i think they were imitating someone

No make-up

If you saw Alicia Keys without makeup then you’ve also met pure, raw, natural beauty.

After all, we live in an age where the “no make-up” look is achieved in 20 simple steps in only 30 minutes. You do really need to buy 5 different brushes to apply several different products to imitate your skin colour, but mind you: better.

So now you’d think this post is about how people “don’t need makeup to be beautiful” and on how society’s beauty standards ruined us all, right? No.

The raw truth is that someone (let’s call it society once again) convinced me that smart girls ought to be ugly. Yes you heard that: I thought I had to be ugly. My grades were good and my interest were science and books rather than shopping and dates. I therefore convinced myself that, to grew into a smart and successful person, I needed to avoid frivolities such as going shopping and using makeup. I glanced at my classmates with disdain, strongly believing that beauty isn’t a product of makeup and people shouldn’t be pressured to change their own appearances.

I am sure someone in this world can relate to this.

Only now, several years later and no more extraordinary grades, I realise I really like beauty. I like fashion, I like makeup and there’s nothing wrong with it: it doesn’t make me more stupid. This though, doesn’t give me the magical ability to like myself. I told myself too many times I was ugly and now that’s all I see. “That’s beautiful” I think in a clothing store, “but not on me”. I look tutorials on the internet, on how to contour or achieve the perfect winged eyeliner: but then, I’m not going to waste money on that stuff, am I?

Long story short: were you aware that society doesn’t want us all beautiful? Did you know that someone can’t be good-looking and intelligent, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair?

Don’t do like I did: you don’t have to be red or blue, you can be violet and beautiful.

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Imagine that you’re a scientist form in chemical engineering and physics, and has an extreme knowledge for someone as young as you and, because of that, you get  Tony Stark invitation to help solve a problem and build a new artifact.

“T-Tony… Someone broke into our lab.” Bruce muttered somewhat uncertain as he stared through the glass that separated the environments of the lab.
“Hm? What do you mean someone broke in?” Tony came quickly where his friend were and imitated him.

And then the two were silent for a long time while they admired you walk from one side to the other, making your calculation notes in the board and quickly trying to put into practice what you had in mind. Your plan was to create a prototype before your new boss appeared, then you came a time before the combined and was almost finished.

“Beautiful and a genius, I think we won the lottery.” Tony for a moment was completely surprised, but soon his famous smile returned to his lips. “Come on, Barnes, let’s meet your future girlfriend.”

“Tony… Please, don’t start anything.” the lowest grunted, but had a mesmerized look and a silly smile. “She’s really beautiful … And those calculations, I need to look at them.”

“Tsk, at least invite her to dinner, you perv.” Tony faked a straight face before entering the lab and clapped his hands. “Sweetie, welcome to the gang! And watch out, the sexy green there is a casanova.”

Imagine a feeling of familial kinship.

Dio’s family ties are about a hundred years dead to him, and Giorno’s more about found family than blood ties, no question. From the dialogue we get in EoH, it’s pretty easy to assume that in a more casual setting (and not a destroy your Heaven Father setting), Giorno would be a bit aloof and Dio would be sneering with pride.

But Dio is Dio. He starts off thinking like ‘okay how can i Use my most powerful child’ but as Giorno keeps on keeping on, imitating him in ways Dio was never there to teach and yet are still present, he grows fond of the boy. His kindnesses are more subconscious, but they worm out one way or another.

“Your most hated rival gang snuffed out within a single night? I would keep an eye out from now on, if I were you. It must mean there’s someone stronger.”

“Hm? Funeral invitations for your mother and step-father? Oh, but they were so young. What happened? Did the drunk crash himself into a ditch?”

“Your underling woke up sleeping near shards of a broken tea set? … I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

It varies from troubling, to a nuisance, to a weird kind of heartwarming.


Were there any films that he or you drew inspiration from while making A Brighter Summer Day?

I’m sure there were, but we didn’t discuss this. The one exception was Scorsese, particularly Goodfellas, which Edward used as the model of a gangster movie. But Edward’s style was completely different from Scorsese’s. People often refer to Edward as someone influenced by European filmmakers, comparing him to Antonioni, but he wasn’t intentionally imitating anyone. What I think did have a huge influence on him was the auteurist spirit you find in European cinema. He knew the importance of expressing oneself and having a style of one’s own. It was under this influence that he learned not to fear making films that were too difficult, and not to fear the audience’s incomprehension. But I think this influence was primarily one of attitude, not of aesthetics.

Read a new interview with screenwriter Hung Hung on his experience working with the great Edward Yang.


Lol Idk if someone already mentioned it, but I saw this and I think the room in the pic with Luke and Arzaylea looks pretty much the same as the one where Eleanor Calder was (there were Snaps were you could see more of the room). Buuuut as you can see in her discription the @ goes to a hotel so Luke and Arzaylea were simply in a hotel room and they were alone there. It should look like a “Party” but isn’t one it was just the two of them. Then someone took the picture of these two and it seems like everything is acted out for publicity. Now the shading picture of Luke and mitchy look like he is imitating and making fun of the one with Arz. I still think she is a PR stunt. Thanks for your attention.

“…no, they’re defiantly bigger, dude.”

“Do you think she got the, y’know—” Sam holds his cupped hands towards his chest, crudely imitating a large pair of breasts, “—taken out?”

Puck takes a contemplative sip of beer before answering. “I dunno. Maybe? Those puppies were a work of art before, but now that she’s preggo? Daaaaaaaaamn! Britt must be one happy woman.”

“I heard pregnant women want sex, like, all the time.”

“Quinn keeps complaining that they keep canceling on her, now I know why!” laughs Puck.

“I wish someone would release a sex tape of that!”

The men laugh, fist bump, and jovilally bump shoulders.

Quinn breezes past the duo. “If you boys go now, I’m sure you can catch up with Rachel and Kurt before they speed race their way out of the parking lot.’

“But it’s only nine o’clock,” mutters a confused Sam.

A strong hand lands on both men’s shoulder, startling them. “So, fantasizing about my pregnant wife, huh? Let’s talk about that,” says Brittany coldly.

Quinn doesn’t even make it to Mercedes and Mike standing 5 feet away by the drinks table before she’s laughing.