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I Don’t Think Jacob’s Captors Let Him Go By Accident

by reddit user nowwegotcha

Jacob became one popular dude during my sophomore year of high school, two years ago. In the middle of the year, he just showed up. His family had moved him away from their old home, but his reputation somehow got loose in the hallways.

At the age of twelve, Jacob had been kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night. His parents had been apparently drugged by an unknown person, and their son had been stolen. No one even called the police until the parents woke up. No witnesses, fingerprints, ransom notes, nothing.

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Since I recently got a number of questions about Fall Out Boy’s songwriting process, particularly with regard to the lyrics on Save Rock and Roll, I figured I’d throw in Joe’s response to a Reddit AMA from last year. I’m including the full thing because it’s interesting, but specifically with regard to lyric duty: “Lyrics are a  Pete thing that get handled by Patrick.” I think that’s a really good description of their process, as I understand it.

every single overwatch youtube video:

(video running time: 9:05)
[heavy cockney accent] hey guys its me again for all your overwatch info. your overwatch news comes from me and im glad you subscribe. before i get to the video i just want to give a huge shoutout to this other overwatch youtuber for repeating all the information i give and recycle.

[somehow an even heavier accent comes out] there was recently a leak for a couple new maps, one of which was a map in overwatch. overwatch is getting a new map that was released in a leak, and this is just speculation. we think from this dataminer, that leaked new info for maps in the video game overwatch, that new maps may be coming sometime in the future.

[accent now almost unbearable] well thats the information i got from a reddit post, make sure to like and subscribe for your overwatch information and slideshows. please subscribe to me and like my videos, there will be new content every day.

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I've just seen two different post-season 7 surveys and they're making me feel really positive about our ship. The first one is from Buzzfeed where 65 000 people ship Jonerys and that's about 73% of the people who voted. They also had that type of poll over at the main GOT Reddit (which isn't even the most pro-Jonerys place) and with about 22 500 voters, 82% of them are fine with the incest and 70% think they're gonna continue their relationship. Big numbers right?

Thank you so much for sending this!!! I’m on mobile at a conference but I couldn’t wait to post this, it’s too good. You made my day, anon.

I have been dealing with a lot of Jonerys negativity (from the GA! Just talking about it with colleagues haha) so seeing this made me smile and is even a little unexpected.

I’m glad to be reminded that clearly, objectively, based on EVIDENCE, a majority of people support our OTP. As they should 😁

You’re an angel 💖

Possible SPOILERS - Arrow 5x20 - Felicity “Rebirth” (?)

A few days ago @tdgal1 was searching for something on Reddit and gave me a shout out.

Sad to say I wasn’t of much help but I did dig up a Spoiler reddit comment on Felicity in 5x20:

The use of the word “Rebirth” nagged me a bit. I note that they were not discussing Olicity but Felicity Smoak.

In Cambridge Dicionary “Rebirth” means a new period of growth of something or an increase in popularity of something that was popular in the past.

And I was happy even if with the lack of more information I still couldn’t understand the phrasing clearly yet (still can’t).

Then last week @dmichellewrites posted this BTS she had spoted on an SA account

I posted by then (like many others including @tdgal1) that Felicity didn’t look well.

Isolating her image she really didn’t look well IMO (other people saw it diferently… at this point we are all equally right)

Over the weekend I started thinking about that Reddit coment and the BTS. 

Rebirth could also mean “be born again” figuratively speaking. 

There were theories about this BTS being the moment where Oliver reminisces on the time between S4 and S5… I won’t get into that discussion.

My line of thought was with Felicity. The guy from Reddit asks if she’s going to die… after the last Oliver/Adrian face off and how close Prometheus can get to Felicity (he got her glasses from the loft that’s pretty close - I’m assuming this is true) I think it’s highly probable he’s closer to Felicity than both Oliver and Felicity think.

Felicity being seriously hurt his not a new theory or speculation but it seems to fit the scenario. The BTS could fit into that theory.

If Felicity is seriously hurt, I think Oliver won’t stop funtioning and crumble, I think he Oliver will grasp for any help any knowledge any expertise he has to save her, if he could he would move Heavens and Earth to save her. And she will be back, a parallel to 

Originally posted by oliver-and-felicity

With an all so emotional situation where no barriers no past “rules” no present situation can contain the overwhelming feeling happiness for being together.

As I write this I think I’m probably wishing for to much. Probably nothing is going to happen like this…

Still the Anti-Olicity group keeps on pressing that 5x20 is like Hell on Earth to them in a way that makes me wonder if we won’t get them finaly back to being Olicity… even if they eventualy can’t be together in short term (I hope they can but… it’s 5x20 not 5x23).

@almondblossomme @tdgal1 @dmichellewrites @leonie1988 @oliverfel4 @bringbackianto 

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i'm a little depressed. mike zeroh made a video about a msw leak on the final battle of tlj and some of the descriptions include that this battle happens in the third act, kylo doesn't have his cloak or mask, kylo attempts to kill rey out of vengeance and retreats once luke comes after him to take him out. i don't like the idea of such flat characters as this description suggests. i also don't like that this battle happens in the third act. it feels anticlimactic to me. idk it just feels stale.

Mike Zeroh is an idiot. Don’t trust a thing he says. He lies through his teeth with his own head canons, and plays it off as “official” leaks/reports.

The MSW article he is referencing specifically in the video he uploaded is here (X link)

That article is from May, 2016.

Some things of note:

  • That article **does not mention** what act this battle takes place.
  • The images/trailers released so far actually lead us to believe this scene happens sometime in the first act or beginning of the second act.
  • Reports by MSW lead us to believe that Rey and Kylo will spend a good portion (probably half or more) of the story together on Ahch-To – they spent WEEKS (like an entire summer) filming together.
  • That article also has some minor outdated information that MSW later clarified – for example, MSW isn’t even sure the KoR are the ones present with Kylo. They may just be mercenaries, not the KoR.
  • A lot of the little details (the stuff like, “Kylo wants to take vengeance on Rey”) reported to MSW are extrapolations on the part of those who relay information to MSW. I’ve covered what I think are the “facts” of the “Cliff Scene” before, vs. what may just be head canon/extrapolation from MSW in THIS POST.

Mike Zeroh is a notorious liar – he just takes things from MSW, Reddit, etc. and fills in gaps with his own head canons.

I recommend just not watching his videos and ignoring him. He changes his tune every week, and is a total fanbro who just wants to make $$$ with views.

He also literally says in his video, “We got hints of all of this back in May, 2016.” YEAH, MIKE. MAY, 2016. BECAUSE THIS ARTICLE IS WHAT GAVE THOSE HINTS YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT, DUMB ASS.

God, this guy. I can’t wait until TLJ proves all his bullshit theories wrong and he becomes totally irrelevant.

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Wait, you just said Cas didn't like being human but there's another meta writer saying he wants to be human - now my head hurts! Can you explain...?

Hey, I’m assuming when you say ‘another meta writer’ you’re talking about @tinkdw and her comment on my post? If so, a short answer for you may be that Tink and I see this show in a different way, and have agreed to disagree on several topics. I find her opinions interesting and well-written, and I think it’s enriching for the fandom that meta writers (not only me and Tink, obviously, but everyone else) come from different places and have different ideas about things. That said, what is also true about a show like Supernatural is that it delights in doublespeak, which I find - less interesting. Like, if you look at metas stuff from the other fandoms - unfortunately, I don’t have time to do so regularly, but I lurk on Reddit from time and time and I like to spy on the GoT fandom - well, I’m always slightly surprised at how different things are with them, because there, they discuss - normal things, you know? What they do is either trying to delve into the world-building (they argue about the size of dragons and the recipe of wild fire and the differences and similarities between Westeros and 15th century England) or speculating on foreshadowed plot points (Jon’s true parentage and what it could mean for the succession rights, what will happen to Bran’s powers, is Sam really writing this whole thing?) - and that’s it. Because even in such a complex story, who people are and what they want is mostly clear. There is no dogwhistling around important issues, no attempt to hide or tease a character’s sexuality - presumably because this is the twenty-first century, and if you want to write yourself a queer hero you can bloody do so.  

So, well - coming back to Cas’ humanity - as I said, Tink and I seem to have different opinions on the matter and that’s perfectly okay. If I understand her point, I think she’s right in that the narrative has been foreshadowing a ‘Cas will become human’ storyline for a while, because that’s how both he and Crowley were written in the last few years - the angel who was never happy, the demon who never fit, how they both fell in love with Dean Winchester and ultimately Fell for him - and, in a perfectly executed (if rushed and, in my opinion, badly written) The Last of the Mohicans scenario, the unwanted love interest (Crowley) sacrificed himself for his beloved, which means that Cas and Dean will eventually get their happy ending. 

Or, at least - that’s what happens in the trope, but there’s no real certainty Supernatural will go down this way at all. 

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I saw somewhere that, in regards to ShinoYama, people assumed for a while that Yamagi must be a secret girl. I don’t think they said it with relation to another statement commenting on how Yamagi’s infatuation with Shino was treated very much the way a girl’s crush is, but they should’ve. Especially in anime. Yamagi is a little tsundere with his affection, getting mad at Shino for suggesting the fireworks when he dies because they’re expensive. He gets grumpy when Shino talks about girls. He gets grumpy about having to be in the cockpit for the Super Galaxy Cannon. But when Shino is nice to him, he smiles. When Shino helps him out of the cockpit, he gazes after him, clutching a hand to his chest, the one that touched Shino. He smiled warmly at Shino being a cool big bro or Dad on the Dort colony. This is usually something women think about for potential partners. We pretty much exclusively see him working on Shino’s equipment.

Yamagi’s affections and Shino’s reactions to them are very male/female dynamic of infatuated, tsundere girl and boisterous, probably oblivious dude. I think, as a result of this dynamic, as a result of social constructs, it is assumed that Yamagi is a girl.

It’s really interesting, when you think of it that way. I don’t know that anyone assumed Yamagi was a girl until his subtext affection for Shino was presented. Because shounen-ai is so far removed from a concept in something about child soldiers and warfare and Gundams, because Kudelia appears to have feelings for Mika like immediately, because Atra already does have feelings for Mika, because Shino and the boys are talking about fucking girls as often as possible, so surely this little blonde androgyn must secretly be a girl.

But Yamagi is just a tsundere baby homosexual boy crushing on one of his pilots. The best part of it is that it’s pretty universally accepted. At least on reddit and tumblr. Thinking about it, the treatment of it might have helped with that.

I don’t know from mainstream dudes and toxic masculinity and how people handle homophobia, but maybe the reason people accepted ShinoYama as a ship is because they assumed Yamagi was a girl for a while. Heteronormativity made the ship palatable until it didn’t bother anyone when it wasn’t secretly hetero.

The other thing I loved was Shino’s reaction to it. He never said no, never got mad at Yamagi, just laughed it off and took care of his mechanic, stayed beside him as often as possible. The whole time watching Episode 45, after Shino’s arm is broken, all the interactions Shino had with Yamagi, the touching, the looks, the discussions, all seemed to point to him wanting to pursue Yamagi.

The first helmet grab stood out to me. Without the helmets there, they would’ve been touching faces. Shino grabbed the back of Yamagi’s helmet, the way you would grab the back of someone’s head to kiss them. And he kept pulling him in the rest of the episode. When he pulled Yamagi’s hair back to look at his whole face, he clutched his hair, kept it there. I think that was more a character tell, Shino could’ve done the shoujo thing and threaded his hands through and kept it back or something, but he’s a man and he’s considering Yamagi as a partner (maybe) so he pulls it back and grabs it, holds it. He agrees to just them all night. And these words and the talk on the Hotarubi are quieter than Shino’s normal shouting boisterous tone. Yamagi is upset at losing his crush, his love, and says he’ll never forgive Shino if he dies. And Shino says that is scarier than the threat he’s facing.

Because he wants Yamagi to forgive him for never taking the risk, for never returning his feelings in more than the way he allowed himself. Because he is probably riding into his death and he’s willing to take that chance before he’s willing to chance telling Yamagi that he loves him too. And he wants Yamagi’s love and forgiveness. So please, don’t let me ride through hell thinking that you won’t forgive me and accept me.

ShinoYama was one of my favorite ships because it is canon. Yamagi is canonically into Shino, and Shino potentially being down to clown with him canonically, it is super cute and I love it.

Too bad Shino is probably dead.

I’ve been passing time answering replies to my post of “What do you think of multipliers now that we’ve seen three upsets?” (please keep them coming it’s making me legitimately think) as well as reading Reddit and Tumblr posts. Quite honestly, I’m surprised at how many people are complaining that people are complaining because to me, the complaints are quite reasonable.

As someone on Reddit pointed out, the losing team of such an upset is literally getting salt poured on their wound. Why? Not only did the winning team get a high rank due to the frequent activation of a multiplier in their favor and therefore get a lot of feathers from that alone, they also get the army victory feathers on top of that. The winning team won and got a lot of feathers while the losing team not only lost but can’t even fall back on the “I got a lot of feathers so it’s okay” reason. 

Second, the losing team shouldn’t have lost at all. When does it ever make sense to win so hard that you lose? To lose so badly that you win? High multipliers even out the score, sure, but high multipliers only occur during late hours, meaning that a last hour multiplier is all that is needed for a win. If a match could be decided simply by a single hour, then why bother playing for the whole two days in the first place? All that effort shot down by a single hour, one that cannot be controlled. You can’t equate this as playing smart. This is just pure luck. 

Furthermore, the multiplier system has actually made it so that not playing can actually be better for you. The multiplier system has made it so that 1) Multiplier hours are the only hours worth playing for. Want to rank high? Play during a multiplier hour. Congratulations, you can set down the game until the next time a multiplier hour activates because that’s the only thing that matters for scoring. 2) Not playing is a legitimate strategy to win. Why would that ever be considered a good game design?  It is not good game design for players to ever consider not playing as a viable option. A game is designed for people to play it as often as possible. If players ever feel compelled to not play to “play” then that game is flawed. 

Speaking of game design, a good game makes people feel good. When a character that is popular loses to a less popular character, a lot of people are going to be upset. You can’t please everyone, but when you’ve effectively angered a greater portion of your audience, that isn’t good to put things lightly. Yes, the voting gauntlet is inherently flawed for being a popularity contest, but so far we’ve had winners that are more popular than their contenders. Does it suck for the people who are fans of the other characters, yes absolutely 100%, but it made sense at least. We hated that it made sense, but it made sense nonetheless.

That brings me to the next issue. The variable multiplier was implemented to balance out the playing field, in other words, so that far less popular characters have the opportunity to even attempt to go up against more popular characters. As I’ve mentioned in plenty of my other posts, multipliers only make a difference, create an upset, when the combatants have relatively similar army sizes. In other words, they have near equal popularity, or basically, would have had a rather fair match without the multiplier. Get ready, because I’m going to bring it up- Ephraim vs. Chrom, the legendary gauntlet battle and the only gauntlet battle that worked the way the gauntlet was intended. Chrom and Ephraim’s armies were more or less of relative sizes as a result of Chrom fans being divided between him and Lucina. By some trick of fate, Chrom and Ephraim ended up having a fairly even match, one in which players felt hyped, players felt like they made a difference, players were having fun. Everything depended on how often people played and how much flags were spent, which is the closest thing to skill we have in the voting gauntlet. Thus, the addition of the multiplier system, one in which the multiplier essentially increases as time goes by until it has increased to an obscene amount, in matches that are relatively even just boils things down to luck.

Most importantly, there are too many factors that cannot be controlled. You can’t coordinate your team because there is no way to properly communicate. You cannot control when bonuses are going to activate, you can only maybe kind of predict it, and even then you can’t predict its results. You cannot predict how often multipliers will occur. You cannot predict the magnitude of the multipliers. You cannot control the hourly average gain of points, nor can you control the time zone differences and the spikes in which people play. You cannot control the turn of events, you can only watch as things unfold.

I’m all for giving the smaller team a shot, but this is ridiculous. The multipliers make things hard to predict in gauntlets, but frustratingly so because things are essentially boiled down to who, if anyone, gets lucky in the last few hours of the match. People want an upset due to skill, not pure luck, and quite frankly, multiplier wins don’t feel right at all.

I won’t make claims as to knowing how to fix this system. The only thing I can say though, is that this gauntlet and the last one have me feeling incredibly drained.

“Me and my friends were trying to scare ourselves one night. Five of us loaded up in my buddy’s small pick up truck (Two laying down in the covered truck bed.) and hit the road for the top of the mountain that was supposedly haunted.

We made it to the top of the mountain and thought it was kind of lame. It was dark that night however, like no dark that I have ever seen before. We got back in and went to the edge of town to a old grave yard we heard stuff about. We drove the truck up the dirt path on the graveyard quite some way until we stopped in front of a ditch. Dustin got out and dropped the tail gate and me and the other in the back got out. My friend Ricky and Justin stayed in the truck and Dustin, me, and the other guy were talking in the back. Apparently the grave yard was once a meeting place for cultist in the area.

During our conversation we heard our buddy Ricky screaming and pointing his flashlight up the hill to the right of the truck. We all looked over to see a greenish white something dash from the graves up into the forest. The footsteps were loud, and I mean loud. Dustin ran to the truck to drive and we jumped head first into the truck bed. We flew out of the graveyard in reverse until we hit the bottom where we heard them arguing over what they saw and who was going to get out to shut the tail gate. Eventually Ol Rick ran out shut the tailgate and peeled rubber onto the road. We went home talked about it and with our combined accounts we established it looked something like the creepy pasta creature “The Rake”. If interested you can google image “The Rake” and look for the one on the trail cam. That’s kinda like we saw.

We went back several nights under the same conditions and never found anything else. Months later we were discussing the story at my buddy’s house when his Aunt heard us talking about seeing something white in a grave yard. Immediately without her even knowing the story she asked “The graves behind Food City?” (It was.) Apparently a girl was killed there and according to her has been seen in a tight white dress. While it wasn’t a exact match to what we thought we saw it was odd and got me really thinking. This was a year ago and we haven’t went back since. Just thought I would share.”

By: TheDogeOfShibe

Us and Them


Chapter 2

Out of all the terrible situations that Geoff had been in throughout his life, this one could only be labeled as one thing: the most god damn shitty position he was ever put in. Geoff had lived a very, very long life- an immortal being of his age is bound to be thrust into plenty of god awful situations- but this one, right now, was the god damn most shitty. A million and one things had happened to him in all his years on this forsaken planet, and yet, this tiny, tiny situation threatened to be the one to uproot everything he’d worked for.

“Geoff.” Jack spoke, broken the ghostly silence that filled the room.

“Jesus, Geoff, you didn’t have to fucking shoot the kid!” Michael said, taking a step back from the scene before them.

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So it looks like David got his leather jacket from the You, Me, & Him film? And I think a pair of faded black, ripped jeans? Who wants to bet the Vivienne Westwood denim jacket is also straight from the movie and not just an inspired personal purchase? Combined with the Mad to be Normal red velvet suit, I think we should have a masterpost of things David took home from filming.

Anonymous said to thingsdtwears: Behold the you me and him poster found on reddit type /r/davidtennant/comments/69amt8/you_me_and_him_poster/ in the url (phone limits). Oh mercy, that jacket, that dead squirrel on his chin… love the pink hair!

Ok guys, before we get suited up, did anyone get super excited for a moment thinking Georgia got pink hair? Like I knew she wasn’t in the movie, but on first scan it really looks like her.

Now on to the nitty gritty.

I think we have to consider this film in a separate category, and as such I’m going to go out on a limb and say that David probably provided most of his wardrobe himself (either bought, or from pieces he already owned) .  

The denim shirt above I’ve previously documented as having belonged to him way back in 2007.

The Leather Coat is also same as documented.

The maroon T-shirt… I’ve dug and dug through every stage door or otherwise image from the last few months and I don’t see it.  But whatever, it’s a T-shirt.

Thing is, this movie was a bit of a family project for them. So it makes sense that he’s keeping and recycling his wardrobe. From IMDB:

Pet passion project and ‘family affair’ for producer Georgia Tennant. This movie was Georgia Tennant’s first job as producer, was written and directed by her best friend, stars her husband and her father, and was financed by Georgia and her husband.

So I guess when you finance the movie, you can keep whatever you want.


In February 2017, lead actor David Tennant bought a full-page back cover ad for the as then-uncompleted movie as a birthday present for his wife, the movie’s producer Georgia Moffett, at a cost of $38,000. The advert was an attempt to gain the interest of investors and potential distributors, and cost a quarter of the movie’s total budget.

David just really loves his wife. OK?

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I think you have to take criticisms and look at the source and why they feel that way. As a book fan, some book fans still work themselves into a rage about the show regularly. I used to be one of those until S3; my BP couldn't take it. They won't like much tbh Anyways, I'm amused by how reddit, especially freefolk, has been pro Jon/Dany. When notoriously pro dude reddit subs understands Jon kneeling more than Tumblr, I side eye where a lot of these tumblr reactions are actually coming from.

EXACTLY THANK YOU ANON. That last part got me shook.

And idk I think I stopped being a book purist during Harry Potter haha. Learned you have to treat adaptations differently. 

Thanks to @isasm​!

If you’re interested, someone compiled the parts of the manga that mp100 anime skipped or altered (a 600+ page google doc) and an episode guide:

https://www.reddit.com/r/mothersbasement/comments/5c88lx/whats_in_an_op_mob_psycho_100s_hidden_secrets/ (link at the bottom comment)

and here’s a screenshot of something Murata tweeted. He said he got some nice olive oil as a gift from ONE and his wife, and it has a nice flavor. (isasm said Murata loves to cook!) so that proves ONE is married (which I’ve often heard but wasn’t sure where that info was from)

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can we talk about how during sansa's walk in the trailer opening that she nearly looks back TWICE and catches herself both times. there's definitely someone behind her, and she's not allowing herself to look back at them. i think it's jon; he just told her that he's leaving to go south, and she won't let herself cry ("be weak") in front of him or look back at him, lest she turn around and beg him to stay.

Well if they want to double down on the whole ‘Ned/Cat 2.0′ cinematic parallels, it makes sense. If she’s advising him to go south but doesn’t actually want him to leave, that scene literally took place in the Godswood. It also had Cat feeling like she didn’t belong there with the Old Gods. Sansa has always been more connected to The Seven. When she wanted to take up the Old Gods after realizing she didn’t fit into the south, there was no weirwood tree in the King’s Landing Godswood, and she noted that it felt empty like her. Jon is the most connected to the Old Gods – right down to Ghost, who Jon notes looks like a weirwood tree. It’s another parallel of the one who is most northern - Jon/Ned - leaving the one who is more southern - Sansa/Cat - behind to manage Winterfell in his stead. 

This is not a parallel I like that much, because it implies they both will die. However, I think these parallels (Arya/Lyanna, Jon/Ned, Sansa/Cat, Bran/Benjen) are about reverse arcs and how they are improvements on what came before. Arya will live, Bran will return from the wall, Jon will do something without honour (potentially becoming a kinslayer ala the Bael the Bard story with Dany, for just one possibility) that ends up saving his family, etc. 

I’ve seen speculation that Jon is killing LF under the Heart Tree on reddit and on here but in no way do I think that could possibly be true. I sincerely doubt Jon would take LF to the Godswood to execute him, in their most sacred space. I also don’t think Jon will execute LF. Unless it’s an old style sacrifice to the trees but unless ghost eats LF it seems out of place. But more importantly – Sansa had a huge moment last season where she looked at Ramsay when she killed him. The one who swings the sword and all that. Justice. I can’t see her looking away when LF is murdered.

I’ve also seen spec that it’s Bran. But a lot of people on here and reddit think that Bran is just gonna stay by the Heart Tree once he gets back from the Wall and just become THAT tree. I don’t see why they would build him a fucking wheelchair if he’s just gonna sit in one place all the time? He didn’t get one when he was the Lord of Winterfell in s2, afterall. But yeah, it could be Bran too.

But I would say that it’s either LF or Jon she’s talking to under the tree. And since we already got a LF/Sansa Godswood scene, probably Jon!

Shepard/Shepard-Commander, I need your help...
  • [Mass Effect Spoilers Below]
  • /
  • Aria: ...to retake Omega.
  • Ashley: ...to comfort my sister.
  • EDI: ...to inform me what modifications I should have my software programmed with.
  • Garrus: ...to kill Dr. Saleon/Sidonis.
  • Grunt: ...to undergo the Rite Of Passage.
  • Jack: ...to blow the facility at Pragia the fuck up and watch it burn to the ground.
  • Jacob: ...to deal with my crazy father.
  • James: ...to decide whether or not I should sign up with the N7 program.
  • Javik: ...to decide if I should recall the downfall of my people or let old ghosts rest.
  • Kasumi: ...to find Keiji’s graybox.
  • Legion: ...to destroy or rewrite the geth heretics.
  • Liara: ...to get out of this field/take down the Shadow Broker/find the Observer.
  • Miranda: ...to save my sister.
  • Mordin: ...to find my assistant. Smart. Young. Naïve. *deep inhale* Has gone missing/find Maelon.
  • Nyreen: ...to save my people.
  • Samara: ...to eliminate my daughter.
  • Tali: ...to prevent my exile.
  • Thane: ...to turn my son away from a dark path.
  • Wrex: ...to cure the genophage.
  • Zaeed: ...to spill Vido’s guts all over the fucking floor, tear his balls off and sell 'em to a krogan.
  • /
  • [Then there’s Kaidan, who has migraines, his students are missing, his father is recently reported MIA...]
  • /
  • Kaidan: Nah, I got it :D

I think part of the reason I find the alt-right so fascinating and depressing is that I could have easily been part of it, had my life gone a different direction. I’ve always been a huge sci fi and video game nerd. I could honestly talk your ear off about deep Star Wars lore or Zelda shit. I was deep on Reddit when the whole gamergate thing got started, and I remember the consensus over there being super in favor of it. I remember thinking that some anti-feminists had “good points,” and I toyed around with the new atheist movement for a while. I read the God Delusion and agreed with a big chunk of it. This was very much ME in like 2012, as a brand new college student.

I never really gave up Christianity though - like I still kept being called back to it. And like as cheesy as it sounds, I feel like it saved me from becoming a huge idiot. Now I’m going to grad school and living with my cute partner in a great city, and I try and help fight to actually better the world. I don’t know.

There but for the grace of God go I.

As I watch Murata livestream, I gotta say: ONE and Murata are going a job of making everyone root for Garou in this fight (if the comments on the stream and reddit are anything to go by). 

He’s facing off against 8 Class A Heroes while injured! He still hasn’t recovered after getting rekt by Watchdog Man then running into Saitama’s foot getting kicked by Saitama. He’s also got a fever from not allowing his body to rest from all his previous Hero Hunting. But kicker is that it looks like he’s keeping Tareo out of the line of fire by drawing the heroes’ attack away from the shack. I think this one point right here is what is getting everyone to root for him. 

But then you remember he’s the villain and the villains always lose to the heroes….