i think these are a lot of fun


Gonna do these three at a time I think~ 

All of these were blush memes requested by @theamishpirate

(I did royal au Cerise for the last one because let’s face it….she makes that face a lot in this au)

EXO WOLF: Reaction to their mate going into labor

Xiumin: “What do I do? My puppy is on their way, but my baby looks like she’s in a lot of pain”

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Luhan: “Baby, think about our puppies. They are going to be so much fun. Don’t hit me, I’m scared… I mean… Baobei, Jiayou!”

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Kris: “My baby is coming within a few hours… I hope the baby likes me.. What if  I’m not a good father?”

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Suho: “I’m worried.. What if something goes wrong?”

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Lay: “Here’s a bouquet for my love. Baobei Jiayou!”

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Chen: *Bought the whole pack* “Hey baby! How are you feeling? Kyungsoo is here to make food for you and kai… I don’t know what he’s doing here”

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Baekhyun: *you screaming at him that it’s his fault* “well you agreed to do the thingy with me so it’s your fault too. I still love you nonetheless”

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Chanyeol: “Let’s go in there and help my mate as much as we can! Fighting!” 

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D.O: “You’re doing great jagiya. Keep up the good work, our baby is almost out”

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Tao: “My baby is having a baby. A little pup..”

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Kai: *He gave you a bottle of water, but you threw it to the other side of the room due to contractions. 
“Well then…Could’ve just said no” 

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Sehun: *when the baby come out* “she is pretty, like her father” 

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ok just personally speaking all these posts saying "ohhh u cant hate lance or ur racist" or "lance is perfect" i get the latter cuz ya stanning is fun but i honestly dislike lance in canon a lot?? 70% bc he called keith a dropout for correcting his math and i am,, a dropout. and he just kindof acts like a college frat boy bully imo/ all im saying is idk ppl can have valid reasons for genuinely not liking his character past "ur racist cuz he's cuban" since i like hunk and allura quite a lot

i think that having valid reasons for not liking lance is fine (ofc i…am not the person to come to with those but) but the problem is with people who hate him/push him down in favor of keith/shiro/pidge. like if you want to say, “i don’t like lance” sure whatever but if you say, “pidge is better than lance” or w/e…yeah.

anyway that’s jumbled but those are my thoughts

@kanaking…I think they’re gonna be running for quite a while.

This was a heck of a lot of fun to draw, the positive vibes were great to get to work with. I know if my friends did this to me we’d prolly run like 20 miles before I finally gathered up the ability to accept their compliments without wanting to curl up in a little ball.💦

Thank you for the request, and you go have a wonderful day!✨

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what's the most frustrating thing about art?

For me honestly, I think it’s the fact it takes time. Takes time to get good at something, takes time to get out of a funk, takes time getting back into the groove, takes time to re-learn or practice something, takes time to complete something, takes time to think of an idea or concept or pose, takes time to make edits if need be, takes time to walk away from something and come back to it later, takes time for every aspect of it. 

It takes time to get to a point where you’re happy with your work, but can also actively see the areas you need/want to work at. I notice lots of stuff I wanna work on, but gathering the energy and patience to sit down and actually work at it gets daunting sometimes and it throws me into a bad mood so I end up just quitting and doing something else for a bit.It’s gotten to a point where simply remembering what I wanted to work on, and how to go about implementing it into my works saps energy out of me that i end up not drawing anything at all because i’m already exhausted LMAO. Even though i’m aware that it takes time, i’m still impatient some days and it’s like I wanna see the results of what my stuff would look like if i did the whole taking my time part RIGHT NOW!! GIVE ME THE IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION!!!!!!

Which is why breaks are important to do. It’s alright to just drop art and do something else for a change. I usually don’t do anything on the weekends and work as much as I can in one sitting throughout the week so I can still take a day or evening off without feeling too bad!

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Ey you've got some really cool posts that I enjoy a lot, but a pretty common mistake seems to be thinking that dust particles captured by the camera are orbs. I just wanted to drop in and say that because I see a lot of cool content on here it's just that some of the orbs are most likely simply dust particles. Just wanted you to know, and I hope I don't come off as rude or anything :)

yes almost all orbs are dust particles, moisture, etc. nothing here is actually 100% assumed to be real

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have you ever thought about designing tattoos? your art style is like really weird (in a good way) and cool with a lot of roughness and your coloring when u use those bright colors would look super cool as a tattoo imo... idk i just feel like if u drew like a brightly colored manticore or a dragon i could see that as like a big ass full back tattoo or smthn...

ahh thanks! i think it would be fun but i’d probably have to make like, pre-drawn tattoo designs bc i think the stress of someone specifically commissioning me for something to go on their body would make me overthink the drawing

SPEAKING OF TATTOOS i really want one by tarmasz, mariñe perez or tayri rodríguez but THEYRE ALL IN EUROPE so if anyone is tattoo-savvy and knows of someone in the eastern US who has a similar style let me know blease

Hey, I figured I’d give you guys a head’s up and announce that I’ve decided to go ahead and continue drawing Shallura!

Now that I’ve had time to think it over I’m very confident that, if the writers do have fixed ages, Allura is at least 18/19 and Shiro around 24. That being said, I still have a lot of fun drawing the both of them as adults in their mid-20′s and will continue to do so. To repeat myself from the last post: All my previous and future Shallura art is between two adults; regardless of what’s canon that has always been my intention.

I completely understand that this might make others uncomfortable so definitely unfollow/block if it’s whats best for you, or otherwise blacklist the ship because I’ll always tag my posts ~ 

tfw i’m really anxious about what my professor will say about the hug beast illustration bc i really hope she will like the style, so that i can use it for the rest of the bestiary, it’s so fun and quick

but also i don’t want to send the illustration to her via email bc i was sick all last week and didn’t go to college, so i want to personally show her all the progress i made on the art part of my assignment

i got a lot of sketches & plans & stuff

it’s finally moving somewhere lmfao i think she’ll be happy for that at least

with current plans, i’ll have 9 detailed illustrations, 15 simple illustrations and 3 fully done 2-page illustrations. might take a break from the ask blog one week.

i love just spilling random thoughts on my blog.

i should really get to writing this god damned thesis. bleh.

also yeah hug beast’s official bestiary name is going to be hug beast.

Anyone interested in collaborating with me on a youtube channel? I have been thinking about starting a lesbian/queer channel for awhile now. My main problem is that (as a vet science student) I don’t have a lot of time to spend on it. So I’m wondering if there’s someone out there who could work with me and pick up the slack when I have zero time for anything but study.

I’m not 100% sure exactly what the channel will be about. I’m thinking of doing like interviews and having queer women from around the world share their stories. But I’m open to ideas/suggestions! This would just be a fun project, not for profit.

You need to be over 18, have enough free time to spend working on the project, can edit videos, have reliable internet and be easy to work with. Bonus points if you are a creative queer woman!

Submit an introductory video here!

Video requirements
1. Must be submitted on the blog lesbianyoutube.tumblr.com
2. Between 1-4 minutes long.
3. Tell me a bit about yourself including your age, where you live, why you would like to work on a lesbian/queer channel and what ideas you have for the channel.
4. Try and show off your creativity
5. No nudity please!

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I know it's an odd time of year to asking for a fic like this, but I had a dream about it last night and couldn't get the idea out of my head. Tom being scared of people dressed up for Halloween. Marco having to try to explain it's all fake. (i just think it's really funny, its fine if you don't want to write it this time of year)

Of course I do! Sorry it took a bit of a turn! I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing this one! Tom and Marco are so cute together!

Tom poked his head to look out the window and then fell back. He looked over at Marco and whispered urgently. “Marco!” he cried. Marco stopped decorating the door ad looked at Tom. he was crouched on the ground with his ears flattened down against his head. “I told you they were coming!” Tom cried.

“Who’s coming?” Marco asked. Tom motioned to the window.

“Other monsters! To steal you away!” Tom replied. Marco laughed and walked over to the demon, kissing his head.

“Well, I better depend on you to keep me safe then, huh?” He joked. Tom made a strong face and nodded. Tonight there were monsters everywhere, and he was going to protect his human no matter what. Tom scrambled up and darted off into the laundry room while Marco put candy in a bowl for the trick-or-treaters. When he was finished he looked around for his demon, and shrugged when he was nowhere to be seen.

Marco was about to check upstairs, before there was a knock at the door. Marco smiled and brought the candy out for the kids. The poor children were halfway through the phrase “trick-or-treat” when Tom came dashing out with a hammer he got from the toolbox in the laundry room.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Tom screamed. All the children screamed at the top of their lungs at the demon with glowing eyes. They dropped their bags and ran away, most of them were in tears as Tom chased them down the lawn. “Yeah! You better run!” He laughed and balanced the hammer on his shoulder. He turned around to look at Marco, who was astounded. “I did good, huh Marco?” Tom asked, grinned.

“Are you insane!?” Marco cried. Tom dropped the hammer.

“What do you mean? I saved you from monsters.” He explained, smiling really big. “It’s what you told me to do.” Marco face-palmed.

“Tom! I didn’t know you would take that seriously!” Marco cried.

“I will ALWAYS take your well-being seriously.” Tom defended. Marco opened his mouth to reprimand Tom again but cut himself off.

“Aww, that’s so sweet- wait, I am still upset with you!” Marco reminded himself. “These are costumes! The kids are trick-or-treating, non of it is real!” Marco assured. Tom looked around and saw a bunch of kids on the street were staring at him and Marco. Tom blushed deeply when he saw a kid remove his mask, showing Marco was right.

“So I just… I just chased children with a hammer didn’t I?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and Tom bit his lip. “I uh… we should go inside.” He suggested, and darted past Marco into the house. Tom jumped up onto the couch and covered his face with embarrassment.

“Tom, cheer up, it’s not that bad.” Marco tried. “I was the one who should have known you don’t understand the earth holiday.” Marco tried.

“No, this is bad. I can’t believe I attacked a group of ids thinking those cheap masks were real!” Tom cried, putting his head in a pillow. Marco sat down next to him and rubbed Tom’s back.

“Well… the one in the wolf mask looked pretty real.” Marco lied to try and make Tom feel better. Tom just groaned and shoved his face deeper in the pillow. “Come on Tom, it’s was a mistake.” He tried. Tom sat up.

“I was just scared.” Tom admitted, wrapping his arms around himself. “In the underworld other monsters or demons pick on weaker ones. And you’re a human! Demons always try to attack and steal humans. I thought they would take you away and…” Tom trailed off and Marco leaned closer.

“What is it, Tom?” he asked.

“I’m just always ready to fight when I’m with you! I’m a demon soldier, it’s what we’re for. I have to be able to protect you Marco.” Tom explained, leaning forward. “I can’t have another demon steal you away from me.” He added. Marco frowned and wrapped Tom up in a hug.

“Oh Tommy.” Marco cooed. “You don’t need to be so on edge that you attack trick-or-treaters. I’m not in constant danger.” Marco told him.

“But what if I let my guard down and then somebody steals you! I’m not…” Tom blushed a little and looked down. “I’m not that strong compared to other demons…” Tom admitted. Marco put his hand on Tom’s shoulder. “You’d be better off with a stronger demon, I’m a horrible soldier.” Tom sighed.

“No! No Tom, you’re amazing!” Marco assured.

“What good am I if I can’t even be what I was made to be?” Tom asked.

“Better.” Marco responded. Tom looked confused and Marco smiled a bit. “You are more than what others want you to be. You aren’t born knowing everything. You grow, and you learn, and you make mistakes. And that’s what’s wonderful! Because you keep going and going and never stop trying!” Marco exclaimed. Tom looked at Marco with wide eyes. “You’re more than an expendable soldier.”

“But that’s what I was made to be?” Tom tilted his head. Marco kissed his nose and shook his head.

“No, you were made to be Tom Lucitor. And that’s whoever you want to be.” Marco promised. “A soldier, a prince, an animal lover and an amazing boyfriend.” Marco grinned. “And so much more I can’t even list.” Tom grinned and gave Marco a kiss on the head, holding him close and taking in his warmth.

“Thank you, Marco.”

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Hi, I saw that Get Together is your favourite EP, but for me it's my least favourite. I was wondering what you like about it in case I've missed a load of content that could make it a lot more fun! :) Thanks, and I love your blog!

Hi darling! I’m not quite sure, to be honest. I think it’s because of the small things like dancing, cafés, walk-in closets and stuff that get me? As much as I love the “extra” gameplay you get in GTW and CL, it’s just not something I really use. But honestly, I like all three expansions almost equally so the other two are close seconds :^)

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Xigbar/ braig for the hc meme?

Headcanon A: what I think realistically
He’s probably very gay, like, I just look at the dude and think “yep, p gay” and we have like 0 compelling evidence like other characters lmao

also that Dilan is his half brother by the same mother

Headcanon B: what I think is fucking hilarious
He just gives up on adhering to gravity a lot so he’s just trottin along the ceiling and walls sometimes. Also, he uses his ability to teleport like his arms and shit to steal snacks at night without actually having to go to the kitchen.

C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends
He has siblings (other than dilan) but he never saw them come out of Hollow Bastion’s revival

D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway
I don’t really have one that’s super established? But I see him completely faking his surfer accent to sound cool and it just. stuck and he can’t get rid of it now 


howdy it’s me being a shitty blog owner yet again : (semi?) hiatus is gonna be happing for a lil while I think. So if I don’t respond straight away I’m not ignoring you I promise !!! I love you and wouldn’t do that to my faves. Reasons for hiatus in brief are that I’m feeling like complete shit again and I have a lot of irl stuff to do on top of that so yeah it’s all fun n games as usual lmao ,,, so!! a short break !! I’ll probably inconsistently repost some stuff and reply to some messages here and there so don’t be afraid to carry on tagging me in stuff I’ll look at it asap bc guess what? I love u.
anyway i hope you all stay happy and healthy !!! lots and lots of love @ yall 💕


I saw that one of your OCs uses a scythe as a weapon and I just had to draw her and Jaejeu. (I might draw them in an actioney pose later. ;>>>>
She was super cute and lots of fun to draw!!
this was also a good chance to try some colors for Jaejeu’s D.D.D outfit. (I don’t think I like the lighter pink I used on his leggings and sleeves. :T I like it on his cape tho.) 

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11-12 and 22 ps: I love you <333

I love you tooooo <3

Who is your favourite non-human character?

Errol. Man does that owl know how to make an entrance.

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Which character deserved better and why?

Harry. Fucking. Potter. 

He went through so much, so young. Yet he was a strong, kind, loving person who strived to do good every day. No child deserves to grow up in an abusive household, no child deserves to literally be raised to the slaughter. To be ignored after suffering through a very traumatic event, or two or three, and misinformed by the adults you trust in your life. To have moments that should be pure joy and fun, and silly childhood, ruined and tainted by harrowing incidents. I know there are a lot of characters who suffered in Harry Potter, but merlins beard, I can’t think of anyone else who dealt with the sheer amount he did.

What do you think Amortentia would smell like to you?

Coffee… I hate the stuff but Gavin drinks it all the time and its just something I associate with him.

Tulips, they’re my favourite flower.

It’s gonna sound weird, but the smell someone has when they come inside and it’s just a little cold out. They smell like cold/outside and it’s weirdly comforting to me?

Vanilla, it’s soothing and brightens up the room. I love candles that smell like it, or when someones baking using it.

Smoke. Like after you blow a candle out and there’s that puff of smoke? Love that. Sometimes just light candles for that, not the candle. 

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i see yoongi as pan bc of the way he stated it in the interview, that gender doesn't really matter? pan hobi makes sense too tho. okay we can be done discussing this so there's no more discourse on your blog lol but pls imagine a demi yoongi who thinks he's ace until he meets hobi and then BOOM lots of hormones and adrenaline and the boy needs to get fucked (queer hcs are fun shh)

yeah I can see that. either way, I’m just pretty sure he’s lgbt+ lmao

I love queer hcs and that one is a+ okay just imagine how flustered yoongi would be trying to deal with those feelings and how hobi would react..ugh yes