i think they work but im not sure yet

aaaaanyway hey ppl made sure y'all block ash-for-shima.dace.st whether you’re an inclusionist or exclusionist

idk if there’s been anything calling them out yet bc i’m too worried abt my own mental health to go into the discourse tags, but i haven’t seen anything going around yet

i didn’t go too far into their blog bc yikes gross but from what i can tell they’re an ace inclusionist who supports inc.est and ma.ps and possibly some other bad things, im not sure i couldnt go too deep

so we should all really work on blocking them and no-platforming them!!

im gonna tag a few people i can think of so if you could please spread this that would be great!!!

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I need to see and do a bit more first… I’m no expert, and when people push me into a corner of “here’s Emma Watson to lecture you on feminism”, it’s uncomfortable because I am aware I have a long way to go. I am not sure I deserve all the respect I get yet, but I’m working on it.

I’m Only Human

(gif credit to the creators)

Part Two - Possibilities

Master List

Pairing: Castiel x OFC
Word Count: 1,599
Warnings: language probably, usual SPN stuff
A/N: The support you guys are showing with this is absolutely incredible, thank you all so much! If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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not to be dramatic but i think we need to suspend the crew's ally privileges until they Fix This

OKAY THIS. ik ppl are calling it queerbaiting and im not sure where i stand on that yet but ik i feel robbed. 

AND uknow what the worst part about this is. I had a fuckin awesome video i worked on for like. weeks, centered around sunny being allies (with a spot saved for a macdennis kiss/moment just in case) it’s set to cupcakkes lgbt and probably the best thing i’ll ever create lmao and now i dont rlly want to post it cause it feels wrong after they just gutted me and all the other lesbians.  

anyway can they fix it after an EXTENDED HIATUS whatever the fuck that means? who knows? 

 holding out for s13 being about mac having a loving boyfriend and dennis is like i’m back and ready to love u mac and macs like I THINK THE FUCK NOT YOU TRICK ASS BITCH

text meme 1/∞

i’ve been collecting funny/cute texts & texts from texts from last night for about 2 years. they’ve been sitting in a word document for a long time so with all the text memes i’ve been seeing around, i decided to take all the texts i’ve saved and make a meme with them bc why not. there’s a bit of everything bellow: fluff, silliness, nsfw, angst, etc etc

[text] Hey sorry for calling you so much last night. I mixed your number with the pizza guys, and he was running late

[text] I miss you more than I should.

[text] She’s/you’re the perfect storm of great hair, big boobs, intellectualism, and mild moral ambiguity. 

[text] I remember grabbing your ass. So firm. So right. I don’t regret it.

[text] you hella high and freaked out about life and interest rates

[text] I love it when you moan my name.

[text] I will gladly accept you into my home with open legs.


[text] Let’s go get coffee and handcuffs.

[text] I thought you were better than this. 

[text] Please stop calling.

[text] Well I had to use a seat cushion at Soul Cycle today so, yeah, I’d say the sex was good

[text] I woke up knowing I have nowhere to be today except parties and it was glorious and I am so happy

[text] I need you there. I need someone to glance at when other people inevitably annoy me.

[text] 75% of my food budget goes to wine, the rest to chips and salsa.

[text] You think you’re funny, but you’re just an asshole.

[text] I dont have to work tomorrow im yelling gibberish at squirrels

[text] I wish things were different.

[text] We should probably end this.

[text] I don’t say it often enough, but I want you to know that I love you.

[text] Please let me know what I did to deserve you…I want to make sure I keep on doing it. 

[text] I told you I’d ride your broomstick if you let me call you Harry Potter and you drew a lightning bolt on your forehead.

[text] I’m still laying in bed cuz I don’t feel like adulting yet

[text] I broke my foot jumping out of YOUR window under YOUR watch. You failed me drunk guardian. You failed.

[text] What if for Halloween I paint my self gold and make sandwiches for everyone? I’d be a trophy wife! Get it?

[text] I’m sorry for everything.

[text] I just want to have sex that doesn’t end like a B-rated horror movie.

[text] Taylor Swift needs more songs about threesomes. I’m not sure she gets me anymore. 

[text] I never should have left you there.

[text] I don’t have patience for riddles.

[text] You were drinking with me last night, I warned you.

[text] Dunno. My heart says “no”, my brain says “maybe” and my dick says “YES YES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YES!!”

[text] We had sex and he ended up in the hospital… don’t know if I should be worried or proud.

[text] Just tell me what’s wrong !

[text] let’s be honest I’d fucking Irish step dance on your grave, asshole

[text] I hope you get eaten by satanic starfish.

[text] … so it’s a date ?

[text] Can I come by?

[text] I thought we were ok ?

[text] I want you to meet my squirrel

[text] If blow jobs were a super power she’d be in the Justice League.

[text] Sunday mornings are confusing. Like. I can’t decide if I want to go for a run or start drinking 

[text]  I can’t imagine life without you.

[text]  Can’t wait to see you again.

[text]  just hungover. watching movies and roasting marshmallows in bed, over a candle to avoid life

[text] I should have told you first, I’m sorry.

[text] I’m sorry ! I don’t know what else to tell you !

[text] You spent the entire night trying to get me to make out with you  

[text] We are not together any more, remember ?

[text] why did I wake up with ketchup packets in my bed and the stove in my room?? 

[text]  did i just see you in the movie theater carrying a margarita into Frozen? 

[text] Maybe we’ll see each other again.

[text] if a CSI technician examined our hotel room with a black light he’d think we hit the Pulse button a DNA blender without a lid

[text] I never thought we’d end up like this.

[text] Why do you keep doing this to me ?

[text] I’m so tired of your lies.

[tex] Why are you so angry ?

[text] I thought you were coming alone…. ?

[text] I should get him/you a card “thanks for letting me use you for your penis on and off as I see fit and for being a nice guy. My boobs and I appreciate your loyalty and dedication”

[text] I don’t understand…

[text] If I had a penis, I’d want to put it in you. And I’d treat you with respect and pay for your drinks. 

[text] You had to apologize for “being too aggressive about harry potter”

[text] We can work this out.

[text]  We have a system, okay?

[text] I don’t have time to shower before my passport photos…your cum is all over my hair…that’s with me for 10 years now 

[text] I know you’re on a date and I should leave you alone but about twenty minutes ago I realized I haven’t been spanked in years so if you’re still looking for a birthday present, you know, consider it. 

[text] I know you’ve been lying to me.

[text] You need to leave. Now !

[text] i woke up to nearly seven feet of basketball player in my bed this morning 

[text] You’re so easy to be with and so hard to be without.

[text] Every morning I wake up with a sad face because I know it is the start of one more day without you.

[text] Everyone leaves.

[text] I don’t know how you put up with me. 

[text] I just fell off a roof. So I’m kinda chillin for a minute. 

[text] Your rough animalistic sex sounds are disrupting my cocktail hour

[text] I’m 2 beers deep on an empty stomach, and I just wanna say, I pride myself on my use of commas

[text] please don’t leave me alone

[text] You cried at the bar for 30 minutes because you got your arm stuck in your sweater. You got free drinks for the rest of the night after the bartender helped you.  

[text] I wish we had more time.

[text] shut up. I wear heels bigger than your dick

[text] I miss you every day.

[text] Please please pick up

[text] Why are my keys in the refrigerator?  

[text] I’m out of practice. be my yoda  

[text] Waldo just asked us for directions. Even he doesn’t know where he is.

[text] Do you think it’ll be awkward standing up at their wedding knowing I’ve slept with both the bride and the groom?

[text] Someone said we’re out of ice. You collapsed on the spot and started sobbing, saying ‘but where will all the polar bears live”. That drunk.

[text] I’d just like to formally thank you for the size of your dick. The gods must really love you.

[text] You made me take a photo of you under the stairs at the bar. “Look I’m Harry Potter.”

[text] This summer has already been like the best summer ever. FREEDOM IS AWESOME. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS THE SINGLE LIFE.

[text] If u ever apologize to me for “too-rough” sex again I will suspend ur all-access pass to my vagina indefinitely

[text] Mom just told me I need to start having sex.

[text] I’d help you out but I got Bacardi and Tequila poured down my snorkel last night and I’m still drunk

[text] YOU TRIED TO SWIM IN HER FISHTANK. I don’t think she’s going to call you.

[text] And the view of you in reverse cowgirl is arguably the most spectacular view ever… And I’ve seen the Eiffle tower, the colosseum, mountains of Hawaii, Michaelangelo’s David, and the Mona Goddamn Lisa. Just saying.

[text] She’s/you are the perfect storm of great hair, big boobs, intellectualism, and mild moral ambiguity.

[text] It’s not too terrible. You just got a little naked and broke your arm. 

[text] I made friends with a raccoon. I pet it. Like I was Pocahontas.

[text] We had sex in the woods. It was great until some bird started mimicking my orgasm sounds

[text] She said she couldn’t find my penis because my arm was in the way. That was my penis 

[text] Stop making me think about you. I’m busy. 

[text] I spent all night sexting your girlfriend for you because you were too drunk. You’re welcome.

[text] You make me want to be better.

[text] You saw my boobs then looked up and yelled thank you jesus.

can i just give a quick shout out to homeless minors? whatever the reason is for how you got into this situation, you guys are strong and i hope everything works out for you. you can make it out of this.


Im starting a new little comic series called Pure Color. Here is the first part! Hope you enjoy~ I’m not really sure how long it’s going to be yet (^-^;)

No Color au…I think that’s what it would be called. 

Kuroo is assigned to work on painting this town, but no human is suppose to be able to see him besides other painters. Until he met Tsukishima Kei. 

Part 2[x]

Part 3 [http://awesomeprufru.tumblr.com/post/154952011395/merry-christmas-and-happy-holidays-part

An introduction to transformation (Requested)

“okay, send the next one in” a voice said over the speaker as Michael stood up and was led trough a door with a nurse who walked next to him

he entered a dark large room with a chair in the middle and sat down as the speaker started to talk again

“Welcome Michael, and thank you for participating in this, we have taken your considerations into mind and hopefully we have a solution”

Michael looked up at the speaker

“You signed up for the GF3m4 Drug but you wanted to make sure you looked like someone certain and i think we have just the thing here ready and working”

Michael felt his knees turn kinda weak

“R-really ?” he said stammering a bit

“Of course, do not worry your process will begin shortly”

Michael heard a clicking sound as another door opened and a woman walked over to him

“Are you ready ?” she said in a kind yet malicious voice

“Y-yeah…i think so”

“remember there is no going back once you do it”

“i know…im ready” Michael said as the woman got out a large syringe

She smiled at Michael as she gently injected the syringe into his neck and pumped the liquids inside him

Michael cringed in pain as he felt the liquid slowly enter his body, it felt extremely cold and unpleasant but he toughed trough it

After what felt like an eternity the woman gently removed the syringe and smiled at him

“All done, i will stay here and monitor your progress for now Michael, and as you wished, your mind will change with it as well”

Michael nodded slowly as he could feel his body getting hotter and hotter

A burning sensation crept trough his body and Michael closed his eyes as hard as he could to just numb the feeling somehow

Michael screamed loudly as the burning feeling slowly started to die down

“Do not be alarmed” a voice said over the PA as michael slowly started to calm down

Michael slowly opened his eyes as he felt something tickling

He looked over at his arm to see small hairs slowly started to fall off his arm and land on his pants

He stroked his hand over his arm and felt nothing…just a smooth surface, no hairs, nothing

“its..working” he said quietly to himself

he kept stroking his silky soft arms as he felt the same tickling sensation from his legs as well

“Oh…it must be the hair from the legs…i cant feel it though” he said quietly to himself

he tried rubbing his legs together but because of his pants it made it kinda hard

Michael just looked at his arms again but noticed something, his hands

He looked at them as he could see his nails growing longer and his fingers becoming a bit smaller and more slender

As Michael looked down at his nails he also noticed a gentle tint of a silver nail polish was slowly being applied to them, soon covering his whole nails

“The process is 20% done, your internals organs should start to change soon as you will take on a more feminine form very soon” the voice said over the speaker

Michael looked up at the speaker as he could feel something changing inside him

the unpleasant feelings make him feel both nauseous and weak

“do not worry, it will be over soon” the speaker said once again as Michael tried to tough it out

just as he was about to pass out from the feelings it seemed to subside

He let out a sigh of relief and looked up at the black ceiling without saying a word

“internal organs are now replaced, 30 percent done now Michael, you are doing a great job” the speaker said in a rather cheerful tone

Michael just nodded slowly as he felt a massive push on his chest

it was like someone had hit him, he struggled for air as he could feel something almost…filling up

he looked down on his chest that was covered with a white t-shirt and noticed a pair of bumps right where his chest was

he kept looking down in amazement as they started to grow bigger and bigger almost ripping the shirt as they grew

Michael slowly moved his hands and cupped his newly formed breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze as he let out a gentle moan

“mm….i…i dont know what to say…”

Michael just kept staring down at them gently groping them over his shirt

Michael closed his eyes as he felt something intense down in his groin

Feelings he could not describe started to occur down there as he could feel his manhood somehow just disappearing

Then nothing…there was nothing down there til it hit him

The rush, the sensation, that extreme feeling of pleasure

He moaned loudly as he knew his womanhood had formed down there

“70 percent complete” the speaker said trying to get Michael’s attention which seemed impossible as he sat there with his eyes closes just embracing the feeling inside him

“ooohh…mmm….” Michael managed to mumble

“Starting facial and hair now michael, we suggest you close your eyes” the speaker said

Michael slowly did as told as he could feel his face and hair starting to change, his hair grew longer and turned into a light shade of brown

Soon enough his face was changed and his skin color took on a more tanned look so to say

“90 percent done Michael, the last changes will be mentally and you when you wake up, you will believe you were always Demi”

Michael tried to open his eyes but as he did he just felt his body turning heavier and heaver til he just passed out slowly

an unknown time later

Demi slowly opened her eyes up and stretched and got out of the bed

She slowly walked over the mirror and looked at herself, she was wearing a silver sparkly dress, her hair, and make-up were all on point as usual

“Oh dear me…i think i fell asleep with my make-up and clothes on!” she giggled to herself as she checked her phone

“Well…concert in two days, i better get ready for my rehearsals” she said smiling as she finished up her stuff and walked out of her door and locked it behind her

As she walked she just looked up at the clear blue sky and just smiled to herself “this day is going to be awesome”

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What is the most interesting encounter Marcus has had with the Outsider, excluding the time he was marked?

hmmmmmmmmmmmm good question, im not sure, i might have to think on that more since i still gotta, work on the “”plot”” of this mess lol

i suppose marcus wouldnt really find his encounters w/ the outsider as “interesting” so much as “aggravating and fear inducing with a sprinkling of dissociation” 

but i suppose once marcus has reached the point of realizing that the outsider is a neutral force rather than a deliberate malicious one will he actually pose the outsider with genuine questions of interest that the outsider had yet to answer, such as how he came into being, what constitutes as “interesting” individuals that get marked, What Is The Meaning Of Life, is there life after death, that type of stuff. whether or not the outsider actually entertains marcus’s questions? idk, but there would be a definite period where marcus would actually pepper the outsider with various philological/theological questions when he gets the chance 


Started priming my paintings with glow-in-the-dark paint instead of gesso, and i dont think ill ever go back. Ive been thinking a lot about spring, and how the moon and the sun shape our perception of nature. Not sure if ive quite captured it yet but im on the right track i think. New work is so exciting!

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hey void, what's up? I'm. Not having the best time and I don't know where else to confide in. a lot is bothering me (I think?). trying to figure out my sexuality (or maybe I have figured it out?) and gender and i really like this girl and it's messing me up? also Im pretty sure I have social anxiety and something else too but I dunno what it is. something that really messes with your emotions? and I can't keep myself from being mean to and isolating myself ?? thanks for listening, friend <3

Anytime, beautiful human. Please do stay calm and relax. It’s okay to not have everything figured out yet. Take your time, and many of these issues will work themselves out. If you are able to discuss your problems with a professional, I would highly recommend it. I know how difficult it can be to find your place in the universe, but know that the universe has always had a place in you and it will always be there for you.

BTS Reacting To their Girlfriend being a Victorias´s Model

Hi Guys, this is my first Reaction. Hope you like it :) If you want more, my request box is open.


The first Time he saw you in Show was when the both of you were sitting in front of the tv on the couch. He would be taken aback at first, but then super proud. “Why don’t i go into the Kitchen and cook something for us and you put on some of your work cloths?” *He is probably gonna prepare some chocolate covered strawberries and whippet cream*

Originally posted by coffeewithbts


Both of you were lying in your bed cuddling. When you noticed Suga was about to fall asleep. you loudly blurred out, that you are a Victoria´s Secret Model. First he was like “Yeah Sure” You took out your phone to show him some Behind the scenes pictures of you and the other Victoria´s Secret Girls. “Well, now that you stopped me from taking a nap, you should model something for me.” *If you stop our Yoongi from sleeping, you have to reward him ;)*

Originally posted by bts-gif


He was actually the one who found out himself. He somehow ended up watching the Victoria´s Secret Show on Youtube and there you were walking the Runway. No need to tell you how turned on Joon was by that. Later when you came Home he confronted you. “Damn Baby, now i have to punish you for not telling me sooner.” You two spend the next Hours in the Bedroom. Him punish you real good. *Yes exactly what all you naughty minded people think*

Originally posted by bts7em


One Time Jhope came over your Apartment, whitout telling you beforehand, as always. You were still in the Shower, so you told him to wait for you. Suddenly you heard a high pitched scream. Running out of the Bathroom, you found Jhope looking through your Victoria´s Secret Magazine, at a picture of you. He was totally fascinated. “Thats what you do for a living? I like!”

Originally posted by professionallybaka


You were currently busy in the Kitchen, when you phone rang, so Jimin awnserd it for you. “(Y/N) Phone? Handsome Boyfriend Jimin speaking.” “Hello this her Manager, can you tell (Y/N) that Victoria´s Secret wants her in this years Show again. Thank You.” He came running into the Kitchen. “You model Underwear? But you are so innocent and shy. Wait, every Men can see you like that? Thats only meant for me.” *Jelouse and Pouty ChimChim activated* Making you go red form embarrassment. “Oh, Jiminie, i only love you.” That made him smile that Beautiful Eye smile of his.

Originally posted by gawdjimin


The first time you told him about you job, he was really confused. He started asking you all types of questions. How you got into this Job? What exactly you do there? What people you work with? After awnsering literally a thousand of them, he would still be cutley clueless. Trying to make sense of all the informations. “ Im not a hundred precent sure about it yet, but i think i like it.” He would pull you into a tight hug and shower you in kisses.

Originally posted by fabulousuga


This innocent cutie got really shy when he saw pictures and gifs, his fans send to him, of you modeling for Victoria´s Secret. Finding it funny you decided to tease him a bit. You came from behind, wrapped your arms around him and laid your chin on his shoulder. “Do you like what you see?” That made him turn bright red. “ Im just kidding Kookie. You are so cute.” That didn’t sit well with him, he turned you around and pulled you close to him. “Yah, don’t call me cute. Im a Men and Im gonna show you.” *uhh dominate Kookie* He pulled you into a deep kiss and started touching you all over, before groping you butt, making you moan.

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there's this girl i kept seeing on the bus who's the prettiest girl i've ever seen (once we sat next to each other and i think i saw her look at me a couple times? but it might have just been like 'wtf is this girl looking at me for') but i was sure she worked somewhere and yet during my fall exams she was in the same room as i was and then recently i saw her waiting for someone outside my classroom and my best friend keeps telling me to go talk to her but i can't it'd be creepy.... im bi & dyin

1. “im bi & dyin” constant mood! 2. u should like,,, walk up to her once like “hey have u seen [like a teacher??? or find out who she was waitin for]” and then u could compliment her subtly like “oh btw i love ur shirt” so subtle !

My concept for an S4 Garnet! I had a nice set of drawings I wanted to do for all four boys that I haven’t had the time to make, so I figured just releasing an a concept-artish stand up of the character would have to do (especially since I had a few cosplayers asking me if I was planning to make one.. so sorry it’s so late!!) 

Garnet is my baby and also the one I have the most fun drawing, so he’s first! He always deviates the most from Ruby, and also feels the most like he has his own style rather than just a more masculine set of the same outfits that the girls have (Yin and Yang’s outfits are starting to look like they’d barely deviate at all haha). I debated a lot over whether to give him shorts, as they’re kind of his iconic thing- but I sort of feel as if Rooster Teeth was aiming for a more mature look for S4, and so I thought capris would be cute! I compensated for it with shorter sleeves instead of Ruby’s really cute im sad I couldn’t include it billowing top. I have to figure out how the lapels of his vest would work since I changed the material to leather at the last minute, but this is what I’m thinking of and I’m over-all really pleased with it! 

How Much Time Do You Have? *Stiles Stilinski*

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf

*So guys this is a new fic I’m working on. It should be around 3-5 parts. Im not sure yet, but I hope you enjoy it and pleaseeeee tell me what you think. Also this part doesn’t have smut but the other parts will. The rating is for the overall series. Thanks!!! (:*

Pairing: Stiles x Reader (The reader has a name in this, btw)

Rating: M (Mature)

Warning: Kissing? None really

A special thanks to @obrosey-af for proofreading it for me :)

I couldn’t keep my mind off of her. She affected everything I did and every choice I made. But why? She wasn’t mine, not yet at least. Normally talking to females was an easy task for me. It didn’t take long before I had them completely smitten, but she was different. And all of a sudden I found myself actually wanting to get to know her. I wanted to have late night conversations about her fears, what she believes in, her family, her life, just everything. I wanted to know everything about her. She absorbed my thoughts, hell she was even in my dreams. Some more explicit than others. As I stared at my ceiling I couldn’t help but recall the first day we met.

Harrison was talking on and on about something I couldn’t care less about. I woke up late and didn’t get a chance to grab any food so as you could guess, I was starving. The only thing on my mind was food and how quickly I’d be able to get some. That was until someone stumbled through the door. I saw red hair and I sat up in my seat to get a better look at our new student. She wore simple black jeans and a maroon crewneck.

“M'sorry I’m so late, I got a bit lost on the way here” She mumbled, still struggling to hold her books together.

Harrison just nodded and ushered for her to find a seat. She looked around before her eyes landed on the seat next to me. She made her way over and gave me a small smile. I was happy that the only seat available was next to me, but it only made me more nervous knowing that she’s probably going to be sitting with me for the rest of the year. As she slid into the seat I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. Her red hair was cut into layers, the shortest piece falling just above her shoulder, her lips were covered in this berry colored lipstick, and eyeliner adorned her eyelids. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when my stomach decided to make a dying whale sound, causing everyone to look back at me.

“Mr. Stilinski…. You may leave the class if you need to” Harrison said causing half of the class to erupt in a fit of giggles.

“I’m good” I mumbled and he continued his rant on chemicals or some shit. I focused on picking at my nails and avoiding eye contact with the new girl, whose name I had to learn. It wasn’t long before a granola bar was shoved in my face, literally poking me in the nose.

“Oh gosh I’m so sorry” She whispered and I smiled taking the granola bar from her. “I’m a bit of a klutz but I always have food so there” She made sure to keep her voice low so that she wouldn’t get in trouble. I gave her another smile and said thank you before I devoured the snack.

And every day since she would bring me a granola bar and coffee or something that I could eat. No matter how many times I told her that it wasn’t necessary, she wouldn’t listen. I learned that her name was Rhea, her mother was Indian and her father was Greek so the name fit both sides of her culture. In Sanskrit her name meant streaming/flowing and in Greek Mythology it was the name of Zeus’ mother. I learned a lot about her in the last week actually, but we only talked in school. I learned that she dyed her hair red because of father told her not too, she moved to California with her mother after she found out her dad was having an affair, she has a best friend who lives here named Erica, but she likes to be called Er, I think that’s the same Erica that Isaac is dating. We spent lunch together every day since she got here, and she quickly took a liking to Scott and Lydia. They’ve expressed their liking to her multiple times as well.  Isaac and his girl went on some vacation thing and they’ll be back at school tomorrow, I’ll have to introduce her just in case that is her best friend.


It’s been two weeks since Rhea’s been here, turns out Erica was her best friend, they’ve spent a lot of time together. She’s currently tucked under my arm, while we watched Star Wars. She’s never seen it and I can tell she’s bored, but she won’t say anything because of my love for the movie.

“Wanna play a game?” I asked turning to her, sitting crisscross on the couch. She mimicked my actions and nodded rapidly.

“20 Questions? I still want to know more about you, I promise I won’t overstep my boundaries” The softest giggle left her mouth and I swore my heart stopped. I don’t think I’ve ever had actual feelings for a girl. Then she comes along and everything I’ve ever believed is just thrown out the window. I’ve never even had a girl over at my place and for the past few days she’s always been here. I’m fucked, utterly fucked.

“It’s okay Stiles, you can ask what you want, I’m comfortable enough around you” I still wasn’t going to overdo it, I didn’t want her to think I only wanted one thing from her.

“Okay we’ll start off simple, Favorite TV show?”

“Law&Order: SVU, it’s so good Stiles!! You have to watch it. Olivia Benson is my Idol.” She squealed and I couldn’t stop the grin forming on my face. She was too cute, she always got this excited when she talked about things she loved.

“Okay my turn…. Why haven’t you tried anything with me yet?” What? Her question caught me off guard and I probably looked like a dear caught in headlights.

“W-What do you mean?” I stuttered out.

“I mean why haven’t you tried anything? I don’t wanna sound cocky or rude, it’s just that you’re pretty popular right….” She looked down and fiddled with her fingers before continuing.

“I know I’m not the best looking girl out there, so I shouldn’t expect you to try something, but I just, I mean. Nevermind.” She looked back up at me “You can ask now”

I shook my head and scooted up closer “No, ask what you were gonna ask….”

She took a deep breath and averted her eyes from mine. “Okay, fine. Why do you hang out with me? I’ve uh heard things. You’re a player, you sleep around, and um stuff like that. So why do you hang out with me if you haven’t tried anything?”  She paused taking a deep breath.

“All I do is sit here and ramble on and on about myself and you seem to enjoy it but why? You have so many girls throwing themselves at you, but you’re hanging out with a Virgin. Someone who doesn’t know anything of how to please you.” She paused again as if she was putting her words together.

“Like fore example you have much more exciting friends, for god’s sake you were supposed to go to Lydia’s party tonight but instead you’re here watching Star Wars with me….” Her voice got smaller as she finished speaking.

I had no idea she felt this way. Did she really think she was boring? All that crap she said earlier about not being the best looking girl and what not is complete bullshit because she’s breathtaking. Who told her I was a player? My face must’ve been contorted into some weird expression because she soon spoke up again.

“Look Stiles, don’t get angry. Forget I said anything, yeah?” I shook my head and scooted back into the corner of the chair making her scoot closer to me.

I wasn’t mad that people told her about my “ways”, I was mad that she was doubting herself. I should be happy that she’s comfortable enough to tell me this information, but I don’t want her thinking that way. Ever. Once again I was brought out of my thoughts by her. This time she climbed up onto my lap so that her legs were on either sides of my body.

“Stop thinking about it, let’s just watch Star Wars and forget I said anything” She pouted and while her actions were completely innocent, I couldn’t help the feeling that made its way to my crotch. My hands flew to her hips to softly push her off me but that never happened, my eyes kept flicking from her eyes to her lips and I wasn’t aware of how much I was inching towards her.

“Stiles…” She whispered and I stopped moving completely. “Should I stop….” I murmured.

When she didn’t say anything and slowly brushed my lips against hers, searching her eyes for any signs of rejection or doubt. When I didn’t find any, I fully pressed my lips onto hers. They were soft, just like I imagined and the moved perfectly against mine. I moved my hands up to cup her face because I didn’t want them roaming to places they shouldn’t go. I wanted to take my time with her, I wanted to prove that she actually meant something to me. Normally I’d use my words but she literally makes me speechless, every single time I look at her.

My teeth grazed against her bottom lip and she parted her mouth with a low moan. Her fingers tangle themselves in my hair as my tongue slips into her mouth. Not long after I pulled away because apparently my breathing and kissing skills don’t go hand in hand. I was breathing heavily looking up at her and I think she surprises both of us when her lips came in contact with my neck. The bulge in my khakis definitely became more prominent and if she only moved her hips the slightest bit she’d feel it too. I didn’t want her to believe it was only about sex, and I definitely didn’t want her to believe the things she’s heard about me. So I slowly push her off my and lay her on the couch.

“If we keep this up I don’t know If I’ll be able to stop myself” Her lips were swollen, and slightly more red than they normally are. She looked up at me with her Doe eyes and I decide then, that I’m going to call her Bambi.

“I’m s-sorry, do you not want to” She stuttered and I shook my head quickly.

“No no no, I want this. I really want this. But you haven’t done anything like this before. And I really want to take my time with you” I whispered, hovering over her to place a kiss on her lips.

“I promise, we’ll get there. Okay Bambi” She giggled at the nickname and nodded.

“Thanks Stiles” She kissed my cheek “But you never told me why you hang out with me”

I laughed and sat up properly, pulling her up after.

“How much time do you have?”

[Trans] 151220 SMROOKIES Show

151220 SMROOKIES Show - Ment 1

doyoung: sm’s predebut team who show’s their skill during training, smrookies, meet fans before debut to make good memories by smrookies show. in this year, this will be our last show to meet all of you. today we will greet you again who has come to see us.
rookies: hello. we’re smrookies
jaehyun: today is the day for the last rookies show, but not only that, we also prepared special christmas show

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hey guess what i have
more flower shop au things
part 1part 2

have some glaives 

Crowe works at a local hole in the wall bar and is a favorite among the regulars for her killer drinks, sharp with, and brutal honesty. It becomes the only bar that Drautos will go to and its not at all to check on how the kid is doing. She was the youngest of all the kids who passed through his doors and while it was never official he practically raised her from 15 to 18. 

Libertus does contracting, loves woodwork, the whole nine yards. Had the shortest stay at Glauca’s and while he doesn’t see Drautos as much as Nyx or Crowe he’s always sending update emails and such once a month. Has consistently made Drautos flower crates for holidays for the past 3 years. 

Pelna is the one who would have stayed at the flower shop because he liked it, but he’s moved on to bigger things, does a lot of volunteer work, and sometimes brings Drautos a weeks worth of groceries just because he was in the area. 

anonymous asked:

i dont know you in real life but from you online and the stories you tell about work im sure you'd be an amazing manager!

this is honestly so nice, thank you!! i think i’m mostly afraid bc it means a bigger commitment and my life has always been existing in crisis mode / based on the idea of ‘have an easy exit plan for when u inevitably can’t handle things and need to escape all sense of reality’

…….and also i have the math skills of a 3rd grader and there is a lot of simple yet beyond my ability things involved so that makes me anxious lmao

but i am still open to the idea of it and it can’t hurt to do the training !!!