i think they all look rather cute!


Y'ello everyone! Take some of the fancomic’s artwork/development for your viewing pleasure :> Still have much to draw and write, but things are going steady! Sorry for the long-post but…it seems that photo-posts don’t deserve a ‘read more’ tool…right. Great.


I don’t think I remember doing a picture with so many different noses, hairstyles and body-shapes in it. i’m glad they are ‘just’ 13 because I was starting to lack ideas for those noses! GEEESH.

And the hardest part of the character design was to make them all different but still similar enough to look like they are bothers. As if designing independent characters wasn't hard enough >_>

I have a love-hate relationship with group pictures. Hate to do them, love to see the final results. *looks at the fruits of her labor* Yup, I dig it.

Okay! So this is my headcanon for the Westergard family! 

It is rather usual for everyone to assume that Hans’s brothers were cruel and bullied him frequently, but…sometimes neglect is the worse kind of abuse. Physical pain can be more tolerable than psychological pain, and I think that his brothers didn’t exclude Hans from their lives with the actual purpose of hurting him. I really think that they all suffered from the same predicament: the constant hunt to find their purpose in the kingdom of the Southern Isles. The problem was that Hans came too late, and when he wanted to show that he was good enough and could be of value, all the positions were taken. So, let’s analyse each brother, one by one.

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Namjoon walking in the park and having a bunch of little duckings following him. Namjoon gets freaked out and starts to run but the wee little duckings are still chasing him.

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what do you think of people that call Lucy or any of the girls in Fairy Tail sluts by the way they dress?

I think that, very politely, they need to fuck off.

Honestly, I always see the comments directed towards the girls, you know? You never see people going “Oh my God, Gray’s such a fucking manwhore for stripping all the time” or “Natsu needs to keep his shirt closed” or anything along those lines.  Rather, it’s turned into a joke.  Gray losing his clothes is all “omg look at my lil stripping prince losing his clothes how cute lol”, and Natsu’s shirt being torn off/open is all “YOOO HE’S SO HOT HE NEEDS TO BE SHIRTLESS MORE OFTEN”.

When it comes to girls?

“Mashima needs to stop the fanservice oh my God it’s so overdone” or “[insert character] is such a whore/slut”.

Seriously, Lucy wearing skimpy clothes is as much of a running gag as Gray losing his.

So what if Lucy likes revealing clothes? How does this make her a slut? Has anybody thought, at a psychological level, this is her way of going against the preppy princess she was raised to be? By wearing revealing clothes, she’s finally free of the constraints (the corsets, the poufy, endless skirt layers) she had at home? 

So what if Cana walks around in a bra? Girl’s confident in her body and likes to strut her stuff, let her be.  Evergreen can wear tiny dresses if she wants, she still kicks ass.  Mirajane’s magic gets her rather exposed at times, so what? 

Honestly, this goes so much into the double-standard of dressing between genders, I could go on forever.  The whole slut thing is a mess in and of itself, like even if they did sleep around, which is the “definition” of a slut (and I put this in quotations for a reason), so what? Like damn, they’re happy with themselves, they wear clothes that make them feel cute, and that shouldn’t make them the victims of verbal slurs.

I don’t think Mest is attracted to kids (ew). He didn’t sexualise them at all. Rather, I think he has a massive soft spot for them. My mum is the same way. Whenever she sees little kids she finds them so cute that you can physically see her become a bit giddy at the prospect of pinching their cheeks and stuff.

I think Mest sees them in an innocent light, thus the ‘angel’ reference. The panel was all bubbly and fluffy, he found them cute. That’s normal. It would also make sense to how he looked after Wendy in the past. Kids are his weakness, I think. He can’t say no to helping them out and stuff.

That’s how I’m going to look at it anyway.


Gorillaz in “4 Gorillaz and a baby” -Now in luscious technicolor for no apparent reason at all.

I know Murdocs green skin and nose aren’t natural but I just wanted to make a tasteless dark humor joke and make 2D extremely gullible . Polly would not be able to connect the dots because she’s a little kid but Murdoc obviously does. She’s been told all her life the blue haired one from Gorillaz is her dad so yeah she’s gonna believe that. Paula probably knows that she can get 2D to pay child support rather than get Murdoc to do it, so I think that was one of her motivations for lying.

Polly has Paula’s buck teeth and mole. Also if you look closely at her lunchbox noodle is featured on the front. This is one shot AU thing that I headcannon and probably won’t be brought up again in other fan comics I do, but I dunno she’s super cute. Also in the last pic clearly there is no hard feelings from Paula towards noodle. oh god the fact that she brings her little snack pail breaks my heart and makes me want to explode.

Bonus :

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What are your opinions on Yuu x Shinoa?

I don’t really feel anything for the ship. The most I can say about it is that it physically looks cute (I’m a sucker for height differences. You gotta admit their height difference is cute as fuck), but that’s it. I think if they’re going to make Yuu/Shinoa a thing, then they should at least develop on the relationship more? At the moment, the ship has consisted of Guren introducing it by stating that Shinoa has a crush on Yuu and after that, all we see is her blushing at him and Yuu not noticing her feelings. Personally, to me, if you’re going to have a ship (especially if it looks like it’s the main ship), then you have to SHOW rather than TELL your audience that it’s meant to be romantic. That’s my main issue with Yuu/Shinoa.

Also, I think Shinoa deserves way better. As much as I love Yuu, he has no time to focus on her feelings because he’s centred his life around saving Mika. Shinoa deserves more than a one-sided romance where she’s just made to be blushing and being flustered around Yuu. She’s a great character and I just wish her romance is as good as that.

At this point, there’s more effort being put towards Mika/Yuu scenes. Therefore, Yuu/Shinoa, for me, feels very lackluster and underdeveloped. Even if Mika/Yuu is just implied to be “family”, it’s still very much obvious that Yuu only focuses on Mika and has not even acknowledged any of the girls’ feelings towards him.

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How would BTS react if they are gonna DO IT and while stripping you-their gf- they find out she was wearing like childish lingrie like Hello Kitty or something like that.

This question gives me life hehe

Seokjin: I really don’t think he would mind actually. He would find it cute. All he’d do is let out a light chuckle and continue on with your sexy times~ The last thing he’d want to do is embarrass you.

Yoongi: He’s a whole other story. He’d pause and look at you. “Really Jagiya?” He would find the situation rather funny. He’d just slide the lingerie off of you, “How appropriate for the situation.” He’d quickly forget what just happened and continue what he was doing.

Hoseok: I think he’d be so caught up in the moment that he wouldn’t even comment on it. All that would be on his mind is you and only you, not your childish lingerie haha. However, do expect him to be teasing you about it the morning after.

Namjoon: Despite Namjoon having more self control that the others, I don’t think he would be able to resist teasing you. “Hello Kitty..How sexy jagi~” He wouldn’t take the teasing any further than that though.

Jimin: As humiliating as it would be, Jimin would start giggling a bit. “Ahh you never fail to surprise me jagiya” But being the HORNY little shit that he is, your Hello Kitty lingerie would be forgotten within seconds.

Taehyung: He wouldn’t care at all. This boy would probably be wearing Pokémon boxers or Iron Man briefs OR SOMETHING. So all in all, he’d be equally embarrassing as you. (no but imagine Taehyung about to get it on with his girlfriend and there they are…wearing matching cartoon underwear. Quite romantic if I must say so myself lol)

Jungkook: He wouldn’t even want to mention your lingerie because, ‘wow what a mood killer’. BUT once you two were all finished and started cuddling with each other he’d bluntly say, “Out of all the days to wear THOSE panties, why today?“  the little shit

The day I met SISTAR it was July 1st 2015

I almost think I can finally wrap up my kpop phase hahahah (who am I kidding yaaaaa). I couldn’t believe it when sistar finally made their appearance on stage, like I was gobsmacked. The sexy, powerful, beautiful and talented grp which I have been stanning since day 1, literally, (i was new to kpop, channel surfing and landed on KBS Music Bank , was abt to change the channel when the then rookie girl group made their debut with Push Push& i just became a fan ever since) , was right in front of meeeeee. I’m so excited I don’t think I’m gonna slp. I thought it was impossible for me to see them live but it finally happened for me. 😂. OK SO all 4 girls looked amazing n cute in their skechers outfit. HYORIN being the smallest among them actually looked reallllly cute rather than the sexy image I see on tv and her tanned skin, girl, she worked it. BORA, i mean when she smiles, i just remember that’s why she became my bias, she got really sexy hips & she was glowing (maybe bcus of her blonde hair & lighting). SOYU, was hot and banging, working her curves. She was nice to get up close and personal w the fans/audience. Last but not least, our maknae DASOM. Dasom was almost like the talking representative, very smiley, fair, tall and skinny, in fact. I would like to emphasize that in real live this girls are not what they might be considered ‘fat’ in their country. They were actually normal/average size. In fact if given the chance, I would wanna go out and have 2 dinners with them just so they could let themselves go. Needless to say, SISTAR sounded amazing & they were having fun on stage and being energetic and all. They sang Shake It, MA boy and touch my body. When it came to the fan meeting, it was quite orderly & slightly rushed, although the security guard can be a bane in every fan girl’s life cus they were blocking my viewwww. Like honestly, in my face, with the word ‘SECURITY’ on their back. Bloody hell, i could use the last 5 mins straining my neck to actually see them at a proper angle, but no, you have to show off your Secowity pride. Their manager, I asssume, were telling the 100 fans who had the chance to meet SISTAR ‘No picture, No hugging. Please,please.’ He was well-mannered abt it. The fans take what they can get right, that is to see sistar upfront so they complied. No drama is needed. Shortly after, they bidded farewell, everyone was waving till they left the stage and so did I. I really hope SISTAR enjoyed themselves in SG and fans all over the world will continue to support them and their music. *Sleeping with a smile *


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Once i almost got in a fight at a halloween party and my mom had to pick me up early ok ur turn kennedy-chan

Once i went to a Halloween party and it was like with all my weeb friends so everyone was in like cosplay. And i was dressed as ciel. And there was this guy there i hated [ long story short why i hated him he was an abusive boy friend to my best friend at the time and he tried to strangle me also asked me out like 9 times and got aggressive when i turned him down and was abusive to me ( : ] And the first thing that happened was i walked out the house groaning saying “god toms coming and id rather die” and he was standing right there and he was like “love you too Kennedy” thinking he’s all smug and bs and i just looked him straight in the face and i was like “wow you think your cute” than laughed and than later on he was being a dick and i got in his face. And i started calling him out on being an over all horrible person, an abusive boy friend and he tried to talk while i was talking and i just shouted over him “NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY I’M TALKING RIGHT NOW” and he looked like he wanted to cry. And everyone around started laughing. 

Side fact: tom is 6′3 and like 140 pounds
I am very small so it was a funny sight. I wish he would have cried. 

Send me a random fact and ill send you one from me!

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27 calum

“Hello, gorgeous, do I know you?” he laughed, seeing you in your BatGirl costume, laugh hung on his laps as you sat on his lap, straddling him.

“No, I’m not your girlfriend at all, you’ve never met me,” 

He’s looking at you fondly, hand on your face, thumb caressing your cheek, lips close to you.

“She’d get mad if I kissed you,” he laughs, you leaning into his touch.

“She’d be okay, I think.” you whispered, and he’s smiling, this really cute and sweet way, like there’s nothing and nowhere he’d rather be.

And he’s kissing you, and frankly, you’ll be late to the part. But Calum’s a really great kisses and you don’t care.


Tales of Otome: ....Mieu?!

It started as a joke, but now I almost wonder if I could and should work it in.


But! I think, rather than romance, there would be a sort of platonic friendship path the player could take with Mieu as an affectionate companion of sorts. It could be a gold mine for super cute, fluffy and innocent stuff. Maybe Mieu’s path could even (at some points) be a blatant parody poking fun at otomes.

I dunno, it’s all purely speculative at this point (and largely hinges on me being able to find transparents of Mieu’s facial expressions which I haven’t looked for yet) and I have no real idea what I would even do with it, but it might be kinda fun. Maybe. 

MY YUKATA SET ARRIVED AND ITS SO PRETTY OH MY GOD also i need to put it on about other 246537 times before it’ll look as it should (good thing i got it two months prior my trip) but COLORS ARE SO PRETTY FABRIC IS SO LOVELY OBI IS SO CUTE GETA ARE SO NICE (good thinking that i went for a bit pricier but nicer ones)

all in all, kimonomachi were a delight. From placing order to shipping it took about 4 days. They use EMS only and for Kyoto->Moscow 2,3kg parcel (yukata, stuff-for-wearing-yukata set, pressed obi belt and geta) shipping costed me 5,300yen. Rather pricey, but then they went and made little discounts on every item I ordered, about 3-ish thousands yen in total. Everything arrived nicely gift-wrapped and as described. Only glitch so far is that payment for the order got on hold twice on my card and is yet to un-hold. My bank said it should unhold in a while on its own so im waiting. I’ll update on it later.

im so happy its so pretty im so happy ;_;

It’s so cute to see people who still ask : “What should I watch? FMA’03 or Brotherhood? Or should I rather read the manga?”


you think you can pick just one and stop there? And go on with your life like nothing happened?

No really that’s cute.

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Do you acknowledge what you might have said regarding the reblog of the person who might have sent out the zig accidentally could have had its consequences when it came to the person behind that ds screen? All I wanted to do was bring attention to how messed up it can be and humiliating it might have been to that person.

Reblog? Nah. That shit was live. Cute C+P though.

Look, boss, TC’s a nice person who means well and would never go out of their way to harm somebody like that. Nor do I think anyone who reblogged that had the intention of shaming the person but rather appreciates the post. … me on the other hand, I wrote that and I wasn’t pulling any punches, so cut that “might have” shit. You don’t tell someone to lick your diarrhea-encrusted anus unless you’re intending to insult them.

There’s a chance that was an accident. But it wasn’t. I’d bet money on it not being an accident. If a person turbo-shits Zigzagoons at others in the hopes of getting something better (and it worked), I have a right to criticize their actions. This is the internet. On this site alone I’ve felt hurt and was “messed up” multiple times. Somehow, I wake up in the morning every day so.

Plus, if this ain’t you who did this, what do you care? You just want to be offended on behalf of someone else and stir up shit. And if that’s the case, lick my nuts, boss.

My blog literally says “I’m an asshole.” Like, it says that in the little blurb right there at the beginning. if you‘re looking for someone to be all “oh I’m sorry someone got their fee-fees hurt,” you’re looking in all the wrong places. if you send me a Zigzagoon and i send you a shiny beldum, that’s par for the course with wonder trade. If you do it while soiling the name of a group of people I look up to. I ain’t gonna let that go uncommented.

(Again, I’d like to state that TC and the TC crew has nothing to do with my actions. I’m an asshole, I’m a shitlord. That’s not their fault. My opinions aren’t theirs and don’t reflect them in any way.)

How Dark Leo's Attraction to April in 2012 Should Go:
  • D!Leo:*notices April, develops heart-eyes* Woah... Check that girl out...
  • D!Donnie:*snorts* You do realize that's O'Neil, right?
  • D!Leo:Wait, what? I thought you said she looked horrible!
  • D!Donnie:That depends on personal preference. What did you think she looked like?
  • D!Leo:*stares for a moment, comparing mental image (which is rather unideal and reminiscent of Derp Clone) to actual April...scares himself*
  • *Later*
  • D!Leo:*not at all paying attention to training, thinking about April*
  • Xever:Oi, blueberry, what's the matter with you? You're usually pretty into this.
  • D!Leo:...Trouble. What do you care anyway?
  • Xever:*shrug* Trouble, eh? Girl trouble?
  • D!Leo:*half scared* Ye-ah... How did you-
  • Xever:Call it an expert's intuition. Also, your brother won't shut up about it. Why don't you let me show you how to get this girl? As a, sort of a friendly gesture. You know, one guy to another?

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It's good and healthy to like things about yourself. For example I think have big cute feet ♡. Now, name 5 things you love about yourself! Why is optional~

Height and size (6ft)- makes me feel big and lovely like a friendly giant, plus I adore having my best friend climb me

my looks - I love it, people love it, win win

ability- after all these years of practicing I’m glad that I’m progressing very well with my art.

Emotions- I’m very glad that my mind is filled with a plethora of emotions ranging from anger to pure joy. even though it’s rather powerful, it makes me feel very much alive.

Who I am- I have changed so much over the past years, I can proudly say that I have changed for the better. Still changing and growing always!

Arashi was now caught in a ‘game’ called seven minutes of heaven. He didn’t have a choice since everyone refused to go and he was the only one with nothing to say… Though there was another girl as well, she looked rather cute but that didn’t get to him. As they were put in the closet, Arashi sighed with his finger pinching between his eyebrow. “I apologize for this game. When I mentioned game, they all suggested ‘Seven minutes of Heaven’ which I politely declined… But they insisted. I apologize, I don’t think I caught your name. My name is Shizuma Arashi, though I prefer you to call me Arashi.”


Her intentions were good…

Tina: Ima go to the gym, love..before I have to be at the restaurant.

Usher: Ok, bay..I’ll watch lil’ man.  Go have fun.

She gets there and hits the swimming pool for a few laps..then goes inside and strikes up conversation with some of her neighbors..Sergio Spencer, Asya Rasmussen and Emerita Valdes.  Tina knows she needs to work off that pudge in the middle, from her pregnancy…However, looking at Asya’s ripped body, makes her lose all desire to get her workout on.  ..and the musty funk coming from Asya’s way, doesnt help matters either..Tina’s not in the mood to get sweaty now. She’d rather be cute.

To Emerita: You ever see someone thats got that pa’daaoww body..and you think to yourself..’I’ll never look like that, no matter how hard I try’.  And then you dont wanna work out anymore?  Cause whats the use, right? lol  Now Im hungry.

Emerita:  Haha, you so crazy Tina..yeaah, girl..I come here to try. Im all pumped up, then I see Asya walk in, or someone like her.  …Hey, thats why Im sitting here with you. lol

Tina gets the heck outta there before she has to go to work..all of a sudden she wanted a grilled cheese.

Love the gym, Jools! I added the new hottub and grill. ;)

Pros of seeing Fall Out Boy: 

  • They were amazing 
  • I got a really cool flag 
  • They took a minute to talk about what’s happening in South Carolina and how young people need to change the broken system 
  • They were really amazing 

Cons of seeing Fall Out Boy: 

  • I forgot my jacket in the car so I was literally freezing to death 
  • I had to use a porta potty. Twice.

K and I decided to go walk around the Ville for a little bit this afternoon. He suggested we go past the pet shop so we went to look at the puppies and kitties they had. While we were looking he was aw-ing over one in particular and asked me “If you could get that puppy right now, would you?” I told him no because 1. They look way too young to have been separated from their mothers and 2. I’ve heard that a lot of these puppies are from mills and have distemper, parvo etc.

While a puppy is cute, both K and I work a lot and are not here during the day like at all. There is also no yard for the puppy around here so that’s not fair. If we got a pet at all I think I’d rather have a cat since I have much more experience with them. Overall though I’ve heard it can be very difficult and expensive bringing a pet back to the states and that’s why a lot of pets around here get abandoned.