i think they were imitating someone

“So how fast do you think she can go?” Lance asked as he finally turned away from the vast space before them.

“Honestly,” Shiro started in and rested a hand on an upper console of black’s cockpit to lean a bit better over Lance’s shoulder, “I can only answer that as really, really fast. I’m sure there’s a speed gauge somewhere. If only I knew Altean.”

“Because you definitely need to know in case you get pulled over by a space cop,” Lance laughed before dropping his voice to imitate someone with authority, “‘sir do you know why I pulled you over? No? You were going thirty thousand in a twenty thousand asteroid zone. Wait a minute! Aren’t you the escape convict!? Isn’t this the emperor’s lion! I’m takin’ you in!’ “

Shiro laughed at that cracking a wide grin, “least I know if that does happen and I get taken in like that I’ve got a rather handsome blue paladin to come rescue me.”

“Mhmm every single time, babe. You know it,” Lance grinned cheekily a faint blush dusting his cheeks and ears.

“Mmm my hero.”

So I ran with that idea I had awhile ago about Shiro letting Lance sit in the black lion’s chair as a way of wooing him. So here it finally is! I had a ton of fun with the backgrounds and I hope you guys enjoy these little things I post about this au now and then.

Dating Crowley Headcanons

Dating Crowley would involve:

  • Being queen of hell.
  • Being just as much in charge  as Crowley is. 
  • Getting spoiled like crazy. 
  • Crowley always taking you on dates.
  • He also gets you random gifts. 
  • You and Rowena butting heads a lot.
  • If you get kidnapped he goes all out to find you.
    • He has all his demons looking for you 
    • And Sam and Dean 
    • He even asks Castiel. 
    • And after many strong words he gets Rowena to help.
  • Crowley opening up to you. 
  • You trusting Crowley with your life.
  • Having your own hell hound. 
  • Being well trained to protect yourself.
    • Crowley made sure of this. 
  • You make him be nicer to others.
  • Yet still help him torture traitors. 

  • Making Crowley dance with you. 
  •  You have Crowley wrapped around your finger. 
  •  Sarcastic, passive aggressive fights. 
  •  Trying to imitate his accent. 
    • You’re not good at it.  
  • But Crowley thinking it’s cute anyway. 
  •  Teasing him. 
    • “Crowley I want a pet Pig." 
    • "No. ”
    • “I know why you’re so hot: you’re the king of hell! " 
    • "You think you’re clever don’t you? ”
  •  Crowley having a nickname for you.
  •  Singing Mr. Crowley when you want to annoy him. 
  •  Crowley vowing to burn every Ozzy Osbourne album made.
  • Walking your hellhounds together.
  • Playing fetch with them
  • Baking with Crowley.
  • Insisting on matching aprons.
  • Fights were you don’t speak to each other for days.
    • But he finally apologized with flowers.
    • Or you apologize with cupcakes.
  • If someone won’t make a deal/alliance with Crowley you normally change their mind.
  • Going on really cool holidays.
  • Being called “Queen”.
  • or M’lady.
  • Sometimes even”Your Majesty.”
  • Calling the shots whenever Crowley’s away.
  • Owning all the clothes and shoes you could possible dream of.
  • Even when you fight Crowley looks out for you.
  • People always trying to split you apart.
  • But it never works because you love and trust each other.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Your best friend for years is going to leave town to accomplish his dreams, but you have one last thing to say before that happens.

Words: 550

Warnings: Fluff and some low-key angst

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Read When You’re Home

A/N: I think I’ll make a series out of this, what do you think? Making little drabbles based on In The Heights Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first musical aka my fave, with no relation between each other. Hope you guys like this!!

Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! xx

“You oughta stay.”

Dean looked up from the wooden porch floor to find your eyes, brows furrowed in confusion.


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My thoughts on Scare Pewdiepie being cancelled

Ok, so, basically, Scare Pewdiepie Season 2 is being cancelled because of “Pewdiepie putting antisemitic stuff on some of his videos”. And let me tell you why this is pure bullsh*t…

First off, I acknowledge that asking two poor people from Sri-lanka to hold a sign saying “Death to all Jews” was a little bit too far. HOWEVER, the backlash Felix is getting is absolute horsec*ck!

Secondly, Felix’s humor is, and has always been based on satire and sarcasm. Anyone who doesn’t understand or agree with that type of humor should not have anything to do with Felix’s content.

The mere definition of satire involves the use of something apparently known by too few people: irony. To those ignorants, irony is the use of something, like a political stance, a phrase, an opinion, to actually mean the opposite, often in a comedic way (ex: “No, please, keep talking, you’re not boring me at all…”). When used blatantly, it is often seen as sarcasm.

Satire, however, is a little bit more intricate, in the sense that it involves “acting” like a certain group of people in a ridicule way to mock their opinion or political stance (ex: people imitating the voice of Donald Trump, saying things like “I want to deport Mexicans”, or when you mimic your teacher to make your friends laugh). Everyone does it, and it often involves exaggerating the imitation. When used in a casual way, it usually ends up pretty clearly. But when used in a “professional” way (and by that, I mean, entertainment in a large scale), it keeps going for the whole video. But it is, still, humor, and fake!

I sometimes joke with my friends about Nazis, jokingly doing a Nazi salute, imitating the all too famous “Nein, nein, NEIN!!” from Downfall, or even saying racist stuff in a strong, cliché, German accent (it IS cliché… I live near Germany, the German accent sounds in no way like the one they do in movies). It doesn’t mean I think this stuff! On the contrary, I find it absolutely ridiculous that some people had the same idea, and even more that some still do! And that is exactly what Felix is doing, using satire, just on a more grand scale!

If someone were to come to me and say “Death to all Jews” in a serious manner, I would laugh at its face! And not only because I think it’s ridiculous, but because those kind of people WANT to be taken seriously, WANT people to be afraid of them, which leads me to my last point.

If you try to silence Pewdiepie, the message you’re sending is basically “It’s not okay to joke about this ideology, it’s not okay to ridicule it, it’s a serious matter”. You’re giving those dumb*sses the credibility they lost! You’re saying “They’re still a threat, they are not a laughing matter”. It’s part of a bigger problem nowadays, because it seems like medias are actively trying to bring back racism by putting it sometimes petty actions on front pages, going “look, this is what some people do, fear them!!”. You’re not silencing them! You’re giving them a voice, a platform in which to speak their moronic opinions in a serious manner! And as much as I respect free speech, that should never be the case for such hateful ideologies. 

Anyway, that’s all for my rant, that no-one will ever see or read fully…

@pewdie, I support you fully, even though I don’t agree with you all the time, or laugh at all your jokes. You went a bit far, you apologized, the video was taken down, it should have been the end of it. But medias are leeches, and humorless imbeciles are everywhere.

And to all the idiots still thinking Felix deserves this, go eat cabbage (I hate cabbage).

ZE:A REACT: When he realises he really loves you/confesses

I can’t find the request, it’s been quite a while for this one, but I believe an Anon sent in a ZE:A request with them realising they loved you/confessing to you. Enjoy!

I am thoroughly dissapointed with the lack of ZE:A gifs ;-; 

on another note, I want to thank you all so much for 2000+ followers ;-; I’m so happy you guys enjoy my reactions and I will try my best to make more things for you to enjoy! Also, thank you so much for your patience! I’m working on you requests and I will get them in I promise!

Junyoung: You had just finished watching his performance and backstage when you rushed over excitedly, with that little bounce in your step, to shower him with compliments he’d break out into a shy smile. He didn’t know it himself but seeing you run to him made his heart race.

Kevin: He had been recording the entire day and just when he finished he realised you had been waiting for him, curled up on the chair with his coat over you as his blanket. You looked so peaceful, smiling softly and mumbling something incomprehensible (although he swears you said his name) that he just kept staring at you. When you awoke you were slightly confused at the ‘I love you’ he threw your way, but it made your heart flutter nonetheless.

And then he’d get embarrassed and start laughing.

Kwanghee: Honestly he’s a bit unpredictable and so are his emotions. Like you’re literally just sitting there sipping tea after making some for the two of you and after a long drawn out silence in which he stares at you…*GIF*

Confessing, Kwanghee style (God, I love this man.)

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Siwan: He was waiting for you at a cafe; you had promised to help him practice his lines. You arrived a little late, and he had already ordered for you. Your favourite espresso. He had been surprised he remembered it himself. While you two busied yourself in rehearsing the lines, he couldn’t help but admire how passionately you were giving it your best. He also couldn’t help but notice the little gestures you did; the way you tucked your hair behind your ear, the way you softly tapped the table with your fingers, and the subtle lip-bite while you were focused on the script. He caught himself staring, and grew a little flustered when you looked up suddenly. You made his heart race and he wasn’t sure why he was realising this now of all times.

Taehun: WE WERE BORN ON THE SAME DAY. Okay, I’m done.

You two usually spent a lot of time together, and he absolutely adores your sunny personality. When you get fidgety because you can’t control your excitement, or when you start singing at the top of your lungs just because, or when you imitate him while he’s doing something, or when your stuffing food into your mouth.

But because of his busy schedule he was missing out on all of that. And all of you. He didn’t think something or someone could be on his mind 24/7 but apparently it was so and when he finally saw you at the end of a busy day he’d become that bashful sweetheart that’ll want to confess really fast.

Minwoo: When he took the coffee cup from you in his hand and your fingers brushed against his he didn’t expect for your touch to send such a strong tingling sensation, and he couldn’t help but smile as he saw a blush creep up your face. So he wasn’t the only one that got butterflies when you two spent time together. He’d probably make a really corny joke just to see you laugh and ease up the atmosphere so he could tell you how much he really loved you.

Heechul: The two of you had known each other for a while now, and there was that initial attraction from the start. You were too shy to look his way and he knew the effect he had on you, what he didn’t know was his own feelings for you were a lot stronger than he had initially intended them to be. Whilst shooting an idol dating variety show together he found himself getting really jelly over the fact that the other male guests were all intent on pursuing you through the games and challenges and his determination to win you over kicked in. He was becoming so passionate in the show that he had to stop and compose himself so as not to make it any more obvious that he was falling in love with you.

Relax Heechul, relax. Play it cool, you have to look cool for her.

Hyungsik: You were being absolutely ridiculous, on a sugar rush, hair up in a messy bun, giggly and just EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. The energy wasn’t reaching Hyungsik but your pure emotions and happiness definitely were. He caught himself just watching you with a smile, thinking how utterly dorky and clumsy you were but how utterly loveable at the same time.

Why do I even bother with this girl?

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Dongjun: You were working diligently, helping him monitor his performance in his latest drama serial and you wrote down all the remarks he made so that he could have notes to look over and work with when he practiced the next scenes. You were so busy and drawn into perfecting the notes for him that you hadn’t realised he had stopped monitoring the screen and started just staring at you. Your focused eyes, slight lip bite and a scrunched up nose made his heart skip a beat.

Down For The Count

A/N: This is another request for a Derek x Reader, but this one is smutty. The requester asked that Derek be teaching the reader how to defend herself on the gym mat, but she keeps losing. To beat him, she ends up kissing him and then there’s a little smut on the wrestling mat. Enjoy! @coveofmemories

Warnings: Smut


“Babygirl,” Derek said as he moved around on the mat, “You’re small, but you’re a powerhouse. Nine chances out of ten, the unsub is gonna be bigger than you are, which means, you’re going to need their weight against them.”

You had been hired at the BAU because you had an intelligence level rivaling that of Dr. Reid, not because you were particularly adept at fighting. That’s why you were here at 8 o’clock at night; every night you were here for extra training with Derek as your super sexy teacher. “When you say powerhouse, do you mean that I’m full of fire? Because I can’t fight for shit. That’s why I have a gun.”

He laughed. “That’s what I mean, baby.” After three months at the BAU, it was no secret that you and Derek had been flirting with each other. You were losing it - if he didn’t ask you out soon, you were going to go balls out and do it yourself. Occasionally, he slipped and said baby instead of babygirl, so when that happened, it became fairly obvious to others that you were into each other. “Now the basics are of course to go for the eyes, use your elbows and knee to the groin,” he started, clapping his hands together.

You point in his direction. “That one I can do,” you laughed. “I’ve kicked more than my fair share of men before ever thinking of becoming an agent.”

“Then you’re already halfway there,” he said, coming at you and tackling you to the ground. Once you hit the ground, he bore his weight sitting up on his knees, and you couldn’t get free no matter how hard you kicked and squirmed.

“Now what did you do wrong there?” he asked.

You couldn’t think of a way to get out of his hold; that wasn’t good. If it was an unsub and not Derek, and no one was nearby, you’d be done for. The seriousness of the situation didn’t escape you, but you were never one to pass up a funny moment. “I have no idea, but that’s why I’m here at 8 o’clock at night instead of at home in bed. Teach me, Master Yoda.” You bowed in front of him.

“Listen, young one,” he said, trying to imitate you, “If someone has you pinned in the way I just did, you twist one hip up and push down with your opposite shoulder. Wriggling like that gives you the leverage to get out from under them. Try again.”

Again and again, he came at you. Finally, after nearly six or seven tries, you understood what he was trying to say and you were able to get out from under him. “Okay, now,” he began again, wrapping his arms around you in a vice grip, “If your attacker comes at you from behind, stay calm…”

“That’s very likely,” you declared sarcastically.

“Do it anyway,” he repeated. “Stay calm and realize that your legs and head are free, so use them. Kick to the knee, scrap down the leg and stomp on the same foot. That’ll force him to loosen his grip somewhat. Then whip your head back into his head. You’ll undoubtedly hit his nose and force him to loosen up even more. Once the grip is loose enough, drop down, pushing your arms up, get out from under him and give another kick to the knee. Let’s try.”

Again, it took you a few tries to get it, but you started to. However, it was getting difficult to concentrate when Derek was built and muscley and sexy and very very close to you. Maybe if you lost on purpose…

You’d gotten the series of moves, but he wanted to drill them a couple more times to make sure. The next time, when he came at you, you pretended to slip after you got out of his grip, pulling him down with you. “You did that on purpose,” he laughed.

“Mayyyyybe,” you said coyly. “You wanna do something about it.”

He pushed himself up from lying position and crawled toward you, forcing you to lie back yourself, with him hovering over you. As you sat back, you lost your smile, instead focusing on Derek’s heated gaze. Slowly, he leaned into you, taking your lips in a tentative kiss. “Do that again,” you smiled, when he pulled away.

He did as you asked, coming to hover over you completely while he continued to devour you. You could feel his arousal against your leg. Could you do anything here? You couldn’t? Could you? “We can’t do anything here, can we?” you asked, turning your head back up towards one of the surveillance cameras.

“They’re turned off everywhere that isn’t the main building after 6 PM,” he whispered, kissing your neck as you giggled.

“Derek Morgan, are you really going to fuck me on the gym mat?” you asked, being very direct in your want for him.

He kissed up your neck to your chin and back to your lips as he spoke. “Of course not, Y/N. I do that in bed. That’s where I do my best moves, but I’m going to do something.” As you wrapped your arms around his head, he traveled down your body, gently grazing your goose-bumped flesh with his calloused hands. When he reached the waistband of your yoga pants, he looked up tentatively, wondering if you were truly okay. You were more than okay. 

Gasping at his firm touch, you reveled in the feel of his skin against the most sensitive parts of you. He was only teasing you, slowly rubbing up and down the length of your slit with one finger, occasionally coming to rest on the bundle of nerves that was begging for his touch. Even if the cameras were on, you kind of couldn’t care at the moment. He was working wonders with the smallest of touches right now; you couldn’t imagine what he’d like in bed, where he could use “his best moves.”

While he continued to move against you, this time adding another finger to the mix, you decided to do a little teasing of your own, reaching into his sweatpants to grab at his length. Using the slickness of your own arousal, you moved your hand up and down him, stopping at the tip to tease him. Two could play at this game.

With the gym to yourselves and a mighty need for each other, it was amazing that you hadn’t started fucking like bunnies yet, but it was too much fun looking into each other’s eyes as you both tried to out tease the other. “Who knew you were such a tease,” he said, gasping as you ran your thumb over the tip of him.

Letting him slide between your first two fingers, you laughed, biting gently at his jawline. “You had to know I was a tease, Agent Morgan.”

“That’s something I didn’t know I wanted,” he replied at you referring to him as Agent.

The last thing you wanted to do right now was more self-defense training. Right now, you wanted to go back to one of your apartment’s and find out what his moves were. “Well Agent Morgan, there can definitely be more of that at my place if you want,” you spoke as you used his tips from earlier and wriggled out from under him.

Without moving, he looked up at you, the darkness in his gaze making you wet. The come hither movement seemed particularly appropriate right now. “Come and get me, Agent Morgan.”

“With pleasure,” he said, pushing himself up from the ground and running to catch you.

Clip “So hot” - at 14:06, 12.04

Vilde: I tasted those two and..

Eva: Yours looks like poop! It does!

Vilde: Seriously, how old are you.. Can I taste yours? Feed me.

Eva: Oh my God, feed you?!

Vilde: Okay, okay.

(Vilde tastes Eva’s ice cream)

Vilde: Yours was good! Was is that? Banana?

Eva: I think it’s mango.

Vilde: No, it isn’t.

Sana: It’s not lemon?

Eva: No, if it was lemon I would’ve tasted it.

Noora: Nobody wants to taste mine?

Sana: Isn’t it just vanilla?

Chris: You know what? I think Easter holiday is so boring.

Sana: We should’ve gone to your cabin.

Chris: I don’t wanna go to that cabin, it only reminds me of Kasper.

(Sana gets a text)

Text from Elias:
Are you home I forgot my key

Eva (off screen): Buy hey, it was so funny when Kasper stood by the window and you got so fucking scared and were screaming! I thought someone had died! 

My God, you were the most scared.

Sana texting back:
Call mom.

Eva: That wasn’t Kasper, it was the mask and the dolls.

(Chris imitates Eva, and her dialect)

Chris: Cry!

Eva: No, I didn’t.

Vilde: Listen guys, I’ve been looking at this travel agency page, and it’s actually quite cheap to travel and rent an apartment abroad.

(Sana receives another text)

Text from Elias:
They’re not home until late I need to go home now come meet me you have to do it ’cause you’re a slave

Vilde (off screen): We could go to France. That would be so nice, us girls just lying on a beach and like..

Sana replies:
Where are you? 

Eva: Don’t you wanna go back to my place and watch PH*?

Chris: Yesss.

Eva: Yeah?

Chris: Yes.

Vilde: Can I ask Magnus if he wants to come too?

Eva: Sure.

Noora: Then I think I’ll just go home.

Chris: Why?

Noora: No, or just..Eskild. ’Cause Linn texted me and said he’s decorating my room. I haven’t agreed to that. I’ll text you later.

 Vilde: Yeah, do that.

 Eva: Bye.

Text from Elias:
Working out get over here

 Vilde (off screen): Have you told her that William got a new girlfriend?

 Eva: Huh?! No, I thought we agreed to not say anything?

 Vilde: Maybe he’s told her himself? She seems pretty down.

 Sana: I have to go and drop off some keys to my brother.

 Eva: Where?

 Sana: Just nearby.

 Eva: Should we drop by there first then, before going to my place?

 Chris: Yes.

(The girls walking towards the gym)

 Vilde: I just think the best would be if we found a new guy Noora can fall in love with so that she forgets about William.

 Eva: Yeah, but she does kinda like bad boys. Do we know any bad boys?

 Vilde: Jonas and Mahdi. It would be so funny if any of you got together with any of them.

 Eva: Seriously? No, Vilde.

Vilde: I just think it’s really boring that I’m the only one with a boyfriend, and that you’re always together, you girls, without me, because I have to hang out with Magnus.

 Sana: Will you wait here?

 Chris: Why?

(They enter)

Eva: I just don’t think Noora would fall for any of the boys we already know. We have to find somebody new.

Vilde: So where are we supposed to find new cool and handsome boys?

(Elias and his friends working out. After a while, Sana snaps out of it) 

Sana: Elias!

Elias: Hey!

Sana: Here.

Elias: Who’re your friends?

(Vilde pushes forward and extends her hand)

Vilde: Vilde.

 Elias: Elias.

 Vilde: Well, I guess we found some, then.

Sana: Huh?

(Sana looks around)

Sana: No no no.

*PH = I assume Eva means Paradise Hotel, the reality TV show.

Things that happened within the last school period

-The first question I asked my teacher was not related to academics, but rather if a The Home Depot existed in America. It does. I think.

-Someone randomly said “I eat dogs.”

-When the teacher finished giving her lecture, she asked “Do you understand? Yes, no, or we were so busy dissociating that we’re just staring off waiting for you to explode into space?”

-Some kid started doing a “Russian parade walk” down the desk aisles.

-I started doing wall push-ups, and then the kid from above started imitating me because it “promoted physical activity in a great learning environment”.

-Some girl said that her friend’s friend caused a lockdown in her school because she brought a gun to class for no reason.

-I started talking about how I wanted a pet moth, and then my teacher started avidly discussing types of moths and how large ones such as luna moths do not have mouths as adults, so they die of starvation. Seems like a pretty big mistake for nature to make, forgetting mouths.

-Then I scared people away by saying that maybe if I had enough moths, Mothman could come take me to a cave.

-Some kid claimed that if I got the chance, I would kill everyone in the class. I said that I would, but only if I didn’t have morals. I have morals. It’s okay.

-A student asked me “if someone shot your cat, would you kill them?” To which I responded no, but I would arrest them for life and psychologically torture them.

-Someone started loudly zooming around the class in a wheeled office chair.

…High school  really is as weird as they say.

sing-for-your-lover  asked:

oooh can i get a ronsey for 32? 😏💗

32: “Just kiss me, you idiot.” (happy birthday!!! I accidentally made this too long yikes)

They’re tramping through the tall grass along the fence of Ronan’s property, Ronan wielding a stick as if it were a machete and the grass was thick jungle. Gansey is terribly charmed by this, and by the way the Barns doesn’t actually seem to have a definable edge, just a fence and then more Barns beyond it — or the same Barns? It’s strange, but it almost looks like a mirror image.

It’s not the first time Gansey’s been invited to a friend’s extravagant home and been made to feel impressed, but it’s the first time he’s been to the Lynch’s. It feels hard earned, like he’s built up a rapport with a distrustful dog rather than purchased an expensive steak to distract it. Not that Ronan is a dog, or anything short of a prince, really, here in his domain; tufts of creatures and jewels of barns spread out on rolling fields like an overturned jewellery box.

“I wish you could have met my dad today,” Ronan’s saying, and his stick swishing gets a bit more aggressive.

“Well when does he get home?” Gansey asks, casting an eye back at the outline of the house against a dewy afternoon sky.

“Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the next time the moon’s full. Maybe only at the strike of midnight on the twelfth day of the month.”

An extraordinarily enigmatic answer that Gansey can do little with. “He travels?” he asks weakly. Ronan laughs.

“Yeah Dick. He travels. He likes to surprise us.” He hits the fence with his stick, and Gansey frowns when the white paint turns blue at the point of impact.

The thing is, a lot of people have tried to impress Gansey, and a lot of people have walked away satisfied that they have done so. He’s never had such a condensed feeling of curiosity about a singular person who isn’t Glendower. He’s never wanted so badly to keep his awe concealed, to see what else Ronan Lynch can do.

Ronan seems to be able to tell anyway, and he smirks at Gansey. Then his eyes drop somewhere below Gansey’s gaze. And then they slide sideways, and his mouth twitches up, shark-like. A shark in training.

“Mom’s calling,” he says, and Gansey spins to see her, a honey blonde waif like a maiden from a renaissance painting, the sun plying her hair with golden kisses.

She’s waving one hand and holding the door open, and the whole thing feels like a dream come to life or a farm house from a movie, a hero called in to a gritty made-from-scratch supper. Like in the movie though, there’s something sinister about the perfection of it, and from the look on Ronan’s face, he’s in on it.

They reach the main house and Aurora smiles curiously at them. She smiles with her whole body, somehow, like if Gansey could only see her eyebrow or the crook of her arm, he could still tell what expression she was making. “Did you boys get into mischief way out there?”

“Of course not,” Gansey answers at the same time that Ronan says “Oh yeah,” and laughs a little nastily. “Barns burnt down, no little brother is safe.”

“Ronan,” Aurora scolds gently. “You know Matthew would follow you anywhere.”

“Yeah, mom, that’s why it was a joke.” He rolls his eyes at Gansey conspiratorially. He grabs what looks like a pear from the branch of a coat rack before he walks off to the kitchen, and Gansey does a double take.

Aurora smiles warmly at him, and takes his elbow. “You must be hungry.”

Gansey’s eyes are still narrowly watching the coat rack. He feels himself smiling, one part automatic politeness, two parts thrill; the inexplicable magic of the Barns making him feel closer than ever to his quest. And just as importantly — closer than ever to Ronan.

He looks up, and Ronan’s watching him from the kitchen doorway. He recognizes the challenge in his face, and Gansey squares his shoulders. “Starving, thank you, Mrs Lynch,” he says, but then he reaches back and plucks a second pear from the rack. Ronan’s grin widens when Gansey bites into it.

“Come sit down, you idiot. You’ll spoil your appetite,” Ronan says, and just like that, Gansey’s in.

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iKON REACT: To another idol flirting with you

This was so much fun NGL. xD

Scene: There’s an idol that has been increasingly showing interest in you, and getting bolder each time.

B.I.: He wouldn’t be able to contain himself. *cue smexy/PO-ed/sassy Hanbin* “WTF do you think you’re doing you lil b**ch, get out of her face, your voice sucks, it’ll make her go deaf.”

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Jinhwan: Pretends to be fine and even flashes a fake smile. But really he’s pretty pissed. That little piece of ish thinks he’s so damn clever with those cheesy pick-up lines.

Originally posted by lyrikon

Bobby: Enough was enough. “Oh no you didn’t just wink at her bud.” *must be restrained by Chanwoo*

Originally posted by yooneroos

Yunhyeong: Although he’s laughing and smiling, don’t be fooled. He’s angry and ready to rip the other idol to shreds. *must be restrained by Donghyuk*

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Later to you: “If he does anything like that again…” *gif*

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Junhoe: *rolling his eyes every time the other idol spoke* Oh please…someone make him shut up.

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Later to you: *sassy Junhoe mode full blown* “Did you hear him? What was he even saying? His pronunciation sucked and his vocals were all over the place.” *gif*

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Donghyuk: I don’t think Donghyuk would ever be super easily pissed off at anyone, but when that idol crosses the line by hugging you really tightly. Nope, nope, nope.

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Chanwoo: He’d imitate the idol to embarrass them, cause no one touches you so freely. *cue sassy maknae whilst unni-Junhoe watches proudly* “Great job Y/N-ah! You were amazing!”

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Imagine a feeling of familial kinship.

Dio’s family ties are about a hundred years dead to him, and Giorno’s more about found family than blood ties, no question. From the dialogue we get in EoH, it’s pretty easy to assume that in a more casual setting (and not a destroy your Heaven Father setting), Giorno would be a bit aloof and Dio would be sneering with pride.

But Dio is Dio. He starts off thinking like ‘okay how can i Use my most powerful child’ but as Giorno keeps on keeping on, imitating him in ways Dio was never there to teach and yet are still present, he grows fond of the boy. His kindnesses are more subconscious, but they worm out one way or another.

“Your most hated rival gang snuffed out within a single night? I would keep an eye out from now on, if I were you. It must mean there’s someone stronger.”

“Hm? Funeral invitations for your mother and step-father? Oh, but they were so young. What happened? Did the drunk crash himself into a ditch?”

“Your underling woke up sleeping near shards of a broken tea set? … I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

It varies from troubling, to a nuisance, to a weird kind of heartwarming.


Summary: After a hunt, you witnesses Dean trying to pick up a girl in a bar.  You’re not having it though and, in your frustration, you scare the girl off.  Dean is not happy about that.

The extended smutty version of this story can be found on my AO3 here!

Pairings/Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, OFC

Word Count: 2240

Warnings: Pre-smut (no smut here, though, gotta click the link above for AO3 if you want to read that part), language,

A/N: I was sent this gif for a drabble and it ended up turning into an entire fic.  Whoops!  The gif is not mine and, to my knowledge, it was found with a google search.  If it’s yours or you know who made it, please let me know so I can give proper credit!

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Were there any films that he or you drew inspiration from while making A Brighter Summer Day?

I’m sure there were, but we didn’t discuss this. The one exception was Scorsese, particularly Goodfellas, which Edward used as the model of a gangster movie. But Edward’s style was completely different from Scorsese’s. People often refer to Edward as someone influenced by European filmmakers, comparing him to Antonioni, but he wasn’t intentionally imitating anyone. What I think did have a huge influence on him was the auteurist spirit you find in European cinema. He knew the importance of expressing oneself and having a style of one’s own. It was under this influence that he learned not to fear making films that were too difficult, and not to fear the audience’s incomprehension. But I think this influence was primarily one of attitude, not of aesthetics.

Read a new interview with screenwriter Hung Hung on his experience working with the great Edward Yang.

Original Content PSA

Alright, y’all, I think it’s time for good ol Moon here to give you a lowdown of a lesson I’ve said time and time again to my bros.


Y’gotta AU that you wanna do that to do SO BADLY, but you find out that someone else has been doing it? DO IT ANYWAY.

Is there a cool concept that you have (ie. Sans’ Blaster weapons) that you’ve been planning but then find out that SOMEONE ELSE has been using it? DO IT ANYWAY!

Even if the concept is the same principal, there will still be something about it that straight up says YOU.

But when it STARTS being NOT okay…


There is a 99-100% chance that they didn’t know that you didn’t see their art and concept, and they thought of it as well! It is just overall saddening to see such hate in regards to ideas (or anything in general, but let’s stay on the subject here).Oh believe me, I’ve been on the other end, thinking of a concept that I found out was released before I even had the CHANCE to release it. I KNOW the frustration, but attacking the person who “stole” the idea is certainly no way to go.

Same thing goes to the bigwigs in the fandom: if someone thought of something similar, don’t accuse them of stealing. That discourages them GREATLY, especially if they’re artists who are still trying to learn. Chances are, they were inspired by you, and imitation is the highest form of flattery.

But remember: there is a difference between imitation and straight up plagarizing.

We’re trying to make a positive community, not a negative one, and if I can find some way to lessen the negativity, then I will start right here.

We have been accused of stealing something, HOWEVER, the situation’s been calmly dealt with, thankfully. Just keep a cool head, be the better person and talk it out, and if that doesn’t work and they get aggressive….

Block em.

The option’s there for a reason, my friends.

So once again: No idea is original anymore, you do you even if it’s been done already, but when it starts being unacceptable is when you start attacking and accusing someone for “stealing”. So please…don’t attack someone. Not only does it hurt them, it hurts you. They didn’t steal anything.

Unless they just straight up plagarized you, art, idea and all. THEN that’s a whooooole different issue!


Duelist Kingdom - Fake Kaiba/Death Imitator & Ventriloquist of the Dead

For more animation goodies, check out my ygo animation tag!

So this is one I saved because it really interests me! Obvious to all that have seen the anime, the top three are of Fake Kaiba/Death Imitator - the character we got in the anime.

The four below that are Ventriloquist of the Dead, the player killer that Yami Yugi originally faced in the manga.

Now the order these sheets were in the Ventriloquist ones come first before Player Killer and Bandit Keith, so around the place he would appear in in the anime. The Death Imitator ones appear muuuuch later so it seems to me that originally we were going to get the Ventriloquist but then he was replaced for whatever reason. 

Perhaps it was felt it was too creepy, or wouldn’t work as well now that we had duel arenas and not duel boxes, perhaps there was some social reason or some other reason entirely. I think without asking someone we’ll never know but it’s certainly intriguing!

Other Worldly (Part 4)

Pairing: Reader x ??? (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 3,007

Summary: When Dean and Sam are called away on a case, Y/n is left to dwell in the bunker with a few surprises…

Warning: Weapons, mentions of werewolves, vampires, and witches, minor swearing, mention of losing a loved one

Tags: @fandomcrazedhuman @kyleewinchester (If you want to be tagged in future updates, let me know!)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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After two days of exploring and having fun, you still had little info from Cas. However, Sam and you were now the best of friends, staying up late talking, reading old tomes, and gossiping about his past.

Last night, you and Sam had decided to bake some cookies, although neither of you were a very good baker. Dean had had to sweep in and stop the kitchen from burning down.

“If you idiots are done almost killing yourselves, I’m going to bed.” He’d grumbled after, slouching past shame-faced Sam and you. When he was out of sight, you and Sam had burst into giggles, then cleaned up the mess which may or may not have involved a flour fight…

They had set you up in a room a couple doors down from them, in the room you had woken up in the second time. Sam had made you promise that if you needed help, you would come get him. Dean had slid a revolver in the space between your bed and night stand. “Just in case.” He had said.

In under only forty eight hours, you had learned so much as well, going through the library and reading information they didn’t talk about in the show.

“Wait, mermaids are real?” You had asked while examining the spines on a shelf. The word had caught your eye because the only mermaid you had ever heard of was the Zanna, Nicky.

Dean had rolled his eyes while Sam’s face lit up with a chance to tell you something you didn’t already know. “Not exactly in the sense of ‘The Little Mermaid’, but more or less, yes. Here, I’ll show you.” He had come to sit by you and you two spent an hour going through the old book, and subsequently other books.  

Somehow, the other day, you and Sam had gotten on the subject of Jess. You had been talking about one of your past relationships which led to Sam wanting to share too. You had tried to urge him not to, because you knew how painful that subject was, but he had insisted, sharing about his time with Jess that the viewers didn’t know about.

“You know I was going to marry her?” He had asked quietly. “Had asked one of her friends to come with me and help pick out a ring.”

You nodded, placing a hand on his arm in comfort. “Yeah, I know. I’m so sorry Sam.” He shrugged but wouldn’t look at you and you felt your fangirl heart break. “You know, in the fandom back home, all the fans want to do is wrap you all up in a blanket with hot cocoa and tell you how amazing you are. So I’m going to do it for them.”

You wrapped your arms around Sam’s shoulders in a sideways hug and rested your head on him. “You are all so amazing.” You said. “You have saved so many lives and fought so many wars and this world does not deserve you. You deserve to have your family and friends back and a proper life. I just hope you find it some day, because Sam? You are worth everything, and you should be treated as such.”

Sam turned to you and wrapped his arms around your middle, giving you a proper hug. He buried his face in your neck and you felt wetness on your skin as silent tears escaped. “Oh Sam, I’m so sorry.” You soothed, rubbing his back comfortingly and hugging him for as long as he needed.

When he pulled away, he had stopped crying and gave you a small smile. “Did I hear hot cocoa as part of this comforting thing?”

The rest of the day had been spent on the couch, both of you wrapped in a blanket and watching movies. You didn’t see Dean until the cookie fiasco and didn’t know what he had been doing during that time. Sam had gone over to ask him if he wanted to watch too but came back alone.

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Number four with TenxRose :) Maybe something fluffy/funny? Thank you so much!

4. things you said over the phone

Here, have a Doomsday reunion!

Calling for a Ride Home  AO3 | FF.net | Teaspoon (when validated)

Bird song was the first thing Rose noticed when she arrived at her newest destination, followed by the scent of tropical flowers carried on the sultry breeze. She slipped the dimension cannon into her pocket and scanned her surroundings, searching for any possible threat. When she didn’t see any people or pending natural disaster, she turned her attention to discovering her location.

Her TARDIS key lay beneath her shirt, cool against her skin. So wherever she was, the Doctor wasn’t nearby. However, she thought she felt the faintest hint of an electrical current buzzing along the key, and she tried not to hope too hard as she pulled her super phone out of her coat pocket.

She turned the phone on and took a deep breath before looking at the display. All the air went whooshing out of her lungs when she saw five bars, indicating excellent service, and the symbol for universal roaming.

So, right universe anyway… even if I’m not on the right planet.

Rose bit her lip and stared at the phone for a moment longer, her finger hovering over the key pad. Finally, need and hope won out over any possible concerns, and she pressed speed dial 1.

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Worst Behavior (Swazz imagine)

| Requested by anon: Swazz imagine where your cousin won’t stop flirting with him but he’s flirting back so y'all get in a fight? (MASTERLIST)

“Lydia, this is my boyfriend, Swazz.” They smiled at each other. “Swazz, my cousin Lydia.”

“Nice to meet you.” Swazz said and shook her hand. We all went to the living room and sat down.

John and I were suppose to hang out today, but instead my cousin surprised me and now we were here. “So, tell me about you, John.” Lydia said from the other couch.

“You can call me Swazz.” He smiled at her. I decided not to bother as they were getting to know each other, so I went to the kitchen and got us something to drink.

I heard a lot of laughing and giggling and ‘you’re so funny’s’. It got on my nerves. Lydia was known for being a total flirt with every boy she ever met.

I was fine with it, as long it wasn’t my boyfriend.

As I came back I saw Lydia hanging over Swazz, fiddling with her hair while flirting with my damn boyfriend. I coughed and they looked up. I raised my brows and glared at the both of them. “Right.” I said while sitting on the other couch.

They had been sitting like this for hours now. I eventually got my phone and ignored the both of them.

It was snitchy from my cousin to flirt with him, but I never even thought of him flirting her back. “Oh, I need to go. I forgot to tell my mom I was here.” She said after hours.

“Too bad, bye.” I said while walking away from her. I heard them mumbling things like ‘she’s on her period’ or something like that.

I was fed up with the both of them of went to my room. “Babe?” I heard Swazz say. I ignored him and continued playing on my phone. “Hello.” He said while waving his hands on front of me.

I rolled my eyes and sat down on my bed. “You’re really going to be this childish?”

“Unlike you. Flirting with my fucking cousin.” I spat at him.

He chuckled. “That’s what this is about?”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

“You’re overreacting.” He said. I stood up and threw my phone on the bed.

“Overreacting? I listened for hours to ‘oh, you’re so funny’ ‘now I understand why (Y/N) for you’” My voice went higher than usual and I started laughing fakily. “And let me say, that’s not a fucking pleasure to my ears.”

“She was just being nice! And why are you mad at me?!” He asked.

“God, you’re so stupid! You seriously haven’t noticed that you were obviously flirting back?!”

“Flirting back?! What the hell are you talking about?!”

I imitated him and he got even angrier after that. “You really think I would flirt with your fucking cousin?!”

“Well, who the hell knows!”

He coldly laughed. “You mean everything to me. And you seriously think I would do such a cruel thing? Who do you think I am? Someone who cheats?” I stayed silent and bit my lip. I suddenly felt really bad. “Listen, (Y/N). I don’t know what you think I was doing, but I wasn’t flirting. I was just being nice. I-I’m sorry if you saw it that way but the only one I see is you.” He said while stepping closer to me.

“I’m sorry for reacting like that.” I honestly said.

“It’s okay, now come here.” He pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

| holla at everyone stu(dying) & ik the title has nothing to do w the imagine lmao