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Fish Are Not Cheap

Nearly anyone has the misconception that fish are cheap and easy to care for, when in reality this is hardly the case. To give you guys an idea of what it costs for me to own all of my tanks, I’ll break it down fish by fish for you all. I think this should be a wake up call for anyone wanting to buy a fish because it’s the “cheapest and easiest” pet they can get.

I’ll start with my big tank:

15 gallon tank, hood, and light: ~$70

Heater: $25

Filter: $21

Gravel: $19

Decor: $24

Fish (In tank right now): $15

Estimated price of all fish I have had: ~$25

Bubbler: $22

Total: ~$221

Blue’s Tank:

5.5 gallon tank with hood and light: $25

Blue: $10

Heater: $11

Gravel: $9

Plants: $16

Marbles: $2

New light: $4

Decor: $14

Total: $91

Obsidian’s Tank:

Obsidian: $8

3 gallon tank with light and cover: $30

Gravel: $8

Plants: $4

Marbles: $2

Decor: $14

Total: $66

Supplies for all tanks:

Prime: $14

Fertilizer: $10

Stress coat: $10

Bacteria supplement: $10

Fish Food: $10

Bloodworms: $8

Total: $62

So total, I’ve spent about $440 on all of my fish and it hasn’t even been a year. Plus, I am not including tax.

Fish require so much to have a healthy fish tank. Think again before you think fish are cheap OR low maintenance because they are neither. Even the cheapest Betta was $66. I spend a great amount of time cleaning up after the fish, doing water changes, etc. Having fish is a hobby that can be rewarding, but will definitely leave a dent in the wallet.