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There’s such a weird fixation in media about “firsts”. Beauty and the Beast boasting disney’s “first gay scene” is the one I’m thinking about in particular, and Power Rangers with the “first gay superhero”, and in both cases it’s a blink and you’ll miss it thing, something that maintains plausible deniability of queerness within the film itself, but establishing explicit queerness in everything outside the film. We know Lefou is gay because the interview told us he was in disney’s first gay scene.

And most of these discussions of firsts devolve into which first is first. Bill gets announced as the first gay companion on doctor who, and then follows the argument of whether Jack counts as companion, whether he was the first pansexual companion while Bill is the first gay companion, whether Amy or Clara was ever canonically bisexual and should that be a factoring in calculating firsts as well. (I remember a similar argument going on when Martha was announced as the first black companion, and people were like “but Mickey?” And there’s definitely commentary waiting about contentious Firsts and characters of color, but my white ass has nothing incisive to offer on that front except the hope we are kinder and better towards Bill than we were towards Martha.) And meanwhile, here is Bill, a black gay female companion, and while that fact has definitely not gotten lost, it is still very very cool and good that she is the companion even if she is not the Absolute First.

The language of Firsts is everywhere when you start looking for it, the idea that this show/movie/video game is doing something New Never Before Done Whoa Look At The Unprecedented Gay. And when this trend worries me, it’s because:

1) it gives off a strong whiff of performative representation, where the representation isn’t as important as people knowing you’re doing it

1a) the corollary being that the emphasis on First First First makes me worried that creators are not interested in Second Third Fourth. That having had the First *spins wheel, throws dart* Lesbian Asian Marvel character (a guest star in three episodes of the Defenders, maybe fifteen minutes, every gif set celebrating her has the same three quotes because that’s all there is), they are now exempted from every having to write a Second Lesbian Asian Marvel character. Because they already did that. Didn’t you see the article in Entertainment Weekly? It was a very big deal.

2) the trend of press on the First Gay Thing tends to vastly outscale the actually gayness, which traps us in an endless loop of hype and disappointment (versus Dumbledoring where the gayness is revealed retroactively for a previously ambiguous character or relationship, and it’s a weird combination of vindication because you thought they might be gay, surprise because you didn’t expect them to be gay, and disappointment because why didn’t the work just say they were gay)

And this, even more than the rest of this post, is a personal grievance but 3) queer fandom has spent decades finding representation in subtext, in coding, in wishful thinking and disciplined literary analysis of the text. This whole First thing seems come with a subtext that every other character who had significant ambiguous relationships, was flamboyant or butch, was in anyway queercoded? Not queer. This here is the first gay thing, and we’re very brave for being the first to have done it. Gay characters must formally come out to count.

Putting aside explicitly queer characters (which exist! Which have a history that creators and fans are welcome to build upon instead of thinking they have to invent gay representation every time they launch a franchise), queer history and queer art has always entailed writing and reading in between the lines. Which requires there be lines. If the new trend is unwritten in text, out and proud in press, what does that offer? I’m happy that Explicitly Confirmed Queer is a thing that’s happening, I very much am, but if a gay child who has never read a think-piece cannot recognize themself in your Brave Unprecedented Gay Character because they didn’t read your interview with the av club, then what use is that character? What was the point? What have you actually contributed to us?

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Can u do chicken boy from stardew valley, but... Happy He deserves it

You and that anon both sent your messages around the same time. Both of you called him “Chicken Boy” and yet I still knew EXACTLY who you guys were talking about…



Maybe an excuse to draw Shane without his jacket? Probably.

eijiciam replied to your post: “Make me choose between 2 characters and I’ll draw the winner”

Kaz Brekker or Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows

i am a smol seventeen year old girl myself so i think i’m biased in this situation but whatever the world needs more chillin inej

SU thoughts

Hey Y'all: SU is a very good cartoon. Its positive effects on the cartoon world & this generation can’t be understated.

There were a few missteps and characters that could be handled better (Bismuth, Lapis, Jasper etc), and it’s not above criticism, because nothing is! but i’ma explain more below the cut

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New OTP, New 30 Day OTP Challenge?

Day 1: Holding Hands

This counts as hand holding, right?

[My plan is to experiment with my style this challenge. My goal with this one was to be quick, cause it is all ready late here, and I was all “Frick inking, frick detail. Let’s flat colour the sketch layer!” and ironically I think I like this more than my usual style which takes me hours.]


Some rules:


-Props may cost extra: If your character has some considerably detailed props that are more time-consuming; that may increase the cost of your commission.

-Furries and animals are discouraged. I don’t have much experience with furry characters so I don’t think I can do a very good job.

-Please pay in advance.

-The price counts only for one character, adding an extra character will cost +$12 dollars (+$10 for pixel characters). So if you want 3 characters it’ll cost the regular price + $24.

I’ll be taking payments only through paypal, so if you’re interested contact me at 3drod.art@gmail.com (please put the title of the email as Character commission).

Please wait for me to reply to your email before sending me payment.

Reblogs are much appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Couldn’t wait, did a redesign of Aquamarine and Topaz! Idk if these still count as spoilers because the episodes were officially released by CN on their app, but I’ll tag it as such just in case! 

I SUPER loved these two’s character designs (Topaz was perfect in my opinion) so it was a little hard to try to do something different, but I did it and I think they came out pretty ok! Can’t wait until the episodes air on TV, it’s gonna be great!

I enjoyed making my last art sequence so I decided to make another one! I’m calling it that because I don’t think it counts as animation XD

Because both @therealjacksepticeye and I hit a milestone around a similar time, mine being smaller of course, I decided to celebrate it with this little picture story! :D

I don’t know what gave me this idea… and it’s probably not my best art ever but it took hours and hours to make! I hope you like it anyway ^-^


It has been quite a while since I posted an update on my Raúl Esparza collection. 110 drawings and counting!! (not all of them are in this collage though) I never realize how many they are until I put them together like this.

Tbh, I don’t think I would’ve been able to make that many without my wonderful friends and fans here in the fandom. Sometimes I think I’m not good or artistic enough and sometimes when I look at other people’s art on various plattforms, I feel insecure. But then I remember why I’m doing this. Not to compete with others, but to honor the man who inspires me so much and brightens even my darkest days. God gave me a gift. I might use it differently than others, but I use it the best way I can. And I use it to make other people happy. Everytime I get a message from someone, saying that my art makes their days, makes them smile, I feel like I’m doing the right thing. I tell you something. I’ve been the black sheep and an outsider my whole life. But your amazing response to my works makes me feel that I am someone special - for the very first time in my life. And now I met Raúl and he has my art. He has all of the ones above and I when I gave them to him, I gave him a piece of my heart. These drawings are ME. All my feelings, all my emotions, all my love, all my fears. And because I also made these drawings for YOU and because of you, he has a piece of you as well. We are a big family full of wonderful people, artists, writers, gif-makers, etc. and I love to draw for you and Raúl with all my heart. ❤

“Too much flab, not enough ab….” - The Joker

Get ready for some WORDS…

Whilst drawing these, I started thinking more and more about the Joker’s history and evolution as a character. Figuring it was “pro’bly worth a Google”, I skittered over to Wikipedia….

Yeah, so, the Joker is a really interesting character, man, and I mean that in regards to his seemingly unending battles with Batman. I knew the character well enough to be familiar with his “multiple-choice” backstories and, of course, crazy personality, and have always loved the Batman universe in general. But, delving into his history, I learned some things I didn’t know, the most interesting and discussion-worthy being the whole Batman-Joker cycle.

Their whole existence is on a continuous loop. Batman refuses to kill, fearing that destroying Joker will propel a desire to kill other criminals. Joker refuses to stop killing unless Batman is dead. Batman is basically Joker’s entire reason for continuing in the fight because of his obsession with him, and he won’t get put on death row ‘cause he’s claimed as mentally insane and is, henceforth, “unaccountable”. None of the other baddies dare mess with Joker, so he keeps getting away with stuff. But unless Batman dies or someone kills the Joker it continues and continues, and so on and so forth….

For the Joker to be the way he is in this particular Batman film makes all the more sense because he is literally obsessed with Batman and I can very easily see it being taken to this extreme because he’s so nuts. To this degree, he’s portrayed as a very pathetic character and, ironically, becomes sympathetic and charming as a result. He’s still just as willing to kill others to get to Batman, yet he’s also, as in the comics, willing to die to gain his attention. It’s positively ridiculous and hilariously presented in this movie and I unwittingly found myself caring for the character and legit feeling bad when Batman dropped the bomb on him at the beginning of the film ‘cause, wow, the guy was pretty hurt and I’m such a sucker for people in need of a hug no matter how bad they are.

By the way, I love the fact that, in this film, Joker has just kinda let himself go and is conscious of his weight. Lol. That’s hilarious. Unless you count Heath Ledger, I can’t think of any time we’ve ever had a pudgy Joker. Kind of an excuse for me to do fun, round shapes…. :P

Surprise (Ethan x Reader)

💙A/N: Good lord, I need to chill with the Ethan imagines. I’m getting out of control. But anyways, here’s a lil thing I thought of while talking about my potential trip to Ireland this summer! I’m half Irish, and would be going to see my mom’s (who’s full Irish) side of the family. But anyways, here’s a little bit of fluffy drabble for you!💙

Warnings: fluff??? i don’t think there’s anything else really

Word Count: 931

You stepped into the main hub of the airport with you luggage trailing behind you. A small sigh escaped your lips as you looked around the bustling LA airport. You had just gotten back from your study abroad trip for college, and were ready to surprise your boyfriend at your shared apartment. You wove your way through the crowd to the long line of taxis waiting for passengers and hailed an empty one. After telling the driver your destination, you pulled out your phone to check for the texts that you’d missed on your flight back from Ireland. You saw one from Ethan saying Heading to the office for Mark’s charity livestream, you should watch if you can! I’ll FaceTime you later so we can hang out a bit, okay? As you read the part about Mark’s livestream, you piped up to ask the driver if you could change your destination. He obliged, and you told him the office address.

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Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 8/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: cussing probably idk

Word Count: 4,103

Dedication: @hamilwhaaa and @mun-clauds for really cute fan art 😭

Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @exadorlion, @lukassgoggles, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa

A/N: okay but read all the other chapters before this. I don’t think someone got the memo last time and commented, “Wtf?” Or something along those lines 😂 Ps, I’m thinking about having a contest? I don’t know what the prizes would be tho? Talk to me about it. ALSO, IF YOU WANT A DEDICATION YOU NEED TO HAVE REALLY FUNNY TAGS ARE DRAW FANART OR SOMETHING! That’s what I usually base my dedications on :)

Alexander was woken up by the sound of the shower running and the smell of bacon. At first, he didn’t really think anything of it. However, as he woke up further, he realized that Eliza couldn’t be in both places. The kids were surely asleep; they never woke up early on the weekends. And Peggy? She went home before Jefferson even came over.

That was when Alexander remembered that he let Jefferson stay the night.

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Listen up??!

So I’ve had this idea for a while and was definitely inspired by @danandphilsurvey … Essentially it’s a census of a fandom. Asking things like “when did you join?” “Do you have a fan account?” “Do you draw fan art or write fanfic?” And I think that this would be interesting for this fandom because there’s no way of knowing how many of us there are (whereas, in the phandom, you can just look at subscriber/follower counts of the youtubers) We can also figure out who reads the book. How many people are in the lgbtq+ community? How old are most people? What is the gender ratio? And other things like “what other rainbow stuff have you read?” “What made you read the book?” Anyway, maybe it’s not a good idea, but if you like the idea, I need it to be spread. My blog is too small. I need this to reach the bigger blogs! Idk if you like the idea, reblog. If you think it’s dumb, just don’t do anything ok cool

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Can you make a fanfic of how Stanford realized he had a crush on Fiddleford and how Fiddleford notice how strange Stanford's been acting around him. By the way, I love your art especially your knight au...I've been thinking maybe you should do a Pirate AU

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 722

Thank you Anon! I love pirate aus let me tell you and I do have one for GF but it’s just a bunch of ideas not real story I just like drawing the characters as pirates and little writings with ‘em. I don’t mind drawing more pirate stuff though. Always been a fan of pirate stuff. I haven’t read or seen too many pirate aus that wasn’t filled with a pairing I don’t want anywhere near me so maybe in the future.
Under the cut cause this got a bit long some how???

Stanford didn’t really have friends before Fiddleford, but he doesn’t remember it feeling like this. He thought it was just from finally connect to someone on his level. He thought it was just how even their serious arguments ended up with both of them in a laughing mess because how normal was it that two grown men were yelling at each other over chemicals?

But every time Fidds shook his hand, Ford would feel the imprint of that hand in his for days. It was like a calm burning across his palm that he didn’t mind.

Ford was alone looking down at his 6 fingered hand when it dawned on him and his whole face turned bright red.

This is what his brother talked about whenever he had a crush on someone.

Ford had a crush.

Ford had a crush on his best friend.

“Oh no…” He muttered before being startled by Fidds knocking on his open door.

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