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Happy Mother's Day

“Dean, hurry up! We’re gonna be late!”

You loved that man but you didn’t understand why it took him 45 minutes to do his hair. It was literally 2 inches long.

As you looked around the living room making sure you had everything you needed to spend the day over at Mary and John’s you spotted the gift bag that had ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ written on it. Knowing Dean would probably walk right out the front door and forget it you sat it beside your bag.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m ready.” Dean said as he was walking down the stairs rolling up the sleeves on his red flannel.

“Finally. I put your mothers gift by my bag so we wouldn’t forget to grab it. I think we have everything else we need already in the car.”

“Alrighty then. Let’s get this show on road!”

Rolling your eyes at him you grabbed your bag and Mary’s present as you walked out the door.
Thirty minutes later you were pulling up to their house. As you were walking up the sidewalk you seen Sam and Jess’s car parked in the driveway.

“I’m glad someone was here on time.” You say hoping that Dean was close enough to hear you.

“Maybe Sam wasn’t as lucky as I was last night.” Winking at you as he walked past you to open the door.

“This is true” you say matter-of-factly.

“We’re here” Dean announced just as Mary came around the corner.

“Happy Mother’s Day mom” Dean told his mother as he gave her a hug and quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you sweetie.” She said as she moved from Dean to you. “Hi Y/N, How are you sweetheart?”
“I’m fine Mrs. Winchester-”

“How many times have I got to tell you it’s Mary. Come on in.”

Following Mary through the house she leads you to the dining room where you see Sam and John sitting down at the table.

“Hey Dad. Hey Sam.” Dean said walking past them and to the fridge to grab a beer.

“Hey guys!” You say as Sam pulls you into a hug.

“Hey Y/N, Did you guys get lost?” Sam says jokingly.

“Ha, Why don’t you ask Dean why we were late?”
Just as you had hoped everyone looked right over at Dean.

“Sam wants to know why were late. Do you want to tell 'em or should I?”

“There’s nothing to tell.” He says nonchalantly before taking a long drink of his beer.

“Oh so you spending 45 minutes on your hair is just normal?”

“Wait so that’s why you were late?!” Sam said shock and laughter lacing his words.

“Now thay my work here is done I’m going to go see if your mom needs help in the kitchen.”

“Hey Mary I was wondering if you needed any help getting lunch ready?”

“Oh well John’s going to start the burgers soon and I think everything else has already been fixed and put in the fridge until it’s time to eat. So I think it’s all been taken care of.”

“Well in that case I have something I want to give to you. It’s a little mothers day present from me.”
Reaching down in your purse you pulled out a small box with ribbon around it.

“Honey you didn’t have to get me anything.” She says while she took the ribbon off and opened the box.

“Oh my god!” She said once she seen what was inside. “Are you pregnant?!”

“Yes! But Dean doesn’t know yet. I thought you’d like to be the one who tells him.”

“I’d love to tell him, but are you sure uou don’t want to?”

“I just want to there when you tell him.”
Just then Jess came into th kitchen.

“What is going on in here? I heard Mary holler and ”

“Y/N’s pregnant! But no one else knows so we gotts keep it hush hush for a little bit.”

“Oh my gosh Y/N congratulations!” Jess says while hugging you.

“Thanks. I’m so excited for Mary to tell Dean. He’s going to be so happy.”
A few minutes later you, Jess and Mary joined the guys outside.

“Ah there they are.” John chuckled from behind the grill.

“You just missed an awesome story.” John chuckled from behind the grill.

“I don’t think I wanna know.” Mary said while walking over to check her husbands cooking.

“That’s probably for the best.” Dean said as you sat down beside him at the picnic table.

“Everything is ready except fir the burgers. So when those get done we can eat.” Mary mentioned as she sat down across from you.

Looking uo you seen Mary mouth the words “I’m going to do it soon” and you instantly gor nervous. You knew Dean wanted to be a dad even if he hadn’t said so. You seen the way he would look at little kids when you would pass by them in the supermarket or when you would see them playing with their food at a restaurant. The thought of that being one of your and Dean’s kids brought a smile to your face.

“So mom what’s it like having an entire day dedicated to you?” Sam asked

“Well it’s not just dedicated to me, but to every mother. Whether she is expecting, already has children, or has passed on.”

She answered Sam, looking casually at you when she said 'expecting’. You hoped no one else noticed and if they did you hoped that they wouldn’t think anything of it.

“Which reminds me, someone here has a very important announcement to make. But being the amazing daughter-in-law she is, decided to let me do the honours as a wonderful mother’s day present to me.”

She paused long enough to look around at everyone and then finally said, “John, were gonna be grandparents. Dean and Y/N are having a baby!” She practically jumped off the bench with excitement.

Dean looked over at you with a shocked expression on his face.“ You’re pregnant?!”

You were a little taken aback by his reaction. You thought he would be happy about this.“Y-yeah, I found out about two weeks ago and thought that it would make a nice mothers day present for your mom.”

While you were talking you noticed the expression on Dean’s face never changed. Soon he began running his fingers through his hair and you knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Hey do you wanna go talk inside?”

Without even taking a second thought he said yes and was halfway to the house before you had even gotten up.

“Dean you know you’re going to be an amazing dad, right?”

“How can you be so sure? You say all the time how I’m a silly man child.”

“Yes you can be a silly man child, but when you aren’t being adorably goofy you are the sweetest, most caring, selfless person I know and I’m so glad you are the father of my child.”

“I am pretty adorable.” He says with a cute smirk on his face. “I can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad.”

“How do you think I felt when I found out? I took maybe four at home pregnancy tests and went to two different doctors. I still had a hard time believeing it!”

“You know as soon as we walk out there we are going be attacked with hugs right?” Dean said tilting his chin towards the backyard.

“Yeah, but were having a baby.” Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulled your self close to him.

“We sure are.” He replied before wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you.

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Happiness Can’t Be Arranged, Chapter 10

Cora comes to dinner; Robin and Regina have a picnic in the park with the boys and plan their trip to the hunting lodge. And, there’s a small side of a budding Red Beauty romance for @glindalovesshoes. Thanks to @x-wishes-on-fallen-stars-x, who helped with some of the details of this one.

Previous chapters can be found HERE.

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Spreading the gospel

Yesterday was coming out Day. As my husband says, we’re in the closet, but the door is open. I’m tired from hiding the identity of the people I love and who are deeply important to me. It takes a great deal of effort, and I don’t think I do a very good job anyway. I recently opened up to a good friend at work who cut me off…telling me she already thought we were swinging. Anyway…on with our story.

I got into a conversation with a friend of mine in my yoga teacher training yesterday about some artwork my daughter had done on the front of my book. More conversation…Yadda yadda…has she always been artistic…no but she designed one of my tattoos….”oh really what does it mean?” “Well, the colors are for bisexual because I’m bisexual.” (The 20 year old across the room squeals OH MY GOD!!! I’M BISEXUAL TOO! YAY!-so cute btw). My friend says “but you’re married…like to a man…”. Yes. I say. But I’m dating a wonderful woman. And her husband. And my husband is dating my girlfriend. Cue a million questions….what about the kids ? What about holidays? Do we all live together? How did this happen? And at the end…huh…I never knew that existed.

A few minutes later another girl came over. Turns out she had been in a pretty bad mono marriage. She had always been attracted to women and maybe men and now didn’t really know except her family is not on board with anything except heteronormativity. She is interested in long term relationships, but definitely doesn’t want what she had. She overheard my conversation and never knew anything like that existed. Long story short, we may be becoming sherpas for a super sweet girl exploring her own poly life. How cool would that be?

Club Confusion Pt. 26 (Page’s Ending Pt. 1)

Adam’s Ending & Marty’s Ending

Word Count: 2,842

A/N: Welp, you guys talked me into it. Enjoy ;-) Also, the gif i used is a bit ironic. yes? 

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 25

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 25


Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes, here and there.

Enjoy :)

(Takes place in 1x02/03/04/05/06)

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Klaus had changed his mind. Elijah came back with his brother, ready to follow the witches’ plan. They took you and Hayley to a house where they used to live when they were in New-Orleans a century ago.

The next day, Hayley and you were helping cleaning up the house. You were in a bedroom where all the furniture were covered by a sheet. You were joined by Elijah.

“This place is ancient” Hayley says.

“Yes. It should serve our purposes. I’s a sanctuary from our business in the quarter. Right now, you’re the most important person of this family, you need a good home.” Elijah tells her, taking a few steps towards you. He was standing behind you, his hands on your waist. “So, I’m curious. In all this time, has anyone asked you how you feel?”

“About having a miracle baby with a psychotic one-night stand?” she says and you chuckle.

“About being a mother” he says. You look up at her.

“I was abandoned when I was born, and my adoptive parents kicked me out, the second that I turned into a wolf” she says and you look at her with sad eyes. “So, I don’t really know how I feel about being a mother because I never really had a good one.”

“We will always protect you.” Elijah tells her. “You have my word on that.” Hayley smiles at you two.

“And noble Elijah always keeps his word.” Klaus says, entering the room.

“Is it done?” Elijah asks and you frown.

“Yes. I remain a welcome guess in the quarter” he says. “My own concern now is this coven of impudent witches.”

“I believe them to be honorable. Besides, we don’t have to fear their magic as Y/N can feel it… But Marcel obviously has something that they need. They don’t want him dead, there must be a reason why.”

“We’re going to have to find out this… secret weapon if we want to take down Marcel” Klaus says before leaving the room with Elijah, leaving you and Hayley alone.

“You know, I’m glad you’re here” Hayley tells you. “I know I can count on you to protect me”

You sigh and shake your head. “Hey, a year ago I didn’t even know I was an elemental. I can use magic but… I’m not the ultimate weapon either” you say.

“Still… It’s good to have you on my side.”

You left the room to find Elijah. You started to hear the boys voices so you followed them.

“…One weakness that Marcel could exploit” you hear Klaus say.

“And what is that?”

“You” Klaus says before daggering his brother. You hear Elijah scream from pain before you enter the room.

You wave your hand and Klaus is now against the wall. “Elijah” you call his name as you rush towards him and remove the dagger which hadn’t killed him yet. You take his head in your hands and give him a worry look. Klaus was still pinned to the wall, in pain.

“Are you okay?” you ask Elijah worried. He breathes out of pain as his skin takes a normal shade again. He nods for only answer, obviously disappointed in his brother’s action. You take a deep breath, stand up with the dagger in your hand. “What the hell Klaus?!”

“Stop it!” he tells you.

“You’re an idiot you know that?” you scream at him. “Your brother loves you, deal with it! You’re gonna be a father so stop daggering every member of your family because you’re too afraid of being loved!” He looks at you with so much anger. “And just so you won’t try to dagger my boyfriend again…” you hold your hand with the dagger “I’m taking the magic from the dagger, so it can’t work anymore” you throw the dagger at his feet and turn to face Elijah before leaving the room.

But as soon as you release Klaus, you’re the one pinned against the wall. “You think you can tell me what to do?” Klaus screams at you his hands on your shoulders but Elijah takes his brother by the shoulder and throw him across the room.

“You do not touch her!” They started fighting and destroying the furniture of the dining room where you were.

“Stop it!” you shout.

“What’s going on here?” Hayley asks, rushing into the room.

“Stop it now!” you yell, setting the curtains on fire by accident. “You’re a family! Start acting like one!”

Klaus and Elijah stay quiet, just standing there looking at you.

“Alright, love” Klaus sighs, annoyed. “Please, calm down before the entire house burns down”

You take a deep breath and the fire disappears. You sigh “Klaus… The people that care about you aren’t a weakness… they’re your strength. Stop being an idiot and accept you could have a loving family if you just stopped being so paranoid!”

He doesn’t answer and leave the room.

“Are you okay?” Elijah asks you, taking a few steps towards you, putting his hands on each side of your face. You nod. “I need to control my anger” you sigh. “Sorry about the curtains.” He looks sad. Disappointed by his brother’s behavior. “I’m sorry” you tell him. He shakes his head.

“I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming.”

“That’s because you want to see the good in him. He’ll stop acting like an idiot soon enough” you tell him, pulling him into a hug.

“Yeah, well, he better. He’s going to be a father, soon” Hayley sighs before stepping out of the room.

Klaus spent the day with Marcel. Rebekah called to inform you that Bonnie had successfully stopped Silas and that she’ll be in New-Orleans at nightfall.

It was night. Klaus had come back from his tour of the French quarter with Marcel and you were in your bedroom with Elijah.

“If I knew we were coming to stay, I would’ve packed more…” you sigh.

“Don’t worry, I told Rebekah to take your mother’s chest and some other belongings from your house” he says.

You smile at him. “You think about everything, don’t you?” He smiles and you pull him into a kiss.

Downstairs, Rebekah had just entered the house.

“Who the hell are you?” Hayley asks with a weapon in her hands, ready to defend herself.

“Ah, you must be the maid. My bags are in the car. Get them, will you?” Rebekah sighs.

“Hello… Not the maid…” Hayley tells her.

“Right… You’re that werewolf girl my brother Klaus knocked up” she says, like it was something common. “I was expecting to see some kind of supernatural miracle baby bump. But I guess you’re not showing yet… It’s Hayley, isn’t it?”

“You have your brother’s manners” Hayley says.

“And his temper too, so watch it.”

Back in you room Elijah breaks the kiss. “My sister is here” You smile, kiss his cheek and go downstairs.

“Rebekah” you pull her into a hug.

“Hey. Where’s Klaus?” she asks, obviously angry. Oh, oh… Maybe you shouldn’t have told her he tried to daggered Elijah… Oops

She walks away to the other room. “Klaus, get out here!”

Klaus step in the room. “Enough with all the shouting.”

“You tried to dagger Elijah again? What the bloody hell, Nik?”

“Well, if you came here to give me a lesson about family, sweet little Y/N has done that already…” he sighs pointing a finger at you.

“Well, I think you could use more than just one lesson” she tells him.

“I assume the 6 dead vampires were your doing?”

You frown. She has been here for 5 minutes and she has already killed 6 people.

“They were very rude…” she nods “Trying to victimize a poor, innocent girl, just trying to find her way to the quarter… So sorry, were they friends of yours? Oh… that’s right, you don’t have any friends.”

“I do have friends. I have Marcel. You remember him, don’t you? Yes, of course, you do. He fancies himself, the king of the quarter now and he has his rules about killing vampires. It’ll be fun to see what sort of punishment he comes up for you” he grins.

“I don’t care about Marcel or his rules. Aren’t we here to take him down?” she shrugs.

“Yes, we are, but to do that we need him to trust me. We’re following the witches’ plan. He won’t be happy that you’re here.”

“I couldn’t care less about Marcel’s happiness” she says. “I’m going to my room now, I trust it’s ready?” she walks out of the room.

The day after that, Rebekah drags you to Rousseau’s even though you protested that Marcel couldn’t know she was in town. You were sitting at the bar, just like the first time you came with Elijah and Rebekah was telling her life story to the bartender.

“And so with that, I moved back here to be closer to my brothers because, let’s face it family is important, right Camille?”

“Cami. I have to change this name tag. Drunk guys keep hitting on me in French.”

“Aren’t you dating Marcel Gerard? I heard he had a crush on the hot bartender at Rousseau’s” Rebekah asks the other blood and you give her a reprimanding look.

“I would hardly call it dating” she blushes. “He’s wooing me… sort of. I don’t know… He’s very charming which probably means I should run for the hills.”

“I like you Cami” Rebekah says. “Most girl have the unfortunate tendency of being whiny, little twits.”

Camille laughs. “Thanks… I think…” She then looks at you. “So, you’re best friend with your future sister in law?”

You blush hard and Rebekah laughs. “Well, it’s a bit premature but, yes, Elijah’s my brother and yes, Y/N is my best friend” she smiles at you before turning back to Cami. “Hey, I’m supposed to go to this posh charity thing thrown by this philanthropist tonight. He’s bit of a Gatsby, throws a mean party. Y/N has refused to join me, any interest?”

Cami shrugs. “I’ll think about it”

You had to stay with Hayley tonight. She couldn’t leave the house and she was plain bored.

Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah had left for the charity. They had to prove to Marcel they wouldn’t cause any trouble in town. You stayed with Hayley, as you promised and you were walking outside next to the pool.

“Is that… a wolf?” you ask her, seeing a wolf near the forest.

“I think so…” Hayley answers.

Suddenly you feel magic behind you and you turn around. “Sabine?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. You shouldn’t be outside” she says.

“We’re fine” you tell her. She stares at you for a second before turning her attention to Hayley.

“You know, it’s drawn to you. The child you’re carrying is part vampire, part werewolf. You and Klaus made something special.”

Hayley chuckles. “You sound like Elijah. He thinks this baby is going to make us one big happy family…”

“Yes, it seems Elijah is the only optimistic person around here” you say. “What are you doing here?” you ask the witch.

“I just wanted to make sure everything was okay?”

“Everything’s fine” you tell her.

You go back inside, in the living room and sit down on the couch.

“Have you seen a doctor at all?” you ask her.

“For the baby? Didn’t really have time you know, between being held captive by witches and being stuck in this house…”

“Right…” you say.

The Original vampires came home late.

“Well, we made sure to find a distraction for Marcel, so that’s a good thing done” Rebekah sighs, letting herself fall next to you.

“Little Cami will keep him busy while we look for his secret weapon” Klaus says.

They’ve been looking for that secret weapon for weeks. Klaus had turned a guy named Josh and compelled him to spy on Marcel for him.

Rebekah, tired of laying low, takes you to a bar where Marcel was supposed to meet Cami. There was a band there, playing music on stage. Once you entered the bar you felt something powerful. Even more powerful than Bonnie.


“What is it?” she sighs.

“Is it possible that Marcel’s secret weapon is a 16 year old girl?” you look up at her.

She frowns “What?”

You look at the crowd and point to a young girl. “She’s a really, and I mean really, powerful witch”

“And she’s there with Marcel…” she sighs. “Go talk to her”

“What? Why?”

“Tell her, you just arrived in town and that you’re looking for a friend”

“And show my face to Marcel? No, thank you…”

She sighs. “Look, we take her, we take Marcel’s ability to know when a witch uses magic”

You’re anxious. “Okay… But you’re staying here, right?”

“Don’t worry. Elijah would dagger me if I let anything happen to you”

You take a deep breath and walk towards the young girl.


She turns to look at you. “Hi…”

“Sorry… I’m new in town, I just saw you there, among all the adults and I thought… I’d take my chance with you…considering… you’re a witch” you whisper.

She looks at you with big eyes, worried.

“Oh, don’t… I… I have a witch friend back where I come from… you don’t need to be scared of me”

“Are you a witch too?” she asks and you shake your head.

“Then, how do you know I’m a witch?”

You shrug and smile “Just because I’m not a witch doesn’t mean I don’t practice magic” you wing at her.

She frowns. “What are you?”

You smile, you had no intention to answer.

“Well, hello, there” Marcel says, now in front of you two.


“Marcel, this is…”

“Oh, uh, Y/N” you say “and you are…”

“I’m Davina, this is my friend Marcel”

“Nice to meet you” you say, smiling at her.

“I’ve never seen you around here, Y/N…”

“She just arrived in town” Davina tells him.

“Really, where are you from?” he asks you.

“A small town…” you tell him.

“That’s suspiciously vague…” he says, still smiling and you shrug. “What brings you to New-Orleans?”

“The art…the music…”

He frowns. “You’re planning on staying here for a while?”

“I’m here with my boyfriend” you tell him. “It’s a family matter” you say.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” you hear Klaus’s voice and you frown. What is he doing?

“You know her?” Marcel asks him, surprised.

“Yes. My brother is particularly fond of her” he says.

“Elijah? Elijah’s your boyfriend?” Marcel asks you.

“What are you doing here on your own?” Klaus asks.

“Who said I was on my own?” you say, looking at Klaus. “It was nice meeting you, Davina” you wave at her as you walk away towards Rebekah.

Once you’re outside the bar you ask your friend. “Why the hell did he do that for?”

“What were you thinking?” you hear Klaus’s voice behind you.

“Weren’t we supposed to find Marcel’s secret weapon?” you ask the hybrid. “Well, I find it. You’re welcome”

“What are you talking about?” Klaus asks.

“Davina is a witch, more powerful than Bonnie. And she’s with Marcel, obviously…”

Klaus sighs. “Go home, before Elijah realizes Marcel knows of your existence now…” he says before stepping inside the bar once again.

“Let’s go” Rebekah sighs.

You were back at the house and Elijah wasn’t happy.

“How could you put her in this position?” he asks his sister.

“Well, I couldn’t possibly go myself, could I” she says in her defense.

“Now, Marcel knows I care for her, he will be coming after her!” he shouts at his sister.

You sigh. “Elijah, I wanted to go” you tell him. “I want to help! I’m bored”

“It’s too dangerous” he says, taking your face in his hands, looking you deep in the eyes. “I can’t risk you getting hurt”

You put your hands over his. “I’ll be fine” you promise him. “Besides, Marcel’s using Davina and she’s way too powerful than she should be. We need to help her” you tell him.

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “Would you be able to find where Marcel hides her?” he asks.

“Why? We could just go back to the bar and take her now?” Rebekah says.

Elijah turns towards his sister “We need to make her trust us. Choose us over Marcel, or she won’t help us” he says.

“I guess I could feel her magic if I’m close enough considering how powerful she is…”

“I’m calling Sophie Deveraux. Maybe Davina is the reason the witches didn’t want us to kill Marcel, right away…” Rebekah sighs.

Sophie Deveraux was sitting in the living room in the hour. Klaus had joined you.

“Marcel has Davina” Elijah says to the witch. “Any idea where?”

“No. If we knew that… We wouldn’t have needed you” she says.

“Davina is helping him… why?” you ask her.

She sighs. “It’s a long story…”

“Do tell” Klaus says.

She sighs. “I wasn’t always an advocate for the witches. My sister was devoted like our parents, and our upbringing was very strict, which drove me nuts. The minute I turned 21, I left the quarter to travel and play, but I wanted to be a chef. So I came back to Rousseau’s. That was 8 months ago. My sister informed me that the elders had called a vote and they were moving forward with the harvest.”

“What the bloody hell is the harvest?” Rebekah asks.

“It’s a ritual our coven does every three centuries, so that the bond to our ancestral magic is restored. We appease our ancestors, they keep our ancestral power flowing.”

“And why haven’t I heard of this?” Klaus asks.

“Because the harvest always seemed like a myth, a story passed down through generations, like Noah’s ark, the Buddha walking on water… The kind some people take literally and some people don’t.”

“I take it you don’t?” you ask her.

“No. They had the girls of our community preparing for months. 4 would be chosen for the harvest. They said that it was an honor, that they were special. I thought it was a myth…”

“Was it?” Rebekah asks.

She sighs. “I went to priest Kieran to try and stop them. But we couldn’t change their mind.”

“So what happened, exactly?” you ask.

“I was too late. I tried to stop it. They told the girls they were going to put them to sleep and that later, at the reaping, they would be resurrected.”

“But that wasn’t true?”

“No. The girls had to die. They cut their throats. Everyone knew that was going to happen except for the four girls. Only Davina survived.”

“How?” Elijah asks.

“Marcel and his vampires intervened. That’s when he took Davina.”

“He saved her life” you say and she nods.

“She’s been with him ever since”

You sigh. “You said you thought it was a myth?”

“Yes. Every girl who died, gave her power to the next. Davina has the power of the three girls that were sacrificed that night.”

“So, the harvest was actually working…”

“Yes. But I’m still not convinced that, if the harvest is complete, they will be resurrected…”

“That’s why she’s so powerful…” you say.

Sophie nods. “Davina won’t help you. She won’t help us, the witches want to kill her to complete the harvest.”

“She’ll help us if we help her” you say. “She needs a friend. Someone she can trust. She needs to learn how to control her magic”

“We can do that. Our mother left us a lot of books she can learn from…” Elijah says.

You sigh. “All we need to do, now, is find her”

“I will take care of that” Klaus says. “Marcel trust me. I just have to make him tell me where he hides her”

“You think it’s going to be that easy?” you ask the hybrid.

“I didn’t say that, love” he answers before leaving the house.

“Well, I’m not staying in this house any longer. I’ll be back late” Rebekah says, following her brother’s footstep.

“Please, be discreet, sister. Do not make a mess” Elijah begs his sister.

“I’ll do my best” she sighs before disappearing.

“I will bring Sophie back to Rousseau’s” Elijah tells you before kissing the top of your head. “I’ll be back soon”

You and Hayley stayed in the house, reading some old diaries of the Originals vampire from their time here 300 years ago, until someone came knocking hard on the front door.

“It’s probably Josh, looking for Klaus” Hayley sighs.

“Alright, alright, Josh” Hayley sighs, rushing to the front door. But it wasn’t Josh at the door. You step in the hall and see:

“Marcel” you breathe out.

“Well, hello again”

Wasn’t he supposed to be with Klaus?

“I don’t think we’ve met” Marcel says, looking at Hayley. “May I come in?” he smiles.

“No” you tell him.

He laughs. “I see” he says, stepping in anyway. “But, it seems that nobody alive owns this property, so…” Hayley steps back. “Could you tell Klaus, I stopped by?”

Hayley nods.

“Thank you” he smiles and then leaves.

“How did he find us here?” Hayley asks, worried.

“I have no idea” you shake your head. “I’m calling Elijah”

You step in the living room, ready to dial Elijah’s number but you hear the front door bang against the walls. “What the…?” You hear Hayley scream and someone, who was far too fast for you to see, pushes you and you fall before banging your head hard on the coffee table, knocking you out.



— As much as I would love to answer all of the asks individually I really don’t want to spam people’s dashboards more than I've already done so tonight haha , thank you all so much for sending well wishes and such ! ! I appreciate every single one of them and oh my gosh it’s already been like a year since this blog has been made ? ? And wow everything has come so far in both my interpretation of LeBlanc and this community. I can’t say I regret having made LeBlanc my muse since November of last year , to think I even wanted to scrap the blog a week after making it … But thank you all for having stuck around for so long and staying with my interpretation , this means so much you can’t even imagine. Even if we don’t personally talk in IMs or Discord I appreciate every one of you ♥

Who From Ace Attorney Should You Fight?

Phoenix Wright who wins: probably Phoenix

Phoenix’s body is probably made out of frickin iron or something this guy has  chewed and swallowed a necklace, been physically assaulted by a murderer, hit over the head with a fire extinguisher with temporary amnesia as the only consequence, was thrown head first into a telephone pole but walked away with only frickin sprained ankle, and fell from a bridge on fiRE INTO A FREEZING RIVER WITH ONLY A FEVER.  If you can catch him off guard and are extremely skilled in martial arts, you might be able to win but otherwise Nick will probably fuck you up only because his body is probably invincible to harm.


WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU FIGHTING THE ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE THAT IS MAYA FEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH????  If for some sick reason this thought has appeared in your brain, however, she’s pretty small and probably couldn’t withstand more than one or two blows…although she’s probably agile as shit and might have learned a thing or two from the Steel Samurai.  But also dO NOT FIGHT MAYA FEY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS DO YOU HATE HAPPINESS

Miles Edgeworth who wins: Edgeworth

Yeah, you’re not gonna win this one…just look at that smug little face.  He knows infinitely more than you do, and even if you wanted to fight him you would probably regret it.  Definitely would do anything necessary to win, so have fun when you’re suffocated by his cravat.  Sorry.

The Judge who wins: you

I don’t think the judge is super ripped underneath his robes, so you can win this one…also the judge is gullible as shit, too.  That helps.

Mia Fey: who wins: probably not you

If you have a statue of “The Thinker” you might have a chance (I am a piECE OF GARBAGE)…but otherwise she will send your ass to frickin demon hell.  Don’t fight Mia Fey.

Dick Gumshoe who wins: it’s 50-50

Is he huge?  Yeah.  Is he a detective and therefore most likely trained in some sort of self defense?  Yeah.  Is he also a weenie?  Yeah.  I think you could probably win if you went for his face and fought quickly, although Gumshoe is fiercely protective of people he cares about and would probably cut a bitch if you insulted Edgeworth.  But also what did poor Gumshoe do to deserve this?? Why do you feel the need to fight him he will probably use a year’s paycheck to cover his medical expenses???  

Larry Butz who wins: you

Yeah you’ll win but at what cost???  Why do you feel the need to do this???

Wendy Oldbag who wins: hopefully you

Don’t fight Oldbag unless you are certain you can win–then PLEASE fight Oldbag I’m sorry but she just needs to stop

Manfred von Karma who wins: r u fo real

No move is too dirty for von Karma; his attacks range from whipping out a taser to fabricating evidence to frame you of murder.  You won’t win this one, buddy.

Marvin Grossberg who wins: probably you

While he’s got a lot “cushion” to take some damage, just steal his glasses because you can bet your bottom dollar that he is batshit blind without them and then punch him in the nose–he won’t see that coming!! (I am literally trash)

Winston Payne who wins: definitely you

There is like a 95% chance you will win this fight, and honestly fight Winston Payne.  He needs to be forcefully pushed off his high horse for frick’s sake he basically has the word pain in his name please do it do it for me  

Pearl Fey who wins: N O

what the FUCK is wrong with you go reevaluate your life choices you piece of garbage

Franziska von Karma who wins: probably her

Yeah, I know most of you think that she could probably hand anyone’s ass back to them howeVER if you can catch her whip somehow you can definitely absolutely stand a chance.  The sheer shock of losing her most powerful weapon will give you a pretty big opening, so I think winning is possible against Franziska.  I still don’t recommend it, though.

Morgan Fey who wins: Morgan

As much as I want you to punch Morgan Fey in the face, don’t.  You may win the battle but you will probably never, ever win the war she will plot the most convoluted revenge plot imaginable so frickin watch yourself around Morgan don’t fight her it’s for your own good

Matt Engarde who wins: you


Dahlia Hawthorne who wins: she literally almost killed someone even though she was DEAD do you actually think this is a good idea??

Do you KNOW who Dahlia Hawthorne is?  You’re not going to win a fight–she’ll bite, scratch, pinch, scream in your face or piss on you if that’s what it takes for her to win.  

Godot: who do you frickin think dipshit

If you’re thinking to yourself, “wow I really want to fight Godot!!!” then you should definitely fight Godot so that he can wipe your miserable ass off the face of the earth I will not be coming to your funeral son

Charley who wins: haha loser you’re fighting a plant

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: twenty one pilots just dropped the heathens music video all like yeah who cares it's whatever let's just release it and tyler looks so good and josh looks oh my god he looks so goddamn good and tyLER IN THE SUIT ANd i think josh is in tyler's head and he's not real which is just rude and we've waited so long for this since the morse code tweet and it was 110% worth it and i can't believe this song is gonna be in a movie it has bomb ass lyrics and a bomb ass video and it's just bomb overall and just wtf tøp

anonymous asked:

Can I request exo reaction when they are virgins and you’re not, so they become insecure because of it.

Xiumin: “will I be OK? will he/she compare my sex to his/her past partner’s?”

Luhan: “it’s fine Luhan. You’re still a virgin but you’ll prove to him/her how manly you can be”

Kris: “wait…. You’re not a virgin? OH”

“OK Wu, you have to prove to y/n that you’re better than his/her last sex partner”

Suho: “no, no y/n’s just messing with you. he/she is still a virgin. he/she is just kidding. he/she hasn’t actually had sex yet” *he’s in complete denial that you’re not a virgin*

lay: “soo you’re really not a virgin? You’ve had sex before? are you sure? are you sure it wasn’t just a really realistic dream that you had once or twice or however many times?”

baekhyun: “but I wanted to be your first”

Chanyeol: “…. you’re not a virgin… oh I uh… I guess that’s cool… I guess”

Chen: *thinks to himself* “well chen, I guess your hopes of taking his/her virginity for yourself has just been destroyed”

Kyungsoo: “oh, so you’ve already done the sin huuh?” *thinks to himself* “well shit… this is awkward… how do I tell him/her that I’m still innocent”

Tao: *lies to you so you don’t think that he’s not cool* “yeah, I’ve had sex before to”

kai: “c'mon you thrust your hips in front of entire crowds and that’s not awkward…  so why is it awkward to be around y/n who’s had sex before?”

Sehun: “wha.. what… but…? Oh come on!…. Now you’re going to judge my performance aren’t you?”

anonymous asked:

Instead of the Vongola being a mafia family, it is a Exorcist family. Tsuna is one of the rare few people who can actually see, hear, talk to, and touch spirits and demons without a medium.Other than his clumsiness, he is the perfect candidate as the Tenth Head. There's just one problem. Tsuna refuses to acknowledge the existence of the supernatural. "How can you NOT believe in ghosts?! You see them everyday" "If I don't acknowledge it, they don't exist to me"

I think this exorcist sort of idea has already been done, but it isn’t really my cup of tea, so I don’t really remember. Oh well.

(I remember Haru being a ghost, though)

Tsuna didn’t want to open the door.

“Tsu-kun, I brought something for you to eat! If you don’t come out to get it, it’ll go bad.”

Tsuna didn’t answer. The knocking on the door increased in intensity again. Increased in strength.


The knocking was no longer knocking, but full on hitting. Something was pounding at the door with all its might

“T̷su-̢k̵un!̴ Please open the door!”

“Open the door! Just open the door! JuST OP͏́E͝͝Ń̨̀ ́THE ̛D̡͘Ò̴O͝͝R̡̕͟,̡ ̸D͝A̛̕͢M̕̕M͟I̢͘͝T̢͠!͠”

Tsuna stayed silent. His body was frozen to the spot, curled in a ball on the bed. He hated it when things got like this. Every day there were dozens of eyes that stared at him, waiting for him to acknowledge them, and every night things tried to get into his room. They usually weren’t that bad, though, often just a presence outside his door, waiting for him to open it.

And suddenly, there was silence. It did not last for long for the scratching noises started. Something was scratching on the wood of his door, starting from the bottom right and slowly making its way up and to the left.

Tsuna was hit with the realization that he had forgotten to lock his door tonight.

Adrenaline filled him and he leapt out of the bed and ran towards his desk to find his ring of keys. Fumbling with it, he dashed to the window and tried to unlock it. His shaking hands kept making him miss the keyhole, and with each second wasted, the scratching grew closer to the door handle. Finally, he managed to insert the key and throw open the window. He readied himself to jump out of the window when—

"Where  do  you  think  you're  going,̘͎͈ ͈̺͕̻̫ ̨̤̣̩͙͙͈T̘̫̺͚̲̺s̯͍ư̜͖-̡̼͙̰͕̙̺͉k̻̤̲̭̜̭ṳ̴n̖̤͡?̟̦̠͍̗̀ͅ ̭̯̮̯ ͟"


Tsuna is just five years old when his mother finds him stone cold in his bed the next morning. He looks like he’s sleeping. 

“Mama, who are you looking à̙t̩̼͢?” his voice asks from behind her. 

coffee saga reaction compilation

We are officially cutting off coffee requests until we finish the ones we promised! We will let you know when we are taking requests again!

What will now be known as The Great Coffee Saga of 2017 yielded some of the most hilarious out of control blog shenanigans that I don’t think any of us could have predicted. It was all a grand joke until someone tipped 99 coffees.

Read the best of the reactions below, or read the coffee saga from the beginning here. (Mobile link here.)

Nope, there are some things coffee can’t buy, like influencing the plot. However, coffee WILL get your some absolutely absurd bonus art.

“That will never happen,” the foolish mods thought.


I know this is a joke but for 1000 coffees YES ABSOLUTELY

Knowing @blackrazorbill, it’s already been done. (Stay tuned.)

It’s true, now we have no choice.


You got about 22 pages of that already! Kinda.

Two grisly deaths wasn’t enough? Well fortunately for you @youngcrespo has you covered here and here.

Does hot cocoa and tea suffice?

Things… uh… escalated.

You’d think that, but at 9999 coffees we’d never feel regret again.

Wait– ONLY EIGHT?!?! (I drink like a third of that every day oh my god)


I’ll never doubt you again…

Zero! Have a wonderful day everyone! Enjoy the next page!