i think they came out pretty well but our faces omfg

Kyungsoo touched Jongin’s face during Growl performance theory.

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This is the video that I’m going to talk about.

Before you continue, I’ll remind you that shit is about to get delusional and there’ll be shit ton of cussing and me being a sarcastic bitch, while I’m at it everything that I’ll say here is not a fact although I think it is facts and everything that I’ll say here is my opinions. Thank you!

…After watching this video for 4896374 times I am left with hundreds of questions. When I saw this of course I fucking shit my asshole and I had a meantal breakdown. Some of my questions are, what was Jongin’s face during that time? Other members, how did they react? What happened next? Was Jongin annoyed? What happened after the performance? 

This video is only 13 fucking seconds and it’s not enough to satisfy my delusional brain and it doesn’t help that I’m skeptical, I always fucking question things and here I am writing my theory. As I said, this video is too short for my liking so I went to YouTube and searched for different angles of this performance as much as I can. Downloaded them all, made them into gifs, and boom, a theory was born.

Let’s start with Kyungsoo and Minseok mischievously smiling at each other right before Kyungsoo’s verse started.

Alright, this is an angle where we could see Kyungsoo smile no sHit.  You see that smile? This bitch is hiding something. I can fucking smell it Do Kyungsoo. Now, let’s look at and angle where we could see Minseok smiling back at him.

It’s a little blurry but you can survive. In the first set of gifs you could clearly see Minseok smile but people will shit on my head and they’ll be doubtful. So here I am, showing you a different angle. Their smiles were the one that lead me to question this whole thing. Those smiles are usually the kind of smiles that friends exchange with each other when they planned stupid shit. I don’t know about you but that is how I smile at my friend when we indeed planned something.

You could just tell me that they’re just casually smiling at each other but since I’m a fucking trash this is not normal and you can’t tell me what to do. And so I investigated and investigated, and investigated…

And it lead me to another point.

Plenty of people just simply watched this video and screamed their head off not even curious what Jongin did/looked like when Kyungsoo was touching him. If you’re curious (which I thought you would be because you’re reading this post) then here is what he looked like during those times:





I’m not even going to forget to mention that he glanced at Kyungsoo two times during this gifs period. Go back and see for yourself. And I’m not even going to forget that he was breathing hard and did you see the way he tenses up? HELLO? Someone help this horny child out of his blazer please.

He can’t even look at Kyungsoo when he was touching him. I wonder how many rounds did they fuck that night? 1? 2? 9? 3598750?

Jongin was probably eye fucking Kyungsoo at that time after he touched him. He always eye fucks him anyways.

God, I’m such a trash.

ANYWAYS, it looks like Jongin pushed Kyungsoo arm or smth but it all depends on the angle, and this angle is all we have so you’ll have to judge for your own good:

Personally, I think Jongin did push Kyungsoo’s arm slightly, because if I were in Jongin’s position I would’ve too even though I love like Kyungsoo’s palm on my cheek. Why would I do that if I were in Jongin’s shoes? Well, I think I would want it to be less obvious. I’m gonna start a new paragraph to explain this thoroughly.

Maybe Jongin wanted to make it a little less obvious. But that is not fucking working because he took off his blazer looking horny as hell and I think that is a dumbest move he ever made in his whole life if he were trying to make it less obvious. If he was trying to make it less obvious he already failed from the fucking start because as I said, he took off that blazer looking hot as hell and there’s no way he can make it less obvious when their friends literally did the same action Kyungsoo did to him seconds ago. IMHO, I think Kyungsoo is tired of being subtle touches and hiding all the time. He did this because he knows people will think it’s all for fans to see, all for fans to like/love, all for fan service. But there’s something inside of me that thinks that is not true. I think he did it on purpose to rile Jongin up. 

Wow, that’s a nice prompt for anyone to write a Kaisoo smut on. ;)

Moving along, when Kaisoo was happening the rest of the members were turned to the back and some of them were staring at the screen, right? So I decided to take a closer looks at the members when Kaisoo was happening.

The member’s positions if you are curious.

This is Chanyeol, the member who doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to get off the stage. Personally, I think he’s used to it. Like he didn’t even move a single face muscle when Kyungsoo touched Jongin. If he is used to it, I wonder if he’s used to hearing moans as well from Kaisoo’s room?

Minseok and Suho: The assholes that were involved in this shit. They looked pretty chill but they’re watching for a very, very good reason later on. ;)

The other members are pretty much zoning out, Baekhyun and Jongdae staring at the floor, Lay looking at the fans, Sehun fixing his hair for 496824759130 times that day, Jongin’s dick hard as hell and Kyungsoo looking proud as fuck. :)

Let’s get a little bit more exciting, shall we?

After this moment, Minseok, Yixing, and Suho’s verse came. You know what Minseok and Suho did?


That’s the part where I shit my pants and started crying blood. My tear ducts hurt as hell and I swear to god I wanted to kill someone because oh my fucking god I never saw it coming.




I’m going to calm down and explain shit because that is what I’m here for. i don’t really know what to fucking explain because this is pretty much self-explanatory but I’ll fucking do it anyways—

Minseok touched Kyungsoo’s cheek using his knuckles, literally the same way Kyungsoo touched Jongin but only by the knuckles. Suho touched Jongdae by the neck and that’s exactly the way Kyungsoo seduced Jongin, only missing the sliding my hand across your chest part.

Let’s break it into two parts. 

Let’s talk about Minseok and Kyungsoo’s moment first. Here’s a closeup so you could see better:


Look at Kyungsoo smiling though. Look at Minseok’s fucking smile like—


They’re basically teasing Kyungsoo right now. Like holy shit wouldn’t friends tease you when you did something in front of your crush? That smile Kyungsoo made and he looks so shy and embarrassed. He’s like, are they really teasing me right now and he looks so cute I want you to see his smile in another angle:


Kill me but don’t you deny that he looked so fucking shy. That grin is so cute I’m gonna jump off a cliff and that fucking smile is going to be death of my dead body. He really looked so shy though. I guess he didn’t saw this coming as well. I bet he thought that they’re just going to let this go and just do their thing and not tease him right in front of the fans. But thank god Minseok and Suho did this shit because this moment is my gospel now. They made it more obvious which I like, Kyungsoo and Jongin are so obvious it’s amusing how they always try to hide it while showing it. Two sides contradicts but you fucking get it, alright.

Let’s move our focus to Suho and Jongdae moment.

This is LQ as hell because I’m a piece of lazy shit but you can still clearly see Suho’s smile and Jongdae’s most gayest reaction. Jongdae doesn’t seem to know that Suho will do that to him. His reaction says it all. It’s quite funny because he’s so shocked he just had to put his palm over his mouth.

Let’s take a step further just to see more around the field.

Jongdae was probably thinking, did he just fucking do that or is this the feeling that jongin felt when kyungsoo touched him because that fucking reaction screams those thoughts for me.

Did you guys see Sehun? I was protesting with myself whether he knows something or he’s just simply laughing at Jongdae’s reaction. Since I’m a trash, I don’t believe the latter.

I’m keeping a close eye on you, Oh Sehun. 

I was asking myself what was Jongin’s reaction when Minseok touched Kyungsoo and Suho touched Jongdae and thank god there were blessed fancams and his reaction is priceless.

There’s a lot going on in this gif and did i even mention that six of them are fucking smiling/laughing just because of this whole thing. You can’t see shit from this angle but you can clearly see Jongin laugh. I’ll show a better angle.


The last second of this gif Jongin actually looked at Kyungsoo after he glanced at Minseok. Goddamn he looks so happy after he saw what their friends did to Kyungsoo. They’re teasing them and this is going to be so fucking delusional but if there was nothing going on with Kyungsoo and Jongin, they would’ve not copied Kyungsoo, Jongin would’ve not fucking smiled like this, Kyungsoo would’ve not laughed when Minseok touched him, Jongin would’ve not looked so hot and bothered after Kyungsoo touched him, Minseok and Kyungsoo would’ve not smiled evilly right from the start, Six of them would’ve not fucking smiled and laughed at the same time at the same shit, none of this would’ve happened if it’s all fanservice. It’s just Kyungsoo touching Jongin’s face, done. Nothing more.

But the opposite happened.

Minseok and Kyungsoo did look at each other and smiled evilly, Jongin did look horny as hell, Minseok and Suho did imitate Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo and Jongin did laugh at what their friends did. Am I even going to say more because I’ve proven what I think. Basically, what I am saying is that they’re in a relationship. That’s not really new but according to my experiences, my life and my friends, friends do tease each other when their friend did something to someone they like/love. Because I’m that friend who is like Minseok/Suho, copying what they did in front of their crush to my other friend. I’m not gonna copy if I think it’s too intimate tho lmAo. But yeah, you get my point.

As I stated earlier that Jongin looked at Kyungsoo, here’s a closer look:

I forgot to mention that Kyungsoo is smiling like an idiot too like Jongin. Wow, couples are really alike.

Crop it up and slow it down:

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Inked - Jughead Jones

Request: I’m not sure if you can come up with much for this, but maybe getting matching tattoos with jughead/cole? Btw I was wrong was absolutely freaking amazing omfg dude

I was really tired so this sucked aha, and thank you so much! >.< Also I am so so so sorry that I have been MIA for so long <3 Also i’ve never gotten a tattoo so sorry for my failure at life.

Jughead x Reader

Warnings: -

Words: 1,787

Nobody had expected a romance to blossom between you and Jughead Jones. Your relationship was no exception when it came to the phrase, ‘opposites attract’. He was a brooding, mysterious author with a sardonic and sarcastic sense of humour, often shying away from a varied social life. 

You, on the other hand, were the life of the party. Charismatic, sociable, late nights and bright colours were your aesthetic. The two of you clashed personality-wise but somehow you had hit it off from the moment you met.

There was an attraction, a real chemistry between you two that none of your friends could describe. The two of you kept your relationship private, inclusive and intimate. You wanted it to be a real and raw relationship, as you truly loved him and the feeling was clearly mutual.

You were smitten for each other and sometimes the words ‘I love you’ aren’t enough. 

Veronica had proposed the idea during a casual get together in the student lounge.

“What are you doing this weekend (Y/N)?” Veronica was leaning against Betty as the attention in the room shifted to you. You were sat on the couch opposite, legs draped over Jug’s lap and resting against the back of the sofa, in a laid-back position.

“Well I don’t know but I think you’re pretty overdue a party or something. I’m dying here, it’s been way too long, I’m running out of shows to binge on Netflix,” Kevin sighed, sinking into his own chair. You laughed before shuffling across the couch so you were now snuggling into your boyfriend’s side.

“Sorry Kev, not this weekend. It’s our two year anniversary and we were going to do something together, just the two of us,” You linked your arm with Jughead’s, as his cheeks flushed pink. 

“Don’t you always do stuff together… just the two of you?” Archie joked, causing Jughead to throw a cushion at him playfully. 

“So what exactly were you guys gonna do?” Betty smiled, genuinely interested. You and Jughead exchanged looks before you sighed with a shrug.

“I actually don’t know… we were kind of hoping for some suggestions. We want to make it something that’s special to us, something we won’t forget,” You replied. Everyone sat in silence for a moment as they pondered possibilities before Archie made an ‘Oo!’ sound.

“Paint balling… go paint balling… and bring friends,” He grinned and everyone rolled their eyes.

“A romantic anniversary Archie, is that really the best you could do?” Veronica gave him a scolding look and he sunk back into his chair, the grin refusing to subside. Betty tapped her nails against the armrest in thought.

“Romantic dinner, candlelit? Beach walks? Pinterest inspired date?” She suggested, Veronica and Kevin nodding in approval.

“Been there, done that,” You groaned. Jughead rubbed his hands along your sides reassuringly, planting small kisses on your forehead occasionally. 

More silence.

“Oh my gosh I’ve got it!” Veronica shot up, clapping her hands and bouncing on the sofa excitedly. You tried not to smirk at Jughead’s terrified face, clearly anticipating the worst. “You guys want something to like bind you… right?”

You nodded warily. “Just something special.”

“Well… what about tattoos?” She squealed. To your surprise, Jughead actually looked quite impressed by her suggestion, and a chorus of ‘oohs’ sounded from your friends. 

“That’s adorable! They can be something with meaning, symbolism, something that reminds you of one another,” Betty cooed. Veronica looked smug, as she perked a perfectly plucked eyebrow, awaiting your response. Jughead clasped your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze and looking lovingly at you with those heart eyes that made you melt inside.

“Tattoos sounds perfect,” You stared back at him, a small smile forming on your face along with that infamous, smitten twinkle in your eyes.

“Are we sure this was a good idea?” You mumble nervously, picking at your nails as you stood outside the Riverdale Tattoo Parlour. You seemed to forget when you first heard the idea that you’d always had an irrational fear of blood poisoning. You hated needles as well, ever since your first compulsory injection at school. You had previously read, ‘tattoos gone wrong’ stories all over the internet and they had done nothing but fill you with doubt and dread. 

Besides, you couldn’t help but be a bit scared. Tattoos were pretty permanent. You loved Jughead with all of your heart, and he loved you the same, but if the two of you were to ever fall apart for whatever stupid reason, would it really be that easy to erase the engravings on your skin that were supposed to make you think of him.

“We don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” Jughead took your hand in his, his thumb drawing gentle circles on your skin. You sighed, resting your head on his shoulder.

“I want to Jug, I really do. I’m just a little bit pessimistic I guess, I’m not exactly the luckiest person alive. What if something went wrong? I just want this to be special, to be perfect you know…” 

Jughead sighed, stepping out of the embrace and tilting your chin towards him affectionately. “I’m gonna be there with you the whole time. Besides, nothing’s perfect. If it doesn’t go well then it still means something, a perfect reflection of our messed up lives and angsty teenage mood swings,” He smirked, causing you to laugh and lightly punch his shoulder. You gently cupped his cheeks before standing on your tiptoes to place a gentle yet passionate kiss on his lips, followed by a soothing butterfly kiss. Your nerves seemed to simmer, as he took your hand and led you into the tattoo parlour. 

Jughead was talking to the man at the counter of the shop, whilst you were browsing designs. You’d only had a brief talk about what you were looking for design wise. You just knew that you didn’t want the design to be huge, just something small and subtle to have on either your wrist, ankle or neck. You had suggested two small hearts, but Jughead opposed. Another idea you had was key and lock tattoos, infinite signs, each other’s names, anniversary dates but nothing had really stuck out.

“(Y/N)?” A voice called out, and you turned around, only to be greeted by an old friend. Josie McCoy, your party pal. You were on good terms, and although you didn’t attend late night raves together anymore, you were still close. You smiled as she instantly went for a hug.

“Jo, what are you doing here?”

“Band hit its three year anniversary, so I decided to cross a tattoo off of my bucket list,” She pulled down the shoulder of her blue crop top, to reveal the word; “Pussycats!” in thick, black lettering. You stared at the tattoo in awe as Josie showed it off with pride. “Anyways, what are you doing here?” She raised an eyebrow at you.

“Well, it’s me and Jug’s two year anniversary too and we decided tattoos were the way to go,” You smiled bashfully and Josie nudged you playfully.

“That’s couple goals right there, I honestly don’t understand how you two got together or how the heck you lasted this long but I live for your relationship. You were polar opposites as well, fire and water, light and dark… yin and yang,” She stood in reflection for a moment before adjusting her kitty ears and saying goodbye to you, confidently strutting out the store, her crop top shoulder slightly pulled down so everyone could catch a glimpse of the artwork on display.

Yin and yang…

A lightbulb went off somewhere in your mind as you frantically searched through the store, looking for a specific design. When you casted your eyes on the matching ‘Yin and yang’ tattoos your mind flooded with pictures in your head of how they would look, perhaps on your wrists. Jughead was indeed the yin to your yang and this kind of dorky but meaningful symbolism was exactly what you were looking for. You walked over to the counter, design in hand.

“(Y/N), this is Jake, he’s going to be doing the tattoos,” Jughead smiled down at you reassuringly as you once again held his hand. Jake shook your hand and sent you a warm smile that helped add to the growing comfort. 

“Hey (Y/N), I’m going to be talking you through the process, how to take care of the tattoo, general things you should be aware of as well as actually tattooing you! Have you guys picked out a design yet?” He was talkative and friendly, and you felt yourself relax. 

“Well we haven’t actu-” Jughead began, but you interrupted him, sliding the design (which had previously been concealed behind your back) onto the counter with a giddy smile.

“These,” You said confidently, beaming up at Jughead, who was admiring the simplistic, black and white tattoos in awe before staring back at you with affection and joy. He looked back at Jake, nodding his head enthusiastically. 

“They’re… they’re perfect,” Veronica took another photo of your matching tattoos, as you stuck out your wrists next to each other, for all to see. The process had felt less painful with Jughead at your side, whispering sweet nothings and comforting words into your ear the whole time, as you did to him when it was his turn. You were still in the phase of cleaning it and getting used to it being there, but that meant you would sit and stare at it a lot.

As intended to, it reminded you of Jughead. The thought of the fact that he had something so similar on his own skin, with the purpose of reminding him of you, sent butterflies through your stomach. You were so in love with him it was crazy.

“Maybe we could get more in the future,” Jughead whispered in your ear, as people stirred around you, trying to get a look. You bashfully smiled at him.

“Like what?” You raised an eyebrow and he looked down in thought for a moment before looking back up at you, straight in the eyes with an evident blush.

“Wedding dates, baby names, that kind of mushy stuff,” He mumbled and your eyes widened. A small pause ensued. “Our bodies could be some kind of journal of our lives and the tattoos tell a story,” He continued, trying to clear the silence his previous words had caused. You felt a wide grin split on your face before letting out a dramatic sigh.

“I mean, being inked was great and all but… I still don’t want blood poisoning,” You shook your head and he chuckled, shoving you off of the couch with a small yelp.

oh wow an imagine get me I’m not dead

Just friends~Jungkook Part 1

Yahhh PART ONE! omg I don’t know how to feel about this :’) 

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10


-1k words

~Something is wrong with your best friend and you don’t understand what.~

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(gif is not mine credit to owner) 

After a week of not hearing from Jungkook he dropped off at home.

I was in bed, contemplating life and death.
When I heard keys in the door lock, I knew it was him right away. He was the only one that had keys to my flat. What was he doing here? I hadn’t seen him in 3 weeks.
I got out of bed and got to the living room where he was waiting for me with his adorable smile. I came up to him and asked bluntly:

“Where have you been?”

“Oh my god you sound like my mum.”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, I was starting to forget what you looked like, not that that is a bad thing.” I said with a smirk.

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t miss this work of art.” he answered while pointing at himself.

I laughed at his quirkiness, and was happy that he seemed in good enough shape to make jokes.

“So are we ever going to eat this pizza or are you going to stand there forever.”

“I forgot how bossy you were.”

“Shut up.”

We both sat down on the couch and started to eat the pizza. While spending time with my best friend I realised how much you had missed his sense of humor and his goofy self. We were watching a movie and kept making silly comments about how bad the acting was. From time to time I took a glance at him just to admire his pretty face, and hoped that he wouldn’t catch me staring.
It was good times.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators.

Anonymous said:Is it okay if we send in like sentences for you guys to turn into One-shots / imagines? If so can you do one with “last time you said you had a surprise for me I ended up pregnant” With Paul? If not you can just ignore this message 😅

A/N: Omfg this is gold! Where the hecky did you even think of this? I stated before, I literally spat my Coke out the other night when I saw this one and my mum gave me a weird look. But anyway, thank you so much for blessing us with this request! I hope that I’ve made this everything you imagined, lovely! - Admin Kat 💟

Imagine: Paul declaring that he has a surprise for you and you just respond with “The last time you had a surprise for me, I ended up pregnant!”.

Ambling in through your front door, you were ambushed by your conspicuous husband whom leaned against the banister that belonged to the stairs. There was an ardent and mischievous tint to his beautiful brown orbs that only seemed to spell out… trouble.

As though you had hardly noticed, you cut through to the left, - directly ignoring the clear message that Paul Lahote, your husband, desperately wanted your attention -, and into the safety of the kitchen you were… or so you thought.

“So, how was work, babe?” Paul came striding in after you, hot on your trail, as though you were the sun and he were a planet propelling around you; attracted to the very warm rays that you projected.

“Just cut to the chase, baby. I didn’t have to deal with my ass-hat of a boss today to come home to you plotting and conniving behind my back.” you stated as you retrieved an orange from the kitchen counter before promptly turning to face your hunk of a husband; to which, he stopped shortly before he slammed into you. “So, if you have something to say, just come right out and say it. None of this ‘spontaneous’ and ‘out of the blue’ crap. Okay?” You emphasized with your famous Hand Quotations.

It seemed that the very words he wished to state were robbed from his very throat and tongue. “Well, since you’re putting it that way…” he grins out nonchalantly, leaning against the kitchen counter and looming over you.

It was within an instant that his large asperous fingers dauntlessly tickled beneath the hem of your top, tracing loving circles that could not be seen by the mere human eye. His eyes were entirely entranced with what seemed to be playing on out in his head, but you didn’t seem to be catching on.

“Can you get to the point, baby? I’ve got Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars to catch up on and you’re taking up my precious time.” you grinned up at him, knowing very well that this was digging into his skin.

A wolfish grin flashed across his features as he dipped his head down to your ear. “I have a surprise for you.” Those were his words, breathed seductively into your ear, and although they melted every cell in your body to a puddle, you saw through this: And your own toothy grin beamed across your expression.

The last time that you had a surprise for me, I ended up pregnant!” you declared loud and clear in his ear. “I’m appreciative of the surprise, but it’s not really one any more; and besides, Our little cute brat is just enough for me right now. So, unless you’re bagging on binge watching Supernatural with me, I think you should take care of your little issue.” you hummed up to him, your hand rubbing his arm as you took a peek downwards.

In all the time the pair of you had been together, Paul had never been so stunned… or so quiet.

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Emerald City Comic-Con 2017

So I drove to Seattle from my little city Bend, OR on Thursday, about a 7hr drive there (7.5 hrs on the way home :/)  I stayed with @ninaf who lives just outside of Seattle.  We hung out that night and didn’t go to bed until after 1 a.m. 😳The Panel:  Our plan was to get to the Convention Center by 8:30/9:00 a.m. which we did. It was interesting that there didn’t seem to be much ‘security’(I could have taken my flask :/), we entered from across the street where we parked in a public parking garage and entered in at the 3rd floor.  We probably could have gotten in Sat. no problem even without a Sat badge!  Anyhow quickly found the line for the Outlander panel – SO many people!  They let us in at about 10:45 and me @ninaf and 2 of her friends (that are ‘normal’ fans) found some seats – we were second row far left of the stage – right where the fan questions were left of the stage.  I wanted to ask a question – Sam could you please sit back I can’t see CAITRIONA!? In front of us was a slew of moms with their babies – so cute – one started fussing and Cait actually looked over to them with her awe concerned face – she clearly LOVES BABIES! ♥  You can just see it in the video briefly at about 14:32 min. I am a huge Cait fan so I was Screaming and standing when she came out and thought we were doing pretty good there, then Sam came out and omg decibels! They sit down and Sam won’t sit all the way back on the couch, I don’t know why, and he was blocking my view of Cait, I could only see her on the screen or if she moved forward or back. 😒 I didn’t take any pics, cos I just wanted to be present and absorb the experience, (one of @ninaf ’s friends did though so we’ll post as soon as we get them). One observance is they both looked tired, but ready to 'do this’.  I loved the panel, I thought they were very comfortable, there to have fun and engage with us, I liked the questions asked and quite a few of mine were answered. Caitriona was taking the lead quite a bit but I think her wit is a bit quicker than Sam’s (I’m a taurus and we tend to slow think sometimes) but it gave him a chance to play off of her which I feel they do quite a bit probably. They seemed very in tune with each other.  Next on the agenda was the autograph session.  We got there @ about 12:15 for the 12:30 and were turned away- too full come back at 4.  Well cool, we can at least eat, since we didn’t have any breakfast so we had lunch and drinks. Met up with @ourrubygirl and her daughter (normal fan), nipunad on twitter – sorry don’t know your tumblr and with ninaf and her 2 friends (side note – they were so funny before I even got to Seattle they were concerned that ninaf would invite someone from online who she had never met to stay at her house.  By then we had talked on the phone and friended each other on facebook so they had to facebook stalk me to give their approval – whew, glad I passed). 😘Photo Op!  Ugh, okay this is where we realized that this poor little comic-con was absolutely NOT ready for this Outlander fandom and where everything really started to get behind schedule.  I envy the Sat photo op participants, looks like it was more relaxed and not as rushed as Friday's– READY click NEXT! I know people have been dissing the posed photos, but after being 'there’ this is what I feel, I think SamCait enjoy the poses somewhat, cos’ otherwise the way it was with many of us on Friday we just walk in, stand next to them, click and we’re out, so I could see that for sure getting tedious AF for them, they seemed to have more fun on Sat with it – because they were allowed to also.  Anyhow the Friday photo op was close to being a complete clusterfuck, but the gestapo staff pulled it off.  There were other people there, apparently there was more than just OL there 😉 that would be like “What is this line for with all these people?” And we’d be like Outlander, and they just go off mumbling wtf is outlander? Funny. I walked in for my 'Team Outlander’ photo and I was wearing opal earrings from Mexico and Cait says to me “oh I love your earrings” Me: thank you – and I’m beaming so fucking hard I can hardly breath! So I’m 5'1” - yeah – I’m holding on to them for the photo mumble thanks or something I fecking don’t remember, patted Sam’s back turned and looked up OMFG this guy is TALL! I have a friend that is 6'7”, but Sam seemed much taller than that, I think it’s his massiveness or something IDK. His leather jacket is really soft btw.Okay NEXT – while I go back in line for my Cait only photo, ninaf goes downstairs to get in line for the autographs – good thing too since they almost turned me away by the time I got down there!  STEP OFF BITCH I WILL GET MY CATRIONA EFFING BALFE AUTOGRAPH!!!!  So by this time we are beyond hot – it was so hot in this place which wasn’t even at the convention center, everything but the panel was at the Sheraton next door.  Note to self Bring water bottle, we learned a lot of should'ves…. So there was quite a wait for this, mainly because Caitriona was still upstairs READY click NEXT! And they could only do the Sam only autographs which there weren’t a ton of apparently😁

The way they had it set up Cait first then Sam, so we had to wait for Cait to appear.  We were in the 'overflow’ line outside of the main autograph room, but could see in there a bit, we saw the lights go out, didn’t hear the comments @sileas84 mentioned, but too funny.  When we finally got to the 'room’ wow, so I am a diehard Caitriona Balfe fan, I like Sam but am not an over the top fan like most… I have to say seeing him up close and personal I COULD NOT take my eyes off of him, he was so 'cute’ doesn’t do it justice, I seriously have no word/s for it.  He was so funny and gracious and flirty with the women and NICE, very tan too, yeah, I kept running into people as the line snaked around trying to just watch him, I even almost got kicked out trying to sneak a pic – damn gestapo staffers.  So finally get up to Caitriona, um effing goddess.  She had quite the stash of gifts, I had considered giving them something but didn’t want to burden them with too much stuff and if they truly just give it away well… So I opted to give her a love letter as I call it, from me.  I didn’t know what to 'say or ask her something’ so I mentioned that I have a head shot autograph of Simon (her friend Simon Kassianides) and I can add hers to it now and she smiles and says “oh cool, I just saw him a couple of days ago!”  Me: heehee. JHRC I’m such a dweeb.  I didn’t get a Sam autograph cos’ they had sold out by the time I got online to purchase, I coached ninaf though to make sure to smell him so we could report back, since we both forgot to at the photo op :P  So we float out of the room and out into the main area and I finally just started screaming I was so excited – I got to talk to Caitriona Effing Balfe (even if it was brief)  I am so so glad I did this! 

After this was all done it was getting close to our dinner plans for meeting up with other tumblrs, so we eventually got to the restaurant.  How fun to finally meet some of us.  As we came into the room I immediately recognized @rainmanjdog and @mommydog67, we had been chatting while in line for our Cait only photo and didn’t know that we were part of the tumblrs, so funny and we all almost asked each other but didn’t want to risk it – so sad.  Great night hanging with everyone, best story goes to @valkyrie1969 I still chuckle just thinking about it.  So where is the photo of us pointing at the 'Meet and Greet’ room @pentwhistle ?

Overall impression of SamCait – they are two of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool, nicest people.  

Overall impresion of our tumblrs – we are some of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool and nicest people.  

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if I like what the manga is doing with the eri story wise right now. Like, after the new chapter, if eri's quirk ends up doing what I think it does, it will probably be a huge loss for the manga story wise. (I love mirio and nighteye, but in this situation, to get them back this way, would probably feel like a huge cop out)

Ah, can’t say you find me on your side on this, anon - generally I’m a positive person! And I like bnha because it’s a positive story! So, yeah, if Eri’s gonna fix it and avoid deaths and permanent damages all around I’m not gonna mind it one bit. I understand your position on this tho, and I’m pretty sure you’re not alone on it. I guess it’s about what you’re looking for in a story, and what the point the story means to bring across is to begin with - you say that having an all around positive outcome to this arc is gonna be a loss for the manga, but bnha isn’t snk. It’s not Tokyo Ghoul, or D.Gray-man, or any other story made to drive across the point that life is sad and sad things happen and you just gotta deal with it as best as you can. The general point of HeroAca, since the very beginning, is that luck exists! Things can turn out for the best! Look at it, our protagonist didn’t even have a quirk and now he’s got the best one out there. Literally became the successor to the greatest hero alive without doing anything aside from being a nice guy

I mean. I get why you’d wish for a… more real story, I guess. I get that you might like the angst and the realness of life being shitty and bad things happening and all that jazz. But that’s never been bnha’s point? Since the very start? Deku’s whole arc is turning into a fight to show you that you should never lose hope and that even set futures can still be rewritten - and, about that, there’s also how big part of this arc is still about Nighteye and what he saw in All Might’s future, and about Deku wanting to prove that he doesn’t have to die, so a girl that can literally rewind said future to make it go some other way? That’s exactly what you need to counter Nighteye’s quirk. Deku might talk about twisting fate all he wants, but considering how Nighteye’s quirk works and how precise and definitive it is, without something that can make what Nighteye saw happen just to bring it back and change it there was no way Deku could have done much.

As I said, I get why you’d be disappointed in the possibility of a total fix-it, but as far as bnha’s plot goes I don’t think the story’s gonna lose anything with simply keeping up the positive-to-a-naive-point look on life it has always had, if that’s what it decides to do. You might end up finding the story less good then you’d been expecting, but that’s because you were seeing bnha as a genre it has never even tried to be. This is still a story in which at some point holding hands saved the day, after all haha

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OK KO Oneshot: Blorpers Gonna Blorp

Plot: When an annoying meme comes back from the dead, it’s nice to have people - specifically a slightly obnoxious robotic boyfriend - by your side.

((Sorry about the stupid title, lol. But yeah, I’m not hugely into the Radmond ship personally, but at the same time I think it’s pretty cute and I’ve had this idea for a while so, why not write it? Anyway, enjoy!))

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Request: Not gonna lie would absolutely kill for a fic where reader actually turns to the dark side, bad temper gives me those vibes but who knows what’s in store 👀 also like you’re literally my fave writer I can’t believe someone can be this talented <3

A/N: This was the fic I was supposed to post on Thursday night but shit happened so I decided to post it today instead. This is pretty different than I usually write and I really like it? Idk I enjoyed it and I hope you all do, too! I based it off of a dream I had along with the request; [fic title based off of this song]

Warning: None

Word Count: 1975 (omfg)

“It has been over seventy-two hours since we last saw and heard from Finn and Rey. The Millennium Falcon is still in the hangar but one of our marked vessels are missing. No one has been able to locate them or reach out to either of the two. It has been declared the two have left the Resistance and are considered rogue.” Standing there with an arm crossed, holding the other as you bit on your thumb nail, your focus was set elsewhere. How did things get this take such a sudden turn?

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anonymous asked:

So I saw your recent adorable hcs about Werewolf!McCree and was in love with the cute man-puppy so I was wondering if you'd be down for some hcs of Werewolf!McCree finding out his s/o's gonna have a kid/pup?

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

Okokok think about werewolf mccree being the most adorable father to your puppers :3c

Let me hit you with some FLUFF to balance out the ANGST I’ve been writing. This includes some Overwatch family stuff :3

(120% destructive kids. AAAAAA)

Originally posted by save-me-from-the-weebs

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Patched Up || Jimin || Part 4

Summary: Part 4. You were always aware of the dangers of seeing someone on the opposite side of the law, but with the events of your date still fresh in your mind you’re only starting to realise the reality of your situation

Word Count: 1,891

A/N: I’m baaaaack! Ahhhh, Patched Up - another classic in the Wayward Selection. People still like Mafia!Jimin, right? Like - we aren’t beyond Gang!AUs and all that jazz? No? Yes? Whatever your answer is, here’s the long awaited Part 4 for you all!

<< Part 3 || Part 5 >> 

“I’m not doing it.” Jimin growled as he stared down his hyung from across the table. Namjoon sighed and leant forward, elbows resting on the edge of the desk separating them.

“I know it seems like a bad idea-”

“More like a stupid one-”

“It’s for the best, Jimin.” Namjoon interjected quickly, giving the younger male a stern look. “You and I both know that she doesn’t deserve to be dragged into this world.”

Jimin maintained the stoic expression as he continued to look at the gang leader in silence, forcing Namjoon to push himself up further into his chair and pinch the bridge of his nose in exasperation.

“You know that I’m just trying to look after you right?” He asked, rubbing his temple slightly. “It’s better this way.”

“What? Me being unhappy?” Jimin shot back and Namjoon shook his head in response. “Really? That’s what it seems like you’re trying to accomplish here, hyung, like you want me to be dark and brooding and a straight up dick.”

“I’m trying to protect you from the worst case scenario - trying to protect both of you.” He stated; his voice on the border of annoyance and anger. “Her apartment has already been broken into by the Seven Star after, what, three weeks of knowing who you really are? And with everything in our line of work going a little haywire, things are only going to get worse for us and the people we care about…” Namjoon’s voice faltered slightly. “I just want you to prepare for the worst case scenario.”

There was a knock on the door, followed by the sound of the hinges creaking as it swung open to reveal Namjoon’s second in command. “Shit, sorry Joon - this a bad time?”

Jimin stood up abruptly. “It’s fine, Jin hyung, we were just finishing up.”

Without another word, Jimin moved away from the table and let the office quickly, making Namjoon sigh and sink further into his leather chair. Seokjin smiled almost sympathetically at their leader.

“Did you want me to try and talk to him later?”

Namjoon shook his head and huffed, “Let him do what he wants,” he determined, eyes fixated on the still open door, “if he won’t listen to me then he can learn the hard way.”

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Stood A Chance

Monster World AU??: Monsters are all on the surface. Whether humans exist or not doesn’t matter? Still don’t want to deal with the whole underground surface thing and resets and all that. 

General fluff I think? 

Pairing: Kustard

Made Uf!Sans as Red and Uf!Papyrus as Fell

Summary?: Red’s date is a jerk, but some monster had come to save the day. 

Idk, I suck at summaries. 

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prompt: “Why the hell are you bleeding?”

for Caroline, thank you for all your support! <3

The sound of the door opening makes Michael jump; it comes out of nowhere, in the silence and darkness of the FAHC’s base, and he stirs as though waking from a dream. The desk lamp in front of him, and the bright screen of his laptop, seem to have been his entire world for the last several hours.

He glances at his phone - shit, past 1am, I really lost all fucking track of time - he’d stayed late to do some work, but he hadn’t thought anyone would be back here until morning.

Footsteps behind him. Another door opening. He grabs for his gun in case it’s someone breaking in-

But a moment later recognises the familiar, shuffling drag of those footsteps.

“Hi Michael!” Gavin’s voice squeaks out behind him, in that high, pitiful way he has when he knows he’s interrupting something.

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Exo Reaction To Talking About You In An Interview

Thank you for requesting!  (✿◠‿◠) (◡‿◡✿)

(Kyahhh!!! This is so cute omfg!!!) 

Note: In some of them you are an idol and in others you are not. 


Even though it would seem like Sehun would boast about his girlfriend, i don’t think he would. He’s so young and apparently hasn’t been in any serious relationships, so if he loved you enough to go public about your relationship then it’s obvious he’s serious about this and he wants to cherish what the two of you have. “How are you and your girlfriend doing?” The MC would ask casually as a smile tugs at Sehun’s lips, looking down in embarrassment because of the thought of you seeing the interview, but really these facts won’t stop Brathun Sehun from appearing “Honestly, she probably misses me a lot by now,” “What’d make you say that?” A member would question, probably Chen as Sehun nods slowly to himself “Cause i miss her a lot right now.“ 

Originally posted by sehunijjang


Like Sehun, he would really cherish your relationship a lot, although he wouldn’t boast about, it’s apparent that he’s happy with how things are going. And honestly Kai is such a sweetheart, i feel like he doesn’t have a certain ideal type and just worries more about personality and if he likes you then wow, you probably are the cutest and nicest girl ever. When asked about you, he’d probably make cute little remarks ”She looks really cute when she’s playing with Monggu!“ Or ”For some reason she looked extra pretty today.“ Or my personal favorite ”We mostly fight over who gets the last chicken!“ 


Ah yes, Tao, our little princess. At first when he gets asked about you he’d refuse to talk about you and becomes really shy, but when they show a few video clips of Tao doing aegyo to you backstage or out in public, he’ll laugh his signature laugh yeah the one that makes our ovaries explode  and bury his face in embarrassment in the neck of a nearby member Baekhyun So is it true that you do aegyo to her in order for her to buy you something?” the MC would ask with a laugh as Tao strongly denies it but his members would say otherwise “How about doing aegyo for Y/N?” he’d act like it bothered him even though he enjoyed doing aegyo because he gets to see your adorable blushing face everytime he did so.


We all know how he is on interviews. His blank expression when he has absolutely no idea what to say and he just becomes so squishy and awkward. The same would happen if he were asked about you in an interview, the members would probably be casually talking about their album and so on until the MC asks ”I heard you have a girlfriend! Mind telling us a little bit about her?“ Kyungsoo wouldn’t even know it was him they were asking until Kai has to nudge him to snap out of it. ”Uh….uh….“ A small smile would find it’s way on his lips as a blush creeps onto his face ”She’s…uhm…“ ”Don’t mind him, he’s actually really happy and wants to boast about his overly cute girlfriend but he just doesn’t know how to express his feelings into words.“ Kai would save the day as usual as Kyungsoo and the members laugh at Kai’s comment, knowing well it’s true. Kaisoo 


This giant is basically an open book! He’d talk a lot about you, only the simple stuff though like, obviously your name and how long you’ve been together and you’re dating spots. Ofcourse he’d only reveal things that don’t really matter too you and him, he’d keep the important information to himself like how many moles you have on your thigh and such. “Is there any special place you guys like to go to from time to time?” the MC asks as Chanyeol shakes his head with a smie on his face “It won’t be special anymore if i tell you guys.its the bedroom


Chen’s a troll. Once a troll always a troll and is forever a troll. When asked about you, he’d probably tease and make fun of you a lot ”Your girlfriend just had a comeback!“ ”She could be crowned dancing machine by all the NG’s she got!“ Of course they would all be jokes and you’d be completely fine with it because well, you did the same to him on your interviews ”What are your thoughts on EXO’s Chen’s dancing during Love Me Right at Inkigayo?“ You’d answer this with a long sigh “Well, It’s good that he tried.” And MC’s would be really amused and the members and viewers alike both would always be laughing whenever you guys talked about eachother. 

Originally posted by blissful-reveries


A mix of Chen & Kyungsoo, since at times Baek can get shy and flustered when talking about personal matters. It’d probably go something like “I heard that our Baekhyun-shi has got himself a really cute girlfriend!” The MC would say as Baekhyun chuckles in the way that he does as he looks at his members for help “Do you mind telling us a bit about her?” The MC would ask and after realizing his members weren’t going to help him because of the little shits they were Well, she’s really short, sometimes she’d have to parachute just to get off of a chair.” This joke would cause everyone to laugh and Baekhyun instantly regrets this, knowing he’s definitely gonna get a beating from you when he gets home.


He’d be all smiles and giggles when talking about you. He’d be a mixture of shy and ‘That’s my baobei!’. Whenever a bully like Sun Hong Lei i love him compliments you just to see if the little lamb would get jealous, Lay would just be all smiles agreeing to whatever came out of his mouth “She’s my baobei after all!” Knowing how Lay is on interviews he’d probably let a few personal things out accidentally like “How did you feel about her dancing?” “Honestly it…made me uncomfortable in a certain area.” He’d say with a chuckle not realizing that he’s an idol that needs to keep his image and everyone in the room would go nuts. 


Suho would be professional about it whenever he was asked no matter how hard the questions were, he’d keep his cool, being the leader and all “Any thoughts on marriage?” An insensitive MC would ask “Right now both our schedules are really busy and hectic, unfortunately we don’t even have the time to go on a decent date but we’re happy. The thought if marriage…hmm i wonder?” This would probably go on headlines though, but in the end he’s still Suho after all so when confronted with these sort of questions “Fans have talked about you looking at her chest area a lot,” Suho would bang his head on the table in embarrassment as the MC continues “We have a few photos to follow up this rumor.” Suho would lose all his shit when he sees the obvious horny him looking at your chest “Delete those pictures!” He’d cry out. 


He’d be laid-back and proud that you were his girlfriend, but i feel like he’s the type to boast about it in a subtle way. For example “I heard Y/N modelled for the Vogue China!” The MC would clap as he shows the audiences the magazine of you on the front cover “Aiyo, She looks really pretty…” he’d say as he takes the magazine from the MC’s hand “Aiyo…” he’d look up, smiling goofily and losing face as he looks at you on the cover again wondering how in the world he ever got you to say yes to being with him “I’m a lucky man.” Kris likes to give a call whenever he misses someone so after the interview i’m petty sure that he’ll give you call, just because he misses you and to tell you how much he loves you.


Ahhh, our humble Luhan…wouldn’t be so humble when talking about his girlfriend, you! He’d probably talk about you before the MC even asks about you ”Who in the group likes eating sweets?“ ”Oooo! Y/N does!“ The members would laugh at how cute their hyung was as Luhan continues praising you, but when asked about himself he becomes shy and stops talking completely, because humble Luhan is humble.


Minseok is really reserved, like we don’t know much about his private life and that’s okay. This is why i don’t think he’d date an idol, because he seems like he prefers things reserved. Whenever MC’s would ask about his girlfriend, i feel like the members would shamelessly help their hyung because it seems like they respect Xiumin a lot and would do their best to help their cute hyung since they know that Xiumin doesn’t really like sharing personal stuff “I’ve heard the eldest has a girlfriend-” “YAH YAH YAH! You skipped ME!” Sehun would say and it wouldn’t really bother Sehun that he’s being like this because Brathun.

Hope you enjoyed! 。◕‿‿◕。 

Please feel free to request!

Hi i really love your imagines ❤️ I hope i can have an imagine were im  banshee and im dating scott but he cheats with kira,Liam sees comfort me and we kiss ,scott trys to win me back but me and liam are together
Damn I love this idea just saying it’s so savage omfg

Scott and I had been dating for a year when she came around. I didn’t think she was a threat. I thought he was loyal.

But I was wrong.

When Kira first enrolled in our school, I could see the way Scott looked at her. I could tell that he thought she was pretty. But I would always push the thought out of my mind.

So when we were at Lydia’s for a ‘small get together’ with the pack, I had a huge surprise.

“I have to go to the bathroom, hold on.” I laughed while in the middle of a conversation with Stiles. I ran upstairs to find a bathroom, but the only way to reach one was to go through a bedroom.

I opened the door a crack and could hear something, so I looked in through the small opening I’d created. I saw Scott and Kira, sitting together on the bed, awfully close. I cast my eyes up, and I saw their mouths locked together.

I screamed.

They both heard it and pulled away from each other, covering their ears and falling to the floor. But that’s all I saw, as I ran back down the stairs, outside by the pool, and cried.

I curled myself up into a ball, my head in my hands, and cried and cried and cried.

I don’t know how long passed until Liam came out to comfort me, but I know I had so many more tears left.

Liam placed a hand on my shoulder and sat down beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. He didn’t say anything, just held me there for a while.

When I felt like I was done crying, I looked up at him. And then I had a little moment where I had to word vomit.

“I-I’m sorry, Liam…I-I…and he…and Kira and him just-”

But I was cut off my a warm sensation on my lips - Liam Dunbar’s lips.

He kissed me. He actually kissed me.

“I know.” He said in a soft voice after pulling away, as if he was worried he’d break me. “We all heard your scream, and Scott came running down looking for you. I said I’d handle it, but…your lips looked so…” He trailed off, staring at my lips again.

I blushed and looked away, but leant against him. “I-I…Liam…”

“I know you like Scott, but do you think…we have a chance? It doesn’t have to be now but-”

I cut him off, placing my hands on his chest. “No, God, please - let it be now. I don’t know how I can go on. Please, Liam.” I pleaded, staring up at him.

He raised a brow. “You’re sure?”

I nodded. “Sure as hell.”

“A-alright…” He stuttered, although he looked over the moon. “You and me then!” He said happily, kissing my forehead.

I giggled and hugged him tightly, letting him pull me up from the ground.

“No more sad Y/N! Only happy Y/N! It is a party after all!” He laughed, dragging me back inside.

I was extremely happy until I saw Scott.

When he saw me, his face fell, and he ran over. “Y/N, I’m so sor-”

“Shut up.” I growled at him, giving him the angriest look I could make. “Just shut up, Scott. You’re not sorry. You’ve had a crush on Kira since she first came to this school.”

His eyes widened, and his mouth opened, but no words came out.

“Don’t even try to argue. I saw the way you looked at her. It doesn’t matter now, anyway - Liam and I are together.”

Scott gasped and looked between the two of us. Liam nodded. “At least I’ll try to make her happy.” He muttered angrily.

“Y/N, I-”

“No, Scott. We’re through.” I yelled, grabbing Liam’s hand and leaving the house.

We walked through a nearby park, hand in hand, silently. When we got to a clearing, Liam spoke up.

“You’re so cool.” He said, looking over at me and taking both my hands. “God. So cool.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Aren’t you just an adorable puppy!” I squeaked, pinching his cheeks. “Wittle pup.”

He chuckled and rest his forehead on mine, giving me a wide smile and a look of pure love. “You sure you’re ok with us?”

I smiled back. “Of course I am, dork.”

This caused him to beam. “Well, then, my gorgeous girlfriend. To my house!”

You And Brad Get Into A Fight
Anonymous asked you:can you do one where like you an brad get into this big fight and something bad happens idc and you can make the ending however you want and your blog is perf omfg:)A/N: Thanks for digging our blog love! And sorry if this sucks. xx“FUCK!" you shouted as you stubbed your toe on the kitchen table. Today just hasn’t been your day. You woke up late, forgot to hand in an assignment, and you missed the bus back home. You were home alone since Brad was recording. Or was it an interview? Either way he was out. As always. He’s gone so much that you’ve become accustomed to the silence in your shared flat. At first it was so lonely that you’d count down the minutes until he got home. Now you do whatever you need to around the house. You’re almost always asleep when he comes home. Come to think of it, he could be out all night and you wouldn’t know. It probably sounds like you’re not supportive enough or that you don’t care enough to miss him but that’s not true. I mean, you’ve been with the boy going on four years now. He’s obviously worth it. Right? Not quite. Today felt different. You missed him. Dearly. And you were angry that he wasn’t with you more often. You didn’t care how selfish you sounded. You heard keys clanging and the door opening. ”Y/N!! Baby I’m home.“ He saw you standing there and gave you a peck on your cheek. You stayed there silent. ”Look, I can’t stay too long. Me and the boys are going out for a few drinks. It was a hard day today at the shoot.“ He was changing into a t-shirt and jeans. ”It was a photo shoot.“ You thought. Anger struck. ”Actually babe, I was hoping you could stay in tonight? We haven’t hung out in a while. I miss you.“ Brad looked at you and smiled.”Aw c'mon babe we always see each other! We live together! It’s just a few drinks. I’ll be home before you know it.“ He tried kissing you but you swerved your head away. ”Fucking hell Brad. Can’t you take a hint? I mean I never get to see you. And when I do, you’re either leaving for work, or you’re leaving to go out with the band. I mean don’t I even matter anymore? Or am I just someone that stays here and cleans up all your shit? That’s pretty shitty, Brad.“ Your voice was raised. You were staring at him. You could see his face turn slightly red. ”Y/N you sound so fucking selfish! You know my job gets in the way of everything! You knew exactly what the consequences were when we started dating. This means so much to me. It’s my dream job! What the hell happened to you being supportive? I mean when was the last time you came to a show? I’m not around is it? Well how do you think it feels to not see the one person you want to see in the crowd? You know I honestly didn’t expect this from you. Fuck it. I’m leaving.“ He got his keys and his phone and slammed the door. You were stunned. In the four years you’d been together you’ve never fought like this. This was big. It scared you. You started to cry. You didn’t want him to break up with you because you were all of a sudden being needy. You knew what you said had sounded selfish. You wished he’d come back so you could apologize. Absentmindedly, you took out an old photo album. The first page had 10th December 2013 written on it. It was your first date. Tristan was your mutual friend, and he’d taken a picture of your first reactions to each other. Brad had always said that it was the look of love at first sight. As the pages turned all of these old flames lit up inside you. You realized how much this man really meant to you. You didn’t want some idiotic fight to be the last of this. You wanted forever with this boy. You’d been looking at a picture he’d taken last spring on a little getaway you guys had taken to a little town in Scotland. You look so happy. You’re laughing at something funny he’d just said. The memories of that day had started flooding back when you heard the phone ring. The caller I.D. said King’s College Hospital. Your nostalgia and the little smile you were wearing faded quickly. Worry set in. ”Hello?“ you said. ”Hi yes is this Ms. Y/L/N?“ a lady on the other side replied. ”Yes. Is everything alright?“ Your voice was shaking a bit. ”No. We’ve got terrible news. This number was first on the immediate contact list, so that’s why we called. Bradley Will Simpson has been in a terrible accident. He passed away today at 12:03. If you’d like to come down and pick up his belongings, you’re more than welcomed to. I’m sorry about your loss.“ The phone hit the floor with a big smack. All you could hear for a while was the sound of your heartbeat pounding in your ears. Your face became cold with the tears that had streaked down. All you wanted was him. Forever. Where did the forever go?

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I liked the way you said that TO hasn't established WHY certain relationships are important and how you can't pinpoint a beginning to these relationships. Could you maybe meta about the beginning of Klaroline? People have different opinions of when their relationship took off. Some think it was the Mikaelson Ball, but other's like Klaus healing her. I can see both, and I think the two are really linked together as far as growth, but what do you think could you touch on why both are significant?

Absolutely! The beginning of Klaroline is certainly an interesting one, and while I can understand the debate for both (and while I honestly do think that both of these moments were beginnings of certain elements of Klaroline) for me the beginning would always have to be their first scene in Caroline’s bedroom. Up until that moment it had never even occurred to me to ship my favorite male and female characters on TVD, and never in my life, even with my ultimate forever OTPs, have I gone from “huh I wonder what this is all about” to “OMFG if these people do not spend the rest of their lives together doing the sex I will not be able to survive” as quickly as I did with Klaroline. I was a goner for them by the end of that first scene. And it really is such a pivotal scene for both characters, you know, aside from the smoldering sexual tension. I think it’s such a turning point for both of them because it’s the first time that we the audience see that these characters might be on the same wavelength, and it’s the first time either of them take a baby step towards each other on that wavelength. It’s the first time we see Caroline truly consider anything besides the downside of being a vampire, and it’s the first time we see Klaus actually take a chance on seeing the world through his own humanity again. It’s was something uniquely powerful where we saw the characters develop a new dimension before our eyes, and it was the first time we saw an actual dynamic between them that was something fresh and new for both of them, as well as for the show. 

Of course the Mikaelson ball was another major moment for both of them, it’s so interesting because they both came into the situation with very specific motives and objectives outside of this quasi-farcical “date”, but ultimately it threw them both for a loop and once again changed the dynamic of their relationship almost immediately after it began. It’s such an interesting interplay, because Caroline goes into the situation either hoping to manipulate Klaus into relieving Tyler of the sire bond by appealing to any fragment of humanity she might be able to reach or prove that he’s the monolithic diabolical villain. That’s her intention, but she leaves failing to do either. Klaus’ intention in inviting her is to either win her loyal favor away from Tyler or prove that she’s as disloyal and easily manipulated as he believes everyone else is, but he ends the night failing to do either. This kind of constantly transforming dialectic is something that completely defines Klaroline for me and is what makes their relationship so interesting, because nothing ever comes easy and nothing is ever expected. As their relationship grows they as characters grow, and I can certainly understand why some people might think that their story begins here, because in a lot of ways it does. 

However, I don’t think that the “beginning” of Klaroline could really be narrowed down to their first scene vs. the Mikaelson ball either. I mean, at this point the “end” of Klaroline (or at least it’s major ellipsis mark) is “I intend to be your last”, right? And I don’t think anyone could have predicted that outcome from the beginning moment in Caroline’s bedroom or their first official date at the Mikaelson ball, because at that point everything had just begun and frankly could have just as easily fizzled out into nothing. And maybe this couldn’t really be considered the real beginning of Klaroline as a ship, but I do think that the scene at the 20′s dance could easily be considered the first bookend of Klaroline if “I intend to be your last” is the final bookend (at least final bookend that we get to seen in canon). I always loved that scene because I think it perfectly represents the constant conflict and development of Klaroline, but I also think it’s kind of an earth-shattering moment because of Klaus’ “maybe in a year or in a century” moment. What I think was so crucial about that moment is that it’s not just a moment of this little cat and mouse game Klaus and Caroline always seemed to be playing, it’s the first real moment where they’re both taken out of there here and now and take a moment to consider what could be beyond this. And what I think is fascinating about that moment in particular is that of course Klaus on some level is just trying to throw Caroline for a loop and open her eyes to the rest of the world, and of course Caroline just laughs in his face at such a boldly absurd statement (as she should), but for the very first time they share a moment where they both clearly see a maybe. It’s the first time they see their interactions as something that could exist outside of MF and the MF gang, it’s the first time that they consider their eternity instead of just his eternity and her eternity, which to me seems like a pretty significant starting point for their relationship as well. 

And of course there is just one last moment that I feel needs to get it’s due, mostly because it’s the scene that I personally consider to be the start of Klaroline as a real relationship, and that’s their scene in the MFHS hallway. This for me is the pinnacle make or break moment for Klaroline, and thankfully it was absolutely a “make” moment instead of a break. Obviously their little dynamic had existed for a while in the TVD narrative already so it’s maybe a little weird to consider this their starting point, but for me it’s such a vital moment because up until that point literally everything about their “relationship” had been theoretical, everything was just thoughts, ideas, and daydreams that they liked to volley back and forth at each other but that were still safely outside their realm of reality. But this moment that they share here is the ultimate realization that whatever exists between them, whatever could exist between them and whatever that could mean in the future, however they feel about it or think they might feel about it someday, whatever existed between them was something that neither of them were ready to let go of. And it was really the first time that they had to come to the realization that it wasn’t just talk, Caroline looks at Klaus and is for the first time forced to see him beyond what she wants to see, and Klaus looks at Caroline and is for the first time forced to see her as something more than the quarry he wants to catch. For me that’s why I consider the real start of Klaroline to be that moment, because for me that’s the first moment where Klaroline actually became a relationship instead of just a dynamic.

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Hello! Can I request an exo scenario in which you move in a new apartment. This new apartment, however, happens to be exo's apartment as well. You didn't know they lived there until you got in the elevator and saw Luhan,Kai, and sehun ( or any members). You were freaking out, and didn't want them to now you were a fan until your phone starts ringing. The ringtone is exo's overdose. Sorry if it's too long. I hope it makes sense. Good luck on your blog! FIGHTING! THANK YOU!

Omfg yay yay yay my heart is skipping. I HAVE SOMETHING TO DO. Thanks for the ask gurl~~~ Please give me feedback bc i wanna know if i suck or not lol.


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Okay so maybe not, but hey I finally got my new apartment and it was all WITHOUT my parents help.


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And honestly who would’ve thought this overly swaggy chick would be able to live on her own without any assistance what so ever. But to be honest I wasn’t even surprised my parents didn’t want to help me with my apartment in the first place. I mean…It’s not like I spent most of my paychecks on some stuff…

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The time was already 8:10 PM, and in case you don’t know what that means then i’ll tell you. Are you ready?

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