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I was looking at the height difference between Nath and Chloe, and i thought of this scenario *laugh* where in High School Chloe says something like, "Oh look at the little short kid, I can't even see him!" and after high school they end up meeting again and Nath just towers over her and leans over and just whispers, "Can you see me now?" AND I JUST HAD TO TELL YOU

This is the scenario I imagine. I went to high school with a couple of guys that were literally the shortest people in our class (this was through senior year). Saw them a couple of years later and they were over 6 ft. I love this scenario. Now, I’m still about short Nath, but I love this idea too. Growth spurts can come really late lol.  

Old Draco & Harry in a nursing home 

Draco: ‘’Potter.’’

Harry: ‘’We’ve been married for 60 years. The least you could do is call me Harry.’’

Draco: ‘’Why on earth would I call you Hagrid?’’

Harry: ‘’That stopped being funny 60 years ago.’’

Draco: *lungs rattling, air wheezing through his windpipe, head shaking uncontrolably* ‘’TEHEHEHEHE’’

Kara and Lena meeting for the first time in 2x01

I just realized that scene is so funny when we go with Kara crushing on Lena from the first moment she sees her and Lena actually already knowing that Kara is Supergirl!! I’m rewatching their scenes for the 100th time

So Kara is acting a little nervous when she walks with Lena and Clark into the office, it’s noticable when Lena has her back turned to them for the first time.. 

Then Lena says that Superman saved the day and Kara’s first reaction is to add that Supergirl was there too.

So Kara has a crush on Lena and wants to make sure she knows that Supergirl is as much of a hero as Superman trying to impress the girl

And Lena already knowing about Kara being Supergirl would explain this reaction so much other than Lena being totally gay for Kara

Her first reaction is surprise, then that smirk and then she’s already turning her back to them again so they don’t see her reaction which is her totally laughing about Supergirl telling her how Supergirl saved the day because SHE ALREADY KNOWS and Lena probably thinks Kara is being really cute while introducing herself

and later where Lena tells them that she tries to make a name outside of her family, she asks if they understand that and then she looks to Kara who agrees with her right away which just makes me think about HOW MUCH THEY HAVE IN COMMON AND HOW THEY JUST GET EACH OTHER 

also look at Kara’s cute smile

  • someone: I see some romantic subtext between Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham and think they'd be a cute couple
  • me: that's fine
  • someone: elder cunningham is gay and in love with elder price and his relationship with Nabulungi was just because of internalized homophobia
  • me: have fun in hell

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You don't have it on your list of what you're willing to draw, so I was wondering if you were willing to draw some cute allushi (alluka and zushi)? I just feel like they'd be cute together. If not, I'm always ready for more killugon :3

As a matter of fact, I am more than willing to draw Allushi. I feel stupid for not putting it on my list of what I’m willing to draw since i think that they’re such a cute couple >w< I don’t know if this is what you were thinking when you said some cute Allushi, but I hope this is alright. Plus a bonus Killugon in the back bc i couldn’t resist

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For the ship meme Mucchan/Nagasone? If that's okay?

Yep! Perfectly okay!!

• who hogs the duvet: Mutsu.
•who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Nagasone and it’s mostly because he half expects Mutsu to get caught up in something stupid.
•who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Mutsu. Nagasone doesn’t stand a chance.
•who gets up first in the morning: Always Nagasone, he gets up when the sun rises to get in some training. Mutsu usually has to get dragged out of bed.
•who suggests new things in bed: A bit of both, but Mutsu more since Nagasone feels more awkward about bringing it up.
•who cries at movies: Mutsu. A good movie will get him every time.
•who gives unprompted massages: Nagasone. One of the few ways he likes to spoil Mutsu.
•who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Both can fuss but Mutsu definitely gets the most worked up.
•who gets jealous easiest: Nagasone is a jealous easy as much as he pretends otherwise. Mutsu loves it honestly.
•who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Mutsu no competition.
•who collects something unusual: Mutsu is always bringing home random things from different missions. It’s basically trash and Nagasone throws a lot of it out.
•who takes the longest to get ready: Mutsu, he doesn’t have a lot on him but manages to take forever.
•who is the most tidy and organised: Nagasone, but only in comparison. He’s organised but not the most tidy, still better than Mutsu.
•who gets most excited about the holidays: Mutsu but he gets excited over everything.
•who is the big spoon/little spoon: Mutsu might try to fight it but Nagasone is the big spoon without question.
•who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: Nagasone. He can be pretty damn stubborn and doesn’t like to lose.
•who starts the most arguments: Both honestly, they’re the type that can’t help finding something to bicker about to function well.
•who suggests that they buy a pet: Mutsu but it’s never a very committed suggestion.
•what couple traditions they have: Since Nagasone is usually shutting down Mutsu’s ideas for dragging him along, once a week he can’t say no to one of Mutsu’s suggestions and has to do something he wants.
•what tv shows they watch together: Mutsu is always making Nagasone join him for black and white movies??
•what other couple they hang out with: If any of the other Shinsengumi swords were dating probably them.
•how they spend time together as a couple: Usually bickering or poking fun at each ever.
•who made the first move: Probably both of them, like when the sexual tension reached it’s peak they just came at each other.
•who brings flowers home: Both, whoever was more in the wrong at the end of their last argument gets them for apologies.
•who is the best cook: Nagasone. He doesn’t even trust Mutsu in the kitchen.

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Building from the a/b/o height head cannon: What if an omega was like ridiculously tall like 6'1+ so no alphas would wanna date them and they'd like be mistaken for a different dynamic by people too far away to smell their scent. So they spend most of their time alone until this short alpha meets them and gives them a 'I know your pain' look and they become friends eventually a couple that everyone (from a distance) mistakes the dynamics? But they just laugh it off. Idk I think it'd be cute?

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  • M/F: Oh they're so cute! They match so well! They'd make a perfect couple! Meant for each other! Yadayadayada...
  • M/M: No that's just wrong! You can't ship real life people because that's not right. It's not your choice for who they like. Stop shipping them!
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Bitch?
  • Honestly, I'm so tired of this stupid "stop shipping" BS. I mean, I'm more of like the, " STOP FORCING YOUR SHIP DOWN THEIR THROATS", campaign. But the anti-shippers.. You don't like ships? Okay.. Sorry bae. You think it's wrong? Okay.. Sorry bae. But then, I've noticed that when hetero ships come into the picture, people who don't approve of shipping all of a sudden approve of that ship? Why?
  • I ship my ship. I'm a shipper. But I would never, ever force my ship for reality. I will respect whatever relationship that they will have.
  • I also respect /your/ opinion of ships. So it's about time your ass did the same of my shipping ass.
  • Anyways, time to address those shippers who take shit too damn far.
  • Calm the hell down child. You seriously take this shipping business way too damn far. To the point where you push it and force it and it gives the rest of us bad reputations. Not to mention our fandom as well. You ship them so badly that you become delusional. And you're going to deny this fact. I know you are because, like i said, delusional. But, snap out of it. You can ship them. Yes, but please respect their wishes. Don't bring down a member for your petty wants. Doing this makes you selfish and inconsiderate because you're doing all this with not even half ofa mind and you're NOT thinking about the consequences or the feelings of the poor guy. So stop the ship wars. Let other people ship whoever the hell they wanna ship. Keep your fucked up opinions to yourself. Bottle up all that negative shit and launch it into space because humanity is already as fucked up as it can possibly be without the added negativity. Thanks.

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TANAKA AND THAT KANOKA GIRL??? OH MY GOD THEYRE SO CUTE (but Tanaka frickin broke her heart I'm gonna fight him) they'd be soooo cuteeee together seriously like this is The Perfect Girl for Tanaka??? She's probably also a volleyball nerd, she's Really Cute, I can just imagine them going on a date and being the cutest couple ever,,, Tanaka better come to his senses and like this girl.... Also I really want Kiyoko to help them out

ohhhHHH my god i love these two together? I’m really looking forward to more interactions between them and I think that’d be a good opportunity for kiyoko and tanaka to bond as friends if she did step in to help :o


Okay, Maxwell is one of my favorites in TRR and if there was any chance that he’d be an LI I’d get my MC with him as soon as possible…but since it doesn’t look like he’ll be one, I think Penelope and him really would make a cute couple.

They’re both the human equivalent of a cinnamon roll (or Cronut, in this case) , and I think they’d actually be happy together. Especially since they both know how it feels like to be seen as incompetent and looked down on.

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I just found your blog and your art is amazing!!! I was thinking while looking at your Fairy Tail x Fairy Tales/ Disney art that if you were to do Nali, they'd be really cute as Ariel and Eric. It'd fit too hahaha uwu

I almost forgot about my Fairy Tail Disney crossovers! xD I spent a little longer on this one so that it was up there in quality with the other Disney ones. Idk, I just really wanted to practice water :3 Thanks for your request, I hope you like it!

DeviantArt link: http://fav.me/d8ublzu

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Am I allowed to ship Anthony and Chet? Because I think they'd be a really cute couple.

Oh my gosh. This is the most pure and wonderful ask. Not even I can taint it.

You can ship absolutely anyone you like <3

  • how people think i got into johnlock: you just got corrupted by tumblr and they made you think johnlock is real
  • how i actually got into johnlock: hey i think i'll watch sherlock, i heard it's a good show. *starts watching* oh it's in modern times and stuff, that's cool...is it just me or does john seem to be pretty into sherlock? ...oh dang he's definitely into him...HAHA sherlock is like oh shit i found my soulmate! *finishes first episode* i wonder if anyone else thinks they'd be a cute couple? no i'm probably crazy... *googles john/sherlock* *IS BURIED BY THE JOHNLOCK*

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How do you think the batboys would do with an SO on their period. Do you think they'd take care of them when they feel sick and get cramps? I can't help but think of them as just being cute confused angels.

dick was the kid in sex-ed that asked way too many questions. knows literally everything there is to know about The Ovulation Cycle. gets his s/o a heating pad and carries pads/tampons around with him for the first couple of days just in case they need them

jason is 100% behind them venting to him when a particularly painful cramp hits them. their face will just scrunch up and he’ll just. babe do u need to yell at me? and he’ll just let them scream at him until it passes. he also watches the sappiest weepiest shows with them until they’re both crying

tim has one of those apps that tracks their period and he is unashamed to say that he knows exactly when they’ll start pms-ing. gives them a heads up in advance and starts pushing tylenol at them before hand. mainly tries to keep them in bed on their side so its not as painful

older!damian has a very basic grasp of sex ed so he doesn’t know much but he is Trying His Best. he just holds onto them with his arms wrapped low around their waist and he can of course run and get them some ibuprofren it’s no trouble to him just one second beloved.

Nagisa and Makoto enjoying a family picnic / tea party in pajamas + flower crowns! 

Idea lovingly given by themultifandomnerd ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

(or should it be hazuki??? who’s taking the other’s last name? both sound nice i think…)

kukkamuna suggested Naoto and Naomi for Makoto and Nagisa’s twin babies! I think the names are perfect, especially with their explanation:

I like Naomi for a boy and Naoto for a girl to keep the unisex names theme going.

The “Nao” in both names uses the first kanji of Makoto’s name. Naoto means “pure sound”, while Naomi means “pure water”. Both names refer back to the parents’ names!

They’d be clueless about names lol. Nagisa would suggest historical names that sound outdated (he loves history after all). Makoto is more traditional and would think of familIal names. Nothing feels right until they figure it out or friends/family help them. They use Makoto’s name since Nagisa’s can only make names like Nagisako or Nagisami. Not flexible. Makoto wants to honor him somehow though, so he suggests “Naomi” so it begins with “na” and is the “pure/fresh water” to Nagisa’s “shore”. :)

I forgot about Naoto! They wouldn’t know they’re having twins right away of course, so when they do find out they’re like “crap, we need another name”. This time they use the kanji for sound since it refers to the “koto”, or harp, in Makoto’s name.

How cute is that?? So creative ; ;

Also, I’d like to think they’d have a couple cats. Cats all over the house!

the future significant others of seventeen members (110% my personal predictions)
  • **so i just wanted to get this down somewhere as sort of like an i suppose, prediction and hopes(??) for the future girlfriends (or hey! maybe boyfriends) of seventeen members and this is 110% my opinion!!! ((i'll be referring to the significant others as females since at this point, nothings been said to prove that they're not straight))
  • Seungcheol: leADER OF THE TROOP who's also a kid on the inside - his s/o would be someone who probably doesn't identify as introverted or extroverted but someone dead set in the middle, she'll be caring with random goofy sides to her and when she laughs she laughs with her whole body, she probably would throw her head back too, i have a feeling she'd love shopping and eating street food with s. coups and she'd give off this warm aura that doesn't necessarily draw your full attention to her but it's enough to acknowledge her happy presence and smile // the relationship would probably be full of activities, they'd have fun everywhere they go and lazy days wouldn't be very often, they'd be the couple known for having dozens of crazy & silly candid couple pictures ((and yes i think they'd totally wear couple t-shirts)) and their relationship would probably include a lot of planning but then giving up and just winging things
  • Jeonghan: jeonghan tho, jeonghan, this literal angel - his s/o would be a flower enthusiast, i see her wearing pastel but on bad days opting for darker shades and sweatpants, she'll be reserved and fairly quiet but blossoms like a rose once you get to know her, she probably listens to classical music and also really loves kpop girl groups, i also think that she'd have a sweet tooth and may have a huge thing for really really REALLY nice shoes or purses and she would constantly post photos of her doing jeonghan's hair or him making faces and they'd probably share the same conditioner let's be real here // i think that the relationship would be quite slow & very easy going at first but when they get to a significant point of commitment, they'd be everywhere, E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, you can't escape this
  • Joshua: does anyone even deserve joshua, he's too good for this world - his s/o would be super sweet like a slice of strawberry cake, i see her as rosy cheeked with a slight geeky side who probably plays piano or violin, perhaps even cello and would love to learn how to play the guitar from joshua, she'd be a bundle of joy (this sounds like i'm talking about a baby omg) and her perspective on life is so gentle and welcoming you could sit in awe just listening to her talk about things she's curious about, she reminds me of a quiet coffee store with books and tiny plants everywhere soaking in the warm sunshine // i think the relationship would be very honest and gentle and they'd be the cute couple you see at carnivals that kind of stare up at the rides at sundown while sitting on a bench with smiles on their faces and your parents would love him and his would love her
  • Jun: mr. wushu-boy probably has ladies lining up just to look at his face, aNYWAYS - his s/o would come off as a slightly tedious person in the very beginning but would probably be a super funny person, i see her as someone who likes sports but isn't very good at them, her go to shoes would probably be sneakers, she's someone who you wouldn't immediately love until you had a good conversation and sense of who she is and wants to be, she probably would be the type who would prefer jun to lay his head on her rather than the other way // the relationship would include trying a lot of new things and i think they'd probably both would get hardcore obsessed with something together, they'd be the couple you see at random trinket stores laughing and taking pictures with/of funny and cute lil items but then not buying anything ((or on the rare occasion, one thing each))
  • Hoshi: i pray that hoshi will find the most adorable, boisterous and happy lil ball of sunshinE - i see her as someone who wears colourful clothing (not necessarily neon), she probably has resting nice face and is fairly lazy but will do things with the right amount
  • of motivation, she probably has a big thing for cute animals ((if you ever watched marriage not dating, i imagine she'd be a shorter & louder version of jangmi!!)) and you'd probably associate her to the colours green and pink // they'd probably have some sort of synced up scale for their levels of hype, like they'd both be lazy and tired but then would be excited and jumpy about something they both equally love, they'd be the couple that does everything together and act like best friends in love
  • Wonwoo: wHOEVERGETSTODATETHISBOY is2g you've been blessed by the gods above - i see his girl as someone who prefers long sleeves to short sleeves but the occasional tank top, she'd probably love the colour blue or purple, she'd be a hard worker but knows when to take a break, she'd have two sides; her bored-staring-off-into-space side and then her adorable giddy restless face-pulling side, i'm so sure she'd always have candy or food in her bag and she'd probably would love to travel everywhere and holding hands with wonwoo would be her favourite thing to do // they'd probably be a low-key couple in public but do crazy weird-butt things when alone or with the other members, they'd be a loving pairing with so much respect for the other and probably likes night walks and yEs she'd steal his sweaters all the time, they're couple name would be 'mr and mrs sweater paws'
  • Woozi: wooziwooziwoozi, his girl would get woozi with love ((that didn't make sense ok moviNG ON)) - his significant other would probably loves sleep and cereal at night, i see her as someone who always is wrapped up in her blanket at home, she'd be someone who'd get chilly easily (woozi would probably hold her hands in his hands like a lil ball of warmth i wANT THIS TO HAPPEN PLEASE) and she'd always have a cardigan everywhere (she'd probably have a few sweaters in the cabinet in the pledis practice room and at the dorms) & she'd be a blazing hot fireball, like woozi she'd probably give off the impression of being younger than she actually is but is a tough lil bee who probably really likes fruit and gets her way // these two would probably judge everyone together like they'd be that couple who someone who ask a really stupid question to and they'd just stare at the guy with no expression until he leaves and then casually go back into their conversation, they'd be a very honest couple and would fix problems head on before spiralling out of their control
  • Seokmin: nobody ever rain on this boy's parade okAy okay. - his s/o would most likely be equally sunny as dk is and is someone who used to be insecure but has for the most part fought and won against her insecurities, you'd probably associate her with a sunny and bright day, she may be a either a dangerously good baker or a really crappy one who's meanest dish is a fruit salad but i know that she'd love dk unconditionally, she'd be 110% committed to the relationship, she'd probably drink tea all the time especially with added slices of lemon, she'd have a rose-glass tinted outlook on everything, she'd be a very positive thinker who tries very hard to never be negative, she's a self improver and probably loves buying cute korean makeup items & has shelves full of them in her bathroom // they'd probably have random dance parties to upbeat songs while cooking dinner and dk would spin her around before reaching behind her to try the pasta, THIS RELATIONSHIP I SWEAR TO GOD WILL BE THE EQUIVALENT OF A PICTURE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP WITH PHOTO EVIDENCE ON REGULAR OCCASIONS when will this happen, they'd also probably get matching bracelets that aren't the cheesiest thing ever but almost, just almost
  • Mingyu: if he doesn't adopt a puppy with his s/o i will cry - mingyu's s/o would be a go-getter but with some shy moments, i see her as someone who's still figuring her ambitions in life, she probably has a decent amount of friends and doesn't have only one best friend in particular, she'd never be able to pass by a pet shop without looking at the animals inside, she'd have a calming purplish aura that radiates off of her, she'd be someone you want to tell all your secrets to because she gives off the impression that she's trustworthy and don't worry, she is!! but maybe a little forgetful but either way, she's still oh-so lovable, she'd strike me as someone who would get mingyu random gifts, whatever reminds her of him she'd buy for him and she would always share her food with him but would be stingy arounds others if very hungry, i think she'd probably be into photography too or some sort of technical art skill // they'd be known as the couple who always goes into photo booths, they probably have like 50 strips of that stuff but it's okay because they pull the funniest faces and sometimes seventeen members photobomb and they turn out great, they'd have a go with the flow but steady going relationship and would probably start out as good friends
  • Minghao: mY lil bundle of cuteness and bboying skills - i think that the girl he'll end up with would be someone quite reserved, she'd be very into taking selfies tho and probably would be really into k-dramas or anime, she'd be the opposite of stuck up and would be the most helpful human bean in the world, she'd probably be shorter than minghao and if she doesn't know chinese, she'd learn it so that she could communicate with him and his family members better, she'd be someone who zones out constantly and is giggly and ticklish, she would also have a weird appetite ranging from eating a few bites to eating a few plates, she probably really likes her coffee sweet, she'd be patient and would make minghao laugh all the time, she may not be the most confident but would stand up for what she believes in and if someone's being hurtful or hateful she wouldn't be one to stand on the side but yet she wouldn't be one to fight, she'd be a peaceful person who people always underestimate // this relationship would probably need to last a while before marriage is even in the question, they're both ones to enjoy life one step at a time, they'd be the couple who you sometimes forget about but when you do see pictures, you wouldn't be able to stop scrolling for at least an hour
  • Seungkwan: boonon boonon boonon - his girl would be hilarious, she probably would come from a family with siblings and share the same family morals as seungkwan does, she was probably a really good student, she knows how to entertain an audience but may not necessarily be the first one to volunteer for that job, she probably prefers to listen to music out loud rather than through earphones unless in quiet public places, she'd be a reader but with little time to sit down with a book, she'd probably be the funnest person to bring to the supermarket because you know you'd be going home with multiple fun items and she'd be the most inviting person, she'll never make anyone feel left out from a conversation or party and loves making others laugh // they'd be a couple to watch out for in the streets, they'd probably be the type to swing their arms together rEAlly high up before realising so after a few minutes or an accidental hit, they'd be the cute couple you see at a cafe sitting across from one another laughing at a funny story while sharing a piece of dessert and love in their eyes (this made me gag slightly, love is such an emotional subject ew okay)
  • Vernon: pULL up on yOu waCKs witH A MAC FULLY LOADED i had to i'm so sorry - first things first, i'm so sure his s/o would be clumsy, she'd be someone who wouldn't take everything seriously, probably relatively chill at first glance until a few days later and you see the real side of her and you want to sit her down and stay still, she may not listen to a lot of hip hop but would gladly learn the lyrics alongside him for fun, she'd probably be fairly lazy but then again i think hansol is too, i think she'd be someone who's very deep but doesn't show it at first, she would constantly share daily happenings with seventeen fans that want to know, she'd be a friend to all of the seventeen fans and would probably be forced onto multiple andromedas by seungkwan who states that 'the number of viewers go up when you're on the show' but it's mainly you groaning because they're making you do the weirdest things and they won't let you sit next to hansol (bc they're mean) but eventually they would after fans pester the chat box // they probably stay in 60% of the time that's spent together, when they do go out from the comfort of their home(s) it's usually to get food for the next few days so that they don't need to leave that often, they'd be a relationship full of embraces and late night conversations, also expect embarrassing photos from his s/o, she'll post 'em all
  • Lee Chan: our lil maknae (he's barely older than me but he's my lil cutie pie) his s/o would either be someone who's life is dance or who doesn't dance at all and he'd be okay with both, she'd be a casual dresser for the most part, music would probably be a big part of her life, she'd be thoughtful and a cheery well rounded person who knows her priorities in life, she would someone who is slightly scared to make significant changes in her life and may need some persuasion and pushes from chan, she's the type of person you'd come home after a long day to and she'd have all your favourite food in the kitchen for you to choose and she'd be very understanding and would give chan space if he needed it without getting hurt about it, she'd also be super playful, her energy is never ending and she probably absolutely loves going to parks such as disneyland or any places with rides and a nice scenery for her instagram feed // i think they'd be the couple you always see side by side, shoulder by shoulder, they'd probably wouldn't even realise how close they are till someone points it out and they'd get flustered and try to laugh it off, they'd be a young couple who wants their relationship to really work and would only get comfortable showing it after a few months or so

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ok ok what about akiteru/daichi... like maybe after daichi's graduated, he got accepted into akiteru's college and akiteru started to notice daichi's charismatic leadership skills and can't help but to flirt with him... then they start going to karasuno's matches together etc... idk i just think they'd be the cutest, warmest couple :')

aaawww that does sound really cute, anon!

(imagine the horror that Tuskki will to go through when he finds out his old brother is dating his ex-captain omg)

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Hello :) I have a question : do you sincerly think their is something going on between Seokjin and Yoongi, or do you just like the idea ? I mean, I think they'd make a really cute couple, but I doubt their is anything but friendship between them. Even if I like the idea of BTS's parents being together, to me, Yoongi just likes to be babied sometimes, and Jin likes taking care of people. IMO, it's just a sweet and special friendship, but what do you think ?

not gonna lie, the first time i saw them being a ship i found my self doubting it like really? but it was purely my eyes talking. i was only saw them from pictures and not from their real interaction because you see, they both has another ships that are more famous and that was kind of barricading my first dive into yoonjin ship. but as time goes by, as i watched more their variety show, their bombs, interviews, etc etc etc, the more i find their ninja moments and the more i find their relationship so interesting or it’s the fact that i’m such a slut for ninja couples

but if you ask me if there’s something going on between them.. i don’t know. sorry to break it but let’s be real.. i’m doubting it (?) sOMEBODY KILL ME FOR SAYING ThAT PLS. what i mean is, i doubt it that they have ‘that kind of relationship’ but even if there’s nothing, doesn’t mean that they don’t have that mutual feelings like.. you know, some kind of respect, fond, friendly love for each other and that’s too sweet! and then probably it’s the fact that they’re the oldest in the group so they know they could rely on each other (reminder: they only have 3 months gap), they trust each other, they know who’s the right person to go to when they’re having breakdown and the fact that even yoongi knew about jin’s past or that time when jin consoling yoongi when he went mad on american hustle life.. man, if those aren’t trust i don’t know what is.

trust. yes.

but anon, whenever you doubting anything special between yoonjin, just remember all these heart eyes from yoongi

because it works on me