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I seriously can't get enough of your Almost Human AU. If you could do another one (or maybe turn it into a fic) I'd love you forever omg

I’d love to turn it into a full fic, but I never complete anything in my life, hence the short bullet point stories haha.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

  • Leonard’s head is pounding when he wakes up. Not from alcohol; he doesn’t remember drinking excessively earlier that night. Jim’s presence usually takes away the need to drink a lot. A few beers is enough while they walk, bicker, or just relax together. Though Jim doesn’t drink, and that kind of takes away the pleasure of drinking in company. No, this headache isn’t from drinking. If the blood trickling down from his head to his face is any indication; it definitely wasn’t caused by drinking. Not just that, there’s a faint beeping ringing in his ears, and when he reaches out, he becomes increasingly aware that this isn’t his bedroom. He’s outside, in the park. And there’s a bomb strapped around his neck. “Good evening, agent McCoy,” a voice rings from the phone strapped to the bomb - filming his every second. “Nero,” Leonard says, “I take it you’re no longer in jail.” “Smart. You smart enough to dismantle that bomb, too? Don’t think so. You have 20 minutes, and the world’s watching.” “You know I’m just going to lock you up again,” Leonard says, his fingers reaching out to feel the thing around his neck. “What, from the afterlife? Good luck with that.
  • Leonard isn’t calm. He’s anything but. The fact that he’s didn’t wake up in the morning in his bed is concerning enough, let alone the fact that there’s a bomb strapped to his neck, and he has no idea where Jim is. But the world is watching him through that stupid phone that’s filming him. He thought he captured this man before - who traps people into this life-or-death game and has the world watching them, placing bets debating who should be next. Of course, considering Leonard put him behind bars, he would be the first to go after now that Nero’s out. “Bones!” Jim calls out so suddenly Leonard nearly jumps, though his voice is such a relief. “Jim,” Leonard sighs a little breathlessly when the other approaches him, “careful.” “I swear to God, I’m away for one night and you get a bomb strapped to your neck,” Jim says, slowing down once he gets closer to the park bench Leonard’s sitting on, “can’t leave you alone for two seconds. Who’d you piss off this time?” “Nero,” Leonard says, “his real name, it’s all in the files in the precinct. I locked him up before.” “Clearly didn’t do a good job at that,” Jim replies, “let me have a look.” “Jim, you have to get to a safe distance.” “Let me have a look,” Jim repeats. “Jim,” Leonard insists, “I only have two minutes left.” “Exactly,” Jim says, “let me have a look.” 
  • It doesn’t help that Leonard’s fingers are pretty much shaking by now. He never particularly feared death before, but this is different. It feels like he has someone in his life again - which takes away that otherwise sacrificial behavior he had before. “Jim,” Leonard says when there’s less than 30 seconds left, “you should go.” “No,” Jim says, his fingers still working on the bomb, “it’s you and me, Bones. ‘til the end.”
  • When Jim pulls the bomb off and stops the timer, Leonard isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, or both. Jim reaches out and cups Leonard’s cheeks. “Are you okay?” he asks, and Leonard nods. Jim tilts Leonard’s head just lightly, examining the wound on his head. “What took you so long to show up here, huh?” Leonard says, and Jim laughs, leaning in to press a kiss to Leonard’s lips.
  • Little do they know the consequences of that display of affection, though. It isn’t exactly allowed to be in an actual relationship with androids. But Jim is different. Jim has a soul. It’s consensual, he doesn’t get treated like a second class citizen, Leonard thinks. But he is, and Leonard receives a less-than-friendly talking to about this at work. It’s not that his captain really cares, but the law is the law. To make matters even worse, Jim is quietly doing research with  Leonard on Nero’s whereabouts when a few colleagues pass by and both catch them bad-talking the recorded events of just the day before. Leonard visibly tenses, but Jim rests his hand on Leonard’s shoulder. “Don’t,” he warns him, “not worth it.” “You always let a robot tell you what to do?” one of the agents says, and Leonard grits his teeth. He could have shrugged it off on any other day, but he hasn’t closed an eye last night because he nearly died, and now this guy is giving him shit. So before Jim can stop him, Leonard’s in front of the guy and punches him in the face.
  • It doesn’t end well. Leonard gets suspended, Jim is permanently reassigned to a different agent. "What is wrong with you?“ Jim insists when he comes home. “Nothing,” Leonard replies. “Bones, your pulse is racing, you’re clearly angry. You punched a fellow cop in the face-” “He was disrespectful to you,” Leonard interrupts. Jim sighs, sitting down next to the other. “You smell like alcohol,” he says, and Leonard shrugs. “Bones,” Jim continues, reaching out to cup Leonard’s cheek and tilting his head to make the other face him, “who cares what the other detectives think? You’re a good agent, you’re wasting your own time and that of potential victims when you’re sitting here doing nothing. I don’t care about being treated like a ‘second class citizen’, I don’t.” “How can you not care?” Leonard asks, and now it’s Jim’s time to shrug. “I don’t know any better.” “That’s just wrong,” Leonard says, and Jim smiles. “That’s coming from the one who told me he’s not attracted to ”robots“ and prefers his partners alive.” Leonard huffs, leaning in to press a gentle kiss to Jim’s lips. A little drunkenly so, but soft none the less. Jim slowly pulls away. “You gonna admit you behave this way because you didn’t close an eye last night? You almost died. Not being able to sleep is normal, just admit you’re scared.” Leonard rolls his eyes at that, pushing Jim further away. “Never.”
  • Jim works with agent Sulu now. Leonard’s not very close with him, but Sulu treats Jim with respect and Leonard follows their case from a distance - quietly pleased when they rescue a group of kids being taken hostage. Leonard’s bored out of his mind all by himself, though. He needs to have something to do, and so he goes back looking for Nero. First he just checks those streaming websites he’s used before, and then he gets Spock to try and track him down. “I can help,” Uhura says, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you be with Pike?” “I rather work here,” Uhura replies, before throwing him a sympathetic smile, “I’m sorry you got suspended.” “Yeah, well,” Leonard starts, but in lieu for an actual answer, he just shuts up and glances at the computer screen. Just by touching the tablet, Uhura downloads all of Leonard’s findings to her own hard drive, and Leonard and Spock mostly just quietly wait while she works. “You keeping more pretty ladies in this basement, or what?” Leonard asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “Uhura wants to be here. At least I don’t boast my illegal relationship to the public by showing public display of affection while my own potential death is being livestreamed.” “You watched that video, huh?” “Leonard, the whole country’s watched that video.” “Strange,” Uhura says, and that brings both boys’ attention back to her, “I’m tracking all the CCTV in the city, but the only potential match I get is currently in the precinct.” Leonard frowns, instantly reaching out for his jacket. “He’s after Jim.”
  • He’s not after Jim. Jim’s just an insignificant android, after all. Leonard finds out that, instead, he’s after the whole precinct. By the time he arrives, all the doors of the precinct are locked and barricaded, and all the police men and women are trapped inside with a ticking time bomb. “Jim,” Leonard says through his phone when the other picks up, “what’s happening in there?” “People tried to disable the bomb, but whoever touches it gets electrocuted. I’m not sure what to do, Leonard.” “I’m going to find Nero. In the meantime, try and find a way to disable the electricity. Make sure no one else gets hurt.” “Be careful,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. “You too.”
  • He does find Nero nearby. He’s always within earshot of the crime scene and this time isn’t really any different. Leonard struggles to overpower him, but he manages.  A gun pointed to the back of Nero’s head isn’t enough to actually disable the bomb, but after Leonard shoots both his legs and leaves him unable to run, he’s ready to comply. He releases the barricades that keeps his colleagues trapped inside, and it allows them to flee outside while actual bomb disposal experts manage to diffuse the thing.
  • Jim doesn’t even care about the law when he sees Leonard again. He pulls him into a tight hug, and Leonard is happy to accept that. “You okay?” Leonard asks, reaching out to run his fingers through Jim’s hair, and Jim nods. “I’m fine. Most people are fine. What about Nero?” “He’s going back to prison. For a long time, this time.” Leonard says. 
  • “You saved a lot of lives today, McCoy,” his captain says, and Leonard shrugs lightly. “Just doing my job.” “No,” she replies, “not your job, because I had to suspend you.” “I understand why you had to,” Leonard says, “I’m not asking for my job back, I just-” “Tough,” she replies, “I expect you in the office on Monday.” She smiles, and so does Leonard. “I’m… assuming I’m going to be assigned an MX, then?” “No, I think Jim’s good for you,” she says, “I won’t say anything if you don’t.”
  • “Were you scared?” Jim asks when they’re at home. “Of what? You dying? Please, I was hoping for some peace and quiet,” Leonard says, and Jim laughs. “I know that’s not true, because the last time that happened you literally found my maker to bring me back.” Jim sits down next to him, slowly sliding an arm around the other’s waist. “Not a teeny, tiny bit inside of you was worried about losing me?” He continues, and Leonard smiles almost fondly, reaching out to press a soft kiss to his lips. “I’m not nearly as afraid of losing you in a work related accident, as I am afraid of losing you because of these backwards laws,” Leonard finally admits. Jim reaches out, the hand on his waist running through Leonard’s always-messy (these days, anyway) hair. “We won’t let that happen.”
Dear Michael Alig

“Prisoner #97A6595 aka Michael Alig is officially released from prison today. In honor of that occasion, I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about life in the new millennia to pass along to him.

Dear Michael,

It’s a very different world you’re re-entering into. So much has changed in the 17 years since you last walked among us. For instance: We have talking pictures now! And cronuts!

Boys are cuter in the 21st century. And dicks are bigger. These are facts. If you don’t believe me, spend an hour on Tumblr. Another odd thing: EVERYBODY has killer style now. Kids in Peoria are as fabulous as the kids in Williamsburg. It’s all rather dizzying, and kind of depressing. When everybody is fabulous, nobody is.

OMG. Burger King changed their french fries and the world has never been the same.

Cabs take credit cards now.

We don’t use the “t” word anymore. (It’s “trans” now) And don’t even joke about it. The PC police will GET YOU. Also: “cisgender” is a thing now. Sprinkle it liberally into conversations to give yourself a bit of gravitas.

Viral videos, blogs, GIFs, memes – there’s a whole world waiting for you online. But the internet is a scary place. Things get weird fast. I suggest dipping your feet in slowly. Gently. Here are a few fun, soothing videos to get you going: David After Dentist, The Prancercize Lady, Charlie Bit Me, Sweet Brown, Two Girls One Cup…

Technology develops at light speed now, you don’t want to get left behind. You NEED a smart phone, a computer, a DVR, and a tablet. There are no two ways around this. And be sure to keep up on all the latest upgrades and gadgets. You don’t want to be like me. I still have an iphone 4. Its calculator is an abacus. My Grindr only has Pilgrims in my area who want to hook up. It’s OLD.

Things we don’t need any more: Phone books, dictionaries, maps, and encyclopedias. They’re all in your phone. IT’S CRAZY.
Things it takes awhile to get used to not needing anymore: Photographs, books, and newspapers. You’ll fight this, but eventually you’ll succumb. It’s a paperless world now. Adapt or die.

You aren’t going to believe this one: Clubs play top 40 now. Rihanna, Britney, Katy Perry. That’s it. It’s very sad. The scene has changed. Clubs aren’t the subversive pleasure palaces of yore. Now, it’s just a thousand shrieking girls taking selfies and dancing to “Wake Me Up” by Aviccii.

95% of your time in any given club will be spent having your picture taken. Seriously. It’s. All. You. Do. Picture after picture after picture.
Smile. Snap.
Smile. Snap.
Until you want to snap someones head off.

Speaking of clubs: You’ve become a bit of a legend since you went in (YOU’RE WELCOME) and you WILL stop the room the first few times you go out. It’s an odd sensation, but even odder is when it doesn’t happen. See, you’re old now, and although many of this generation were raised on Party Monster , sometimes you’ll find yourself in a room where everybody is completely CLUELESS. They’ve never seen the Geraldos or Phil Donahues or Jenny Joneses. They’ve never heard of Angel. They don’t know or care who Julie Jewels was. They don’t even know who Andy Warhol was. A 21-year-old at WOW had never heard of Moby. MOBY. It’s weird. The generation that has the greatest access to knowledge in the history of mankind is the one that cares the least about it. So there will be places where you go where NOBODY WILL RECOGNIZE YOU and NOBODY WILL CARE. And because you are no longer a cute little twink, 20-somethings will LOOK RIGHT THROUGH YOU. Or worse: SNEER at the old man. Joy Behar once said that after 35 nobody looks at you on the beach anymore, no matter how good you look. It’s true. And it’s true everywhere. My point: Enjoy the times people recognize you, because not being recognized when your old SUUUUUUUCKS.

What else… what else….

Something happened to the Twin Towers. They aren’t there any more. Ask around for the story.

If you need a conversation opener, try “gluten.” It’s all anyone talks about anymore. Say you’re thinking of going gluten-free, and see how people light up.

Obama wants us to cough into our elbows now, instead of our balled-up fists.

You’re going to need to download the following apps ASAP: Grindr, Scruff, Jack’D, Uber, Snapchat, Vine, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, spotify, Wikipedia, Moviephone, IMDB, HuluPlus, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds (dated, yes, but you need to catch up)…

A crash course on social media platforms:
Facebook is where you find people you went to high school with who now own pretend farms.
Instagram is all the people you avoid at parties posting pictures of their breakfast.
Twitter is just people you don’t know making pithy comments about serious subjects they know nothing about.
Pinterest is where morbidly obese cat ladies pin pictures of what Katniss would wear.
Tumblr is micro-blogging + gay porn for tweens.
And Vine is always just sx seconds of extreme torture.

Haterz gonna hate, of course, but the worst of the worst are YouTube commenters and Redditors. You have been warned.

Stay away from Beliebers, Little Monsters, and Directioners. They make holocaust deniers seem well-reasoned. And they will cut a bitch if you cross them.

Breaking Bad. You need to Netflix that shit NOW. (Also on your to-do list: Get Netflix.)

Movies. I was thinking of starting a #MoviesMichaelNeedstoSee on Twitter, because I can’t possibly list 18 years worth of important, life-altering movies off the top of my head, but here’s where to start:Donnie Darko, Bully, Gummo, Mysterious Skin, Blair Witch, Election, Jaw Breaker, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Apt Pupil, Hedwig, Spring Breakers, Funny Games, Happiness, The Rules of Attraction, American Psycho, Boys Don’t Cry, Velvet Goldmine, Fight Club, Bad Santa, Scream, The Ice Storm, Boogie Nights, Igby Goes Down, Rushmore, Die Mommy Die, Last Days of Disco, AI, Lost Highway, 28 Days Later, Pan’s Labyrinth, District 9, Capturing the Friedmans… and on.

Funny side note: Drug dealers almost always have Party Monster on. Or Kill Bill Volume 2. Literally WITHOUT FAIL. Every drug dealer’s apartment you will ever go to (and I’m not advising you to got to any… but) there they are. There YOU are. On a loop.

Drugs. Omg, there are so many new drugs that I’m advising you not to do. You can’t, of course, because you’re on A SPIRITUALLY ENLIGHTENED PATH now – planting trees in Angel’s name and building homes for orphans and whatnot. The last thing we need is for you to chew off some hobo’s face while high on bath salts. But there’s a WORLD of new synthetic drugs you should AT LEAST be aware of: K2, Salvio, Meow Meow…
OH. There is ONE drug that you really OUGHT TO TRY. You’ll just love it, I know it.
It’s called krocodil.
Really, Michael, I’m just going to get a tiny, little gram of krokodil as a getting out present…. Thank me later.

Well. That should get you started.

All my best wishes for you’re newly rehabilitated life. Enjoy the new millennia, it’s been waiting for you”


-James St james


I want to tell you a story. Its a story about a number, and there’s nothing scary about numbers.

    It’s actually a story about a website really; not so much a number. 466453.com. Just a series of numbers, followed by a dot com. If you type that address into your browser, it will take you to google. Try it. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. 466453 isn’t, but google is.   

    Let me back up a little first, and tell you how I heard about 466453.com. It’ll make more sense if I start at the beginning. I was in college; it was my freshman year.  I was an art major, and yes, whatever jokes about not being able to find employment, I’m sure I’ve heard them. I was dating a girl, who in hindsight, was clearly a coke addict. But at the time, we were just having fun. And the friends we shared, were just having fun too.  

   Some of the guys we hung around, were weird, but it was cool. It really didn’t make a difference to me. A lot of the time I wouldn’t even know a lot of the people partying in my apartment late into the night. People would just come in and out, and I didn’t always catch their names. If they were there, it meant they knew one of my friends, and that meant they were cool. Of course I didn’t keep the best company back then, so it should’ve been no surprise to me, that neither did my company.   

     So one night some guy sits beside me, and looks over at me. I was thinking, he was going to ask me for some coke or something, but he just says “466453.” That’s it. And then he looked at me like I was supposed to reply to that. I just thought he was fucked up. Acid maybe.

     He kept looking at me, his sunken eyes waiting for something from me.  

    "466453.com,“ he said to me. "It’s crazy.”

     And he reached his arm out and handed me a little scrap of line paper, with 466453.COM, scribbled harshly in pen.

    "Seriously,“ he went on, "try it out for yourself. It’s wild, man.”

    I had no idea what this lunatic was talking about and I was tired and out of patience, so I just got up and went to bed. I woke up the next morning, and had a few hours before class, so I straightened up my place a little and sat down on my couch. I reached in my pocket to grab my phone to see what texts or calls I may have missed, but felt a small crumpled paper at the bottom of my pocket. I pulled it out and the memory of the night before, came back to me. I must’ve put the piece of paper in my pocket, after that weirdo handed it to me. After looking at it for a moment, curiosity got the best of me, and I pulled my laptop up, and I typed in 466453.com. It brought me to google’s homepage.

    "Fucking idiot,“ I thought. I thought it was some incredibly stupid prank or joke or something. So I just surfed the internet for a while, before heading out to class. And that’s when it all started, I guess.
    I got through my classes, and was going to enjoy a quieter night by myself. Most of my friends partied every night, but that just wasn’t for me. And I had to work on a paper that night, anyways.     

    After I finished what I thought was a decent essay, I went to sleep. I woke up and groggily looked around the room. The clock read 4am. My eyes glanced to my right, and landed on my laptop, when I noticed something. The light, signaling its camera was on, was lit.

     I got up to grab my laptop. I closed it and I just went back to sleep. What can I say, I was barely awake, I didn’t think much of it at all. To be honest, I forgot it happened, after I woke up in the morning.    

    The next few weeks continued normally, for the most part. My computer had been acting up; applications would randomly open, or be open when I woke it up. The computer was getting old though, and I excused its performance issues. I started getting weird emails from spam accounts, as well. Not the "Hey let’s have casual sex” emails; the subjects in these new spam messages would be things like “Tom is dead now,” “You killed Tom,” or “Whore,” or some were just gibberish like “ueyoedranedxt.” It was definitely weird, but I made a new email account and they stopped. And other than that, life was normal. Class, friends, drugs. My girlfriend.

    "Why is your laptop camera on?“ I remember her asking me one night. I shut it; she thought I was trying to secretly film us or something; I just thought my laptop was on the fritz.

   I started noticing weird shit pulled up on the internet. Stuff I definitely didn’t search for. I mean at first it was harmless things. A realty website. A website about Stags - Yeah just male deer. I don’t know, it was definitely weird but there wasn’t any harm or anything. It was just strange.
Then it took a darker turn, and I’d find images of children saved on my computer, a website devoted to people who seriously hurt themselves and talk about it or post videos of it, a video of someone being hanged in a dimly lit forest. And I started finding weird homemade videos in my computer folders. In the first video, it was dark, the camera used a very poor quality night vision, and it appeared to film a person, but way too close to gather anything at all, and there was no sound. Another was just a shitty quality video of someone filming a dead deer on the side of the road. Or it was a stag, I guess.

Some of my files started disappearing. Some were replaced. I remember opening a paper I had been working on, only to see it had become two pages of gibberish. It was getting extremely unsettling for me, and I had planned to get a new laptop, as soon as I could afford one. But I had to stick with what I had begun to say was my haunted laptop, in the meantime. It was just too important to have a computer for school.

   Until in the middle of the night, I woke up to a horrific, blood curdling scream. I jumped up in my bed, and looked around, but I saw nothing out of place in my dark room, and everything was quiet now. I sat there confused for a moment.

     "Did I dream that?”  I looked to my phone on the stand beside my bed. 5:26 am. I also had new emails. I lazily grabbed my phone.  The emails were from me and had no subject; they were all video attachments.  I downloaded the first one to see what this was. The video was of me sleeping. I felt my throat tighten up. I was having trouble swallowing. I downloaded the next one, moving in slow motion, and it was the same thing. Me asleep in my bed. I couldn’t breathe. My mind went into panic mode, and I dropped my phone.  

   The light to my laptop camera turned on. I could see it in my peripheral. I was frozen; too horrified to even look at it, too scared to even move. After what felt like an eternity, I forced my head up and saw Skype was pulled up on the screen. I was looking at a dark room, there were some boxes in the back, and possibly furniture, but they were covered with sheets as if someone were moving. And then, there in the middle of the screen, was a person. They were just standing there, in what appeared to be dirty robes, with their head tilted to the side a bit, their black hair hanging a bit past their ears. And it/he/she was just looking at me.

   I couldn’t move; I couldn’t think. We were just watching each other. And then there was that scream again.    

    I jumped out of my bed, slammed the laptop down, threw some shorts and shoes on, and grabbed my laptop. The hairs on my neck stood up; the dark apartment that was normally a comfort to me, was foreign and hostile. Fuck this. I grabbed my keys, ran out the door, down the buildings dark hall, and started down the stairwell. I thought I heard something below me, and stopped for a second to see if I could hear it again. When nothing happened, I continued running down the stairs and out the building.

I got in my car, and dropped my keys as I tried to put them in the ignition. I managed to get them in the second try and as shaken up as I was, I made it into town without smashing into anything. I pulled into the lot of a grocery store, got out, picked up my laptop, and chucked it into the dumpster. I hurried back into my car and just sat there for a moment.

  After I had calmed down a bit, I thought maybe that was a bit of an over reaction; I could’ve just turned it off, and taken it to geeksquad, or thrown it in my own dumpster, but honestly that incident scared the shit out of me, and I wanted my computer far, far away from me. I drove back home, thinking whatever that was, it was over.

    A few days went by, and nothing particularly eventful happened, and I was putting that whole thing behind me. Until I started getting the packages. Unmarked boxes started arriving for me; a clay pot, a knife, there was no pattern, no sense to it.  I needed to find out what the hell was going on, so I followed my only lead and started asking my friends about that guy at the party. The one who started all of this. Of course I didn’t have a name so a vague physical description was all I could give them. No surprise every time I asked someone about him, they didn’t know who I was talking about. Until I asked my friend Donnie.

Turns out the creeps name was Mark, and they go way back. And Mark hasn’t been heard from lately. But Donnie was able to give me Marks address. Turns out he only lived a couple blocks from me. I was going to go over there and ask him what the hell 466453 is, and what is going on.

“Tell Mark to call me sometime,” Donnie yelled back to me. “That guy’s hilarious.”

     I plugged his address into my phone’s GPS, and started walking there. I had a few hours before class and I wanted some answers so I could actually focus on something besides this shit.

    "You’ve arrived at your destination,“ a robotic voice called out from my phone.

    The first thing I noticed about Mark’s house, was that it was a dump. The second thing I noticed was an eviction notice on the front door.

    "Fucking great,” I let out, exasperatedly. I was going to go back to class, with no answers, and go back home to deal with god knows what there; I couldn’t take it. I was desperate. I walked over to the windows and cupped my hands around my face to look in. Maybe he hadn’t left yet, maybe he was home. It was dark inside, there was a lot of empty space, but as I peered through the dusty window I noticed some boxes against the back wall, and then to the corner furniture covered by cloths.

    "Shit, Fuck!“ It was the room on my computer screen the other night. I nearly tripped backwards turning around, and I fucking ran. Either Mark has been the one doing this or… I didn’t even want to consider the other option. Either way I was calling the cops. Its funny, when this stuff is happening on the internet, you think it’s some sicko thousands of miles away. In some small town in Wisconsin probably. You never expect them to be local.

    "Maybe he’s not really a local,” I thought to myself as I sprinted, a million scenarios racing through my mind. I ran into my apartment building, and started leaping up the stairway, two stairs at a time. I wanted to just get into my apartment, and gather my thoughts for a moment and call the police. This whole thing was way the fuck out of hand.

“Maybe he just gets people’s IP address and heads to their city.”  Visions of some tech savvy, grifter popped, uninvited, into my mind. I ran down my hallway. “I mean he clearly got my address from my computer or - he knows where I live.” The thought made my stomach drop, my blood became icy, and I felt the life drain out of me. “How could I have forgotten he knows where I live?” I asked myself numbly, as I stood there at my door looking down at a new package that had arrived for me.

    I just stood there looking at my door, time suspended. I could go in, and risk him possibly being in there waiting for me, or I could just leave. “Of course,” I began to rationalize to myself, “if he were in there waiting to kill me or something, it wouldn’t really make sense to leave a package I’d never open.” I can’t really explain why I wanted to go in. The more reasonable thing to do would’ve been to call the cops and run out the building. Maybe it’s because it was MY home and I had some primal need to defend it, or maybe I was desperate for an answer to all of this, I really don’t know.

But I felt my hand, slowly going for my keys. I bent down picked up the package - no return address - and slowly put the key into the door nob. It’s like I was someone else, watching me. The door opened slowly, and I peeked through the opening.     

    And it was just how I left it. Nothing disturbed, no one waiting to kill me. I jumped inside, shut my door, locked it, and put the package on the kitchen table. I grabbed a knife to open what I was determined to make the last creepy package I’d ever get. As I held the knife, a thought occurred to me that this was the knife I had received from either Mark, or the mysterious grifter.  I almost laughed. I sliced through the tape that sealed my new gift, opened the box up, and looked down to see my laptop with a post it note stuck to the top. “Turn it on” was all that was written on the note.

    I reached into my pocket, grabbed my phone, and dialed 911. I explained to the operator my situation, as best I could. I probably sounded like a crazy person, but she said an officer would be right over. Ten minutes or so went by, maybe it was more, maybe it was less, I don’t really know. I was sitting in my chair when I thought I heard something out my door. I jumped up and thinking of the police, whipped the door open.

    And there, laying on the floor, was Mark’s severed head, bleeding out in front of my door. My phone beeped. Numbly and instinctively, I reached into my pocked and pulled it out. I looked at it to see I had a new email. From myself. “Marks dead now. You killed Mark.” I just stood there, looking at his dead unblinking eyes.

    I’m writing this now, as a wait for the police to show up, because really I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. A man’s severed head is in front of my door.

   I want you to go to 466453.com and look something up. I think if you’re tech savvy, maybe you can find out who this psycho is or where he’s at. If you’re not, you can still use the site and help me. If this happens to someone else it’ll prove I didn’t kill Mark, and that my story is legit. So type 466453.com into your browser, and let’s see what happens. Please help me.

Pokemon Go!AU | jungkook

aka you’re valor (trash) and i’m mystic and listen here asshole, stop trying to take my gym. who the fuck aRE you i will fight you irl 

jimin ver. / yoongi ver. / namjoon ver.

big thanks to @0pp-a for being a loser the iconic prompt

  • team: valor 
  • username: pokekook
  • current level: 23
  • fav pokemon: his CP 1864 gyarados named g-dragon fuckin op much
  • when pokemon go first came out, jungkook was literally the first of all his friends to download it L OL
  • he grasped onto the whole concept of evolving and raising pokemon cp really quickly. he’s like one of those pokemon go pros you’d direct your dumb questions to
  • his starter was charmander bc it was his personal fav when he was smol
  • he also chose charmander bc he thinks that having a charizard in the future will be super cool
  • jokes on him tho since the charmander was cp 10 and he’s not about to go through all that stardust just to get it to a higher cp lmAo
  • at level 5 he joined team valor bc he loves the color red and fire is his fav pokemon type also bc he is trash
  • at first he was really chill abt being on team valor but as time went on he became the liTERAL definition of VALOR SCUM
  • early on in the game when everyone was still p nooby he’d be at level 13 taking down like,,, eVERY gym in sight bc his team was so stacked 
  • “this is team valor territory!!” oK U NERD
  • he’d legit walk around downtown like everyday at 11 am sharp just to hit his daily pokestops (bc there were sO many downtown) and he’d catch so much fucking pokemon while he was at it
  • it gave him a shit ton of stardust + exp and he was able to hatch eggs while going out on walks so everything was pretty a1
  • speaking of eggs he remembers the first time he hatched his first magikarp from a 2km egg
  • he was like ????? wHAT?? especially since he used one of the limited use incubators u get from leveling up to hatch it,, he was so tilted omg
  • it was a cp 486 magikarp tho so like… he couldnt just let this beauty go to waste 
  • not to mention he got like 33 candies just from hatching it
  • he made it a mission to be one of the first users to get a gyarados and that’s exactly what he ended up dOING
  • it took him like a week or so to evolve his magikarp. he’d visit the beach to just relax and catch a shit ton of magikarp while he was at it
  • it was truly an Experience
  • what made it even mOre of an experience was the person he met while trying to take over a team mystic gym at the beach lighthouse
  • while battling the gym with his cp 1200 gyarados he’d just hear someone ranting off in the distance like “wHo tHE HECk IS trYING to take down MY GYM” and hE’D JUST SNICKER BC WTF IT’S HIM. HE’S THE ONE TRYING TO TAKE DOWN UR GYM
  • u’d notice him laughing and ur just like “theY’VE TAKEN DOWN LIKE 4 OF MY GYMS ALREADY” and he’s just like “gg”
  • again, VALOR SCUM
  • anyways ur just here groaning and he’s just laughing his ass off until the 2 of u end up conversing a lil bc u guys r both pokemon go players and w/e,, he’d show u his team and ur just like :0 shit he stronk
  • at the time he was only lvl 17 but he already had a 1.2k cp gyarados as well as a few others such as his cp 1012 flareon, cp 1109 pinsir, cp 892 dragonair (that he was super close to evolving!! u were so jealous) and no lie ur super intimidated bc wtf the game only came out recently and he’s already so good
  • not to mention he is kind of cUTe
  • the thing that helps tho is the fact that all his pokemon have really cute nicknames like he named his gyarados g-dragon FFS
  • anyways u’d notice his gyarados is at a gym and so ur just like “what gym did u take down??” aNd he’s just there sheepishly laughing and scratching the back of his neck with his hand until he’s like “this one”
  • and at first ur just like “oh that’s cool!” but then u realize
  • this punk just took down ur gym
  • and then u’d realize that
  • this punk took down a multiple amount of ur gyms
  • aNd then U’D REALIZE THAT
  • the worst part of it all is that u know ur fucking it up with a cute dude who also happens to like pokemon go but u will never let this go??? neVER EVER
  • after like, a full minute of u just ranting to him abt the struggles he’s given u he sincerely apologizes to u bc like,, he didn’t mean to he’s just tryna take over the whole city and make it valor territory u feel
  • so u accept his apology bc he’s cute and pretty aight but then ur like “can i have my gym back then” and he’s like “no” aNd THIS IS LIKE. THE START OF UR RIVALRY WITH HIM
  • it also helps that ur team mystic and he’s team valor. incredible
  • you initially wanted this to be a rivalry btwn the both of u but honestly the two of u just bond over pokemon go while making banter over each other’s teams
  • “wanna go out to the beach to pokemon hunt??” 
  • “not with ur valor scum ass” 
  • “fINE THEN” 
  • “im kidding let’s go i want a squirtle”
  • “join team mystic jin, join the Cool Kids”
  • “team mystic? more like team mistake”
  • “team valor??? more like team virgin, bitch ass”
  • “hEY”
  • “u cant even make the team valor hand symbol. Trash”
  • “shut uP”
  • honestly every time this happens the rest of bts is like “oh god” but they just let u two argue bc they know none of u mean harm since ur guys’ crush on each other is so fuckign obvious bYe,
  • one day he catches a cp 722 vaporeon out of fucking nowhere and he screenshots it to send to u and u are so pRessed bc literally???? hOW???
  • “bc im a team valor duh” SHU T UP
  • ur salty as hell but then he’s like “i think i’m gonna name it after you” and you’re just like “why” and he’s like “it’s cute. like u” and ur like,,,, huh, 
  • that was v sweet and a not valor-like thing to do
  • honestly u guys spend so much time playing pokemon go together like it’s literally how the two of u met but as time went on the both of u create a genuine friendship with one another and Hey this is really Nice??
  • over time u find out that he’s a really good singer and he’s liked video games ever since he was smol and he owns a shiT TOn of white shirts (which isnt all that important but still noteworthy lol). he makes it a goal to memorize and rap the whole pokemon rap to u and even goes to naMjoon for help LMAOOO
  • “jungkook they’re literally just stating the pokemon names. you don’t really need my help on this lol”
  • “shut up i need ur flow”
  • on a hunt one day the both of u r lounging around between two pokestops next to each other with ur lure modules up and he’s just like “hey y/n”
  • and ur like “what”
  • and he’s like “i got something to show u” and u groan and ask “what is it tHIS time”
  • he gets off the pokemon go app to go on youtube and ur just like ummm?? and then he buSts out the instrumental for the pokemon rap and ur like oH GOD
  • BUT SURPRISE HE’S REALLY GOOD AND AT ONE POINT YOU’RE SINGING ALONG AND UR REALLY IMPRESSED AND AFTERWARDS HE’S LIKE ya i did that,, what a fuckign nerd honestly but he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to impress his crush u know
  • even tho ur feud with him over mystic and valor is still an ongoing thing, the bickering between the both of u calms down after a while,, it’s still a daily thing tho but now without all the roasting l o l
  • one day you’re trying to log onto ur acc but pokemon go kept saying u were already logged on to a different phone and ur like “wHAt” 
  • so u text jungkook to ask him why it keeps doing the Thing and he casually brushes it off and is like “oh yea im on ur account rn but dw i’ll be off in a bit”
  • aNd you’re just sitting there like ????? why,
  • he texts u when he logs off and ur just wondering there like “why tf were u on my account in the first place r u trying to sAbotage me” but he’s all “go check and see for yourself”
  • but then u look at each of the nicknames and they make no fucking sense whatsoever like one of them’s named “i’m” and another one’s named “in” and “sorry” and “you” and what the fuck is this Mess
  • so then you rearrange the order from highest cp to lowest and the names start to form a somewhat cohesive message and
  • ????????
  • what
  • huh
  • when arranged from highest to lowest the team says “sorry but you i’m in think i with love”
  • and ur just over here looking at ur phone screen like,,, what in the actual fuck is going on
  • so u message jungkook asking him “what the hell is this” and he’s over here acting all fake oblivious and shit like “what are you talking about??” bC HE THINKS U’VE SEEN WHAT HE WAS TRYING TO SAY BUT IN REALITY UR JUST CONFUSED AS HEL L
  • so u screenshot ur team full of fUCKInf vaporeons and send it to him and ur like. “im talking abt this.”
  • he sees the screenshot and looks at the message he wrote out using the nicknames tOTally jumbled up and not in order and god it was at this moment jungkook knew he fucked up
  • so he takes the time to actually call u about this instead of texting bc
  • 1.) he’s too lazy to type the full explanation out
  • 2.) he’d rather not say what he’s about to say thru…. text
  • and 3.) he just wanTs to tALK
  • he’s greeted with “dude, what is this? i’ve literally been trying to decipher the message for the past 10 minutes wtf” and he’s just thinking to himself like r u,,, really this,, oblivious 
  • he just chuckles over the phone as if everything’s fine and this totally isn’t a big deal but this situation is the complete opposite because everything is nOT fine and this is a big deal and oh god jungkook way to fucking go ur about to fuck up one of the best relationships u have with someone
  • after a few moments of silence (literally just u still trying to figure out what all the nicknames mean and him waiting impatiently on the other end for his life to be over already) he peeps up and he’s like, “try rearranging the pokemon in order from most to least recent”
  • “why tho”
  • “just do it”
  • and ur just like “well shit ok lol” so u do the thing and !!!!!! 
  • hey!!! 
  • the whole thing makes sense now!!
  • “jungkook!!”
  • “yeah?”
  • “yeah??”
  • on the other side of the phone jungkook’s biting his lip and waiting for u to get over the high of finally figuring out his message like,, he just wants to know did he fuck up or did he fuck up or did he f-
  • all of a sudden he hears u go silent over the phone so he’s like “y/n??” and ur like “yeah?” and he’s like ,,,,,,how are u feeling abt this
  • and at this point he’s expecting the absolute wORST but then ur just like “oh i already knew you liked me it’s not that big of a deal” and he’s like wHhHhAT
  • and ur just like “yeah it was p obvious” and then he’s like “whAT” all over again
  • “also don’t tell yoongi i told u this but he confirmed it for me”
  • ok but despite all of this the whole thing is pretty sweet and thoughtful bc the 2 of u met through pokemon and that’s how u both became really good pals and now he’s confessing to you tHROUgh pokemon and it may sound lame and dorky as hell but hey… lame and dorky are the 2 adjectives that best describe ur guys’ relationship
  • he goes on to explain how he was out all morning catching eevees and naming aLL of them rainer just to evolve them into vaporeons (nifty hack for pokemon go pros) bc he’s said before in the past that u remind him of vaporeon and while he’s describing his whole plan ur just thinking to urself like… how were u not on the app at the time he was on ur acc LOL
  • afterwards you’re just like “i can’t believe u confessed to me thru pOKEMON” and he’s like “well. how else would i have done it” and ur just like ?????? uM??? maybe just tell me upfront abt ur feelings???
  • “that’s lame tho” he says 
  • after the whole confession dilemma the two of u definitely become better as a duo and even tho the both of u sTILL fight over mystic and valor u guys build an even more intense hatred towards team instinct (poor jimin and hoseok they’re literally the butt of all ur jokes)
  • u guys still go out for daily walks n shit for pokemon hunting + pokestops but now!! with a shit ton of hand holding and pda and all that couple stuff
  • one time y’all were walking around the park holding hands with ur phones in ur pockets (w/ the pokemon go app still on ofc) just enjoying the scenery until jungkook feels a vibration in his pants pocket and next thing u know he’s yelling like
  • and ur just there like “U ARE SO UNROMANTIC U KNOW THAT????”
  • literally anytime the two of u go out somewhere someone just hAS to invite the other one out with them
  • “im going to the market u gonna come??”
  • “ya i need to gain more exp from pidgey farming ill meet u at the dorm”
  • he sWEARS his favorite pokemon is his cp 1800+ gyarados (who could ever forget g-dragon) but his vaporeon he has named after u is an extremeLY close second,, he’s been trying really hard to get its cp to surpass his gyarados but shh he’ll never tell u that hAH
  • ANYWAYS tl;dr… u and jungkook r the most extra couple in the universe. i mean ffs the 2 of u literally met bc he kept taking down ur pokemon gyms and u guys have the lamest rivalry ever and he’s a big nerd baby who confesses to u through pokemon but yall love each other anyway. truly iconic

thanks for reading!! i may or may not be continuing this series for the other members depending on feedback but either way i really enjoyed writing this!! 

Preference 2: He accidentally breaks your phone but he makes up for it

Louis: Well today was like any other lazy day and you and Louis were both cuddled up in each others arms and enjoying each others company. ” Babe I am so in the mood for playing some football right now” Louis says out of the blue. “But it’s our lazy day” you whine. “Well we’re still going to be together that’s what matters right?” he questions. “I guess so” you mumble. “Well come on and get off your lazy bum cause we are leaving to the park in like 10 minutes” he says kissing your cheek. “Ughhhh” you groan while getting up and going to your room to get dressed. Like Louis predicted in the next 10 minutes both you and him were off to the park and during the car ride you were just on your phone going through your social media. “Why’d you bring your phone love?” Louis asks. “Because I need it” you reply. “For what exactly?” he asks. “For emergencies” you say. “Right” he says exaggerating. “Whatever, just be happy I agreed to come” you say while pecking his cheek. “You’re right” he replies. You guys soon arrive to the park, while walking over to the soccer field you quickly check your phone for any new notifications. “Babe can you please make a sacrifice to just let go of the phone for just a little while” Louis whines. “Hold on just a sec” you say eyes not leaving the screen. You hear Louis groan then turned quiet for a while and then before you know it your phone got snatched out of your hands by Louis. “Babe give it back” you say. “Nope” Louis says emphasizing the ”P”. “Come on give it back please” you whine trying to reach for your phone but you were too short so you were basically jumping and on your tippy toes to try and reach your phone. “Well then I guess you have to catch me then” he says while running off. You run after him sort of giggling in the process because you were sort of having fun. You almost caught up to him when you suddenly hear something fall out of his hands. “Oh shit!!” he yells. Thinking it was Louis phone you went to him to comfort him telling him he can just get a new one but when you reach Louis you noticed it wasn’t his phone but yours. “Louis!” you gasped. “Babe I’m so sorry it just slipped from my hand and I couldn’t catch it in time” he rambles. “Just let me see it please” you say. He hands you your now broken phone seeing no chance in repairing, the damage was too much for them to replace the screen itself you immediately start crying. Louis soon notices and tries to comfort you “Babe don’t worry we will get you a new one” he suggests. “Louis it’s not the phone that I’m mad about it’s the memories. I’ve had every single picture and video from when we first started dating” you sobbed. “Babe I’m-” he was soon cut off by you. “Can we just please go home” you say. “Sure” he replies. The car ride back was silent and very very awkward. When you guys reach the house you head to yours and Louis shared bedroom and slammed the door shut to signal that you didn’t want to be bothered. You cry yourself to sleep and you were awoken by Louis shaking you to get up. “Y/N Y/N get up please” he says shaking you awake. “Mmmmmm” you stir from your slumber. “Look” he says showing you the box of a new phone. You slowly sit up and take the box from his hands. “Thanks Louis but it’s not the same. All of the memories on the old one meant a lot to me and I just find it depressing to have to start from scratch” you say. “Y/N just open it and you’ll see my surprise I have for you” he says wrapping an arm around you. “What?” you ask confused. “Just open it” he whines. “Ok ok” you say. You open the box to find a brand new phone you grab it and turned it on. “Ok what is the big surprise?” you ask. “Look” he says pressing the photos app. You gasped and see all your old photos and videos not believing of what was happening. “But how?” you asked shocked. “Well I managed to back up all the photos and videos onto my computer and when I got the new phone I just downloaded it onto the new one” he explains. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!” you repeat while throwing yourself on top of him kissing every part of his face. “I love you too babe. Now how about we have a lazy day just you, me, and the TV.” he suggests. “I’d love too” you agreed. And the rest of the day you and Louis do absolutely nothing but cuddle into each other’s arms like earlier.

Niall: It was the hottest time of the year and you and Niall were desperately trying to find something to do to cool yourselves off. “Another popsicle?” you ask. “Definitely” he replies. Both of you were cooling yourselves off by eating popsicles the whole time. “What should we do to cool ourselves off besides eating popsicles the whole time” Niall asks. “I have no idea” you say. “How ‘bout we go to the pool” Niall suggests. “That sounds like a plan” you reply. “Well let’s get going then” he says. You guys change and soon leave desperate to cool off and when you arrive both of you dash to the pool, Niall jumps in first. “Come on Y/N the water is perfect” Niall says while swimming around in the water. “Hold on I’m just putting our stuff down then I’m going to put sunscreen real quick then I’ll be able to join you” you explain. “Ughhh” he groans. You soon put your sunscreen on and you grabbed your phone to put a timer on so you know when you can jump in but before that you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and throw you in the pool. “Wait Niall I still have my pho-” you were soon cut off when you reached the water. You popped your head out of the water and was searching for your phone. “Where it is? Where is it?” you repeatedly question yourself. Niall see’s you and questions what’s wrong “Babe what are you looking for?” he asks. “I’m looking for my phone. I told you before you threw me in that I had my phone on me!” you yell. “Sorry princess I didn’t hear you” he says. “Wait I think I found it” you say. You dive into the water and reach for your phone then reach the surface examining it.  "Maybe we can put it in rice, I’ve heard that works" Niall suggests. “No it won’t it’s been in the water for a while and I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work no matter how many days I put it in” you say crying. “Princess please don’t cry you know I hate it when I see you cry” Niall says. “I know but I’ve just taken so good care of this phone for so long and to me it’s an accomplishment because of the other ones I have broken in the past” you explain while sitting on the edge. “Don’t worry princess I’ll get you a new one” Niall says. “And?” you ask. “And what?” Niall asks confused. “And what else would you give me?” you ask joking around. “And I’ll treat you to a shopping spree” he says laughing. “And?” you giggle. “And I’ll do the chores for the rest of the month” he smiles. “And?” you say not controlling your laughter. “And you’ll get unlimited of these” he says puckering his lips and moving closer to you but before he can kiss you you push him into the water. “Hey!” he exclaims before pulling you in with him. “So do we have a deal?” he asks. “Eh why not” you say before kissing him. “That’s my girl” he mutters before deepening the kiss.

hello my lovelies I will be posting the other boys later today but I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what the new preference was.

Xoxo ;)