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CARCINOGEN.  hello amis, i am deathly sick and Dying™️. i’m 95% sure it was food poisoning from pasta puttanesca /weeps no more pasta puttanesca 4 parsons! i haven’t been this sick since i was twelve and ate seafood linguine in mexico ( maybe … i should not eat pasta … ever …  ). anyways, i’ll continue with the starters + drafts once i get better sdhjsk. my cat’s been trying to keep mi warm but i wanna puke every time he sits on me désolé Bl u can lay on the other half of my bed but don’t even touch me or i will Die. i hope you’re all much better than i am and don’t wake up four times in the middle of the night hunched over the toilet :’(


2017.03.26 👣 2.5 Mile Walk

I had to ice my foot last night after my walk, but it wasn’t horrible. I wasn’t as tired today starting the walk, so went a bit further and a bit faster. Had to help corral a little burro back into its yard on my way … didn’t think to get a picture as I was so surprised by it running down the road, I just reacted and shooed it back toward its owner and they shooed it back into the pasture where it should be.

The lantana flowers are so pretty, too bad it’s so poisonous and invasive. The bees and butterflies really love them too.  And the dandelions are getting ready to fly away anytime. :) 

Probably gonna go ice my foot now and watch a bit more March Madness or Miami tennis.

i really love our generation’s joke trend of like, very calm but incredibly inflated hyperbole. like nobody says “oh she’s pretty” anymore we say “i would willingly let her murder me” and everyone is just like “lol same”

i think “same” is also great and “me,” i love when somebody reblogs a picture of like, a lizard, and just says “me” and we all know exactly what they mean. the current online Humor Discourse is remarkable because we trade exclusively in metaphors and implications and nobody ever, ever says anything outright and yet EVERYBODY understands each other perfectly

At Annie’s, after coming out to the crew...

Bitty: Wait, you guys all knew? How?

Shitty: Well, Jack’s crush on you was pretty obvious.

Jack: What

Holster: You were not subtle about it, bro.

Ransom: The looks, the coffee dates, the smiles-


Holster: OMG you can’t forget the pictures- His whole photography final was a shrine to Bitty!

Ransom: Kinda sad, but in a cute way?

Jack: …

Bitty: …He was obvious? I never noticed! What about my crush on Jack, did y’all see it coming miles away too?

(They all look at each other)

Shitty: …no? Not really? We all thought Jack was pining after you…

Ransom: We were preparing a Captain’s talk about not leading him on, he was having a hard enough time on the NHL…

Bitty: But- I was being SO obvious! I did all that too, the looks and the smiles and- and- and I was being super nice to Jack, feeding him pies and stuff!

Shitty: Bits, my dude. You do that with everybody.

Lardo: We were kinda surprised he managed to land you.

Ransom: You’re so out of his league.

Jack: They’re kinda right.

10 Alternative Titles for The Picture of Dorian Gray:

• 101 Times Lord Henry Should Have Shut His Cynical Whore Mouth
• I Kissed a Boy, and More Embarrassingly, My Own Portrait, and I Liked It
• I’m a Murderer, but Everything is Perspective
• Although I’m a Complete Wanker, I Am Infact a Victim of Suggestion Under the Influence of Another Complete Wanker
• Narcissism and Consequences
• If You’re Not Young and Pretty You May as Well Just Die
• Personalities Don’t Seem So Ugly When Surrounded With Beautiful Things
• Selling Your Soul for a Picture Probably Isn’t Worth It
• Being Philosophical and Being Intelligent are Not Always the Same Things
• It’s Okay to be Gay As Long As You Get Rid of the Body


everyone’s out here uploading their fan art for ethan @crankgameplays and pictures with him and i wanted to do something to show him how much he matters to me… so i wrote him a song.

i did my best to make it NOT creepy and i think i did pretty darn well! although to be fair, I am studying songwriting in university and I AM technically a professional musician.

ethan, i really really hope you see this and i hope you know how important you are to ME and to countless other people.

blue haired boy, i adore you <3

So Duusu is confirmed as a female kwami because there’s written “she”, isn’t it? and I think this is pretty cool! Imagine everyone figures her as a male just for her appearance and Duusu starts crying or yelling. Poor little creature.

Then there’s also written “shaking when she’s angry”


Omg, my small angry ball of feathers wants to act menacing but she’s just too cute, aww.

Next, her eyes. I find them really beautiful and I love how they share the same motive and colors of the tail feathers. And here she looks so graceful!




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sadly, this is the final part of my little christmas content spam. i know, i know, tragic. but, im really excited about this dress!! i made it forever ago in md and i finally managed to get it going in game. it may have a bit of a nip slip depending on the skin, but should be fine. i think the back of the dress is my favorite. something about it is really pretty ;-;

the mesh is 100% by me. the sparkle texture pictured is by RustyNail. it comes in three swatches: grey/white sparkle, black, and a dark green. 

recolor away!!!!! just read my tou first :) enjoy!!!!


please message me if you encounter any issues! thanks :)

I must say, I really like the way Japanese anime magazines write about Victuuri.

Take this one for example - it’s a tiny excerpt from the February Animage. (Feel free to correct me if you think my translation is inaccurate.)

Transcending teacher and student
Yuuri doesn’t have a name for his feelings for Victor but he decides to call them “love”. The relationship between Yuuri and Victor transcends mere student-teacher relations and may be something even deeper and warmer than that.

What I find amusing about this is the use of the word “maybe” (かもしれない). It’s like they’re trying to somehow water it down and make it sound less romantic than it really is (and they’re failing at it pretty badly lol). They paint this sweet, warm picture of their relationship only to later go “…maybe!”. It just feels like such an afterthought, like someone checking the original text and going “Hey, this sounds too gay, try to make it sound more casual, ya know, more platonic or something” and the person just slapped ‘maybe’ onto it and called it a day lol.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is to say that most Japanese viewers know that they’re more than a student and teacher, more than an idol and his fan, more than friends or family. The authors of the articles even go as far as to point it out in pretty clear terms (in an official anime magazine)! The reason the “maybe” is funny, is because they’re still trying to keep it ambiguous, like “ooh, maybe they’re fiances, maybe they’re just really good friends, who knooooows~” like some sort of self-indulgent cock-teasing of the fans, as though we don’t know the truth. I have a feeling it’s also a means to fend off the fans who don’t see Victor and Yuuri as a couple (heretics, I know) and a way for them to say “Well, we said that they are more than a student and teacher but we didn’t say what they are exactly“ as though it’s not obvious, meaning that some fans who completely reject the idea that they might be gay can come up with their own explanation for what they are.

I suppose I just find it amusing that they go out of their way to describe how their relationship is not platonic and then go “But hey, if you want to think otherwise then we can’t stop you (but they’re still more than student-teacher, mate)”.

It’s a bit like they’re implying that “You can think what you want, but we all know that they’re in love.” without actually saying that.

It’s like they’re both conforming to Japanese standards and going against them all at once.

And, I don’t know, I just really like that harmless contradiction. Their message is subtle and almost hesitant, but clear - Victor and Yuuri love each other in more ways than one - and I really do appreciate that they took the time (and space) to point it out.

Here’s a thought on the V4 trailer….

I was wondering why they pictured Blake staring out at the water like this, because aside from being pretty, it didn’t seem like it had much meaning, you know? All three of the other girls are in places that make sense as of where we left off with V3, but I didn’t think Blake’s really did, until I remembered;

An island just off the coast of Vale. 

I think somebody’s thinking of a certain Xiao Long. 

Bang Me Like Those Drums

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.3 k

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Warnings!! There’s 2 smut scenes: Rimming, daddy kinks, hints of DD/LB (but not), wall sex, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talking, Dan is in a skirt, Dan in panties, blow jobs, slut! Dan (if you squint), etc.

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$ Tree Finds

I picked up just a few small things at the Dollar Tree today, for use in my witchcraft…here goes.

I’m REALLY excited about these spray bottles. They’re fairly small, though they have bigger ones, but these little ones are perfect for dispersing small liquid spells and they’re faceted to look kind of like jewels? I think they’re really cute (not pictured: blue bottle, which my roommate was already using to spritz a cleansing solution all over the house).

Bath salts! I LOVE bath magic, and my whole little family here has been seriously struggling with anxiety and self-love lately, so I picked up the lavender for an anti-anxiety bath and the rose for some self love. Things like this are so easy to charge, dump into a bath, and just get in and relax and soak in the magic! These ones are pretty and smell really nice, so hopefully they do well in the tub too. I may update. Not pictured: vanilla. I didn’t like their scent as much.

I feel like we’ve all seen these before, but these are soap roses. I’m excited to just peel a few petals off, float them on top of a bath with my rose bath salts, and watch them melt into the water. It’s excellent to help visualize the self-love and positivity soaking into the bath.

That’s all I picked up today, but I also recommend checking out what spices they have for inexpensive herbs and keeping an eye out for pretty bottles, jars, dishes, bowls, etc for containers and altars!

OK, so I saw this really cute picture of Leafeon pressing flowers to Glaceon’s mouth (the same way that Gon is to Killua) and I started squealing and then this happened. I think it turned out pretty decent.

bennetthedrummer-deactivated201  asked:

Mod Anna! Y u no in pictures? You deserve credit as well! :3

WELL, compared to Tem and Dusty, I don’t feel like I really do that much. Once Tem and Dusty finish the pages, I then look them over and give them the thumbs up if everything looks fine. If I see an error, spelling or maybe a minor art error, then it gets fixed and I look over it again.

Other than that, I’ll sort through asks if needed, but Tem and Dusty pretty much got them under control.

So I don’t really think I ‘deserve’ credit for anything really, i’m just a helper. I also wasn’t even part of the Underline Staff until the Skell Bros first showed up. I had become friendly with Dusty just through the Undertale fandom and followed the comic. I saw a mistake on the most recent page at the time and then decided to point it out (hoping that I wasn’t stepping out of line, haha) and then after that, I started getting the pages to look over before they posted.

The rest is history as they say. I don’t feel left out or anything when I don’t show up in ‘love’ posts or other asks, because I don’t do the bulk of the work and if Dusty and Tem don’t have to draw me, then that’s less that they have on their plate. 

Also, I showed up a TON in the 1 year anniversary video, and it’s hilarious. PLUS I was a freaking main character in ‘Choices’ (a surprise from Dusty and Tem) which practically blew my little fangirl mind. 

So, it’s all good. Thanks for your concern though. :3


Okay so I roughly translated this really quickly, I hope it’s sufficient for most of you, if you want to use it let me know and give credit. Thank you!!

“Zagtoon and Method Animation Present” MIRACULOUS - A day in Paris Repetition

*Looking at pictures of Adrien*

Tikki: It’s a great photo, don’t you think Marinette?? 

Marinette: AHAHAHAH HE’S REALLY PRETTY TIKKI Adrien is perfect ! He’s too perfect and handsome that’s why I can never talk to him :( 

Tikki: Oh I have an idea! We can practice together if you want!

Marinette: Really??? You’re really cute Tikki (literal translation, she probably meant Tikki is great) It’s a great idea! Okay, let’s do it!! 

Tikki: Ready….. Repeat after me: Hi Adrien! What’s new? I was wondering, do you want to go to the cinema with me tomorrow? 

Marinette: Hi Adrien! What’s new? I was wondering, do you want to go to the cinema with me tomorrow? 

Tikki: Congratulations, Marinette! 

Marinette: YES!!! Thank you, my Tikki! I think I’m ready-

Tikki: NoNONONO not yet!! We’ll start again, okay? But this time, I’ll play Adrien’s role!

*Marinette blushes after seeing the photo on her phone of Adrien* 

Tikki: OKAY! COME ON! You can do it! -wink- (Tikki as Adrien) Hi, Marinette! 

Marinette: uhhh…hi…Adrien! uh…wh…what’s new??? and I uhh… I like ah no I ask and if….uh…uh 

(Tikki comes behind the phone and says:) Try: Do you want to come to the cinema with me tomorrow? 

Marinette: do you like to HALLUCINATE WITH ME TOMOROW ughhhhh 

Tikki: It’s not that bad, Marinette! You’ve almost got it! 

Marinette: I GIVE UP TIKKI!! We’ll never be able to go to the cinema together….

Tikki: No, that’s not true!! Stop practising for today, and we can restart again tomorrow! 

Marinette: Yes, we can do that! 

Sabine: Marinette, can I come in? 

Marinette: Yes yes! 

Sabine: Who are you talking to, my dear? 

Marinette: uhh..ummm…Alya! Yeah yeah that!! Marinette: I was having a call with Alya! 


Alya: smirking really?? Strange, I don’t remember that call! (laughsI think you were talking to a picture of Adrien!! I’m right, aren’t I, Marinette? Marinette: AHAHAHAHA ah well…ah yeah, you’ve won!! (this means like, you’ve got me!) 

*Marinette giggles and Tikki winks*

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows