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Why are people who prefer the japanese dub over an english dub called weeaboos or dweebs?

As a person whose native language is either of those I find it quite stupid.

Lawmakers ready budget stopgap, eye leaving by end of week

Lawmakers plan to head home for the holidays by the end of the week, concluding the 114th Congress with a final kick-the-can exercise to fund the government into the spring.

Capitol Hill is set to become a ghost town after speedy moves this week to avoid a government shutdown by Friday. House Republicans plan to unveil a stopgap spending bill Tuesday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told reporters Monday. That suggests Congress will once again bump up against its funding deadline, with passage in the House on Thursday and in the Senate on Friday, assuming individual senators, and Democrats in particular, cooperate with the exit strategy.

“It’s just now being finished up,” McCarthy said. “I think we’re very close.”

The so-called continuing resolution is likely to keep the government open through April — a decision reached after consultation with President-elect Donald Trump’s team, which wants to put its imprint on spending decisions early next year. The House GOP had initially planned on funding the government only through March, but Senate Republicans asked for more time to make room for them to confirm Trump’s lengthy list of executive branch appointments.

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Lisa kissed Cisco’s face and bumped foreheads with him as they stood outside in the cold, snow falling around them and settling on their shoulders, in their hair, glimmering like starlight under the yellow streetlamps. 

“Hi, gorgeous,” he murmured, nuzzling her cheek. “I didn’t think you’d come.”

“You called and said you were outside, ‘course I came running,” Lisa said. 

“It’s three in the morning.”

“I repeat; you called, I came,” Lisa said. Cisco’s face split into a huge grin. 

“Thank you,” he said. “Really, I mean it.”

“Though I do have to ask why,” she amended. Cisco shrugged.

“Well, it’s finals week,” he said, “and we’ve got this freak snowstorm and I figured we were both so stressed we should just…walk. And take in the silence.”

He rubbed the side of his face. “Actually, I didn’t think you’d come, so I was sort of maybe asking for too much? I’m sorry–”

“You could never ask for too much,” Lisa said. “Besides. I’m here, aren’t I?”

Cisco nodded, taking her hand. They walked down the path and away from their building, down the street and through the snow, staring up at the bright grey sky. The snow fell around them and muffled even the sound of their jackets shifting and rubbing together, and their hot breath; the only real noise was the crunch of snow as it shifted and gave way beneath them.

“There we go,” Cisco said, satisfied, holding Lisa’s hand and pointing. “Look, see? There’s my favorite view. In between all the buildings there’s always that bright light; some spotlight or whatever, doesn’t matter. I just love looking at it.”

“Yeah,” Lisa said. “Wow. It’s so nice out.”

“And so quiet,” Cisco sighed. “I love this stuff. Snow makes everything so soft and good.”

They stayed hand in hand, staring up at the sky.

“Wanna scream?”

“Huh?” Lisa blinked. Cisco grinned.

“You heard me! It’s so quiet, it’s the perfect time to just let all your thoughts out and scream really loud! No one’s around, right?”


“And we’re stressed, right?”

“Yeah!” Lisa nodded. “Okay. Fuck it. On the count of three. Ready?”


On the third beat they both screamed so loud a few starlings fled the nearby bush, taking to the air. Their yells echoed out over the sky, making the falling snow shake as they screamed and screamed until their bodies gave out and they dropped to their knees in a snowbank, grinning at each other, embracing tightly and falling into the snow, warm despite being cocooned in cold.

“We’re gonna have to make a thing out of this,” Lisa laughed. “You, me, and a three am trip to the middle of nowhere to scream.”

Cisco kissed her forehead. “It’s a date.”


Barcelona, I want to hear you sing this song with me. Muy loud. Very loud. Here we go. It’s called Brother.


Why yes, Amethyst’s Peridot impression (Perimpression) is coming along quite nicely, thanks for asking

Today In Black History

Today, February 1st, is the beginning of the so-called Black History Month. I think I’ve said it on here before, but I’ll say it again - no month is a Black history month for me, every second of every minute and every minute of every hour is Black History, but it’s kinda official, so let’s celebrate. I wanna start by bringing to you the story of the Greensboro sit-in’s in case you haven’t heard about them before.

On February 1, 1960, at 4:30pm four black students from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University sat down at the lunch counter inside the Woolworthstore at 132 South Elm Street in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The men, later known as the A&T Four or the Greensboro Four, went to Woolworth’s Store, bought toothpaste and other products from a desegregated counter at the store with no problems, and then were refused service from the segregated lunch counter when they each asked for a cup of coffee, at the same store.

Following store policy, the lunch counter staff refused to serve the black men at the “whites only” counter and store manager Clarence Harris asked them to leave. However, the four freshman stayed until the store closed that night.

The next day, more than twenty black students who had been recruited from other campus groups came to the store to join the sit-in. Students from Bennett College, a college for black women in Greensboro, joined the protest. White customers heckled the black students, who read books and studied to keep busy. The lunch counter staff continued to refuse service.

On the third day, more than 60 people came to the Woolworth store. A statement issued by Woolworth national headquarters said the company would “abide by local custom” and maintain its segregated policy.

More than 300 people took part on the fourth day. Organizers agreed to spread the sit-in protests to include the lunch counter at Greensboro’s Kress store.

As early as one week after the Greensboro sit-in had begun, students in other North Carolina towns launched their own sit-ins. Demonstrations spread to towns near Greensboro, including Winston-Salem, Durham, Raleigh, and Charlotte. Out-of-state towns such as Lexington, Kentucky, also saw protests.

The movement then spread to other Southern cities including Richmond, Virginia, and Nashville, Tennessee.

As the sit-ins continued, tensions grew in Greensboro and students began a far-reaching boycott of stores that had segregated lunch counters. Sales at the boycotted stores dropped by a third, leading the stores’ owners to abandon their segregation policies.

On Monday, July 25, 1960, after nearly $200,000 in losses due to the demonstrations, store manager Clarence Harris asked 3 black employees to change out of work clothes into street clothes and order a meal at the counter. These were the first to be served at the store’s lunch counter, an event that received little publicity. The entire Woolworth was desegregated, serving blacks and whites alike.


#GreensboroSitIns   #BlackLivesMatter




[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.


“No, no - it’s too unstable.”

While Fitz’s reluctance to get Jemma involved in his situation is interesting, I think the far more interesting part of this moment is when he says that they should call her. Fitz knows the amount of guilt that Jemma has heaped on herself. His unwillingness to involve her thus far reflects this. Over the course of the show, we’ve also seen Fitz show a upsetting lack of care for his own life, especially when it involves Jemma. Though so far he’s acted mildly inconvenienced by the bomb attached to his neck, it’s clear by this point in time that he actually is afraid it will go off. And now that his life is truly in danger, he accepts that it is best to reach out to Jemma.

It’s a big step forward. Though the situation is life-threatening and he knows that him getting wounded or dying will hurt Jemma deeply, he trusts that she’s the best person to go to and that she will have the answer. If anyone can figure out a solution, she can. He’s involving her in his life - both good and bad. I don’t think that Fitz from 2B or 3A would have asked to call Jemma in this time of need. 

They’re going back to the start - the start where they’re partners and they have each others’ backs, no matter what. Fitz knows that Jemma won’t give up in helping him and he acknowledges that he is important to her. He knows that if the situation were reversed, he’d want Jemma to call him for help, and so he is doing the same. I think that is a wonderful thing.

“I still think about calling.

Especially on a busy Saturday night when the streets are filled with people yet the world feels as empty as an empty Jack Daniels bottle a broken man just finished. 

I still think about calling you.”

“You never did,” you said.

“I wanted to do so with all the billions of atoms in me.”

“You never called.”

“I was scared you wouldn’t pick up,” I replied. “I didn’t want to hear your voicemail again.”

—  Stories I’ll tell one day #5 – Ming D. Liu
I think Jonathan Toews is the perfect guy to have Patrick Kane on his team. I think those two guys were made to play together. The looseness of Patrick Kane against the strictness of Jonathan Toews; I think they’re just perfect together. They push each other.
—  I’m liking the commentary at the pregame show

Hang on. Egomaniac needy game player?

Bitty and Lardo: Cute Bros 2K16

That infamous Halloween photo of Bitty as a puck bunny…I’m thinking Jack had definitely seen that photo before it was sent to the SMH group text.

We now know that Jack and Bitty started dating after Graduation in May. There’s no way Bitty didn’t send Jack a personal selfie before he went out. Jacks “haha nice” response is probably to the whole photo with the gang.

Plus, Lardo is dressed as a hockey player. They did a couples costume! Well, best bros costume. It’s perfect.

And it’s not like they went as a “couple” so Bitty has to hide. The team already know he’s gay, they just probably still don’t know that he’s dating Jack.

I’m thinking that to avoid questions and awkward date set ups, Bitty and Lardo decide to do dances (like winter screw) and the like together, cute bros style. And why would anyone question it?

Bitty and Lardo are close friends. Bitty doesn’t want to try and find excuses for why he’s not hooking up (bcuz he misses Jack, he’s dating Jack) and Lardo misses Shitty (lbr she probably doesn’t say this out right to anyone but Bitty) so them going together makes sense, plus it’s Lardo’s senior year, she just wants to have fun.

Just. Bitty and Lardo being best friends and doing everything together and not worrying about boys bcuz they got each other’s back ♡

At first, after the whole Conan O'Brien Tonight Show debacle, I called Jay and said, “Hey, just so you know, I’m so happy here. I love Late Night. When 12:37 rolls around, no one watches, no one bothers me, NBC doesn’t even know I’m on the air! I’m not gunning for your job.” I just thought, I’m happy where I am, my wife’s trying to have a baby. But then Jay called and said, “Hey. I think this is my last year. I’m just feeling it. I think you’re perfect for The Tonight Show.” And then he said, “You’re the closest to Johnny that anyone’s been.” (x)


I just wanted to hear your voice.
                     Do good, Melinda, and get home safe.


In which Charming represents most some of the fandom