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LINGERING TOUCHES. omg i can't this series is WAAAAAAAAY too good 😍😍😍😍 it would be so awesome if there was a part 4! (but of course that's up to you how you wanna end the story) ❤️❤️❤️

Wow! I got so many request to continue this (like 6 asks for this!). I really didn’t think this series was that popular, but if you guys want it, I got it. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 5) (Part 6)

That night, you sit in your shower with your knees drawn to your into your chest. Water pours from the faucet, pounding on your scalp. You press your forehead to your knees. Maybe the water will wash you away. Maybe the heat from the shower will cleanse the disgusting feeling in your chest. But it doesn’t. And you know it won’t. You sit in the shower with your knees to your chest. You look up with closed eyes and let the spray hit your face, mixing your tears with the water until you can’t tell the difference. And you realize … you don’t want to be alone. You want to be held. You want him

Midoriya jumps when his phone rings. The device buzzes with life as he fumbles with the device. It’s your ringtone. He pauses as he watches your name blink on the screen. You were bawling against his chest, and he didn’t know why. You told him not to say the words that were weighing heaviest on his chest, and he still doesn’t know why. He answers you.

“(Name)-san, I just wanted to apologize,” Midoriya immediately says, “I forced my feelings on you. I … I wasn’t thinking about your feelings.”

“Ca-Can I come over,” you ask without answering his apology. You can’t. You might cry again if you do.

“Ah, s-sure? Are you alright?”

“I … I just … I don’t want to be alone, Izuku.”

You aren’t alone. Midoriya is holding you in his arms, but you want more. For some reason, you want more. Is loving him selfish of you? You can’t help to think as you look up into his deep green eyes. Midoriya’s eyes flicker to your lips. You don’t miss the small action. Closing the space between you, you kiss him. You aren’t sure why. You were the one who told him not to say it. Moving your mouth against his, you straddle his waist. Midoriya’s nervous hands come up to your hips, cautiously groping you. You breathe against his lips. Your hand come to cup his face and your thumb rubs gently circles over the freckles on his cheeks. 

“Izuku, I’m so sorry,” you mutter as kiss him again, moving your body against his, “I’m sorry … I’m sorry.”

You are sliding your hands up his shirt as tears rise in your eyes. His tongue shyly pokes into your mouth. You invite him in. Why are you doing this to him? You love him. Why can’t you just be with him and only him?

When you see Bakugou at school the next day, he is looking at you like he knows. He doesn’t say anything to you, but you can feel his glare at the back of your head. You shouldn’t care. You were with your boyfriend. You are doing the right thing by not being with him. Bakugou scowls at the fact that he can’t call you out on it. Though it doesn’t stop him from standing outside of your front door, one day later, waiting for you to open it. You’d always open the door for him. He knows that … and you know it as well. 

Bakugou leans down and claims your lips as soon as you open the door. You are surprised but don’t push him away like you know you should. Bakugou growls. He feels like he can taste that damn nerd on your lips. It disgusts him. You should just be his again, dammit. He kicks the door shut and grabs your hand, leading you to your bedroom. He tosses you on your bed.

“Ah, wait, I have to finish making the bath. Hold on.”

Your face is flush. You do have bathwater running .. but you also need to clear the fog that is gathering in your mind. You roll out from under him and walk into the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. Bakugou scoffs and flops down on your bed. His eye twitches when he hears your cellphone start to play.

Bakugou glares at your phone. That fucking ringtone. Deku’s fucking ringtone. You shouldn’t be with that damn nerd. You should be his. He is so much fucking better than that loser. He can love you better. Bakugou looks to the bathroom. Light is still peaking from the crack under the closed bathroom door.

He answers your phone.

“Call back later, Deku. She’s fucking busy.”

He hangs up and tosses your phone back on your bed as he waits for you to come back out.

Tested part 8

A/N: Omg guys this part is so sad… I hated writing this. I’m going to continue this story throughout season 5 but it’s really going to be difficult to write everything from now on so I’m taking a little brake to finish the story before posting anything.

Recap of the last part:
Liam looked at Scott.
Liam: she’s getting worse, I think she’s dying.
Theo: it’s got to be some kind of mercury poisoning.
Liam: Scott, remember what you promised me. You said you would do anything you can so save her. If she’s a real werewolf we can save her. You’ve got to give her the bite!
We all looked at Scott.
Scott: no.

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Runaway Princess (Sleeping Beauty AU Part 7)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1, 367

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: OMG You guys I finally got this out lmao!!!!! I am so so sorry it took me fucking forever. After much ( and I mean much ) harassment from @oriona75 here is your next part of the Sleeping Beauty AU :D

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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What do you think Chuuya's training regime for himself is like? Does he wake up early to work out? Does he run like 5 miles everyday. Yoga to keep himself limber? Weights?


I bet he does - like, he’s doing One Punch Man shit. He eats a little in the morning, and makes sure to have enough protein. He was trained in martial arts from a very young age, and does conditioning about once a week. It’s less of a staying in shape thing, and more enjoyment on his part - he genuinely enjoys fighting and working out.

He’ll make sure to spend at least an hour relaxing with a cup of coffee before he heads out, and he only works out just enough to maintain his strength, but not to hurt himself. He has a very adamant post-workout routine, including tea and a shower.


Feeling a Bit Woozy Baby?(Pietro x Reader) Part 5/?

»Reader is very close with Pietro but when he is sedated and reduced to acting like a 3 year old she is forced to take care of him. This ensues food, entertainment,keeping him out of trouble, bathing and bed time. And to think the reader is being kept from a mission for this.«

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

A/N: Halooo ….i should give u guys a name to call me by…Floofy? Ah I’ll work on it. So here’s part 5!!! OMG THIS TOOK SO LONG IM SRRY It took a while to decide how everything would go but here it is. Honestly dying of cuteness with this series and so I’ve heard so are you. Which i am happy about, so send me your fangirly anons they give me life.Anyway…Until the next one! (^-^)


You stepped out of the shower. Steam filled the bathroom as usual. You always enjoyed long hot baths. It helped you unwind. With some relaxing music on, a steaming bubble bath really hit the spot, especially when you came back sore from a mission or a tough day of training.

You dried your hair off a bit, just enough so it didn’t drip on the carpet, then you wrapped yourself in the towel. You opened the door and walked out into your room and quickly made your way to your closet to get dressed.Your bath had taken quite a while.

‘Pietro must be bored out of his mind by now.’ You thought

As you were about to drop your towel you turned around and what you saw made you hold on to it tighter.

“Oh. Come. On.” You said as you took a deep breath.

“Pietro, i asked you to wait for me in the living room.” You said as you shifted your weight from one foot to the other nervously.You wouldn’t even wear shorts in front of the team so this is way over the line for you.

Pietro, who was sitting on the bed, hadn’t moved and inch, instead he was looking at you as if you were a beautiful abstract master piece in the halls of a vast museum. His mouth was slightly open and his eyes were were taking in your form as his head tilted to the side.

“Maximoff! Out!” You practically yelled

Pietro snapped out of it, the fact that you were in a towel registering in his head. His eyes went wide and he shot up from the bed, it appeared he had forgotten he didn’t have his speed because as soon as he stood up he tried to run and tripped over his own feet landing face first on the carpet. He then stumbled to his feet and dashed for the door with his head lowered and his hand holding where his face had broken his fall.

“Oh, Pietro.” You brought your hand to your forehead.


After you were dressed in your comfiest and fluffiest pajamas you walked out of your room. Pietro was at your doorstep sitting on the floor. When he saw your mismatched socks in front of him he looked up at you with his icy blue eyes.

He was all disheveled, messy, dirty and he had a huge rug burn ton his cheek that was bleeding. It took all your will and might to not get on your knees and hug him.

“Oh, Piet.” You said again but this time it sounded softer, and more caring.

You stretched out your arm to help him up and once he was on his feet you held him by the arm to keep him in balance.

You walked him to the bathroom and sat him down once more. You lifted the hair that was covering his forehead with the back of your hand to take a better look at his rug burn.

“That’s gotta sting.” You said concern present in your features.

“It’s…its your turn to shower Piet but if i leave you alone I’m afraid you’d slip and die.” You said, hearing this Pietro looked down

“So im…you have to let me help you.” Pietro was still looking down but you could see his ears going red.

“It’ll have to be a bath. I’ll help you get in the bathtub then I’ll wash your hair and clean up your wound, I’ll let you handle it from there but I’ll be right outside if you need anything. I’ll leave your clothes in here so you can get dressed and ill put down a towel so you don’t slip when you come out.” You fiddled with your own fingers while you explained to Pietro.

You had seen him shirtless once but that was before you got close and even then you had to keep yourself from staring so you honestly didn’t even want to think about what this whole ordeal would do to you.

Pietro looked up at you with flushing red cheeks and pleading eyes. He really didn’t want you to have to do this.

“I know we’d both rather have Wanda do this but-” Pietro nodded, his sister had already seen him at his worst so he’d gladly have her help him right now, or at least he’d rather have her than risk his best friend see him completely naked. “-but she’s not here sadly so I’ll have to make do….unless you’d rather i called Tony?” hearing this Pietro’s head shot up

“I’m just kidding, I’ll do it.” Pietro sighed in relief, you chuckled “If Tony saw you naked god forbid you have a birth mark or something cuz everybody on the team would know about it by morning.“ You said and Pietro gave a nervous smile. You started the bath and made sure to add lots of bubbles.

“Uh ok I’ll go get your clothes then come back.” You left the bathroom, then came back in. “Don’t. Move.” You smiled then left again to Pietro’s room to get his clothes for him, you picked out a short sleeve green button up shirt because it was soft and then you picked out some sweatpants because they were fuzzy on the inside, as for the underwear you didn’t even look at what you took, you didn’t wana know.

“Okay I’m back.” You placed the clothing near the sink and took away the little square of toilet paper Pietro had folded into an even smaller square while you were gone, then you placed a towel on the floor in front of the bathtub.

You looked at Pietro who had a pout on his lips and hadn’t gotten rid of the red on his cheeks.

“C'mon Piet.” You gestured for him to stand up and he did.“You should uh…” Pietro grabbed the hem of his t-shirt “yeah that” you said and you looked away embarrassed as he pulled it over his head. He’s stuck again.

“I swear you do this on purpose Pietro” You smiled at him and pulled the shirt over his head. He had a toothy grin and was even redder, he was still looking at the floor.

“Ok now um…” You gestured towards Pietro’s lower half. Pietro’s cheeks were growing hotter by the minute. He was incredibly embarrassed that you had to do this.

You turned around and got a towel which you held up and blocked your own view of his lower half for both of your sakes. You turned your face away from him and a few seconds later the towel was taken from you, when you turned towards him he had wrapped the towel around himself and had that guilty puppy look again, he looked shy and small, how a 6 feet tall grown man managed to look shy and small while in a towel you did not know but the sight made your heart flutter.

You extended your hand towards him and he took it, with your help he stepped into the bath and looked at you making an effort to seem less flustered and failing.

“Um I’ll close my eyes, hand me the towel and then sit down” you explained trying to seem composed when in actuality you were ridiculously nervous

Pietro’s eyes widened and he shook his head.

“What?” You asked and Pietro pouted

“Do you have a safer way of doing it?” You asked, you knew why he was worried, he’d risk you seeing him on accident.

Pietro nodded and he sat down into the bubble bath towel and everything. He then shuffled a bit and handed you the soaking wet towel.

“oh okay” you said your voice only slightly above whisper you threw the wet towel in the sink with your cheeks getting red, boy where you glad there were a lot of bubbles. You turned around and Pietro was facing away from you in the bath tub. He looked so vulnerable and adorable.You allowed yourself to look at his well defined back muscles for two seconds two long so you shook your head to clear your thoughts.

You made your way to the bath tub and rolled up your sleeves took the detachable shower head then kneeled down.

“Im gonna pour water on your head now.” You said and Pietro nodded, you could still see his red ears Peeking out from his hair.

You turned on the shower on its lowest setting and started spraying Pietro’s hair, it darkened and got weighed down, then you added shampoo and worked it into his hair with your hands, at this Pietro leaned his head back into your hands, then Pietro realized he shouldn’t be enjoying it that much so he sat up again flustered, suddenly becoming interested in the bathroom walls, you smiled at this. When you started to rinse the shampoo out of his hair the water started to run down his back and you heard a whimper escape his lips.

“Pietro?” You lowered the shower head.

He didn’t respond so you turned his head to face you with your hand on his chin.

“Piet?” The soapy water was running down his face and chest. His eyes were shut tight and you could see the blood from his wound being washed off

“Oh! I should have warned you it would sting.” You said concern and sympathy present in your voice. You moved the wet hair that was stuck to his forehead Away and he opened his eyes to meet yours, his eyes looked deep into yours,he looked sorry and you thought you heard your heart shatter into a million pieces.

You got a small clean cloth from the cabinet, and got it wet in the tub and started to gently dab at his wound. Each time you did he would wince. “God Pietro I’m sorry if this hurts a lot.” you said under your breath in a broken voice placing your hand on his cheek carefully He gave you a half smile and he lifted his hand from under the water and placed it on your hand that was on his cheek and leaned into your hand. You returned his smile. He then took your hand from his face and touched it to his lips and let go of it. You were in a state where you weren’t sure if you were day dreaming so you smiled once more and got up to fetch a water proof bandage to cover his now clean wound.

Once you had placed the bandage you asked him to turn around once more so you could get rid of the remaining shampoo. As you massaged the sudds and bubbles out of his hair you would twirl his curls around your finger, then you would run your thumb along where his hair met the nape of his neck, you got lost doing this until you felt Pietro shudder under your touch. “sorry” you mumbled but Pietro shook his head, the movement was bearly there but you had noticed it

You stood up and Pietro looked at you, managing to somehow look just as flustered as when you started. “Okay, um you can do…the rest and then get out and dressed. But ill be right outside so if you need help with anything, anything at all just let me know, okay Piet?”

He nodded and you stepped out of the bathroom and started getting everything ready for bed.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days AU - Part 6 (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Synopsis: This is a fluffy AU based on the movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. (If you want to you can check out the trailer here.) This is part of @stories-from-stark-tower Stark Tower’s 3k Celebration Movie AU Challenge! You work at Radiance magazine and have been assigned the task to find a man to date and ‘lose him’ within the span of 10 days making the typical mistakes women tend to make, writing it up for your article. Easy right? Bucky Barnes is your ever so charming victim and it turns out he has his own 10 day task and may prove to be more of a challenge than you thought.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2430

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff. BUCKY WITH KIDS. Confused feelings. Also I use the words ‘said’ and ‘grinning’ a hell of a lot times. 

A/N: Omg I was literally dying writing his part, I have been so excited to write this. Its a little different from the scene in the movie, I made the character Kate and Maya up and my writing isn’t that good but I hope you guys like it! Also I think I can wrap this fic up in 8 parts so there should only be two part left. Bucky with kids is my one true weakness. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 7  Part 8

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What is the most horrible date you've ever been on? :)

The date from hell : My FIRST date. I was 13 and  really liked this guy in my drama class and we got along super well. I asked him if he wanted to go over our homework together and get something to eat. He said yes and that he’s glad I asked him because he wanted to ask me so it started of real cute. Then we took a city bus for 10 minutes and reached a white castle. 
If you’re unfamiliar with white castle, it’s a fast food chain where the food is mediocre and it does nasty things to your insides. 

Anyways we stayed there for an hour and then had to leave. I really had to go to the bathroom but I was like “ oh hell no I am not going to the bathroom on my first date” and our bus was there and I was like “ I’ll be home in 15 minutes, it can wait." 

This is the tmi part and if you’re squeamish or easily grossed out scroll past this immediately. 

We got on the bus and we were holding hands and all of a sudden 5 minutes into the bus ride I felt sick, like I went from 0 to 60 in . seconds. I started getting dizzy and then,,, it happened. I shat myself. I literally shat myself on a city bus with my crush sitting next to me on my first date.

Then he turned to me and whispered ” omg i think the old guy sitting next to me farted really bad.“ and I just laughed. He got dropped off first ( thank god and didn’t notice it was me. and then I had to walk home in shame and shower for 3 hours. 

The end. 

So if you ever think you did something embarrassing in front of the person you like just remember this and feel better about yourself. 

Oh my lanta, what. A. Day.

This afternoon I got some quality time with Liam. We talked about life and love and every time he calls Kim “Meow” it’s the best thing ever.

Sooooo, Crystal and I went for workout number 2 tonight!! We were both a little hesitant but man it was a good night.

For strength we found the 1 rep max for clean and jerk. And the clean had to be a full squat clean. Normally I’m terrified of squat cleans but Austin was coaching today and his encouragement helped. and I got to 95 lbs for my clean and jerk! 95 LBS!! A clean and jerk is where you take the barbell from the ground into a squat (it’s fancier than my description) then stand up and take the barbell overhead. I did a push jerk. I was 5 pounds from 100 I was over the moon.

Austin then said Crystal and I had to do Rx no question:

10 ab mat sit ups
10 thrusters(65lb)
10 clean and jerks (65lbs)
10 burpees

30 min cut off: my time was 27:34

You guys this was one of the hardest and mentally challenging workouts ever. By round 2 I was thinking OMG I’m just about to stop and get a DNF but something inside me just kept me going. The thrusters to me were the worst part and followed by the burpees but dang did I feel like a beast when I was done. An exhausted beast but still a beast! I was worried I wasn’t going to make the cut off but glad I did. And after Austin said Crystal and I need to do more Rx in the WODS.

I feel strong!!

Luckily we cooked dinner before and just had to heat it up. Now Crystal is making us celebratory Rx green smoothies and then I’m going to prep the roast for tomorrow!

I OWNED this day.

Oh and this muscle tee is one I got in Texas when I was there for my sister’s wedding.

And I can’t stop flexing! CANT STOP WONT STOP!