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LOTTO (EXO OT9) | you’re freaking out/fangirling about the lotto MV/repackage |

wow my first time doing ot9.. kinda like it tbh. what do you guys think? should I do ot9 instead of the subgroups from now on? let me know ;)

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Do you think kris's case is similar to han gengs


It depends on what your real question is.

If you’re asking whether or not “the case,” as a media spectacle, is similar, then I would say that there are similarities. 

  • Both Han Geng and Kris were leaders of SM’s Chinese-based groups/subgroups. 
  • Both unexpectedly went MIA overnight and filed lawsuits for contract termination/nullification due to health and human rights issues.
  • Both groups had members who said things that led to a lot of media ruckus and fan division. 
  • Both used the same lawyer for crying out loud.

If you’re asking if I think Kris suffered as much as Han Geng then I think that’s a pointless question. 

I loathe playing oppression olympics. Each person’s struggles are different. Kris and Han Geng have VERY different backgrounds—people should not lump them together just because they are both Chinese.

I don’t know EXO that well at all, but as a Gengfan through and through, I do feel as though there were many more structural obstacles working against Han Geng during his time with SM; however, suffering is not measured in quantities and I think it’s distasteful to make comparisons and argue about who was having a harder time than whom. Imagine yourself experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts and then someone telling you that you should quit whining because your problems are nothing compared to children living in poverty.

There have been a lot of really immature and misinformed comments made by EXO fans against Han Geng during this lawsuit debacle with Kris. These comments have seriously been testing my patience, but I don’t think it justifies shitting on Kris. As a Gengfan who has had to argue with people time and time again about all the different ways in which Han Geng had suffered in order to prove that he was justified in his decision, I think it would be hypocritical to start invalidating struggles that Kris may or may not be dealing with. People shouldn’t have to feel the need to ‘prove themselves’ and their hardships to anyone. 

That said, I know there are also a lot of theories and speculation out there that Kris’ real reason for leaving is less about his health and more about wanting more freedom to pursue other work. My question is….so what? Why is everyone turning this into an issue of betrayal? The value that fans indirectly reinforce when they frame things this way is that band members are never allowed to leave the group and have any freedom of choice for any reason unless they are literally in the process of dying—and they have to provide visceral proof that they are indeed rotting from the inside out. If the betrayal is in leaving without prior discussion or notice then blame the environment that SM has set up. There is no safe space for negotiation and Han Geng couldn’t even get access to his medical and travel documents without running it by SM staff. That’s why they have to be strategic and do things behind the scenes. Members of bands in other countries leave all the time. It’s sad, sure, but it’s not hyped up to be this huge betrayal. That’s how members and ex-members can still get along, unlike in this fandom where it plays out like a fucking melodrama of treachery and vengeance.

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Hi, so you seem super... knowledgeable (?) I don't know, you just give off vibes that say "wise." But anyways I was wondering about something & thought I should ask you: Do you know why it's so bad to be in the majority? I mean, I'm a 17 year-old girl, I tend to like guys a lot (there's been, like, 1 exception to this,) I'm cisgendered, I was diagnosed with anxiety, and I like to cosplay and read my comics and I thought that this was okay but now all sorts of people on my dash are saying (1/2)

“It’s like, I just want to be able to talk a little bit from my own viewpoint without having to worry about someone telling me I’m a cruddy human being and making me feel like poop and sad. And I don’t know how. So that’s kindof what I’m asking. (2/2”) by mycatsoundslikechewbacca

First, I wanna get one thing straight with you: as a gay male, I can confidently say that there is NOTHING wrong with you, nor is there anything wrong with being in the majority as long as you are doing your best to treat others with the same kindness and respect you (and they) deserve.  You seem like a perfectly nice and kind person who has been hit with some of the shrapnel shot in all directions by some pretty toxic people out there.

Never let anyone tell you how to feel about yourself. I know what it’s like to deal with anxiety and I know how awful it feels when others are making you think you’re somehow less than human because of traits you were born with.  

Now, to Tumblr as a whole:

There’s this growing mindset (within Tumblr, at least) that if you are a white, heterosexual, cisgendered male/female your feelings are invalid because (insert list of bullshit reasons).  This is hypocritical and, on top of it all, it’s ignorant. Here is the bottom line:  

  • Being gay does not make it ok to hate straight people 
  • Being a POC does not make it ok to hate white people 
  • Being transgender does not make it ok to hate cisgender people

The classifications of gender, sexuality, and race/ethnicity are incredibly significant, but they should not be as relevant as we have made them. What should be truly relevant and what should hold actual significance is how you treat other people. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, let alone what you identify as:  If you are putting someone down simply because they are different than you, then you are just as bad as the people who are putting people down because they are gay, black, etc. etc. 

“But white, straight, cis people haven’t had to deal with the adversity we have”.  Seriously? Shut the fuck up and be a decent human being. I don’t give a damn what you think a subgroup has dealt with, majority or no. Everyone fights their own battles and everyone, I mean EVERYONE deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and as a worthwhile human being. 

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hi, my fantasy world takes place in a country where the majority population is black, with a small white immigrant population due to a recent war. My worries are that my cast is not inclusive enough of other peoples, I have them and their countries planned out when i was world-building but I've realised they don't come into my story at all. I don't know what I should do about this, should I think of reasons for more immigration from these places and stuff?

More Inclusivity in Mostly-Black Population

Honestly, it’s up to you how diverse you want to make your world.

Should there be more than two ethnic groups? (Realistically, yes. That’s uncommon for a single country) If you don’t want to add more immigrants, my solution is that if the population is mostly black, are they different subgroups within the diaspora? Explore black diversity if you’re uncomfortable looking elsewhere.

~ Mod Brei