i think they were talking about their bar routines because i was like that too. lol

A glimpse of hell - mean nicknames created  by the Chinese Gymternet


1. Do not read this if you are easily offended by mean names, satirical jokes or dark humour. 

2. The Chinese gymternet culture, and its internet culture as a whole, is very different from the ones on tumblr. Partly due to its insularity, certain terms used in the Chinese gymternet could come across to you as too rude or brass or unacceptable. However, please also take into account the difference in the cultural aspect as well. As a common dweller in the Chinese gymternet community, I can promise that 95% of the satirical teasings or mean names created by the Chinese has no derogatory intention. The truly degrading, racist or sexist nicknames have also been filtered out by me, so rest assured. 

So now, if you are ready, please read on: 

——————————————–The line to hell——————————————-

Part 1. Basic terminology to nickname-creation

A. 野鸡 (ye-ji) noun./adj.  - pheasant; wild chicken (direct translation)

“Before anyone is worthy of being bestowed upon a nickname by the Chinese gymternet god, they are all wild chickens.”

The term “wild chicken” is not limited to the gymternet community - it is the umbrella term for all athletes who are either 1.not well known 2.not very good at the sport 3.both. Wild chicken can be used both as a noun and an adjective. Though initially carrying a negative and even derogatory connotation, the tone now is much more neutral. An example for the use of “wild chicken” with a neutral connotation would be - 

“Who is that wild chicken on bars? She’s pretty good.”

When used as an adjective, it is normally used to describe a routine that is underwhelming. For example “Songsong’s vault is quite 野鸡.”

When used to describe man, use 野鸭, or wild duck, instead of chicken. 

B. 女士/小姐 noun. - Ms/Mdm/Miss

Using an overly formal term to address an athlete is one of the most basic satirical trick used by the Chinese community. I’m not sure when and who first created this but oh boy does this thing spread fast! Similar to wild chicken, this term first carries a negative connotation, but some people liked it so much they start to call everybody, including the ones they love, with a Ms something something. More often than not though this term still carries a mocking tone to it.

Example: “Oh what a spectacular performance by Mdm____, she could have scored full marks in the 10-points scoring system!”

C. 好粉丝 noun. - Good fans

With its true meaning being “biased fans”, this word is often used to mock comments or other netizens for being…well…too biased. 

Example: “Good lord, those good fans are saying ____ is capable of winning gold again, what a joke!”

With the 3 most basic terminology in mind, lets move to more specific nicknames for gymnasts and countries. 

Part 2 - specific nicknames and its origin (names not written in any order, just writing them down as I remember them)

1. Victoria Komova - 擦擦,擦地,擦四步 (scratchy,ground-wiper, wipe-4-steps) 

Origin: 擦 (pronounced as tsah), means “to wipe” or “to scratch”. The name 擦擦 came after YOG in 2010 when Komova scratched her feet on the ground during bars final and then backed 4 steps during floor final - the Chinese netizens then begin saying that Komova is wiping the floor with her feet and there goes the “wipe-4-steps” and the “ground-wiper”. While used as a mocking nickname initially, most people now, even her fans, still refer to her as “scratchy” or “擦擦“. 

2. Kyla Ross - 敦煌飞仙 (Buddha’s heavenly leap)

Origin: It is extremely hard to translate the proverb 敦煌飞仙. The term “敦煌” is related to Buddism whereas 飞仙 means something like “flying to heaven”? It’s a buddist term and I’m not able to capture the exact meaning as well… anyway, the term came after Kyla’s super awkward fell during her 2015 Jesolo floor routine, and then one of the netizens who didn’t really like her wrote “OH MY HOW BEAUTIFUL, ITS LIKE A BUDDHA’S HEAVENLY LEAP”, and then suddenly everybody started to use it lmao. It is initially used to address Kyla Ross’s fall, but has now extended to all kinds of lurching kind of fall on floors. It definitely is still used to mock people though.

3.  Riley McCusker - 鸡翅膀 - Chicken Wing

Origin: Her 2016 floor choreography is just really weird and has hand movements like a “flapping wild chicken”, and if you have read the things I wrote above you will know being related to a “wild chicken” is NOT good for your image on the gymternet lmao. 

4. Nastia Liukin - 青蛙,娃娃 - frog, froggy

Origin: It’s due to the cowboying on her double front. One of the disgusted netizen commented that her posture during the double front is like a “leadping frog” and thats it lol. It is also notable that Nastia is a pretty controversial figure in the chinese gymternet, with large groups of fans and haters. The haters all address her as froggy and the fans will call her 公主 - princess. 

5. Deng Yalan - 种地小姐 - Miss peasant

Origin: So last year it became clear to the fans that Deng got addicted to a K-pop star and ended up semi-quitting her gymnastics career. Then there is this huge whooha regarding what she’s gonna do dropping gymnastics and her education at such a young age in the future. Then somebody digged out her family’s background and realized that her family is not very well-off in the first place and they live in the rural areas. So disappointed fans begin calling her Miss peasant to mock how she somehow ruined her own fledgling gymnastics career. 

6. Huang Qiushuang - 面膜小姐/黄面膜 - Miss Face mask/Facemask Huang

Origin: When Huang retired from gymnastics she opened a micro online shop to sell face masks. Such micro online shop in China is known for their dubious quality as many products are made without proper channels and regulation, and so yep people begin to call her Miss face mask for selling “fake products”. Whether the products are truly fake is unknown til today. 

7. Zeng Siqi & Chen Siyi - 旅游小姐/拍手小姐/提包小姐 - Miss vacation/Miss hand-clapper/Miss bag-carrier

Origin: Siqi only did beam (and fell) during the 2013 individual world championship, whereas Siyi didn’t do a single apparatus during the 2015 team final, so mean netizens begin mocking that “all Siyi did is to hold others’ tea cup and clap her hands and carry bags”, and then they became Miss hand-clappers. Dowell is also sometimes addressed as such too due to her lack of participation in 2013′s WC. 

8. Liu Jinru - 搞笑艺人 - Comedian

Origin: Because her dance and wobbles and fell are all quite…clumsy looking? Then some people said she looked like a comedian trying to make people laugh with all her wobbles and mistakes and now everybody begin calling her that.

9. Larisa Iordache - 影后 - movie queen

Origin: Prior of Olympics in 2012 rumour has it that Larisa is injured or something like that, and then she showed up to the competition almost fine (she fell on beam and floor but her difficulties are all back), and Chinese netizens were like “WASN’T SHE INJURED” when she showed up with a crazy difficulty beam routines, and there you’ve got the name!

10. Diana Bulimar - 布尼玛老太婆 - Witch Bulimar

Origin: This and the next one is probably the most offensive out of all terms SO PLEASE DON’T BE OFFENDED. Its also kind of hard to explain… so it all started with a superrrrrrrrrrrr Bulimar hater who also happens to be super active in the Chinese gymternet. Boy did he HATE Bulimar. And then since Romania’s struggling with the depth of talent pool the renowned hater started the “Bulimar is a witch and she cast a cremation spell on team Romania so that the entire gym program will be cremated” thing, and he talked about it in like every single fucking post lol, and it gradually got picked up. Bulimar is also known for having a “floor music of curse” back in 2012, as whoever is doing beam when Bulimar is using the 2012 floor music will either wobble or fall on beam. 

11. Romanian team - 火葬国 - Cremnation

Origin: Its the same as above, 火葬国 sounds super offensive as it means “country of cremation”, it’s a very bad joke and I apologize if anyone is offended… So anyway according to this hater Didi cast a cremation spell on the country’s gymnastics program so that it will all burn to ashes, and because hes so active everybody got brainwashed and start to address the team as “cremation team”. 

12. Other Romanian gymnasts cept Didi, Lari and Cata - 字母女士,Miss Alphabets

Origin: So it goes like the Romanian fans are super upset about how the new comers are unable to match the ability of Didi, Lari and Cata, or even do something that is memorable. And so in the cruel world of Chinese gymternet community such gymnasts do not deserve a distinctive nickname - they ended being called Miss H, Miss I, Miss O and Miss G, things like that. 

13. Team China - 宙国 - Team Universe

Origin: This may sounds nice but it is not - it is used to mock overly nationalistic chinese fans who thinks team China deserve to win everything and anything, so much so they own the universe lmao, so they instead call these fans as “fans of team universe”. 

14. Maria Paseka - 845

Origin: The degree that Paseka is able to turn on her Amanar in 2012. She got better afterwards but the name sticked with her for life. 

15. Mattie Larson - 冷宫怨妇 - Unwanted bitter women

Origin: Not a very good translation, but its hard to be translated :/. 冷宫 is a place in ancient China where the emperor’s least popular mistress are kept, whereas 怨妇 means very bitter women. The term started after her falls on floor in the 2007 team final, and rumours had it that Marta had enough of her and is never gonna use her ever. So in that sense I guess the nickname captured what happened pretty well :/. 

16. Zhang Nan - 巨星 - Super star/Icon

Origin: Netizens just don’t understand why Zhang Nan is so well-liked by the judges, even when the fans think she did her skills poorly in some cases. And then somebody said the famous line that “because she’s a super star” and then KABOOM everybody used it to mock her. There are also variant terms such as Zhang Nan’s late-as-always Ono on bars, called the “star turn”, and a falling LOSO mount on beam, called the “star mount”. 


Deng Linlin - noun. - a unit used to measure the extent of one’s leg separation. 

Example: Liukin’s cowboying on her double front is so bad its like 1.5 Deng Linlin. 

And….thats about all that I can think of, against, please don’t be offended if some of your favs are on the list, most of these terms are meant as bad jokes, and some of them have shifted in their connotations so much even the fans start to use it. To conclude, I wish all of you have a nice laugh after reading this!  I mayyyy do a second issue of this if I have more :)

creampuff-hufflepuff-herasucks  asked:

Heya if you're still taking prompt requests, can you do a supercorp au where Lena takes Kara drinking for the first time and they've been lowkey flirting with each other for awhile without anyone making a move then the bartender is like "alright girlie pick your poison" and homegirl Kara remembers the Rita Ora song 'Poison' and she turns to Lena, grabs her hand and says "I pick my poison and it's you" please and thank you 😁 #yesimsupercorptrash

@creampuff-hufflepuff-herasucks Always taking prompts! Hope you like!

“I feel like a drink.”

Kara’s head shot up from her spot on Lena’s office couch. After breaking up with Mon-El, Lena had offered her office as a place for Kara to come and work in the evenings after most of her employees had left for the day. At first it started as a way to keep Kara company while she was heart broken but somewhere along the line the heartbreak had disappeared and the routine remained. 

So enthralled in the article she had been writing Kara hadn’t even heard Lena stop working, shifting in her seat to release the muscles in her shoulders. 

“Would you like to go get some food and something to drink?” Lena’s eyes raked over Kara. “I don’t think I’m going to be getting anymore finished this evening.”  The truth was Kara’s presence had started to become a distraction. In the last hour Kara had shrugged off her cardigan and had been pulling bits of her hair loose of her pony tail. Lena had tried not to stare at Kara’s defined arms, and how her face was now framed with stray strands of hair, and the way the tip of her tongue poked out the side of her mouth in concentration. All she wanted to do was walk over and smooth out the crinkle Kara had between her eyes as she typed vigorously on her keyboard.

“Are you sure? I can leave if I’m bothering you!” Kara shifted her glasses as she shoved her notebook into her purse anxious that Lena finally had enough with her visits.

Lena smirked. “Are you saying you don’t want to go out with me Kara?”

“No! I just thought maybe I was distracting you and you were trying to be nice about me annoying you.” Kara stopped rambling as Lena leaned back in her chair lifting an eyebrow.

“You always distract me Kara. But it’s not because I find you annoying.” Lena stood from her chair smoothing her skirt, trying to ignore Kara’s mouth fall open, moving to sit on the edge of her desk. “I just meant that I needed a break. And if your hair is any indication, I think you might need one too.”

Lena laughed as Kara’s hand shot to her hair to try and cover the mess she had made tugging at it as she wrote. 

“It’s a hard article!”

“And you’ll write it perfectly I’m sure.” Lena smiled confidently. “But as cute as I might think you look, you’ll probably want to straighten it before we go out.”

Kara nodded as she headed to the private bathroom off Lena’s office. Staring at herself in the mirror, pieces of hair had come out to frame her face, a couple bubbles had come up from pieces that had not been completely pulled loose. Releasing her hair Kara combed it with parted fingers. There was no way she could leave it down, no matter how good she thought she looked with her hair slightly tousled. Hearing Lena’s words echo in her ears Kara pulled her hair back into a half ponytail leaving some hair to frame her face as it had before but with a much tidier look. Satisfied Kara took a deep breath before entering the office again. 

“I’ve always liked you in that coat.” The words came tumbling out as soon as Kara saw Lena in her long magenta coat, leaning against her desk. The coat being the only sign that Lena had moved while she was in the bathroom.

“And you look beautiful.” Lena replied without hesitating as she looked Kara over. 

“I called my driver, he’s waiting downstairs… I didn’t think either of us would want to drive later.”

Kara grabbed her cardigan off the couch as she followed Lena towards the elevator. 

“You know I don’t drink.”

“Yes well, as much I wouldn’t mind being pressed against you on the back of a motorcycle, I don’t think I’ll have enough balance for that later. Plus we both know you didn’t drive it today unless you’re carrying a second outfit in that bag.” 


Kara hummed along to Rita Ora on the radio as the car drove through downtown National City to Lena’s favourite Irish Pub. It was a little hole in the wall, barely noticeable if you weren’t looking for it. Kara momentarily wondered how Lena had come to find it as they stepped inside. Live music was playing in the back corner next to the bar. There were some padded booths along the wall, with tables and chairs scattered throughout. The lighting was low adding to the warm, intimate atmosphere. 

“Go find us a table.” Lena pressed her lips against Kara’s ear, speaking just loud enough she could be heard over the music and talking. “I’ll be right back.” 

Kara felt herself nodding as she watched Lena walk over to the bar signalling to someone she was obviously familiar with before Kara felt her stomach clench and turned away. Scanning the back wall Kara noticed the corner booth, it was a little big, but it was empty and they would still be able to watch the musicians. 

“Pick a big enough table Kara?” Lena smiled as she sat down her arm pressed against Kara’s despite having the biggest table in the pub for just the two of them. 

“Maybe I just wanted you all to myself.” Kara retorted quickly having noticed she also happened to pick the most secluded table while she was waiting. 

“Fine by me.” 

“Hi ladies.” Interrupting Kara’s reply, a server appeared next to their table holding a tray and smiling brightly. “You two ready to pick your poison?”

Unable to give up the opportunity, Poison still stuck in her head from the drive over, Kara grabbed Lena’s hand in both of hers, “I pick my poison and it’s you.”

The server laughed, “You two are an adorable couple.”

“Thank you.” Kara responded without looking at the woman. Lena gave her hand a squeeze before turning away. “I’ll have a scotch, neat. And she’ll have a club soda. And we’ll take a menu if the kitchen is still open.”

Kara dramatically clutched a hand to her heart at the mention of food. “My hero!”

BTS as Kingsman (Seokjin)

Originally posted by allforbts

-Literally a whole dad. Like super supportive of new trainees and then always becomes a mentor to the newest member. Hes kinda good at judging people

-Its gotten to the point where whenever they have a new batch of trainess he can basically guess whos in and whos going to be out. AND HES NEVER WRONG

-Like ‘ that one is too confident i think he’ll be out when we toss him out of a plane and make him work with the others. Next’

-‘That one just busted DOWN A DOOR WITH HIS SHOULDER FUCK YEAH KID YOURE IN’ (good job lancelot!!)

-Codename: Galahad

-Jin really likes being more of a tech guy instead of being in the field.

-Like yeah i can hack into the any security system and delete anything theyve got or obtain top secret government files without being detected on their system but dont ask me to punch a guy in his throat

-Like i will if i HAVE TO but ask lancelot first he’ll punch anyones throat so leave me here

-So basically one day arthur is like ‘hey galahad we kinda need you to hack into the United States Governments files’ and jin just

-‘Okay sure’

-So jin gets to it and hes typing at the speed of light and there are a bunch of numbers and letters on the screen and jins just chilling because of course hes got this in the bag hes done this like a hundred times

-And he finally pushes enter (dramatically might i add) because that always gets him right in and he turns in his swivel chair and hes like ‘what do you need arthur’

-But arthur is like ‘umm bro’ and hes pointing at the computer and jin turns around and HIS EYES ALMOST POP OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS

-He! Has! Been! Detected! And! Blocked! Out! Of! The! Archives! And! Databases!

-How did this happen@@@@@@@

-Jin just kind of gets this determined look in his face and suddenly hes typing faster than before (if thats even possible)

-‘Galahad whats going on?’

-‘Something is keeping me out but that should be impossible because…because…well just because i know what im doing and they shouldnt be able to trace anything back to me and what is going on’

-Jin is like working overtime on his computer like how does he type that fast how is he even reading the things that come up on screen if they disappear in .2 seconds what is this

-‘Okay okay no need to panic its probably just like a firewall or something’

-Jin stops everything and glares at arthur

-‘Are you kidding me? You think of all things a measly firewall will stop me. This sint a firewall.Its not even some bot system either because its too slow. This is like human speed blocking.’

-Suddenly jins screen goes completely black.

-Both men are confused bc umm whats going on

-A loading bar appears at the top of the screen and suddenly some kind of I.M. window pops up.

-Jin tries to click the x in the top right corner to close the window but nothing happens.

-Instead in the bottom left corner there are three dots and the words

-‘Y/N’ is typing…’

-The message that pops up leaves jin red in the face

-‘Is someone being a bad boy?’

-Arthur is laughing because ‘did your computer really get some kind of freaky virus from waching porn’


-‘I really need you…’

-Jin frantically pushes the x but it still doesnt work


-Both arthur and galahad stop what theyre doing umm this is a little too real

-‘Are you going to respond?’

-‘I know youre reading these’

-‘I can see you right now’

-There is literally no way you can see them because theyre in hq which is a mansion in the middle of nowhere

-Another window pops up on the screen and its jin like in real time and he realizes its the image from the camera on his computer and oh my gosh someone is hacking into the hackers computer what the heck

-‘This is a warning. Don’t try to hack the government again because I will find you. Have fun.’

-The screen goes black again and when it light up lo and behold its on A PORN SITE lol arthur is dying in the background bc galahad just got out hacked.

-Jin is still shocked by the fact that someone was capable of doing this to him. Like there is someone out there that can really get into their system despite jin taking every precaution and making it nearly impossible to hack

-Jin shuts off his computer and just kinda flops onto the ground because what the heck


-Sure enough  jin still cant get into the database and the I.M. window pops up again

-‘I literally warned you’

-Jin kinda hesitates a little because should he respond or…

-‘How did you know it was the same person’

-‘I told you. I can see you’


-‘I dont hack and tell baby.’

-Jin is taken back?? Um baby? Hes no baby. Hes not your baby. Is he your baby?!?!?! Mom???????

-This goes on for like a while. Like jin tries to get into the files but hes always stopped by you and then you guys have  a lil conversation and jin starts trying to hack more often just becuase…

-He wants to talk to you a little bit?

-Like he genuinely begins to worry about himself because does he like someone thats preventing him from doing his job? Have you become a part of his daily routine? Can he separate himself from you?? Its like a criminal falling in love with a cop basically.

-You also let your guard down a little bit like he already knows your name and birthday and about your dog. You dont tell anyone about your dog. Bc hes yours. Your! Dog! But this guy trying to hack into the US government knows about him what have you done.

-You decide its time for a break from this whole hacker blocking thing so you tell your boss and he assigns someone else to this case.

-Yeah its a case.

-The gov. has been trying to figure out who is getting into their files and you were put in charge but clearly its proving more difficult than you thought bc you have grown attached and if he gets caughts then you wont be able to talk to him anymore

-Youve figured out for the most part where he is located but you havent reported it to your boss because…because you cant…

-So now theyve got someone else trying to figure out what you already know

-The day you decide to take your break jin also decided he wants to talk to you and there he goes trying to hack again. He pushes anter and waits for the screen to go black like it has for the last few weeks.

-But it doesnt??

-Hes suddenly in the governments files…?

-Jin is kind of of worried like umm where is Y/N and why didnt she stop me from doing this.

-So jin has no idea what to do now because for the next week he keeps getting into the files and its like you disappeared from the internet and all of a sudden he gets an idea

-Like hes got these government files so if you work for the government they must have some information on you right???

-He searches your first name and a few different people pop up then he narrows it down to one by looking at the birthday and there you are in all your glory.

A picture of you that makes jin’s heart skip a few beats followed by 

Name: L/N, F/N 

Age: 24

Department: Cybersecurity 

and right there…your address…

-Seokjin swallows hard before he scribbles the address down on a piece of paper.

-Hes out of his chair before he knows it and nobody has time to question him when he says hes going out into the field to gain some valuable information

-AND THATS HOW HE ENDS UP on an airplane to your location at 9 pm.

-One five hour flight and a one hour taxi drive later jin is standing outside what he assumes is your house at 3 in the morning

-He hesitantly knocks on the door and waits.

-You are woken up from your good night of sleep by a knock on the door and when you look at the time youre like umm who is here at 3 am and why, oh wait you think you know why

-You shuffle downstairs slowly

-You swallow hard and open the door. The person you see on the other side doesnt startle you bc oh my gosh this is the hacker man ive possible fallen in love with even though technically im supposed to be throwing him in jail oh my gosh

-And you deliberately let him find out your location in hopes that he’d show up but you didnt think he’d be here so soon

-Maybe this was a bad idea


-Your mind is nearly blank but somehow you manage to play it cool

-‘I wasn’t expecting you so soon’

-Jin is ??????? you were expecting him???

-‘I didnt think you’d let your guard down long enough that i would figure out your address.’ jin plays it off cool with a little smirk that makes you want to pounce on him

-‘Oh baby…its so cute you think you could have actually found me.’

-Jin raises an eyebrow in confusion

-‘Don’t try to fool yourself. I let you find me.’ the way your bottom lip juts out slightly is enough to make jin lose it

-he is impossibly entranced by you bc not only can you out hack him but you also outsmart him and out-hot(?) him and everything in between.

-He literally cannot hold himself back he just kinda goes for it like a full on dizzying, heated, passionate, swollen lips and flushed faces type of kiss.

-And that is how you managed to get yourself a kingsman boyfriend.

A/N: Sorry if this one is a little bad its just kind of what comes out of my mind. 

Break The Ice

Characters: AJ Styles x Kenny Omega

Summary: After being single for a long period of time, AJ finally decides to listen to his friend’s advice and gives the dating scene a try. He just wasn’t expecting the first time to be in a place like this. Or with the same sex, for that matter.

Warnings: m/m sex, and um.. not really anything to be warned about. Maybe just a whole lotta smut, language, and bad writing. This is also kind of an A/U fic, meaning no wrestling related stuff will be involved. Also stating the obvious that if you don’t like slash pairings.. look away!!

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anonymous asked:

Prompt 11 + Kastle (with frank as the drunk one just to mix it up 😉)

11. things you said when you were drunk

Karen starts keeping a ready stock of beers in her fridge at some point. Dark brews, because neither of them could give much of a care for particular brands but his one stipulation when she asked the first time they met up at a bar to trade information was, simply, “none of that lite shit.” It made her laugh. He gave her a look that was, for the moment, entirely forgetful of the rest of the world.

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Another glimpse of hell - mean (and some not-so-mean) nicknames on the Chinese gymternet TAKE 2.


1. Do not read this if you are easily offended by mean names, satirical jokes or dark humour.

2. The Chinese gymternet culture, and its internet culture as a whole, is very different from the ones on tumblr. Partly due to its insularity, certain terms used in the Chinese gymternet could come across to you as too rude or brass or unacceptable. However, please also take into account the difference in the cultural aspect as well. As a common dweller in the Chinese gymternet community, I can promise that 95% of the satirical teasings or mean names created by the Chinese has no derogatory intention. The truly degrading, racist or sexist nicknames have also been filtered out by me, so rest assured.

So now, if you are ready, please read on:

——————————————–The line to hell——————————————-

A. Foundation Course Chapter 2

1. 美x~; Pretty x~; adj. 

Right. So you call someone a pretty something. But it also could mean “pretty” aka fugly something. No one knows if you are genuine about it, and so after awhile the expression took on a warped connotation. Both fans and haters use it. Decipher its true meaning before replying anyone on the forum!

E.g. Pretty ___ fell two times on beam today, made my day!

2. 水x~;Watery x~; adj. 

In Chinese terms, if you “inject water” into something, you will make it less substantial, less genuine, less real and less deserving. So if someone are “watery”, people are inferring that she or he is overscored and undeserving of his credentials. Some fans nonetheless use it on their beloved ones as friendly teasing or a show of humility. 

3. xoP - noun. 

So the official rules of artistic gymnastics are written in the Code of Point (CoP). Some fans, however, like to invent their own rules (or twisting the meaning of existing rules) on judging a routine. As such, people would say that so-and-so have invented their own xOP to judge routines. One particular notorious member in the Chinese gymternet community has the ID lldtt06, and hence whatever he says, people will reply:

“Oh wow Mdm6 is judging routines based on his 6oP again!”. 

(some famous rules of 6oP include - there should be deduction whenever one does shap to pak because its so “trite”, and many others lmao)

4. 烟花 - fireworks - noun.

Used to describe gymnasts who just can’t finish a routine without falling. The Chinese gymternet sometimes use the term “explode” to describe routines with falls (e.g. Seda’s beam exploded again!). So for those who routinely fall in their routine, they are called fireworks. Also used to describe routines that fail spectacularly. 

e.g. “The beam routines of Seda are one hell of a firework performance, simply stellar - I’m in awe!”


B. Country related mean terms: (used only to describe radical fans)


池塘 - pond - noun.

Many think that certain American gymnasts are overscored. A pond has lots of water. Now look at the second bullet point in the foundation chapter - Do you get it now?


蝌蚪 - tadpole - noun.

Originally used to mock Liukin’s fans because Liukin’s nickname is froggy (if you remember from my last post!), the term has been expanded to embody all die-hard/radical American fans.

莲子 - lotus seed - noun.

You know, lotus grows from pond and produces lotus seed. Yep.


鹅粪 - Goose poo - noun.

A pun of 俄粉, or Rus Fans. This term though has been picked up by Russian fans themselves as self-teasing, so its no longer a mean nickname…kind of.

Ruslut - noun.

Only the meanest Russian haters use this. Most people who use this are radical American fans so Russian fans often retaliate by calling them Uslut back.


火葬粉/火苗 - Cremnator/Little flames (Though I think kindling is a better translation, meaning wise)

So in my last episode I talked about this Bulimar set a cremation spell on Team Romania thing, so I guess it isn’t surprising that its die-hard fans are being called “flames/kindlings”?


好粉丝/宙国粉 - “Great” fans, Fans of team universe

I’ve talked about this last time so just revision here lol.


C. Gymnasts related nicknames (some are not mean at all because I run out of mean nicknames lmao)

1. Daria Spiridonova - 累女士 - Mdm Tiresome

Back in 2014 when Spi first proved her worth Chinese fans had been calling her “the new love”, which is a proof of her popularity back then. Then in 2016 the sentiment took a turn for the worse as people realized that while she can only do bars (and that her bars isn’t even the best in the team), she kept getting selected over others (like Kapitonova and Skrypnik, at least in 2016) even in team competitions. So people started saying things like “Isn’t that super tiring for her teammate coz she can only do one event and will explode on all others”. Eventually people started to call her Mdm Tiresome - someone who drains the shit out of her teammate. 

2. Brenna Dowell - 嘟嘟鸡 - Dodo Chicken

Dowell’s nickname is just realllllllly unfortunate lol, because its not her fault at all. So basically a forum member named lldt06 (inventor of 6oP, remember?) is a superrrrrrr radical fan of hers and kept saying things like “she deserve a WC bars gold”, “BEST bar composition in the worlddddddd”, “excellent AAer”, which have some truth in them but are still boosty nonetheless and didn’t sit well with many. So in 2015 when Dowell did badly for bars in Worlds many people were like “WHERES THE WORLD CHAMPION? I ONLY SEE A DODO CHICKEN.” and bamm the nickname stayed. Tbh the term dodo chicken doesn’t mean anything in Chinese. I think its the combination between the first syllable of her last name and Wild Chicken, the term for newbies/noobs as explained in my last post. 

3. Lin Li - 慌姐 - Sister Panic

So Lin Li is a member of China’s National Team in the 2004 squad. She is actually amazing on bars but just doesn’t have the mental tenacity to do well in major competition. She always seems to be rushing through her routines which lead to mistakes after mistakes, so after a while ppl just called Sister Panic for short. 

4. The pines of 4 season 春松,夏松,秋松,冬松

So like Chunsong’s literal translation is Spring Pine, and so 3 other gymnasts were bestowed the nickname of Summer Pine, Autumn Pine and Winter Pine respectively lmao. These are NOT mean nicknames.

So Autumn Pine was first to be invented and she is Flavia Saraiva. People started to call her Autumn Pine ever since 2014′s YOG because of how tiny she was - just like Chunsong. They are also great on beam as well and competed in the same beam finals before. At the same time though she is also different from Chunsong in many way so people called her Autumn Pine to highlight the similarity and contrast. 

Then not long after that people discovered Morgan Hurd and they were like “oh my! isn’t she like a clone of Chunsong?”, so people started to call her Xiasong, or Summer Pine. 

Lastly is the winter pine. People actually couldn’t find a good fit for it for a long time but they also felt it’s incomplete without a winter pine. Then one day someone posted this photo of a young Melnikova (the same photo as below) and people were like “WINTER PINE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FAIR AND LIGHT COZ ITS WINTER, SHE LOOKS ABITTTT LIKE CHUNSONG, MELNIKOVA WILL BE WINTER PINE”. And that’s it LMAO. Personally I don’t find Melnikova to resemble Chunsong, but whatever lol everything is cool as long as we have the four pines. 

5. The Zoo (Russia’s WC team 2010) (Not mean)

Most members of Russia’s 2010 WAG team at the Worlds have animal related nicknames. The nicknames started off as mean nicknames as they are donned by Russian haters that “Russian team is like a zoo”, but eventually even the fans themselves began calling the team #TeamZoo, so they are no longer mean anymore. 

Mustafina - 母狮 - lioness - Phonic translation

Dementyeva - 德猴 - Monkey - Because she’s kinda goofy like a monkey lol

Nabieva - 河马 - Hippo - Because she must have an animal related nickname as Mus has one and people found her to resemble a hippo somehow lmao

Afanasyeva - 鳄鱼 - Crocodile - She was fierce as a crocodile on floor and I think some of her facial features (being fierce and glaring and all) reminds some like a crocodile. 


Semenyeva is STRIPPED of a animal related nickname because Russian haters didn’t hate her enough to don her a nickname LMAO.  She was listed as a RESERVE FOR NICKNAME. Until now she doesn’t have an animal related nickname and its so fortunate and sad at the same time. 

Now I hope that you have enjoyed reading this second episode lmao, I think I’m really running out of nicknames so there shouldn’t be an 3rd episode sadly…. Still, hope it has made you laugh!

There goes the neighborhood, Part 3
(Part 1, Part 2)


Funny how in the twenty years that Caroline had known Stefan he’d never avoided her–except for after the great bathroom disaster of that second year, but they just don’t talk about that one–but he’d definitely been doing it now. Not answering texts or returning calls and suddenly not in his own apartment either. She’d have freaked out with fear if she hadn’t seen Damon there instead, in all his smug glory, taunting her that Stefan was too afraid of her little claws to be around her until she cooled down.

She didn’t need to cool down, she needed answers, and the longer it took for her to get them the more determined she grew. Not enough to head back up to the annoying Hybrid’s door and demand them, but enough to try and plan how to sneak up on her best friend. Thankfully, she didn’t need to wait too long since it was the annual Mystic Falls reunion celebration–probably the reason Damon was even in town–and there was simply no way the younger Salvatore was going to miss it. Not with Elena guaranteed to be there and him still being half in love with her (as well as Damon being completely in love with her), but she was trying to find herself and that included being with neither brother.

Caroline gave it a decade, if that, before Elena broke down and came running back into one of their arms. Probably Damon since that was all her best friend ever asked about when the two talked on the phone anymore. Like she was supposed to know or care how the elder Salvatore was doing.

But sure enough, there was Stefan, sitting at their usual booth in the bar they always managed to head back to over the last four years Stefan and she had decided to call Chicago their home. Elena was beside him, regaling him with stories about whichever country she was currently enjoying, while Bonnie was heading back toward them, looking just that tiny bit older, though no where near as old as she could because of some spell or the other. Still, Care was sure she could see a wrinkle and she didn’t like that little telltale sign of her friend’s impending mortality.

“Blondie,” Damon drawled out, voice coming from behind her and she could smell the aftershave she’d come to loathe.

“Wannabe Satan,” she greeted, glancing over at him as he moved to stand beside her. There really was no love lost between the two but they tried to be civil for Elena and Stefan’s sake. Sometimes it worked, often it didn’t.

“Stop giving Stefan the death glare,” Damon continued, ignoring her little verbal jab. “I’m sure whatever he did isn’t that bad.”

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