i think they're the same person tbh

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So there's this Voltron character who just got leaked bc he's been gone the entire show and everyone's freaking out and happy but GASP he's white! So the "morally correct" people are calling anyone whose excited about it just racist, and they're all upset because we're "ignoring the POC characters" bitch I'm Latina and I enjoy characters regardless of race. Let me enjoy a leaked screenshot without turning it into a race thing. I don't have to be white to like a white character! (1/2)

Same Latina Voltron anon: people in the fandom also attack you if you don’t like the colored characters. I think Allura- who happens to be a black strong women- is too strict and tbh I just don’t like her! I LOVE the other colored characters because of their PERSONALITIES. Hint: I love characters or hate them because of PERSONALITIES! Not race! They don’t let you enjoy characters or dislike them! Why do people have to be like this?? (2/2)

It’s pretty dumb because if the new character were any other race they’d be like “OMG a new character that’s so exciting!” like because he’s white that is somehow not exciting. If you like a show and they introduce a new character that’s automatically exciting to the general audience. Don’t know what’s so difficult to understand about that.

Tbh, I think if Billy met Dickon, he constantly would be making this face

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During the OSMT Seiyuu event, they state that all Matsu bros have the same body type. Which I get because they're sextuplets, but I feel like a lot of people are taking it as them being all EXACTLY the same no matter what? I personally thought they meant that their anatomy was the same (like shoulder width, arm length, etc), but that, for example, Jyushi could have more muscular arms, because he does a lot of bat-swings. So I still like to headconan them as slightly different. What do you think?

Ah yes! I’ve seen that info floating around–TBH I still like to headcanon them as slightly different too, but that’s kind of how I’ve always done it?

Like, a lot of people tend to HC them as drastically different—WHICH IS TOTES MCGOATS COOL. It’s super neat seeing everyone’s different takes on the bros for sure, but for me, part of their charm /is/ the fact they’re so identical it’s hard for people to tell them apart! So I’ve always HC’d their differences as super subtle~

So the fact they’ve officially stated they have the same body type is cool for me–but Imma still add my little headcanon body things when I draw them~

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U know, I think the problem people usually have with gdragon is bc he's always really proud of his achievements and his music, and he always shows it, with no fake modesty. So people tell he's conceited and arrogant. But usually, that's the same people Who say "you should be proud! Have more pride!" when their favorite say they're lacking. Tbh, people don't like to see a confident person in their job if they don't already like that person. Bc I only see GD being proud of his job, and it's great!

You’re right my dear Anon. GD has every right to be proud of himself, his work and achievements. He’s achieved so much at such a young age and he’s got a big impact on Kpop in general, as a soloist and member of Big Bang. And I still think he’s quite humble in spite of being aware of his talent and influences? He can call himself superior names in his lyrics, but I highly doubt he goes around calling himself God or even thinking of himself as one in his private life? He’s not on Kanye West level yet (and please, never be). I’m not full-time VIP, but from what I’ve observed he still can get shy when he gets praises from left to right and is always very grateful for VIP’s support and awards he gets? Plus he acknowledges other band’s talents and says it aloud in interviews. It’s not a behavior of a conceited and arrogant person, tho.

I think people generally don’t like seeing other people being proud of their achievements. Like we can tell them they’re good, but if they say it themselves, it brings some kind of discomfort and we automatically consider them overconfident? Or we feel uncomfortable, because we see that someone’s doing better than us? IDK, but I know from my experience that I could make someone uncomfortable even by saying I had a great day O.o

People who calls him arrogant because he knows he’s good are just…very immature. Even biggest enemies can respect each other’s power. You can dislike someone and still respect his work. 

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Okay but tbh a nb genderfluid person isn't "passing" if they're perceived as the wrong gender right?. If you're amab and not a guy, and people misgender you, is that really privilege? Same goes for afab nb people. To me it sort of seems like when people say bisexual people have no privilege because if they're dating the opposite sex they "pass" for straight. That's not really passing... It's erasure. I don't think that's privilege.