i think they're in the right order

If you ever think to yourself, “God, what is Buzzfeed’s obsession with those god-damn quizzes where they guess your age based on random, stupid facts? Who on earth gives them enough hits that they see the need to keep doing them?”

It’s uh… it’s me. 


Try Again to Get it Right, Part 3

Explanations, to some degree. Minor Percy/Vex, post Episode 63.

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Lady Johanna moved everything quickly from there.

 Anders was quickly stabilized, gagged and removed to a cell. The rest of them were ordered in to a much smaller, more comfortable room and directed to a set of squishy couches while she poured everyone over seventeen a large glass of brandy and sent the younger de Rolos off to find their older siblings.  

“I think, Percival, that you owe us an explanation.”

 “I don’t know quite where to start.”

“Start with why you left a man you’ve always adored bleeding on the floor of my receiving room.”

“Our receiving room.” Fredrick corrected, and was quelled instantly a look from his wife. Vex decided that she liked Percy’s mother very much.

“Anders betrayed us, or will betray us. It was – for me, I mean - it was just over five years ago.”

“I must say I didn’t expect to go grey before twenty-four.”

 The whole room turned and Percy shot to his feet. In the doorway were three people. A broad faced young man, a very pretty, sandy-haired young woman, and…Percival.

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