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Thunderbirds Are Go – ‘Guardian/Angel’

Sometimes distress arrives on your doorstep, in the shape of an all too familiar face.

Twin fic below cut, features injuries and angst of sorts


The hatch closes with a satisfying swoosh. EOS looks down at the two figures that are sitting in the airlock. One of them is clearly unconscious, while the other is trying hard not to panic. The only sound inside that cramped space is that of John’s labouring breath. His helmet, which he removed as if on autopilot, is floating around in an almost carefree fashion, softly bumping against the walls of the airlock.


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Now that my sleeping beauty of a boyfriend is awake i could finally scan this :D

FAPuary page 1. Smol iwaois. and a chibi to fill empty space o_O” .. i need to practice them. Onwards to finish Page 2! I tried to not use the eraser as much so .. a lot of this would usually be redrawn :’D… defeats the purpose though.



Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

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