i think the title of my book of comics will be 'why i never do anything ever'

Goosebumps Title Asks

Welcome to Dead House - Have you ever moved to a new home?
Stay Out of the Basement - Are you hiding anything…?
Monster Blood - How tall are you? Would you change your height if given the chance?
Say Cheese and Die - What is your favorite photo of yourself? Could you share it?
The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb - Do you believe in curses and bad luck?
Lets Get Invisible - Have you ever wished you could trade places with someone else for a day?
Night of the Living Dummy - Do you constantly try to one-up your siblings? If you don’t have siblings, do you constantly try to one-up other people? 
The Girl Who Cried Monster - Can you recall a time that people did not believe you about something, even though you were telling the truth?
Welcome to Camp Nightmare - What lengths have you gone through to pass a test?
The Ghost Next Door - If you could choose how you were going to die, how would you go and why?
The Haunted Mask - What do you consider to be a “symbol of love” in your life?
Be Careful What You Wish For - If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Piano Lessons can be Murder - Do you have any musical talent? What kind of instrument(s) can you play?
The Werewolf of Fever Swamp - Would you adopt a stray animal? Have you?
You Can’t Scare Me - What is your biggest fear?
One Day at Horrorland - Do you enjoy rides? What is your favorite ride?
Why I’m Afraid of Bees - Do you kill insects or let them outside?
Deep Trouble - Do you like to swim? A pool or the ocean?
The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight - Do you have any bizarre family/close family friends? What do they do that’s so out of the norm?
Go Eat Worms - Have you ever ruined someone else’s hard work?
Ghost Beach - Do you have any unusual hobbies that other people may judge you for?
Phantom of the Auditorium - Have you ever been to or been in a play? What play(s) have you gone to/been to?
Attack of the Mutant - Who is your favorite comic book Super-Villain?
My Hairiest Adventure - How did you react when you reached puberty? How about when you started to grow hair in weird places?
A Night in Terror Tower - Have you ever traveled to another country? Where did you go and what kinds of things did you experience?
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom - If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?
It Came from Beneath the Sink - How often do you compliment others? How often do you insult others?
The Barking Ghost - Are you a dog person or a cat person?
The Horror at Camp Jellyjam - Have you ever tried so hard to win something that you realized wasn’t worth winning in the first place?
Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes - Have you ever been accused of something you never did?
A Shocker on Shock Street - What is your favorite genre of movie? What is your favorite movie of that genre?
The Headless Ghost - Do you enjoy scaring others? Or do you enjoy being scared yourself?
The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena - Do you prefer the cold weather or the hot weather? 
How I got my Shrunken Head - Do you own any rare or bizarre artifacts?
Bad Hare Day - Are you into magic tricks? Can you perform any?
Egg Monsters from Mars - What is your favorite holiday?
The Beast from the East - What is your favorite outdoors game to play?
Ghost Camp - What is your favorite summer-time activity?
How to Kill a Monster - What are you allergic to (if anything at all)?
Legend of the Lost Legend - Have you ever gone treasure-hunting or geocaching? 
Attack of the Jack'O'Lanterns -  What is your favorite Halloween costume (that you’ve worn or seen someone else wear)?
Vampire Breath - Are you forgetful and often misplace important things?
Calling All Creeps - Have you ever received and answered a strange call from an unknown number?
Beware the Snowman - What is your favorite thing to do in the snow? 
How I Learned to Fly - Do you wish to be famous? Do you think being famous would ruin who you are?
Chicken Chicken - Have you ever done something that has caused you to regret it once you received the consequences?
Don’t Go to Sleep - What keeps you up at night?
The Blob that Ate Everyone - What kind of things do you like to write about (if anything at all)?
The Curse of Camp Cold Lake - Do you treat others with the same respect they treat you?
My Best Friend is Invisible - Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever gone ghost hunting?
The Haunted School - What is your favorite subject in school? What is your least favorite subject?
Werewolf Skin - Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?
I Live in your Basement - Are your parents extremely over-protective or are they under-protective?

zarohk  asked:

So, I'm not totally sure the timelines match up, but do you think that Rachel's sisters (especially Sarah who is younger and more naive) could have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and decided that Rachel is the Slayer? Goes out at night, all hours, secret boyfriend who only visits her at night, can't tell their single mom, etc.

[First of all: the timelines do actually match up quite well.  In #20 there’s a brief mention of David’s dad (of all people) watching Buffy on TV, and although Animorphs started and ended first most of its run overlaps with Buffy.  Second, I LOVE this idea so much.  Rachel and Buffy are two of the people who were massively influential in teaching me and my friends that it was possible to be girly and tough at the same time.  Third… Voila.]

It starts as a way to distract her sisters, on the nights when their mom can’t make it home and their dad is too busy to call—Rachel will put on whichever Buffy episode she’s got saved in the DVR and all three of them will watch it together.  However, all three of them fall in love with the show over time, until they’re catching each episode live: Sarah laughs at all the puns and hums along with the theme song while Jordan waxes poetical about how dreamy Spike and Angel are.  

Rachel just loves Buffy herself, because there aren’t enough girls on TV that can look that fabulous and kick butt at the same time.  It becomes a weekly ritual, one that Rachel sometimes has to miss if Cassie or Jake calls with urgent news, but she’ll put aside anything short of the alien invasion to catch it with her sisters.


Jordan meets Rachel at the door, which is a bad sign because their mom and Sarah are both asleep and Rachel herself went to bed six hours ago.  The mission was long, nasty, and exhausting, the way they always are, and Rachel’s too keyed-up from the adrenaline rush to think of a proper excuse for why she’s sneaking in.  

She and Jordan stare at each other in silence for a few seconds, Rachel leaning on the door frame, Jordan holding a comic book in both hands as she sits on the end table in the foyer.  Jordan becomes the first one to speak.  “Sarah and I were talking,” she says.  “And I think we figured it out.”  

Rachel feels her stomach churn.  She’s not as careful with her sisters as her mom.  She never has been.  “Figured what out?”

“It’s okay.”  Jordan clutches her comic book a little more closely, expression solemn.  “We won’t tell Mom.”

Rachel crosses her arms.  “Won’t tell her what, exactly?”

Jordan thrusts the comic book at Rachel.  The cover shows a girl—Buffy Summers, judging by the title—holding a wooden stake in one hand and a sword in the other, her blond hair whirling around her as she thrusts the sword at a spike-covered greyish creature in the corner of the frame.  

Rachel takes a step back from the comic, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.  

“It explains everything.  Where you sneak out to almost every night.  Why you’ve got blood under your fingernails half the time when you get home.  Why you’ve got a secret boyfriend who only comes out at night—”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Rachel says reflexively.

Jordan nods, eyes wide.  “Uh-huh.  So you definitely weren’t seen by half the school at last week’s dance with a mysterious guy who has blond hair and is never seen around town.  You don’t have a boyfriend, even though I’ve heard people talking in your room in the middle of the night.  And you always leave your window open, even—especially—when it rains.  Almost like you’re waiting for a secret vampire boy—”

Rachel snorts a laugh.  “Tobias isn’t a vampire.”

Which has exactly the opposite effect than the one she intended.  “Oh my god,” Jordan whispers.  “Tobias as in that guy who disappeared last year? Everyone thought he died—” She gasps.  “Unless he did die.  And now he’s back!”

Much as Rachel wants to laugh and keep laughing until she falls over, she understands that this conversation actually has serious implications.  With effort she sobers herself.  “Look,” she says at last.  “There are things… Things I can’t tell you.  You wouldn’t be safe if I did.”  

She looks Jordan in the eye.  Jordan is taking this conversation seriously—probably more seriously than Rachel herself, for that matter.  “I understand,” Jordan says.  

“As soon as…”  As soon as the war’s over.  “As soon as it’s safe.  I’ll tell you everything.  Right now, there are things I can’t talk to you, or to Mom, about.  But someday I will.  I promise.”  Rachel can’t be more honest than that.  

“Okay.”  Jordan bites her lip.  “I just wanted you to know your secret’s safe with me.  And if you ever need help, like, hiding a body…”

Rachel smiles, overwhelmed with fondness.  “Thanks.”  She yawns.  “Now, if it’s all right with you, Dawn…”

Jordan makes a face.  

“I’m wiped, so I’m going to bed.”  She walks past Jordan and up the stairs to her room.  


She turns around.  Jordan is standing at the bottom of the stairs, hugging her comic book against her chest with both hands.  

“On the show,” she says haltingly.  “They say a lot about how slaying’s a dangerous job.  About how most slayers don’t live to be twenty.”  There’s real fear in her eyes, as she looks up at her sister.  

Rachel grins, tossing her hair over her shoulder.  “Really, Jordan, you should learn not to believe everything you see on TV.  After all, it’s just a show.  No vampire’s gonna take me down.”  


“You know, my sister thinks you’re William the Bloody.”

«Who’s that, a spokesman for Kotex?»


She doesn’t get much input on the actual headstone; she’s too young for that.  She does, however, manage to put in a special request for the plaque on the statue they erect outside of Washington D.C., a proud grizzly bear rearing up to defend the Capitol.  

Rachel Daniella Berenson, the plaque reads.  She saved the world.  A lot.  

edg3ydaddies  asked:

I really hope DC goes through with a BatCat wedding, I don't understand why Superman and all the Flashes, and Green Arrow get to be married and they still have good and interesting storylines that revolve around their married life and super hero life but somehow that would ruin Batman? The man has five kids, his comics are usually about his family ANYWAY how would marrying Catwoman going to ruin his storylines? It gives us a new chance to explore a new part of Bruce's life we haven't seen before

“The man has five kids, his comics are usually about his family ANYWAY how would marrying Catwoman going to ruin his storylines?”

That’s something I’ve been saying A LOT. Dude has already adopted a bunch of children??? He is a loving man ALREADY, yes, he is broody as fuck, a sarcastic motherfucker and the most paranoid superhero ever, but he is also VERY human, brave and kind. Batman, when written well, can be a wonderful round character. Earth 2 Bruce Wayne is married, has a kid and is ALL of those things. The idea Bruce will suffer a personality transplant because of marriage is kinda ridiculous, many superheroes and villains are married and are still doing their thing, I mean even fucking Deadpool was married, DEADPOOL…

*I digress*

Also, why do people think his comic book will suddenly focus solely on his domestic life just because he is married? Even on the main Superman title the action and villains and the endless plots to destroy the world are the focus of the stories… NOT his marriage. Yesterday a twitter follower told me the reason why some people might oppose to this was because for many the idea of marriage is boring and dull. Would you say Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s life is boring and dull? Would you say they are a boring couple because they are married? What about Arthur and Mera? Barda and Scott? Ollie and Dinah? Yeah, these people totally let themselves go after marriage, they are totally not kicking asses and being iconic. Sure.

The bottom line here is that DC still trying hard to sell tragic Batman (a very tired trope if you ask me), it doesn’t have anything to do with his relationship with Catwoman in particular (or any of his previous girlfriends tbh). If anything the only reason they didn’t killed the romance completely is because they know they are a popular pairing, when they need that cash flowing they always use the romance trump card. But in the end, they don’t have the courage to pull the trigger and do something different, so we are always stuck in this cycle.

Anyways, fun fact: my happy ending for batcat never included marriage, mostly because we always project our own expectations into our ships, but in Bruce’s case it kinda makes sense you know? His parents were happily married; he was raised by Alfred (who despite being a kick-ass very unconventional butler, still holds some traditional values), so yeah, I do think Bruce would see marriage as a way to pursue happiness with a significant other.

To be honest, the greatest and most unexpected plot twist DC could deliver us now is a happily married Batman. That is the ONLY thing it would shock all of us og comic book readers.

BTS Reacts to Their Friend Wondering About Love Pt. 1


“You’re joking right?” Yoongi says, never looking up from his phone.

“I’m not! That has to be the reason no one likes me!”

He rolls his eyes. “Y/N, you’re gorgeous,” he says nonchalantly.

“Yoongi~~~” you shove him playfully, pretending to be annoyed to hide your embarrassment.

“What?” He shrugs. He always made it seem like he was never fully invested in anything, but here he is giving you such a sweet compliment.

“Well…I just wonder what that’s like, you know? Having someone like you…Having them love you regardless of all your flaws,”

There is a silence….

He stares at you in disgust. “…That’s so cheesy,” he gives you a side glance and you roll your eyes at him this time. The pen in your hand begins to tap uncontrollably as your thoughts deepen. Your eyes stare blankly as your lips frown. He notices and decides to take a picture of you, unable to control his dry chuckles. You stare at him, pouting and it only makes him laugh harder. “Cute,” he says between laughs to himself, looking at the picture he had just taken. At this point you begin ignoring him, still pouting to yourself.

“Oh please, you don’t need anyone. You have me.”


It had been the third time you painted your nails and removed the undesired color. The outer edges of your fingers were stained by the remanence of fresh polish and the tips felt dried by the overuse of acetone. You stare at your fingers, frustrated. Nothing worked…You heart stammered a bit as the self-consciousness began to grow in your chest. Who could ever like someone like you?

You breathed in, cutting your self-loathing thoughts midway, and began to pack your polishes and used cotton balls. You often chose to sit in the park to paint your nails, since they would dry faster and the scent from the acetone wouldn’t concentrate near your nose. The issue with this is that you are not in the privacy of your home, where no one can bother you while you — in your depressed state. Instead, it being a weekend and all, sitting the park subjugated you to the company of many young people. One of them being Park Jimin, a neighborhood guy you grew up with.

He sees you in the distance. “Y/N!” he yells as he makes his way closer to you. “What’s up?” He looks down at you and the first thing his eyes notice are the state of your fingers.

“Nothing really…” you say, your voice beginning to leave you. The world could not have hated you more. Here you are, in such an ugly state, feeling sorry for yourself in front of Jimin. You hide your hands in your sweater sleeves, feeling embarrassed for yourself. He turns his head slightly.

“You okay?” he asks honestly.

“…No…I…” you look at your sleeves where your hands are hiding before your sight becomes blurred by the tears filling them. Today wasn’t a good day for you. You suddenly pick up your bags in an attempt to leave when Jimin grabs your arms.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“…I…I feel so stupid,” you say quietly. “Why do I even try? I mean…who would ever like someone like me?” There was a moment of silence with you looking at the ground and Jimin looking at you, unsure how to respond. Then you finally begin again, “I wonder what that feels like… Loving someone and having them, well, having them actually love you back?”

Jimin shakes his head and slowly looks for your hidden hands. He holds them in his, rubbing the tips of your fingers gently. “You don’t have to do this…Don’t do this to yourself. You’re fine the way you are, Y/N” he looks up from your hands. “I promise, you are the prettiest already.”


You were eating lunch at a nearby café catching up on some comic book reading when your close friend Taehyung suddenly sits in the chair across from yours. He pushes your book down onto the table with a smile that is full of excitement. You stare at him hoping for an explanation but are only disappointed with his simple “Hi!”

“Hey Tae. Sorry, now isn’t a good time…” you say, picking up your book again.

“What~? Why?” he whines, pushing your book down once again.

“Uh, I’m just…doing some thinking.” You explain. Your gaze falls onto your book.

Taehyung reads the title of your book, realizing that you were reading a romantic comic again. He sighs loudly and you look up at him, wide eyed and surprised at his reaction.

“What? Are you dreaming about a guy like him?” He points at the character’s face. His face deepens into a pout. “I think I’d be way cooler than him,”


“You want to see? I can show you what it feels like to be loved by a real man, Y/N.” He says boldly, his eyes locked on yours. You find yourself so shocked that no words come into mind for a decent response…Is he…Is he serious? Little do you know that Tae is completely serious, he just uses this playfulness to boost his ego and make his attraction to you less tense.

“Y/N,” He says, his voice deep and steady, as he extends his hand waiting for yours.

You stare at him and ask, “What is this?” but his only response is his raised eyebrows and that infamous stare of his. He doesn’t move his hand as he patiently waits for you to accept it. You sigh, unsure why you decide to play along, and give him your hand. He quickly raises it to his lips and kisses the back of it gently, before erupting into a bubbly giggle.

This turned into a post slightly about insecurities~ It just came out that way. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Ps. Other members will be up soon ♡

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of Jack Kirby? Ya' ask me, he definitely deserves the title of King of Comics, and Marvel and Stan Lee definitely screwed him over.

My favorite comic of all time is Fantastic Four. Do you even need to ask?

One skill I think is undertaught, and which Kirby had in spades, is the ability to tell a story smoothly with the panels, the “film school” ability to make still panel shots “cut” together to tell a story. Being a comics artist is like being a director. For instance, Kirby is one of the earliest artists to not need “transition captions,” that is to say, the often parodied “Meanwhile…” If you cut your panels correctly and pace correctly, transition captions are unnecessary. That’s the visual language that Kirby was a master of, and everyone else imitated. (I’ve never liked narrative captions unless they express information that can’t be seen in the panel, like giving information for all five senses. Anything else is the writer “competing” with the artist.) 

Likewise, his comics were smart enough to never use what in film they call “dutch angles,” a tilted camera that gives a sense of unreality; unless you have a specific intent in mind, never ever tilt the horizon. Basically, if you want a free course on comic storytelling, read Kirby and see how he does it; it reminds me of how Orson Welles caught on to the language of film by watching John Ford’s Stagecoach over and over and over.

With really important creative people, people always point to tangible, surface-level texture details about why their work works, like Kirby with his dramatic splash pages and “energy” (feet being five feet apart whenever someone throws a punch), or Joss Whedon’s quippy dialogue, self-awareness, and willingness to “invert tropes” (his stories work because they are structurally good, not because of the dialogue, which is surface-level, and his trope subversion always answer the question the story asked and are not an end in and of themselves), and how people dwell on Rod Serling’s gift for “twist endings” over his gift for lunch-pail, unsexy structure. But people respond to these things without being aware of what it is. For instance, ever notice that you can sit down and devour issue after issue of Kirby’s Fantastic Four, but it’s a slog and stop-and-go to read more than one or two issues at a time of comics from the 1950s?

Kirby is great not because of his energy or design for machines, although he did very well at both, but how he figured out how to turn comic panels into a story. In fact, I think the texture level things are maybe the least interesting elements of Kirby. People talk a lot about Kirby’s idiosyncratic inking style when he inked his own work, the so-called “Kirby Crackle,” mostly because it is easy to make fun of and duplicate like the comic equivalent of doing an impression of Jack Nicholson or William Shatner. But Kirby’s art, rated on sheer draftsman ability, always looked so much more polished and clean and beautiful when it was inked by Joe Sinnott, maybe the great unsung hero of Fantastic Four.

Nothing is more boring than resurrecting ancient, long-dead fandom arguments, but I’ve never, ever gone along with the Gary Groth/Comics Journal 1980s idea that “Jack Kirby did everything, Stan Lee did nothing.” Kirby reminds me a lot of George Lucas: unquestionably brilliant and with his own voice, but someone who works best when paired with collaborators who reign him in and bring out the best in him. Nobody achieves success on their own. I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial when I say that Jack Kirby’s best works were the ones he did with a plotter.

If Kirby can be compared to George Lucas, than his 70s DC books were basically his Episode One. Like Episode One, the hype could not have been higher: these books were called “Marvel-killers,” but they were canceled after 20 issues. You know how people say “the book was better?” The Fourth World was extremely derivative of a much better and more fascinating book, maybe my favorite science fiction novel of all time, Roger Zelazny’s “Lord of Light.”

The Fourth World, I think, had a few interesting ideas, but it failed at “the basics,” which is why people don’t respond to it, and why nobody ever lists Fourth World comics as their favorites or shell out big bucks for an Orion or Lightray action figure. Remember that great Red Letter Media review of Episode One where they asked you to identify who the protagonist was for that movie? You can’t do that to New Gods. RLM’s great review of Episode II made a fascinating and under-analyzed point about the need, in overly complex scifi worlds, to have a fish out of water character to analyze what’s going on around you, otherwise you get lost…another lesson in the basics which Fourth World could have benefited from, too. Almost all the characterization in Fourth World is “tell don’t show” stuff, like how in this panel, we are TOLD Glorious Godfrey is a smug sophist who manipulates words…but who doesn’t actually do or say anything a sophist would.Nobody ever has to tell us that the Thing is a gruff, tough-minded guy with an outsize personality and a bad temper, who can be almost a childlike softy sometimes…we are SHOWN it.

Also, Thanos is cooler than Darkseid.

The Chris Evans Mini Series (One Shots)

Imagine Chris reading a bedtime story to your children. 

A/N: I had been planning to write this for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to it. Then I saw that Chris was going to tell bedtime stories?! That just made me sit down and write this, it’s just- ughhh whhhhhyyyyy? 

*Word count: 2,484 🙊 I think I can just safely say that all these mini series one shots are going to be that long ‘cause I can’t help myself. They are just such a good couple to write about, give me that life already. 

The nightly routine in the Evans’ household started at approximately 4:30PM. The kids would hang out in the backyard, or watch TV in the living room, while you and Chris prepared dinner. That was really the only time in the day where the two of you could catch up without any interruptions because your kids knew Mama and Daddy needed to focus when working with sharp knives and hot stoves. Bedtime was another, but that time was tried to use for something else. Those moments were becoming rarer and rarer as you both suffered from exhaustion on a daily basis; being in the Hollywood Industry as well as the parents of two excitable children with exploding personalities took a toll. You and Chris both agreed you were lucky to have the other for support otherwise there was no way you’d manage. 

After dinner came the clean-up; you and Chris always made the children help so they knew they weren’t entitled even though their parents were rich and famous. Then it was bath-time, and that was a lot more work than it should’ve been. Both Jack and Lola would run up and down the halls in their underwear, making you and Chris chase them. It was always fun, until it wasn’t. Chris would have to catch both of them and carry them into the bathroom, and you’d have to lock the bathroom door behind him so your little bugs couldn’t escape. You’d then leave Chris to handle bath-time while you went down to your study to get some form of work done, be it plotting out an idea or replying to some emails. It was incredibly busy around your house and you could only squeeze work in-between nap-time, playtime, bath-time, and bedtime; all the times, basically. You were a parent about ninety percent of the time now, a hundred if your husband had to leave the state to film a movie. You wanted to complain, but you couldn’t; you loved being a mom and you loved your adorably annoying, but also perfectly perfect kids. 

“Oh God,” you heard Chris enter your study and you swiveled your chair towards him. He was drying himself up with a towel, just like every other night; the kids could never keep the water in the tub or to themselves. “If I wanted to get this wet, I’d go ride Splash Mountain.“ 

"Don’t act like you don’t love it,” you laughed as you saved your documents and powered down your laptop. Chris coming down meant that it was time to tuck your children in; the two of you liked doing it together if you could. “Uh uh,” you stopped him when you saw him through your laptop reflection, lowering himself down on the leather couch behind your desk. “You’re going to ruin the leather.” He chuckled softly, holding up his hands in surrender as he made his way back to you. “I’m done anyway, we can go tuck the kids in.”

“Alright,” he took your hand when you got to your feet. “Let’s go fuck this shit up.” He said and you laughed, pressing a kiss on his cheek; he smiled in response as he led you out of the study and towards the staircase which was on the other side of the house. “What are we going to read them tonight?” You shrugged as your mind scanned through the titles you bought for your children’s bookshelves. “They’re still fairly excited, so I think we’re going to need either a long one or three short ones." 

"I blame you for their excitable personality.”

“And I blame you for their night owl personality.”

You both laughed and Chris squeezed your hand, smiling. “Can the quality of a night owl be a part of a personality?” You quizzed and Chris nodded. “Well- I’m sorry I like staying up late, it’s the only time I can think properly. It’s also the only time I can anything done around the house, considering I have three kids running wild in the day." 

"Dodger?” He quizzed. 

“Chris Evans,” you corrected.

“Ha ha,” he bit sarcastically and you laughed; he tried not to do the same by biting back his smile. “You knew before you married me that I’m like Peter Pan, I’m never going to grow up.” You nodded, chuckling. “And you yet still married me,” he teased you.

“Yeah, well- you have your moments,” you teased him back and he laughed, pulling his hand out of yours to wrap his arm around you. “Chris!” You laughed, trying to shove his damp self away from you; he only tightened his grip. “Great,” you chuckled, “now I’m wet too.”

“Sounds like we’re in for an interesting night then,” he whispered into your ear suggestively and you giggled, slapping your hand on his cheek ever so gently. “I’m going to go change into something drier so I don’t wet their beds,” he told you when you got the top of the staircase; you nodded. He released you and headed for your shared master, whereas you walked to your kids’ shared bedroom; you found Jack, Lola, and Dodger waiting patiently for your presences.

“Mama,” Lola pounced on your leg the second you entered the room; she hugged you tightly and you smiled, resting a hand on the top of her head. “We sprayed Daddy with water at bath-time,” she looked up at you, grinning cheekily.

“I saw,” you laughed and scooped her into your arms when she released your leg. You looked over at Jack who was browsing through his side of the bookshelf so he could find a book for you guys to read to them. “Bud,” you called and he turned to you as you sat down on the edge of Lola’s bed. “Did you find something?”

“Not yet,” he shook his head. “I don’t know, Mama. We’ve read all of these books already, I want something new.” He gave up looking and walked over to you, taking the knee that his little sister wasn’t on. You hugged him tightly and rested your head on the top of his blow dried hair, before turning to Lola to kiss hers. “Why can’t you read your writing to us?”

“I could, but I don’t think you’d understand a lot of it. It’s elaborate and it’s for adults to really think and reflect on their lives and issues that society possess,” you explained and they both huffed even though they didn’t understand what you told them. “And my love stories are a little too…” You couldn’t find the word; it wasn’t like it was Fifty Shades, but it didn’t have that childish nature Disney love stories carried. They were simply too young to comprehend any of it, perhaps when they reached double digits.

“There’s one love story we could tell them,” Chris interrupted from the doorway; he’d been standing there a while, just smiling at how perfect his family was. He entered the room and sat down on the floor next to Dodger, patting his bud’s head before finishing his sentence. “About an actor and how met the most beautiful writer.”

“Oh yay!” Lola hopped off your lap and jumped into her dad’s instead, resting her small head against his chest as he wrapped his big arms around her. He smiled at you as he kissed her head, eyes asking if telling your love story was a good idea.

“Is that the story of how you and Daddy met?” Jack asked you and you nodded, smiling at your husband. “We’ve never heard that story before, have we?” He quizzed and you shook your head. “So can we hear it?" He looked between you and Chris; both of you nodded at the same time. "Yes!” You lifted him up as you sat on the floor opposite Chris; Jack cuddled you, resting his head against your chest like his sister did with his dad.

“Take it away, Captain,” you told him with a smile and he looked genuinely surprised you wanted him to start. “I write and tell enough stories at work, I think I can let you do that at home.” You winked and he chuckled softly, nodding in agreement.

“Are my little pumpkins comfy?” Chris asked, but got no response.

You both look at Jack then Lola; you tickled your son for his confirmation, and Chris tickled your daughter for hers. It wasn’t until they both nodded, giggling, that Chris began telling the story of how the two of you meet. While you knew exactly how the two of you met, and have spoken about your first meeting with him numerous times before- it was going to be nice to hear what he was going to tell your children.

“Once upon a time, there was a very handsome actor.” Chris began, smiling when he saw you stifle your chuckle. “His name was Christopher Robert Evans and he had just gotten the role of Captain America.” Jack and Lola grinned excitedly, hearing their dad’s name and his comic book character. “He was starting on a path of great success and he should’ve been happy, but he wasn’t.” He did one of his half smiles and you pouted, making him chuckle. “He was thirty years old and he was still alone. He wanted someone to go home to, someone to love and love him in return, and someone to start a family with. He searched and searched, but he couldn’t find anyone. Until one day, at a Starbucks coffee shop-”

“You found Mama!” Both Jack and Lola squealed excitedly, making you and Chris laugh.

“Yes, I found Mama,” Chris nodded, sharing a smile with you; both were filled with so much love and adoration, your hearts ached. “I saw the most beautiful girl sitting by the window. She was eating red Gummi Bears and furiously scribbling away on a paper coaster. She had a bright red scarf on and her pretty hair was down, she had no makeup on but she was breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking,” he emphasized for you and you blushed.

“Did you talk to her, Daddy?” Lola asked, looking up at Chris with wide eyes. You and Chris both chuckled at her innocent question, unaware that if he didn’t- they wouldn’t have been born. “Did you talk to Mama?” She repeated when her dad didn’t answer her question immediately.

“Hush, bug,” Chris chuckled, playfully covering her small mouth with his big hand. “We’re going to get to that, you just need to be quiet so I can tell the story. Can you do that for me?” Lola nodded, noising confirmation against Chris’ hand. “Okay,” he dropped his hand and patted her belly, “I did talk to her, I just didn’t talk to her right away. I was so mesmerized by her that I spent the first ten minutes just admiring her from afar, which was a dumb move on my part because Mama was in such a rush that she left before I could talk to her." 

"Oh no!” Your children gasped. 

“But it’s okay,” Chris quickly said before they could attack him with questions. “Like Cinderella, Mama left something behind. She was in such a rush that she didn’t notice she dropped the coaster she was writing her brilliant ideas on, but I did and I picked it up.” Jack and Lola clapped, cheering for their heroic dad. “I had no idea if I would see Mama again, I just knew I had to keep it so I could find her and return it to her." 

"Where did you find her?” Jack asked the question this time. 

“Well, bud.” Chris smiled at you as he continued, “I found her at Luna’s Bistro, a few doors down. It turned out that we were fated to be together, so I didn’t have to look very far. She was meeting Uncle Kevin for lunch, and Uncle Rob and I were going to that same lunch.” Your children gasped again, making you and Chris chuckle. “I gasped too when I saw her and her bright red scarf, I couldn’t believe my luck. I went over, returned her coaster, started talking to her and-” He met your gaze again and you tried not to start crying when you saw his eyes glisten, “we haven’t stopped talking since." 

"Yay!” Your children clapped then hugged the respective parents they were sitting with. 

You and Chris both hugged your children back, smiling at each other. “I love you,” you both mouthed simultaneously and chuckled softly. You could both tell your children still weren’t mentally ready for bed yet, but physically they were done for the day. They were yawning fairly consistently, but trying to hide it because they didn’t want their parents to leave them yet. So the two of you sat with them in your arms, quietly singing the Winnie The Pooh theme song as you gently rocked them to sleep. It didn’t take long, before you could finish the song- they were fast asleep. You and Chris carefully got to your feet and tucked them into their beds; you kissed Jack’s forehead while Chris kissed Lola’s, then swapped to kiss your other child. You both stood in the doorway and watched them for a moment before turning off the lights and closing the door behind you. 

“That was super cute,” you told Chris as you wrapped an arm around his waist; he smiled and wrapped his arm around you, kissing the side of your head. “Do you think we could pitch our love story to Disney or Pixar?" 

 "Oh, definitely,” he nodded. “But I think I’d rather keep our love story between us. It’s too magical and special to share, I wouldn’t want anyone stealing it and claiming credit.” You chuckled, but nodded in agreement. “Isn’t that why you haven’t done anything with the novel you wrote, about our entire life story?" 

"Kind of,” you shrugged. “I don’t know, I didn’t write with an intention to do anything with it. I wrote it because I liked reliving everything we’ve been through together as a couple. It also made me miss you less when you were away, which you said works for you too while I’m away.” He chuckled and nodded. “That and- I’d like our kids to have a copy to read when they’re older, so they know they should wait till they find someone special before they settle down." 

 "That’s so sweet, baby.” He pulled away from you so he could move in front of you and take your face in his hands. “Honestly- I don’t know how I got so fucking lucky,” you chuckled and wrapped your hands around his wrists. “You are just the best and I love you so much.” “I love you too,” you smiled as he drew you in for a kiss. 

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Pairing: Dean Ambrose/You

Summary: A selection of moments from the journey that is having Dean’s baby. A.n. I seem to write a lot of baby!fics. Ah well heres another for ya.

Tags: @the-geekgoddes @wweobsession1029

You pace up and down the hallway of the hotel. This must be your third or fourth circuit by now but you’re a little nervous. You’re almost certain you’ve got the right hotel and if Seth gave you the right instructions then you should have the right floor. The only hitch so far is that piece of paper in your wallet with the hotel information on says room 23 and the door in front of you says 203. You’re hoping the Seth just got the number slightly wrong or you wrote it down incorrectly, otherwise knocking on the door is going to be pretty embarrassing.

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markhamillz  asked:

I always felt Azula's breakdown, while making sense from a broader narrative perspective (especially if you view her as a dark mirror to Zuko, who easily could have gone down a similar path), was disgustingly rushed. She went from Evil But Calculating to Evil and Crazy in the space of two episodes, instead of say, a subtle arc that has her steadily slip into it, as she grows more egomaniacal and self absorbed. Instead, it felt like Bryke was running out of ideas, and they just shoved it along

In a way, I think you’re right because I’m dead sure Bryke never meant for Azula to be as layered and complex as she comes off in the show. I mean, yes, they say she’s a very interesting villain but from what I could gather, they think Zaheer is super interesting too. Not great criteria in general, if you ask me…

As a curious example of how Bryke actually characterize Azula… these are the episodes that feature Azula, that were written by the creators: The Drill, The Guru, Sozin’s Comet Parts 1, 3 and 4.

While Azula is of course rather cold-blooded through all of Book 2, there are quirks to her personality that come through in all other episodes. In those Book 2 episodes they wrote, we see an Azula who’s following fit with her attitude from her first episode: we see her cold, conniving, virtually flawless. Yet this comes after episodes like the Chase, where she makes jokes at her brother’s expenses, or Appa’s Lost Days, where she makes a seriously bad pun. It comes after we see sides of her character that may have been unexpected, such as her conflictive relationship with her mother (she even seemed scared when Ursa wanted to have a serious talk with her). So we had indeed an initial product who was the flawless and cold Azula from episodes 2x01 and 2x03, but as the show progressed, she showed other sides of herself. Not in the episodes helmed by Bryke, though. Gotta wonder why (*cough* their perception of Azula is that of a static villain *cough*).

Book 3 is largely NOT written by Bryke, some people may think that’s good, some may think it’s bad. What I think? It explains why the most interesting aspects of Azula’s characterization shine during this season. Her social awkwardness, her strange, tug-of-war relationship with Zuko (one moment she’s helping him, the next she’s insulting him, and so on), many of the complexities about her are far more clear in this season.

Thing is… as you well said, if Bryke always wanted her to be clearly mentally ill, and to be coded as that, they could have used those episodes of Book 3 and instead of exploring her more humane sides, her other complexities, they could have explored her mental instability. They didn’t. And so, it can result in what happened to you: her downfall can feel rushed and forced.

I honestly like it fine the way it is, even if I’m not happy at all about how Azula ended up (as I’ve said many times, my problem isn’t that I thought her downfall made no sense, but merely that she was set up to fall from the start and never given an opportunity to have a different destiny than to lose against her brother). I like the way the other writers developed her because it genuinely makes her character more real, and not just another evil villain with mental issues. But I do understand your problem fairly well. While the fans said she’s a psycho or a sociopath through all the show, there’s really no signs of mental illness per se until the last episodes. Her ability to lie so well always struck me as a sign of how absurdly in control she is of herself, not of how much of a sociopath she is.

All this is why, while I know people always will say Azula was mentally ill, and the show and comics insist that she is, I’ve always thought her breakdown isn’t really caused by a specific illness. Someone once wrote an essay about her breakdown, where they explained why most diagnosis don’t even match with the symptoms she displayed. I don’t have the link right now, but in short, it said that for a fourteen-year-old girl who came from such an environment, her breakdown can simply be a matter of circumstance and not a product of a major mental illness. Yes, clearly her mind was not alright, but it also may not have been caused by the kind of diseases most people are using to label her.

I’m not by any means a professional, but I think this is what makes most sense, not just because of the diagnosis, but because of what you’ve said too. Had she been suffering from serious mental illnesses from the get-go, there should have been actual signs of it, other than “she’s a great liar”. And this as well is why I think her breakdown is what it is, a breakdown. Breakdowns definitely can be the consequence of something bigger, but they can also be something that happens to people who lose control of their very minds when their circumstances become really harsh. At least, that’s what I think.

I can be wrong, but I do think you’re right to say they should have taken her mental illnesses more seriously if that was what they were. They’re handling a very serious topic in a very simplistic way, in show and comics. Mental illness isn’t something that manifests itself out of nowhere.

They never did write Azula as too megalomaniac through the show though (with the finale being the only possible exception), and while some of her actions came off as selfish, she always was working for her father and her nation, not for her own advancement and ambitions. When the finale arrives, her father betrays her, and even then she’s talking about how she means to become a great leader for the Fire Nation. She’s simply not a conventional villain, and I appreciate that quite a lot, or else she’d be a lot less interesting to me. But with all this in mind, the show didn’t do a great job at convincing me that she’s evil and needs to go down. 

And that’s really where Bryke and Yang have failed for me. They’re not writing her the way the show developed her: no actual jokes initiated by her (the few comedic scenes featuring her in the comics really aren’t like those the show gave us), many of her complexities are left untouched (makes a ton of friends out of nowhere, yet back in the day she couldn’t seem to do it without using her title to achieve it, according to The Beach, so an explanation would’ve been nice?), always seems to be using Zuko for her own ends without ever doing anything selflessly for him (which she did in the show, namely in Book 3). They’re trying very hard to sell the Evil and Crazy idea, when the “crazy” really wasn’t part of her character until the last leg of the show. They’re leaving aside everything else that made Azula who she is, and not even treating the matter of mental illness with the seriousness it deserves.

They really could have done better. In a way, I’m glad they didn’t because I love the sides of Azula that come to light in Book 3, but at the same time, I think their perception of Azula is stuck in that of Book 2′s initial Azula, just, with mental illnesses sparkled in whenever it suits the story, as it has been in all comics featuring her. And honestly, the complexities she shows in Book 3 could have been explored while delving into her mental instability from early on, too. It wouldn’t have been impossible.

Imagine!Pregnant - Namjoon

Pairing: Kim Namjoon || Rap Monster x Female Reader

Rating: G

Summary: Imagine telling Namjoon he’s going to be a father



The sound of the running water echoed in your ears as you mechanically ran your hands under the faucet, hardly feeling the water. Your mind raced at a thousand thoughts a second but couldn’t focus on a single one. Wiping your hands on the towel, you shakily picked up the little white stick resting on the counter, a tiny pink plus sign staring back at you. Taking a breath, you glanced up at your reflection, meeting your own eyes and suddenly every thought in your head came to a screeching halt except one: holy shit you were pregnant. Holy SHIT, you were pregnant! Holy shit…you were pregnant.

A small smile spread across your face as a giddy laugh escaped you. The past week or so, you had started feeling nauseous and the smell of freshly brewing coffee had sent you to the bathroom on a few occasions. That, plus the slight bloating and a quick glance at the calendar had you racing for the nearest drug store after work. Now that you knew for sure, there was just one thing on your mind; how were you going to give the news to the soon-to-be father?


“Babe, I’m home!”

The front door slammed shut as your husband came bustling down the hallway, his bag bumping into the wall as he turned to take off his shoes. You giggled as you heard him curse, his clumsy being knocking over some cardboard boxes you had put near the door to take out to recycling later. His head popped around the corner and lit up in a grin as he saw you.

“Hey baby~ I’m home.” You welcomed him home with a kiss, his long arms wrapping around your frame and lifting you up for a moment. He kissed the side of your head and hummed a little tune, taking in the scent of your hair. Pulling away a little, he asked how your day was.

“It was alright, nothing special really. Are you hungry? Dinner will be ready soon if you wanted to shower and change first.”

Namjoon nodded heavily, picking at his lightly sweat-soaked shirt. “Yeah that would be great. Hobi worked us pretty hard today with the choreography, so a shower sounds amazing.”

You smiled and nodded, nudging him off to your shared bedroom. He gave you a toothy grin, lightly slapping your ass before running off, narrowly avoiding your hand as you went to slap him. Chuckling to yourself, you turned back to the stove, your mind and heart racing as the moment to tell him loomed closer.


“…and he danced the rest of the show with Taehyung on his back. I swear, Kookie never ceases to amaze me with that strength and stamina.” Namjoon popped another forkful of food into his mouth as he recalled their latest concert, entertaining you with stories. You shook your head, marveling at how much Kookie had grown in the past few years, before standing to take your empty plates to the kitchen. Namjoon quickly stood, taking the plates from you, shushing your protests and saying he should wash up since you did the cooking. Relenting, you handed him the plates. “Go ahead into the living room and put something on, I’ve been waiting for a quiet night and a day off to just cuddle on the couch with you.” He gave you a wink as he passed into the kitchen and you scoffed. Cuddling was never just cuddling when it came to Joonie (hence the reason you were now nervously rubbing your lower belly).

You settled into the couch, arranging and rearranging the brown paper bag lying on the coffee table, unable to keep still for very long. The water turned on in the kitchen as Namjoon washed the dishes, faint humming and lyrics drifting out to you as he sang to himself. His voice calmed you immensely and you leaned back into the couch, smiling and thinking about him singing and rapping to your future kids. The water soon shut off and Joonie’s loud footsteps pattered into the living room.

“Couldn’t find anything interesting?” He gestured to the TV, still off.

“Actually, I went to the library and got you a couple of the books on your reading list today. Thought you might enjoy taking a look at those.” You nodded towards the bag on the table. Namjoon’s eyes lit up and he jumped over the table to take a seat next to you. Giving you a quick kiss on the cheek, he pulled the bag to him.

“You are the greatest and I love you, have I told you that recently?”

“About 20 minutes ago during dinner since I made your favorite.”

“Ah yes, far too long ago then, if you ask me.”

You giggled and watched him as he opened the bag, light grunts of approval escaping him as he looked at each book. His movements suddenly stopped as he thumbed through the books, a look of confusion passing over his features. “Baby, did you pick up some books for a friend today too?”


“Are you sure? Maybe you grabbed someone else’s then by mistake.”

“I don’t think so. Why, are there some strange books in there?”

He shrugged and pulled them out of the bag, flipping them over to read the titles to you. “Well, there’s this one, ‘A Guide to Parenthood: Everything you need to know about being a new parent’, and this one, ‘1001 Games to Play With Your Baby’.” He held them up for you to see, giving you a confused look.

You smiled nervously, fidgeting lightly in your seat. “Um, nope, no, those are, uh, those are for you- for us actually I guess.”

He brow furrowed even more. “For us? I don’t- why would we need parenting books when we don’t haaa….” His words tapered off, shoulders slumping as his gaze turned from the books to you almost comically slow. You bit your lip in anticipation. “Are you… are you p-pregnant?” he asked, voice cracking slightly.

You nodded, a breathy ‘yeah, I am’ leaving you. Namjoon was completely still, just staring at you with wide eyes and mouth slightly open in shock before he flung the books off his lap, leaping towards you with a happy screech and pulling you up into a hug. You wrapped your arms around his neck, laughing, as he screamed and jumped around, unintelligible words of joy falling from his lips. He pulled away, bright grin stretched across his face and you lightly dabbed at the tears at the corner of his eyes with your sweater, completely ignoring your own happy tears as they trailed down your cheeks. Namjoon let out a breathy laugh and wiped at your eyes with his own sleeve before pulling you into another hug and burying his face in the crook of your neck. The two of you stayed like that for minutes, basking in the warmth and joy of the moment before Namjoon pulled away with a small gasp.

“Where are we going to put the baby’s room? Do you know the gender yet? I should start getting it ready- we’ll need a crib, a dresser, some shelves- should we start getting toys and clothes yet? Oh god, I have to tell my mom, she’ll go crazy! No wait, maybe we shouldn’t tell her yet… Oh! I should get-“ You slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Babe, shush! I’m barely 7, maybe 8 weeks along. We have plenty of time to tell everyone and get things ready.”

He nodded, lips pulling back up in to a bright smile, and sighed dreamily. “Sorry, I’m just so happy. A baby! I can’t believe it… I’m going to be a father.”

“You’re going to be an amazing father~”

He laughed and gave you a kiss, then another one, then another. You giggled and pushed him away as he pulled you closer, peppering your face with kisses.

“Is it alright if I tell the guys? They’ve been waiting for this.”

You nodded, nerves and excitement rushing through you again at the thought of telling the rest of the guys. They were going to go crazy over the news! You could only imagine what it would be like to be pregnant with 6 brothers looking after your every need and a husband who would probably literally go to the moon and back, cross oceans, and walk through fire if you asked him too.

You lay your head against his shoulder, watching him type out a message to the guys, telling them he had some news to tell them during practice tomorrow and giggled. “Watch out for Tae-Tae when you tell them. You know he’s been dying for us to have a child ever since his wife had one. He’ll be dragging that little girl over here every day for a playdate.”

Namjoon’s fingers stilled over the phone, a look of exaggerated disgust crossing over his face. “Hmm, maybe we shouldn’t tell them…” You scoffed and lightly punched his side, pulling a laugh from him. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding.” He kissed the top of your head. “That actually sounds kind of fun. I can’t wait~.”

The Hunters

“Here again, Fenton?”

Danny glanced up from his leaning point on the wall as his Math teacher stopped in front of him.

“Oh, I just needed to see Lancer about something…” he lied, hand creeping to the back of his neck. The teacher raised an eyebrow and moved her head from side to side in an exaggerated ‘I’m looking but I don’t see anyone,’ gesture.

Danny sighed, before lowering his gaze again. The Math teacher remained where she was for a moment before shaking her head and moving on. It seemed every teacher in Casper High was aware of Danny’s frequent trips to the Vice Principal’s office. A lot of them had actually sent him there.

The teen’s lips twisted into a sad smirk. One day he’d get out of all this. One day he wouldn’t have teachers breathing down his neck constantly while he was trying to save people’s lives.

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and i'll use you as a focal point [bittyrans vampire au]

[Read on AO3]

There was something off about Bitty.

At first, Ransom thought it was the gay thing—but not in a bad way! Ransom was, like, 90% sure he was bi, so the idea of Bitty being gay didn’t make him uncomfortable, per se. It was just, they’d never had a guy as small or as feminine on the team before. Things were weird because a lot of the guys clearly didn’t know how to act around Bitty. But no one was an outright dick to Bits, except Jack, but he was a dick to everyone in the pre-season, and soon Bitty was just another teammate.

Even then, Ransom couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off about Bitty.

Most of the time, the kid was a sackful of sunshine and puppies and rainbows, bustling around the Haus kitchen and making the best fucking pies appear out of thin air. But sometimes…sometimes there was something sharp in his smile, something harder in his gaze.

Bitty let slip in a conversation once that he’d been bullied growing up, and for a while Ransom believed that was the secret he’d come to believe Bitty was hiding. After all, no one as kind and bright as Bitty could harbor anything more sinister than that in his heart, could he?

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how many nights does it take to count the stars; taehyung

pairing: alien!fem reader x taehyung  (requested)

words: 2.2k

summary:  “i was sent here to abduct you and have your memory wiped because you’re putting my world in danger, but i just can’t bring myself to do it because the smile on your face when you talk about the stars is so pretty that i couldn’t bear to get rid of it.”

title from: infinity; one direction

warnings: none, to be honest. the astrology is incorrect but please don’t come for me. also, i am willing to use this as proof that i can’t write one shots to save my life cause this is awful okay here we go

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The Bookshop (Bilbo X Thorin)

It was that guy again.

Soldier uniform, neatly pressed.  Body always upright and tense. He opens the door and enters as if the shop were his domain, then pauses, as if he suddenly found himself in an unfamiliar territory.

Which it shouldn’t be, really. The man came to his shop for about a week in a row, if Bilbo is not mistaken. He should know the place from top to bottom, with the amount of staring he does.

Never touched any of the books, however. Never picked up a single book neither glanced at a single page. Bilbo wondered, frowning, if the man knew how to read.

He stayed for two hours, always, never deviating, then turned his back and marched outside without a second glance. Bilbo wasn’t even sure the man was aware of his presence.

He asked around a bit and was told the man was not from these parts. Nor was a platoon positioned nearby. Most of the people of his village hadn’t seen a soldier before, here in the Shire.

So what was the man doing, staring at titles and walking around in neat square patterns, yet not touching anything?

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anonymous asked:

Part 2 of the "Azula is not like her common stereotype" series: where did people take the idea that Zuko is the hardworking one and Azula is some lazy prodigy? Azula has been established from the beginning as a perfectionist, studied Fire Nation history while Zuko clearly skipped that class, was trained by Ozai from childhood... while Zuko is certainly hardworking in his own way, Azula is undoubtedly the most hardworking, perfectionist, maybe even obssessive character of Avatar.

That one I have certainly pointed out, yes, and @salixj in particular has always brought up this point in her complaints about the series.

There’s a lot about Avatar that’s debatable and questionable, but Zuko’s perception of his sister is one of the main ones if you ask me. No doubt he’s biased because of his own experiences and because she hasn’t been the sweetest sister ever… but he hasn’t been the greatest brother ever either, and yet nobody takes Azula’s words on Zuko as gospel. Nevertheless, the fandom largely takes Zuko’s claims about Azula as absolute, hard truth.

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Dream a Little Dream with Me (Chapter Five) - SociallyAwkwardFox - Multifandom|Archive of Our Own
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Summary: For years, they’ve shared dreams and nightmares with one another. Glimpses of the other’s life, but never a look at who the other person is. When the nightmares become more frequent, Jason searches for answers at Kori’s instance and does his best to continue helping the kids that come into his shop. Meanwhile, Tim struggles with getting the board to take him and his proposal seriously. Perhaps fate has a reason for drawing them together.
*WARNING: Description of panic attack.*

The door to the small bookstore stood out compared to the plain glass doors most of the shops lining the street had. The faded wood gave it a homey feel without him even knowing what the inside looked like. Stephanie had assurance him it was exactly the type of place Tim liked to spend his free time before he stopped having free time. From the outside, he could see exactly why she would say that.

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Why Batman vs. Superman reviews are... irking me.


I’m a shameless comic book nerd. Most of my followers probably already know this, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that I went to see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Friday afternoon. Before I went, I had heard something vague about a bad response from critics, but I decided to be optimistic and open-minded.

I came into the movie with a pretty good mindset; after all, I enjoyed Henry Cavill’s performance in Man of Steel, a movie that, admittedly, had a couple moments which rubbed me the wrong way. I had decided to give Ben Affleck a fair shot at winning me over, and I was ready for wherever the film might take me.

What followed was nearly three hours of what felt like an out-of-body experience. The downside of seeing a movie on opening day was that I ended up stuffed between a seven-year-old boy on my right (whose mother loudly cautioned him to cover his eyes during the “kissing parts”), and an incredibly large gentleman on my left who overflowed into my seat and had a habit of heavy mouth-breathing. Despite all this, I was transported. Darth Vader’s Ventilator and Little Boy Wonder couldn’t make a dent in my enjoyment of DC’s latest blockbuster. I barely noticed how long the run time was, and I felt completely immersed in the world Snyder constructed on screen. 

It took me about twenty minutes to realize why Dawn of Justice felt a bit… different. Once I put my finger on it, though, everything became clear. 

Dawn of Justice is not paced and framed like a traditional Hollywood movie. It reads– or watches, your preference– like a comic book in movie format. It only lacks the speech bubbles. For anyone who is familiar with and loves that form of media, this is like a wet dream come true. It resulted in some bold choices, some traditional movie tropes being abandoned, a few plot twists that seem to come out of nowhere if you’re unfamiliar with the source material. This is not a movie that panders to brand-new fans; it can be somewhat confusing if you know nothing about the DC Comics universe. To be honest, though, I found that beyond refreshing. I’m tired of easily palatable superhero movies, films that are simply a relaxing way to spend an hour and a half, no hard thinking required. I’ll be going back to see Dawn of Justice at least a couple more times, if only because I know there are details I’ve missed in the first viewing. It is a massive, complex, beautiful beast, and it kept me on the literal edge of my seat the entire time. The plot stayed pretty tightly focused on the central conflict, with just enough Justice League foreshadowing and Wonder Woman screen time to tease and tantalize hopeful nerds everywhere.

I already knew Cavill would be excellent in his reprisal as Clark Kent/Superman, but he exceeded my expectations, showing a depth of emotion rarely seen in the character, who is often portrayed as a bit of a stoic, all-powerful hero. As a result, I believe he’s made me finally fall in love with a character I previously felt lukewarm towards, at best. 

Ben Affleck was far better than I ever could have imagined, with a versatility that blindsided me. Fans of previous Batman movies know that one of the most difficult aspects of this role is believably and smoothly portraying both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Affleck nailed it. He conveyed the perfect level of disconnect between the dual sides of his personality, while leaving the two tethered together in a way that had me wondering if his performance can ever be matched by a future Batman. 

Jesse Eisenberg was as good as I had hoped as Lex Luthor, and though some of his minor choices for the character surprised me, it was all positive. I was more than satisfied with Gal Gadot’s characterization of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, and I look forward to seeing her in future movies when she has more time to really shine. 

I also have to add, regarding Amy Adams and the romance between Superman and Lois Lane: There was a lot of improvement in between Man of Steel and this movie. In MoS, I felt almost like the relationship was forced, but Dawn of Justice banished all my doubts. An easy chemistry flowed between the two characters, and Lois Lane proved herself a valuable player in the story, rather than just a love interest/damsel in distress. The feminist in me approves.

Overall, I don’t really have anything negative to say, which is why the critical reception of the film is beyond disappointing to me. I don’t usually put much stock in critics, anyway, and this movie illustrates perfectly my reasons for doing so. I read several of the so-called critics’ reviews, and what I found made me irrationally angry. 

Almost every critic-written review uses overwhelming negativity, ad hominen (personal) attacks, and buzz words to disguise the fact that the reviewer has little to no familiarity with comic books, only with other superhero movies. The complexity that I so admire, the divergence from Hollywood stereotypes that I applaud? Critics loathe these things, apparently. One of the most common takeaways, I found, was that Dawn of Justice should have been more like, or tried to emulate (insert generic superhero movie title here.) The critics show almost no originality in their thinking, and honestly, I’m not having it. 

I’m not the only one, either. The audience reviews rate this movie at 75% positive, compared to the critics’ 29%. I browsed the audience reviews, and out of the negatives, most of the reviewers sounded as if they had never picked up a comic book in their life. One had the audacity to claim that the movie “wasn’t true to DC lore.” I’m not even going to touch that one, other than to say that it is patently untrue. Another person said that they didn’t like Batman as a vigilante character. Um, have you heard of Batman before? The guy who introduced a nine-year-old boy to vigilante crime-fighting as his sidekick? I’m beginning to have flashbacks to when Deadpool was released, and thousands of outraged people demanded to know why it wasn’t family-friendly. The answer is simple: The filmmakers decided not to pander to new fans. Instead, they made a film that comic book nerds like myself will cherish for decades.

The audience in general likes this movie, and I think it’s time the critics caught onto that. The days of trying to be cool and edgy by spreading negativity to everything you touch ended a long time ago. Get the memo, people. In the meantime, I’ll be happily enjoying a wonderful film that hundreds, if not thousands of people, dedicated years of their lives to. 

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What makes for a good Aquaman story? Martian Manhunter?

Not this.

Okay, to be fair, I haven’t actually read whatever that story is, but it represents the problem as well as anything outside of any random selected moment from Geoff Johns’ first 4 issues on the title. He doesn’t talk to fish now, he eats them, bub! He beats up Superman and butts heads with Batman for control of the Justice League! He is very angry about people remembering Super Friends is a thing! God, being Aquaman sucks so hard, why does no one get he is the most awesome character ever? Hell, Morrison was making fun of self-serious Aquaman in JLA 20 years ago back when he just had the hook hand. DC may be crushingly insecure when it comes to Superman, but at least he never rode a seahorse and can do the scary red eyes.

I’ll be the millionth or so to say the best version of him we’ve had was the one in Batman: The Brave And The Bold, and even if a direct translation of that version to the comics would probably be a little out of place, that kind of confidence and boisterousness would make a world of difference. I’m not interested in Arthur the sad king of the mermen, but Arthur, hard-partying life-loving lord of the seven seas always ready with a tall tale and a strong right hook? That leans into the wildness of the concept without undercutting its ability to be serious every now and again; it owns what he is.

As for his larger world and types of adventures, I’ve already had this on the mind since I just went on a whale-watching tour, and I think Mark Waid put the possibilities well in a nifty old Aquaman pitch he once posted online:

“Yes, the seas can be turbulent and stormy, but y’know what? Far more often, the ocean is a universal symbol for peace and contentment. It’s a calming influence. If it weren’t, Bermuda would be deserted and Hawaii would be an industrial trade port. It is most people’s ‘happy place.’ Yes, the ocean is the set piece for ‘A Perfect Storm,’ but it’s also the world of ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘The Little Mermaid.’ I have never yet met anyone of any age who didn’t come away from Sea World envying the guides who swim with the whales and porpoises… Aquaman is, yes, mysterious like the sea–but in a warm, enticing way. To Yelena, he is otherworldly, like a fairy tale character come to life…she’s gradually introduced to an underwater world of absolute wonder, a place that is far more colorful and in tune with nature than is her own gritty lifestyle. Once she surrenders to the implausibility of it all, she’s rewarded a thousandfold, and so are we. Aquaman’s joy becomes her joy becomes our joy.”

For so long the Aquaman books have focused on the sea as either an inscrutably dark and dangerous alien realm, or a generic space for Atlantean political turmoil, and I honestly wonder if these people have even been on the water. The sea is fun, the ocean is awe-inspiring. And they already have lots of magic stuff going on in Atlantis built right in, which would play right into that sense of wonder and possibility.

So that’d be my Aquaman: the dashing, adventurous, slightly cocky but always good-natured defender of the ocean and its kingdoms in all their magic and majesty, occasionally popping up along the shoreline to chat with locals at diners and sing songs of glory at taverns and occasionally toast old victories with his friends from his Justice League days along with Mera. And he’d look like Jason Momoa, and he’d dang well talk to fish.

J’onn fascinates me, because on a basic level absolutely everything about him screams “Vertigo/Wildstorm pisstake on Superman”, except he was created about 40 years too early. He’s got that weird mix of being a more serious take on the idea (he’s physically more alien and not easily accepted, he actually lived through the end of his world and lives with the attendant trauma, he’s emotionally isolated from humanity on a fundamental level, his powers of telepathy and shapeshifting fit with cerebral low-key stories far better than punch-em-ups) and an infinitely sillier one (he’s a little green man, his alien name perfectly translates into an alliterative secret identity, his weakness is silly and common to the point of making daily life dangerous in spite of his overwhelming power, and his costume is just the underwear, cape, logo and boots), and yet he still hangs around Superman and the Justice League as just one of the regular superheroes.

I don’t want to go *too* much into what I’d do with him, as I actually have some pretty solidly formed ideas about how I’d revamp him (for instance, I’d change up quite a bit of his origin), but I think what works about him is that he’s the superhero who is loved but doesn’t fit. He’s morose, he’s trying so hard to fit in, he has preoccupations and emotions most can’t understand, and his difficulty understanding others clearly goes deeper than being a stranger in a strange land, as he’s lived on Earth with the ability to read minds for decades. On the League he may be the heavy-hitting heart, but on his own I think there’s a lot to be mined with positioning him as essentially a neuroatypical superhero, as well as straddling the line between detective noir and indie-style superheroics.

After Jamie, Matt and I finished our run on Marvel’s Young Avengers we were planning to return to our own Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl. In fact, we were planning on doing them simultaneously, but stupid old the-human-need-to-sleep got in the way.

I was up late one night thinking, and dropped Jamie a mail. It basically said “let’s not do that.” One of the many points of Young Avengers was the creation of the new, engaging with the world of 2013 in as clear a way as possible. We had no interest how the book would be looked at in five or ten years time. Fuck legacy. This is art, not a pension scheme. Own the moment. The future will look after itself and the past will just try to choke you. The idea of returning to work I conceived of over a decade ago, that’s set in 2009 and was mainly written in 2010 seemed a betrayal of everything we’d been shouting from the pages on a more-than-monthly basis.

Young Avengers was hopelessly ambitious. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t. It reviewed spectacularly, had a strong showing in end-of-year lists, connected us with a completely different group of readers, won awards and all that jazz. I suspect it got the most critical respect from peers of anything I’ve ever worked on.

It wasn’t as good as I needed it to be.

I wrote the last pages of Young Avengers on the morning of my Dad’s funeral.

Much of my work in the previous 18 months had a recurring motif: trying to reconnect with our parents before it’s too late.

I had the idea for The Wicked + The Divine in that week after I discovered my Dad’s cancer was terminal.

The theme of The Wicked + The Divine may be pretty fucking obvious.

It doesn’t matter if you have two years or twenty or three-score-and-ten. Death sits there waiting, without even the polite offer of a game of chess before unceremoniously showing you the exit. (At which point I realise Scott Walker’s The Seventh Seal isn’t on the Wicked + Divine playlist. Added! bit.ly/WicDivPlaylist )

I always raise my eyebrow when someone answers the question “what do they most dislike about their body” by saying “their ankles.” What I most dislike about my body is that it’s going to stop working at some point in the next seventy years. That’s incredibly rubbish.

The question becomes how do you chose to spend that infinitely brief, precious time?

I decided to be a creator. Or artist, if you’re being wanky, and I do so love to be wanky.

In which the question becomes “Why be an artist?”


The Wicked + The Divine is an inverted Phonogram. Phonogram was about being a consumer of art, about an individual’s relationship with art, how it makes them better, how it makes them worse. The Wicked + The Divine is about what you do to become a creator of art, and what you do when you get there. There’s a decade between the nervous, frenzied 28-year-old-afraid-of-being-30 who wrote Phonogram: Rue Britannia and the nervous, frenzied 38-year-old-afraid-of-being-dead who’s writing The Wicked + The Divine.

This is about everything I’ve everything I’ve ever done to turn from obsessive lover of pop culture to creator of pop culture, and all the people I’ve met along the way. Those I’ve loved, those I’ve hated and those who hungrily hatefucked one another to pass the time.

It’s also a pop song.

In a real way, the cast are all awful people I’d have killed to be, at any point in my life. And I’m taking those fantasies and dreams and putting them through living hell. I’m going to see if I can get over myself.

We sort of envisaged The Wicked + The Divine as out Ziggy Stardust. In the end, I suspect it’s more out Black Parade. I’ve always been a bit TMI. The Wicked + The Divine is basically about everything I’ve experienced since getting into comics.

The Wicked + The Divine is basically about everything. The Wicked + The Divine basically has a far too long title.

Sigh. I’m sorry.

I look at my work, and I think “I think too much.”

I look at my life, and I think “I think too little.”

This is an ongoing in the manner of a Vertigo book (or relevantly to my work, my run on Journey Into Mystery). The end is out there. Stick with us, and we’ll get there.

Basically, for the last year, I’ve wanted to start screaming and never stop.

The Wicked + The Divine is me trying to turn that into a pop song.

I love you all.

I wish we had more time together.

—  The amazing kierongillen in the back of the latest issue of The Wicked + The Divine. Really good stuff here. It really sums up being/wanting-to-be an artist. It’s a bit long, but I’d recommend reading the whole thing.

Some Thoughts on Story

By Dean DeBlois

I was asked to write a short essay regarding storytelling [for the Artella audience], and while it’s flattering to think that anyone would want to hear what I have to say on the subject, it also comes with a disclaimer. These are ideas and techniques that resonate with me. They, by no means, represent laws of storytelling. 

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