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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: twenty one pilots just dropped the heathens music video all like yeah who cares it's whatever let's just release it and tyler looks so good and josh looks oh my god he looks so goddamn good and tyLER IN THE SUIT ANd i think josh is in tyler's head and he's not real which is just rude and we've waited so long for this since the morse code tweet and it was 110% worth it and i can't believe this song is gonna be in a movie it has bomb ass lyrics and a bomb ass video and it's just bomb overall and just wtf tøp

HAHA how about we STOP comparing Kylo to Zuko? PLEASE. Want me to talk about how they’re different? Well I’m going to.

It’s easy to start by saying that Zuko throughout the entire Avatar series is a 16-17 year old kid. His crimes were committed at that age. Kylo, in TFA, is 30 years old. A grown man. I’m already going to hold a grown ass man more accountable for his mistakes than I would a teenager.

Oh, Kylo thinks he has daddy issues? ZUKO has daddy issues. Han may have been a disappointing father, but we know Han loved Ben and never would have done a thing to hurt him. Ozai treated Zuko badly his entire life. He always made him feel second best to his sister. His father was emotionally abusive. Then he was physically abusive when he SCARRED HIS FACE. Zuko spoke up about the wrongness of what the Fire Nation was doing, and Ozai forced his 14 year old son to face him in an agni kai. Then when his son refused to fight him and begged him for forgiveness, Ozai responded by burning half of his face and banishing him. 

Are we seeing a different picture here of these two men? Han was not a perfect father, but don’t tell me that Ben didn’t have love growing up, because he certainly did from Han, Leia, Luke, Chewbacca, Lando, C3PO, the list goes on. Zuko had his mother, and then his father took her away from him too. Leaving him with a father and sister who hated him. Their childhoods were entirely different.

Zuko grew up being taught that the Fire Nation was only trying to help the rest of the world in the war. He was essentially brainwashed. I will agree that Snoke probably brainwashed Kylo, but at the same time, Kylo grew up understanding that the dark side was evil. Zuko was on the side of the Fire Nation because that was his family, and he believed he needed to side with his family. Kylo was the opposite and went against his family, the people who loved him. It says a lot that Zuko stuck with his family despite their abuse of him, and Kylo turned on the family who loved him. 

Zuko never killed anyone unless I’m forgetting something. He certainly never killed an innocent. Kylo killed countless innocents. They are on a completely different playing field. Zuko was trying to capture Aang because he desperately wanted his father’s love and thought he could earn it that way. Kylo kills people and terrorizes the galaxy because he believes that is the right thing to do. 

Let’s talk about their feelings towards their fathers. Zuko loved his father despite his abuse of him, it’s a sadly realistic part of the show. But Zuko finally comes to realize that the Fire Nation is wrong, and his father is a horrible man. He confronts him, and finally tells him that everything he is doing is evil and he will not stand by him anymore. His father had no bending in this moment. Zuko’s abuser was helpless, and Ozai even points this out. Why not kill him? What does Zuko do? He walks away. He walks away from his abuser and does not lay a hand on him. Ozai had done nothing but torment him his entire life yet Zuko does not kill him because he knew it was not his place and that it would be WRONG. He only strikes out at Ozai when Ozai shoots lightning at him.

What did Kylo do when he saw his father again? He killed him. He killed Han, who may not have been a good father, but we know he was never abusive, and we know he did love Ben. Yet Kylo murders him because he wants to join the dark side completely.

Is it not obvious how different these two are?! Zuko walked away from his abusive father when he had the opportunity to kill him. Kylo murdered his father who loved him and was offering him forgiveness. THESE MEN ARE NOT THE SAME.

If you want to compare Zuko to someone, compare him to Finn! Zuko realized that he was brainwashed into believing that the Fire Nation only wanted good things for the world, exactly way Finn was raised. Both of them realized that what they were raised to believe was wrong, and they left to find something better, which was incredibly brave of them.

Stop comparing Kylo to Zuko and insulting Zuko’s character 2k16.