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hello i read all your tags on the super long article about the boys and i 100% agree with you bc this sense of "fan entitlement" they're talking about doesn't usually exist with other artists/bands, mostly bc the boys have been marketed since the beginning as these "perfect boys that you want as boyfriends" who will sing about you and do everything for you which has proved to be pretty harmful (i don't think i've made any new points oops im just reiterating the same things lmao)

yeah i totally get you like the whole marketing plan for 1d is to make them these relatable “boys you go to school with” and to make you feel like youre close to them and that you know them and are entitled to their private lives. like this is a fandom where fans literally get rewarded for following the boys and tracking flight info and hotel rooms, like its not a coincidence the same 6 people from london meet 1d over and over and over. and thats just one side of it, as far as putting out albums and touring goes i literally dont see how you can blame fans for that at all?? of course there’s demand for tours and music but its the fault of record companies and management teams for thinking 1d fans are fickle and will get bored if 1d dont do anything for a few months when in reality fans are literally screaming at the boys to take a break. its so unfair to say that “we” ruined the boys and overworked them when all we’re doing is reacting to the situation, like the reason fans expect an album a year is because thats all we’ve ever been given from 1d. if from the start they’d had a slower pace then we would have been accustomed to it just like we are with the fast pace theyre currently working at. like theres this massive disconnect between how 1d fans are perceived and how we actually exist as a group. like every article headline will say shit like “one direction fans DISTRAUGHT and ENRAGED as band announces hiatus” when in reality most of us have been saying 1d needs a break since before otra even got announced. and its the same thing when interviews say things like “the fans want to know what you look for in a girl” or “the fans are dying to know who’s single” like……no we really aren’t, we’re here organising things like the no control project or charity drives or rainbow direction and dying for someone to bring that up in an interview but nobody ever will because it doesnt fit in with the “avid directioner” stereotype that 1d fans are given. there are fans that are fucking wild and swerve in and out of traffic to follow one directions cars and crash nialls brothers wedding and thats fucked up and needs to stop but the reason it is exists in the first place is because 1dhq allowed it to. they created this intense fan/band relationship where its essential for fans to feel as close as possible to the boys because in their minds thats what makes them the most money. one direction are overworked as fuck but thats not the fault of the fans, we didn’t write their contracts or manipulate them into essentially signing their life away. idk why its so easy for the press to say “crazy fans ruined 1d!!!!” yet nobody wants to examine why exactly that might be