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A Few Thoughts on S.O.S.

So, after 45 minutes at the gym (yes, watching that finale drove me to go to the gym at 11:45 pm to burn off excess energy), I have a few thoughts…

I was initially afraid that Fitz’ first reaction would be to think Jemma was running off on him, that she didn’t want to go on a date after all. I mean, that’s what he did at the beginning of season 2 after all. 

But this isn’t the same Fitz. 

Fitz now might not embrace change, but he’s a hell of a lot better about dealing with it. This is the friend who wrapped Skye up after her own terragenesis and told her being different is okay. Change doesn’t throw him. He’s a lot more confident (I mean, suiting up for combat? Exchanging one-liners during combat? Definitely not the same guy who marveled at what he did in  Ossetia.)

He’ll realize that when he can’t find Jemma, it’s not because he scared her off or she changed her mind. She took the season (and was spurred on by seeing Skye and Lincoln and Hunter and Bobbi) to reflect on what Fitz meant to her, whether he was truly just a friend in her mind. She went to him to tell him to come back so they could talk, that there was something to talk about, and I am convinced that there would have been a kiss if Coulson hadn’t come calling for Fitz. 

Fitz knows that. He also knows that she agreed to go on a date with him, and that his best friend wouldn’t be so cruel as to just run out on him without an explanation. 

And that, my fellow FitzSimmons shippers, is why I’m convinced that, like Hunter went on the warpath for Bobbi, Fitz is about to do the same for Jemma. He’ll have to use science instead of brawn, most likely, but he’s going to get her back, come hell, high water, or Hydra.