i think they're so gorgeous together

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Do you ship lili and cole / think they're together? All these breadcrumbs seem like they are hahahaha

Oh, how can somebody not ship them??? I mean anybody with eyes can see that they have an extremely electrifing chemistry and they look gorgeous together. Plus, up until Wondercon they were literally glued to each other, with no personal space whatsoever. That’s why everyone thought they were a couple and now they are such trying to dissolve the tension and lay low for the time being, get people not so focused on their love lives but their actual work and career. I still do believe that there is something going on between them, either that’s an official relationship or them hitting it off and trying to figure out where this thing between them can lead them. The MTV interview didn’t really sink my hopes. They wouldn’t openly admit of their relationship in a random interview, no celebrity would do that, let alone them who are pretty young and don’t want to draw the spotlight on them just because of who they are dating. Plus, there’s this whole controversy over Cole’s previous relationship; I’m sure they, and especially he, wouldn’t be very fond of people discussing his love life once again. As for the fact that they called each other friend, is just the acceptable thing to do, the fairly nice etiquette to label somebody that either is your significant other but you don’t really want to share this information with the world or the person that you enjoy spending time with and are starting to grow feelings for but yet you haven’t openly put the boyfriend-girlfriend tag on each other. 

For me, there are a lot of very suspicious and sneaky things regarding the two of them that indicate that they are indeed a little more than friends. However, we should keep in mind that we don’t know them personally and we also don’t have the right to harass them by asking always and only about whether or not they are dating or sending hateful words their way in case they are not a couple and just very close friends. But yes, I do ship Sprousehart and I do believe that there is something going on between them; the fact that they are trying so hard to keep it a secret makes it even more precious😍

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So this is where I am so conflicted about the future. I love Robron together. I love them. I think the chemistry is gorgeous and when they get good writing they're the stuff of supercouple legend. But I also love the individual characters. And I want a better life for Aaron than I know he will get with Rob (due to rinse/repeat writing). Rob is a loverat in TPTB's eyes. And Aaron deserves, not even happiness, but just better after the life he's had. Also watching Rob destroy a man like that 1/2

slowly. Not because he doesn’t love him but because he is being written terribly and can’t stop himself. It just does not make me feel good about Rob’s character. He deserves better too. If they are a couple they are sometimes going to work as opposing forces. And contrasted with Aaron, Rob will always lose out. Be the antihero. Take the fall. I’m not here for that. 2/2            

I can completely understand where you’re coming from anon, particularly the idea that in this relationship, Robert’s villain status will always be the antithesis to Aaron’s heroism. That will never change, I’m no longer under any illusions on that front - the writers will continue to beat Aaron with a stick and Robert will usually be the one holding it. There’s always been an unhealthy element to their relationship but it was at least balanced effectively with an enduring love and a strength, a determination really, to persevere and fight for what they had.

I daresay they’ll be portrayed that way at some point in the future, but first this storyline needs to run its course and for that to happen, Aaron needs to suffer more and Robert needs to either spiral further into manipulation and threatening behaviour, or fall to his knees and grovel for the next few months until Aaron forgives him.

If I was viewing this relationship from a non-fictitious perspective, I’d have told Aaron to cut and run a long time ago, probably once Robert killed Katie in all honesty. But the fact is, you cannot apply the same real-life logic to soaps as you would to any other drama, because as much as soaps claim to focus on the ‘real’ lives of ‘real’ people, it is a very particular brand of realism that has an equal amount of insanity as it does humanity. So as much as I would love to demand of these characters (and the writing lbr) the same high standards I demand of all the shows I watch, it’s just not possible.

That being said, soaps do still have a responsibility to their characters, a responsibility they often ignore for the sake of the dreaded Plot (and the potential for awards if they get Danny to squeeze out a few more tears than Lacey Turner has managed 👀) And when it comes to Plot, two things are guaranteed with regards to robron: 1) Aaron will be stripped of agency and made to suffer, and 2) Robert will always, always be reduced to a 2D caricature villain, his growth abandoned and his heart and brain along with it most of the time.

In terms of wanting Aaron to have a better life, I won’t argue that he could likely have a much easier time of it if he was still with Ed or even Jackson (though my God did they have their own issues which were severely damaging to Aaron and that was long before Jackson wanted to die). But the thing is, when Robert is good - and by good I mean his normal, attentive self around Aaron - there’s really nobody better as far as Aaron is concerned. He’s never felt a love like it - given or received - and now that he’s had it, not just a taste but consumed it entirely - I can’t imagine him finding that level of intensity with anyone else. Yes, he could be with someone more stable, someone with less baggage, someone who hadn’t tied him to a radiator… but the thing is, Aaron and Robert shared all of that - the mess, the pain, the anger, the heartache - with each other. Aaron will never go through it with anyone else, he certainly won’t be able to discuss a lot of it with anyone else, and it’s the same for Robert. They’ve experienced the extreme highs and severe lows together, grown and changed because of it, become closer as a result, and even if Aaron spent a lifetime with someone else, he’d never find that same connection again. It’s not something that can be replicated and I’m not even sure Aaron would want to.

The fact is, he chose Robert. Chose him in the lay-by when he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and kept choosing him despite all the warning signs, all the mistakes, all the hurt. Were we living in an ideal, fanfic-inspired world where the characters we love get everything they deserve, Robert and Aaron would be sunning themselves in Barcelona for the next seventy years sipping cocktails. Or at the very least, they wouldn’t be reduced to versions of themselves which don’t operate on any version of reality other than the one the writers/producers are making up as they go along.

I want better for them. Everyone does, I doubt anyone would argue with that. But I think we have to accept that Robert and Aaron are shackled to a particular genre of drama which relies too heavily on shock value and not enough on subtle, emotional substance. There’s nothing we can do to change that, much as we’d like to, but we can continue to contribute with opinions, meta, fics, gifs, videos, anything that allows us to express ourselves, and we can absolutely demand better for the characters and show who have inspired us all.

Not gonna lie, I thought of Youichi when I first saw this and when looking through my screenshots, I saw this cute little KuraRyou scene I’d snapped a long time ago. :’)

Youichi’s cute, tall (well, he’s taller than Ryou), has gorgeous eyes, a stunning smile, and Ryou thinks highly of him. <3  


Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Jack Huston, Ben Foster and Michael C. Hall on the set of Kill Your Darlings

“Everyone had to do improvs and it was a lot of fun actually. And then we also spent as much time as we could just being together and getting to know each other and building a level of trust. And we might have had a slightly debaucherous kick-off party in the spirit of the beats. And I think that really cemented everyone’s friendship.” - Director John Krokidas