i think they work out just a little

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Question: Isn't choosing to not think about certain things like pushing it away? How do you choose not to think about certain things without emotionally running away from it, which causes stuff to pile up

It’s not about erasing thoughts. I don’t think thats possible. I think the trick is acknowledging thoughts as what they are.. just.. thoughts, things that our brains churn out. You have to acknowledge them, but you don’t have to get swept away by them, you dont have to get drawn into every little story your mind creates. 

And, with practice and time, once you stop identifying with thoughts so much, they become less urgent, less serious, less overwhelming. You catch yourself in the middle of an unnecessary thought and just.. step back. Negative thoughts soften, become less imposing. But this is a process that happens by itself by working through the stuff I mentioned before, you can’t make it happen overnight.

I only fully understood this after reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. Also, meditation has been super useful, in particular an app called Headspace.

Hope that helps! 

My back wakes me up with pain every day before dawn.  I roll over onto my side, which is how I start off the night because it’s the only position that does not end up with me in pain.  It takes about an hour for the pain to go away.  And at that point, just when I might be able to fall back asleep for a little bit, I have to get up.

I do my exercises.  But since I haven’t been in PT for years now, I probably haven’t been stepping up the exercises enough for them to be helping me physically.  I’m not sure how to do that safely.  Is there yoga for people who cannot safely bend?  It is too cold to swim and too expensive to join the YMCA. My core is as weak as it has always been.

The doctor that I can’t really afford will tell me to lose weight, which, you know, sure dude.  I can take pain relief for it, but I don’t want advil to become a part of my nightly routine.  That can’t be healthy, can it?

So here I am, 10 o’clock in the morning, feeling like shit, feeling like half the day has disappeared already, trying to move.  Trying to move.

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it was established, by GA herself, that she is taking a break from acting, but how long do you think she'll be on hiatus? i think she'll be out of action during the summer months, but i honestly wouldn't be surprised if she takes the rest of the year off. just out of interest, if there's a second season of american gods, when would it likely be filmed?

I can’t imagine this woman being off for 9 months. It just doesn’t fit with her hyperactive personality. If she does it, good for her, but I really have a hard time imagining that could happen. I’d bet on a few weeks, a few months maybe, but even with that, I don’t think she’ll be on complete hiatus anyway. There will always be charity she will work on and promote, American Gods will start in April, I guess the UFO movie she filmed last year will come out at some point and she’ll probably do a little bit of promotion for that too. X-Files season 11 should be officially announced during the Upfronts in May, which should lead to a few interviews and events too. She might be working on the adaption of her books which requires a lot of preproduction if she’s going to direct, or write or produce or all three.
So with all that, she might have decided to slow down, but I can’t see how she can be on hiatus for the rest of the year.
As about AG season 2, I’d say Toronto, just like season 1.

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I need advice! My girlfriend and I broke up because I was being too clingy and she's very low maintenance and she told me if I give her space we might work things out, but I may have ruined it by still trying to talk to her a lot. We haven't talked in a little while but do you think it's too late now? I'm trying to giver her what she wants and make things better between us.

u should just find someone who u don’t have to change urself for instead

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I think he’s a guy that could come out and just work locally in his little bubble and be perfectly happy the rest of his life-Agreed! I enjoy Hoech's acting. He has rough spots but what he does well he does so well-that face! Didn't you say he'd be great in silent films? What's funny is acting is his backup plan so I think he's still figuring it out. I would love him to let go of the idea is career has to go in such a "traditional" way. I root for him a lot but wish he'd take some more risks.

Same same same!

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Hey Jess :3 any chance you could write some relationship hcs for Reimi with a really physically affectionate S/O who just loves to cuddle and hug her out of nowhere just to surprise her and make her smile? ALSO HUN PLEASE TAKE A BREAK AT LEAST FOR A LITTLE WHILE IT'S ALL THE MORE DIFFICULT TO WORK WHILE YOU'RE STRESSED D: LY

TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE ILY <3 I don’t think I’ve ever written for Reimi so this might be ooc and short 
where is my physically affectionate s/o tbh

Reimi with a cuddly S/O Headcanons

  • Reimi would more than likely be a person who enjoys physical contact at the best of times so she’d definitely be one to appreciate a good, nice cuddle when it’s offered to her. She’d have probably cuddled with her school friends at sleepovers so she’d have already been comfortable with that kind of contact.
  • The cuddling would always take place under a blanket, most likely with a nice film to watch with snacks but there’d always be some sort of contact with her partner such as touching their hands or playing with their fingers since this is a lot more casual, especially when the two are in public together. Of course, Arnold would have to be invited to join in for any group hugs as clearly Reimi and Arnold are very, very attached to one another and she wouldn’t want him to feel left out.
  • Honestly, Reimi would ideally want someone that could make her smile and enveloping hugs from behind at definitely a good way to make this happen. She’s a sweet girl with much to smile about. There’s a good chance that she’d seen a partner hugging their girlfriend from behind while baking in either a TV drama or a Shoujo Beat- of course she wouldn’t drop any hints, but she’d like to have this happen to her at least once. 
  • She probably wouldn’t be too big on excessive PDA but a bit of nice hand holding never hurt anybody! She’d quite like the warmth of someone else’s hand would definitely appreciate if their hand was soft to the touch too. Anything passed that would get her too embarrassed or uncomfortable since, obviously, they’re in public. 

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Hey your eyes are a bit paler than usual you doing ok?

I’m doing just fine, dear. Heh… Like Elihu said, making a baby kinda takes a lot out of you… I think I’m much more tired now than I am when I was carrying Kristen…I’m hoping to see him soon… He’s been working a lot in the past couple of days… It’s a little troubling that he’s so busy, but I’ll live…

aside from that though, I’m just fine. Thank you for checking though. 

So i just came out to my dad abt being nb, and he said something really wise about names, i think.

He said “Gifts are not obligations. You give things to people, and you hope they like them. And your name was a gift from us to you. If it doesn’t work for you anymore, you’re not obligated to keep it.”

and i just thought maybe other people could use hearing something like that.

Some Things in Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  • opening scene with the prince in some extra™ makeup
  • belle teaching little girls how to read
  • belle rejecting gaston SO MANY TIMES
  • le fou winking at gaston
  • the amazing cgi work on the beast
  • when belle shoved her father out of the cell and saved him
  • it showed what happened to Belle’s mother in a way that added to belle, her father, and belle’s relationship with beast
  • le fou’s cross-dressing BOYFRIEND
  • umm i think lumiere dabbed at one point in be our guest????
  • beast giving belle the library just so he can show her he has better taste in books
  • that goddamn waltz and when beast lifts belle up and twirls her and the lights are all pretty!!!!
  • wasting in my lonely tower
  • waiting by an open door
  • i’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
  • and be with me for evermore
  • le fou being redeemed and not being an idiot in any way
  • two interracial kisses in a disney movie?? um yes pls and thanks
  • that growl!!! omfg!!!
  • in conclusion: I want to watch this movie everyday for the rest of my life
I think that if we had met under the right circumstances, we would’ve been perfect for each other. But life doesn’t work that way, and I’m always a little too late.

-We could’ve written a love story for the ages.



I was thinking about it obviously, because they set up this big mystery, and I was like, “Oh, they’re going to kill Wes. That makes sense.” I thought they were maybe going to kill Wes the end of last season, because there’s so much story, and they go through it so fast. But the thing that has me more interested than that is we were talking about an idea of having just little instances of Wes with other characters prior to it, just to see another side of his relationship with other characters. That intrigues me much more, because the thing I was thinking about recently was like, “How funny, Wes is never going to X, Y, Z, like finish law school or do this.” I mean, are they ever going to finish law school? How does the show operate outside that? I’m sure they will work it out if they get to it. But I was, like, “He’s never going to get his happy ending. He’s never going to come out of it. That’s kind of sad.”

when you’re having a nice time with jonathan and then he says, “Nancy Wheeler, she’s not just another suburban girl who thinks she’s rebelling by doing exactly what every other suburban girl does… until that phase passes and they marry some boring one-time jock who now works sales, and they live out a perfectly boring little life at the end of a cul-de-sac. Exactly like their parents, who they thought were so depressing, but now, hey, they get it.“

  • namjoon: isn't this great? it's just like when we were trainees. remember that time...(starts rambling)
  • [meanwhile in yoongis head]
  • yoongi one: painting sure is fun.
  • yoongi two: you know what else is fun? killing your best friend.
  • yoongi one: that doesn't sound fun at all, yoongi.
  • yoongi two: well, how would you know?! all you do is sleep, yoongi!
  • yoongi three: i think yoongi is right, we should branch out in our hobbies, yoongi.
  • yoongi two: oh shit! namjoon stopped talking. he wants you to respond. say something, stupid!
  • yoongi, out loud: i wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • namjoon: aw, thank you!
  • yoongi two: nailed it.

I just looked at a picture of Jin and I felt so sad like to think that he really feels so out of place in bts and unwanted seriously breaks my heart. Like he realizes how little he means to army’s and it’s really so sad because he is so beautiful, and his personality is amazing, and his is so talented and he works so so hard. This isn’t even what he wanted to do but the fact that he stuck with it and is working so hard to be here says so much about him.

Despite not getting the love or attention he deserves he still continues to work harder so that he can be an equal with his members, and now who he thinks he is which is much below them. I don’t want him to have to think any longer that all he has to offer is his looks, when he has so much more and he’s worked way too hard to just be known as beautiful face.

Please love Kim Seokjin. Even if he’s not your bias, show him as much love as you would your bias. Please dedicate one whole day to loving him and giving him your all. I can’t even begin to imagine how he really feels inside. He is more than deserving of your recognition and your love. Please let him know that he matters. Please, please, please.


So consider this.

The first of my weird little ideas I’m trying out. I had said I would try pendulums in the past but I actually decided to go all the way and make a unique little mold for it. Something more angular and pointed screams “pendulum” to me than my gently tapered herbal molds.

This is just the prototype using a tiny Yarrow sprig. I’m working on a couple more using whatever sprigs of Mugwort I still have remaining from the summer - an herb highly associated with divination and clarity.

I’m thinking of trying to find something like a bead cap for the top, or even a fitted little bit of metal, if that’s possible.

So what do you think?

Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Green Smoothie Potion for Psychic Abilities

A smoothie that will help you with your psychic powers! This smoothie tastes so good I’m not even kidding. It is very tangy if you’re into that. I use this when I am going to be doing psychic work, divination, or spirit work.


  • Half of a lemon, peeled. (Lemons are good with enhancing psychic powers as well as making you more open to the contact of spirits.) 
  • 1 mango (Good for spirituality) I usually cut these up and freeze them the day before so my smoothie is cold. 
  • Half of an apple. (For wisdom) 
  • 2 cups of baby spinach (for protection and health) You can leave this out if you wish. You won’t really taste them, though. Its just a healthy boost!
  • ½ cup of water 
  • OPTIONAL: A little sugar never hurts~


  1. Blend the smoothie, thinking of all the properties and put it into your cup. 
  2. If you practice voodoo/hoodoo, you can recite Psalm 89 over your cup. This is a psalm for psychic strength. If you have another practice, call upon your deity and ask them for their blessing on your drink. 
  3. Enjoy~!
les amis working in a book store

Enjolras: just sits there and watches, mostly; it’s a little unnerving. Very very good at figuring out what kind of book you’ll like and pointing you in the right direction. even if you claim not to like reading, he’ll figure something out for you, thinking you’re going to give it a chance.

Combeferre: will never tell you if a book is good or not. it depends, yknow? there’s no bad book, really, only bad times to read it perhaps. “but is it well written?” you ask, wanting a clear answer. “that depends on what you’re looking for,” he replies. “I can’t say for sure if a book is well written or not…”. hypocritically, is super picky about good writing himself.

Courfeyrac: you don’t know how he does it, but you came in for a paperback and you end up leaving with a shelf worth of books and an invitation to come over for apéro, his door is always open if you need it. it might be because of his verve, or his gorgeous eyes, it’s hard to say.

Feuilly: will recommend you books about the history of Poland, or Italy, or Greece, or about any other countries currently under oppressing regimes - even if that’s not really what you’re looking for. It’s always à propos, though, isn’t it? You’re looking for a thriller? this book is about the partitions of Poland. it doesn’t get more thrilling than that, and you’ll learn about important parts of history!

Bahorel: knows everyone. This book? He knows the author, they’ve shared a beer that one that. That one? Yeah, he met the author at a family party. The tallest, so he can reach the higher shelves. Unafraid of a barricade of books toppling over him. Unafraid of anything, even the latest cheesy bestseller.

Prouvaire: sets himself in a corner and plays the flute (and violin, and guitar, and whatever he’s been learning that month) to entertain the customers. He will also always reccomend you read books in their original language. Even if you don’t read that language. He’ll suggest you learn it.

Joly: is really into the newest trends in health, self-help, or borderline esoteric books. He writes to his favourite authors and invites them to come and speak and sign books at the store sometimes. Makes tea for the customers, and brings blankets to the cozy reading corner on cold rainy days.

Bossuet: tried to publish his own book, but somehow, despite his talent, manage to lose all the money from it because of a crooked publisher. Will self-publish next time, maybe, when he gets an idea (it’s been 10 years). somehow always gets the  customers that talk about their entre life stories to him, but he doesn’t mind.

Grantaire: probably knows the book you’re talking about, because he’s read it, but then he (accidentally or not) spoils it for you at the register. can’t shelve books to save his life - he always gets distracted.