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You changed your mobile theme????? Its so nice !!!! Blue is so nice

Yep!! It matches my new icon bc there’s a lot of blue sky imagery in Macross Delta, especially with Freyja! Plus I’ve never had blue before lol, it’s always been pink/lavender ^^;

(Also I just realized I changed it to blue right before April, when I said I was gonna join that “no blue in November to protest Autism $peaks” thing oops ( •᷄ὤ•᷅) Its still okay though, I don’t think blog themes count!! It’s just for reblogs lol)

what do you guys think about making this my new header? since apparently I have to be a blog and not a person and can’t even post a single thing about anything else but dreams otherwise somebody’s gonna make a dramatic statement like this on one of my posts and unfollow me

I think im gonna start a new blog where people can submit advice to young girls dating other girls. I know when i first started dating a girl a lot of things were hard for me to figure out (like if i was actually in love) and i know googling a bunch of stuff only brings up heteronormative advice. I think it would be nice if there was something out there to help them feel more comfortable and less bad if they dont know what to do/are lost (say how to tell if its the right time to kiss her girlfriend for the first time). It would be for all girls dating girls (trans girls, cis girls, etc.) I wouldnt have the answers for all advice so submissions would be for answers too!! Like/reblog if u think it would be a good idea? Idk if something like this already exists, but its something to help people that i think would be nice :)


22nd aug 2015 // i have the whole afternoon to catch up on a certain module and memorizing a list of korean vocabulary (oh boy…) 😔 can’t believe the second week of college is already over…the days are just speeding past…

ft. a new pair of socks (3 for $10), the cutest cup from daiso ($2 yo wassup), new ballpoint pens, a very comfy bed (with beloved sleep companions) and unfinished room decor ✨

(i think my theory of morning runs/exercises helping me concentrate better for classes is a strong one so i’m gonna test it out again next week hmmm…also, i’m struggling with my ballet journal updating ugh too many things are going on all at the same time…BUT I WON’T GIVE UP!!!)


I’m starting to vaguely feel like I’m actually working my way through my commissions now…  This commission was for my great friend @amanailo who wanted Saint Germain from Code Realize: Guardians of Rebirth.  

I’ll be honest, I thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown when I was looking at him and all his details but, I gotta be honest - I love how he’s turned out!  Regular people on my blog will be aware that is not a statement I make very often.  So far, every doll I’ve had the honor to make her has given me the chance to experiment with new things to make the dolls better and I think this is another example of it so thank you my friend for making me rise to the challenge again.

A blog called “coolest-lesbian” just followed me and honestly I feel kind of flattered 

next time I get hate mail i’m just gonna respond with “yeah? well the coolest lesbian thinks i’m great”

Open letter to the ovw and Tf2 Fandom

These days had been really impressing for both fandoms. The Overwatch fandom got a really nice announcement: an actual character being canonically lesbian, and most important, the character who was the principal mascot, Tracer. When I heard about the news, I couldn’t believe it. How Blizzard decided to do such a greta thing? LGBT representation, wow! I got extremely happy for see the incredible acceptance from the people here having a gay character in there. We also know that not all the people shared the news as something good, but that’s another point. In other hand, many guys from the Tf2 started to think about: “Are we gonna have an update?” “Where is the new comic?” “Why Valve is like this” etc, and a huge discourse started between people being rude, telling to a lot of my mutuals that “Tf2 was over, and get over it” And the drama started. Here is my point of view.

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Moving on

Uh, just wanna say I’m gonna be moving on from Undertale related things on this blog from this point on. To be honest, the fandom is pretty toxic and I dont really wanna be associated with it. I also really wanna explore new things and draw my own original stuff and create characters of my own and develop my art style. I dont think anyone would really care at this point since its been over a year now but just a heads up to anyone who may wonder with my future posts to come.

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I've been scrolling through your blog for fun and I've hit a bunch of Clara gifs and I was just laughing because she is just SO aggressive and irritated in all of them and I'd forgotten that even though Clara Oswald looks super cute and innocent, she's really just angry all the time and probably cuts people off in grocery store parking lots just because she can. I'm gonna miss Clara Oswald.

at least you won’t forget her, unlike some people

I’m going to miss her, too. She’s been absolutely wonderful and a compelling joy to watch. One of the most complicated and enthralling characters this show has ever offered.

But the nice thing is, Doctor Who changes, but it very rarely fails to give us someone exciting and new to follow. In my eyes the new series has yet to have a wrong step with companions, and I think all signs suggest Bill will be glorious. I can’t wait to see her, and I hope she helps make up for seeing Clara go.

And if it helps, no character is ever really gone in Doctor Who. Sooner or later, someone will tell a new story for them, particularly with a character as influential and iconic as Clara. Might be books, might be audios, might be a spinoff or a fanfic or a televised appearence, or even just another echo somewhere, who can say? But she’ll never leave, not completely.

You’re freaking out.
We’re standing in the shower again.
Trying to drown the things that climb into your aching head.

I’m running out.
The corner store is closing in ten.
I come back with a new pack to ease your emptiness.

We’re hollow eyed and bittersweet,
Rolling round room 93.
Stopping just so we can breathe.
Don’t you know I’m trying for ya.

Think I’m gonna make you mine.
Tipping back that number 9.
I should probably take my time.
But you know I’m dying for ya.

We’re falling out.
Bring this together again.
Stuck in a fallacy of what a lover’s supposed to be.

You’re spilling out
The liquor that we’re drinking again.
Stuck in the solace of the bottle and the finer things

—  a post from Halsey’s old blog
Josh Dun Imagine

He’s so cute <3 I feel like this blog needs more Josh imagines, and perhaps other celebs… <3

Imagine Josh getting insecure about what the fans are gonna think about the new 21 pilots album, and you help him cheer up

Word count: 1072


Josh was walking in circles over the living room of the apartment he shared with you. The video for Heavydirtysoul had come out a few days ago and a lot of people felt it was the end of the Blurryface era and that they now had new things in store for the fans. And they did, a lot of things, but they were still wondering if the fans are going to like it. You and Josh had been dating for a really long time now, four years to be exact, engaged for one year, and you were always there for each other and had each other’s backs. 

You met one day when Tyler and Josh were at the restaurant you work in for a quick lunch. Your friend didn’t know exactly who they were as they were not as popular as they are now and so she willingly let you be the one to tend to their table. You were so excited as you made your way towards their table. But somehow, you managed to stay calm as you were taking their order, and put on your best smile. Once you brought them their order, you asked them if they could give you their autographs. Tyler smiled awkwardly and wrote his name down, passing the paper over to Josh and, after he signed his name aswell, he handed the paper over to you and you took it once you put their orders in front of them.

“Thank you guys so much, it means a lot.” You said and started walking away, but as soon as you entered the kithen, your boss started yelling at you for “waisting your time” instead of taking care of other tables. You could have sworn the whole restaurant shook from how loud he was. You could never understand why your boss was so mean to you, but your coworker did say she thinks it’s because he wants you. It was creepy, but you brushed it off, thinking it was probably wrong. But the verbal abuse got even worse after you refused his offer to go out for a drink. You decided you were not gonna take it anymore. You stayed and put up with his behavior all this time because you needed money, but enough is enough. No money is worth this amount of verbal abuse.

You took off your apron and threw it in his face, yelling out that you quit and stormed out the restaurant, not even bothering to look over at all the guests staring at you. As you walked, you took out the piece of paper with Tyler’s and Josh’s signature on it and couldn’t help but smile. That was the best part of your month to say the least. Suddenly you heard your name being called out, and saw Josh jogging over to you. You thought about how he knew your name, but then you looked down on your chest and saw your name tag was still attached to your shirt. He asked you if you were ok and you tried telling him lies, to try and seem fine, but it was almost like he could see right through your facade.

“I know you just stormed out of the restaurant, but if you want, you can come back with me, and just hang out with Tyler and I. See how they like it serving you.” Josh’s warm smile caused you to mirror it. After giving it some thought, you agreed and walked back to the restaurant with Josh. And soon, you and Josh were always together, and one thing led to another and you started dating. That was five years ago, but it still felt like it was just yesterday to you. As you opened the door to the apartment, you noticed your boyfriend pacing around the room. After you set the grocery bags down and approached him, you asked what was wrong. Josh replied that he was worried about how the fans were gonna react to the new stuff they have been working on.

“Babe, relax. Everything is gonna be alright. I believe in you, and if they don’t like it, that means they are not true fans, and you don’t need the fake ones.” You smiled and continued on telling Josh about how much you love him and how much you believe in him and how proud you are of the both of them. Your hands went up to cup his face as his lips curved into a small smile. The more you talked, the more relaxed Josh got. He knew you meant every single word, from believing in him, to him being the best thing that ever happened to you, I’m guessing you can tell you are basically pouring your heart out to Josh.

“Every single person I met from the clique has been an absolute sweetheart, so I’m sure there will be people who will love your new songs. You are the love of my life, Josh. So I know you think that is why I’m saying all of this, but it’s not. You and Tyler are both incredibly talented and hard working, and you deserve all of the fame and love from fans.” As you were coming towards the end of your speech, you felt Josh’s strong arms wrap around you as he burried his head into the crook of your neck, leaving a kiss or two on your collarbone. You stood there for a while, in each others arms, and once everything you said sunk in with Josh, you went to the kitchen to make popcorn for the movie night.

“Which one are we watching again?” You heard Josh yell from the living room. You yelled back the name of the movie and went back to shaking the pot, as the cracking sounds of the popcorn filled your ears. It was so loud, no wonder you couldn’t hear Josh walk into the kitchen and make his way up to you, hugging you from behind. You jumped slightly apon feeling his arms around your waist, but chuckled once you saw it was him. He thanked you for always helping him when he’s feeling down, and being able to keep him grounded. You joked around, saying it was the duty of the future wife, earning a laugh from Josh his chest vibrating against your back. You were his and he was yours, and that was the best part.

Heyyy, I’m so sorry for being MIA for a while, it’s just that study and fun don’t always mix, so I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates and sorry for not doing what I said, like naming my imagines and writting about other celebs too, it’s just that I was overwhelmed with work and studying these past few days and my mum will be coming to visit soon so I don’t know how much I will be able to write, but I will try my best. Requests are still open and I love you all <3

Well guys, I bet you know what this is gonna be…

After many adventures, escapades, and hopes HotbloodedPinkie is over. I wasn’t just gonna let this thing slip off into the brink quietly, but it took a while to think of a good picture to sum it all up. It was a fantastic four years rolling with you boys and girls, but now things are definitively at their end.

For those of you that stick around, the old HBPP posts will be archived an annexed to their own blog and this will become a general art Tumblr. And hey, with any luck the new stuff I draw will make ol’ Pinkie look like shit!

Anywhoo, I hope you all enjoyed following this blog as much as I enjoyed drawing it, and maybe we’ll meet again, someday in the sea of stars…  


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I feel like now Jareds insta is going to be like 80% reposting from Gen. They used to only have each other and kids on thier instagram and Im sure its not gonna be like this anymore. And I know social media doesnt even mean much but things are changing. Gens blog and D. is suddenly all active again...Intresting timing and Im curious whats coming next

yeah jared’s instagram is all about pimping gen and like if i was a het i would have so many questions, like, do hets really think this is organic and not forced or?? do they not wonder “why does jared keep advertising gen’s lifestyle blog when she never even supported akf?” 

they had a bit of their wives too on it but yeah it was just them for the most part (which is what i tried to show with this post wink wink)

objectively i’m also very curious about what’s gonna happen with the wives now that they can’t rely on having new kids to get attention anymore and for how long they’re gonna keep this extreme bearding up but as an emotionnally compromised j2 fan i’m sad and tired and just want all this stuff to be behind us

now i’m gonna go on a tangent so i apologise in advance

about social media, they don’t mean much to know what really happens in j2′s private lives but they do mean A LOT to know what kind of people j2 want to appear like

You have no idea how much i laugh every time i see j2 fans who are hets who act like “uh social media totally don’t mean anything!!! so even if jared didn’t wish jensen a happy birthday we know that he did IRL we don’t need social media to know they care about each other!!!” like NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK YOU’RE A FUCKING GENIUS!!!!! so you understand that 2 guys who work all the time together and are literal fucking neighbours do wish each other a happy birthday and don’t need social media to do it???! you must be so clever!!! 

like hets are so dumb that they can’t see beyond their butthurt and understand that if jared didn’t wish jensen his birthday publicly it’s because he is NOT allowed to

do i have to remind them that in 2016, the year j2 were the most free and public about the time they spend together jared posted a video of the whole crew singing jensen a happy birthday?? so when they’re allowed to, j2 will publicly post about things like their birthdays but this year jared is not allowed to do the same because of all the bearding and the j2 lockdown

so when a guy who would wish his FUCKING DOG a happy birthday doesn’t do it for the guy he is closest to it’s because he CAN’T, not because he doesn’t want to and not because he “did it irl anyway so it doesn’t matter”

and it’s the same logic for when jared didn’t congratulate jensen for the twins while everyone else was doing it and hets were losing their shit but like bro since when do one of the parents congratulate the others when they’re gonna have new kids together??? hets wanted jared to congratulate jensen as if he wasn’t part of the discussion of having new kids in the first place like yeah sure ok. no the real outrage was that all the people congratulating jensen and danneel should have been congratulating jared too cos he’s gonna care for those kids for the rest of his life too

anyway what im tryna say is that social media do mean something for stuff like that and hets are stupid

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Hihi Jo, how r u doing? ♡☆ so i think It's time for Nitsa asks dumb things(what is wrong with me)! do you have any tips on surviving for three months without malec or new episodes? What color should my coffin be? But Srsly tho, they should hurry up!!

Hey Nitsa! 💜 Darling, not dumb, never dumb. :)

I have it all planned out; my coffin is gonna be purple and glittery, I’ve found a good plot of land as we are speaking. 

Jokes aside, tbh I’m glad for Tumblr! Because what are we gonna do for three months besides rewatching episodes, spam blogging art and gifs, reading fics and spazzing about interviews/photos, right? :’) Fandom love is THE SHITZ and what I live for because it goes beyond canon and create an entire new world for these characters to live in. So thankful for all the creators out there for creating out of love! It’s amazing to see how loving something brings us together and creates a community. So I’ll probably take this time to indulge in all these while we wait for them to grace us with their presence on screen once more!

And on a more serious note, I’ve got three months to get my life back together before they ruin it once more when 2b starts! :P

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So now do you feel like an idiot because you have New Day on your blog? Maybe it's time to stop riding Xavier's dick like Paige. I could probably photoshop you on her. Jfc why don't you do what's right and disown him because if you still support him and like him I have no sympathy and you're gonna lose a few followers.

Bitch you gonna come up on my blog with this shit? Where the fuck do you think you get the right to do that? I mean, I get Xavier isn’t exactly clean in this, but you have no right to come up here and shame me because I like him and I had this up before this scandal leaked. How dare you. Keep off my blog, seriously. There is nothing I have done to warrant this; I haven’t said a thing on thsi.

Get to know me tag

Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

I was tagged by @dishon-nerd Thank u!!!

Nickname: Addie

Gender: Female, she/her 

Starsign: Gemini

Height: Too short 

Time right now: 9:20am

Last thing I googled: I don’t remember so lets go with Animal Crossing New Leaf guide 

Favourite bands: Blink-182, Rancid, Bad Religion, Green Day, uhhh thats all I can think of right now. 

Favourite solo artists: I’m gonna be honest, I have no clue.  

Song stuck in your head: surprisingly none right now

Last movie I watched: Logan. 

Last TV show I watched: I just watched the new episode of Supernatural with my mom last night, does that count?

When did you create your blog: I believe it was the summer of 2013

What kind of stuff do you post: Random shit I enjoy

When did your blog reach its peak: uhhhhh

Do you have any other blogs: I have an art blog that i never post on it’s @addlrs-doodle-blog 

Do you get asks regularly: uhhm No, maybe like once every month or so.

Why you chose your URL: I thought it was funny.

Following: 239

Posts: 84,023

Hogwarts house: No idea

Pokemon Team: Instinct 

Favourite colours: teal, red, purple, black, all kinds of shades and 

Average hours of sleep: uhh

Lucky numbers: No clue

Favourite characters: Aloy from Hzd, any dragon age character, the GTAV Unholy Trinity, Altair, Delsin Rowe from second son, John Marston from red dead, uhhh The Flash, Damien Wayne, and much much more. if u wanna find out come talk to me.

What are you wearing right now: my Pjs

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 blanket and 2 pillows, I sleep on a couch currently.

Dream job: ??????? what the fuck is that??

Dream trip: probably Italy, I’d say L.A, because I’ve been wanting to go there a lot lately, but ppl usually put different countries and shit so. there u go.

and I gotta tag 20 peoples soooo lets do that: @pennlr, @kdnull, @lelianasong, @vivelaplutomotherchuckers, @northernlightsonlyinname, @cobalta, @acealistairs, @slimaliciouspancakes, @peetaxgale, @juneluxray, @theonlymoosewhoeatssalad, @xkishori, @maepricot, @betwixty51, @kaylizle, @yahoopool. OKAY. thats all i’m going to tag, but remember you don’t have to do it just because you were tagged, and if you weren’t tagged you can still do it if you want to.

THank you this was fun C:

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Hi! So i am gonna ask some questions that i couldn't krep up with. You may not know the answers tho😂 So we mostly think Sana is the main. And i guess there is a new character called Yousef? Where do we know this? And the actor plays Yousef is Turkish but the name Yousef isn't. Is he gonna play as an arabic person? And is that guy Herman's real life friend? And is there a new Sana account? (I know too much questions :( but every blog is sayin other things i am a little bit confused)💙

I believe Yousef is one of Even’s old friends, there was a FB profile made for him and it has pictures of him and Mikael, as well as one of Even.

There is a new Sana account yeah go to http://skam.p3.no/profiler/ and scroll down to Sana, there’s a facebook linked that wasn’t there before

Quick spell #1: Friendship

This is gonna be a series of quick spells, with maximum three ingredients that I will be posting during my 100 follower celebration. Most of them will be completely wordless, to help other witchlings befriend with focusing their own energy into simple tasks and making them into spells that way. Here is first one:

Before you start first please check please if you don’t have any active shields that could block new friendship from manifestation, such as ‘no one uninvited will come near me’. If you don’t know how to do it please check windvexer ’s blog.

Now let’s begin!

things you’ll need
✽string or ribbon in the color you associate with friendship (for example for me it would be green or yellow)
✽candle (optional)
✽your intention

If you have chosen to have candle, light it to help you get it the witchy mood.

Now take your string/ribbon and start to think about why you deserve new friendship and why you need one. It’s very important step, because it makes you self aware and helps universe understand you more, so please don’t skip it. Take your time and don’t make up false reasons. Be honest with yourself, otherwise it’s not going to work.

Now that you are aware why you need new friend you can start to ‘call’ to them.

Take your string/ribbon once more and think about what traits you want them to have. Now tie a knot for reach of those traits.

Once the knots are tied you can wear your ribbon as bracelet or hide it in safe place until you’ll meet your new friend.