i think they're so gorgeous together

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Can Cait get any more perfect at just everything? She is bloody gorgeous, an amazing actress and writer AND person in general, and sometimes...I really think that she is way too good for Sam, but then I see them together and I get so conflicted because they're like two puzzle pieces who fit and complement each other so perfectly...WHAT ARE THESE EMOTIONS 😩

They’re made for each other anon. Forget all the Sam fuckery for a second. If Cait loves him then you know he’s good enough for her. Girl has high standards!

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Do you ship lili and cole / think they're together? All these breadcrumbs seem like they are hahahaha

Oh, how can somebody not ship them??? I mean anybody with eyes can see that they have an extremely electrifing chemistry and they look gorgeous together. Plus, up until Wondercon they were literally glued to each other, with no personal space whatsoever. That’s why everyone thought they were a couple and now they are such trying to dissolve the tension and lay low for the time being, get people not so focused on their love lives but their actual work and career. I still do believe that there is something going on between them, either that’s an official relationship or them hitting it off and trying to figure out where this thing between them can lead them. The MTV interview didn’t really sink my hopes. They wouldn’t openly admit of their relationship in a random interview, no celebrity would do that, let alone them who are pretty young and don’t want to draw the spotlight on them just because of who they are dating. Plus, there’s this whole controversy over Cole’s previous relationship; I’m sure they, and especially he, wouldn’t be very fond of people discussing his love life once again. As for the fact that they called each other friend, is just the acceptable thing to do, the fairly nice etiquette to label somebody that either is your significant other but you don’t really want to share this information with the world or the person that you enjoy spending time with and are starting to grow feelings for but yet you haven’t openly put the boyfriend-girlfriend tag on each other. 

For me, there are a lot of very suspicious and sneaky things regarding the two of them that indicate that they are indeed a little more than friends. However, we should keep in mind that we don’t know them personally and we also don’t have the right to harass them by asking always and only about whether or not they are dating or sending hateful words their way in case they are not a couple and just very close friends. But yes, I do ship Sprousehart and I do believe that there is something going on between them; the fact that they are trying so hard to keep it a secret makes it even more precious😍

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After three days of intense and sweaty rough sex, Hux's rut has passed and so has Kylo' s heat. They decided to not speak about it but after a couple of weeks, Kylo starts to get sick and gets a check up and he's got like, 4 pups growing inside of him and they're obviously Hux's pups so Kylo calls for a meeting with him and explains that Hux is a father. How would Hux respond? ~🦄🦄🦄

I think he’d be shocked at first. Worried, stressed, angry for allowing this to happen. But then he looks down to Kylo’s slightly-bulging tummy and imagines the Knight naked…and then imagines four beautiful pups nestled in a basket together, sleeping and gorgeous, and suddenly Hux doesn’t feel so scared.

Not gonna lie, I thought of Youichi when I first saw this and when looking through my screenshots, I saw this cute little KuraRyou scene I’d snapped a long time ago. :’)

Youichi’s cute, tall (well, he’s taller than Ryou), has gorgeous eyes, a stunning smile, and Ryou thinks highly of him. <3