i think they're cute~

  • Cassian: Alright guys I'll see you later! Bi!
  • Azriel: See you!
  • Cassian: ....
  • Cassian: Bi!
  • Rhys: Yeah we'll catch you later.
  • Cassian: ............
  • Cassian: I said BI!
  • Mor: Cassian what's wrong with you?
  • Cassian: Bi. BI. I'M TELLING YOU I'M BI.
  • Rhys: ...
  • Azriel: ...
  • Mor: ...
  • Rhys: Cassian you've literally slept with everyone at this table. We know.
  • Cassian: ... Well bi to you too. *walks out*
  • Amren: *walks in* Cassian's gone? Aces.

30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere

Okay but...

Woman with super power, saving the earth from non-earthly individuals and from humans (sometimes using non-earthly individuals), dating guys before ending up with a woman + human girlfriend at the head of a corp, smartass, badass, also bi.

I’m not the only one who sees this right ?!

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Now that my sleeping beauty of a boyfriend is awake i could finally scan this :D

FAPuary page 1. Smol iwaois. and a chibi to fill empty space o_O” .. i need to practice them. Onwards to finish Page 2! I tried to not use the eraser as much so .. a lot of this would usually be redrawn :’D… defeats the purpose though.

although if finnrose is canon.. I get it’s disappointing not to finally see gay rep or to get a payoff on finnrey but it would be good if people didn’t sling hate at it or write it off as “yet another het ship” bc there’s not a lot of representation for interracial relationships in big-budget films and especially not between two poc so Yea

I’m just imagining at some point in the future where Yuuri and Viktor become parents and it’s all good and they’re aggressively doting Skatin’ Dads and then one day Yurio is like ‘hey when do I get to babysit?’

And Yuuri & Viktor are a bit ??? because Yuri’s never really seemed like the babysitting type, you know. But they’re like, well he seems to do okay when they’re all together we’ll give him a chance. So for their next date night they have Yuri come and watch The Baby. They’re a bit nervous of course, keeping an eye on their phones more than usual, but Yuri keeps them updated and it all goes swimmingly. They’re even pleasantly surprised when Yuri mentions that she didn’t even fuss when he put her to bed. She always fusses when someone else puts her to bed!

And so Yuri sort of becomes their go-to babysitter. Baby likes Yuri. Yuri likes Baby. Yuuri & Viktor get nice, relaxing date nights. Wee!

They also happen to notice new baby things popping up here and there: various toy kitties, baby-sized tiger print leggings, various pairs of animal print neon colored socks. All of which really stand out against all the over priced baby clothes Viktor has bought for her. And then one day Yuuri’s going to dress the baby for an outing and finds a baby leather jacket(complete with a roaring tiger on the back) in the closet.

He of course brings it to Viktor like ‘did you buy this?’

And Viktor is like ‘wtf no, that totally goes against The Aesthetic I’m going for.’

They both just stare at the jacket for a minute and then Viktor is texting Yuri ‘did you buy our baby an ugly leather jacket???’

Yuri replies five seconds later with ‘1st of all: fuck you. 2nd: I’m helping make sure your kid turns out cool, god knows she’s gonna need all the help she can get with your two uncool idiots for her parents. 3rd: fuck you again bc that jacket is fucking AWESOME.’


I’d like to have a word with the stylist–

bleach model au in which ichigo and rukia lose a bet to orihime and uryuu and the loser had to do a ‘’’’’’serious’’’’’ photoshoot in clothes of the winner’s choice…… thus leading to those gree cards