i think they're american

Things kids in my school have said

“I’m so tired, I’m gonna fall down the stairs. Don’t catch me, I wanna die.”

“JE SUIS LIVRE!” (translation: I am book) 

“Dude I haven’t vegetabled since two weeks ago.” 

“The last time I felt emotion was 2002″ 

“Is your exam dank enough?” 

“don’t let your memes be memes. Kill them instead.” 

“did you just assume that I got sleep last night? How dare you.” 

“I want to be that pigeon. He does what ever he wants.” 


“How do you expect me to french if i can’t even english.” 


“Why are white mom names so funny.”

“Are you apart of the bleach club?” 

“I’m a professional actor.” “I don’t care I’m awkward.” 

“Is it just me or is she more dead than usual.” 

“Bee movie memes are the only reason why I’m alive.” 

“At least she didn’t say you would sink in the dead sea.” 

“I’m captain of the pigeons.” 

“I have D-money’s class next.” 

“Teenagers tend to be more impulsive and dangerous” “BECAUSE THEY SLEEP WITH A GUN! AND KEEP AN EYE ON YOU SON!” 

“How are you all today?” “Well I don’t know about the rest of the class, but I’m dead inside.”

“remember that if the pH scale is a higher number, then it’s more basic.” “So the Hydrochloric acid drinks a lot of Starbucks?” 

For the people writing latinx characters

I know y’al like chancla and abuelita jokes, but please consider:

  • Not all latinos are from Mexico,  Dominican Republic or other countries closer to the USA. Just because immigrants from these countries are more common on the United States doesn’t mean that they’re the only latinos that exist.
  • Not all of us speak Spanish. Latino and Hispanic are not synonyms. Brazilians are latinos too.
  • Despite what you might think, a lot of us are not familiar with the things you typically associate Latinos with. I can assure you a Chilean would have no idea of what la chancla is if it wasn’t for the memes.
  • On the same note, not all of us are from tropical, hot countries and have dark skin. A lot of us are from cold, arid places; desertic or mountain areas, or the pampa. 
  • There are more Latino stereotypes that the ones you always see. Think mountains, wearing ponchos, and llamas.
  • Not all of us celebrate Día de los Muertos.

So yeah, maybe try to write something else other than the two or three Latino stereotypes that exist in media.


You sat in this cold, dank room for several hours and you have spoken to a couple of assholes! (x)


tfw u gotta make sure the camp’s Official Couple are okay with splitting up because if u don’t ask they will definitely steal all ur booze and whitewash ur horse

BTS (gif) Reaction: Being on International WGM (we got married) and They're Paired with an American

I think the only thing they’d be worried about is how to communicate (╯ಊ╰)

Jin (Seokjin):

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*uses his charm*

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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this babe knows english he’s good

Suga (Yoongi):

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When they speak english he’ll just look at them like (gif^^) and just smile through it hoping that he can pick out a few words here and there.

J-hope (Hoseok):

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i fu king love this gif i’m sorry

*uses the only english statement he knows* “Important business!”

if you haven’t watched Bon Voyage then you won’t know what I’m talking about


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aww he’s going to be so flustered because he doesn’t really know english

“H-how do I talk to them!?”

V (Taehyung):

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*just uses weird charade-like, flailing movements/hand gestures to communicate* 


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He’s SOOOOO nervous tbh, because he has nooo idea how to communicate 

aw poor babe

hope you enjoyed! i didn’t do too well (in my opinion) with this, so sorry about that! i didn’t really know where to go with it ಥ‿ಥ

  • @perrieedwards: wtf are lucky charms ?? they look like they'd either be amazing or gross ://
  • @perrieedwards: also, while we're on the subject, wtf is a poptart ??
MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Adds Dylan Sprayberry to Season 4 Lineup

Wait, what? A TV show employed a 15-year-old to play a 15-year-old?! 


More Kingsmantalia! Part 2 from ye ol’ Kingsmantalia AU with England(x). Iggy’s in charge and he’s got his trusted fellas: Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Wy and New Zealand. (Also Adult!Sealand just because I wanted to draw him in that outfit *u*) 

the signs as awkward shit i did in 2015
  • Aries: punched an italian guy because he said i looked 13
  • Taurus: got caught in a spiral of lies so big that I had to fake a broken finger for three weeks
  • Gemini: wiped out everything from june 2010 to june 2013 off the internet and blocked everyone i know from that time
  • Cancer: a drunk guy was offering me money saying he liked teen beauties so i snatched the money off his hand and said "merci!" and dashed off cackling
  • Leo: walked around conwy castle and the city around it wearing a pink fluffy princess crown
  • Virgo: pretended to be 14 to enter a rollercoaster, heard "nice try, this is for over 12 years old only"
  • Libra: went to the other side of town in the middle of a school day and ate a 5 people KFC bucket by myself because i was feeling sad
  • Scorpio: made out with an italian guy just behind my parents because why the hell not
  • Sagittarius: got kicked out of class because i said americans think they're the cops of the world
  • Capricorn: accidentally shaved my brother's eyebrows off with duct tape
  • Aquarius: ran away from pe barefoot in the snow because i didn't want to take a test
  • Pisces: made my friends think that i was really sick when in reality i spent a week at home crafting
Proof that Eliza & Bob are actual dorks
  • Fan: I just wanna say that your american accents are amazing...
  • Eliza: *trying her american accent but like making fun of it in a cute voice* Thank youuuuu
  • Eliza: I appreciate that
  • Eliza: Sorry
  • Host: Is that what everybody thinks Americans sound like?
  • Eliza: *mocking the american accent* Yeahhhhhhh. Suree, why nawt
  • Eliza: No.
  • Eliza: *in her real american accent* No, I talk like this.
  • Bob: What?
  • Bob: I don't know what's happening, guys.
  • Bob: I think Eliza's broken.
  • Eliza: I'm trying to do my american accent....

Shit America, I feel bad for you. It’s looking more and more like Trump is gonna get the Republican nomination… Like he could potentially become president. That’s fucking terrifying.

He hasn’t really said anything about his platform.. he says “I’m gonna be great about women’s health! The Mexicans are gonna build a wall and they’re gonna be happy about it! I’m gonna take the jobs back from China!”

Like what the fuck are you talking about?

These moron republicans think he’s so great because he’s just so charismatic and energetic, and really just knows how to make people like him.

But listen, you know who else was was really charismatic and people loved and followed, but also spewed bullshit? Hitler.

Don’t vote for Trump. Just don’t.