i think there's like fic about this theme

anonymous asked:

I saw your reply to someone talking about how content like rape, incest, and similar dark topics should be barred from being on the site and your response was really respectable to me. It's important for people to feel safe but I think creative freedom is just as important as well. There's no harm done by an author who wants to explore darker themes in their work. Even if it's some shallow rape fic solely to shock people, it should at least be allowed to exist.

Thank you! I understand that dark content can be really difficult to stomach, but media can tell us difficult stories and evoke strong emotions in us that can often be cathartic, therapeutic, or simply entertaining. My hope is that people can protect themselves from content that they don’t want to see while enjoying the content that they want to!

xixiandthecats  asked:

There's a difference between dark going darker and dark keeping it's shade but getting more and more details and I think yours is the later?

Yeah, that’s about how I see it? I feel like my writing has been getting more detailed and immediate, especially where emotion is concerned - maybe more realistic as well - rather than darker. i am very much not a dark person, and i’m almost offended by the implication that i am. Like, you can count on one hand my fics that don’t have happy endings or hopeful themes despite the content.