i think this face perfectly represents what's happening in practice now

Preference: Proposals


It’s during a sparring match, and you, for once, successfully pin him to the ground. You smirk as he stares up in awe. ‘Marry me’ he suddenly blurts out, and you can’t help but laugh. ‘Did I suddenly pass your test? I get to marry you because I was able to beat you?’ Quickly, Rowan switches your positions so now he is on top. ‘No, of course not, but it does help.’ He winks as you scowl up at him. ‘But really, I want you to marry me.’ ‘Okay, but only if you beat me in the first thirty seconds of the next round.’ He grins at the challenge and stands, offering a hand to help you up. Of course, incredibly easily, Rowan once again pins your to the ground and smirks. ‘Well, guess you’re gonna have to marry me now.’ You grin, ‘A deal’s a deal, I suppose.’ 


Always the hopeless romantic, Rhysand proposes to you with rose petals. He makes a trail of them from the front door to your bedroom, where ‘Marry me’ is written out on the floor in front of your bed in even more petals. You gasp, tingles spreading down your spine as he comes up behind you, his arms circling your waist and pressing the ring into your palm. “Will you, darling?” He murmurs into your ear, sending even more shivers through your very bones. You turn around in his arms, pretending to think about it as you slip the ring onto your finger. After playful deliberation, you sigh, ‘I suppose,’ you finally answer, his arms tightening around you. His head tilts forwards and you smile against his lips. ‘You wicked thing.’ He accuses, then scoops you up and carries you to the bed, which is also covered in rose petals. 


Walking along a beach, a perfect date with Dorian is coming to a close. Suddenly, he gets down on one knee and you gasp, covering your mouth with one hand as he takes the other in his own, looking up at you with his big, sapphire eyes full of hope. Out of his pocket, Dorian pulls a small red and gold box, presenting it to you and showing a beautiful piece of jewelry inside. ‘I don’t want to rule without you. Please, marry me. Bare my children. Be my queen.’ When you scream yes, he slips the ring on your finger and stands, picking you up around the waist and twirling you around. 

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Voice in the Suit of Wands

Soulmate AU where you don’t know who your soulmate is until you hear them speak.


Rated T for language.


“Ugh…”   Lucy groaned into her folded arms while Mirajane and Cana, who had fast become her friends in the wake of the past few months, respectively patted her head and stared at her exasperatedly. 

“Lucy, this is your fourth time this month that you’ve been here…  You know you can’t push these kinds of things.”  Mira told her gently and Lucy felt her throat clench.  

“You need to get a grip, girl.  We can only do so much.”  Cana sighed and Lucy eyed her scornfully from behind her hair that had fallen over her face.  Cana’s gaze softened a bit and she continued.  “Besides, Mira is right, you really can’t rush this process.  We can only help a little, this is a natural thing.”

“I know, but…”  Lucy groaned again and sighed in defeat.  There she was, in all her hopeless romantic glory, at the ‘Soul’s Destiny’ soulmate locater.  How lame is that?

Soulmates were of prevalence in the world that Lucy lived in.  Lucy spent most of her adult life watching her friends find their soulmates while she was left cheering them lamely on and biting her tongue to keep herself from cursing the ground that her soulmate stood on.  She was twenty three and already decided that she was, in fact, going to die alone.

The only way to know if you have found your soulmate was to hear them speak; it was a different reaction for each pair, so Lucy didn’t entirely know what to expect.  She talked to a lot of people because of this, she was a natural chatter box in the right setting, but still she sat there, alone, in the agency once more. 

She knew that Cana and Mira were just being polite, but she pestered them an awful lot.  The three had become close friends, it was actually one of Lucy’s other friends, Erza, who had introduced her to the duo that ran the agency. Since she had an in, Lucy took full advantage of it and ended up really clicking with the two older girls.

“Trust me on this one, you’ve just got to give it some time.  If you keep thinking about it, it’s going to consume your brain, and that’s not healthy.”  Mira fretted and Lucy lifted her head up to meet their gaze.

“I know, I know, but it’s so hard seeing everyone so happy.  I mean, you have Laxus!  And Cana has Bacchus no matter the fact that their relationship is fueled by alcohol.”

“Hey!  It’s fueled by the love of alcohol.”  Cana intervened and Mira gave her a patronizing glance.  “And the love we have for each other.”

“Either way, I think that it’s just not going to happen.”  Lucy threw her hands up, “Whoever my soulmate is can choke on it.”  Lucy glared at the mahogany desk the two girls were sitting behind.

“You don’t mean that…”  Mira soothed her and Lucy felt like throwing herself on the ground and having an adult fit.

“You’re only twenty three, Lucy, chill.”  Cana pointed out and Lucy felt panic rise in her chest.

Only?!  That’s practically thirty and then I’ll be expected to have kids!  But if I don’t have my soulmate by then, I won’t be able to have kids unless I adopt or have artificial insemination!  And if I don’t do any of that, I’m bound to die an old hag!  I am screwed.”

“Geez, are all writers this dramatic?”  Cana scoffed and Mira looked as though she were biting back a laugh of her own.

“Lucy, Lucy, calm down.  You are not going to die an old hag, you’re way too pretty to be a hag anyways, but that’s not the point.”  Mira patted Lucy’s hands and Lucy tried to steady her breathing.  “Why doesn’t Cana read your cards once more?”

“Aw hell…”  Cana groaned and Lucy started to feel terrible.

“N-no, it’s fine.  I’m just going to go home now.”  Lucy sighed and smiled at the girls.  “You two are great, thanks.”

“Wait!  Let me do one more reading…”  Cana shrugged and pulled out her tarot cards.  There was some magic behind what Mira and Cana did to help people find their soulmates.  Cana had a natural gift for tarot card readings, but she strictly stuck with being a matchmaker.  She didn’t do readings outside of that, like telling people the goods and the bads about their lives.  She didn’t want people to blame her for anything terrible that happened to them, and she also didn’t like seeing something terrible in the cards for someone.  Mira used a special lacrima orb that helped her catch glimpses of what people’s soulmates may look like.  Sometimes it was the color of their eyes or hair, what gender they were, and even what they smelled like, but it was never what their voices sounded like.

“Huh, that’s weird.”  Cana muttered as she flipped over her cards.  It startled Lucy’s thoughts and she quickly flicked her gaze over to the brunette.

“What is it?”  Lucy asked eagerly and Cana frowned down at her cards.

“Well,”  She began, fixing the cards so they were perfectly lined up with one another, “You’ve conjured the ‘Suit of Wands’.”  

“And that means..?”

“It represents the element of fire.  The Suit of Wands tarot is associated with primal energy, much like fire, spirituality, inspiration, that’s good for your writing, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, and expansion.  The wands can represent the times in your life when things just seem to fit together perfectly, almost uncannily.”  Cana stared down at her cards in wonder, she always looked so full of mystery when she did a reading.  “I think this is an extremely fantastic reading, Lucy.  It’s hard to get the full Suit of Wands to come up in a reading.  I think this is very good.”  

“R-really?”  Lucy’s heart fluttered and Cana broke into a broad smile, nodding. “That’s great!”

“That sounds wonderful, Lucy!  Thank you Cana.”  Mira clasped her hands over her chest and then stood up, disappearing in their back room through the tapestry that hung in the doorway.  “I’d like to take a look in my orb one more time to see if anything ties with Cana’s reading.”  She called and Lucy smiled softly; this was why she came to the girls, they were an amazing team.

Mira hastily returned, biting her bottom lip, her brow creased.  “Well, I did get something.”  Mira started and Lucy found herself leaning in in anticipation.  “I get the feeling that there is a strong relation between your soulmate and one or two people that you know in your life…  But that’s all that I really was able to see.”  Lucy pondered the thought for a moment, she’d need more time to think that part of it over.

“That’s great, thank you both!”  Lucy hugged the girls tightly before setting out to leave.

“Don’t come back here anytime soon!”  Cana waved and Lucy giggled.

“I hope I won’t have to!”

“We’ll see you next weekend, right?”  Mira questioned and Lucy nodded not forgetting the plans that they had made with everyone.

“Of course!”

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Ray rewatches DAtri.Determination - pt8

I know I’m getting ahead of myself seeing as I’m not even done watching this. but…. 

Strike one.

Strike two! lol

First they approach the topic of egocentrism and explain how it can turn into a problem and hurt even those you care about. 

If this was just those girls Mimi could easy shrug it off and ignore them, but at this point this is the second time she’s called “selfish”. Mimi here is forced into a situation she has to acknowledge there may be some truth in what Koushirou told her, about acting on her own volition without asking. This is Koushiro of all people, someone who actually cares about her and sometimes seems even too much infatuated with her.

And then, we have this

I can’t with these ugly subs lol…

We have Jou telling Mimi being selfish is better than being a coward and this is such an important statement I swear.

This film in general is very straightforward, but at the risk of sounding stupid and captain obvious let me at the very least tell why the hell I love this so much.

To understand Japanese social behaviour it’s imperative that people living there understand two concepts: Honne vs Tatemae. Like, Honne means “true feelings”. Tatemae means to conceal these “true feelings”. And basically the secret to work and live a respectul life in Japan goes through learning these concepts and engrave them in our hearts. To a point usually when we think of Japanese society we picture this perfectly structured community where you’re supposed to sacrifice your individual desires for the sake of whatever group you belong to, being it school, team, or the company you work for.

And in this film Mimi here represents true feelings (Honne), while Jou represents the act of hidding feelings for the sake of society (Tatemae), or in other words, to do what society expects him to do: to stop being a child, study, and become a respectable member of society. We all have heard about the legendary hell that are exams in Japan, as dramatic as it sounds the results may end up affecting the rest of your whole life apparently.

As such, young people in particular are subject to crazy levels of pressure; the struggle between following their dreams and following reality is a recurring topic in most Japanese animations these days and I think it remains the secret to the success of the animated medium itself in Japan and overseas.

But remember nothing is perfectly black and white in tri. They don’t stick to saying “hey, see? Mimi acted selfish and bad stuff happened so now the digimon are in trouble” lol

Of course turning into a slave of society by doing whatever the hell they expect you to do is the same as asking to live a miserable life. And this is why we have Jou. Jou feels awful with himself, even though he’s trying to obey those rules and keeping them at heart.

He tells Mimi it’s better to be selfish than to be a coward. Because, as ugly of a statement as it is, sometimes cowardice is the only reason we people don’t stand up to our causes.

Basically they acknowledge the importance of Tatemae but they acknowledge being brave and bold is necessary too.

This isn’t saying Jou is the coward he thinks he is. We see Jou’s parents eager for him to do well in his exams. We all know Jou isn’t trying to become a doctor because they want him to. He’s doing so because he has long ago decided to. But maybe this is the very reason he finds himself telling Mimi, “the same questions return”. Because he can’t tell if he’s really doing what he wants or what people expect him to anymore. He’s confused.

In the end it really is all about living a ballanced life. It’s about not being so egocentric it turns you into a complete social outcast, incapable of putting others’ interests ahead of your own, but also manage not to completely betray your own feelings.

Being honest and living a social-acceptable life might feel like a paradox too complicated to solve, but one way or another I think the key to solve this issue is also present in the form of Mimi and Jou’s friends.

Mimi’s friends know she didn’t really mean anything bad to happen; Koushirou is the first to acknowledge her intentions were good before he requested her to look at the practical outcome. It caused them trouble, but of course they won’t abandon her because of that, even if the people of Odaiba do.

Jou also knows his friends would defend him and he would be left without knowing what to say. It’s the reason he can’t even bring himself to face them.

Like, the bottomline of this film is obvious but it’s nice to see it celebrated lol. To hell with what strangers think, maybe what you need to care about is your friends and make sure they don’t get hurt. They also present various degrees and ways of being selfish; circumstances where being selfish is certainly not the smartest decision, situations were being selfish makes absolutely no harm even if people do talk on your back. lol

Damn right!

cause your favorite color is me

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 2,006 
prompt: “day one: canon verse - something that takes place in the canon universe as we know it”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017
summary: because riley’s always loved the color purple, but she’s fairly certain the color green might be the most beautiful color she’s ever seen in her life. 
notes: here’s my day one fic!! i’m not really sure exactly what prompted this idea, but i’m pretty pleased with the overall outcome. it doesn’t necessarily take place within a certain time frame, it’s post ski lodge, set sometime within freshman year of high school. it’s fluffy, and hopefully brings you feelings. enjoy! 

For the first fourteen years of her life, Riley is absolutely, one hundred percent positive that her favorite color is purple. Ever since she was a little girl, it had always been the color she had felt the most love for. On Halloween, she wanted to wear the purple princess dress, not the pink one, on her birthday she asked that all her presents be wrapped in purple wrapping paper.

On top of all of that, almost every creation she’s crafted in art class is splashed completely in purple and her stuffed purple cat, Violet, is one of her most prized possessions. It’s very easy to tell that her favorite color is purple.

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5 reasons your martial art sucks.

Martial arts of any kind are really considered a niche kind of ‘sport’. So we can assume that… not everyone likes it. Here are some reasons why.

1. You don’t learn how to fight.

You don’t. Face it, whatever martial art you are practicing, when you let yourself in an MMA cage fight or a Kickboxing match: you’re most likely screwed. And I put it nicely there. You can’t fight, it doesn’t work.

Originally posted by vhs-ninja

(… even in martial arts movies we’re portrayed as losers)

2. There’s a huge imbalance when it comes to diversity.

Now this might be local of course, but mostly the amount of male participants is (way) higher than females’. In my own dojo I’m one of the two (!) adult women. The demography is mostly better with the children, but it’s rarely 50/50.

3. You don’t earn any respect.

You thought getting into martial arts would finally land you some real respect and people would start treating you like a human being that is, in fact, awesome? Think again.
If they have even HEARD of your martial art and you don’t have to spend ten minutes explaining it, then you still get smacked in the face with the fact that people think martial arts are only for nerds who need help sticking up for themselves.

You might think: “Oh but you do Karate, that’s easy, everyone knows that.”
Not even close. I always have to explain that Karate isn’t Judo and explaining that my style of Karate has Jiu Jitsu in it makes the whole thing even more complicated..

Originally posted by yeah-think-funny

4. It leaves you bruised and beaten.

I remember having to run back and forth to the coffee corner at my work to get another batch of wet towels to cool my extremely bruised finger, 4 days before my black belt exam. A bit awkward to say the least, especially since your sweet co-workers will ask what’s up.

Also, I came into school one day with a black eye. Everyone in school thought I had gotten into a fight. I just went along with it because… well because I didn’t want to admit I actually failed to deflect one of the many Frisbee discs that were thrown at me by two black belts.

5. It’s a real commitment.

There are people who just come in once a week to do their thing and that’s it. That’s fine, but if you really want to get somewhere and earn that black belt you have to invest. I trained 4 to 5 times a week for before I earned my black belt. I saw my training partner more than my actual partner. Naturally that took a lot of understanding from my partner, not everyone can do that.

Well that sounds like a royal drag, why would I even start?

1. You learn something more than just fighting.
You might not be a cage fighter, but you do learn how to defend yourself. You learn the of the ways of budo. You strengthen your soul, your mind, your body, everything. A true budoka is mostly not just a good fighter, but also a good person.

Originally posted by alemdocabelo

2. Men everywhere
Okay so the girls aren’t as represented yet as the guys are. And yes there are an overwhelming amount of Caucasian males that run the show…
Welcome to the world. If you mind the lack of women in your dojo, invite them! Encourage them to try out, encourage others to bring women in! Make sure that diversity is happening, in every way possible.

Until my brown belt, I never even met a female sensei.
I never had a female sensei teach me. Now, I AM ONE. 

Lead, by example.

3. You don’t earn any respect?
Well, I might’ve lied a little. Look in your school years, you don’t get any respect (sorry). They’ll just sneer at you and ask you to ‘give ‘em a little show’. What I hope is that you have earned your own respect and are able to say no to those losers who make your life miserable.

In the corporate world however, it is respected if you are (still) doing something you love as a hobby and actually acclaimed some sort of title in it (like a black belt or a teacher’s license). Also, martial arts mostly mean that people are calm, collected, good listeners and disciplined people. All good traits if you ask me!

Originally posted by modern-yin

4. You’ll get beat up.
Only a little at times…? Look, if you didn’t like it a little at the very least, you probably quit already. But you know what? I’m just going to put it out there: getting a punch or a kick will toughen you up. Now I’m not saying beating children is okay (never). But getting hit the first time is huge shock and you’ll cry, the second time you’ll have a scare and a sniffle, the third time you might already be able to suck it up and continue. Not because you’ve been yelled at to do so, but because you are training yourself mentally.

That commitment
One of my sensei-in-life (a.k.a. mother’s) sayings is: there is always a choice. You might not feel like it, but there is always a choice.
And she is right. If you cannot fit that extensive training program in your busy life, then don’t. If you are mentally not ready to commit even though someone might ask it, you can perhaps try it, but if it really doesn’t go that well, then don’t.

The reason you are doing this is because it is FUN.

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You are committing your whole life to trying imitate what some (mostly) Japanese deceased men invented. 

By the way: you’ll never get it perfectly right, ever.

But you know what?

It brings you: joy, friends, a healthier body, a peaceful mind, a longer lifespan, inner strength, laughter, perseverance, discipline, this ‘amazing’ blog, a feel of home in the dojo, some great stories to tell and most of all: FUN. That’s all I need.

Congratulations || Soulmate!Seungcheol [III]

Originally posted by seungcheofine

GENRE: fluff, extreme fluff, prepare your hearts for ultimate cheese, soulmate!au, non-famous, hubby!scoups?

WORDS: 4490


BLURB: A boy, a girl, and the moments between them.

“What if she doesn’t like me?”

“What? Why would you think that? She’s gonna love you!” You tugged his hand, pulling him towards the front door.

He dug his feet deeper into the ground. “Or… She could hate me and we would never live happily ever after because she wouldn’t let me marry you and we’ll be like Romeo and Juliet, in love but apart and then we’ll die–”

You placed a long, deep kiss on his lips and he shut up immediately.

“Seungcheol, you’re a charming, handsome, kind-hearted man and everything a mother could ask for in her future son-in-law. She’s going to love you, okay?”

His eyes dropped to his feet, playing with your fingers nervously. “You really think so?”

“I know so.” Then you gave him another peck and pulled him through the front door. “Mom, I’m home!”

There wasn’t a sound for a while.

“Mom?” you called again.

“Looks like nobody’s home, I’ll come back when she’s here, I’ll just leave your bag over here then–” You pulled him back and gestured for him to keep quiet.

The car was in the driveway; she was definitely home.

“Mom? Is everything okay?”

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Right, so I know I haven’t posted anything on my over-sized WIP since April, but here I am starting another fic that I have absolutely no business getting into. At least this one should be shorter than the other (famous last words). Sorry.

Title: Mis-Matched
Rating: M (this is subject to change at the whim of the author’s muses)
Characters: Loki, Sigyn, Frigga, Theoric, and various supporting OCs
Description: This is an attempt to fill the propmt requested by @someillplanetreigns (and now I can’t even tag you!): “you asked for prompts and pairings - I would like to humbly beg for more Logyn? I don’t have a great prompt, but this odd thought is in my head about a way to make the comic plot about Theoric and the marriage into something about marriage by proxy? Maybe something like Loki has the duty of proxy-marrying Sigyn cos Theoric’s in the army, and totally plays everyone by going the whole hog and appearing as Theoric, but then Sigyn, who thought Theoric was dull as ditchwater and Loki is… well, y’know, Loki.”
I’m not sure this is precisely what you wanted, so I apologize in advance for my wayward muses – Loki does what he wants.
Chapter: 1 of 2?
Acknowledgements: thank you @icybluepenguin for serving as one of my favorite institgaors and sounding boards – you rock!


Mis-Matched, Part 1

Herr Braggison loomed over Sigyn as she slunk down lower into the chair, nose buried deep in her book, brown hands clutching the pages tighter as he moved closer.

“Sigyn — I just received a letter from the All-mother.”


“Apparently, the fighting at the front has become entrenched.”




“Put the book down and look at me when I speak to you.”

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Tendou – Safe Haven

So, B over at @guessmonsta had a rough day and in efforts to draw up her spirits I present a slightly melancholy but overall silly piece featuring her fave boy: Tendou Satori. Hope you feel better B!

“Tendou, you’re Princess Peach, get your ass over here!” shouts Semi.

“Oh you are so going down, pretty boy,” Tendou exclaims hopping over the back of the second, or possibly third, hand couch in his dorm. He lands heavily next to Semi, his former teammate sending him a glare.

“Says the one currently playing a character sporting pink,” retorts the blonde.

“Tch, for your information, pink happens to be my favorite color! Plus, Peach is a badass! Make no mistake, she will fuck you up on the track,” Tendou quips, selecting the motorcycle as his choice for race vehicle.

Semi, Reon and Goshi all make their own selections, they being Mario, Bowser and Toad respectively.

“Heh, did you choose Toad to match the aesthetic of your hair cut?” Tendou asks.

“Screw you fire head, let’s just get to racing so I can wipe the track with your ass,” Goshiki shoots back.

Tendou laughs as the timer counts down to zero, each of their representative characters jumping off the starting line with the press of the green button. The race is fierce and filled with flying shells, mushroom speed bursts and loud curses from all participants.

“So where’s Toshi?” Tendou asks through a hiss as Peach barely dodges an oil slick.

“Couldn’t make it, practice,” Reon answers shortly, thumbs moving with practiced ease sending Bowser into a perfect drift.

“Shit, can’t that guy ever get a break?”

“You know him Tendou, it’s all volleyball, all the time. Especially after last year,” Semi comments, cursing a second later when he gets hit with yet another red shell from Toad. “How the fuck are you getting so many of those?!”

“They’re pity shells cause he’s in last place,” Tendou smirks.

“Oh yeah? Pity this!” Goshiki yells, launching a blue shell which takes out both Peach and by proximity Bowser, leaving just Mario as the last obstacle to his glory. There’s no way the others can catch up now and with one last screech around a bend, Toad emerges victorious with a perfectly timed mushroom boost.

“Damn it!” Semi shouts, throwing down the controller.

“Hey! Careful with those, I got this second hand you know,” Tendou complains taking a sip of soda.

A knock at the door draws all their attention, Tendou standing to open it since they’re in his dorm. “Probably the pizza guy,” he calls over his shoulder, unnecessary considering they’re in a single room together. When he opens it, it’s to find a rather cute, but annoyed looking girl standing in the hall. “Definitely not the pizza guy,” he comments lowly.

“What? You know what, never mind, I don’t care,” she snips. Fixing fierce eyes on him she goes on, “Do you think it possible for you to keep it down? There are some in this hall trying to actually get work done around here.”

Tendou leans against the threshold, crossing his arms. Smiling he replies, “Working is for classrooms and libraries, where else are we supposed to unwind?”

“The bar? A club? Hell, go back to your parents’ basement for all I care, just keep the noise down!”

Tendou’s smile widens; he likes her snark. “One, we’re under age still so no bars. Two, do we,” he points behind him to the guys now watching the proceedings, “look like the clubbing type to you? I think not. And three, as long as we’re throwing around stereotypes here, why don’t you take your self-centered, eldest child, type A personality and chill the fuck out? We just got out of high school, time to live a little before we hook on the ball and chains of responsible society, don’t you think?’

As he’s been talking, her cheeks have been growing steadily redder and redder with each point he nails on the head. Tendou likes a good battle of wits and insults and this little lady had no idea whose door she was pounding on when she attempted to exert a guilt trip.  Her mouth opens to retort, only for the pizza guy to finally arrive.

“Order for Tendou Satori?” he asks looking between them.

“That’s me! Oi, you lot of losers! Gimme your penance,” he says, hand out to receive money from Semi and Reon after which he draws the remaining balance from his own wallet. Handing the guy the money, along with a small tip because he’s not a complete asshole, Tendou passes the two pizzas to Semi who takes them to his desk. Looking back at the girl still fuming outside his door he grins.

“I’d offer for you to join us but since you’re a no-nonsense type, I’m sure it will be a waste of breath. Have a good night.” He’s about to shut the door when her hand slams against it startling him. “You’re a dick,” she glowers. There’s a pause and he can’t wait to see what comes next. Taking a deep breath, she looks up into his eyes. “But you’re also right.” Tendou’s so stunned he almost falls over. With less hostility and a slightly shakier tone she goes on, “I…I’d really like that…if you’re serious.”

He blinks, unsure what exactly just happened but steps to the side, silently offering her entrance. A moment later, he’s introduced all of them, including himself properly, before they settle to consume their meal of cheese, carbs and grease.

“Being an adult, or at least transitioning into one, sucks,” she comments around a bite of pizza.

“Amen to that,” Reon replies toasting his slice with hers.

“So, what’re you studying?” Semi asks politely.

“Chemistry, it’s a bitch.”

“Shit, you must be a genius or something. I’m barely making it through my general ED, still tryin’ figure out what I wanna do,” Goshiki remarks.

“Hey! No gloom and doom talk here, guys! This is our time to shut out the rest of the world and just have fun! To forget our problems and worries,” Tendou proclaims. Deftly he slides the controller into their new companion’s hands, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

“You gotta earn your keep sweetheart, that pizza doesn’t pay for itself you know.”

Leaning forward, she bops his nose. “Bring it on, pretty boy.”

Semi laughs uproariously at the look on Tendou’s face as his cheeks heat up but the red head recovers quickly, sliding next to her with a controller of his own. The race is intense, but she emerges victorious, whooping and hollering about her win.

“Hey, you might wanna keep it down, I hear there’s a warden about these halls,” Tendou teases.

“Then we’ll just tell them to go fuck themselves. It’s our time to be young and alive, right?”

He grins, shoving his shoulder into hers. “You got it, warden.”

“Shut up and race, pretty boy.”

And for the rest of the night into the wee hours of the morning, Tendou, Semi, Reon and Goshiki provide what she never knew she needed. A safe haven away from the responsibilities and expectations piled on her till she can’t breathe. They let her laugh and curse and belch without judgement. They tease and mock her, treating her quickly like one of their own.

But most of all, they allow her to just be a “kid”.

I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Chapter One) {Trixya} - Palace

A/N: Hi! So here is my new series, I’ve been working on this since November and its fair to say writers block got the better of me, but this idea has been burning in my head for a while now so I wanted to persevere with it.

Just a heads up before this starts, the uploads for this are most likely going to be extremely slow as I have lots of uni work coming up and I’m about to start an eleven week teaching placement, however, having said that every chapter should be a decent length. So you may have to wait for the next chapter, but, it’ll be a decent fill when you get it :)

This fic will follow cis girl Katya and Trixie through their years at college, following their developing relationship and the struggles they will endure together.

——- This represents a change in POV, it’ll switch between Trixie and Katya quite frequently but I’ll make it obvious who we’re focusing on each time it does.

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Little Miss Jellybean - Phone Calls - Part 5

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Jellybean Jones / Implied Jughead Jones x Reader  

Description: Jughead’s only form of communication with his sister is through phone calls.  

Warnings: None I can think of.   

Word Count: 1500

A/N: I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted, long story short I had to spend a few days in the hospital, and that’s not really the most stimulating place. Thank you my twin @southsidejuggie for the inspiration. I planned on having their lyrics included in the fic, turns out I’m not a song writer, so it didn’t work. The Partner Revealed Part 6 is still a work in progress, I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible.

Jughead is vaguely staring outside Archie’s window into Y/N’s room, wondering if she’s home and whether he should climb her balcony again. Just as he’s about to text her to announce he’s coming, he gets a call from his sister.

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Seventeen: No Matter What

Anonymous asked: hello! can you please write a scenario where you are a trainee at pledis and as a test to see how much you have progressed, you have a solo performance as sort of an “opening” for svt on your bday but because you are so focused and stressed over your performance to impress pledis, you forget it’s your bday but seventeen doesn’t and as a happy bday surprise to you and for your hard work, they dedicate your favourite song to you and invite you back on stage to properly wish you happy bday. thanks!

Summary: There is no one who loves you more than Seventeen does.

-Admin Syrup (I changed it a bit, hope you like it nonetheless! Sorry for the suuuuuuper long wait!)

You replayed the song for what seemed like the fiftieth time for the day, limbs and mind numbed from the ceaseless practicing you had done since the morning. The squeak of your sneakers against the floor, your breath coming out in sharp huffs, and the pounding beat of the music was all that registered in your mind as you observed your form in the practice room mirror. Each movement had to be perfect before you could rest, even though your muscles were screaming at you to stop. You were so focused on the mirror that you hardly noticed someone had entered; you were only dragged back to reality when the music suddenly stopped and it felt like you were doused with cold water.

“How long have you been here?” You didn’t even have to look to confirm that the owner of the deep, rumbling voice was Jeon Wonwoo.

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let’s talk tendou satori

so, it is my lovely son’s birthday today (May 20th), and I wanted to take the opportunity, with season 3 approaching, to talk about why i seriously fucking love tendou, and why everyone else should too. so here we go, my top ten reasons, in no particular order, as to why i am in love with tendou satori.

spoilers for the manga under the cut, and many, many manga screencaps. i have over 100 of tendou. what can i say, i’m obsessed with this lovable redhead.

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Pairings in Keyakizaka46

Pairings. Or also called, OTP ( One True pairing). The definition goes by: “your favorite relationship in a fandom”, or “the relationship that match the best”. AKB48 already proved the existence of pairing like Atsumina, Wmatsui, or Sayamilky. Keyakizaka46 is no exception.

Why is it so particular? why does pairing influence fandom culture so much? I have already defined Idols in 3 relationship. Idol x herself, idol x fans, and idol x idol. Pairings is one aspect of the third relationship. Fans are keen to watch members interaction because it is different from what they can possibly have with the idol herself. The friendship, bond between members shows aspect of your oshimen that you would never imagine. This is the magic of the OTP. 

Before we get started, i want to point out that those pairings are just my opinion and are by no means a judgement on who is closest to who. Being close is a huge factor, but i also works on the pair chemistry.

“Za cool is the name of the tandem Shida manaka/Watanabe Risa”

I’ve been lurking Japanese fandom for quite some time and the most well known pairing is undoubtly “Za cool” or also called “MonaLisa”. It make sense because Keyakizaka has been built on a cool image and both of them have natural assets like great, lean figure and slim silouhette. It’s not really about the interaction between the two ( correct me if i’m wrong) but for what they represents in Keyakizaka; they are the symbol of classy, good looking girls that japanese teenager aspire to be.

It’s about the looks, but also the manner. In individual PV, both of them traded the usual cute and appealing idol video to make more personal, in depth short movies to assert their cool personalities ( One is doing martial arts, the other is making a fashion show in her living room). When you think of it, there is cool members in the 48group but none of them stand out better than a whole pairing. I would not be surprised to see both of them in fashion magazine, like true cousins of their senpai of Nogizaka46.

Something to notice, Nogizaka and more recently Keyakizaka have a sizeable amount of female fans. Cool members that convey self confidence are very popular among them. And when Za cool cultivate a “strong, reliable” character ( close to danso) you can be sure members and fans match perfectly.

“Yuichanzu has already 2 B-sides up their sleeves, and fans are asking for more.”

Born from management’s wish to operate Kobayashi and Imaizumi Yui musical talents, the duo Yuichanzu has evolved into a distinctive musical aspect of Keyakizaka, the pop-folk tune of the group. No management have put as much faith in a musical sub-unit in the past, and it tells how important the duo has become for Keyaki.

Yuichanzu is even more of a deadly weapon when you take into account the global consensus of musical landslide AKB group releases have become. Not only Keyakizaka stand out with their powerful main track (hello Silent Majority), but they take the luxury to open their musical range by releasing ballad like the musically acknowledged “bob dylan wa kaesanai”. In a world dominated by visual and Auto-tune, Yuichanzu stand as a new refreshing effort to set back music as the main concern of a group. Even for idols.

This tandem success also come from an efficient blend between them. Yuipon is kind/quiet type, almost shy, while Zuumin has this cheerful, almost bewildering personality. Together, they sing in harmony, making way to one of their best performance .

The perspective to bring Keyakizaka this so much awaited musical variety is what makes Yuichanzu so valuable. Not only it defends the idea that idols are also artist ( and not ONLY marketed musical product) but it hugely helps other girls than the center develop their personalities. “Idols you can see grow” has never been more true than the present day.

“The Sun and the moon. What do they have in common? They both shine.” 

TechiNeru relationship has been slightly elaborated here. But it still has to be mentioned. This is my own belief that Neru is Yurina’s rival; from the opposition of their styles, from their close level of skill. From their respective stories and role in the group. What made Batman so popular as a Hero? Because he had lot of powers? In that case green lantern would win hands up. Then No. The real answer is that he had charismatic enemies and rivals, like Joker. In the same logic, This duo will climb to new heights thanks to their rivalry. This is passion.

Something that i have omited to talk about, is the bond between them. Neru has chosen to defy her parents when becoming an idol, defying at the same time the path she chose over the path chosen for her. Yurina became an idol to forget about an alleged painful past. To pour all her energy into a “new her” was a way to not look behind ever again. It comes from her famous quote “Whatever happened in the past, i have no choice but to only look forward.” Despite their clear contrast as orthodox and unorthodox idols, they share the same resolve : To face the future with a challenging heart. 

Then probably, Nagaham Neru is the member that understand Yurina the most. Only a center can understand a center, as you bear the overwhelming pressure of fans and management expectation in your shoulders. Both have solo songs, both lead a generation. One can suffer from the eternal comparison between the two ( Watanabe Miyuki mention her painful experience as being Yamamoto Sayaka eternal number 2) and this is why the link between them is so strong. During Keyakizaka one man’s live performance, Yurina was on the verge of tears, overwhelmed by the emotion of sharing this last performance with fans. You can catch a glimpse where Neru quickly hug Techi to cheer her up during the next verse.

“The OTP without name. What about the two pillars?”

The appearance of this duo has been quite recent, precisely during the sports festival in Keyakitte, Kakenai? episode. There was the blue team led by Sugai Yuuka who represented the “my pace” team, while the red team was led by Moriya Akane, the “gachi” (serious) team. This is probably the most accurate representation of this tandem. You have on one side the kind, caring member that makes you comfortable ( the mother), and on the other side the strong, reliable member that pumps you up ( the father). In any case, the “Yuukanen” duo is the pairing that all keyaki members look up to.

I chose the two pillars because the two have the potential to be captains. To ensure good communication between member, to represent the group in talk session ( especially Yuuka), to call people out when members are slacking off during practice ( Akanen), to set a good role model for members to follow. This is the necessary sternness that helps Keyakizaka keep their high level of performance.

Those two are the self-consciousness of Keyakizaka46, essential to make the group operate backstage. We’re not even talking about their  SUPER high level of aesthetic and own individual appeal ( Sugai sama and her noble persona, Akanen the big sister that hates to lose). Their awareness and sense of responsability framed the group into the right path. Keyakizaka was a rookie group without senpai, and the two of them assumed this role just naturally. The very definition of idols are people you admire and respect; Yuuka and Akanen absolutely fit those requirements.

“Boke&Tsukkomi is an absolute reference of Japanese comedy”

Now we’re entering non-established pairings, but that holds potential in the future. The limitless ponkotsu personality of Watanabe Rika and the variety talent of Oda Nana makes the pairing extremely potent. It’s true that Berika can make any situation laughable on her own, but Oda nana presence frame those funny moments, making them less awkward and more elaborated.

In japanese entertainment industry, the workforce mainly consist of actor/actress and singer, but also people you call “talento”, like Becky or Lola. They don’t have any particular skills, except that they are extremely good at talking. To give good rythms and atmosphere to a variety show, you invite those kind of celebrities. And it works! Only thanks to selling their image and smooth talking, the best of them are very popular and can endorse as much as 10 brand advertisement. This is important to understand japanese culture.

So yes, they don’t have the musical talent of Yuichanzu or the visual of Za cool, but Oda Nana and Watanabe Rika are the living ground of an excellent Boke&Tsukkomi pairing. The “boke” make stupid nag, while the “tsukkomi” correct him/punish him, make the situation hilarious. This concept is so popular that best comic duo like Downtown or 99 originated from this. Well, Watanabe Rika&Oda Nana holds this tremendous potential of talking and comedy. 

“If you marry weirdness and cuteness together, how will it blend?”

This is a personal wish of mine, to see more of those two. To pair those two is like making a step in the unknown. But since Keyakizaka taught me that everything is possible in the line up, i’m willing to hope. Nogizaka’s sister group is filled with great individuals which explain Ozeki and Uemura’s mixed visibility in the group ( they are often in the third row), but i’m convinced it is not because of their lack of personality.

In a group heavily cool oriented, to be extremely cute is an advantage. Uemura rina can benefit from it. But what she needs is to overcome her fear to stand out, and it is not an easy feat. But this weakness can be filled with Ozeki’s natural outgoing personality (someone who is not ashamed to turn herself into ridicule). Ozeki style. An underrated genius in comedy that probably would rise tenfold if given the proper tool to shine. It is understandable that comedy is not Keyakizaka top priority, but i’m eagerly waiting for her to take the group by storm.

Ozeki helps Rina to believe in herself, and Rina helps Ozeki in the visual department. And despite their opposite personalities, i have noticed a great relationship between the two; as they take 2 shot regularly together or holding arms during variety shows. If they helps each other’s out i’m sure they will find their rightful place within the group. Oh, and, i genuinely think BOTH are cute!


As you might have expected, Keyakizaka draw his strength from the richness of the girls color and personalities, going from visual and music aspect to comedy and presence. The young group also beats the odds by running backward current trends that promote individuality ( Sayanee, Sasshi, Jurina) in successfuly highlighting a group unity. ( thanks to their group choregraphy and huge line up). Indeed, to have 3 times Techi as center is also promoting individuality, but what makes the difference is that compared to 48group, Keyakizaka doesn’t suffer from shuffle and dilemma between old and new gen promotion (because the girls all start from the same point). It ends up with all those strong pairings mentioned above. 

Why is idol popular? Because idols helps sharing this positive energy to fans, or non fans alike. An energy that encourage you to step forward. This is a constructive energy. Also, from their genuine bond between them helps you recall to value your friendship with those that you loves and loves you in return. Those pairings remind you to be grateful for what you own. It helps you feel generous.

It is only depending on you to have your own OTP. Share this heartwarming feeling. Share the love.

We Bring the Boys Out! (Special Ch.8)

Mood board created by Jey @jeylovestoblog

➳ Pairing: Seokjin x OC (feat. in dream sequence - Seokjin x Sojung [GFriend])
➳ Genre: COLLEGE AU, ROOMMATE AU, Friendship, Comedy, Slight-Fluff, & Slight-Romance, (WARNING)
➳TRIGGER WARNING: Implied Cheating (it’s small but I still wanted to warn you.)
➳ Words: 2,822
➳ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Love and War
➳ POV: 3rd Person

Summary: While walking home one night, Kim stopped to enjoy the calming atmosphere that is the snowy season, Winter, however, as soon as she starts to walk again, she notices a familiar face hugging an unknown woman. Wait.. was Seokjin cheating on her?!

Season 1: We Bring the Boys Out!
Season 2: B.O.Y

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A Hug Will Suffice.

A/N: I have had such a shit day so therefore I made Dan have a shit day. Although Dan had Phil to cuddle up to and my boyfriend was working so I think Dan wins.

Summary: Dan has a bad day. Phil makes it better. Pure fluff, angst ridden Dan. 

Warnings: Tiny bit of swearing.

Word Count: 2273

Enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated. Sorry if this was rushed towards the end! It’s midnight okay?


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Mile Marker

Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Canon-divergent soul mate AU; alternatively, the Running With Scissors AU

Word Count: 1,439

[ one ]


It’s arbitrary, when it happens.

How it happens.

If it happens.


[ two ]

Pansy turns eighteen a month after the war ends and wakes up to a small red lightning bolt inked on the inside of her wrist—and red, red means romantic, and the lightning bolt, the lightning bolt means…

She laughs so hard that she rolls off her bed, the foamy white lace of her canopy curtains wrapped like butcher’s twine around her body as she tumbles, hiccups, collapses into a viciously tight ball in the center of her room and simply cries.


There, Potter’s there, someone grab him, she hears herself shriek, a distant, long-faded echo of a memory that now cuts much more than it stings. She’d tried to give her soul mate up to Voldemort. She’d tried to—

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Fanfiction - Daisies & Thistles (College AU)

All my fanfiction

Daisies & Thistles

“Do ye need help?” Jamie tentatively touched the closed door. “Why is it taking sae long?”

“No!” Claire’s irritated voice sounded from the inside of the bathroom. “Why don’t you try to pee on a stick to see how easy it is?”

He snorted, a timid smile dawning on his mouth, amidst all the nervous tension.

“It would probably be a lot easier.” He replied. “I can aim.”

“Alright.” She opened the door and sighed, folding her arms. “It’s done. Now we wait.”

“Come here.” Jamie asked, opening his arms. She obediently walked to meet him and her breath caught in her throat as soon as she felt his arms embracing her, strong and supportive. “I love ye, mo nighean donn. I’m here – no matter what happens.”

“I know.” She whispered against his collarbone. “Just a couple of minutes longer. So, what’s up with you and Tom Christie?”

“Ach.” Jamie rubbed her back, feeling her starting to relax. “We went to school together back in Scotland, in Broch Mordha. He isna a highlander – born and raised in Edinburgh, I believe – but went to live there when we were teens.”

“He seems to have some kind of feud with you.” Claire said slowly, tucking her hands on the waistband of his jeans. “What did you do to make him hate you so much?”

“Why do ye think it’s my fault?” Jamie raised a brow and asked, outraged. “Why canna be his doing?”

Claire’s body shook with supressed laughter. “I love you, James Fraser. But you are trouble.”

“Alright.” He sighed, pinching her buttock in retaliation. “Wee Tom wanted to be Head Boy – dreamt of leading the school and being looked up to. But the headmistress chose me to represent the school in such capacity and he was verra angry. It didn’t help that I was a much better rugby player than him, or that the lasses…erm…fancied me.”

“Tom wanted to be prom queen and you stole his crown.” Claire clicked her tongue. “Boys. And people say girls are vindictive.”

“There’s more.” Jamie said haltingly. “We got into a fight – and because there were witnesses who saw that I only defended myself, Tom ended being expelled from the school.”

“Ah.” Claire withdrew slightly to look into his eyes. “That’s quite ancient history though – he might have changed. Maybe we can hope for the best and meanwhile…you’ll be careful?”

“Aye.” He smiled and kissed her forehead. “I wouldna dare to tell ye what to do, Sassenach – I learn from my mistakes, believe it or not – but I’ll advise ye to stay away from the man. I’m concerned that he might hurt ye somehow, or come close to ye just to punish me in some way.”

She looked into his eyes and saw real fear there – and slowly exhaled and nodded.

“Alright.” She kissed his lips, slightly cold. “I think it’s time.” Claire gently let go of him and walked to the washbasin, where she had left the daunting item, looking like a weird thermometer. She quickly grabbed it without looking into it and closed her fist around it.

“Well, how does it work?” Jamie asked in a somewhat strangled voice. “How do ye know the result?”

“Two stripes means it’s positive.” Claire bit her full bottom lip, her hand nervously waving, the test still secluded between her fingers. “That I’m pregnant.”

“Do ye want me to see it?” He proposed softly. “Or we can do it together.”

“I think…” She brushed her stubborn curls, falling in a cascade around her shoulders, looking utterly lost. “Will you hold me while I look?”

“Always.” He smiled and came behind her, his strong arms folding around her waist. He was slightly bent to better fit her body – his jaw resting on her graceful shoulder. She went almost boneless, breathing deeply and surrendering to his calm centre – her head leaned back, searching for the hollow of his chest where it fitted perfectly. He kissed the top of her head, encouraging her – and slowly his fingers entwined with hers, offering her his strength, until she reluctantly opened them.

For a moment they only listened to the distant voices outside, students going out to grab some dinner, friends returning from long walks in the park, a couple trading harsh words bellow the dorm’s window – unintelligible, but quick and angry, like a hive of bees commanding an attack. The world was all around them, still happening in its own pace, heedless of the defining moment they were living.

Claire suddenly recalled with vividness a time of her life in Southern Europe – her uncle had been doing some excavations on Roman occupation in Lusitania – and the field of daisies that grew behind their accommodations. She used to go there at sundown – her young fingers plucking white petals from the divinatory flower, chanting “He loves me…He loves me not…”. Back then there wasn’t even a love interest – but she found it amusing and comforting that life could be settled so easily, by the willpower of a single flower. This was eerily similar – only this time the flower had been replaced by a white pharmacy test and she already knew she was loved.

“One stripe.” Jamie whispered in her ear. “That means ye’re are not pregnant. Aye?”

“Yes.” She answered in a low voice. “I’m not pregnant.” Claire didn’t know what she was feeling – there was relief there to be sure, but also a pain she hadn’t been expecting. She turned to face Jamie.

He was serene, his face a mask of stilled waters – but for the briefest of moments, when she had turned, she had seen it – the loss.

“Tell me what you’re thinking. Please?” She added in a murmur, her thumb tracing the curve of his high cheek, until it reached the edge of his long and straight nose. “Don’t hide from me.”

“I ken it wasna the right time, Claire – how hard it would be for the both of us.” Jamie smiled shyly. “But the idea of a child – yer child – grew on me today. So much so I began to think I was going to burst from it – from being so full and so complete.”

“Are you disappointed then?” She searched his eyes, blue and limpid, stormless like a merciful sea. “Do you wanted it to be real?”

“Part of me did.” Jamie admitted in a hoarse voice. “I was watching you in the field today – imagining yer belly round and swollen with our bairn – and I almost lost it. I wanted to take ye to my bed and make ye scream and cradle ye inside my hands afterwards. I craved to kiss ye, until yer lips were bruised and swollen from it, so everybody could see; and to tell ye all the poems I know by heart. It was so powerful, Claire. It made me afraid, because I wasna aware of that part of me.”

“I saw it too.” Claire whispered, her heart thundering inside her chest. “You and our child together – a family of my own. I was afraid, but then I was…hopeful.”

“You will be the mother of my children, Sassenach.” His hands travelled along her arms, until they reached her waist and her flat stomach. “I shall see ye so, when the time is right.”

“So…we wait?” Claire asked softly.

“We wait.” Jamie nodded, smiling as he watched her lips already parting to receive his kiss. “And maybe I can practice the part of making ye scream just now.”


“I have something for ye.” He said tenderly, kissing her temple. She nuzzled his shoulder and turned her face to look at him, glaring at her with love in his eyes.

They were sitting by the same fountain where they had talked the first night – the glorious day they assumed their feelings, discovering they were entirely reciprocated.

“Do you?” She asked, curious, in a hoarse voice. They had made love, urgently and passionately, on the floor of the bathroom, barely restraining enough to rid themselves of clothes. He had made her scream – repeatedly – and she had clawed his back with her nails, temporarily tattooing him with the echoes of her release. They were barely composed when Ian had entered the dorm, looking embarrassed and mortified – his blushing enhanced by Claire’s tousled hair and the bruises on Jamie’s neck. “What is it?”

“Give me yer hand.” He asked, reaching out with his own palm. She diligently complied.

He traced the lines on her palm with his fingertips, exquisitely soft as the brush of a painter, awakening the butterflies in her belly. He stopped when he reached her Venus Mount and, bending over his head, lightly bit her there with his teeth, making her gasp. She then felt something cold on her finger and saw that he had placed a silver ring there.

“It’s not much, mo ghraidh. But if my love for ye is endless, my words are not. I wish I could tell ye, again and again, that ye are my life – each time with a new word, made only for ye. Perhaps this ring can tell ye how I love ye, when I fail to do so.”

“Jamie…” She whispered. It was a thin band, with intricate thistle blooms carved at the centre of each link. It was her in a way that nothing else was – not the clothes she chose herself, not the books she read all her life, not the reflection she saw on the mirror. Jamie had looked into her soul – and understanding and cherishing the fact that something of them both now lived there – had turned their essence into something she could wear everyday. “It’s perfect.”

“Will ye wear it, Claire?” He asked, his voice hopeful and warm as a summer morning. She knew what he meant. The ring was not a proposal – not yet, anyway – but was a promise and a vow between them.

“Yes.” Claire kissed the ring, feeling the metal reassuringly cold and real against her lips. “As long as we both shall live.”

I Will Possess Your Heart / Part 1 (Sehun)

Originally posted by kairamelo

Word Count: 1283

Request: Vampire Sehun, he meets another vampire and is in love with her, but for some reason, he doesn’t want to be with her?

I don’t know if this is exactly like what you wanted but omg I have to stop doing this to myself cause I feel like this is gonna be a series too! At least one more chapter to wrap it up.


You never admitted anything you didn’t want to. And you certainly weren’t going to start now.

In your five hundred years of living you had never felt so shafted by your own feelings.

And you were very certain that neither had Sehun.

There was never a case of two vampires from ruling families being together. Ever. Maybe because you all had your own territories and stayed in them, or maybe it was because every relationship had a leader and there wasn’t room for two.

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“My Lucy”: Rutherford B. Hayes Loses His Love

Rutherford Birchard Hayes and Lucy Webb Hayes are not amongst the most well-known of our First Families, but their solid, successful family and deep love for one another is fortunately chronicled in the candid, personal diaries that the 19th President kept for most of his life.

When President Hayes is remembered, it’s usually because of the disputed 1876 Presidential election between him and New York Governor Samuel J. Tilden. Hayes lost the popular vote and there was widespread voting irregularities on both sides which resulted in the electoral votes being held up in three states – South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida. At the time of the dispute, Tilden, a Democrat, was ahead in the Electoral College, 184-166, just one vote away from clinching the Presidency. The three states where the electoral votes were disputed were all controlled by Republicans and while Hayes led in South Carolina, Tilden was leading on ballots in Louisiana and Florida before a significant number of Democratic votes were declared invalid. The dispute continued for months. Eventually, Congress created a 15-man Electoral Commission to decide the election and the Commission did so along party lines, 8-7, on behalf of the Republican Hayes just days before Inauguration Day. Just a dozen years removed from the end of the Civil War, Southern Democrats again talked of rebellion due to the election of Hayes but Tilden refused to challenge the decision and, placating his opponents with the Compromise of 1877, Hayes removed federal troops from the South and ended Reconstruction. Unfortunately, the quick end of Reconstruction and the Compromise of 1877 left newly-freed African-Americans in the South in a position little better than slavery, with few improvements until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

When Lucy Webb Hayes is remembered, it’s usually as “Lemonade Lucy” due to the fact that, as First Lady, the strict Methodist banned alcoholic beverages from White House functions. However, the White House was not a boring, gloomy place during the Hayes Administration. The President, First Lady, and their five surviving children were a loving family and Lucy frequently held popular social events at the Executive Mansion, including creating the tradition of the White House Easter Egg Roll. Their home was frequently open to members of Congress, Cabinet officials and their families, and diplomats, particularly for Sunday evening hymn groups. Despite the lack of alcohol, for years Washington society excitedly recalled the 25th wedding anniversary celebration of the President and Mrs. Hayes at the White House where the 46-year-old First Lady, mother of eight children (five of whom survived to adulthood), donned the same wedding dress she had worn a quarter-century earlier and the First Couple renewed their wedding vows.

Although Rutherford and Lucy first met in 1847 in Hayes’s hometown of Delaware, Ohio, they began dating in Cincinnati where Lucy was attending college (she was the first college graduate to become First Lady) and Rutherford was practicing law. In his diary at the time, Rutherford wrote, “By George, I am in love with her!”, and later noted that when he first expressed to her that he loved her, “She did not comprehend it – really, no sham. I knew it was as I wished, but I waited, perhaps repreated…until she said, ‘I must confess I like you very well’ – a queer, soft, lovely tone, it stole to the very heart, and I, without loosing her hand, took a seat by her side – and the plight was fated for life.” It was an hour later before Lucy finally told him, “I don’t know but I am dreaming. I thought I was too light and trifling for you.” The couple were married in Cincinnati on December 30, 1852, and were extraordinarily close throughout their marriage. Shortly after their wedding, Rutherford wrote, “A better wife I never hoped to have. This is indeed the life…Blessings on his head who first invented marriage.”

Their close relationship continued as they began having children. Hayes practiced law and had an eye on politics. When the Civil War broke out, he served with honor, saw heavy fighting, was wounded on several occasions, and was Major General of volunteers when he resigned shortly after the end of the war. Hayes had been nominated for Congress while in the field but refused to campaign while still in uniform. He won anyway and served until being elected Governor of Ohio, a position he held for two terms (1868-1872), refused to break precedent and seek a third consecutive term, and then was elected again four years later – the office he held when he became President in 1877.

When Hayes had been nominated by the Republicans in 1876, his acceptance of the nomination included a declaration that he would not seek a second term if elected. When the 1880 election rolled around, President Hayes had no interest in breaking that promise and looked forward to retirement, handing the Presidency over to a fellow Ohio Republican, James Garfield, on March 4, 1881. Rutherford and Lucy retired to their beloved estate, Spiegel Grove, in Fremont, Ohio, and the former President was a progressive voice in retirement when it came to access to education and prison reform, although he opposed the women’s suffrage movement. Although he survived until 1893, however, the former President’s heart broke in 1889 when Lucy left him.

As he had done for most of his adult life, Hayes kept a personal diary through the days of heartbreak as Lucy suffered a stroke and slipped away. Nobody can tell that story better than Rutherford Birchard Hayes:

“June 22 [1889]. Saturday. Returned, from attending committee and board meeting of Ohio State University at Columbus, with Laura yesterday afternoon, reaching home about 5:30 P.M. Rutherford [Hayes’s son] met us. He looked as if something awful was on his mind. We got into the carriage when he said: 'I have very bad news for you,” and with sobs he told us that Lucy had an attack of paralysis about 4 o'clock P.M. – fifteen minutes before four was the exact time. She was sitting in our room, first floor, in the bay, with Ella sewing. Ella noticed that Lucy had difficulty with her fingers trying to thread a needle; went over to her. Lucy could not speak. She was sitting in the large low chair that stands near the southeast window. She did not fall out of it at all, but sank back in it, and seemed to realize what had happened to her; was depressed and in tears. Fanny and Mrs. Haynes and Miss Lucy Keeler were playing tennis just outside of the room; were called in. Sophie Fletcher, the cook, came also. Lucy Keeler drove rapidly for Dr. Rice and he was soon present. He spoke with encouragement and confidence to Lucy. She was perfectly conscious but not able to speak. She was still in the chair. Had had her placed in the bed. When Laura and I reached her bedside, she seemed to know us. In her old manner she pressed my hand and tried to smile, or smiled! The report of the attack published in the newspapers this morning has brought many dispatches from friends and acquaintances in all parts of the country – from Comrade John Eaton, Boston, to Tom Ballinger, Galveston. Sympathy and inquiry.

June 23. Sunday. Lucy is apparently more difficult to arose. Her face and eyes looked natural, almost with their old beauty, when Dr. Rice tried to awaken her so she could swallow her medicine. I think she failed to swallow it. But she had life in her eyes and face. Now I fear, alas! I have seen her eyes for the last time. Those glorious eyes! are they gone – forever? She still grasps my hand, I think intelligently and with the old affection. This at 7 A.M.

[At] 7:20 A.M., Lucy opened her eyes and with a conscious grasp, as she looked in mine affectionately, responded to my inquiry, “Do you hear me, darling?” But her eyelids do not open as they did last night!…

[At] 8 A.M. Dr. Hilbish calls. He thinks the indications rather less favorable than yesterday… She is weaker and more disposed to sleep. She now looks natural and rests quietly.

June 24. Monday, 4:40 A.M. The end is now inevitable. I can’t realize it, but I think of her as gone. Dear, darling Lucy! When I saw and hear her last in full life, she was gathering flowers for me to carry to Mary, last Monday. When she found I would be too late for my train to Toledo if I waited longer, with her cheerful voice she said: “Oh, well, it makes no difference. I can send them (or I will send them) by express at noon.” This she did, and Mary got them. I was barely in time for the train – not a moment to lose. A characteristic act. It was like her. For me the last – oh, the last!

At 4 P.M., Now, more than three days since the attack, finds her much in the same condition she has been since the first day. We wait. Letters and dispatches come from all quarters – full of words that sustain and encourage.

June 24-25, 1889. It is past midnight, almost one o'clock. We do not expect Lucy to see the light of another day. All of our children, Birchard, Webb, Rutherford, Fanny, and Scott, are waiting for the inevitable close. With us are our dear young friends – our darling daughter, Mary, wife of Birchard [and] our cousin and much loved adopted niece has come from Mississippi to be with us, Adda Cook Huntington. Lucy Elliot Keeler, so near and dear to both of us, and, more fortunate than could be hoped, the eldest child – the representative of my never to be forgotten sister Fanny – Laura Platt Mitchell, so beloved by both Lucy and myself that no sacred circle could be complete in my home without her; and with [us, also] the favorite aunt of our dear Mary, Mrs. Miller, a precious addition to our company of relatives and friends. The doctors too, Dr. John B. Rice and Dr. Hilbish, so attentive and thoughtful and devoted, and uniting with these lovable traits such skill and knowledge and judgment in their high profession that we have the best assurance that all will be done and has been done that man can do to save the dear one, and to smooth her way into the unknown if that is to be; and with them the good nurses, Mrs. Dilenschneider and Miss Woolsey, whose sterling excellence has in these few anxious days made them esteemed friends for life.

And Lucy herself is so sweet and lovely, as she lies unconsciously breathing away her precious life, that I feel a strange gratitude and happiness as I meditate on all the circumstances of this solemn transition we are waiting for. Would I change it? Oh, yes, how gladly would we all welcome the least indication of the restoration of the darling head of the home circle. But we cannot, we must not, repine. Lucy Hayes is approaching the beautiful and happy ending of a beautiful, honored, and happy life. She has been wonderfully fortunate and wonderfully honored. Without pain, without the usual suffering, she has been permitted to come to the gates of the great change which leads to the life where pain and suffering are unknown. Just as she was reaching the period when the infirmities and sufferings of mortal life are greatest, she is permitted to go beyond them all. Whatever life can give to the most fortunate, she has enjoyed to the full. How wise and just this is! If ever a man or woman found exquisite happiness in imparting happiness to others, the dear companion of my life, my Lucy, is that woman. Should I not be full of joy and gratitude for the good fortune which gave me her? Few men in this most important relation of life have been so blessed as I have been. From early mature manhood to the threshold of old age I have enjoyed her society in the most intimate of all relations. How all of my friends love her! My comrades of the war almost worship her.

Often I have said our last days together have been our best days. Who knows what the future might have brought to her? It is indeed hard – hard indeed – to part with her, but could I or should I call her back? Rather let me try to realize the truth of the great mystery. 'The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.“

June 25. Tuesday. Lucy died without pain this morning at 6:30. All were present. I held her hand and gazed upon her fine face to the last; when, kissing her good-bye as she left the earth, I joined the dear daughter and the other children in walking on the porch in the bracing air of the lovely morning.

June 26, 1889. I notice in the newspapers the phrase, 'the beautiful home in Spiegel Grove.’ Yes, it is, in its own plain, homelike, and sensible way, a beautiful home, but I now begin to realize that the soul has left it.

Lucy Hayes was 57 years old when she died on June 25, 1889. Obviously, the former President was heartbroken. Indeed, it was his heart which gave out on January 17, 1893, also at the Hayes’s beloved Spiegel Grove estate in Fremont, Ohio. Rutherford B. Hayes was 70 years old and before he died in the arms of his son, Webb, the 19th President’s last words were, "I know that I am going where Lucy is.”

When Snow Falls Part Nine

Exo mafia au; you are the sister of Chanyeol, a powerful mob boss who has just hired Kyungsoo (D.O) to protect you.

Kyungsoo (D.O) x Reader ft. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Kai.

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Word Count 1,218

Warning- This fan fiction contains suggestive themes involving violence and death. Please read at your own digression. This is just a fictional story and does not represent the personalities or factual stories of real people.

You froze, fingernails digging into your palms. You hadn’t expected this. Not like this, not so soon. You wanted to go back to Chanyeol and prepare for your encounter with Kyungsoo. You wanted to come up with a strategic plan. You were afraid that if you met him too early you would act on impulse. 

An odd look came over his face. Kyungsoo, normally so expressionless and cold, looked full of relief. His dark eyes light up as he reeled towards you. You took several steps back, trying to hold back tears of exasperation. 

Kyungsoo stopped, giving you plenty of distance. “Y/N,” he breathed, his eyes filled with a dangerous amount of desperation. You closed your eyes tightly beginning to turn away. You would get revenge, just not now. You couldn’t now. You opened your eyes as a snowflake hit the tip of your nose. Kyungsoo looked up and smiled, then he laughed. You looked at him again and let the butterflies in your stomach fight to escape. The first time you heard him laugh. It was beautiful. A tear streaked down your cheek and before you could kick yourself for crying, Kyungsoo closed the distance between you and gently grabbed your elbows. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, barely audibly, “you’re alright. I was so worried.” You tried to shake his hands off but Kyungsoo ran his fingers up to your face and held your jaw. He slowly began to pull your face perilously close. You began to panic but you couldn’t move. Did you really want to? You didn’t have time to make up your mind as his lips gently pressed against yours. He stayed still for just a moment, taking in the softness of your lips but suddenly he intensified the kiss. He was still tender and considerate, not forceful. 

You returned to reality and bit down harshly on his bottom lip. Why did everyone think it was okay to kiss you without permission? Kyungsoo didn’t react in the way you’d hoped. He didn’t seem surprised as he slowly pulled away. 

“Even if you’re going to kill me, I had to kiss you, at least once,” he sighed.

Chanyeol tightly pressed his hands over Baekhyun’s wound. He had been shot in the chest and time was running out. He knew Baekhyun was slipping away and all he could do was murmur gently and try to stifle the blood. Kai had acted before they could prepare. He had been so damn worried about you that he didn’t think to prepare for an ambush. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. Kai had sent dozens of foot soldiers to attack Chanyeol’s turf. He didn’t know how many of his men were dead or injured but he did know that his best friend was minutes from dying. 

He cursed furiously begging Baekhyun to stay awake as he lifted him up, he didn’t trust himself to heal Baekhyun so he needed to send him to the hospital. He staggered from room to room shouting for someone, anyone. Finally, two of his men ran to him. 

“You, go get a car ready immediately,” he said urgently. One man spun on his heels bolting to the garage. 

“Help me carry him to the exit so we can take him to the hospital.” The other man did as he was told and together they loaded Baehyun into the car. Just as they were about to leave a voice called out to him.

“Hyung, where are we going?” The voice grated.  Chanyeol spun around, swallowing thickly. 

Kai stood, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a gun at his side. His hair slicked back and his suit tailored perfectly. While Kai’s men had been ambushing Chanyeol and Baekhyun, he had been getting ready in elation for this moment. 

“Take Baekhyun to the hospital immediately. Don’t come back unless I call,” Chanyeol urged. The foot soldier didn’t hesitate and the car skid away. This didn’t seem to bother Kai in the slightest. 

“He’s not going to make it hyung,” he beamed. “I see Y/N never made it back. Maybe Sehun isn’t as pathetic as I thought." 

Chanyeol stiffened at your name and breathed in harshly. Kai savoring his reaction.

While the ambush had been going on, Kai had practiced his speech in front of the mirror for several minutes. He needed to say everything perfectly. How much he hated you and Chanyeol, how this was revenge for killing his father and he wasn’t going to stop until he had everything. Yet, now he didn’t feel the need. It felt pointless. So, he wasted no time. He cocked his gun and before Chanyeol could react he fired his gun multiple times.

"How are you going to kill me Y/N?” Kyungsoo whispered and you shoved him back in vexation. 

“I should kill you! You lied to me. You used me in order to get to my brother. You are related to the monster that ruined my life and you expected me to run away with you. I would have! I would have left everything for you! I turned on my best friend and now he has abandoned me. You’re like everyone. You’re like Chanyeol and Baekhyun and Sehun but worst of all you’re like Kai! I thought you were going to be different Kyungsoo! I thought you could-" 

"Protect you?” Kyungsoo interrupted your screaming. Your face was contorted in furiously, tears drenched your face yet he still looked at you the way he had earlier. In adoration and relief. You were okay. That’s all that mattered. 

“Y/N, I won’t lie to you anymore. I did work for my brother and I was dishonest with you and Chanyeol. I did it because of guilt and self-hatred. I didn’t think I would ever care for you but I wasn’t going to hurt either of you. I just wanted to please Kai. When I asked you to run away with me, I meant it. It wasn’t a ploy to get you killed." 

You believed that part. Kyungsoo had fought Kai to protect you yet it didn’t change anything. 

"I don’t want to do what Kai says anymore. I choose you. I want to prove to you that I am-" 

"I need to see my brother,” you cut him off. “I need to make sure he’s okay. Take me to him.” You were worried Kai was guarding Chanyeol’s turf, waiting for you. Kyungsoo had protected you from Kai before so he would do it again right? 

Kyungsoo nodded vigorously and you both began to leave. Kyungsoo flagged down a cab which made you uneasy. Why had Chanyeol allowed cab services to work again without hearing from you? Kyungsoo did not overstep his boundaries with you again which calmed you slightly but not enough to give him any leverage.  

You stepped out of the cab and hurried onto Chanyeol’s turf. It was eerily quiet. You hurried, looking around in desperation. Just as you were about to call out for Chanyeol, Kyungsoo covered your eyes. 

“Y/N, please don’t fight me. Please, I can’t let you see this." 

Thinking it was a ploy to hurt you, you elbowed him roughly on the ribs, ripping his hands off of you. However, you regretted it immediately as your eyes focused on Chanyeol’s unmoving body in the snow.


Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy my next updates. 

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