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My day seems to be looking up thanks to these little gifts sent by the lovely @hoodiepatootie! I wanted to share my package real quick and thank them for being kind enough to send both Ghost/Kae and I these trinkets as a gift. <3 

I think they’re sold out of these charms right now, but if you want to eventually buy these if they’re ever restocked, be sure to go follow @hoodiepatootie to keep up on when they’re stocked up again! (And on their store, they’re currently taking pre-orders for Genji and Mercy charms, if that tickles your fancy!)

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🔥🌻any ichigo x ruki blogs follow ? Thank , you ! New to blog ! Hello !

🌻 + who I should follow

hello!!! and welcome to tumblr i’m sure you’ll have fun here. the ichiruki blogs you should follow are:

@shinigami-queen @last-nine-days @peachtiger @kingkuchiki @mojave-green @handsome-kakigori @missthornbirds @vvngoth @ithmid @soyfong @ichiruki-fanworks @gabecebro @papalogia @rvkiakuchiki @clrtsycat @namirynn @ciebei @ircomix @mrsstampede @dangerousbride @hoetian @tachipaws @a-ogiri @lahviis @kvrokaga @crimsondeaki @duckiesteasmiles @rukiadriedhisrain @swabin10 @ichirukianon @hashtagartistlife @mizulily @gunnerpalace @deathandstrawberry @deathberries @deathberryprompts @prettysketch @sequencefairy @bleachmyconscious @a-love-transcending-time @paradox-spiral @duongvjp @kuchikiiichigo @kuugo @queenwinry @masumi-chan @ichirukilover @godzuki-san @deathbympreg @ourblacksunwhitemoon @momochiee @ichiruki-ing @myichirukifeels @woodrokiro @ichirukidaily

there’s a lot more but i can’t remember so feel free to @others that i forgot :’/

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crossing my fingers because I took a chance and ordered paperback copies of Flamecaster and Shadowcaster from Book Depository and I’m hoping that they’ll have the original cover art and not the terrible redesigned ones!!!

This is my oc, Sin (Cin). 

They’re 24 years old and also one of Rein’s closest friends. Sin prefers to work alone whey they go out on patrol. They’re very reliable and trustworthy, but at the same time very secretive about their own past. One of the few people who knows Sin’s past is Rein. It’s hard to tell when they’re joking or not because everything they say is almost said with a straight (sometimes intimidating) face. Sin enjoys working out, quiet spaces, and eating sweets. They try to be emotionally detached from everything, but honestly they’re probably one of the most empathetic characters out of the bunch. Even though they try not to care about what others think, sometimes… it gets to them. Sometimes.

Also, I created Sin during the same time I made Rein omg.

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BCs are pretty easy to file without proof of biological fatherhood but NOT without proof that the human they're being filed for isn't real. Come on, use those critical thinking skills you're so proud of. How the hell would a record and/or management label pull that off? You realize that's the kind of stuff terrorists do in order to pull off attacks like 9/11, right? And so the US government doesn't take too kindly to false identity documents?

Challenge accepted. Let’s put those critical thinking skills to work.

First let’s look at your logic

Your reasoning, as I understand it, is the following.

1st premise: The birth certificate is real (A)

2nd premise: It is very difficult to file a birth certificate without a real baby (B)

Conclusion: Therefore there must be a real baby ©

A silent second conclusion that seems to be implicit in your message is that therefore this real baby must also be Louis’ (D)

You explicitly state another premise in support of your conclusion(s) C (and D?) by saying:

Forging identity documents is a crime for which one would likely get prosecuted in the US (E)

The silent premise here is your assumption that whoever would be behind a baby stunt would not want risk getting prosecuted in the US (F) and a silent intermediate conclusion is that therefore, Modest/Syco/whoever is behind a possible stunt would not consider forging identity documents for a non-existent baby (G) hence the baby must be real ©

Now let’s look at the validity of this reasoning:

I am not contesting your premise A – it does seem that relevant authorities are distributing copies of birth certificates for a Freddie Reign Tomlinson, with Louis listed as the father. Seems real enough. I also don’t contest your premise B – it IS not so easy to file a birth certificate without a real baby. But C does not follow from that – because while difficult, it is not impossible. And D most certainly does not follow from any of the above – as you say yourself BCs are pretty easy to file without proof of biological fatherhood.

But back to goign from A plus B to C – C doesn’t necessarily follow. Logically there are many other options. I am not sure how birth certificates are filed in the US, but over here, you get the papers from your doctor at the hospital after the birth and then you or the person you are married to/or the person listed as father or second parent in advance of the birth, can go to the registry – within 14 days of the baby being born. The baby doesn’t have to be present. No paternity test needed, no baby needs to be present, just the agreement of the mother and father, and a piece of paper from the hospital signed by the doctor that says a real baby was born to this and this woman.

So there are other options:

-       perhaps Briana really had a baby at the hospital listed in the birth certificate and it’s only the fatherhood that’s being lied about. C could be true. But like I said, conclusion D most definitely does not follow from the birth certificate being real.

-       it is also still possible that Briana did not have a baby – but that they got the paperwork from the hospital by bribing a doctor or member of staff, or that they paid off someone who did have a baby there to give them that paperwork, or mayby they forged the hospital paperwork.

All of the above has been done before so A+B does not lead to C (the baby is real), and even if they did, they definitely do not lead to D (Louis is the father)

And you anticipated that, that’s why you also gave premise E – forgery is a crime for which you’d get prosecuted.

First of all, I agree with @lawyerlarrie that it’s not entirely sure that you would be prosecuted for it if you weren’t harming someone by doing so.  You tried to make it look really horrible, comparing this with what terrorists do, but the reason the US government puts a lot of money into prosecuting terrorists is because they kill people, not because they carry fake IDs. Teenagers carry fake IDs all the time, they rarely ever get prosecuted for it. Nice rhetoric trick of yours, not logically valid.

People only get prosecuted for giving a fake ID if someone is negatively affected by you doing so. But in this thing all affected parties would have to be complicit. For the forgery to come out, someone participating in it would have to come out with it. So your assumption F is not as valid as you think. And therefore neither is G, it could very well be that they took a calculated risk to forge a birth certificate, because anyone who would come out with the forgery would have to admit they participated in it and so the likelihood of consequences small.

What do we have then? None of the very true things you say lead to the necessary conclusion that the baby is real. And for sure nothing that you said proves that Louis is the biological father of Freddie, whether real or not. Unless your argument was that my critical thinking failed on the “baby is real” thing, therefore everything I say is a lie, including the fact that Louis is not a father. I am not going to bore you with dissecting that argument.


A few days ago when I was first asked about the BC I must admit I wasn’t very aware of US family law & registration. My assumption was that the US would be the same as here: it’s impossible for complete strangers to obtain birth certificates here  - that therefore  a birth certificate could easily be faked, and since everything else  surrounding this baby heavily suggested this baby was fake, therefore the birth certificate must also be fake. I could not imagine Modest/Syco having a motive to forge a real birth certificate if it was easy to fake.

The bombardment by antis taught me a lot: for one that the US distributes copies birth certificates to anyone who may want to see them, for another that it’s common practice for gossip rags to obtain those certificates in the hopes of unearthing interesting new trivia such as embarassing second names of celebrities and the likes. In other words, faking a birth certificate would come out way too easily so if they wanted a birth certificate, they would have to forge one. ANd if this was a stunt they wanted to sustain for more than a few weeks they would even have to forge one, because fans would start requesting copies and it would inevitably come out that there was no baby.

In other words: I found out that if a baby was to be faked, a birth certificate had to be forged. Not because a birth certificate proves a baby is real (I will come back to that) but because if all the fans when requesting copies for a certificate and everyone would get a “No certificate on file” in return, this would add to the evidence that there was no real baby.

 Modest/Syco/whoever would be behind a stunt would have serious motive for forgery – not going that lenghth would undermine the entire stunt. It would be as simple as requesting a BC from the county where the fake baby was supposedly born and people would find out it didn’t exist. So, if you are going to fake a baby at all in the US, you are going to have to do the false paperwork for it.

The Bigger Picture

I was gonna go on for a bit longer and talk about how you can know the truth when you have conflicting pieces of information. Almost everything surrounding babygate tells me it’s fishy - the announcement during the first trimester with echos at times when you wouldn’t normally see anything on them - the fact that a celebrity got a girl pregnant during a one night stand (that was papped no less) and wasn’t able to keep that out of the papers alltogether even - the inconsistent bump - Briana’s miracle recovery & many papwalks during week 1 - the odd photoshopped pics of louis & the baby - the empty covered carseats - the recent shenanigans with three open babybottles and a stroller in the wrong position - the fact that Louis named his baby after either Freddy Mercury from Queen or a Youtuber who is a Larry. The one thing that doesn’t fit is the birth certificate that’s seemingly legit.

And then you can hang onto that for dear life telling yourself the baby must be real too, ignoring every other single piece of evidence because supposedly a birth certificate connects you to the real truth. Or drop your correspondence theory of the truth (not gonna bother you with the explanation - I wrote about that once re: Harry’s house here), you zoom out, look at all the puzzle pieces, and try to fit them together. You leave out the one that doesn’t fit at all and try to make out from the ones that are consistent what’s missing. Like the little Padawan does for Obi-Wan Kenobi here.

In short: you may think it’s unthinkable that Modest/Syco faked a birth certificate, just as Obi Wan cannot believe a Jedi could have erased a planet from the archives, but if everything else points to this being the case, it’s probably the case.

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Hey Ashley. I was wondering what you thought about the whole Dumbledore purposefully put Harry in situation where he experienced child abuse issue? I recently saw a post where it was pointed out that there is no good excuse to put a child in a situation like that but I kinda feel this website demonized Dumbledore a little bit too much? I dunno but I wanted to hear your opinions on this since I love your views!

Hi lovely! More than happy to answer your question, but since this is a hot button issue in the fandom and I can’t answer privately, let me just say upfront to everyone reading that everything stated herein is just my opinion. You (general you) are at liberty to disagree with me, and I’m not trying to take an authoritative stance on this subject at all. Sound fair? Okay, off we go!

First and foremost, I think it’s incredibly important to remember that, precious cinnamon rolls as some of them may be, not one of JK Rowling’s characters are infallible. They’re all deeply flawed, filled with varying degrees of sin and regret, and Dumbledore is no exception. If you were to view his actions through the small lens that is good vs bad and focus on the (GLARINGLY! OBVIOUS!) ink blots on his overall character, then it’d be very easy to say “Dumbledore sucks, how dare he!” However, as Sirius pointed out, “the world is not split into good people and Death Eaters; we’ve all got both light and dark inside of us”, and I truly, 100% in my heart believe Dumbledore did what he thought was best, even if the reality of “best” sometimes wasn’t All That Great™ . For example: placing Harry in the care of the Dursleys. 

So why did he?

You might ask — and with good reason — why it had to be so. Why could some wizarding family not have taken you in? Many would have done so more than gladly, would have been honored and delighted to raise you as a son. My answer is that my priority was to keep you alive.“

OotP, Chapter 37

In other words, Dumbledore was a bit sweet on the ideology of “focus on the big picture now, worry about the details later”. And, while it wasn’t ideal in the least, the big picture of keeping Harry alive meant he would have to go live with his awful aunt and uncle per Lily’s sacrifice + Bond of Blood, which you can read about here. What alternative was there that ensured Harry’s safety? His life? I’ve yet to find one (also, let’s not pretend like Dumbledore was the series’ only morally dubious character hellbent on doing whatever it took for the greater good *glares accusingly yet lovingly at Hermione*).

tl;dr: I’ve yet to drink the “I hate Dumbledore” Kool-Aid and I doubt I ever will. I think he did what he had to do to see Voldemort ended once and for all and I can’t begrudge him that. And I don’t think Harry would, either.


Take me to Nolan Ross
Revenge Sketch | Emily rescues Nolan 

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My sister's reading Mockingjay & asked me why the squad refused to kill Peeta when he begged them to, I told her bcuz they wouldn't w/o Katniss' approval. She didn't understand why Katniss' approval would matter w/ Peeta since she kept saying she'd written him off & it's Peeta's life & they're not together or anything. I had some trouble coming up with a good answer & was wondering if you could give some insight on that situation?

Thanks for asking me this question. You made me think.

A couple things come to mind:

  1.  Is your sister done reading Mockingjay?
  2. What’s your view on Everlark when Peeta’s still in the Capitol?

You were definitely right. They weren’t going to act without Katniss’s approval since Katniss was the Mockingjay. The Rebels, Coin and D13 did a lot to protect and appease Katniss in order to get her to do what they needed her to do. Katniss was important and she was also making the shots in lieu of Boggs.

When Katniss “wrote Peeta off” she was essentially reacting as if Peeta was dead: going to Two, her plan to kill Snow and then, die. But getting shot, led her back to him in 13 and then again with the Star Squad where they were essentially thrown into the “Arena” again, but this time Peeta was seen as an enemy.

She didn’t write Peeta off because she didn’t love him anymore, but because she did love him. She was hurt. She was broken. She was having to deal with her heartbreak of losing him.

She also didn’t kill him because they “protect each other.” It’s what they do. That theme is carried throughout the entire series. When Peeta’s begging Katniss and the rest of the Star Squad to kill him, he’s trying to protect her and them from himself. 

Katniss wasn’t going to allow Peeta to be killed because she loves him. She spends the end of Catching Fire and the entirety of Mockingjay pining for, mourning over and missing Peeta. She loves him. It’s that simple. 

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I'm not gonna lie when I say that I am looking forward to the future tell-all book and even a Behind the Music special. Hell, I want an autobiographic movie out of the horror stories 1D will tell someday. Adventures in same-sex love, attraction and self discovery, fame, drugs, fights, inner struggles especially against a dictating/homophobic management. I want it all because it will saw and teach the public that 1D really are human beings. They're not perfect. They have problems as well.

All of the above nonnie! I think their story would make a good book, riveting documentary or award winning movie. I would pay good money–I would pre-order right damn now–to get the real story, FINALLY! I’ve often wondered who owns all the footage of 1D? Because cameras have been following them from the beginning. It probs belongs to Modest and/or Fulwell 73. But they must have some good stuff on tape. 

So if 1D can’t get their hands on that footage, how about a movie? Let’s cast it!

Logan Lerman as Harry Styles

Nicholas Hoult as Louis Tomlinson

Imran Abbas as Zayn Malik

Josh Hutcherson as Liam Payne

Freddie Stroma as Niall Horan


I’d write the script myself. I’d drop outta school and spend day and night writing and re-writing until it’s a masterpiece. And of course there would be several graphic love scenes. :P

P.S. Don’t lose your shit over my casting. It’s all in good fun!

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I bet Derek loves fruity cocktails, virgin cocktails really, piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris and stuff, the waitresses always assume they're for Stiles and Derek has soda or beer or whatever Stiles ordered and mix them up but Stiles thinks it's REALLY CUTE especially when Derek gets powdered sugar or cream in his beard!

OR AU with waiter Stiles always being the only one who remembers that Derek gets the fruity drinks and not his sister and they sort of have a lot of mutual respect for each other for that


And you know what he’s doing? 

He’s travelling. He’s on a beach AND RIGHT THIS MINUTE HE IS LEARNING TO MAKE COCKTAILS. ‘Cocktail’ was one of Laura’s favourite movies and he takes happy pride in knowing he can do the tricks Tom Cruise does in the movie. He thinks Laura would laugh at him but secretly be dying inside, all “THAT’S MY BABY BROTHER, YA’LL!!” 

Sometimes he sends pictures to Stiles (and really, these are the only things Stiles has to hold on to at the moment. He doesn’t even have time to reply to them, only look for a brief few seconds, a ghost of a smile on his face, happy Derek is happy, before facing the shit storm again.) But Derek never stops sending them, even though he gets no reply, because he promised Stiles he would keep in touch. He promised him and he doesn’t know why that promise is so important to him but…it is. It really really is. 

(He totally knows why.)

And when Derek finally comes home, happier, so much happier, he greets Stiles with a strawberry piña colada and Stiles…he laughs for the first time in what feels like years. Because that’s Derek Hale holding out a pink cocktail glass to him, complete with an umbrella, and it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay now. 

  • [Post-BBL...]
  • Anghel: They're dead. They died a heroic death to save us.
  • Ryouta: Actually, we're right here.
  • Anghel: Wait! If you listen closely, you can almost hear their voices...
  • Ryouta: I should hope so, we're five feet behind you!
  • Anghel: Yes, of course they are behind me, as well as in front of me. Their spirits are all around us now, guiding us...
  • Ryouta: Any chance of guiding him to turn around?
  • Yuuya: I was thinking more of guiding him into the ocean.
Text; Rory
  • Alex: I've been thinking about lighthouses a lot lately. Maybe from the amount of time I've spent on the beach this last week. Anyway, I really don't expect you to read this, and you have every right to ignore me, but there are just a few things I need to say. But, first, back to the story. We both know that lighthouses are there in order to keep sailors from getting lost at sea. They're there to show them the way back home..Even if you don't read this, you're my lighthouse. I know that's the corniest thing I have ever said and even reading it back to myself makes it sounds fucking stupid, but it's true. I'm lost at sea and when I met you, a saw a light, showing me the way back to shore. And that fucking scares me. It terrifies me, actually. I never usually date for a reason. I'm scared that I'll be left alone like my sister left me. I am convinced everyone I love will leave me, so I left you before you could leave me. And it was one of the stupidest things I've ever done in my life. I miss you a lot, even though it's only been a short period of time. I know that you probably want nothing to do with me right now, but I am sorry. I truly am. I'll most likely regret this a second after I send it and you don't even have to reply, but I had to say it. Bye, Rory.

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The US is thoroughly f***ed, both candidates are horrible in their own rights and no one running is worthy of the title they're chasing for.

Can’t agree with you there. Clinton is one of the most qualified candidates we’ve ever had, just by sheer amount of experience. She’s inarguably competent and effective.

Has she been involved in some amount corruption? Probably, but I think that’s more a symptom of the system than her personal morals. The system is mildly corrupt and in order to compete in it, you gotta play it’s games. Bernie didn’t and look what it got him.

But in the end, Hillary’s mild corruption is at worst a symptom of pragmatism rather than anything with malicious intent. And frankly she has done little worse than many many many candidates (and successful presidents) in the past have. The only reason she’s being held to higher standards is because she’s female.

Trump’s an incompetent asshole who revels in his bigotry, brags about “business” transitions that are arguably illegal and definitely amoral, who can’t even avoid filing for bankruptcy despite his “small” loan of a million dollars.

I’m not saying you have to like Clinton. I’m not saying she’s perfect. But whatever faults she might or might not have, Trump has hundred times over.

The compare the two is…ludicrous.