i think they're them anyway

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

baby it’s cold outside ❄️


A list of things Papyrus says/that are said about him that are… disturbing, to say the least, especially when compared to similar things others say. There’s probably more, but these are the first to come to mind.

Thanks to @zekestrife and @fandomhop for some of the screenshots! And some youtube videos. You can tell which screenshots are mine because they generally have that blue border around them.


some good old fashioned genyatta for Valentine’s Day!!! I’ve been using pen and ink a lot more recently, I should do more digital stuff again..

anyway here’s a flower crown genyatta requested by my Good Friend™ @smallburns!!


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

no offence but the whole pillow merch stuff makes me so uncomfy like??? first we have yurio who is literally 15 and doesn’t need to be sexualised or anything like he’s a kid leave him alone??? and then we have yuri and victor and idk if it’s just me but it still makes me feel really gross lowkey bc like they’re a canon m/m couple which is great but i feel like this just kind of helps add to the gross fetishisation of them and idk no thanks not a fan catch me never reblogging any of that content to this blog lol


the evolution of hongki’s reaction to what is obviously ftisland’s “favorite” single /s

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what do you mean whit is pining after slug?

dat boi in love

frankly who wouldn’t be

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

Seventeen as some of my favorite movies

Wonwoo - Donnie Darko

Vernon - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Seungcheol - An Education

Mingyu - Catch Me If You Can

Seungkwan - Elf

Woozi - Ponyo

Jeonghan - Spirited Away

Joshua - Howl’s Moving Castle

Seokmin - Forrest Gump

Jun - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Hoshi - Coraline

Dino - Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Minghao - Totoro

HI IT IS I UR LEAST FAV !! shut up cecy no one likes u ! anyway i have workshop all weekend bc march has blessed us w a gazillion amazing comebacks that i gotta learn to .. u kno, teach them dkflsld w that said i’m still gna try to b on as much as possible n get to replies n hh questions in my ask so keep em coming to both inwoo n @tacyvng !

slight digression but i decided to ask y’all for ur opinion bc u r all my honey buns .. i might not even pick up a 3rd at all but seeing as i have no self-control i also .. might do it anyway dfjks my question is would u guys rather wna see a lowkey lazy n sarcastic songwriter chandler bing type of chara or a super angsty ex-convict who served time for smthn they didnt do n is now bitter n trying to get back on their feet ?

Hey so uh i don’t think i ever posted this? It’s old but I’m still really proud of it, these are my kids Clover (left) and Carmen (right) and they have a v big backstory that I’m still working on