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BTS as words
  • Seokjin: Serene
  • Yoongi: Tempestuous
  • Hoseok: luminescence
  • Namjoon: Aesthetic
  • Jimin: Divine
  • Taehyung: Unorthodox
  • Jungkook: Timorous

everytime garrett hawke is drawn wearing a muscle shirt with a witty saying on it, gym shorts, and dudebro flip flops with white socks, an angel gets its wings

  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Kara Danvers
  • Look like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Alex Danvers
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: James Olsen
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: Winn Schott
  • Sinnamon roll: Lena Luthor


i’ll probably make a post with an overview later, but now’s the perfect time to start watching at part one!

part eleven is here.

warnings: the revolution has arrived, lucheni finally gets to act like the anarchist anti-monarchist he was, there’s a song dedicated to an absolutely absurd morning routine that’s actually 100% historically accurate, there’s a song with lyrics that are gonna go by really, really fast, so like, brace yourself

translator’s notes


for fun trivia, here’s the single most famous painting of elisabeth:

i can barely wrap my head around the fact that most of you haven’t seen it.

A funny conversation between Swap Mable and an obvious jealous Swap Connie 

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Hi! I love your personality analyses + think they're much more accurate than I could ever do myself lol and I was wondering if you could do one for Daehwi? Thank you so much!!!

hey there! thank you so much for saying such nice things^^ ofcourse i’ll do a daehwi one for you

  • i want to highlight just how young this boy is right now??? he’s 17. SEVENTEEN. That’s actually quite young??? Like one’s personality starts forming at the age of 4-5 when we start picking out which colour clothes we like better or what food we don’t wanna eat but there is no say about WHEN YOUR PERSONALITY STOPS forming so i just wanna say that this analysis, take it with a grain of salt. he’s still growing and changing.
  • essentially though, where he comes from (origin story idk?) he’s a bright and happy young boy. the plain old combination of fascinated by how much he loves music and that’s why he got into this. from all the brand new music boys, i only see the crazy music passion from daehwi and im youngmin (but he’s more serious about it, with age it comes).
  • its very impressive that at the age of 17 daehwi can compose and arrange music. which is a clear indication of amazing creative ability not to mention a high instinct for picking out what sells. let me tell you, creating pop music is one of the hardest things out there
  • daehwi is quite innocent and pure even now. like he’s a good follower and he’s easily spooked by people who are authoritative. the way he was around dongho makes me wonder why does he have that fear in him? he looked about ready to bolt. a tough father or brother figure in his life?
  • the boy got bullied in high school i bet my ass on this. he’s also getting cyber bullied now which, be ashamed about. all of you. you’re hating on a 17yr old boy how do you feel about that
  • about his greed to be centre - i really don’t think its greed. like greed requires a certain amount of manipulation. people are willing to break a few of their moral principles to get what they want, while hurting others. even if daehwi can someday be capable of the first, i dont think he’s capable of hurting someone older than him at this point. out of respect, he wont
  • a natural cutie? i mean its a given considering he is the youngest and has been the youngest and you can see that the brand new music kinda lowkey adore him (but MMO has better dynamic. i’ll get there later)
  • for his age, he’s quite the brave soul. he’s got this fight in him that i really admire you know? even though he heard such hard words (did you know that the most searched term with daehwi’s name was “gay”? thats just awful dont do that) he resigned himself to apologising on live tv and he did so respectfully and gracefully. good job matey
  • which is precisely why i think whether he debuts with b.o.i or not, he’s going to be just fine because he has the mettle to patiently wait and learn more and come back when he’s ready.

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all in all, that’s daehwi for me. i know it was more rant than facts in here but these are the parts of him that really stood out to me. the rest is just feeling so i cant really articulate that well. im sorry guysss~~

if mcu adam doesn’t have perfect lips and wavy golden locks i’m going to be sorely disappointed 

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I saw that dicky cheung post of yours about him playing Sun Wukong and I'm currently reading Journey to the West (Anthony C Yu's translation) and every time wukong is mentioned to be ugly I can't help but think about that post LOL

@thatchinesesupermanfan I know right?! More reason to share that post with the world XD Dicky Cheung’s Wukong wasn’t just handsome- they went ahead and made him outright pretty.

I also like how inconsistent everyone’s reaction to Wukong is in the book, because you have people screaming in fear on one hand, and on the other, you just get these people who plain don’t care (like that woodcutter he met- that guy was just “oh hey you, talking monkey”), so we can’t tell who’s the one with the normal reaction haha. 

And it’s great because even now, his fans still argue about how he’s supposed to look- I think the best response was that time someone posted Wu’s descriptions side-by-side with a real monkey, and the conclusion was that Wukong’s supposed to look like a regular monkey.

Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.
—  John Green

me when shading anything