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Sometimes I see angry posts about “die cis scum” mentality and people shitting on “cishets” for existing and I think it’s pretty gross. I want to say thank you to any of my LGBT+ allies and followers (honestly everyone out there who is an ally) who are both cis and straight, there is nothing wrong with you for being born the way you are and I hope you don’t let certain parts of tumblr make you feel otherwise. Thanks for being a decent person and sticking up for people like me in the LGBT community.

Okay gang, what do we think about headcanoning this Aquaphago Bro with a tattoo?

I’ve always wanted to break a little bit away from the generic mold, but also keep him pretty iconic!! Something I totally love is if we see Bro with that tacky little Hella Jeff tattoo that Dirk ends up getting, but I also wouldn’t want it to be JUST a face like I’d want to amp that up to a decent shoulder tattoo. 

Edit* that ACTS AS A COVER UP BTW like Bro impulsively getting that face for a tattoo, and now it’s been a couple years down the line and he thinks i t ‘ s pretty bad but he still wants to pay homage to his kid brother so it would be a more advance SBaHJ tattoo

I mean clearly Bro has some other issues going on like all these bright fish but hey he’s gotta deal with some things

Just some thoughts!


I wanted… to die. I thought I had to apologize to Mom… But… I couldn’t do it. I wondered… what you guys would think if I died. I thought something fun might be in store for tomorrow, too. I thought, “I don’t want to die yet!


I love you also means I love you in a way that no one loves you, or has loved you, or will love you. (x)

Punny Story

Once there was this guy named Juan. Juan was a pretty decent guy; he didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t beat the wife and kids, or kick the poor armadillo across the lawn. One day, someone came up to Juan and said “HEYYYYYYYY JUAN! You don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t beat the wife and kids, or kick the poor armadillo across the lawn. You should run for city council!” So Juan says “Oh hey, I didn’t think about that.” So Juan runs for city council and he wins. BY A LANDSLIDE.

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honest slogans for fast food chains
  • mcdonald's: just because you're the first doesn't automatically make you the best
  • burger king: we spend more time making stupid unfunny commercials than we do making decent food
  • wendy's: not the best but still pretty good
  • subway: jared? who's jared? there is no jared! jared is just a myth!
  • arby's: we know that you think we're objectively disgusting but come in and eat up anyways you toilet person
  • dunkin' donuts: we are the closest that some new englanders will ever have to a religion. just don't come at night, that's when weird shit happens
  • panda express: cantonese for "fuck it i'm at the airport it's 2 in the morning and nothing else is around"
  • kfc: we are not responsible for any health problems you may have when eating whatever accidentally fell in the fryer this morning
  • popeye's: all of our food tastes the same but you don't care, do you?
  • church's: the classier option for fast-food fried chicken (if you consider deep fried jalapeno cheese sticks classy)
  • pizza hut: every now and then we have something really good but it's only for a limited time and then we just head straight back into mediocrity. also our commercials are really weird.
  • domino's: we hope you don't mind your fingers smelling like garlic for a week!
  • papa john's: we're better than the other two but not by that much
  • little caesars: BUT SHIT IT WAS 99 CENTS
  • taco bell: it's 3 am and you're drunk
  • jack in the box: it's 3 am and you're stoned
  • white castle: it's 3 am and you're stoned and you live in the midwest and have low standards
  • chipotle: hurry for the chance to play russian roulette with your colon.
  • long john silver's: at one point we sold a meal that was scientifically proven to be the single most unhealthy thing you could eat. that's not a joke that actually happened.
  • in-n-out: california state law requires that you must brag about us to at least three people from outside california once every two months. failure to comply will result in a $10,000 fine and your weed card getting revoked.
  • whataburger: texas state law requires that you must brag about us to at least three people from outside texas once every two months. failure to comply will result in a $10,000 fine and loss of rodeo privileges.

anonymous asked:

Hello~ I really love your writing and I was wondering if I could request a HC where RFA + Saeran invites the MC to ice Skate but MC reveals that it was their first time? Thank you~

yea YEA!


  • Yoosung is a pretty decent ice skater
  • he goes every winter, he thinks its so fun~!
  • but teacher?
  • thats a much different story
  • “um, Yoosung…this is my first time…”
  • “oh, really? no problem! i’ll show you all the tricks of the trade!”
  • he winks and links arms with MC, excited
  • he puts MC’s ice skates on for them, making sure to tie them extra-tightly!
  • as soon as they get on the ice, MC clings to him which he is ALL ABOUT
  • “okay, so its just like wearing roller blades”
  • “ive never been roller blading, either”
  • shit, that was like his whole curriculum
  • “um…alright, okay that’s fine, thats fine”
  • he was reassuring himself more than MC
  • “just put one foot in front of the other like walking, but push outward to move yourself along the ice but like not to fast you just gotta go with the flow, yknow? its really not that hard”
  • “Yoosung?”
  • “yea?”
  • “that doesnt mate any sense”
  • “just…just hold me hand, sweetheart”


  • he’s lowkey thrilled when him and MC set onto the ice and the first thing they do is cling to the wall for dear life
  • they were holding hands and suddenly MC lets go of him to grip the wall
  • “babe, dont tell me this is your first time ice skating”
  • he says with a smug smile, and turns around to face MC, skating backwards in front of them
  • “it…it might be…”
  • Zen giggles because MC is the cutest thing he’s ever seen
  • he spins around again, putting himself right beside MC and offering his arm to them
  • “grab onto me instead of the wall, and i’ll pull you”
  • MC makes the shift quickly, now holding onto Zens arm with both hands
  • he doesnt attempt to teach them anything, just pulls them along happily
  • after a few minutes, MC starts to get the hand of it
  • “damn, you’ll be a pro in no time”
  • he tries to move his arm away but MC is like nonNONONONO i’m nOT READY
  • he cant help but giggle its so cute~


  • its her first time too
  • okay she thought it would be something fun and relaxing that her and MC could do together
  • she had no idea that either of them wouldnt know how to actually ice skate
  • her and MC are both tying on their skates when MC happily looks up at her
  • “Jaehee, this is my first time ice skating! i am so excited~”
  • Jaehee’s eyes widen in horror
  • “MC, this is my first time, too…”
  • “really?”
  • Jaehee nods
  • “shit”
  • the two of them are so clumsy on the ice together
  • they hold onto each other tightly, even though they’re both wobbly messes
  • they fall together at least three times
  • but they are having so much fun
  • they talk, arm in arm, and every once in awhile their conversation will be interrupted by one of them losing their balance and squealing, then laughing and saying “sorry, i thought we were gonna go down for a second”
  • they make jokes about how wet their butts have gotten
  • Jaehee swears she’s never had so much fun in her life


  • he hasnt been ice skating since he was a little kid, with V
  • but he never really forgot how to do it
  • when him and MC step out onto the ice, he’s taken by surprise when they grab onto him tightly
  • then when he looks down at MC and realizes they dont know how to ice skate, his expression softens into a warm smile
  • “is this your first time, darling?”
  • they look up at him, and he cant help but notice their their little nose has turned red from the cold
  • they nod, eyes wide from utter fear
  • his smile brightens a bit more
  • “no worries, i’ll teach you a few things”
  • surprisingly, Jumin makes a great teacher
  • he lets MC hold his hand and guides them carefully, displaying patience and kindness
  • they learn pretty quickly
  • “okay, sweetheart, are you ready to let go of my hand?”
  • they look at him, eyes bright with determination
  • “yes, i’m ready”
  • as soon as Jumin lets go, MC looses their balance and starts to fall, grabbing his arm on the way down
  • soon the two are a heap on the ice that other skaters have to move around
  • “oh my god Jumin i’m so sorry-”
  • Jumin interrupts MC by bursting out into the sweetest laughter you’ve ever heard
  • he leans forward and rubs his the tip of his nose against MC’s, giving them an eskimo kiss
  • “you’re so cute. lets get up and try again”
  • he stands and holds out a hand to MC


  • he lets MC cling to the wall for awhile, laughing
  • “oh man, you shouldve told me this was your first time”
  • he practically skates circles around them while they slowly drag themselves along the wall
  • “oh, shut up. why are you so good at this? dont you hate christmas or something? and when was the last time you even left your house?”
  • Seven skates backwards, putting his face inches away from MC’s
  • “just because i dont like christmas doesnt mean i dont like ice skating. this shit is fun”
  • he quickly goes ahead of MC, then turns back and yells “isnt it?”
  • they roll their eyes, and Seven does a full lap before stopping by their side again
  • “fun for you…”
  • Seven grabs MC’s hand and they feel death quickly approaching them
  • “fun for everyone”
  • he grabs their other hand away from the wall and pulls them, going considerable fast
  • he’s skating backwards while he pulls them along
  • “Seven you’re going to kill us”
  • “at least we’ll die happily”
  • he never lets go, and they spend the rest of their time like that
  • Seven skating backwards while pulling MC
  • eventually they get used to it
  • every once in awhile he’ll pull them in for a kiss

Saeran (note: i picture this being awhile after Saeran and MC actually know each other, he has probably been recovering for a year or two but has very recently developed a crush on them which he has never felt before, and Seven talks him into asking them to go ice skating with him)

  • he doesnt really know what to do at first
  • “Saeran, this is my first time ice skating”
  • “oh…um, really?”
  • theres a few seconds of awkward silence
  • “i guess i could, um, teach you…if-if you want”
  • MC smiles warmly and grabs Saerans hand
  • “yea, i’d like that”
  • they cling to him on the ice, which he surprisingly doesnt hate
  • “okay, so just look at my feet and try to copy how i’m moving them. can you do that?”
  • MC nods, staring intently at his feet
  • he cant help but smile, watching them try so hard
  • after a few minutes of not saying anything, Saeran decides to check up on them
  • “um, doing alright?”
  • MC looks up at him, which he wasnt expecting. they eye contact alone makes his face heat up
  • “yea, i think i’m getting the hang of it!!”
  • “do you think you want to let go of my hand?”
  • MC was clearly able to skate on their own at this point
  • “nope!”
  • Saeran smiles at them
  • “y-yea, me either…”


Well, this is rougher than I would want, but I had to make it look decent for the party that will start on saturday, and I didn’t have much time. I may come back to polish this one later, or I will make another one if I don’t feel like investing more on this one. I pretty much ditched the inks when coloring, I need more practice with that XD

But I think it’s good enough.

Not sure about this just yet, nothing is set in stone, but this is what I worked on this afternoon/tonight. But concepts are just that, they don’t necessarily stick lol How many times have I listened to/watching the Circus music video over these last few days? A lot. This is going to be a long project as I try different things. I’ll be drawing Yurio next. I’ll consider this one still a work in progress lol Overall thou I think I drew everything decently~

OK, so I saw this really cute picture of Leafeon pressing flowers to Glaceon’s mouth (the same way that Gon is to Killua) and I started squealing and then this happened. I think it turned out pretty decent.

Long story warning.

This was as a customer but still pissed me off. I was eating with my fiance at a meat and milkshake, its always pretty busy at this store cause its near a popular shopping spot in a touridt town. Its also pretty small holding maybe 50 people max. So there is usually a wait but never that bad and from what i have seen they have a decent turnover time.

Anyway we get seated in a corner where i can pretty much see the whole place. I had noticed this one irritated family, i think they were a party of 9 or 10, and out of reflex from being a server was keeping an eye on them in the waiting area. I had a feeling they were going to start something from the sour looks on all there faces and designer shopping bags they left scattered all over the lobby.

They were waiting for probably no more than 15 minutes cause in a restaurant that small and crowded it was obviously going to take some time. The servers were trying to put together one large table and was just waiting on one older couple to leave, which should not have been long seeing as their plates were empty and they were waiting for a ticket.

I saw the hostess go talk to the family several times, probably trying to reassure them it wouldnt be much longer. The last time she did this though i saw one of the sons, college aged and stereotypical white frat boy looking jerk, get in her personal space and point to a row of booths. The poor girl looked panicked cause they were getting clean but there was obviously more people waiting and it didnt make sense to break the party up to take up so many tables.

Yet as entitled people unfortunatly do they got their wish. Instead of waiting the few extra minutes they all filed into not three, which would have held them all, but four booths! Now some people might not see a problem with this, they were going to be seated any way so what does it matter right? Wrong! Very wrong!

They were going to originally be seates at a six top and a four top pushed together, only taking up two tables which probably were in the same section to begin with. But because of their asshole demands they were taking up four four tops which from the looks of it were in different servers sections. So now they had to either break up the tickets or a server has to hop all over the place to try and get that whole order together which is so rude that i am getting angry thinking about it.

I felt so bad for the clearly mostly teenage staff trying to put up with them, especialoy since they kept blocking traffic by getting up and down to talk to one another (and with all their bags) when it wouldnt have been an issue if they waited just five mintues more. I wish i had been able to see how their meal was handled, mostly to give me a chance to jump to defend the hard working staff which they were no doubt abusing, but we had to leave shortly after. I at least hope they left a decent tip since they obviously had so much money to spare. But seeing as its a rather cheap place to eat and they were jerks i doubt it. I made a point to tell our server/hostess that they were extra great and made a note when the manager came around asking how everything was going. I just wish i could have done more, like spill my drink all over those dumb assholes but the milkshake was too good to waste.

Tl;dr some jerk rich white family takes up a lot of space in a small restaurant, throwing off the seating chart and sections and making it hard for everone to move down the aisle

Been having some art self-loathing recently, so I decided to go back to my old default: portraits of creepy people. My take on a Reaperized Jack Morrison.

This’ll be a digital painting. I’ve been flopping around between digital styles a lot when I really should have been developing one thing, and since I’m actually pretty decent at painting, I think I’m going to try and focus on it. We’ll see how that goes.

a selkie story

Today I was thinking about selkies, because my other options were thinking about the upcoming 4 years of clusterfuck or thinking about Westworld, and I already thought about Westworld a lot this week. So: selkies.

I love the idea of selkie stories and all variations thereof, because shapechangers and doomed love stories are both Tropes I Am Into. But today I was thinking about how the selkie stories we hear are, generally, only the ones we ended badly.

So I would like a selkie story that ends happily ever after, I think. One where a guy who is basically decent and good-hearted falls asleep on the beach, because he was allowing himself one evening of self-pity and staring moodily at a bonfire, before he puts on his big-boy pants and deals with being dumped like an adult. 

And he wakes up in the morning, sand in every crevice, vaguely embarrassed with himself because he’s pretty sure at some point last night he was drunk enough to yell at the ocean, and there’s a girl sitting on the big boulder at the edge of the water. Well. not a girl. A grown-up-type-person, same as him.

“Um.” says Our Hero, not sure of how to proceed. Maybe she was here to yell at the ocean about being dumped, too. He doesn’t remember a lot of last night. “Hi?”

This is when he noticed that she isn’t wearing clothes, as such, so much as a fur… thing, sort of wrapped around her. And her long hair is wet. And her eyes are huge and dark. And she’s really very pretty.

“Well?” she says. “You called, and I came. I suppose you’re worth a try. Where are we going?”

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