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*curtsies* I am so tired of people constantly telling me "it's just a book" or "it's not real" whenever I get feelings over a book and get a little(or a lot) excited, sad, angry etc. It's not as if my feelings aren't real even if the book I'm reading isn't. Is there something bad over expressing what I feel, because people keep on telling me to "get real, it's just a book." ? I've became wary of reading around people. What could I say to these people? I feel like I am doing something wrong.

*Curtsies* Fuck those people. Nobody thinks it’s weird that grown-ass men scream their heads off at the fucking TV when their favorite sports team is losing, but for some reason as soon as you have an emotional reaction to a piece of art it’s weird. I call bullshit. 

As to more practical advice: I would just counter with the question, “Have you never teared up during a movie? Has a song never made you feel happy or sad or reminded you of something painful? Have you never looked at a work of art and been moved? Because a book–the right book–can provoke the same reaction.” I their answer is ‘no’ just give up and go back to your book because that person is hopeless. You’re doing nothing wrong. Carry on.

Just some stuff lego said about Cole

He’s strong, dependable, and is solid like a big, heavy rock. - (They mention it at least twice)

He might not be showy like some other Ninja we could name - (Lego throwin shade)

Cole was a student at the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts as a dancer … for two days. - (I’d like to image him in class on the second day and just go “I don’t wanna be here anymore” then get up and leave)

Cole likes all kinds of climbing: Rock climbing, cave climbing, tree climbing and dragon climbing … whatever that is! - (the fuck?) 

Kai jokes that Cole is the only ninja he’s ever heard of who brings a book to battles, so he won’t get bored. - (What does Cole even do during battles that’ll make him get so board he would read a book?) 

Cole’s favorite color is actually orange … but don’t tell anyone. - (Why not? Why is it a big secret? You think they’re gonna torture him with the orange?     BAD GUY: Tell us what we want to know or the orange gets it. *Holds up a orange paper* COLE: NO NO PLEASE NOT THE ORANGE!)

When Cole was a child his friends jokingly called him Cole Bucket - (What…)

Hobbies: Climbing, strategic planning, dancing - (Really lego? At least it’s better than Skylor’s hobbies)

The signs as texts I've received
  • Aries: Just do what you want, be rebellious
  • Taurus: I don't care if you got an A, you aren't studying enough (from my mum)
  • Gemini: Tell me about your boyfriends
  • Cancer: Hurry up! You've already missed the bus twice this week!
  • Leo: I just watched all of the Breaking Bad seasons. My life is meaningless.
  • Virgo: Why are you so salty?
  • Libra: Do you think my crush likes me back? I like him but I'm afraid to tell him.
  • Scorpio: Can you give me the link for the 50 shades of grey book?
  • Sagittarius: When I finish university, I'll buy a house in a big city and we will live together and we'll have a lot of cats.
  • Capricorn: Why do you go to sleep so early? It's only 11pm.
  • Aquarius: And I got the Star Wars blanket and the Star Wars calendar and the Star Wars limited edition poster.
  • Pisces: *magically guess who's my crush*

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Why do people think the Pjo movies are bad? The only thing is that they aren't made after the book. but someone who watches the movies without knowing the books still likes them. They aren't THIS bad

Uh. They’re pretty bad - wooden acting (so many lines look recited), cliche lines, badly established character motivations, a lot of awkward significant staring, cheesy graphics. The fact that you’d say “they aren’t THIS bad” means you already know that they’re not good. I mean, a bad movie can still be enjoyable, no need to feel ashamed if you like it (and yeah, compared to the likes of The Last Airbender, it’s not bad at all). A lot of the rage does come from a place of “it’s not like that in the books!”  but most people who haven’t read the books would also agree they’re not very good movies.   

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You're rly hard to read. Many people are like an open book but you're different. Sometimes it seems like you aren't happy with yourself and other times you're like yeah I love my life so much Yeah we all have this times but I'm worried about you.. :(

Well that’s kind of how life is haha sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but for the most part I’m pretty happy/positive but I am kind of a tortured soul lol I’m a really deep person and I think about things a lot so it’s easy to feel kind of dark when you think about life and the world in the wrong way so idk I spend a lot of time trying to put myself in a positive mindset

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Why are you so against antis? We aren't all that bad. I would really like to be your friend, man

I’m fine with people who don’t think Harry and Louis are together. Antis aren’t those people, in my book - they’re people who actively bully Larries and they’re people are actively opposed to the idea of Harry and Louis together. Antis often make extremely homophobic comments, they write nasty anon messages, they create entire blogs devoted to insulting Larries, and so on.

If you don’t do those things, we can be friends - but it also means that you’re not an anti. In my opinion, there is a difference between neutral people/people who don’t think Louis and Harry are together and actual antis.

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Hello :) I'm just curious and I'm NOT arguing or contradicting or anything of that nature! I'm just curious about the opening lines/paragraph of FSOG. I am not claiming I like/know the book well at all (I've read the rape chapters T.T) so I have no idea as to what is lying in wait in those pages but, I feel stupid for saying this, the opening paragraph didn't seem all that horrible to me. Repetition and fixation aren't bad in general. Can you explain why it sucks so I can avoid doing it

The main problem is the overall blandness/boringness of a girl staring at herself in the mirror and fixing her hair while thinking about finals and etc., etc., etc… 

What does this tell us at all about the story? The character? How does this set up the mood? How would this hook you in at all if you didn’t already know what the story was about? Also, who looks in the mirror and thinks like that - describing themselves so specifically, for no apparent reason? 

There are a million and one places you can begin a story. A character staring at and describing themselves in the mirror is hardly a good hook. 

And while you’re right in that repetition/fixation isn’t necessarily bad, the stuff that she’s fixing on and repeating are just… inane and bland and boring. Then again, Ana is a particularly bland, boring, and inane character, so honestly that’s not spectacularly far off as openings go. But I digress.

Just to give you an example of something that could have worked better - 

Ana is supposed to be an English student a week away from exams, and she’s being forced to do a favor for a friend that A.) Is taking time out of her schedule and B.) She doesn’t particularly want to do. 

Why not, at the very least, start with Ana trying to cram 5 more minutes of study time in before her roomie pushes her out the door for the interview? Or, since she arrives at the building within a page of brushing her hair, have her feverishly looking over study notes while she’s waiting for Mr. Grey to meet with her. Or anything more interesting than a chick brushing her hair and scowling at herself. 

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My issue with the phandom right now is how everyone is handling other people's opinions. People are saying that Dan and Phil probably feel bad because of their book/tour getting criticized. I think we all need to take a step back and realize that Dan and Phil are grown men. They put their content out there and sometimes people aren't going to like it. It's what they do as creators.

They must have known they’d get mixed reactions, no doubt.