i think this is a really fitting line for him

So the new Scout voice lines have me seeing him in a whole new light like? Maybe he’s not just a fuckboy. He really wants to believe the others consider him their friend. And the line about the birthday party is actually rather sad if you think about it. I’ve always headcanoned that he was sort of left out by his older brothers, like the annoying baby brother they were mean to. His father abandoned him, his brothers ignored him, he really just had his doting mom who favored him (and that pissed his brothers off more). Now he’s got this big group of guys and he just wants so desperately to fit in with other men. He’s looking for friends and role models and he tries so, so hard but they just give him shit.
I love Scout so much now.

sometimes i think about changing my jason design….

BTS Reacting to their S/O asking them to tell them a joke.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Jin - Let’s be honest, he’d probably have a few jokes up his sleeve wherever he goes, so it wouldn’t be surprising when he shoots you a pun the moment you ask him to tell you something funny.

“I’m glad you asked.”

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Suga - He wouldn’t really be up for telling you a joke even if you plead him to do it, but the only thing that could be worse than that is his reaction when you tell him a b̶a̶d̶ joke yourself.

“Do you want me to unrelationship you.”

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J-Hope - He wouldn’t think twice about your request and tell you whatever he thought of first. He’d just want to make you laugh, but the joke wouldn’t be necessary because he does it on a daily basis anyway. However, he’d get super shy if you actually told him that.

“Was my joke that funny?”
“I’m smiling because it’s you, Hobi.”

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Rap Monster - He’d be up for telling you a joke, but you should’ve expected a dirty riddle coming from his mouth because he started practicing those just for you. You’d probably regret ever asking him for a joke, to be honest.

“What goes in dry and hard, but comes out wet and soft?”
“It’s chewing gum, jagiya. Wow, you’re so bad.”
“Your jokes are bad.”

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Jimin - He’d probably blank out for a second, trying to find at least one joke of Jin’s in his memory. However, he’d get serious all of a sudden and start talking about jokes, only to make a pun somewhere in-between and anger you.

“Jokes are fine, they’re nice. But I don’t like the ones about unemployed people. They just don’t work.”
“Jimin I see what you did there and that’s a no.”

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V - He’d be cackling all to himself at the thought of a joke so you’ll need to wait a bit for him to regain him composure, only to burst into a fit of laughter when he says it out loud because he finds it just so funny, and you find it disgusting.

“Why is skeleton a bad liar? You can see right through it.”
“Tae, no.”
“God of humour, I know.”

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Jungkook - He’d actually think really hard because you requested it from him and he wouldn’t want to ruin the image you have of him, but in the end he’d just overthink and say something different entirely.

“Are you related to Yoda? Because Yodalicious.”
“Jungkook that was a pick-up line.”

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Do you have songs that you associate with Bakugou or other Hero Academia characters? like a song that you think could be their character theme or something like that.

i have a few!!!

oddly enough, i associate “Love Like You” with Bakugou; the song itself isn’t exactly like him, per say, but personally i think a lot of the self-deprecating lines fit his character. especially after the kidnapping stuff and All Might’s retirement (”I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true, ‘cause I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you…”). 

also “Lets Start a Riot,” b/c lets face it, this is Bakugou

for Toshinori, i think “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story,” fits pretty well, given it’s overall theme. also, “Superman” and “100 Years

but aside from that, i haven’t really associated any specific songs with any specific characters. howeveri do have some songs i associate with relationships and the class, tho. 

for example, some songs i associate with Dad Might and Izuku are “Dear Theodosia,” “History Has It’s Eyes on You,” “I’m Still Here,” and “Always Know Where You Are.” for whatever reason, “Heads Up Hearts Down” makes me think of them, too

and as for Dad Might and Bakugou, i usually think of “This is Gospel” (specifically this version of the song)

for Toshinko, i associate “Brand New,” “Just the Way You Are,” and “Piece by Piece” (the first two from Toshinori’s perspective and the last from Inko’s)

for Kacchako, well. i tend to think of “It Had to be You,” but i don’t really think the entire song fits them. but i think one of the lyrics (”What a disaster it would be if you discovered that i cared, a little too much for friends, but not enough to share…”) does, haha. maybe “What If,” too. (the first i imagine from Bakugou’s perspective and the second from Uraraka’s)

for class 1A i usually think of “Here’s to Us” and “How Far We’ve Come

and thanks to this amazing video by @toastyhat, i now associate “Save Our City” with the kidnapping arc and Izuku/All Might/All for One’s relationship

that’s pretty much it. it’s not much, haha. i don’t usually associate songs with characters unless they really strike me or make an impression on me.

anyway, haha. i hope this answered your question!!!

{ kiss me quick }

pairing: alexander x reader

prompt: “Could I request an A.Ham x reader where they have a flirtationship and the hamilsquad teases them for it so they kiss to prove a point (but realize they really do love each other) and you can take it from there BUT LOTS OF FLUFF PLEASE”

You knocked on the door to the boys’ loft, smiling widely as you heard the locks click and eventually, the door swung open. 

“Mon petit lion, your girlfriend is here.” Laf teased, pulling you into a hug when you walked in. You rolled your eyes, but hugged him back nonetheless, happy to see the Frenchman. “Be on your best behavior, now.” 

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I saw the YOI ask and all I have to say is YURI IS GRAY ACE!!!!!! Like the cannon is there to support this theory so hard???? Yuri's inspiration for "sexual love" is literally his love of pork cutlet bowls like????? And my interpretation is that his eros eventually evolves to be about Victor (which is why I feel gray ace fits) but like.... Bottom line is Yuri is on the ace spectrum and the fandom makes me so mad sometimes

Oh fuck yeah, he is lol

I personally go with demi because I think he liked Victor before he knew him, either romantically or as an idolization. But he didn’t understand sexual attraction until he really knew the real version of Victor. And then still was a bit like I don’t get it? Like this? No, I think this feeling is more that way? And then becomes comfortable in embodying eros more in the context of his relationship with Victor.

Gray Ace or Demi, Yuri is so beautifully, thoughtfully, nicely coded in the show.

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I am also convinced of black paladin lance (and i will also be so upset if he isnt like u have my hopes too high) bc like lance is legit always taking charge! Like whenever its just him and another paladin without Shiro, Lance is the one who leads! Someone will have to pry this headcanon from my cold dead fingers before i give it up

(Sorry for getting your hopes up but we’re in this boat together now buddy)

Exactly!! Lance usually falls into the pattern of leading when Shiro’s not around, and he’s pretty damn good at it. He’s pretty serious on missions, creative when coming up with solutions, and doesn’t actually get braggy when he has a good idea, which is really interesting considering his character the rest of the time. He knows when to get down to business! 

And like the other options just don’t make as much sense to me?

I genuinely don’t think that he fits the characteristics of the Red Lion. He’s not really that temperamental most of the time (unless Keith is involved bc he’s jealous of him). He’s not very impulsive in battle (outside of battle is a different story though lmao). And I don’t really see him as relying on instinct more than skill. He seems to prefer planning.

And then there’s the whole “you’re only here because the best pilot in your class had a discipline issue and flunked out” chekhov’s gun to take into account. They never really followed up on that line and I feel like it’ll come into play in season 3. Specifically if they put Lance in Red, because he’d be sitting in a seat just because Keith had vacated it. Again. I think it could be a good arc (Lance slowly coming into his own and realizing that he doesn’t have to compare himself to Keith), but it’d have to be handled carefully. Red is a lion that requires a pilot that “carves out their own path,” though, so it could work!!

As for Blue, Lance is kinda incompatible with her. Blue is one of the most confident lions and Lance… isn’t actually all that confident (anymore?). That whole “seventh wheel” line was. yeah. If they keep Lance in Blue, I feel like the whole “the blue lion is the most accepting of new pilots” thing will come into play somehow (Blue’s characteristics will probably get revealed in-show when the team is trying to figure out what to do without Shiro), and that Lance’ll have to deal with that information as the season progresses. Like with Red, I think it could be good for his character, but it’d have to be handled carefully.

But it’s like. Putting Lance in Black would just be a really interesting option, and it would fit him!! Maybe even fit him the best!!! He has the goods to be a leader– his main issue would be acting like one. It’d be so cool and it would make sense and I’m. Emotional about this boy.

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I agree with your post and I also agree with the "He agreed to that anyways". However, the "relax", I can't take it when people tell me that like ok he agreed but I will not relax about one of the members not getting any line

tbh. The whole thing about Hoseok isn’t that he didn’t get lines in Spring Day. All BTS songs have been unfair to Hoseok so far, besides BS&T. Fans have been unfair to Hoseok, it’s just TOO UNFAIR for him. How many people know Hoseok can sing? Even though he really did sing a couple of times and showed off his vocal skills. How many people know he doesn’t like being called a horse ? How many people know he doesn’t feel loved by ARMY ? How many people know he’s been talking about his mixtape since 2014 ? How many people know he isn’t just a loud person and is actually the mom TM of bts ??? Only Hobi’s stans know those, he’s just so UNDERAPPRECIATED. 

Everytime I look at the lines distribution it makes me sick to see Hoseok and Seokjin getting the LESS POSSIBLE, and they just hit the bottom giving Jin ONE line (shared with Jimin) in BS&T and 0 LINES AT ALL to Hoseok in Spring Day. BTS is a 7 members group, not 5 members with 2 background vocals. And the fact that they agreed to not have lines at all is ???? Making me feel even more sad ??? Why did they agree to this, do they really feel like they don’t deserve to be heard in THEIR group’s songs ????? Do they really think THEIR voices doesn’t fit the music THEIR group produces ???? It’s not like they are featuring someone’s solo album and they aren’t in all songs, it’s THEIR OWN GROUP songs !?!?

Fire was really a blessing, Seokjin finally had some lines and I was so excited to see him sing TWO times in the same song !? And BS&T was half of a blessing, since Hoseok got so many lines !!!! (but seokjin didn’t :-///).

And the lack of reactions from fans, that, that really hurts me. People telling me to chill, telling others that it’s okay if he didn’t get lines since he had some in BS&T…. following that logic, it’ll be ENTIRELY okay if Jungkook didn’t get any lines at all in a full album since he gets most of the lines in all bts songs ???? But no, of course, if we say that, we get screamed at that Jungkook is the main vocal so that wouldn’t make sense.

Well then, Hoseok is the lead dancer, and where is he during the dance ? in the back. Hoseok is one of the rapper in BST, and where is he in Spring day? Background vocal, harmonizing with the vocal line.

 > BTW, anyone who says he got a whole intro can already stfu, have you already forgotten about What Am I to you and Nevermind ? It’s a rapper line thing, it was just Hoseok’s turn. <

People telling me that Hoseok is just beginning in rapping so he would prefer to focus on dance ??? He’s an idol he doesn’t JUST dance??? If he went for an idol career instead of a background dancer IT MUST BE because he likes to sing and rap ???? Never thought about that ??

And to be honest, the fact that people excuses the fact that he didn’t get lines because he said he’s okay with it, I just think it’s dumb ??? He’s J-HOPE <<<< do you think an idol with the name HOPE in it, who forces himself to always smile even when he’s the saddest, who does everything to never make others worry, would COMPLAIN because he didn’t get lines ???

I’m just-.. wow you know.

I still love the song though, I love how it sounds it’s even my fave of their new tracks. I love every member and I’m glad maknae line gets lots of attention. But as a hyung line stan, I think it’s disgusting that they get that treatment. And I’m 100% sure Spring Day would be better if Hoseok did get lines, and I’m looking forward to see the live performance, having heard that he’ll get some lines.

I’ll stop there since it’s taking so long.

(a virtue) of the brave
robert/aaron, vic, adam, chas 

GENRE:    mental health issues, mental breakdown, mental instability
WORDS:    2,304
SUMMARY:  Robert wants his mum. Robert hated his dad, hates that he can’t let him go, hates. Robert hates himself, loves himself, scares himself. Robert’s the sum of his parts, but never a whole, never gets to be a Person, always feels like he’s pulled in a million different directions and doesn’t know how to make everything fit. Robert wants his mum.

a belated birthday gift for @victoriasugden :)))

ao3 link

The bed is still in the room.

Robert wants to throw up. He tried to burn it but Aaron won’t let him, keeps trying to tell him he needs to talk about it, needs to face it. Robert can’t face it, can’t believe he ever-

“Did you know she left me here,” Robert says, feels bile rise in his throat as he presses the barrel of the gun against the pillow. “She let me wake up and believe I did that to Aaron.”


“She never fucked me.” Robert hates her, wants to crawl out of his skin and erase this room from his memory. “I don’t even remember anything. I was sat there,” swivels round, gun waving between the wall and the bed, “and woke up here.”

“Mate, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not your mate,” Robert starts, thinks about Aaron. “Did you ever fuck in here?”

“What? No, Robert, that’s-”

“Crazy?” Silence. “Aaron thinks I’m crazy, you know. Thinks I’m losing it.” Robert thinks he might be, too. Can’t really think in straight lines anymore. “Maybe I am.”

“Let me out. Vic wouldn’t-”

Robert’s hand shakes around the gun. “Stop.”

“Please let me out. She wouldn’t want this.”

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Rainy day dates

 Can’t really think of anything for Jumin’s, so I’ll replace him for Saeran instead…


-Most likely chillax on the sofa with MC, while wearing a big fluffy blanket that fits both of them together

-Occasionally, he’ll buy some desserts for them to eat during tea time

-If he needed to act or perform for about a week later, he’ll try to get MC to practice the lines that involves the female lead

-Most of them are romantic scripts, since he enjoyed acting them with her the most

-Sometimes they’ll even roleplay out of boredom??? not just for sex excuse me

-Cuddles are important!!! If they fell asleep while cuddling, he definitely wouldn’t let her go without noticing


-Sometimes insisting on going to the closest shopping mall, since there isn’t much to do at her home

-rather than watching Zen’s DVDs and looking at her merchandises

-Enjoys looking for new clothes and shoes with MC, even if she isn’t buying one

-If she doesn’t have much work to do, they’ll most likely ended up in a new coffee shop that she hasn’t been to

-Or even going to the cinema watching random movies

- not staying at home makes more sense?? Like being Jumin’s assistant before already puts her enough stress by just trapped in working at home


-Tries to find new recipes to cook, just to pass the time

-Enjoys MC helping him with the ingredients and tasting the food he cooked

-If they’re too bored, he’ll put on a game that involves multiplayer mode

-its always either Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart

-he’ll never gets tired from just competing with the MC

-occasionally, screams and crying could be heard from the neighbourhood its just from gaming guys


-It really depends on his mood

-He would try to find random funny videos to watch and scroll for memes in tumblr just to bring up the cheerful mood

-Or simply lying on MC while watching the TV if he doesn’t feel like talking

-Don’t forget the photoshopped pictures that included all the RFA members except MC, stored in both his PC and phone

-If he’s too bored he’ll even try hacking on security cameras or sending unharmful viruses to RFA members by text, just to see their reactions

-not to mention prank calling on Yoosung (most likely to fall for his pranks)


-Whenever MC came to his apartment he’ll definitely have a big chunk of ice-cream ready to share

-Simply enjoys having MC’s company no matter where they are

-Tries to find comedy movies to watch that’ll result in laughter from both of them

-Small conversations are fine too

-Even if he doesn’t really do much, MC will always reassure him that she also enjoys quiet moments

-Occasional spooning on the sofa and physical intimacy

Perfect Timing


Warning: Nothing but love and feels. 

Summary: Y/N has a scholarship to study abroad in France, and very little time to admit her feelings to the boy who has her love. 

I stared hopelessly at the letter, a flurry of emotions pricked at my body. Happy, nervous, anxious, sad, excited.. all of it. I was feeling all of it. But most of all, I felt uneasy. A year. I was going to be gone for a year. Sure, technology would create the thin bridge in hopes to keep me connected to my friends and family, but I couldn’t shake the thought, that seeing them all through a screen would just make it so much worse. I was avoiding the obvious. I can’t leave him. 

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Scenario for Sidon seeing and reacting to his crush in a really pretty tux or dress? It's much different from their usual adventuring attire! ouo

New Clothes (Sidon)

Sidon paced to and fro outside of the room where you were currently getting changed. His father had arranged an impromptu ball with a neighboring kingdom, meaning that everyone had to dress appropriately. Sidon himself was already dressed in all the finary of a Zora prince. You, however, were having a bit of trouble.

Being an adventurer meant that you didn’t have need of fancy clothes. Instead, all you had was well worn, and dirty in some cases, clothing that did it’s job. So the King, being the kind Zora he was, let you borrow some spare clothing. They’d been adjusted to fit you but getting them on was proving to be difficult.

“I think my arm’s stuck…” Your voice came, muffled, through the door. Sidon was about to enter and help when he heard a grunt, followed by a loud thump.

“Nevermind, I got it unstuck! Now where did I leave the shoes?” There were a series of smaller thumps and the sound of you rummaging through things before the door was swung open. Stepping out into Sidon’s line of sight, you gave him a twirl.

“What do you think?” He looked at you, speechless. Never before had he seen you in clothes other than ones usually covered in mud from a day of adventuring around Zora’s Domain. The tailors really had done a fine job, the clothes fitting your body perfectly. He thought you looked stunning.

Meanwhile, you were wondering why Sidon hadn’t said anything and was just staring at you.

“What is it? Did I put it on wrong?” You looked down at yourself. It had felt like you had it on properly. Sidon quickly flapped his hands at you.

“No, no it’s fine. It’s…perfect. You look wonderful love.” You felt your face heat up at his compliment. He smiled, his toothy grin stretching wide.

“Shall we?” He held out an arm for you to take. Wrapping your own arm around his, you both made your way to the throne room.

You casually entered Eddie’s trailer, not really caring if you caught him in the middle of getting dressed or getting undressed. You knew he wouldn’t mind either way. The two of you had already seen what the other looked like without clothes due to the intense sex scene you two had filmed days prior. You giggled silently to yourself at the thought of how nervous and shy you were when you had read the script and realized that you would have to be completely stark naked in front of a really good friend. 

You had met Eddie years ago and formed a great friendship with several linked films together This one, however, was the first that the two of you would be lead roles with each other. It was also a first for you to film a sex scene, Eddie on the other hand had done so many of them, it didn’t seem to phase him when you causally brought it up. Making you feel ten times as nervous because you felt that you too, shouldn’t feel weird. But, you did and quickly realized that it was a lot easier than you had expected and you could guess having Eddie poke fun in between takes had something to do with it. 

“[Y/N], so lovely for you to drop by.” There was humor kissing his words as he looked up from his spot on the couch with a book in his lap. 

You slumped down next to him, flickering a look. “I needed a friend.” 

A brow was quirked and the book closed as he shifted and placed it on the table beside him. “I’m always here when you need me, what’s wrong?” Concern washed over him as he turned to face you. 

Sighing, you too turned to face him. “This movie’s really got me thinking about life.” Propping your elbow on the back of the couch, you chewed on your lip. 

“Okay?” Eddie questioned, “And?” 

“And,” you started, “I feel like I’m never going to find someone to settle down with.” 

Eddie’s face twisted with slight amusement, “Is that what’s got you upset, [Y/N]?” Shaking his head, he chuckled. “You’re a lovely woman, [Y/N]. You’ve got a line of men just waiting.” 

Crossing your legs, you pouted. “I’d hardly call it a line, Eddie.” 

“Okay, a trickle.” He joked.

You playfully swatted at him, “Besides, none of them seem fit for me to settle down with. My clock is ticking, Eddie. Literally ticking down.” You gestured towards your lower abdomen. “I’ll be lucky to even have one kid.” 

“Love, you’re still young. Plenty of women who are older than you have carried.” Eddie murmured. 

“Fine, that partially solves one problem.” You sighed. “Why can’t I find a good trait in any of the guys I go out with? I used to go on dates all the time. What is wrong with me?” 

“Maybe you’re just looking for the right man.” Eddie firmly said, shrugging his shoulders, “Your subconscious is stepping in, I’d say. I can’t exactly say with a straight face that you’ve had a good track record.” 

“I’ll admit, I’ve dated some pretty shady guys in the past-”

“-darling, I hate to admit it but all of them were shady.” 

“Help me, then.” You halfway cried. “I just want to be happy and loved.” Running your hand through your hair, “Is that too much to ask.” 

“It’s not so easy but tell you what,” Eddie stood up, checked his watch and held out a hand for you to hold. “Let’s go to dinner, we’ve got a free night, might as well use it. I’ll show you the kind of traits to look for.” He gave you a genuine smile. 

Taking his hand, you chuckled. “Careful, Eddie. You might make me fall in love with you instead.” 

Firmly pulling you up, he pulled you in close. His voice low with a smirk on his lips. “That’s the plan, love. Let’s go.” 

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If the batkids went to college like normal kids what do you think their majors would be?


Dick: Okay I actually really like what they did with Dick joining the police force, I think that’s a great fit for him. So I could totally see him majoring in like Criminal Law or something along those lines. (I’m a sucker for Officer Grayson.) Sometimes he stops by Cass’ self defense class she teaches to give a few tips on ‘what to do if someone larger and stronger than you grabs you and how to turn their weight again them.’ and goes over what rights a person has when the police are involved and what red flags to watch out for. Because Dick’s not dumb, he knows there’s bad guys on the force. But as long as he’s here he’s gonna be damn sure they don’t stay on for long. 

Jason: I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS SO MUCH AND OKAY, ENGLISH LITERATURE FOR SURE. Jason loves books, he loves reading, I feel like he’s the guy who will whine about having to read one case file but then read an eight hundred page book in a week. So English Literature for sure, if they were in a normal setting I could easily see Jason as being a college professor who visits Gotham’s kind of shitty high school’s and he tells them that they matter and how important an education is. He would be the get really into Bruce’s charity work when it came to children from low income families especially. 

Tim: Tim’s the overachieving asshole who gets a major in business management and a minor in mechanical engineering. He doesn’t sleep and during his graduation ceremony they have to call his name a few times before you hear a very loud ‘DRAKE’ come from the crowd and Tim wakes up and gets his diploma. (The mess.) But yeah I could see him majoring in business because he’s the one to take over Wayne Enterprises, but he also does engineering so he can make sure no one’s embezzling money from any Wayne accounts and checks over all the computers for viruses and makes his own systems. (Once again, overachieving asshole.) His siblings have no clue why everyone thinks his intimidating, this is the same guy who calls cheese whiz and a Monster ‘lunch.’ 

Damian: Okay, okay so I know this probably wouldn’t happen. But can you imagine if Damian ended up majoring in veterinary science and became a veterinarian? Okay like this 22 year old Damian with a scowl and a button he’s wearing that says ‘animals are better than people.’ But then a little girl brings in her kitten who’s small and sickly and Damian’s eyes soften and they get that cat healthy. (Damian waves his hand when the parents say they don’t have the money to pay for all the fancy medication.) He volunteers at shelters in his spare time and also helps Cass teach a tae kwon do class on the weekends. (Sometimes they do yoga, helps with core strength.) 

Stephanie: Okay this may just be because I relate to Steph hardcore but FASHION MERCHANDISING (my major) with a minor in business ethic!!! I could totally see Stephanie coming out with her own clothing line and the material is strong and durable (So no creepy guy can rip your dress.) And hella stain resistant. She ends up making a name and a brand for herself and the main message is ‘badass and beautiful, because why pick?’ (Sometimes she gets the boys to model some of the clothes. It’s the best.) 

Cass: Okay Cass is a little tough, but I could see physical therapy? Or tbh I feel like she’s be the one of Bruce’s kids to go backpacking and sends back postcards and amazing pictures. She teaches self defense classes and is on a roller derby team. She’s just having fun and kicking ass. Also she’s Stephanie’s favorite model to use for when she releases sportswear. She appears in so many magazines doing high kicks and flips and loves spreading the message that ‘strong doesn’t mean unfeminine.’ 

Babs: Forgive me, Babs is such an enigma to me. I could see her double majoring in computer science and criminal law. Since Dick and her father are on the force she helps with all the background work like tracking down drug cartels and interrogation. She’s a goddamn force to be reckoned with. (And the only person Tim trusts to double check Wayne Industries finances after he’s done filing taxes.) After the accident that puts her in a wheelchair, she’s still just as active. Because yes, shit happens, but don’t let that stop you. She visits Gotham’s hospitals a lot, especially the children’s ward. 

The Last Train (Part One // Repost)

Originally posted by tekukii

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Summary: Taehyung was blogger who lived just a train ride away. Upon meeting, you instantly feel a connection, but what’s so wrong with that? Everything.

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x Female!Reader
Yoongi (Suga), Namjoon (Rap Mon), Jin, and Jimin
Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut
Contains: explicit language, mentions of cheating
Word Count: 3.7k

Author’s Note: OKAY, so I got caught for breaking some guidelines on fanfic.net so I’m reposting it here just in case it gets taken down. (I’m slightly more confident posting here anyway so it’s fine.)

I can’t believe I’m doing this. You nervously grip onto your train ticket while staring out the window to watch the scenery quickly go by. I should just go back. You swallow hard as you ponder how you found yourself in this situation.

You met Taehyung online through a popular blogging website. You were mutuals for the longest time, but had never interacted until a couple days ago when you made a silly post about the city you live in. He privately messaged you asking about your city and proclaimed he lived a couple cities over. From there the two of you got close in a span of a few days and you, being the impulsive person you are, asked to hang out on a Friday after his class just because he jokingly said you didn’t have the guts to make your way to visit him.

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Yule Ball Disaster

I promised an update so here it is plus I decided to make this a two part imagine 😚  Hope you enjoy! 

Can I get an imagine where the reader is a pureblood slytherin and her and Draco have been flirting nonstop which lead her to believe he would ask her to the Yule Ball only to find out the night before the dance he asked someone else. So she convinces Harry to go together since they can’t go with who they wanted in the hopes of making them jealous, which it does. And lots of fluff please!! Thank you!! -Anonymous

The Great Hall was filled in a louder state of chatter as this year was the year of the Triwizard Tournament. Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beuxbatons students filled the hall as their voices filled the atmosphere. You didn’t mind the noise. You were in your own little conversations with your slytherin housemates; specifically Draco Malfoy. 

You and Draco were the best of friends. A very strong Flirtationship as you would call it. More than a friendship, Less than a relationship. It made people think you were already together. Although you wished it was something more than just a flirtation. You were just too much of  coward to admit your feelings. 

You sat next to each other, as usual, your shoulders were pressed against the other. It wasn’t because the whole slytherin table was occupied, it was because you have gotten used to sitting together so close.  

“Father actually considered sending me to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, you know. He knows the headmaster, you see. Well, you know his opinion of Dumbledore — the man’s such a Mudblood-lover — and Durmstrang doesn’t admit that sort of riffraff” Draco stated, looking between you and his friends as he continued “But Mother didn’t like the idea of me going to school so far away. Father says Durmstrang takes a far more sensible line than Hogwarts about the Dark Arts. Durmstrang students actually learn them, not just the defense rubbish we do”

“Funny how my mother considered me transferring as well” You laughed, earning a smile from him “Beuxbatons is what you were destined for!” You attempted to copy your mother’s words causing your small group to erupt in fits of laughter and chortles. 

“Why’d you stay here?” Draco asked. 

“You really think I’m going to leave you here with these blokes?” You smiled, lightly pushing his shoulder with yours “I don’t want you to suffer”

“You’re the only reason I stayed too” He said, looking into your eyes. Your eyes gazed at his for a moment before turning away, quickly hiding the smile you had. 

“Could you two just get together already?” Blaise spoke, cutting the tension.

“You know that can’t happen, Zabini” You said, smirking at the dark skinned boy. 

“Why not?” Draco interjected. He was acting strange but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why. 

“We’re too perfect for each other, dear” You smiled, amused “The universe might explode at the madness of our relationship’s very existence” 

Just then Draco was about to retort until a paper rose had fallen onto your hand. Draco looked at you in a weird mix of expressions. You eyed it suspiciously before slowly unfolding the perfectly made rose. 

“Ms. (Y/N) Howell, would you care to join me in tomorrow’s Yule Ball?” 

You looked behind you to see one of the durmstrang boys staring at you with a smile. He was very good looking but Draco was hotter in your opinion. You would have said yes but you had an intuition that Draco would be the one to take you. Maybe he was just waiting for the right time to ask? You gave the buff boy a grin before turning back around. You saw Draco glare at the boy in your peripheral vision. He was always like that when you were around other boys.

“Another one?” Crabbe said in disbelief “How many more are you going to get until they give up, Howell?” 

“When they realize she’s already going with Draco” Goyle commented, looking between the durmstang boy and Draco. 

“I’m going with Pansy” Draco said, blankly.

The air got caught  in your throat as you processed what he just said. 

This surprised you and the others. You thought he hated Pansy. He made it very clear that he did every time she would pass by to get him away from you. Draco would always decline saying you and him had things to do. When you two were alone he would always complain about her saying that you were the only girl he needed in his life— besides his mother of course. 

How this boy made your heart flutter in more ways than one.  

“Pansy?” Your voice squeaked. You cursed yourself for for being so embarrassing. Draco shrugged like it was no big deal. Well you couldn’t blame him. You were too stupid to think he would ask you. You excused yourself before standing up. Your friends gave you looks of worry and confusion but you brushed them off. 

Where you were going? You honestly did not know. All of this is confusing. 

You left the Great Hall making your way towards the courtyard. Some fresh air should help you calm down. Why did Draco have to make you feel like this? Of course he wasn’t intending to. He just……Ugh! Stupid Feelings. Stupid Ball. Stupid Girl. You groaned in frustration, wanting to rip out the roots of your hair with your hands. You found yourself sitting on one of the benches. By this time everyone would be in the Great Hall, leaving the courtyard empty well except for you. 

“You alright, (Y/N)?” 

You easily recognized the voice belonging to the Chosen One himself, Harry Potter. Why he was speaking to you?  You had no clue but somehow his presence made you feel slightly better. Why is this happening?

“I’m fine” You whispered, staring at your shoes. You couldn’t just tell him that you were upset that Draco wasn’t taking you to the ball. That would be mad.

“I could tell you’re not” He said, sitting next to you on the bench.You gave him a light smile before answering “Everything’s just peachy” 

Oh how much Draco would kill you right now. Being around Potter and speaking to him.

Then it struck you. An incredibly idiotic plan. Idiotic enough to make it brilliant. 

“Harry?” You spoke up, getting scar head’s full attention. If you could get him to go to the ball with you, you could make Draco jealous. You’ve seen the way Harry looks at Cho; pretty obvious that he likes her so he’ll also get a chance of making her jealous as well.

Now you fully understood why the sorting hat placed you in Slytherin.

“Do you want to go to the Yule Ball with me?” 

Todd read the Hetaoni letter

I am so unimaginably happy that someone got Todd to do this! He did accidentally pronounce Veneziano wrong but I think it was because he was a bit nervous 

This is such a great and powerful line for his character, I could hear him wanting to sound happy through it all which actually really fits Italy’s character in the game 

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ixEM-xo9YU

Root - An Essay

If I had to pick my favourite character of all time, this would be it. Out of all the characters out there in the world, this is the one that means the most to me on a personal level, which is why I left Root for the last of this series of essays I’m doing. She’s a character that brings out some of the most fascinating aspects of the show, pushing it into it’s AI exploration, and allowing characters to grow in new and interesting directions. 

I loved this character from the second she showed up in the first season, and much like Sarah Shahi and Shaw, I think Amy Acker filled the role like she knew it inside and out instantly. The performance across all her episodes is impeccable, and the great performance is backed up by a brilliantly crafted arc that feels seamless from start to finish.

Root when we meet her is someone who couldn’t care less about people, with the exception of those that she finds interesting. She’s someone who, for that reason, has a very idyllic outlook on The Machine, believing her perfect right from the start due to the very fact that she was meticulously designed. Root makes it her mission to allow The Machine to be free to decide her own direction, and after all her effort, she gets to where she thought her goal was and it’s gone. Suddenly, all that purpose is just drained away as she ends up in the hospital Finch checks her into, looking like a shell of herself until the phone rings and gives her what she needed, a purpose.

The development that follows once The Machine starts talking to her is what made her my favourite character on the show. The Machine manages to reason with her during her time in the hospital to adjust her methods, no longer killing people, but Root doesn’t understand why she shouldn’t. She follows The Machine’s instructions and saves lives, but she doesn’t understand why that’s the right thing to do. She’s just doing it because The Machine told her to, and she believes in The Machine. That all gets interrupted when The Machine sends her to save Cyrus Wells, and Cyrus becomes the new face of her past. The bad things she did to people are no longer abstract ideas, they’re a very human face that she can see the effects of her actions upon. When it comes to the point where she knows for certain that she changed this man’s life in irreparable ways, the look on her face is one I’m not sure Root would make before this point. There’s a sadness there, a sadness for someone other than herself, someone she didn’t find interesting like she does Shaw and Finch. And that’s how she comes to learn why people matter.

This arc ends up affecting her views on herself as well, as glimpsed in Prophets. Root’s always been very confident, full of herself, self-assured. But once she realizes the effects of her actions, she goes through a period of uncertainty, as we glimpse especially in her talk with Harold in the hotel in Prophets. In there, she believes her past actions make her unworthy of even a good death. When The Machine contacted her in God Mode, she was given a purpose, a mission, and she knew that, but the idea that seems to only really occur to her during this conversation is that she was given more than that, she was given a second chance. 

Root’s a character whose arcs are all tied intrinsically to the show’s themes. From learning the value of the individual, to second chances. But my favourite of hers, and one I think is quite unique, is the one with her perception of The Machine, tied to the running theme through the show of The Machine’s personification. Both Root and Finch go on character journeys to see The Machine for who she is, but in very different ways. From her introduction, Root sees The Machine as a god of sorts, a perfect being. Something created by design. And this perception keeps up even into the start of season 4, but it starts to shake when her connection to The Machine becomes limited, and I’d say especially when we get to The Cold War and she sees something new in The Machine, fear during the chat with Samaritan. But it goes almost without saying that the most important event that alters the relationship between Root and The Machine is Shaw, specifically Shaw’s disappearance in the middle of season 4 and The Machine’s refusal to tell Root if Shaw’s alive. From that moment, the relationship between the two is altered. Root stops seeing The Machine as a god in perfection, but a god in apprehension, and there is a difference. That difference is that, by the time we get to YHWH, Root’s outright saying that The Machine isn’t perfect, something she wouldn’t consider a year prior. Despite this change though, Root’s devotion to The Machine doesn’t change. In The Contingency, she talks of how people are bad code, accidents, flawed, and idolizes The Machine because she’s something ‘other’ and due to how computers make more sense to her than people. But over season 3, she learns the effects of her actions, that she isn’t perfect. And in season 4, that The Machine is not. And that’s okay. She still puts The Machine over herself in Asylum, saying she doesn’t care what happens to her, regardless of those flaws. I think the whole arc is a fantastic way to push her character, and allows for her to come into her own in a new way. It’s an arc I’ve never really seen before, and one that, to me, is made particularly special because I can’t see it in a show other than Person of Interest.

With the Machine’s communication with her limited during the events of season 4, Root’s story brings her to another one of the show’s recurring themes: that of found family. Without The Machine to lean on in quite the same way, she has to lean on the others more. I think perhaps this arc is most evident with Reese, as the two grow to understand and like each other in Shaw’s absence. It’s one of the reasons I love M.I.A., I think that’s the episode they really get each other finally. Prior to the events of the series, it seems Root was a loner, doing her job and keeping to herself. She didn’t seem the type to get lonely, but by the time we get to A More Perfect Union, that’s exactly how she feels because she’s come to understand what it’s like to want the company of others, especially with Shaw.

I’ve always taken Samaritan as something of if season 2 Root were an ASI. Self-perception as a perfect god, not understanding what matters about individual people, and funny enough both end up in Faraday Cages thanks to Finch. But Root, in the arc outlined above, has to confront both of these beliefs of hers and grow as a person, understanding why people matter and that The Machine isn’t perfect. Samaritan, meanwhile, never is pushed to these arcs, and it plays a role in the AI’s downfall.

The Machine, early on, saw someone for her admin that she thinks would fit him perfectly, and pushed him towards her. Years down the line, she does this again with Root and Shaw, no doubt able to see that the two would work well together. And without that, I don’t think Root develops the way she does. Without Shaw, she doesn’t come to understand The Machine isn’t perfect. Without Shaw, I don’t see her softening up, becoming part of the family. She might have been fascinated by Harold before meeting Shaw, Shaw’s really her ‘in’ with the group. As annoyed as Shaw plays with Root, once they team up in Mors Praematura, she gets Root in a way the others don’t. She may not see the full picture as Root does her thing with The Machine, but by the end, she sees how it all comes together. Every step had a purpose that was crucial to completing the mission, something neither Reese or Finch really see up close as in depth as she got to. She sees Root for who she is, much like how Root sees Shaw for who she is. This is evident in their very next interaction in The Devil’s Share, when Shaw has the idea to use Root to find Quinn. Unlike Finch, she gets how Root works and knows she can do it. In Mors Praematura, Root asks Shaw to trust her, and as the mission goes on, Root lives up to that trust, leading Shaw to giving her trust to Root again in The Devil’s Share. Once again, Root lives up to it, and by Aletheia, Shaw wants to go back and save Root, later doing so in Deus Ex Machina. The development in their dynamic is often subtle in the moment until you look at the overall storyline, I feel, and is just perfect for both of their characters.

By the time season 4 comes around, the two are comfortable enough with each other that Shaw’s teasing back throughout Honour Among Thieves, and at least runs deep enough for Root that she wants to leave that message with Harold. And then, at the end of Honour Among Thieves, it seems to Root at least that Shaw reciprocates that by coming back. However, once they reach The Devil You Know, Root ends up, for the first time on screen, genuinely a bit done with Shaw’s attitude as she brushes off the Samaritan situation, putting some strain on things. From her reaction to the kiss in If-Then-Else, it seems she maybe thinks that the actual emotions of it were more one sided than she thought, only to be proven wrong in the final moments of ITE. Shaw being captured really must feel like deja vu to Root, as the paralleling moments of her looking out the window to see Shaw/Hanna getting into cars emphasize. I think the choice to recall that scene from Bad Code in Asylum potentially adds a bit of context to Root and Hanna’s relationship, in addition with Root mentioning in TDTWWA that she had been hiding since she was twelve. A bit of timeline math, she would have been 11/12 when Hanna was taken, and since she didn’t get revenge until years later, it seems to me that the most likely intention with that line has to do with her sexuality, as well as retreating from people without Hanna around. This show loves to build character through details, and I think this is definitely a case where they do that again, and I think really serves to make these characters feel like fully fleshed out people.

On the topic of TDTWWA, I love how they handle all the moments between them once Shaw’s back. I talked more about how I loved the way Sarah Shahi played post-simulations Shaw in her piece, but instead here I want to touch on how Root’s played in those scenes. It’s a nice contrast to how Root is played in 6,741, hurriedly trying to jump into bed with Shaw, but instead trying to reassure her, and is very tender and soft. Both of them really do a great job showing this new side of their dynamic. Still distinctly them, but changed by the experience of losing Shaw for so long and then Shaw with the simulations, with a new gentleness to it. The story between the two, from start to finish, is gorgeously constructed and, as much as I do love stories about sexuality sometimes, one of the reasons this is my favourite fictional couple is that it’s never that. It simply is. They’re both fully fleshed out, multifaceted, engaging characters in their own rights, and their relationship serves both of their storylines and allows them to grow in ways they wouldn’t without the other, while never becoming their whole stories. 

There are more great speeches and pieces of dialogue in this series than I dare count (totally tempted to do some favourites in the future though), but among those I have to include “I like that idea. That even if we’re not real, we represent a dynamic. A tiny finger tracing across the infinite. A shape. And then we’re gone.” I think it’s a line you can really take about fictional characters in general. Most stories that really stand out tend to do so because of the characters that inhabit them. They may not be real, but they represent real things, real ideas, real people. And what often makes those truly special ones as special as they are is that they represent something that matters to you. The characters across this show really do that for me, but it’s for the reasons above, and more very personal ones, that Root is my favourite character of all time.

alone together

“i can’t believe you’re actually going.” you said, running your fingers along the polished red paint. the shining sun above you reflected off the car, nearly blinding anyone who looked in its direction. crossing your arms on the door, you looked back at chris and shook your head. “you always said once school was over, you were gone. that was years ago. and i never took you seriously.” 

chris shrugged, one hand on the steering wheel. he looked at the cul de sac street in front of him- the trees and lamps lining the streets, the white-picket-fences and neatly cut grass and nice cars. that was the cliche’s of his hometown, and one he didn’t fit in to. 

“back then i didn’t think i would really leave either. but each day that ticked down after, i just knew i had to go.” 

you looked at the scene in front of you. chris in the drivers seat, hands on the wheel, and bags and suitcases stuffed in the backseat. there was something about the way that he smiled, the way he loosely shrugged that said he was finally happy. he was finally happy to leave the narrow-minded and judgemental place that he once knew as home.

you wanted to run away too. 

forget university, all the responsibilites that came along with being shot into the real world, fuck the paved path in front of you. it wasn’t what you wanted either.

“i don’t know where you’re going, dixon.” you said, looking at him from the suitcases. he turned his head and looked at you through the dark lens of his sunglasses. chris watched a smile slide onto your lips. “but do you have room for one more?” 

Be Happy For Him
Be Happy For Him

A rewrite of ‘Do It For Her.’

It expresses Pearl’s struggle with liking Greg and understanding that just because he got her dream doesn’t mean she can’t be happy for him.

Lyrics and voice are mine. Music track is Aivi and Surasshu’s.