think he had a towel or anything, just these shorts on, laying on this hot tar roof. He had this bright red hair and he was taking in the sun. I could just see the heat coming off of him. I went up and said 'Hey, I’m Chris,’ and he said 'How are you dude?’ Ever since then we started playing and writing songs together. That’s how it happened." 

    "For a long time, Axl and Izzy were living in my house, so we’d wake up and I’d come up with a guitar riff and Axl would have some lyrics, or we’d come up with the melody lines and show it to Axl and he’d write the lyrics. Their influences were like Ramones and Sex Pistols kinda stuff. The song 'Think About You’ was written around that time, and I played it with them live. It’s much simpler than the stuff Slash writes. I also knew Slash before he joined the band. We were pretty good friends while growing up. We both came from West Hollywood.”