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  It’s More Than A Crush

She came down the stairs of the bunker with ease and averseness. Her steps were light, almost too light for the way she walked. She had a date tonight, a guy that had seen her in the grocery store, and at the bar down the block. He had seen her a few times. She was on a supply run a few days ago when she came back with his number in her phone and a date set up for tonight. Y/N was a smart girl, a badass at that. And no matter how much he didn’t want her going out with the oversized dweeb with hair longer than Sam’s, it wasn’t his decision to make. 

  The loud click of her heels hitting the concrete floor filled his ears. The sight of her filled his peripheral vision. He looked up from the book he obviously wasn’t reading. She was still wearing that gorgeous baby blue sundress that he didn’t know she owned, this time, she had a leather jacket wrapped around her. Her hair was a little bit of a mess, and her makeup was smudged, but certainly not from tears; not unless she had hidden them. 

  She carefully made her way to the chair across from me. She was nervous, sure that he was still angry with her for going out but boy was she wrong. The anger was concern. He had no reason to be concerned, Y/N could hold her own. But it didn’t mean that he didn’t care deeply for her. 

  “Hey,” he said softly, his eyes locked on her face. She looked up at him for the first time, her eyes meeting his. She smiled weakly before kicking off her heels. “How was your date with Brad?”

  “You mean the date where he was supposed to take me to dinner but instead tried feeling me up in the car before we even left?” she revealed. Before Dean could get another word in, she continued, “Why do I always agree to date the creeps and the weirdos. Just once, why can’t a nice guy ask me on a date. One that won’t try to cop a feel the second I sit in his car. For once! Just once! Is that too much to ask?”

  He was staring at her, completely dumbfounded by the words that escaped passed her lips. The first thought that came to his mind was that he would love to take her out and treat her exactly the way a beautiful woman like Y/N should be treated. She would never question what it would be like to be with a guy who saw his entire world in her. Y/N deserved a hell of a lot more than Dean could give her. 

  “Hey- Y/N your back from your date early,” Sam broke them both from their thoughts. She nodded her head. “I found us a hunt. Crossroad demon just outside of Orlando Florida, he’s making deals and cashing them in a week later. What do you say? Wanna take out Mickey Mouse?”

  Dean can’t take his eyes off of Y/N. She was looking up at Sam, her mind reeling over Sam’s words. He knew that she always wanted to see Orlando Florida.

  “I’m in,” she smiled, glancing back at Dean. Dean took his eyes off of her. Sam looked at him, and he nodded agreeing to the hunt. Sam stated he was going to go pack and that they should get on the road as early as possible, leaving them alone once more.

  “We’ll I better go pack,” she started.

  “Y/N, wait,” he said, before he could even think about what was coming out of his mouth. He was nervous, but he couldn’t watch her go out with yet another douchebag guy who would try and touch her the wrong way. There was no way he could stomach that again. She sat back down in the chair, her eyes meeting his. “You know, after we finish the case, do you think maybe you’d let me take you out to dinner?”

  “Like-like a date?” she stuttered, pushing her hair behind her ear. 

  “Yeah, I mean if you want it to be. I don’t want to force you into-”

  “Yes, Dean. Yes. I would love to go out to dinner with you.”

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