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Reader x Klaus

Requested By Anon

“Master Mikaelson, (Y/N) shall be here soon, I have been sent to ask you to prepare for her.” A messenger said as handed Klaus the note.

“I’ll have everything prepared.” Klaus promised and the man hurried away, leaving Klaus to walk around the large house as he waited for you to arrive.

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anonymous asked:

14, jungkook pls😊 hi~ i just wanted to tell you that i've read some of your jungkook propts and i really liked it! thankyou😄

Member: Jungkook

Prompt Request: “Just leave me alone!”

Genre: Angst

Summary: The reader is on her way to see Jungkook at the door in the night when she is attacked by a drunk man. Jungkook rushes out to save her, but is it too late?

Word Count: 1.6k

I hugged my coat close to my chest as I got off the bus and the cold night breeze brushed against my bare legs. I hadn’t had time to put on anything more than my shoes and a small jacket when Jungkook called me. Meaning I was wearing no more than my PJ shorts and t-shirt underneath my mini trench coat which offered no warmth to my lower half.

I trudged down the street, keeping an eye out for the shortcut to the back of Jungkook’s dorm. He had called me in such a state that I had no choice but to panic. He wasn’t making any sense. He just kept saying that he needed to talk to me and it was extremely important. He kept droning on about how important it was and how it had to be said in person until I announced that I was coming over and told him to meet me in the lobby.

I spotted the back alley leading to the back doors of the building just at the end of the street and went down it. I was a bit weary though, with it being past 1am and being a woman in a dark street with no resource of defense. I decided to whip out my phone and call Jungkook. “Siri, Call Kookie,” I said lowly into my headphone piece. The dial tone rang and rang and eventually Jungkook answered but I didn’t hear him say “Hello” because my focus was completely on the tall figure that had just entered the dark alley with me.

The figure stood at the end of the narrow street, standing in between me and the clearing to Jungkook’s dorm which was only a few feet away in reality but it felt miles from me due to my fear. I decided to just be completely quiet and hope that I would be able to pass by without any sort of communication.

As I approached the figure, he leaned back on the wall, making room for me to pass. That set me at ease a little. Maybe I was just paranoid. Not all men are rapists.

I could see his features now off the light of the oncoming street. He had stony, rugged features that intimidated me. I tried not to stare but in the second my eyes flickered over his face, I saw that he had a bruise and a fresh cut over my eyes. I tried not to panic.

“Hello? Y/N? Are you there? Hello?” I had completely forgotten Jungkook was there.

“Hi Jungkook, I’m right out-” I began but was interrupted by the voice of the rugged man just few steps away from me now.

“Did you say something, lovely?” He asked, his speech a bit slurred.

“Y/N? Who is that? Where are you?” Jungkook said in alarmed tone.

“No.” I say looking down and speeding up my step so that i can pass him and get out of this situation as quickly as possible.

“You’re going to have to speak a little louder girl.” He said, catching my arm in his grasp as I moved past him. My body was rigid. I was so afraid.

“Y/N? Where are you? Tell me where you are!” Jungkook yelled into my ear.

“I’m in the alley across” I whispered into the microphone. All of a sudden the man tightened his grip on my arm and pushed me up against the wall. I pushed at his chest, beating it and trying to wiggle my body out of his grasp but it was no use. “Just leave me alone!” I shout. No matter how drunk this guy was he was too strong for me. He brushed his head against mine, moving his face and lips around my own.

“I said, I need you to be louder, lovely.”

I stared into his eyes and I saw that they were bloodshot. He kept feeling his hands on my body. I tried to knee him but he rammed his foot into my own making me yelp out in pain.

“Y/N, I’M COMING!” Jungkook screamed into the microphone.

The man took advantage of my outburst to and tried to kiss me. The moment his lips touched my own, I slammed my head into his own, causing him to stumble back in pain. The moment he was off me, I sprinted into the open clearing leading to the doors of the dorm. As I almost reached the steps, I felt myself jolted back by the pulling of my hair. The man pinned me down to the ground, keeping the full weight of his knee on my stomach as he moved one of his hands to clench around my neck and the other to undo my jacket. I was squirming and shrieking underneath him, praying to God that either Jungkook would come and save me or a passerby would hear my screams.

My prayers were answered when the door behind us flew open. “GET THE FUCK OFF HER!” I heard Jungkook yell and the man was literally thrown off of me. In seconds Jungkook had him pinned on the ground, planting blow after blow to the man’s jaw. “TOUCH. HER. OR. ANYONE. AGAIN. AND. I’LL. KILL. YOU.” Jungkook screamed in between punches.

After he was satisfied, with man groaning on the ground, he got up and walked over to my shaken up state on the ground. He knelt down beside me and help my face in his hands. “Y/N..I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have..” I shushed him and rested my forehead on his. “It’s not your fault. You saved me.” I said in a whisper. Jungkook shook his head and there were tears in his eyes threatening to fall. “If I didn’t.. I hadn’t and he..”

I pulled him into a tight embrace and I sobbed lightly into his shoulder, thinking of what would have happened to me if Jungkook didn’t come. I moved my hand to wipe my tears and saw that the man had regained his strength. He was sitting up now and reaching into his back pocket. From behind his back, his hand emerged holding a gun.

I didn’t know that I had fast reflexes until that moment. In fact they might not have even been fast but maybe things were going so fast, my brain had to move faster. I only really had time to process that the gun was being pointed at Jungkook’s back and that I loved him. Those were the only things I did need to process in order to make the decision to save him just as he had saved me.

People say that when they die, they’re lives flash before them but it’s not true. You do see something but it’s whatever you want to see. It’s like the acknowledgement that you are going to die unlocks a secret remote that let’s acess your best memories. Things your brain has stored away for that moment. I flipped through my memories channels and saw Jungkook and I’s first kiss and the time we took that picture the airport when we just decided to spontaneously take a trip or when I told Jungkook that I loved him or when he came over for family game night with my parents. I got to relive everything in the last few seconds before the beginning of death.

The bullet pierced my back as I flung Jungkook to the side, shielding his body with my own. I looked up at him, my jaw hanging open, feeling as though my entire body was being ripped apart. I looked over at the man, who was running off down the alley and choked on a sigh. At least he wouldn’t hurt Jungkook.

I looked back up at Jungkook whose  lips were quivering and his hands shaking as he lifted them to brush over the wound in my chest oozing blood.

“Y/N..Y/N..” He cried. He kept shaking his head. “Somebody help. Please!” He screamed out. I tried to quiet him but it was hard. It was hard to do anything but experience the pain.

Jungkook whipped out his cellphone, dialing 911. “Please, my girlfriend’s been shot. Please send help right now!” He said frantically into the phone. I reached up my blood soaked hand to touch the holding the phone. Jungkook’s eyes met mine and I shook my head. I pulled the phone away from him and laid it beside me. “Please, just be with me right now.” I croaked.

Jungkook was crying madly. “Stop it. They’re coming. It’s going to be okay.”

“I know,” I said. “I just feel like I’m gonna miss you.”

“Stop it!” He cried. He leant down his head into my shoulder and sobbed. It took almost all my strength to stroke his hair the way I knew to be most effective in calming him down. “Will you tell me what you wanted to tell me tonight?”

Jungkook shakes his head into my shoulder. “Why not Kookie?” I say weakly. I can feel myself draining by the second.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow.” He says, stroking my cheek looking me in the eyes and holding my head in his lap. “And if there is no tomorrow for me?” I say, trying to reason with him “There is no such thing as a tomorrow for me without you.” He says shaking his head stubbornly and sniffing a bit. “Please.. Kookie please. I need to know.” I beg. I just want one more memory with him. Nothing incomplete.

Jungkook cries harder. “I-I-I was g-going to propose.” he lets out eventually. If it’s even possible, that revelation hurt more than the bullet did.

“Yes,” I say. Jungkook pulls my head up to his lips and kisses m temple for a long while. I feel myself getting weaker and more tired and eventually I start to fall asleep. “Thank you,” I hear him whisper as I fall into complete darkness.


Hey Anon! Sorry this took so long but I really hope you liked it. If you did like this imagine please let me know!


Little Interesting Tidbits about Lion 4: Alternate Ending
  • Aside from it being an extremely impactful episode in Steven’s current arc (dealing with Rose’s choices and understanding his existance), I like how the episode is a whole metaphor for Steven’s feelings and plays with the viewers expectations. As viewers, when something new about Rose is in sight, we get excited. A new key? New lore!! We beg for answers and then we got Nora. The build up was incredible. When I was watching I was really intrigued. Who is Nora? Another Quartz child, a new Gem, who is she? In the very end, it turns out she’s just Steven female beta-name. Now think of Steven. At this point he’s desperate for answers and clarification and in the end he learns his big destiny is to just be Rose’s child. No big reveals. The feeling between Steven and the viewer is the same and I love that.
  • The line “This is just garbage that mom left behind”, followed by tears and anger, is really sad when you think that Steven might have been also talking about himself. He is just garbage Rose left behind. No purpose as of yet, just garbage. It’s really a relief that this boy has answers now.

Thoughts on SQ hug from a multi shippers POV

I’ve had a day or so to be happy, sad, up, down and all over the place and I have finally reached a standing point I think. 

My first reaction was to be very happy for Swen and also rather shocked if I’m honest that after so many years it finally happened. But then I saw everyones disappointment and heartbreak and I was confused, after so many years it finally happened but then I watched the actual Sneak Peek and I was rather… upset myself.

It was so short, and the way it was filmed just briefly focusing on Emma, no real body shot just a quick 3 second hug. If we think back to so many other ships first hug it is always longer and just…more? If that makes sense. It felt rushed. 

I personally am not against it being because of the proposal and that may hinge solely because I am a multi shipper, but I acknowledge SQ’rs have a right to feel upset over the circumstances, personally I think it was a natural progression to their relationship at this point to hug over a happy moment for Emma. 

HOWEVER and it is a pretty massive however, why now? after so long?? was this their first on-screen hug?? this particular moment??

What would have been a better “first” moment, Morgan, you might ask?

After Emma found out about what happened to Daniel and Regina was in tears maybe? I guess not though.

Or when Regina had to say goodbye to her son, a moment and feeling Emma knows very well how hard it is to do, and yet no hug.

After Emma saves Regina and then asks for it in return? A scene where idk she hugged her entire fam except for Regina? 

After this long and heartbreaking scene where Emma tells Regina she believes in her. Nope not then either.

There are so many times it could have happened for the first time and I can’t understand why this was the one chosen…

*sigh* I’d love to know everyone else’s thoughts!

Under the Stars

“Yes,” Philip says into the phone. Lukas can only see the vague outline of him in the pitch dark, but his eyes are bright when they dart over to find him. Lukas thinks he sees a smile pulling at his lips. “Helen, we’ll be fine.”

Lukas snorts, shaking his head. Leave it to Helen to think they’ll forget how to function as soon as the lights go out.

“Okay,” Philip says, trying to suppress a sigh. “Yes. Okay, I’ll see you guys then. Okay. Be safe. You too. Bye.” He hangs up his phone and tosses it aside, shaking his head and leaning back against the couch. “So, supposedly, a little private plane crashed outside the drugstore on 10th street. No one was hurt but it took down a bunch of powerlines. Everything’s out everywhere. Tony called and told her. She and Gabe are still in the city.”

“Great,” Lukas says. “Do they know how long it’s gonna be out?”

Philip shrugs, shaking his head.

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ah, anons thanks so much, you’re too nice and anon 1 it is a little hard to write, but i believe in you!! the motivation will stay if you keep working hard- i promise!
but anyway, i haven’t written angst in some time so here is a messy breakup with Sehun who says some mean things, but then begs you to comeback to him~ (゚´Д`゚)゚
warning: there’s strong language and a mention of cheating in here! if you’re uncomfortable with that, i suggest you don’t read!

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I have always been a passive IchiRuki fan in the past since I was confident of my ship’s future. I devoured fics, fanart and news with glee, but never took the time to contribute. Whenever others would bash IchiRuki, I would just smile because I knew they were digging their own graves. I was wholly looking forward to when I would see the ending of Bleach. I have never been so broken. 

I need a safe place to cry. 

Hi Lin, I’m sorry if you didn’t want your message published but I think it might help others still sad. Thanks for reaching out. 

This is a safe place to cry and no one is gonna mock you or something like that. I am a grown ass woman and I too cried at some point bc of the ending (I think it was 72 hours after i learned about the spoilers). But I think those tears help us become stronger, bc the tears eventually stop and you are left with the knowledge of sadness/anger/emotions and next time you will know how to handle it. So be sad but not forever, you have an ear and a shoulder in everyone. Just take a look at the response the fandom had: we’re the most resilient motherfuckers ever lol. Look at the explosion of fanworks in spite of all the shit we’ve thrown into. That is wonderful, that is proof we’re all strong and already decided to keep shipping Ichiruki despite everything.

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

ps: please if you ever feel sad just message me again. that’s for everyone reading this too

One-Shot: Peter, x3

Now I really need someone to come up with an idea for a Peter, Peter and Peter story! Someone getting Parker, Maximoff and Quill into one request or prompt. I’d love the person able to do it 5-ever for sure XD Not trying to be mean just… well maybe a bit. Something like “Why are all guys in my life called Peter?” feat. my brother, my best friend and that weird guy in a spaceship! -Requested by anon
I had an idea of a team-up last night, so here’s a one-shot feat. Peter, Peter, and Peter XD 

Characters: Peter Parker, Peter Maximoff, Peter Quill
Word Count: 1,746

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So I was chatting with @renach4n​​ and unearthed something very fascinating about Yuuri and Victor’s dynamic. This one line here applies to absolutely everything they have ever said to each other. EVERYTHING. And even more so than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Pre-post edit: RIP me, I got that won’t-allow-you-to-save tumblr bug right when I was about to click post and lost a massive chunk of this when I attempted to back it up, so I apologize if some sections (namely the airport and proposal scenes) seem lacklustre. Their re-write was mostly fuelled on salty tears. Hopefully I still got my point across well enough!

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Stiles- She Made Me Feel Alive

Request-  Imagine being Stiles’ girlfriend and he’s telling an unknown person how he loved you and how amazing you were. Based on the song She Changes the Weather by Swim Deep. At the end it’s revealed at the reader died. I prefer better if the reader is dead but it’s up to you

A/N- I really liked this prompt, but I feel like I might not have done it justice. I hope you like it. Next up is a Scott imagine.

“Stiles, come on man, you have to stay awake!” Scott was saying frantically, but Stiles barely heard him.
He knew he was losing too much blood after being clawed by one of Theo’s chimeras, but he didn’t really know much of anything else. He was fading in and out of consciousness while Scott’s worried face was coming into focus and then going fuzzy again. He whole body hurt, and his wounds felt like they were on fire. He normally would have screamed, but at that point he was too weak to do anything but lay there as sirens screamed in the distance.
He didn’t know how long he had been laying on the ground before the paramedics finally arrived. Relief coursed through his body, and his eyes started to flutter shut as they lifted him onto a stretcher with Scott’s help.
“Stiles!” Scott’s sharp voice said in his ear.
Stiles opened his bleary eyes and just barely managed to focus on Scott’s face. “You have to stay awake, man. You can’t die on me, not now, okay? Not after all we’ve been through.”
“Me?” Stiles mumbled. “I’m too stubborn to die, you know that Scott.”
Scott laughed once, despite the situation, and he stepped up into the ambulance. But it seemed the paramedics had other plans, and one of them held up a hand. “Are you family?”
“No, but-”
“Then you can’t get in,” he told him apologetically. “I’m sorry.”
“Do you want your friend to die?” the man asked. “Because if we don’t leave right now he will.”
“Scott, wait,” Stiles croaked before the alpha stepped away. “Make sure my dad is okay.”
Scott nodded as the inside of his cheek welled up with blood after biting it so much in worry. He climbed out of the ambulance, helpless to do anything but watch as the paramedics shut the doors and took his best friend away.
Stiles watched the doors shut, just barely able to catch Scott getting smaller and smaller as they drove off. He could hear the paramedics talking to each other, saying something about too much blood and too little time. His eyes started to flutter shut again, but a sharp voice was there to bring him back.
“Stiles!” a paramedic was saying, this time a woman. “You have to keep your eyes open.”
“I-I can’t,” he mumbled. “I can’t think.”
“Well you have to think about something,” the woman told him. “Do you have a girlfriend, Stiles? A boyfriend?”
“I…girlfriend,” he mumbled, trying to focus on the bright lighting inside the ambulance.
“Oh, yeah? What’s her name?” the other one asked him as he held pressure to the deep claw marks across Stiles’ stomach.
“Y/n,” he told him, his eyes starting to close again. “But…but she’s….”
“Stiles!” the woman said sharply, causing his eyes to open again. “What’s Y/n like?”
“She…god she’s gorgeous,” Stiles told her with a hysterical laugh. “And she’s so weird. But…but I’m weird too so it’s okay. God I spend every minute with her. She takes all my time but I didn’t…I don’t even care. She makes me laugh and…and she’s like this-this ray of sunlight. God she makes me feel alive.”
“Then you have to stay awake for h-” the woman started to say, but Stiles wasn’t finished.
“Or I guess she did,” Stiles continued with slightly slurred words. “She made me feel alive but…but she’s not anymore.”
The paramedics froze in shock, but Stiles didn’t even notice. He just kept talking, which wasn’t exactly a bad thing considering it was keeping him awake. At this point, he didn’t even know or care what he was saying and if it had been any other situation, what he said might have raised some suspicion.
“I couldn’t save her,” he admitted tiredly. “Theo…he made me choose. I had to get to my dad first and-and by the time I got to her…I didn’t even get to say goodbye. He killed her because of me and I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”
Stile closed his eyes as hot tears ran down his cheeks, thinking about all the things you would never get to do again. You would never get to lie on the cool summer grass and watch the stars with him again, eagerly listening as Stiles pointed out the constellations his mom had taught him. You would never get to go ice skating again, slipping and sliding all over the ice as Stiles grabbed your hands to steady you.
He remembered how hard you had been able to make him laugh, causing him to drop whatever he had in his hands at the moment. He remembered your laugh too, and how just hearing the sound made a huge smile break out across his face. He was telling the truth when he had said you made him feel alive, and everything had just seemed so clear and simple when he had you.
Now that you were gone, everything seemed to have fallen apart, and as he laid there it occurred to him that he didn’t really want to live without you. He knew you would never have wanted him to give up for you, but as the paramedics tried to coax him into opening his eyes again, Stiles ignored them. His last thought as he faded away was that if he died, maybe he would at least get to see you again.

Stiles ran through the trees, all too aware of the gigantic shape moving through the dark woods after him. He could hear that it was right behind him, mostly due to all the branches and leaves crunching in its wake. He felt like he had been running for hours, and the forest just seemed to be endless. That was when it suddenly occurred to him that he didn’t know why he was running.
He stopped, turning around and facing whatever was behind him. When he turned, he couldn’t see anything, but he somehow knew there was something just behind the darkness and waiting in the trees. He knew he should have been scared, but he didn’t care anymore. After years of fighting for his life and losing half the people he loved, he didn’t want to fight anymore.
“What are you waiting for?!” he screamed into the trees. “I’m right here! I’m done fighting! Just kill me already!”
“Stiles?” a familiar voice asked, causing him to turn and look over to his right. “What the hell are you doing?”
Stiles’ eyes widened as you stepped into view, looking as normal as you would have had you been alive. You seemed perfectly fine, not at all how you had looked the last time he saw you, pale and covered in blood. You walked towards him, giving him the look you always did when he was doing something incredibly stupid.
“Wh-what do you mean?” Stiles asked, still dumbfounded as you walked towards him.
“You’re going to get yourself killed,” you stated angrily.
“Well, yeah…” Stiles said, looking back into the pitch blackness of the trees. “That’s kind of the point. I mean, I’m already dead.”
“No you’re not,” you told him. “Stiles, you’re not dead. You have to keep fighting. You can’t die.”
“But…I don’t want to live without you,” Stiles told you.
You huffed and rolled your eyes. “Seriously? That’s what you’re going with?”
“Well, excuse me for not coming up with something more original before I died,” he said, scratching the back of his neck.
“You’re not dead,” you insisted. “Stiles don’t you dare even think about dying.”
“Look at me,” you ordered, reaching out and grabbing his hands in order to pull him closer. “You can’t give up. We never give up remember?”
Stiles nodded, his confused brown eyes looking into yours. “But, Y/n…I’m sorry. I was too late to save you. I should have been there to save you.”
You shook your head softly. “It’s okay. Just be there to save the others, okay? Don’t give up, Stiles.”
He nodded once more, and you smiled, something that made his chest constrict with pain. You squeezed his hands, tugging him closer to you and pressing your lips onto his. Stiles immediately wrapped his arms around you, and to his surprise, you felt incredibly real. He held you tightly, kissing you as hard as he could. A thousand memories ran through his head, and as he felt everything slowly start to fade away, he tried to hold onto you for just a little longer.

Don’t give up, Stiles. Stiles opened his eyes with a gasp, frantically trying to sit up and look around. The lights of the hospital room were bright, so it took a little bit for things to come into focus, but he could hear a voice breathing “Oh thank god.”
Stiles looked over to see Scott sitting next to his bed in an uncomfortable hospital chair, and he was sitting as close as he possibly could. No one else was in the room, and Scott was staring at him expectantly.
“Well?” he asked. “How do you feel?”
“Oh, peachy,” Stiles croaked. “You know, perfectly fine and not like I almost got my insides torn out by Tracy.”
Scott sighed, but he couldn’t help but laugh. “Well I’m glad to hear it.”
“Are the others okay?” Stiles asked. “Malia and Liam?”
Scott nodded. “I guess it’s kind of a good thing Lydia and Kira weren’t there or they probably would have gotten hurt too.”
Stiles sighed, thinking about how the pack had been nearly torn apart thanks to Theo and the dread doctors. Lydia was catatonic and stuck in Eichen house, Kira was MIA, and you were dead. It was drastically different from the pack’s earlier years of fighting monsters, when everyone had managed to make it out mostly unscathed.
Stiles thought back to what he had seen earlier, and how much he wished you were right by his side.
“God, I miss Y/n,” Stiles mumbled as he settled back into the pillows.
“I know,” Scott told him, patting his knee. “I do too.”
"She told me not to give up, you know,” Stiles told him with a sleepy sigh.
“Yeah, she always did,” Scott remarked. “She hated giving up. She was stubborn as hell, but it saved our lives half the time. You should get some rest, man. I’ll be here when you wake up.”
Scott had assumed that Stiles was talking about what you used to say, but really Stiles was trying to tell him about what he had seen only minutes ago. He wanted to explain, but at the moment he was too tired to do much of anything. He was already half asleep by then, but as he drifted off he swore he could still hear your voice telling him not to give up.

He Cares [1] - Liam Dunbar imagine

Plot: Liam doesn’t like it when his best friend gets a little too close to Theo

[A/n]: Sorry it’s not a request! Also, I might do a part two later. Enjoy! :)

Word Count: 710+

Liam couldn’t help but notice that you had changed ever since you started dating Theo. Like Stiles, Liam distrusted him, so when you mentioned that you’d be going out with the handsome upperclassman, he was quick to oblige. Nevertheless, Liam couldn’t actually prove to you that Theo wasn’t  the guy you thought he was. He couldn’t exactly just tell you that Theo was a power-hungry chimera who was working with a group of evil scientists. There was no way he could tell you that without you thinking that he needed to be checked into Eichen.

But, oh, did he wish he could. The more you hung out with Theo, the less you saw of him and Mason. Your clothing grew a bit more…provocative and you were rarely showing up to school, and he knew it was all under Theo’s influence, subconsciously of course. He missed his best friend, and every time he tried to talk to you about it, Theo made sure to pull you away from it all, except for this time.

“[Y/n], I don’t think you dating Theo is such a great idea,“ Liam said after standing by your locker in silence for a few minutes.

“Liam, you always say that.” Not even bothering to look at Liam, you shoved your unused math book and a few other ones into your locker. “And you never give me a reason as to why.”

“Well, um…” Liam paused to think of reasons as to why you should break it off with Theo, but all the ones he came up with were things he couldn’t explain to you.

“Exactly.” You rolled your eyes, slamming your locker shut. “Look, I get that because I’m your best friend, you feel obligated to protect me, but you shouldn’t. I don’t interfere in your love life with Hayden, so I think you should stay out of mine.”

Liam frowned at your harsh words, but you ignored him, looking past him just in time to see Theo making his way down the hallway toward you.

“Hey, babe,” he greeted with a warm smile and a hug. You felt so comfortable and safe in his arms. You couldn’t understand at all why Liam thought Theo was such a bad guy. “Liam.” Theo greeted Liam as he pulled away from your hug and proceeded to wrap his arm around your waist.

“We should get going,” you smiled at him. “The movie starts in thirty minutes, and we wouldn’t wanna be late.” You glanced at Liam. “I’ll see you later.”

You cleared your throat as Liam’s voicemail cut on. You knew he was ignoring you because of what you had said to him earlier, but you really needed him to answer the phone.

“Hey.” Your voice cracked slightly as you tried to hold back oncoming tears. “It’s me…[Y/n]. Look, I’m just gonna get straight to the point–” you lowered your voice in fear that Theo could hear you from wherever he had wandered off to. “I think you might have been right about Theo. No, I know you were right about Theo. He’s not who I thought he was, Liam, and-and now I’m in some weird scientist lab with dead bodies in tanks. And…I’m scared.”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Theo’s voice rang through your ears. His hand reached out to grip your wrist which caused your phone to go crashing to the floor. His grip on your wrist only tightened. That was going to bruise.


He opened his mouth to respond to you, but he closed his mouth and a smirk formed. “They’re here.”

“Who’s here?” Your eyebrows furrowed as weird sounds filled the lab and in came three figures, all with particularly large garments on masks that covered their faces.

You turned to look at Theo. “Theo, what are you talking about?”

You were cut off as you were shoved to the ground, your hands and knees breaking your fall. You looked up at the four figures around you. Your breathing grew shallow as one of the completely covered figures pulled out a rather large needle and another grabbed you by your head, forcing it into the ground.

You groaned in pained, but it was soon replaced by a scream as the long needle dug its way into your neck.

A Second Chance

Prompt: Henry has always had a knack for using the camera. But when Killian begins to notice photographs that don’t include him, his concern for his and Henry’s relationship grows. Captain Swan/Captain Cobra. Rated F for feels and fluff.

He first noticed them shortly after he moved in, and to be quite honest, he’s surprised that he didn’t become aware of it before that day. After much explaining that the little black box wasn’t magic, Killian finally grasped the concept for Henry’s camera. He had a vintage Polaroid one, the kind that spits out the picture as soon as it’s taken (and then the viewer proceeds to shake or blow on it because they assume it will help it develop faster).

Killian found the first one a few days after he had came to live with Emma and Henry. He was unpacking one of his boxes of books when he spotted the photograph on the coffee table. Now distracted from his task, Killian dipped down to pick up the portrait, grinning when he saw how lovely his Swan looked. The picture was of Emma in the kitchen making pancakes, one of the few items she knew how to cook without burning the place down. Smiling, he flipped the picture over to see that Henry had written a description on the back.

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jemmaswan  asked:

fs + "things you said when you kissed me goodnight" and/or "things you said in a hotel room" ? :')

They won’t have long to sleep.

Fitz knows this from rolling reluctantly over his side of the bed and checking his phone - he has one message, from Mack, letting him know that the quinnjet is leaving at five am, with or without them. 

Four hours, Fitz thinks, dropping his phone back onto the bedside table, four hours to savour the feeling of Jemma’s arm resting across his naked chest, four hours to inhale the scent of her body, her hair, her skin. Four hours to fall asleep next to his best friend in the world.

There were worse things that could happen to a man.

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title: tie that binds

pairing: inukag

summary: the last time she thinks of him is never.

a/n: written for inukag week, day 5: sorrow. i’ve been waiting for this day all week! i can’t wait to read all of your guy’s ‘sorrow’ stories; also, thank you so much for your comments on my last fic. happy inukag week!

The last time she kisses him, it is in Hell.

He bursts through the black of it all, her knight in shining armor donned in scarlet and steel sword, the most handsome man she’d ever seen.

“Inuyasha,” she breathes, breathless in the best of ways; without hesitation, he pulls her into himself, pressing his lips to hers, and she’s never felt more at home.

“Kagome,” he whispers, tone hard with love, and she never wants to let go.

Nestled against all she adores, Kagome looks to the villain of their tale -

“Shikon Jewel, I’m ready to make my wish!”

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Young and Dumb

I’m at a convention! Lots of things have happened in my personal life and been very depressed. I forced myself to come here and have fun surrounded by my friends. I just wrote this and i know it’s been a while since i posted anything so I appreciate the love. Enjoy!

Originally posted by spnsamwinchester

You sat there in the bar and took your final drink before standing, just a little wobbly. Dean threw his arm around you and steadied your gate as you headed back to the Impala and essentially back to Sam. Your stomach kind of dropped, you knew that when sober you could act very well that no one would ever know the bile that rose in your throat when you thought about it. You knew that if you gave yourself half the chance you would have to spill your guts so you decided that when you got back to the motel you would just wait outside for a while and try to sober up.

“Y/N?” That slightly raspy beautiful voice came from behind you and you kept your face turned away, lighting a cigarette. He came up to stand close to you, “are you alright?”

“Yeah yeah, I’m fine, I’ll be in in a minute,” you breathed out a large cloud and avoided eye contact at all costs.

He smiled and chuckled just a little, “You’re not very good at acting, (Y/N). You never really have been.”

You and Sam had known each other for a long time, he was your first everything. Best friend, kiss, lover… He knew how to read you even now.

“Who’s acting, Sam?” You felt your cheeks burn as you looked up into his gentle eyes. He was so much taller than you and you imagined him back when he was 17, he was actually bigger than he was then, more meat to him. Solid.

He watched your gaze move over him and he suddenly became very serious, “You are, did I do something to piss you off or what?”

You snorted and spoke dripping every word with sarcasm, “Did you do something wrong? Not you never.”

“What did I do, (Y/N)?”

You turned red, this is exactly what you didn’t want to happen, “Nothing, forget I said anything.”

You flicked the butt of the smoke into the parking lot and stormed to your separate room and Sam came after you, slipping through the door, “No, let me have it. I probably deserve it.”

You glared up at him and the filter between your brain to your mouth busted open, “You left me, Sam. For Stanford. You left me alone and heartbroken.”

He just kept looking at you his eyes knowing, he remembered every bit of it. His last night before leaving.

“I begged you to take me with you, I begged you to let me run away with you, but no I wake up in a cheap ass hotel room with a note saying ‘I’m sorry’. What the hell was that?”

He hung his head, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to leave it behind, all the hunting and the fighting.”

“Yeah, well look who’s talking. Here we are, Sammy. In a crappy hotel room, still hunting, still fighting. We don’t know anything else. You know I almost came after you? Yeah and I saw you with that girl and I just turned around and left.”

He bore his eyes into you, trying desperately to show how sorry he was.

“I know you loved her, I know. I loved my husband but the life took him from me too. I’m still here and every time I look at you I think about how life might have been different. We were young and dumb though, I guess.”

Sam hung his head and his voice rang clear even though it was calm and quiet, “I never wanted to leave you, I thought about you constantly, and Jess… She helped with the pain. I loved her but that’s been ten years ago. I made a mistake and I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that you were hurt so much.”

You just realised the tears streaking your face, drunken buzz completely gone at this point. You wiped your face and saw the black smudges of makeup on your finger tips, “I’m sorry too, I know it’s stupid to be upset for this long but you were everything to me, Sam. You still are.”

His eyes shot up and he quickly closed the space between you and crashed his lips into yours. You’re eyes stayed open for a moment in shock before you realized that you were kissing him back. You let the feeling consume you, closing your eyes and letting her fingers run through his long hair. He lifted you up and carried to to his bed, not breaking the kiss in the least. Your legs wrapped around his hips.

He fell into the bed pressing your back into the mattress and letting his hands coast around your body and eventually sliding up your shirt. You gasped at the feeling of his rough hands against your skin. He nipped at your lip before moving his mouth down to your neck, receiving the gentle moans already coming from your throat. He pulled your shirt up over your head and tossed it to the side, and started working on your bra. You leaned up on your elbows and pulled him back to your lips, hungry for more. As he slipped his tongue into you mouth and groaned the clasp came undone and he ripped it from your body.

His mouth went right from your lips down to one of the soft peaks and flicked his tongue over the bud before latching onto it. Your back arched as a surge of pleasure went through you. Your hands were still stroking through his beautiful hair and rubbing against the strong shoulders beneath material. You reached down and started pulling at the hem of his shirt and pulled it up. He moved to let the shirt leave him and looked down at you, his hands still moving over your skin.

“(Y/N)…” he whispered your name. His eyes hooded with desire.

You looked up at him and moved your hand to unbutton your shorts. He closed his eyes and sighed in relief and continued undressing you until you were laying on the bed with nothing on but your skin. HIs hands moved to your closed legs and gently peppered your knee with a few light kisses and coaxed them open just enough to let his hand brush against the apex. Your body was quivering for him, you spread your legs a little further apart.

He groaned as he lowered himself down and kissed everywhere except where you needed it most. He slowly pushed a finger into the soaking hole making you shake even more, “Sam, please…”

He moved his mouth to swipe up the crease and then descend onto your clit, licking it hard. You moaned and realized you were already close. He pushed another finger into you and stroked your g spot. You arched your back into him and writhed as powerful pleasure washed over you.

“Sam!” You cried out as you clenched around him, releasing your climax. He moaned as you came around his fingers.

He stood up and undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor before crawling back between your legs. He stroked himself a few times before lining himself up with you. You gasped as he pushed inside. You pulled him back down to kiss you and he moved in and out of you.

“(Y/N), yes… God,” He moaned into your mouth. You let your tongue explore around his mouth as he moved inside of you. His skin felt amazing against yours and you started feeling yourself tense just a little. He moaned again and moved just a little to get deeper inside.

You wrapped your legs around him and let your hands slide up his back. His moans started becoming louder and more desperate. He reached a hand between you to rub your clit, his touch electric.

You looked into his eyes, “Sam, come with me, please.”

He groaned and continued circling your clit with his fingers and his thrusts became harder and more erratic. He slammed into you and you screamed out as you came around him again and you could feel his member flex as he emptied himself into you.

He rolled off of you, chest heaving but pulling you into him and kissed your hair, “Guess we’re still young and dumb.”

You couldn’t help but smile.

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship Ontae? :3

did you just

you did

you totally just did the thing

i’m so happy ;~;

ok. let’s start with their meet story. like. it is the actual cutest thing in all of kpop (and would be the actual cutest thing i’ve ever heard if i didn’t love my own parents’ meet story so much) and it goes something like this: before shinee debuted, jinki would practice singing on sm’s rooftop (how fuckin anime and perfect is that??)  and one day tae went up on the rooftop and heard jinki singing and from then on tae would go up to the rooftop and jinki would help him learn how to sing (since apparently sm focused more on tae’s dancing at the time since he was really young?) and if you don’t think that is a perfect soul mate meeting story then idk wtf to do with you

and now we’ll move on to their relationship development over the years bc all good relationships need to evolve in order to survive:

so debut comes and tae sticks by jinki all. the. time. not only is he attached to jinki at the hip, but he looks at him like he worships him, like he’s the best hyung in the world and he can always count on him and ;~; (i was going to start in on pictures, but no i have hw to finish and studying to do so no pictures sadly v.v) also, tae would touch jinki constantly. like. you could tell tae was really uncomfortable with people touching him and touching people in return, but like i said before he stuck to jinki and was always reaching for him and next to him and closest to him and if you look at the pictures from their debut days more often than not, tae is next to jinki and probably touching him in some way.

idk if you’ve noticed at this point, but i’ve been focusing on tae’s interactions with jinki, but i haven’t mentioned anything about jinki’s interactions with tae bc jinki seemed to be blissfully unaware of how very attached to him tae was (…i almost went into fanfic writing mode, but i won’t do that. like this essay is legit reasons why i ship them from what i’ve observed and i’m not gonna add in anything that wasn’t said or obvious). jinki just kinda looked at tae like he was  really good dongsaeng that he was happy to have.

so a few years later and tae’s growing up and something fucking happened. i have no idea what it was or what caused it, but suddenly tae could not stand being touched or looking at or even just being around jinki. like he was so uncomfortable around him and it was really, really, really obvious that something had happened, but, alas, idk them personally so i will never know what happened to piss tae off so royally that he couldn’t hide it at all. but this is when the dynamic of this otp changed and fuck if it wasn’t a beautiful thing (though at the time it was painful watching it). so tae’s not looking at jinki, not touching jinki, and just generally avoiding interacting with jinki and jinki becomes the one to initiate the interactions. jinki follows after tae and silently watches after him and giving tae looks like tae’s just generally a lovely person that jinki really wants to be closer with, but he doesn’t know how to bc he’s awk.


and this, anon, is why i ship ontae. bc they’ve had a lovely relationship since before debut and their relationship has shown major development and it’s just so fucking real.

ok i made the photoset of taylor talking about sexism in the media for my taylor blog so i’ve been seeing a lot of reblog comments saying things like ‘she doesn’t have the right to say this because she slut shames!!!’ and i just want to ask….

this is a genuine question, i’m not even trying to call people out or get angry, i’m genuinely asking….

what can she do to make people forgive her for that??? 

because right now it seems like no matter what she does, she’s never going to be taken seriously as a feminist because of views she held when she was 17 and i just don’t think that’s what feminism is about?? please correct me if i’m wrong because i’m actually posing a question, i genuinely do not understand

and i’m not saying that she should be the queen of all feminists and that everything she says is right because obviously she still has a lot to learn about feminism and i think that taylor would admit that herself, but how is what she said in that photoset not true???

she has come out and publicly acknowledged the problematic content of her old songs and explained that she was naive and didn’t understand what she was saying when she wrote them and i just feel like holding a grudge against a teenage girl for writing about her feelings in that way is not the right way to go about things. you’re just showing other teenage girls that if they have ever in their life had a problematic thought, they might as well not bother

we live in a society where we see girls tear each other town constantly and i don’t know many high schoolers who haven’t been influenced by that at some point. i slut shamed an embarrassing amount in high school before i knew better and i’m so ashamed of it and i’m always going to acknowledge that i was wrong then. but i don’t think it means that i can’t be a feminist now??? if you don’t let people grow and change and learn from their mistakes then what do you want them to do?? do you expect people to exit the womb with a 'fight the patriarchy’ flag in their tiny clenched baby fists??? 

i’m wondering if some of these people don’t realise how much taylor has changed and grown. i’m also wondering if some of these people are just determined to hate her and don’t really care to find out

Confession Rehearsal Novel (Chapter 8 & epilogue)

Merry Christmas!
My gift(s) to you all are the final two chapters of the novel adaption of HoneyWorks’ “(Confession Rehearsal) Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu”! (Sorry for the long wait) The day that Natsuki had been preparing herself for is finally here…!

Masterpost with links to all the translated chapters can be found here.
You can find the masterpost with all the Confession Rehearsal/Sound of Confession Project-related translations here.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy!

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*If you can, I highly encourage supporting the creators by buying the book for yourself at Amazon

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