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This isn't happening

(Part 9 of Insomnia)

Black Hat leans back in his seat and takes a deep breath.

How? How could this happen? He was BLACK HAT. He could destroy all of humanity in an instant, but has now fallen for a part of it himself.

He was disgusted. Disgusted in both Flug and himself.

Why would he fall for a human. Humans are pathetic and worthless and emotional. What could he possibly find appealing in one? And of all the humans why Flug? He was just so cowardly and nervous and… and… cute.

Dear hats he hates cute things. Kittens, puppies… bleh. He hated all of it. But Flug… he was different. He had more to him than just cute. He was smart. No, he was brilliant. The way he moved and the way he worked was absolutely mesmerizing. And that made the fact that he was cute… tolerable. And even desirable.

Wait, what is he thinking?! Why is he thinking about this nonsense! This is not happening. He does not have feelings for that clumsy piece of flesh. That is absolutely revolting!

Black Hat stands and paces the floor. He mutters profanities under his breath before walking to his desk and slamming his fist forcefully onto the wood. He hears the desk crack and looks down at the damage.

He just cracked his own desk. Why did he just crack his own desk?

He stands there looking at it for a moment thinking to himself.

With a loud sigh he snaps his fingers and the desk is fixed. He decides to go outside for some fresh air, hoping that maybe it will help clear his mind.

He walks down the hallways and looks at the paintings and photos along the walls. Most of them are of himself, a few include others. Not many, though.

He reaches the front door and steps out, breathing in deeply and letting out a sigh. He closes the door and stands there, watching the town as people minded their own business.

Leaning against the door he shuts his eye for a moment. God his head hurt, when did this headache start?

Furrowing his eyebrows together he tried to focus on nothing. He wanted to clear his mind.

But he couldn’t. All he could think about was the realization that he had feelings for that miserable human.

With a groan he looked around, watching. He couldn’t stand this, he needed to do something. Anything.

He walks back inside and stands there, unsure of where to go. He sees 5.0.5 cleaning some paintings and watches him for a moment before someone walks around the corner.


Black Hat tenses, not wanting to accept or acknowledge his feelings but he can’t help the leap in his chest as soon as he sees Flug.

“Oh, hi Jefe! I- sir are you okay?”

Noticing how tense his boss is, Flug grows concerned and walks over to him. “Why are you so tense? Did something happen?”

Black Hat shifted, trying to compose himself. He did not want to let his feelings known to Flug. Flug was a human, he would never share feelings like this for someone like himself. Humans mate with humans, he had never heard of a case otherwise.

“I am fine, mind you’re own business you idiot! Don’t you have work to do? I’m not forcing you to sleep early just for you to lounge around all day!”

Flug grows nervous and gulps. “O-oh, I was having trouble focusing so I w-was taking a small w-walk around to try to clear my th-thoughts…" 

Black Hat chuckles, knowing exactly how he feels before speaking up with a calmer tone, “Get back to work.”

“Yes s-sir.” Flug backs away before scuttling off, speedwalking down the hall and tripping over his feet, falling to the floor briefly before scrambling up and running to the lab, hoping he wasn’t noticed.

His fall was noticed, however, by Black Hat. He groaned to himself before walking to his office, mentally slapping himself in the face for finding it so cute. 

He sits in his chair and buries his face in his hands.

“I can’t believe this…” He mumbles, “I can’t believe… I won’t. This isn’t happening.” He sits up and slams a fist on the table. “This isn’t happening and I will prove it to myself.”

He stands up and straightens his coat before stomping out the door, swiftly trudging down the halls as he focuses on the hallways in front of him. Marching down to Flug’s lab he bursts open the door and steps in triumphantly.

Flug jumps and grabs his chest, “Jefecito, you scared me! What are you doing in here?” He looks at Black Hat and tilts his head, looking like a confused puppy.

Black Hat’s insides immediately melt to goo and the sound of Flug’s voice pounds into his skull, sending waves through his spine that shoog straight into his legs and makes his knees feel like jelly. His stomach ties into knots and his chest feels like it’s about to burst.

Okay, that wasn’t normal. Maybe he does have feelings for the human.

“I just came in to see how much you had done today. What are you working on?” Black Hat shakes his head slightly and walks up to Flug, coming up with and excuse to change the subject.

Flug raises an eyebrow. “That was quite an entrance for a check up.” He shrugs, “but I’ve gotten 2 blueprints finished and have been tinkering with a few other devices.”

“Ah. Good. Carry on, then.” Black Hat turns to leave before he is interrupted.

“Uh, sir? Are you feeling well? You have been acting strange today.”

Black Hat could feel heat in his face and was glad he wasn’t facing Flug. Flug cares for his wellbeing, that adorable little idiot…

“Yes, I am fine. Don’t worry about it, I can handle it myself. No need for your concern.” Black Hat stated, looking down at the floor.

“Handle what?”

Black Hat flinched. He slipped up, how can he get out of this? He didn’t want to lie, but he definitely didn’t want to tell the truth.

“Well… I have a lot on my mind.”

“Like what? If you need help with something I can be of assistance. N-Not that I don’t t-think you can’t handle it yourself…” Flug trails off, getting nervous.

Black Hat feels like his chest has been hit with a bullet. Why did he have so many emotions!?

“Personal… things. You wouldn’t be interested.”

“Well I am.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Tell me.”

“Why?” Black Hat whips around, glaring at him. Flug can see a light blush dusted across his face.

“Boss, are you… blushing?” Flug squints, trying to look closer before it clicks in his head.

Oh. He figured it out.

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Loneliness in Yuri!!! On Ice

Well, I don’t know if this has been done before but oh well, I wanna put my two cents anyway.Basically, this ended up as me just discussing whatever came into my head concerning this???? I mostly wrote this on the fly. So please, take things with a grain of salt.  I might add in Yuri later on to make this a Podium Family post.

While some may think Viktor and Yuuri are polar opposites, that is not entirely the case. They are not exactly opposites. The thing with relationships is that even if two people are on different sides of the spectrum, there is always bound to be a middle ground, call it that space in between overlapping circles in a Venn diagram. 

In YOI verse, we have to concede to the fact that in order for Viktor to actually meet Yuuri halfway, he has to have something that helps him empathize with Yuuri. Yes, Viktor is a very perceptive character (I hope the fandom keeps this in mind because we all have to give this man a cookie for how observant he is). However, understanding someone through only observation negates the value of connection. You can’t connect to someone just by observing them. It’s like being in a laboratory, a scientist observing a rat. The scientist interacts with the rat to induce a reaction. It’s an impersonal type of interaction. Whereas in relationships, both parties interact with each other in order to build trust not to see what happens if I do this and that. And Viktor for his brilliance does know this. Testing the waters for most of the time until he deems Yuuri would feel comfortable enough to meet him (except THAT one time in the parking lot. Having no sharpened tools for that type of situation he inevitably went to what he was used to). What makes that different from the scientist analogy is that Viktor aims to forge something deeper with Yuuri by also opening himself up little by little. But hey, that is an analysis for another time.

Going back, relationships tend to work well when both parties value the same thing (while skating is a given, skating isn’t everything) but let’s face it understanding each other is basically a cornerstone in any relationship.

( It should be noted that people experience different things but the feeling can be felt similarly. That’s why we can connect with other people despite different experiences.)

So what is that something both Viktor and Yuuri have experienced?


This is pretty much blatant throughout the show. I think it also one of the things which really resonate in both Viktor and Yuuri. Something that both of them are very familiar with. Hence, allowing them a certain level of understanding in their relationship. (I do hope they explore this dimension in their relationship in the future though).

Anyway, Yuri!!! On Ice depicts two brands of loneliness.

First up, we have Yuuri’s loneliness. I think it is safe to remember that even having people around, you can still feel lonely. Keep in mind, that loneliness is a feeling. A feeling of being solitary or cut off from everyone else. 

In my perspective, Yuuri’s loneliness doesn’t wholly stem from physically being far away from people but it mostly stems from his mental state. This is where Yuuri’s anxiety comes in. Anxiety tends to lock its victim inside his/her own mind. As much as he interacts with people, he feels a disconnect between himself and others. The thing with interacting with others is that the interaction may not be what is currently needed or wanted. This is what ultimately creates that feeling of loneliness. You have people around you can talk to but the thing is you are not satisfied with the type of interaction you have with these people. Anxiety serves as a wedge for Yuuri to get what he subconsciously wants from interacting with people. He has a support group, but despite the blatant support he just doesn’t seem to feel it. The thing is with anxiety, the more it locks you inside your head, the less you truly interact with others. The more you focus on your own thoughts the more you cut off yourself from others. While he locks himself in, he can’t hear the things he really needed. Thus, barring him from truly connecting to others.

(The rest is under the cut since this ended up longer than I expected)

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON. LISTEN! HEAR ME AND OBEY! A foul darkness has seeped into my temple. A darkness that you <i>will</i> destroy. Return my beacon to Mount Kilkreath, and I will make you the instrument of my cleansing light.


As promised an update is here ^_^ sorry it’s pretty short this time I hope to post tomorrow. It’s just that tumblr has a 10 picture limit and I like to make sure each update stops nicely. oh, also the reason why I can’t do any weekday updates is cause I’m taking a class and I get back super late. I’ve also been thinking of doing another huge “construction” to this comic but man it’s gonna be a pain to do. Well I should start it sooner than later before things this comic gets too long tbh

Part 37

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Dark(?) Blue

Another dark blue aesthetic, I know, but I was inspired. That might actually be an odd comment. Because in the large spectrum of this all, the Ethan aesthetic would’ve been posted several days before this one so it wouldn’t be in circulation while this one is. Hmm. Anyways, yup. Still out of the country. Still no new edits, only aesthetics. I think that there is only one more? Meaning that I might be getting back home today. Soo, yay? Or boo because it means the vacation has ended. Oh well. Still gotta write up the last caption. 

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Why the fuck would you spread this sort of message to people? If you're really suicidal you should be asking for help not posting damn memes about it on tumblr for vulnerable people to see and think it's "funny" or "quirky"" seriously this is just fucking sad. Coming from someone who has actually been seriously suicidal before.

Oh well excuse me while I stop using my coping mechanism because it upsets you. I’ll just go tell my doctors that the time I attempted suicide wasn’t real and I was just being quirky.

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Hi Tink! As we found out in 8.21, Naomi manipulated Cas's memories several times to the point that he doesn't remember being a part of the first Passover and killing firstborns. What are your thoughts on how much she actually changed of his memories, when she did it (before the series, only s8, etc.), and how that might effect Cas post-12.23?

Oh yes… Naomi…

I think it’s likely that these are not the only times that it’s been done to him, the fact that he asked “how many times” is an exposition that we are supposed to assume it’s more. It’s absolutely to show that Cas never wanted to do these things, that the claim that he has a crack in his chassis, that he’s always been different, are very well founded and not just a throwaway insult.

I would love it if this was one of the things that Dabb & Co continue to develop, going back to past canon and addressing it. I don’t necessarily expect them to but I would love it so much!

Cas either in the empty or after he comes back ‘slowly’ having all his memories restored at some point would be amazing. Not just these memories but ALL of them, in opposition to 7x17 where basically he just saw flashes of Dean and was like “I remember you, I remember everything” (yes, another singular/plural always the first to Dean moment), but now, where it’s drastically important that he faces things all about himself, learning who he is etc, I’d love to see more about Cas and his life experiences over millennia, yeah sure, give me some Dean interactions too to show how important he is (and one of Sam please!) but give me more about CAS and who he is outside of his relationship with Dean…

There’s a reason my season 13 tag is season who we are 13 :D

arrrrrgh!!! Why, Tumblr. Why???

Has anyone figured out what’s up with the dash taking forever to load? I’m pretty sure it’s not my wifi, since I saw someone else mention it. I wonder if their ridiculous algorithm is dragging things down. 

And then tonight I wrote a long text post… only apparently the page went inactive before I started/while I was typing, and oops, there’s twenty minutes of work gone. And I don’t have the patience to redo it, so oh well. It was a good post, too. 

And then when I wrote this post a few minutes ago, it did the same thing! And I’d only been on the page for maybe… five minutes max before I opened the new post box. That shouldn’t be enough time for it to have become inactive. 

Sometimes I hate this blue hellsite.

[Translation] mFound Artist Interview: ONE OK ROCK (from year 2012)

This is my first time translating a ONE OK ROCK interview. I haven’t been translating a full interview/article for a while, and then I stumbled upon this interview and found it to be quite interesting. And I don’t think it’s been translated before? Correct me if I’m wrong and if somebody has actually done it. Second, I’m not an expert in Japanese, so do expect some mistakes along the way. I did my best and tried to insert some explanation on parts that I thought were a little hard to understand. Oh, and I’d appreciate it if you put a link to this translation or credit me in any ways at all if you decide to post / use this translation elsewhere.

Well then, without further ado, please enjoy. :)


Formed in 2005, this band whose sound is jam-packed with emo, rock, and metal elements and always give aggressive live performances, has just rocked two days sold-out lives at Yokohama Arena, titled [“Zankyou Reference” TOUR ~ YOKOHAMA ARENA SPECIAL FINAL ~] January this year! The LIVE DVD and Blu-ray compilation of these lives are going to be released in May 30th, and starting from the 23rd last week the older titles of their songs are distributed in iTunes. This time, we’re going to question the vocalist Taka and the guitarist Toru about the tour, thoughts about the live, including [Zankyou Reference], and their opinions about their past works.

– The LIVE DVD and Blu-ray of [“Zankyou Reference” TOUR in YOKOHAMA ARENA] that you performed this January at Yokohama Arena will be on sale in May 30th, but I’ve been given the chance to watch it. It was amazing!! You guys are so awesome!

Taka: Really? I’m glad.

Toru: Thank you very much.

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“No Darling I Could’ve Lost You”

HIIIII!!! Oh my gosh, it has been so long, I think eight months actually. Well before posting this I had wrote a long post explaining why I went MIA, and then i deleted it. I figured no one would want to read a long post about someone’s life who is basically irrelevant, sorry not sorry. Okay, so I decided I would quickly describe it here, and then smooth it over with a new post, LOL. When I started this account I was getting ready to graduate from high school, I was 15 at the time. The last post I made was in September, the same month as my 16th birthday, and that was the age I needed to be to be able to graduate in a certain program. I was in the program for about a month when I started testing to graduate, and I had to schedule my test far apart so I could have enough time to study for each one long enough. I took my last test in December and I graduated on December 17th. I then started college in the Spring of 2016, and it has been crazy. I know it is no excuse, as I left without a word, but guys things were crazy. I’m 16, and there is a lot I am trying to figure out. This blog just kind of slipped from my main focus, but I always thought about it, which resulted in me writing in my free time. I may have stopped posting, but I never stopped writing. SO with that being said, here is one of my new imagines! I love you all so much! And I just want to take things slow, as I am attending college for the summer semester and working as well, so things are still hectic. But I just wanted to start posting again. And requests are open, I love writing for you guys! 

NIall Horan

Word Count: 3,129

A year ago when I married Niall Horan, a lad who came from Mullingar, I didn’t think of the fact that I was also marrying a famous superstar who had millions of dollars in his possession. Which is why the word money never came out of my mouth, and is the same reason why I insisted on having separate banking accounts, and having a prenuptial agreement signed. He said I had been crazy, that my money was his, and his money was mine; ours. I only laughed at him, telling him how foolish he was. My teacher’s salary could never live up to what he brought in, and I didn’t want the lines to get blurred. I loved him and he loved me, but money always seemed to mess things up. But then life happened, there was things I couldn’t afford and unfortunately I had to lean on him for. My dad had an intestine transplant during the first three months of our marriage, and he found out that I was helping my mom pay for it.  When I told him that I was fine, and that I didn’t need his help he got offended. He had said he was my husband, and that he was there for these type of things. An intestine transplant cost over a million dollars. Then after this, little things began to happen, a house mortgage here, a family member’s overdue bill there, and I hated it. They would attack Niall at family get-togethers, asking him for this, begging him for that. He always did it, he always gave it to them, and I asked him to stop. I didn’t marry him for his money, and they were sure making it seem like it. He would just laugh me off saying, “I know baby, you’re not that type of person. But if I can help, I want to help, I love the fact that I am actually able to. Let me enjoy it for a bit, yea?”

He said for a bit, but it never ended, and while he had more than enough money, it wasn’t right. This wasn’t what I wanted, and I was happy that he understood that. Well I thought he understood that.

“Niall babe whose car is outside,” I asked as I stepped into our house, immediately kicking off my crochet flats. “I thought it was Kevin but what would he be doing here- oh hello Kevin!” I greeted Niall’s banking accountant when I made my way into the living room. There sat Niall and Kevin, who had a thick stack of papers stuck into a manila folder. He sent me a small smile with no greeting, which was unusual for him. Kevin was always quite nice to be honest, and always offered me a hug when I accompanied Niall to go meet him. However, both men sat there with unimpressed looks on their faces. “Is something wrong?” I asked timidly as I placed my things down into a nearby love seat, and made my way over to Niall. I had intended on sitting down beside him, but I was rejected when he scooted over towards Kevin. What was that? “Niall are you okay?” I asked softly, my voice betraying a bit of the hurt I felt. I was also probably red in the face since Kevin witnessed Niall’s rejection. He finally turned towards me, disgust written on his face as he examined me. A snort escaped him as he rolled his eyes. “Yea Y/N I’m just peachy, what in the hell do you think?!” He shouted making me flinch and scaring me all the same.

Niall never talked like this, ever. Sure we’ve had our arguments before, but there was never screaming involved. Naturally he cursed a lot when things were heated, but he has never shouted at me, ever. To say that I was scared was an understatement, as I wasn’t prepared for his harshness. I decided to retract our closeness, and made it over to where I had placed my things. I picked up my AEO tote and placed it on the ground beside me, setting it on top of my teacher planner. Niall flicked his hand towards Kevin, signaling the man who was in his early 30’s to talk. “Hi Mrs. Horan,” He finally greeted me, as I nodded in response. “Um as you can see Mr. Horan is a bit upset.” He commented the obvious as I nodded once more, my eyes flickering over to my husband. He looked both agitated and annoyed, and it seemed like it was meant for me. Had I done something to make him angry? I had been at work all day, teaching kindergarteners, what could I have done from so far away? Did he maybe call and I didn’t answer? At the thought I reached down into my bag, plucking out my phone to see that I had 10 missed calls from him. I was about to ask him if this is what was wrong, but he spoke up before I could. “Bloody hell Kevin, she doesn’t even care! Look at her she’s playing on her phone, I told you doing this would be a waste of time. I already know the truth!” His Irish accent was thick with anger, and I wanted to defend myself, but I was too scared to do so. Kevin sighed as he stood up, and plucked my locked iPhone from my hands. “Please listen carefully Y/N, this is very important.” Kevin explained slowly, talking as if I was one of the children that I had been teaching earlier. But instead of replying I just nodded my head, still trying to figure out why Niall had been so angry with me. Maybe listening would be a good idea. “I called Niall up this afternoon because some weird spending activity had been going on with his account.” Kevin informed me as I looked at him dumbfounded. “That’s got to be wrong, Niall is a great steward over his money. He isn’t one to spend lavishly.” I defended him like he was a child who had got caught stealing a candy from the store. “We know.” Niall and Kevin both said in unison, which was both cool and weird.

I scooted to the edge of my seat, crossing my feet at the ankles, and beginning to twiddle my thumbs. “So what is the problem, how much of it is gone?” I questioned, now worried. If he hadn’t been spending money from his account, then that meant someone else was, and that was bad. Not only had they somehow managed to break into something so personal, but they also stole his hard earned money. Money that made him stay away for months at a time, money that made him sing on stage for two hours and then have to go backstage and meet fans, money that made him sleep in a different place almost every night, and money that made him tired to the bone. I was awaiting Kevin’s response, but Niall talked instead. “Please Y/N, don’t act as if you don’t know how much is missing.” He snorted sarcastically, and I looked over at him in confusion. “What do you mean?” How would I know how much is missing? That makes absolutely no- Wait! “Wait a second, you think I stole the money?” I asked confusedly, almost laughing as I did so. This had to be a joke, a bit fat joke. “Ding, ding, ding, ding ladies and gentlemen the gold digger has finally figured it out!” He shouted loudly as he leaned forward in his seat, resulting in me releasing a deep breath. Had he really just called me that? Had he really just accused me of something so vile?

“Why would you say that? No, why would you think that, what is wrong with you Niall?” My voice broke as I spoke, as it was so thick with emotion. I unknowingly raised my hand to swipe at tears that I didn’t even know were running down my face. Niall laughed bitterly as he ran a hand through his dyed blonde hair. “Cut the crap Y/N, we all know those tears are fake. Won’t you just stop with the theatrics, don’t you think you’ve done enough over the past couple of years?” He sounded cold and cynical. Kevin cleared his throat presumably to stop Niall from talking any further, and to stop my crying. “While money has gone missing from his account, I don’t think you took it. Which is why I told Niall it would benefit us to hear from you first.” The middle aged man explained further, and my mouth fell agape. “So what you’re telling me is, is if you hadn’t have talked Niall down from a ledge, then I probably wouldn’t be here right now.” I was no longer looking at Niall, I couldn’t bear it. “I was going to call the police since lunch time, babe. You wouldn’t have even stepped foot in this house again.” Of course Niall had to rub it in, rub in the fact that he didn’t love or trust me. I wouldn’t ever, ever do such a thing, not in a million years.

I loved him for him, not for his money, it has never been about his money. Not in the three years we were dating before we got married, and not the one year that we have been married. Sure HE gave money to my family, but I always advised him not to. I have never touched one piece of his evil thing that he calls money. “How much is missing?” I ignored Niall as I returned my attention back to Kevin, wanting to know how much my husband was accusing me of taking. “$10M even, mam.” I looked at him bewildered then over to Niall, then back to him, and then back to Niall again. Let’s just say I repeated the process a couple of times. “You think I took that from you?! Let along that much?” I wanted to pull my hair out, how could he accuse me of such a thing? This made no sense. “Y/N, you’re the only other person who has access to the account, who else could it have been?” Niall asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I stood up from my seat, making my way over to him, and plopping down right beside him. “Do you hear yourself right now, Niall? I haven’t ever touched any of that money, for Pete’s sake I don’t even know any of the information to get into the account.” I was now trying to explain myself, to make him see. I just wanted him to see, and then leave it be. All he had to do was drop it, and hug me, and this would all be done. No apology necessary, I just wanted him to stop looking at me, as if I betrayed him. I loved him and he loved me, that’s all that mattered. “Hand me her phone, Kevin,” Niall stuck out his hand towards Kevin, but kept his gaze on mine. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, not understanding what was going on. Kevin placed the phone in Niall’s open palm, and for a few seconds he looked down at it. “Is the code still the same?” He questioned, and I nodded tightly, the code being our wedding anniversary. I watched as his fingers moved deftly across the touchscreen, and he stopped when he got to what he wanted. He was on the notes app, and I was even more confused, now wasn’t the time to write a note. However, I understood what he was doing when he showed me the screen, his account’s information. It all sat there against a yellow lined paper, staring me blank in the face.

“J-just because I have it, doesn’t mean I use it. I didn’t even know that was still there.” Goodness I didn’t even sound convincing to my own ears. “Take a look.” Niall instructed Kevin as he handed the phone over to him, and he sighed in defeat. I guess he gave up on me as well. “You know Niall, I have a job too. Why would I need to take your money?” I spat confidently, I didn’t need to take his money when I had my own. I watched in horror as my husband of a year doubled over in laughter, his face filled with amusement. “You call that a job? You babysit 4 year olds all day, I’m not quite sure you’re capable of anything else really.” He continued to laugh as I could feel tears swelling in my eyes again. “What is that supposed to mean?” I was now sniffling my nose, having direct eye contact with him once again. The lad from Mullingar finally sobered up, and was sitting correctly again. He spread his arms across the back of the couch, a smirk on his mouth. “Well,” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “You know what they say Y/N. Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” His words felt like a thousand little needles pricking every inch of skin that covered my body. I looked him deeply in the eyes once more, finding no type of remorse there. I was wasting my time, I finally realized. What was I trying to prove here? I stood up from beside him, walking back over to where I had placed my things and picked them up. “Where do you want my attorney’s to send the papers?” He questioned, and I immediately figured out he was talking about divorce papers. He wanted a divorce? Duh, Y/N, this wasn’t exactly something you could get over. He was accusing you of theft, what did you think was going to happen? That this was going to fade away or something? “Just send them to my parent’s house, I’ll be staying there.” Obviously he knew I was going to stay there, why did I have to add that bit on? So that he knew where he could come find me? So pathetic.

“Can I go pack my things?” I felt so dejected, so empty, and so hollow. “Anything that you paid for.” Niall responded uninterested and I nodded slowly. “That’s including gifts.” Kevin intercepted, just as his cell phone rang. I nodded once more, but I didn’t want anything that Niall gave me. I put my purse back down and quickly walked up the steps of my ex-home, if that was even a thing. I pulled my luggage collection into my walk-in closet, sat on the ground and begin to pack my clothes. I was trying to be quick, and in the process I knocked a large sized box off of a shelf. Knowing what it was I opened it with a guarded heart. It was all of the pictures we had taken over the past couple of years. Pictures of us when we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but more specially pictures from when we got married. I told myself I wasn’t going to take any, but fell weak when I noticed our wedding photo album. I had just stuck it under a bunch of my clothes, when I heard hurried footsteps coming up the staircase. I was taking too long. Niall stood in the doorway of the closet, his breath ragged as he looked at me. “I’m sorry I am almost done, this box fell when I-” I was explaining myself, but was cut off when Niall fell onto his knees in front of me, taking my face between his hands and kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

I sat there with my eyes as wide as saucers, not comprehending what he was doing, or what was going on. Why was he kissing me? He just told me he wanted a divorce, why was he doing this? Although I didn’t necessarily want it to stop, I braced my hands onto his chest, and pushed him away softly. “What are you doing Niall?” I questioned unsure, not knowing what had suddenly came over him. He hadn’t touched me once since I had stepped foot into our home, and now he was kissing me. His blue eyes bore into mine, they were different from earlier. They were softer, almost loving even, and that didn’t help my confusion at all. “I am so sorry,” Niall’s voice came out as a broken whisper, and I felt my heart nearly break at his words. Was he apologizing? But for what exactly, for the accusation or the things he said about my job? “I shouldn’t have accused you of such a thing, I know that you’re not that kind of person. I also shouldn’t have said those things about your job, I know how much you love it.” He continued on like he just read my mind. I leaned my forehead against his as I closed my eyes. “Why did you say those things?” I whispered, wanting his reassurance. “I had felt betrayed, because I loved and trusted you so much, I felt as if you betrayed me. I was so angry and upset, and that stupid idiom had been floating around in my mind since I had been suspicious of you. I just wanted to hurt your feelings.” He admitted as I nodded slowly, knowing that we could move on from this.

“What made you believe me?” I questioned, now suddenly curious. “Would you believe that I suddenly realized that you would never do such a thing,” He asked, and I shook my head, laughing softly. “Okay, well if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t realize it. Kevin got a phone call, and they told him that the transaction had happened in Mullingar.” He explained, and I jerked my head back in confusion. “Mullingar, that makes no sense.” I stated uneasily, knowing that no one in Niall’s family would steal from him, no one. He sighed as he kissed my forehead. “Well when we went visit my family last week, that’s how it happened. Some kid at a McDonalds there wrote down the card number, and the security code. How he actually got into the account, I don’t know, but he did. I guess I didn’t notice it before since it was just little things, but this was quite big obviously.” Niall replied honestly, and I immediately started laughing. “I always told you that your obsession with fast food would be the death of you. You could’ve lost all your money, Niall.” I teased as he pulled me onto his lap, swiping a piece of my hair behind my ear. “No darling I could’ve lost you.” He smiled softly, before unknowingly sending me to heaven with a sweet kiss.

Crazy Headcanon:

I think I posted something similar before, oh well… 

A Yin seal related augmented slug sage mode would have been a perfect combination of Mito and Hashirama. 

If Sakura were to get one more powerup she could have carried on Tsunade’s will by mastering this technique which is the embodiment of both her grandparents’ power which she, herself could not master. Tsunade has traits from both of her parents (Yin seal, Strength, Medical ninjutsu, fuinjutsu) and if slug sage mode were a thing (Hashirama’s) she could have come up with a special version using the Yin seal’s link with Katsuyu.

IF Hashirama had slug sage mode this could have worked. He might be able to use it easily as he’s Hashirama but others like Tsunade wouldn’t be able to master it easily.

  • Yin seal connected to Katsuyu
  • Slug sage mode - sent from katsuyu to yin seal weilder
  • Result- a more powerful form of sage mode (more powerful meaning constant like Jiraiya using Ma and Pa).

Request: Riarkle where Riley and Farkle take a stroll through the city, and Riley drags into Farkle into every possible bookstore they pass by. And even though they might spend two hours there, he doesn’t mind because he’s a book worm as well. :D

A/N: The 5th picture is actually from the bookstore I go to, The Last Bookstore, check it out! They have a bridge made of books, and some shelves organized by color, its cool.

I told myself I would wait till a week before posting this…its been a day. THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS

ford & mabel bonding drabble/fic #5: reconciliation

rating: k
characters: Mabel Pines, Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines (mentioned), and Dipper Pines (mentioned) 
word count: ~1560
summary: Weirdmageddon is over and done, and Ford and Mabel end up discussing and reflecting over what has occurred recently.
a/n: FINALLY GOT THIS FINISHED. And omg it’s been a while since I’ve written another drabble. (I still dunno what I think about this one tbh, haha. But I wanted to get this finished and posted before the finale.) I wasn’t sure what to title this drabble, but oh well lmao. This is kind of like a little au, since no one knows what’s gonna happen at the very end of the finale. I kind of wanted the two to talk about what happened since Ford came back through the portal? Idk but I hope you all enjoy reading. c:

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They Didn’t Let Go: A FizSimmons Appreciation Post

Remember in season one when the worst thing that happened to Fitz and Simmons was that they were at the bottom of the ocean together? Oh, how far we’ve come. And how painful it has been.

But damn if it wasn’t worth it to see Fitz’s smile when he held Simmons at the bottom of that well, to see her curl up next to him and fall asleep in peace for probably the first time in months.

Out of all the pairings (platonic or otherwise) on this show, I think Fitz and Simmons might be my favorite. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they’re great characters individually but together, they’re even better, and that’s been one of my favorite aspects of the show - watching them grow and evolve as people and seeing how their individual changes impact their relationship. And over the course of three seasons, we’ve seen a clear theme emerge, one that forms the crux of their partnership - sacrifice.

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Abandoned Marionette Reads

Hi, this is Badz. I was formerly known here as abandonedmarionette. For those wondering why they cannot open my page, don’t worry, I did not delete it. I’m still here and active. But what happened was way worse than me finally opting to end my Tumblr days. When when I woke up this morning, I found out that my account has been terminated.

I already contacted the staff through email and apparently, there was one song I posted which violated this site’s terms & conditions, and someone reported me. And the consequence of that is the termination of my blog. I don’t understand why because I bought that song they told me about. They also told me that they terminated my blog because I already got three strikes but I never did receive any notification of my past posts violating their rule. But oh well, I don’t think I’d ever access my blog again.

It just really sucks because I also asked if they could let me open it for at least a day or two just so I can back up my posts (poetry, prose, art, personal text) but then I still am not receiving any reply.

I guess it’s safe to say that this is goodbye for my old blog. I was just really shocked. And I just stared at the page saying ‘This page has been terminated’ for a good long hour before I finally accept the reality of the situation. I know this may be one of those 'first-world problems’ but I cried. It was more than 6 years worth of post. I have been on Tumblr for that long, and every effort I made for each post was gone in a blink. All my book reviews, movie reviews, book recommendations, book challenges, book photography posts are gone now. It’s really devastating.

Anyway, I couldn’t just mope around forever. So, here I am. This is gonna be my new account. And frankly, I don’t know how to get back into my rhythm. But I will try my best. Right now, I am trying to fix my page and create the same theme as my old blog.

So, if you guys can just help me, it would be really nice if you could reblog this if you used to follow me on abandonedmarionette so that other people don’t assume that I just suddenly vanished.

Also, please, if you are a book blog, like or reblog this so I can follow you. I mean, there are a few dozen booklrs I can remember but I used to follow 3,000+ blogs and it would be impossible for me to track all those. It would really really mean a lot to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Go forth and read on, booklovers!      

A note about Hat Films’ Streams

I meant to make this post a couple of days ago but life got incredibly crazy and I hadn’t had time to yet. 

However, I think it’s time to address how people are acting in the Hat Films’ stream chat and in donation messages. 

Kaite, @little-nommer, has expressed many times how uncomfortable the chat makes her with their objectification of the Hats and similar types of questions asked in the donation messages.  Please reframe from doing this kind of thing while watching their streams.

They are humans just like you and I and Kaite has every right to feel upset when people talk that way about her boyfriend.  Please just be respectful and think about what you are saying before you post them.  Yes, the Hats make a lot of sex jokes but they are three great friends and it’s completely different from having random strangers on the internet making similar jokes. 

So just in general, tone it down? The streams are a great place to chat with other members of the community while watching them stream but also understand who is going to be seeing what you say. 

great amazingphil quotes out of context

•”There are.. like.. 3 doors in the world.”

•”Michael Cera…Yeah, I’ve kept that one quiet.”

•”Intertwine with me Louis.”

•”If they don’t run away, then we’re meant to be together.”

•”My butt is sweating.”

•"It’s such a pronounced butt.“

•”This isn’t how I wanted to die. I wanted to be surrounded by nice ducks. Just… Gentle caresses of the beak.”

•”You better have enjoyed that, Alexandra.”

•”I was like a snowball magnet.”

•"Sorry for showing you my crotch again.”

•”You were meant to diiiiieee.”

•”I think Santa weaved it with elf juice.”

•”I should’ve gone to the toilet before we started.”

•"I don’t know why I’m naked.“

•"Oh this is such a satisfying thing. I love squeezing things… into… other things.”