i think they look so alike

Questions and itaat

- (not a feel) can high temperature(like really hot days) cause sensory overload? -helena beat asks


- Am I selectively mute even if I can talk in the situations where I’m not naturally able? I force myself to talk because it’s socially expected and I have to, but it’s hard and I’d rather not. I’m really good at faking it, but I actually have to force it.

Yes, I think so.

- all of my usual go-to blogs for these types of questions aren’t active so i was wondering if you or some followers would be able to tell me if there’s a separate name for something i’ve always called “verbal dyslexia,” saying syllables in the wrong order or removing them all together?? also is it part of dyslexia to replace letters that don’t look alike but sometimes have similar sounds (like clean accidentally becoming klean, impulse to empulse)?? thanks 🌕

I would say verbal/oral dyslexia. It could also be a symptom of auditory processing disorder. I don’t think there is a specific other word than verbal dyslexia? There is a term called aphasia but it is caused by brain injury so it is a different thing. I would suggest also looking into the term dysarthria, dysphasia and semantic pragmatic disorder

- (Maybe a little time sensitive cause anxiety is killing me) iiaat that i dont really feel sad/angry over this whole Manchester tragedy? I feel kinda bad for not feeling anything… Does not caring make me an awful person?

You are not a bad person. Having issues with caring is okay, and it is also okay to not care. It might be too exhausting, especially for people who are spoonies (have limited energy which goes away easily, which can be the case for someone who is autistic). Also people who have issues with compassion/empathy/sympathy are not bad or evil.

HEY EVERYONE!!! Yes, I am alive, I’ve just been busy with applying to schools and working on stuff for friends, which I still need to finish -___- but I really wanted to draw this, so everything had to stop. Just wanted to practice more on my Mashima art style because I love it so much, plus I think Eileen and Erza deserve to have a happy conversation, so here they go! And of course Jellal in the background thinking there’s two Erzas LOL They look so alike! Anyway, hopefully I can make more post soon!


How much alike Victor and Yuuri are (1/3)

So one thing I absolutely love is the fact that at the beginning of the anime it looks like Victor and Yuuri are complete opposites but then as the story goes and we learn more about them they turn out to have very similar ways of dealing with emotions and people. And I think this is one of the reasons why their relationship is so strong because they really are able to understand each other quite well.

Let me start with that “opposites attract” trope because I think that yoi creators play with that a lot at the beginning. It’s even in those obvious features like with the fact that Victor is taller and has light hair and blue eyes while Yuuri is smaller and dark-haired with brown eyes - it’s just so cliche? And there’s more of course, while Yuuri is shy Victor seems to be very open, Yuuri doesn’t believe in himself and Victor seems to be even over-confident, Yuuri gives up easily while Victor always pushed himself further, also Victor acts like he’d be very experienced with love while Yuuri never even thought about it and so on. Funny thing is that actually all of these things we think about both of them and especially about Victor turn out to be wrong at some point.

It’s so interesting to rewatch everything after ep 10 because it shows even more how unreliable Yuuri’s narration is. Yuuri learns very slowly that Victor is a human being too and I think that it’s not until ep 7 where he finally lets his idealised image of Victor go. But even then I think that most of the things we learn about Victor we know from the man himself in these rare moments of his narration and I love how much more Victor is willing to admit they’re alike. 

Like really willing to admit it. If he goes to Japan to find his inspiration it’s not because he lacks some technical or even presentation skills that Yuuri has. It’s because he sees in Yuuri someone who treats skating very similarly to Victor’s way, he sees that Yuuri puts his emotions into his routines and all his determination he puts in order to win and that’s something that Victor’s needs to get back as a skater. In other words, he sees in Yuuri his younger self, eager to win and challenge and brave enough to put all his soul into his performance. And that Victor knows from the very beginning (apart from the fact he probably thinks about them as soulmates since banquet).

And there’s another attitude they share as skaters – at some point, they both really gave up everything for skating. 

A lot of things, like including “life and love” maybe?

It not only gives us a hint of how much they’re both inexperienced with relationships and having fun they are also realising at the same moment that they are not satisfied with their lives and careers anymore. And this is so important because probably the most significant thing we learn about Victor in episode 10 is that he needed Yuuri as much or maybe even more than Yuuri needed him. The point is that they both lack exactly the same thing, they need their inspiration to skating back and they need someone to share their lives with and this is precisely what they find with each other.

So in firsts episodes, we are meant to think that Yuuri and Victor are very different but what we learn from Victor tells us a lot about how similar they are. And what they share as skaters is their determination to win and love for skating itself but also they way they sacrifice everything for skating to the point where it doesn’t make them happy anymore.

Another thing I’d like to discuss is how many traits they share and how similar are ways in which they express their love but I just feel this post is long enough and I’m very tired. Anyway, this for #victuuriweek and also for a wonderful @blue-phoenix-tears who suggested this topic long, long time ago.

I saw this and was like…no way…this cant be real…this has got to be a photoshop crap post…

But holy shit this is real

Cosmo has since deleted this tweet, but not before major news outlets picked this up and countless twitter users screen captured it.

I have NO IDEA what the PR person behind this tweet was thinking. Like…have we as a society become so shit that a woman can be dying or sick, but at least she is skinny, amiright?

I have a friend who is chonically ill and goes through weight fluxuations, and whenever she starts becoming skinny again (an indication of a downswing in her health), she will complain about the fatigue and aches…and some co-worker of hers will reply with “But at least you look good.” It’s salt on an open wound. It’s not the compliment you think it is.

Reminds me of how people, both men and women alike, piled on Angelina Jolie for eliminating her risk of breast cancer (she carried a gene that put her at greater risk) by surgically removing her breasts. better to be more appealing to cishet men than dead???

Runway models are so underweight and unhealthy looking, pressured to be unnaturally underweight and a size 2 is considered “too fat”…but hey at least they are skinny…Skinnier the better no matter what, right?


Cosmo has not as of the date of this post made a public comment. There could be just a tone deaf “I wasnt thinking whoopsie” story behind this. But still…that possible behind the scenes story doesnt erase the crazy, dangerous message sent by that tweet and corresponding in depth article. 

If anything…we have really warped ideas of what beauty “should” be….really warped ideas on body weight


“That’s our Beauty and the Beast" - @SHO_Penny



These are all works of the talented @dorodraws who not only is here on tumblr but also has a TON more super pretty disney fanart for yout to drool at… so have at it guys! 

EDIT 2: The last one isn’t from dorodraws. The artist is @dc9spot and there’s more completely adorable and bullshit free Beau and the Beast here and here

Isn’t it weird that they aren’t all by the same person? great minds think alike or something like that. Don’t forget to visit both their blogs for more awesome art!

Does anyone know the artist of these? They are al found in google, but it’s all reposts and they are never credited and i really badly need to know who they are. Like i need more of them right away.

And really, could you please look at them? they’re all oh sooo pretty and dainty and so true to disney magic in general and can you please look at that ADORABLE and COMPLETELY HYPOCRISY/BULLSHIT FREE genderbend of Beauty and the Beast? That’s incredibly rare to see and i love it so much.

So this person really deserves the credit and also the fandom really needs more of this type of genderbends. Even if it might not know it does. 

so I got my bf into Trollhunters and he turns to me and says “Jim and Strickler look a lot alike”, and I kinda picked up on the resemblances before (esp in some fan arts I’ve seen) but it never hit me just how much they look alike and can we just talk about that for a sec

Character designs are always very conscious and deliberate choices, and Jim and Strickler share a lot of likenesses. They both have long faces, long hooked noses, darker hair, thin lips, noticeable eye bags. Their body types are the same too: long and lean. Jim, in all honesty, looks more like Strickler than his own mother. Barbara has a rounder face, a smaller upturned nose, paler skin, red hair, and electric blue eyes. Very pretty, but not much like her son. We can assume Jim probably takes after his dad in this case, but I think its interesting that Strickler is the only character we’ve physically seen so far who Jim seems to resemble a decent amount. In the words of my bf “imagine what Strickler looked like when he was Jim’s age and tell me they don’t look alike.”

To which you’re probably thinking: ‘so whats the point?’ I don’t know, but characters designed similarly usually indicate similarities between those characters, like in personality or familial relations or maybe to show Jim has some changeling blood in him too. Regardless, I do find the parallels between Jim and Strickler interesting. Such as how they both love knives and are skilled knife twirlers

Or how they prefer passive aggression and snark

Or “Get [Barbara] out of here!” and “I’m only helping you for [Barbara]” aka Barbara Lake is both of their biggest concern always

Or how they trick each other, which I think Jim managing to do is pretty impressive considering Strickler’s a crafty little shit

Or how they come to the same conclusion and concoct the same clever plan to defeat Angor Rot together, following which Strickler claims how he’s surprised how well he and Jim work together. Basically: they make a good team

Or how they love being petty and annoyed with each other, but secretly care about the other

Or how they lie to others (esp Barbara) continuously

Or how they literally yell the same thing in unison at one point

Etc. Jim and Strickler are definitely not the same, like at all. But parallels like these are some of the things that make their interactions so fun and interesting. They have a great dynamic, definitely one of my favorites, and I think their physical similarities kinda emphasize that.

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Dialogue prompt: "Hushed exclamation of wonder!" "What?" "I said, hushed exclamation of wonder."

HAHAHA oh my god hold on, I got this.


“She tried to drink from the fountain in the quad,” Keisha says as soon as she enters the room. Her hair is sticking wildly out of her braids and there’s a certain desperation in her eyes that’s become rather common the past few days. “Again.”

The three other students gathered in the empty classroom, huddled over coffee cups and half-filled notebooks, groan.

“I’ll add it to the board,” Abir says. There are deep bags under his eyes and he’s got the most coffee cups piled up in front of his chair. He hauls himself out of his seat and to the front of the room. He uncaps the dry erase marker and writes Drinking from fountain to the bottom, right under BROCCOLI AND WHIPPED CREAM ARE NOT HUMAN FOODS.

It’s a long, long list.

“Maybe,” Catherine says carefully, “we should tell her. I think she’d be more aware if she knew we knew. You know?”

“Fuck off,” Gio says. “I’ve been awake for way too long to make sense of that shit.” He puts his hand back down on the table, seemingly uncaring of the coffee puddle his hair falls into.

“She’s worked so hard though,” Keisha says, dropping down into an empty chair. “She’s getting better, really. She doesn’t do the stalker-stare as much anymore!”

“Yes she does,” Gio says, not lifting his head. “She just does it when you’re not looking. Still creepy.”

“I think Catherine is right,” Abir says, dragging himself back to his chair. “She thinks she’s blending in because we haven’t said anything. The suits almost saw her scuttle up that big pine tree yesterday. That doesn’t exactly scream human.”

“Exactly,” Catherine says, slapping the table. “If she knows we know then we can give her more obvious pointers! And stop her from giving herself away to the Men in Black.”

“We don’t know they’re the Men in Black,” Keisha says. “Maybe they really are auditing the university.”

The four friends stare at each other, Gio deigning to lift his head, for a long moment. Then they all burst out laughing.

“Oh my god,” Abir says, wiping tears from under his eyes. “I asked them about their geiger counters. They told me they were calculators.”

Catherine slaps the table again. “Ha ha, holy shit. That beats when they followed me and Georgiana into the ceramics room for some records.”

“I think my favorite part might be their fake ass badges,” Gio says. “I googled an IRS badge and they don’t look anything alike.”

“They’re so bad at their cover,” Keisha says, “it’s sad.”

“They might actually be worse at pretending than Georgiana is,” Gio says, “and she’s, you know.” He raises his eyebrows. “Not from around here.”

That sets them all off again. And if the laughter, at one point, becomes somewhat closer to crying than laughing, no one mentions it.

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I ordered (and devoured) this big, beautiful vegan pizza earlier today. 😍🍕 Free of all the cruelty and pus of cow’s milk. 🐮🍼 Before I went vegan, I had been vegetarian for a few months. I remember telling myself (and other people), “I could never go vegan. I love cheese too much!” 🧀 This is a common remark among meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Looking back, I cannot believe how self centered and ill-educated my actions and justifications were. I mean just think about it. We are the ONLY species that takes milk from another animal. Could you imagine drinking pig milk? 🐷 Monkey milk? 🐵 Dog milk? 🐶 So why are we enslaving cows, artificially inseminating females so they can continue to produce milk, and separating mothers from their calves? Ask anyone why they drink milk, and the standard response is calcium. A common myth perpetuated by misinformation and propaganda spread by the dairy industry is that we need cow’s milk for strong bones to prevent fractures. 💪 Yet statistics prove time and time again that countries with the highest dairy consumption rates also have the highest rates of osteoporosis, a condition of weak and brittle bones. Meanwhile, countries that subsist mainly off plants with little to no dairy and animal product continually have lower rates of chronic diseases and osteoporosis. 🌎🌱 Dairy also contains over 60 naturally occurring hormones (which causes acne), pus due to inflammation and infection of cow udders, and casomorphins (yes, as in morphine) which gives dairy it’s addictive quality. It’s about time we DITCH DAIRY. Believe it or not, you can live without cheese or milk and still enjoy the same meals. Simply replace cow’s milk with one of the many plant based alternatives (you’ll find one that you like, I promise), purchase plant based cheeses such as Daiya or Chao, or skip the creaminess altogether and opt for a cheeseless pizza like I did! The man who made my pizza began showing it to all his co-workers who remarked on how good it looked, and these were meat eaters! ☺️

【TRANS】 Modelpress Interview with EXO-CBX

Q: You have made your first appearance in Japan as EXO-CBX. How was the performance?
Baekhyun: I think a lot of people other than our fans came today. We worked hard to show a cool appearance to both our fans and to those who saw us for the first time.

Q: What is the appeal point of EXO’s first subunit, EXO-CBX?
Baekhyun: EXO has had a lot of impressible performances, but EXO-CBX can deliver easily accessible music to people of all ages.

Q: What is the imitation concept point of ‘Ka-CHING!’?
Baekhyun: Firstly, a point of the MV is that it is highly entertaining. We also filled it with our message. The meaning is especially for those in their teens, saying that 'Money isn’t everything.’ The point [dance] of the performance is spending money at the chorus. The addictive quality of the phrase 'Ka-CHING!’ is memorable and the choreography can be easily imitated, so many people will be able to follow along!

Q: Were there any memorable moments during MV filming?
Chen: There have been a lot of MV filmings at sets until now, but for this MV, all the background was done by CG, so it was memorable to film in front of a green screen.
Xiumin: We just mentioned that we wanted to relay the message that 'Money isn’t everything’, but if you watch the MV, it looks as if we’re rich people’s kids…
Baekhyun: We were with Japanese backup dancers for the first time. The dancers had face paint on, but I hope everyone can enjoy our chemistry with the dancers.

Q: What fashion will you enjoy this summer?
Baekhyun: Summer is hot. So I want to use sandals as my main fashion. I handle hot weather well, so I want to show fashion that looks simple and cool.
Xiumin: I don’t expose much during summer, but I think fashion that looks refreshing would be good. For example, a style with a loose, see-through material shirt, or a T-shirt.
Chen: I like street fashion, so I hope a lot of people enjoy street fashion this summer.

Q: Out of the three of you, who is the most well-informed in fashion?
EXO-CBX: (Together) The three of us are alike.
Xiumin: Anyways, I don’t know that much about fashion!

Q: What kind of summer fashion do you recommend to ladies?
Baekhyun: For me, jeans with a yellow T-shirt. I think yellow T-shirts are cute, so I’d like it if they were worn. Wear the T-shirt down to the waist!
Xiumin: I like the color blue, so I’d like it if they wore light blue clothes.
Chen: For me, I like fashion with a long-sleeve T-shirt and jeans, with the shoes as the point.

Q: Please give some tips on achieving your dreams to modelpress readers.
Xiumin: I think you should not be afraid of achieving your dreams. If the dream can easily come true, I don’t think it’s actually a dream, so I hope you will continue trying for it even if you keep failing. I think maintaining this kind of attitude is the key to success.
Baekhyun: Knowing yourself is also a shortcut to success. Knowing what you are good at and knowing what you are bad at, and working on improving those good parts of yourself and not showing the parts you don’t have confidence in. If you can assess those things and work at your dream, I think you can arrive at your dream through this shortcut.
Chen: I think experience is the most valuable. So even if you fail, don’t become frustrated and think of what you have gained from that experience as precious. So as a result, you can make up for your shortcomings, and you will be able to approach your dream.

japanese to korean trans: @serenity_b2
korean to english trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!

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Where can I meet Korean men online that aren't fuck boys.. I feel like I'm going to feel so secluded and inferior when I go to SK next year bc I'm chubby and short. I kinda just want to be loved ya know? *cries internally*

Ho, boy. I feel like I am going to give a pretty negative answer from quite a cynical perspective/experience. Let me preface this by saying I know people who have met their genuine long-term boyfriends through apps (and nightlife,) so I know it’s possible, but let’s all be real here and admit that it’s not p-r-o-b-a-b-l-e. Don’t be commenting on this saying like “WELL I MET MY BOYFRIEND THROUGH TINDER,” girl, okay, but like, the majority of the trash on Tinder is not boyfriend material. No one is going to recommend Tinder to find a real relationship even though it’s possible.

Honestly, the majority of meet-up/dating websites or apps are going to get you fuckboys or guys just looking for a one-time hookup. That is the reality. There are of course bound to be nice people among them (*hell, you’re there and you’re nice!), but you’re going to have to sift pretty hard.

*this is what I tell myself, hah.

The reality is that by meeting someone online or through apps, you have no other social connection to them, meaning that even though they act like an asshole, no one’s going to know about it once they block and delete you from all of their social media. It’s not like you can talk to your mutual friend about it and ruin his reputation. Clean cut. Snip snip. Ghosting is super common here, for girls and guys, to Koreans and foreigners alike.

Think about it. Why are they using the apps? They probably have a solid network of friends and acquaintances that they have known since elementary school and still contact on the regular (very common in Korea) who could introduce them to someone to date. This is generally the norm here. So why are they there?

Personally, I tend to put more trust into people who have moved to Seoul recently or just moved out of their parents’ house on their own, meaning they’re in a new city/part of town and might be genuinely looking for people to talk to and meet in their neighborhood because they are somewhat cut off from their network. For example, I dated a guy for several months who had moved into my neighborhood who was originally from Daegu and he was nice and real and genuine. But if he was born and raised in Seoul and lives with his parents, why do you think he’s on that app?

Unfortunately, as a foreigner your options of meeting genuine people are a bit limited since Korea doesn’t have a culture of talking to/asking out strangers during the daytime. You can basically meet people through apps or through nightlife. Both have negative implications in this country. If you’re a student you’re lucky because you can meet people at school or through mentor programs or clubs. Maybe then THOSE people can introduce you to their friends, and then you have a link.

Regarding your concerns over your physical appearance, shortness is not a problem (rather the opposite,) and chubbiness is relative. I see many “chubby” Korean girls with boyfriends walking down the street. There are people of all body types these days, especially in the younger generation, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Just realize that as a foreigner you may attract people who want to use you to practice their English, people with fetishes, or people who want to act on their stereotype of the concept of “open mindedness” and want to have an experience with a foreign girl. Stay away unless you just want random sex or to be objectified. Don’t take pictures with these guys (or any random guys who approach you) unless you want them to show you off to their friends as the foreigner they nailed.

Here is my advice—I can’t tell you not to use apps, because I use them too. But I caution you to be wary and realistic. If a guy messages you on an app, check his pictures. Do they look like fuckboy pictures? Is he posting other things that make him look like a fuckboy? Does he have FACE pictures, plural? Does he have information on his profile? Did he just make his profile? Does he have an Instagram? Is there a girl in it? Talk to him for a while before you meet up. Fuckboys will tend to lose interest after a couple of days. Use common sense.

Red flags:

  • Talking late at night/wanting to meet up at night/wanting to meet up in a non-public place/wanting to meet up right away
  • “I love foreigners/black girls/blonde girls/etc.”
  • “Do you live alone?”
  • “Can I come hang out at your place?”
  • “You must be lonely…”
  • Asking for sexy/body pictures/wanting to video chat right away
  • Making sexual comments about your body/asking you about sex/asking if you’ve ever dated or been with a Korean guy
  • Asking to contact you on something other than Kakao Talk

Again, use common sense.

Other warnings: Don’t meet random guys from Tumblr because Korean guys have somehow stumbled upon this site thinking it’s an easy way to watch and spread pornography (since porn is technically blocked here.)

On nightlife: In my opinion, more so than where I’m from, Koreans (mostly) see clubbing as a way to find someone to hook up with. Of course this depends on the person, but tell someone sort of average or “pure” that you like to go clubbing and watch their expression. I bet they’ll have made a snap judgment about you. Meeting genuine guys at clubs is not going to be common. Also, while we’re talking about clubs, are there other foreigners at the club? Has this guy tried to dance/talk to/get with all the other foreign girls too? Hmm.

Rather than clubs, you might have more luck at drinking places where “hunting” is common. It’s very normal to go with a group of friends to these places and have guys come up to you and ask you to hang out together and merge groups. You might be able to find someone in this way. Maybe foreign-style bars are similar to this too (but then you’re risking the fetish thing.)

Also, how long will you be in Korea? If it’s a short time, you may have to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Finally, here’s the apps/websites I know of that you can use to meet people for dating or otherwise: instagram, okcupid, pof, badoo, skout, ublove, meeff, 1km, amanda, Tinder, bumble, scruff, grindr, (+ Hello Talk and italki, language exchange apps, GPS capabilities)

You’ll be more likely to find people who want to DATE on sites like OkCupid than places like Tinder. Again, common sense. 

TL;DR: You basically almost can’t! There are several factors that lead to this including dating norms and how friendship works here vs. other countries. Be careful and don’t be naïve. Try more public things like Instagram.

a little thing because I LOve the little brother au from @climbstudio !!!!! he is a good uncle

i imagine that sunfrost is in on the whole “leafpool had kits so now squirrelflight is being their mom so leafpool doesnt get in trouble” thing. i think he would be upset with his sisters but keeps the secret because he knows its for the good of their clan

he still loves lion jay and holly like he would his own kits tho. they’re still his nephews and niece no matter who their father is.

(i gave him white ear tips just because leaf and squirrel have it to show they’re siblings bc they look nothing alike)

Moonstone!dipper and Diamond!bill -but young diamond so not fully grown- talking about earth.

“The Earth is INCREDIBLE my Diamond! there are so many species’, and the humans! incredible! they’re so many various personalities and they don’t have destined jobs like we do! It was AMAZING my diamond!”

“yeesh pine tree, You found out that much in just a 2 day stay there? I’m starting to regret not coming with you and didn’t I tell you not to call me ‘My Diamond’”

“uh-i don’t think i can call you by your chosen name My Diamond but uh anyways,i even met some gems that graciously took me in when i lost track of the rubies!…. the uh,Crystal Gems I believe.. I met someone there, who looked a lot like me, but they were a sun stone. i believe they’re name was Mabel.” (ignores the last part lol)

“ You met Gems on earth and some gem that looked like you ? i wonder why they were there. I don’t think Big Y.D sent any other gems for recon.”

(my headcanon about them in Crystal falls is that Dipper and Mabel were hole-mates, born from 2 holes that were too close to each other so they were born at the same date and they looked a lot alike but they were separated at birth during the gem war, Mabel was in Earth and Dipper lived in Homeworld) 

(Bill got his bow tie from dipper since Dipper is the prime Gem Librarian in change of all the logs of the homeworld, Dipper also has a few old age Victorian Earth books like How to Tie a Bow Tie)

(Dipper is also Bill’s personal attendant since he didn’t want a in his words “a Boring nosy busy body yellow Pearl” watching his every move, but bill is a bit wishy washy about being called “My diamond” by dipper )

(Yellow diamond calls Bill Young one lol)

(Dipper is an earth enthusiast lol)

Heathers characters as things my friends have said

Veronica: *curls eyelashes* I FEEL SO ALIVE

Heather Chandler: Which one of you weakling bitches is going to open my Thermos for me?

Heather Duke: Does no one appreciate that I looked up on FUCKING GOOGLE the date Froot Loops were made just so that I could make a SHITTY JOKE?

Heather McNamara: That’s not a year. That’s like…12 months. 

JD: I would kill him for you. I’d kill him for fun, too, but that’s not relevant right now.

Kurt: Great minds think alike in terms of whores.

Ram: I’m going to deep-throat this Pocky, but I’m not gay. I swear.

Martha: You and your fork have outshone me and my spoon.

Ms. Fleming: No fighting in class! Kill each other at lunch, where I can’t see it. I have a headache.

Riverdale Chapter 5 Recap:


This episode….. I can’t even BEGIN. Omg I’m so fucked. This show….

• Jughead Jealous ASF when Betty said she had “a date” I don’t even ship Bughead but this episode has me leaning into their lane.

• Jughead all bashful when he smiled shyly and looked to the side OMG I KID YOU NOT I WAS SCREAMING. Another Bughead scene, writers are really pushing it.

• Veronica was soooooooo jealous when Archie said she was hanging with Val. It was cute not gonna lie even though I’m Beronica and Jarchie >>>>>> Bughead and Varchie.

• Archie shirtless and sweaty…. nothing more to add here.

• Miss Grundy is finally gone.

• Cheryl going on about her brother again… but this time it was really endearing. I have to say though, they do seem a little incestuous but maybe I just can’t relate to having a sibling I actually like.

• Anyone sorta shipping Archie and Val??? To be honest Archie looks like he’s in love with every character on the fucking show 😂😂

• We finally find out more about Polly Engagement, possibly self harm but more likely suicide attempt. Nothing is adding up yet with her storyline but I think we get to meet her soon. Everyone confuses Betty for Polly though, do they really look that much alike.


• Blossoms vs. Coopers, it all started with a bottle of syrup and a murder… We find out that Betty’s Dad isn’t so innocent at all, but would he really go far enough to kill Jason?

• I personally believe Jason’s parents killed Jason…

• I wasn’t a Cheryl Stan before…. but now I’m in love with her. This smol fiery red head does not deserve the words she gets from her mother, and I’m gonna be so upset if the writers actually send her away to boarding school.

• I would’ve liked more Jarchie 😕

• Also, Jughead’s home situation wasn’t brought up again 🤔

• Veronica’s Mom is going through some deep shit lmfaooo and possibly something good happened for Veronica’s Dad? An inference from Mrs. Blossoms comment about “have you come here to gloat?”

• Archie finally picked music over football, although he still going to be on the team.

I think that’s it wow, all in all this episode was 15/10. My crops are thriving, my skin is clearer, I just ran into some money, life is great and so is this show tbhhhhhhhhhh.

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HC where RFA+V+Saeran sees MC kissed by a foreigner but it turns out that the foreigner is her cousin and it's like normal gesture for him. (let's make V get his sight back) (The gang haven't confess to MC yet on this one) how will they react?? (Tbh imma slut for Jelly Gang)

Hello~ Ri had a bit of writer’s block with this request so Nao kindly offered her assistance :3

Ri was responsible for Yoosung, Zen, Jumin and Saeran, while Nao wrote Jaehee, Seven and V~!

We hope you enjoy~!

– NaoRi (our name for collabs ;))

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BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Asking Them if They Want to Makeout

Namjoon: “Let me finish this and then we can.” Work first and then…where was I going with this?

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Taehyung: “Then come over here.” Little pup would be so eager and ready don’t even gotta ask twice.

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Hoseok: “Well aren’t you eager today?” He’ll most likely tease you until you finally just pull him into a kiss and then… ((;

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Jin: “I know it’s hard to keep your lips off of all of this” headass

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“Have a kiss instead.” he’ll do this just to get you mad.

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Jungkook: “Is that really all you want? Or is it something more?” fucking bye


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Yoongi: "I know that not what you really want.”


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Jimin: ”Good because I was just about to ask you the same thing. Great minds think alike.”

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’We sort of look alike,’ Russell points out, and says their disguises are often planned that way so that, undercover, the characters will look as if they should be together.