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popular tumblr post: don’t date or be friends with people who [trait i have because of my personality disorder]

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she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco


distorts are nice


addicted week 2017 ≡ favorite platonic relationship — ryke + the cobalts

“Better the foul-mouthed uncle than the witch mother.” I know it’s what they’ll call me, and since I have many more young children who’ll eventually attend Dalton Elementary, I can’t set every bridge on fire. For their sake. 

Ryke takes the keys out of the ignition. “You’re not a witch. By Lo’s fucking definition, I’d be a witch with you.” Outspoken. Hot-headed.

“You’re not a woman. You wouldn’t be called one,” I remind him, my eyes cold.

His gaze nearly softens. 


Maybe it boils down to this: I have no fucking clue what’s going through his head. I rarely do. Not until he tells me, and for a while, I’ve been asking him to restrain his opinions. 

I don’t want your fucking wisdom, Cobalt. 

I’d take it back right now. 

I’d give anything for him to make an arrogant comment, interject and call me a fucking dog. His silence annoys me, grates on me, and I just need him to go back to irritating me. 

That’s our thing. 


💕 Valentines Day Surprise 💕

  • <p> <b></b> Sebastian should be introduced like this.<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> Hello,boys! Pleasure to see you again.<p/><b>John:</b> Wish I could say the same.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Get on with it.<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> Patience is a virtue,honey. Anyway,this is Sebastian Moran,my partner in crime.<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> *raises an eyebrow*<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> *smiles* Among other things.<p/></p>
Lance Headcanons

Most of these have probably already been stated somewhere, but I thought I’d compile some of my own along with my personal favorites.

  • He can dance. I know this is a fairly common thing and I’m so glad it is but he can dance. And he will try any kind of dance at least once. Ballroom, hip hop, break dancing, ballet- you name it, he’s tried it. And he’s very good at it. (Did you see his hips moving when he did the voltron cheer? The boy can dance)
  • Before joining the Garrison he life-guarded at his local pool. He also volunteered to do it at camps and special community events and he even helped with swim lessons for the local kids every summer. 
  • Has read all of My Immortal. Multiple times. He tried to make Hunk read it but he always got out of it somehow until one night when Hunk was messing with some engineering work when Lance just started reading it out loud. 
  • Which leads into the fact that Lance is fantastic at reading out loud. He gets into it- gives every character their own voice and does motions and everything. He developed this skill because he reads to his younger siblings and cousins and nieces and nephews when he’s at home and it’s a large part of why Hunk didn’t just put in headphones when he realized what Lance was reading to him.
  • The two of them from that day on will randomly quote it when they see fit. “So what did you do then?” “We started Frenching passively.” and “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?”
  • Lance keeps his music meticulously organized. His CD’s are alphabetized in their own genre categories and every song on his ipod has the title of the song, band name, and what album it’s from. He has carefully thought out playlists for every occasion he can think of and after joining Voltron when something happens that he has the perfect playlist for but his ipod’s back on Earth he gets seemingly inexplicably frustrated for a few moments before bursting out in a purposely horrid rendition of one of the songs.
  • He would be a really good figure skater what with his fabulous dancing skills if only he could figure out how to balance first. As it is he can’t skate without holding onto the edge or someone else and even then he still falls multiple times.
  • He also knows every lyric to the High School Musical songs. Just the first one and like two songs from the second one because the second movie’s plot made him mad so he didn’t bother with anything outside of “What time is it?” and “I don’t dance” because hey they’re catchy.
  • Keith one day during training for forming mental links makes a comment along the lines of “Lance why do you feel so… wrong?” Hunk groans and it’s the only warning any of them get before Lance yells enthusiastically ”My head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song!!!!”

Um… that’s it for now. I probably have more but this got super song sorry

magehand replied to your post “i loves taz to death but i wish more of its major npcs were women”

same like i feel like griffins trying Harder esp when u compare the eleventh hour to all the arcs before it but then i remember motrpl had One woman in it like period

like rowan couldve easily been a girl? or something?

yes omg motrpl was one of my favourite arcs but it was definitely lacking in the women department

that’s part of why i love troth in taz nights!!! she kind of forces everyone’s hand

Don’t attack me please

I find it really interesting that Ian’s girlfriend has short dark hair, is a Nintendo fan and loves cats while Anthony’s girlfriend has brown hair, blue eyes and a dog.


If Sasuke and Hinata owned a bakery together, I want it to be split in half where Hinata has sweet to death treats and drinks on one side and Sasuke has more moderate or bitter snacks and drinks on the other.

And people love it because it’s different and may even think they’re in a rivalry and were forced to share the same building.

Nozomu: “Oh, oh! Let’s take a picture together.”

MC-chan: “…”

Nozomu: “…What?”

MC-chan: “…N-no, I think I should do it. You might just take a picture of your nose like last time.”

Nozomu: “…Yeah. Maybe you’re right.”