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BTS as words
  • Seokjin: Serene
  • Yoongi: Tempestuous
  • Hoseok: luminescence
  • Namjoon: Aesthetic
  • Jimin: Divine
  • Taehyung: Unorthodox
  • Jungkook: Timorous

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“some days, all that grounded him was the knowledge that his and adam’s friendship existed in a place that money couldn’t influence. anything that spoke to the contrary hurt gansey more than he would have admitted out loud. with precision, he’d asked, “is that what you think of me?”

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everytime garrett hawke is drawn wearing a muscle shirt with a witty saying on it, gym shorts, and dudebro flip flops with white socks, an angel gets its wings

  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Kara Danvers
  • Look like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Alex Danvers
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: James Olsen
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: Winn Schott
  • Sinnamon roll: Lena Luthor


Concept: a fantasy setting where True Names are extremely important in magic, but what makes a True Name is wildly inconsistent from person to person. Some people’s change; some people’s don’t.

Maybe it’s the name they were given when they were born; maybe it’s a name they chose for themself. Maybe it’s whatever they are most commonly addressed as, which makes keeping it secret rather complicated. This person’s true name is from their adoptive family, that one from their birth family, that one from the family they married into. That person’s true name is the nickname they were given by their dearest friend. That person’s true name is the nickname they WILL be given by their dearest friend, whom they haven’t actually met yet. That person’s true name is the nickname they were given by their dearest friend when they were in preschool, who they haven’t seen since. That person’s is the name of their self-insert character.

Unless there’s some way of divining true names, there would be a lot of people who just don’t know what theirs IS. (If there is, many of them would still be left wondering where the hell their name comes from.) Very powerful name magic becomes very TRICKY.

After reading so much Egil’s Saga I’d like to submit this headcanon to the Hetalia fandom: 

Sometimes during meetings the Nordics will spontaneously compose poetry. If it’s a Nordic meeting, the other Nordics(or at least Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark I’m not sure about Finland) will listen very seriously and afterwards they will reward whoever came up with the poem with cookies or pens or whatever they have around(cause nobody carries around gold anymore). If it’s during a world meeting the other Nordics are still super serious about it, England might be begrudgingly appreciative or annoyed cause he thinks his poetry is better (depends on which of the Nordics is speaking), maybe Japan would try to respond with a haiku, everyone else is just bewildered cause I thought those guys were vikings why are they composing poetry how long have they been doing that why are they asking me for a cookie now???



i’ll probably make a post with an overview later, but now’s the perfect time to start watching at part one!

part eleven is here.

warnings: the revolution has arrived, lucheni finally gets to act like the anarchist anti-monarchist he was, there’s a song dedicated to an absolutely absurd morning routine that’s actually 100% historically accurate, there’s a song with lyrics that are gonna go by really, really fast, so like, brace yourself

translator’s notes


for fun trivia, here’s the single most famous painting of elisabeth:

i can barely wrap my head around the fact that most of you haven’t seen it.

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Hey! I love your hcs and think they're pretty accurate to the boys. Can I have a scenario with S/M (Tsukinami if you can) where s/o is mute due to a traumatic past?

I’m guessing they’re picking to be mute and not actually mute sooo…I hope I’m right.

  • Ayato: “I mean- coME ON!” He’s very frustrated you won’t speak to him, “My mother tried to drown me and I’m still here and talking, so why can’t you? Come on, talk to me- say something. Being dead silent is just as annoying as not shutting up.”
  • Reiji: “I wonder what made her shut down like that.” He isn’t mad, just curious. He wants to know what traumatic event happened that shut you up for good, he doesn’t like it when you won’t answer his questions though.
  • Laito: “I went through..some stuff. If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.” He tried to be gentle and offer to open up to you about what happened to him with his (awful) Mother. But you wouldn’t budge, which actually made him angry and then he didn’t want anything to do with you.
  • Kanato: “If it makes you feel any better, I burned my Mother.” You were very shocked and now never wanted to speak to him, he had scared you to death (almost) by saying that. You tried to avoid him at all cost after that.
  • Subaru: Subaru lets you be quiet most of the time, but sometimes he tries to make small talk like ’Do you think you’re a monster too?’ he is very curious to why you’re so shut off to the world.
  • Shu: Good. He likes you to be quiet so he can sleep, but eventually he wants to ask you straight up what has made you the way that you are. Eventually you budge and tell him, then he shrugs it off with, “It’s alright, my only friend was murdered when I was younger. We have something in common then.”
  • Ruki: “Livestock, why won’t you talk to me? Is it something here that makes you uneasy?” he tries to understand at first, but then slowly loses his cool and gives you a cold shoulder since you won’t let him help you.
  • Kou: Kou doesn’t even ask what happened to you, he just thinks you’re actually mute and leaves it at that and you two get along pretty well.
  • Yuma: “Well since you won’t use your mouth, can you use your hands?” (don’t think like that guys-) He drug you off to the garden and forces you to help since you won’t protest or argue.
  • Azusa: “It’s okay..we can..use hand gestures or…paper?” He was trying to figure out a solid way to communicate without making you uncomfortable.
  • Shin: Since you don’t protest to anything, he does what he wants to you and you can’t do anything about it.
  • Carla: He actually sort of treats you gentle. Something really bad must of happened to make you stop talking, right? So he tries his best to try and get you to talk.

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Hey I love your headcanons and scenarios. I think they're realistically accurate to the guys. How would the S/M guys react to an S/O that had the voice of siren. (Like the mermaids that entrance people with their voice)

Thank you, glad you like them :)


Ruki: Would feel proud of himself for having ‘tamed’ such a creature as yourself. If he caught boys talking about you then he’d lure them up to the rooftop and instruct you to use your voice to kill them, showing them how dangerous you really are.

Kou: Constantly try to persuade you to perform at one of his concerts despite the numerous possibilities for something to go wrong. Likes the idea of you getting jealous of his fans and harming them.

Yuma: Not interested. At all. That is, unless you could use your voice to help with plant growth in his garden, which you can’t. Doesn’t care unless you pose a threat to him and/or his brothers.

Azusa: Other than when you occasionally sing for him before going to sleep, he doesn’t care all that much. Though he does often try to persuade you to you your voice to harm him.


Subaru: Pretends that he couldn’t give less of a fuck but secretly thinks it’s pretty cool that you can defend yourself should the occasion arise. Likes to stand (at a distance) when you sing and just quietly appreciate your voice.

Reiji: Plans to conduct (hopefully harmless) experiments on you and your voice. How did you come to possess it? Why doesn’t it affect vampires? Does it effect any other none-human beings? 

Shu: May eventually ask you to record yourself singing something just for him and put it on his ‘favorites’ soundtrack. He always pretends that it’s simply a coincidence that he’s constantly near you (seemingly sleeping) when you sing.

Ayato: Likes to gloat to others about your ‘amazing voice’ and is quite fond of watching you demonstrate it on rude boys who don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves.

Laito: If your voice is that good then surely your moans are heaven. Like Ayato, he also likes to observe you when you’re dealing with relentless mortal boys.

Kanato: He’ll either see you as a competitor or do to you what his mother did to him - have you constantly singing for him by his side. But, if he does care for you, then perhaps he won’t make you sing for quite as long as he used to.

Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.
—  John Green

Happy Birthday to Joseph Mallozzi, Dark Matter’s very own Captain!

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Hi! I love your personality analyses + think they're much more accurate than I could ever do myself lol and I was wondering if you could do one for Daehwi? Thank you so much!!!

hey there! thank you so much for saying such nice things^^ ofcourse i’ll do a daehwi one for you

  • i want to highlight just how young this boy is right now??? he’s 17. SEVENTEEN. That’s actually quite young??? Like one’s personality starts forming at the age of 4-5 when we start picking out which colour clothes we like better or what food we don’t wanna eat but there is no say about WHEN YOUR PERSONALITY STOPS forming so i just wanna say that this analysis, take it with a grain of salt. he’s still growing and changing.
  • essentially though, where he comes from (origin story idk?) he’s a bright and happy young boy. the plain old combination of fascinated by how much he loves music and that’s why he got into this. from all the brand new music boys, i only see the crazy music passion from daehwi and im youngmin (but he’s more serious about it, with age it comes).
  • its very impressive that at the age of 17 daehwi can compose and arrange music. which is a clear indication of amazing creative ability not to mention a high instinct for picking out what sells. let me tell you, creating pop music is one of the hardest things out there
  • daehwi is quite innocent and pure even now. like he’s a good follower and he’s easily spooked by people who are authoritative. the way he was around dongho makes me wonder why does he have that fear in him? he looked about ready to bolt. a tough father or brother figure in his life?
  • the boy got bullied in high school i bet my ass on this. he’s also getting cyber bullied now which, be ashamed about. all of you. you’re hating on a 17yr old boy how do you feel about that
  • about his greed to be centre - i really don’t think its greed. like greed requires a certain amount of manipulation. people are willing to break a few of their moral principles to get what they want, while hurting others. even if daehwi can someday be capable of the first, i dont think he’s capable of hurting someone older than him at this point. out of respect, he wont
  • a natural cutie? i mean its a given considering he is the youngest and has been the youngest and you can see that the brand new music kinda lowkey adore him (but MMO has better dynamic. i’ll get there later)
  • for his age, he’s quite the brave soul. he’s got this fight in him that i really admire you know? even though he heard such hard words (did you know that the most searched term with daehwi’s name was “gay”? thats just awful dont do that) he resigned himself to apologising on live tv and he did so respectfully and gracefully. good job matey
  • which is precisely why i think whether he debuts with b.o.i or not, he’s going to be just fine because he has the mettle to patiently wait and learn more and come back when he’s ready.

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all in all, that’s daehwi for me. i know it was more rant than facts in here but these are the parts of him that really stood out to me. the rest is just feeling so i cant really articulate that well. im sorry guysss~~

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