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Guys My Age - Peter Hale

Characters: Malia Tate, Peter Hale, Derek Hale, Reader.


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You waddled to your sixth hour class, silently thanking God that it was your last week of senior year.

“You’re huge. You should just take this week off.” Malia shrugs at you.

“Peter wanted me take the whole month off. I’m fine, really.”

You see Malia roll her eyes. “Still weird that you’re pregnant with my dad’s baby.”

“I’m 18. Almost 19. I mean yeah, I’m younger than him but I’m legal.”

“You’re carrying my little sister.”


The rest of the day drags on..that is until you reach your favorite part of the day, when Peter picked you up.

You climb into the car and smile at him. “Hey.”

“Hey! How are my girls?” He places a hand on your stomach.

You stretch the seatbelt over your belly. “We’re good. She’s rolling a lot so I’ve been crazy uncomfortable but we’ve been okay.”

“Derek’s having the pack over tonight for a meeting.” He looks over at you.

“Fun. Just what I need…judgy looks and quiet thoughts.” You roll your eyes.

“You’ll be fine. We can go somewhere if you want.” He smiles.

“No. I need to learn to get over it. Besides, I think they’re getting better.”

You arrive at the loft and you put your stuff in your’s and Peter’s bedroom. Your family kicked you out after you turned and Derek found you with a backpack full of clothes. He brought you back to the loft and ever since you met Peter you’ve been in love with him. His age didn’t matter to you, you saw through all the pent-up anger and self-sabotage.

“Y/N, did Peter tell you there’s a meeting tonight?” Derek asks as you walk out of the bedroom.

You nod. “Yeah, I’ll stay out of the way.”

“You’re apart of this pack too. You’ll come to the meeting.”

You scoff, “I’d rather not. I’ve always been an outsider here because of my choice in partners..”

“I’m going to be upfront with you. Is it weird that my uncle is having a baby with someone younger than me? Yeah. Is it weird that you’re carrying my cousin? Also yeah. But that doesn’t make you any different than everyone else. You’re all apart of this pack, no matter who you’re dating or how old they are, okay? I love you, and as much as I hate to say it, I love Peter too. I want the best for you two and your baby. If you’re having problems with the pack just tell me. I’ll say something tonight.”

“Thank you so much, Derek. Peter keeps telling me it’s fine but I think he’s trying to make me feel better.”

Peter walks in and kisses your cheek. “Well, you’re not wrong. I’m sorry you feel so left out.”

“I don’t really feel left out, just judged.” Malia walks in the door and you wave.

“You’re early.” Derek raises an eyebrow as he watches her.

“Can I not come have quality family time?” She walks over to the three of you.

“Not when you hate your father, no.” Peter crosses his arms and looks at her.

“I’m trying, okay?”

You cross your arms at the same time as Peter.

“Oh come on? You too?” Malia sighs.

You glance up at Derek to see his arms crossed too.

“You guys are a united, aggressive front.”

“I for one think it’s great that you’re here to hang out with Peter.” You look up at Peter.

“No ulterior motives?” He asks Malia.

She shakes her head, “I’m honestly here to hang out with the three of you.”

“If you say so.” Derek shrugs.

The pack meeting had begun, you’d been in and out but right now you were in the kitchen. You desperately craved some chocolate. You knew you had some hidden in the cabinet, but being as short as you were you couldn’t reach it. You were standing on the counter, trying to reach to the back.

“Now tell me, what are you doing?” Peter sighs.

“Trying to reach something.”

He walks over to you. “Get down. You’re going to fall. You shouldn’t be up there in the first place, much less pregnant.” He starts you pick you up.

“You take me down, and I will kill you.” You push his arms away.

“Oooh, my scary little girlfriend threatened me. Babe, you’re on the counter because you couldn’t reach something and now you’re threatening me? Come on.”

“No no no! I’m trying to do something. I know I have chocolate in here and I’m looking for it.”

“A death threat over chocolate? I’ll take you to buy some if you get down. Hell, I’ll buy you the town’s supply if you get down.”

“Promise?” You start to get down.

“I’ll try.” He chuckles and pecks your lips.

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Hey I was just wondering if you could possible make a height chart for The Endless Sleep/ The Sleepless wake? I've gotten so used to imaging them as 9 year old kids that it's hard to imagine them correctly for the setting. Also I'd just like to add that I ADORE both aforementioned stories.

Thank you! And sure thing—I’ve been thinking about drawing something like this for a while now anyway. I didn’t pick their exact heights, but here’s a rough comparison!

I think I drew Ink a tad too tall, and I don’t know how well I pulled off that perspective, but teen!Error’s height should be somewhere between Fresh’s and Ink’s.


so…how about that sky high anime tho 💥🌟💥🌟

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Meeting Harrison (Tom Holland Imagine)

Prompt: Could you do an imagine where Tom and the reader are friends and it develops into something more? Maybe Harrison like flirts with the reader or something, knowing it would make Tom jealous and ask her out. Thank you so much. I love your writing!

 Tom Holland x Reader, words: 848, requested?: yes warning: none

 A/N: thanks so much! I hope you like this!! Requests are open

After meeting Tom on the set of The Ellen Show, you became fast friends with him. You both were guests on the same day, and he had gushed about the tv show that you starred in. You were also a fan of his, you adored his acting skills and his commitment to his roles. You quickly exchanged numbers and talked constantly. Both of you had very hectic schedules, so it made meeting up almost impossible. But you made sure to text each other almost every day. You had flown a couple of times to see him and the other way around.

 You were constantly being teased by your best friend about spending so much time with Tom and constantly texting the boy. The two of you had been photographed together, and everyone was thinking the same thing: are they dating? The answer was no, but you wished the two of you were. You had so much in common, and you really enjoyed his company. You couldn’t lie; you thought Tom was the cutest boy you had ever met. You were always being asked about your relationship status from interviewers; you always told them the same thing each time. I’m very single.

As you were leaving the airport to meet up with Tom, paparazzi tried their best to get good pictures of you. Questions about Tom and why you were meeting in LA made you blush. You had tweeted about how excited you were to meet up with Tom, so everyone knew the two of you had plans. “We’re just friends,” you tried to reason with them. But it was no use. You just passed through and got into the car that was waiting for you. A smile spread across your face when you were finally free from the annoying chatter of your relationship status. “Hey, Tom,” you greeted your friend.

His smile matched yours as he carefully pulled away from the crowd. “Harrison is dying to meet you,” he explained. His eyes were on the road, but you could tell he wanted to look over at you. “I’ve told him all about you. All bad things, of course.”

“Now he’ll think I have no redeeming qualities,” you giggle. You knew better. You were excited to meet Harrison, you had heard so much about him, and you talked shit about Tom over twitter with him all the time. You couldn’t believe it had taken this long to meet the man behind the Twitter account. “Finally, we can talk shit about you face to face instead of over twitter.”

“Ha ha,” Tom stuck out his tongue but laughed anyways. “Better not let me hear you guys.”

“Will you attack us with your spider webs?”

“I just might!” You looked over at your friend and laughed at his stupid joke. Soon he was laughing along with you. You took in his features, your smile growing bigger as you did so. His curls were lying messily on his head, and you just wanted to run your hands through them. They looked so soft.

Soon, you were at the hotel Tom, and Harrison had been staying at. Tom took your bags before you could protest. “I won’t take no for an answer,” he argued. You would be crashing in the suite next to the two of them. You wouldn’t have minded being in the same room as the two of them, but your parents minded (even though you were an adult) and you knew social media would add their own twist to it if it got out. It was just easier to check into the room right next door even though you’d be spending most of your time next door. You checked into the front desk before following Tom to the elevator.

You chatted about nonsense before entering the hotel room. “Y/N!” Harrison greeted with a large smile. “Nice to finally meet you. Tom gushes about you all the time.”

“No, I don’t.” Tom’s face is bright red.

“Does he now?” you challenged with a grin. “I hope nothing too embarrassing.”

“Well,” Harrison grins. His eyes shift from the two of you, his grin turning into a smirk. “So many nice things. Makes me wanna ask you on a date.”

“NO!” Tom yells, causing you and Harrison to look at him. Your face is full of shock, but Harrison is smirking. “I mean…I-I…” His face is a bright red, and you think it’s adorable. He was so cute when he was flustered. “I…”

“Just ask her out already, mate! Jeez!”

“I-I…what! Harrison! I-I…” He covers his face with his hands. A blush creeps onto your face as you watch the scene unfold in front of you. You always wanted Tom to ask you out, but you weren’t prepared for this.

“I’ll go out with you,” you said. Which caused both boys to look at you, which made your blush deeper. Tom’s face was full of shock, but Harrison’s was just the biggest grin. “I mean if you want.”

“Y-yeah,” Tom stutters.

“I told you, man!” Harrison slaps his best friend on the back.


lmao I noticed that a lot of filipino artists have been popping up recently?? and I was like,, what if,, we all lived in one apartment? AU where I kidnap all of u n we live together happily where i’ll protect all of u from mean people and no one’s gonna care about how you dress or your length of hair yea? I dont know all of you personally but this is just a cute little thing I thought of lmao cause I was thinking about how I could walk past any of you one day, never knowing you’re actually a Tumblr artist who draws gay things and cries about fictional characters 

also I noticed y’all wear glasses?? um ok suspicious

@tealdrop @mehringguie @epherall @bunblevee @cryptidsp00n

draw the squad idea by @bendan-ninja

thank you to @sylveonstri for helping me stalk for how one of them looks like 

reblogs much appreciated, yes I check tags, click for better quality :0

It Takes Time (Gang au)

A/n: I figured out how I want to do this series for now which is introducing each member on their own. So heres Jungkook first. It’s not very climatic right now. Also I’m sorry it’s so short I just wanted to get something out because its been a long time since I’ve last updated this whoops plus I’ve had some anons rushing (which I understand, I mean its literally been months.) Enjoy!


He threw you into the room and you landed on the cold floor. “Now stay here until someone comes to get you,” he turned and laughed, “if someone ever comes to get you.” Jimin shut the door and left. Out of sight out of mind for him. You backed up to the corner of the room, not staring up to meet the other girls. “H-hi I’m Neni but everyone calls me Pip-” Jimin barged back in and threw a piece of cloth at you which you realized was a dress. 

“Wh-what’s this?” You asked him. 

“Your new uniform!” He said cheekily. 

“Here? In front of everyone?” You asked softly. 

“Well yeah?,” he laughed, “do you see any other rooms? Unless you wanna change out in the hall? But if someone comes out I won’t stop them from touching you.” He looked down at you and grin. “So what’s it gonna be girly?“ You pointed to the door. 

"No-” Neni started saying but was cut off by Jimin, “Hey! Shut it!” He lifted his hand up to her to make her flinch then put it back down, “That’s what I thought. Now come on girly let’s get you changed.” He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you out. “Go ahead don’t be shy.” He shut the door behind you. You started taking off your shirt when Jimin started running up and down the hall slamming and banging against the walls yelling, “Fresh meat! Fresh meat! A cute little gal! Get it while it’s hot!” You realized you made a big mistake when men started coming out of their rooms. 

“Hey what’s all the ruckus?” A brown haired man asked as he rubbed his hair looking as if he just woke up. 

“Well Hobi and comrades, we have a new one with us today. It’s her first day, in fact, it’s her first hour.” Jimin answered. 

“So the freshest of the fresh I see.” An evil smirk popped up on his face. “Guess I better get to it before they do.” He walked faster towards you along with the other men. You quickly put your shirt back on and backed up against the wall at the end of the hall. Tears making their way down your face. All the men looked down at you like a group of hound dogs ready to attack. 

“She’s very pretty.” One said. 

“Yeah look at that hair.” Another spoke picking up a sliver of your hair. 

“Look at her curves. Wooh, mami let me getta slice of you?" 

They all kept saying sexual things about you, making you crying even harder. "Alright alright alright alright, that’s enough pigs. Go back to your room.” A man got in between you and the crowd but none of them listened. “NOW!” He yelled making everyone drag themselves back into their rooms and slam their doors.

“Man, Jungkook you’re no fun.” The guy named Hobi said while putting his hands against the back of his head and walking away nonchalantly. 

“And you’re a dick.” He said back, “Jimin she’s coming with me.”

“We gotta take it up with Namjoon first though?…" 

"I said she’s coming with me, so that means she’s coming with me.” He hovered over Jimin with his teeth clenched. Jimin put his hands up in surrender.

“Whatever man but if he comes by, I’m blaming you." 

"Yeah, yeah whatever wimp. Now come on.” He turned to you. “Stop crying and let’s go!” He waited for you to pick yourself up and wipe your sleeve against your face. You looked up at him to see his still face. He twirled back around and headed down the other side of the hall then took a right. You guys walked to the third door then entered. He closed the door then sat at the edge of the bed. You stood there, confused on what to do. “You could sit down if you want.” He said patting the bed. “If you wanna lay down take your shoes off okay?” You nodded in response. “Your not much of a speaker are you?” You shrugged making him chuckle. “Hey it’s okay, it’s just me. Jungkook! I just saved you, well kind of.”

“Kind of?” You questioned softly. 

“Even if I didn’t step in, Jimin wouldn’t have let anything happen to you. I mean I hope.” He put his head on his hand as if to think about it. “Nah, nah, he wouldn’t have. Well I mean if you haven’t done anything to him but I heard you’ve only been here for an hour so I don’t think you’ve fucked up already. Have you?” You shook you’re head furiously. “Didn’t think so. Waah you’re so pretty. What’d you do to get down here?" 

"M-my brother got into some trouble with another gang, a smaller one. They wouldn’t leave him alone and I didn’t know what to do so I tracked down Namjoon to help. I told him I’d repay him back for the damage but I couldn’t gather up all the money. So here I am, for exchange of my brothers freedom really.” Jungkook just stared at you with wide eyes. 

“That’s the most you’ve talked and your voice is so light and pretty.” You smiled and looked down. “Well I’m going to shower… don’t try to escape okay? It’s much worse out there than in here.” He grabbed a shirt and pajama pants from his drawer. “But if do escape, don’t get caught. They’ll take care of your family in front of you then you after… trust me, it’s not something you want to see…” he looked down and slowly walked to the bathroom that was connected to his room. He shut the door and ran the water. You took this as a chance to change your outfit and look around. There wasn’t a closet, just a drawer with a tv on it and a nightstand. The window above the bed had bars. 

“I’m being held captive…” you looked outside only to see crates next to crates next to crates. Behind them all was just forest. You took a peak into Jungkooks nightstand and found a small picture. It was of a lady with an older woman next to her and two kids in front of them. “Oh. That kind of looks like Jungkook.” You set it down and kept looking. Not much was in there and all the other drawers were filled with flimsy clothes. You’d think for a gangster they’d have better quality clothing but I guess this isn’t a fashion business. You heard the water shut off and quickly jumped onto the bed, sitting on the side closest to the wall. “I see you’re ready for me.” He smirked as he walked into the bedroom. “I’m just kidding I know Jimin had you wear that.” You nodded your head making it known you heard him. “So what do you wanna do?” He asked but all you did was shrug. “Uhm you wanna watch tv? Here.” He handed you the controller.

“No thank you.” You handed it back. 

“Okay then I’ll watched tv and you could just sleep?” You nodded. “Okay cool.” You laid down, not going anywhere near Jungkook. “Here.” He handed you a blanket. 

“Thank you.” You said softly.

The last thing you remember was falling asleep as Jungkook watched tv and now here you are up while he’s sleeping. You sat up a little and looked out the window, curling your knees up to your chest and hugging them. “I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry dad… I’m sorry Jay. I wish I could’ve done better for this family. I should’ve done better for this family. I got Jay away though… I hope you can look after him okay?” You felt a warm stream roll off your face. They wouldn’t stop coming and you started to breathe heavier. You couldn’t stop yourself from crying frantically. And that’s when you felt the body next to you start moving. He shifted his weight towards you. 

“Can you keep it down?” He said in a harsh tone. “I said shut it!” He raised his voice but you couldn’t stop. “Goddamn it! I’m trying to help you! But I can’t if you won’t let me sleep! I have to work tomorrow…” so you tried. You really did but all the loud sniffling and small squeaks irritated him. “That’s it!” He grabbed you by the back of your neck and slung you across the bed onto the floor. “You’re going back to the flower room!” He got up, still having a grip to your neck, squeezing it so you wouldn’t get out of his hold. He opened the door and walked down the hall. 

“No no please!” “I don’t want to go back there!” “My neck! My neck! Let go!” You shrieked, trying to grab at his hands. All your screaming woke some of the men up. They peeked their heads through their doors looking tired and disoriented. One caught your attention. You guys stared at each other for what seemed like a while but was only mere seconds. You were in too much pain to actually see any features to the male other than his eyes. 

“Brought her back already? Poor thing wasn’t up to your standards? Aish Jungkookie, maybe you need to stop being so rough!” Jimin smirked as he opened the door. “Let the bitch in.” He said with a slight bow and his hands gesturing towards the inside of the room. 

Jungkook threw you down on to the floor only to leave with one phrase, “I tried.”


from my au in which victorian era!allen meets ancient china!lenalee 

i already wrote some ideas on it on my twitter but i’ve been thinking abt it during the summer, so if you wanna know more abt it, click the read more!

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Bran x Meera fic written for @blue-and-gold-things​. Thank you for your donation to fight Nazis!

Request: Bran makes it up to Meera for how he treated her when they said goodbye

Meera won’t sit, despite his offer. She stands before Bran’s chair, a scowl pulling down the corners of her mouth, no trace of friendship lighting her eyes. She’s ready to leave this room should what he say not please her. It is not what even he would call a warm reunion. Still, his heart beats faster in his chest at the sight of her, whether she feels the same or no.

“Sansa said you wouldn’t want to come.”

“I didn’t want to.”

People’s inner thoughts are closed off to him. So, while he knew Sansa was wrong and he knows Meera has not smuggled a dagger in to slam into his chest, he can’t say why she answered the raven. Either she assumed it was a summons she couldn’t refuse or some part of her entertains the possibility of being glad of him too.

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I can talk for weeks about this episode! Another thought:

The results of the Olitz break-up in S5 lead many Olitzers to rest on misconceptions about it’s demise. Olivia was blamed for everything, and if she’d only given them a chance, she would have been very happy in wedded bliss with Fitz. They greatly believed that Jake and her father’s presence in her life pulled her out of the light to help create the Olitz problems and prevented her return to Fitz. As we know, Shonda has been shedding a hard light on the core of people’s nature and the nature of their relationships. It seems to me that part of the motivation for this is to finally address misconceptions, and this 100th episode did just that. Shonda gave Olitzers all that they have been begging for and complaining about, WHILE staying true to her own intentions for the story.

Shonda presented our Scandal characters at their core being the exact same people shed of Defiance; drastic, external lifestyles didn’t alter that. However, the one important person missing in Olivia’s what if imagination was Jake. Yes, he had a moment with Fitz, BUT, for Olivia’s ride-or-die partner in real life, who has been by her side the entire time, a man she shanked for and boldly faced her father as COMMAND for, for the very first time in her entire life, it was interesting that he was seemingly a blip in his own partners thoughts, nearly nonexistent. In a promo released the day of the episode, where tons of scenes were flashed, it ended with Jake and Olivia talking about standing in the sun, together. We also saw the island scene of them with Olivia wearing her natural hair proud and free! Now, the episode opened up with Olivia caught between idealism - Fitz, and Jake - realism. Fitz says, it’s my way or the highway in choosing Cyrus, but Jake doesn’t give her a rigid ultimatum, he simply provides his OPINION to his partner, which motivates Olivia to think on her own and eventually come to her OWN decision/opinion in choosing Cyrus. Even though we are witnessing the struggle between the men on the decision of Mellie or Cyrus in the WH or how to remove the power players, the underlying decision of Olitz and Olake is THERE! Shonda put this there purposely. She is always speaking on this struggle since it’s a great metaphor in highlighting the struggle between Olivia’s own two sides of idealism and realism, power and normal. Olitz and Olake reflect Olivia’s own personal journey. And, here we are at the decision episode.

So, how does this underlying decision transfer into Olivia’s thoughts after both men leave the office, when Jake is seemingly a blip in it? So little a blip, that you might as well say he was not there at all, not even interacting for a Nano second with Olivia in some random but telling path cross or something. WELL, I believe Shonda DID have Jake all up and through there in hidden, most subtle ways, functioning under the radar of Olitzers who would find a way to blame Jake for any negativity expressed between Olitz, missing Shonda’s point in wanting us to focus on Olivia and Fitz’s OWN problems. Not problems caused by outsiders or other external factors, but their OWN internal problems. But, if we can watch closely with an open and unbiased eye, we can see Jake is subtly there. Shonda has to find a way to isolate Olitz in allowing people to see the truth of the fantasy allowed to run its course, but also stay true to her desire to speak on Olivia’s internal struggle, mirrored through Olitz and Olake. You can’t have anyone else who is questionable around the uber fantasy play out, giving viewers the opportunity to attach blame when they see things don’t work out as expected between the love birds. Scandal media history has faithfully shown, it will happen since Olitz is simply too much soul-mates in love not to be fabulous, lol!!! At least, not to experience a very happy marriage filled with being IN LOVE. 

So, how does Shonda accomplish all this?  1. Give the uber fantasy, bells, whistles and all in a wedding mirroring Fitz’s uber romantic proposal. 2. Put Olivia in a beautiful, traditional, princess wedding gown, the likes of which many have witnessed in photo shopped images of Oliva in wedding gowns on social media. 3. DON’T bring in any nay sayers to the union, and DON’T delay the dream! They rushed to the dream: Fitz is married, looses presidency, divorced, BAM, at Olivia’s door in no time ready to marry her, they have sex, wedding bells are ringing. Give it to them, and give it to them now! 4. Briefly, and realistically, show her father by being at the wedding, unhappy, to eventually slither out the door, never to be in Olivia’s presence again. Eli is not an issue. 5. Mellie has nothing to say until the wedding is already underway. She’s miserable, kicked to the side, can’t believe he did it, it’s over. 6. Jake is NOWHERE in plain sight. That’s it. It’s smooth Olitz sailing from her on. As one Olitzer tweeted, it was so wonderful, everything they always wanted, in the beginning. 

So, where is Jake’s hidden presence? In 3 major places: 1. Olivia’s natural hair (which many of you talked about). 2. Marcus 3. The fact that Olivia did not want to travel like a rock star and live in some “huge and expensive” (as she put it) Vermont like home somewhere on Mt. Olympus, depending on Fitz’s money. Fitz wanted to blow off work and play in the upper crust sandbox, but Olivia wanted to go to work! Money is no object, Fitz informed her, but Olivia wanted normal living, working, earning, and making things happen for herself. She did not want to be a kept wife riding her husband’s riches. Jake left Olivia’s apartment to establish his own base in S4 since he told Liv he will not be a kept man. She liked her own, modest apartment. Olivia wanted NORMAL; what is considered mediocre to Fitz’s way of life. The scene when Abby shows up to Olivia’s cheap looking office area; you can tell Abby looks down on it a bit, but Olivia didn’t mind it at all. 4. The OLAKE SEXY/TANGO scene slightly adjusted for Olitz! It was flipped for Fitz to show up in finding Olivia at her door when it was Jake at the door, Olivia displays the same brush off attitude she gave to Jake - playing hard to get. She acts as if she doesn’t care, and you think that Jake is going to leave on the elevator the way Olivia let the elevator doors close on her, but at the VERY last surprising minute, Olivia flips in rushing to both men! Fitz even lifted Olivia up with her legs wrapped around Fitz’s waste, just like with Jake, ending with the door pound of Olivia’s back against it! It was a nod to JAKE and Olake! Another nod to Jake was Olivia wearing a leather jacket, just like Jake! I remember looking like, wow… Olivia in a leather Jacket. It felt odd but I liked it! But, I now realize it was a nod to Jake.

Elaborating just a bit on #1, the natural hair. We all know Olivia only wore that with Jake. There was one time she was in the shower with Fitz when her hair naturally wet and hanging due to the water, but I noticed that, when Cyrus burst into the room to find her and Fitz the next day still in bed, it was all straightened out. She put that flatiron to it before going to bed with Fitz since I don’t believe she felt comfortable with her hair dry, a bit puffier, and not hanging with Fitz. How many women has been with their boyfriend overnight, and you make sure your face and hair are on point while in the bed with him! I can see her doing her hair in private while Fitz is in bed waiting or watching television, whatever. But, with Jake, she has no problem wearing it natural and free. The natural has always been associated with Olake.  Lastly, to elaborate a bit on #2, Marcus. Marcus represented Jake in being a partner next to her that she seems most equal to, compatible with. They even had Marcus dance with Olivia! They seemed so compatible and happy around one another that Fitz accused her with sleeping with Marcus. Fitz felt threatened by Marcus just like he felt threatened by Jake in real time. Abby even looks at them questionably when she finds them dancing together; she came to discuss Olivia being a better wife to Fitz. Abby admitted that Fitz was a disaster, but because he is her husband, she believes Liv should try. I felt the Jake qualities within him so much. Liv even did that giddy jumping up and down like when she saw that Jake was about to dance with her. I remember thinking before likening him to Jake that, if Liv weren’t married, I can see her and Marcus getting together. Jake was by her side the whole time in the AT, quietly, as usual. Had Jake played in Marcus’s position, he’d have just been allocated some of the blame for the poor marriage. With Marcus put in the equal partnership-like role, people won’t associate them as harboring romantic feelings, since Marcus and Liv have none of that vibe in real time. He loves Mellie.


Have these??? I was kind of experimenting with the style I wanna draw like, in a chibi-like way. And used (one of) my fav OCs bc I’ve missed drawing them ;v;

(also click for better quality I didn’t have the patience to try and work the size out properly bc I used a different size canvas than I usually so >.>)

Who’s ready for some more unnecessary Camp Camp analysis? [SPOILERS]

So since I’ve been rewatching Camp Camp quite a bit during my free time the past few days, I thought I’d do another analysis post, since like I said before they’re actually a lot of fun and help me appreciate even more the little details the animators of the series put in.

So what’s the topic for today? Another of my favorite scenes that I keep going back to.

David vs. Daniel in “Better Than You”

(Warning: this gets long)

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Totoroki Shouto sorry not sorry

edit: animated one is now a smaller size so it should work, albeit in (much) worse quality hahaah orz

Originally, I was going to do a fire/ice thing in light of the recent episode but then I started thinking of puns with his name and this happened instead can you tell I struggled with the leaf


Lets talk JPG vs RAW! I deliberately messed up some photos for you (1 bad 1 severe) in both under and over exposed!
To keep this as real as possible, I shot each JPG and RAW in the same settings and the edits are exactly the same, just so you can tell the exact difference (so, JPG 1 and RAW 1 are shot and edited just the same etc)

If you don’t know what it means; in JPG when you mess up it is harder (most often impossble as you will see) to recover all the details lost. In RAW, the details are saved (like you’d actually have to try to heck up hard enough not to be able to save them) and it is easier to manipulate the photo without losing quality! Moving on.

First (less severe)t: to me there is a clear difference, but not really obvious why its that a big deal.
The RAW photo is sharp(er), the colors look better and no details were lost. 
The JPG is so much softer and lacks all sharpness. The details near her eye were not salvageable. Same goes for spots on her ears and back.

Second (more severe): I don’t think I have to tell you there’s a difference at this point lol.
The RAW really impressed me here. I actually expected some detail to be lost, but there wasn’t! Just looks like a nice vintage twist.
The JPG.. Do I even need to say it? What is happening on that photo? Details lost in both dark and bright places.

Third (less severe): Pretty much what I expected.
RAW kept 98% of the details, though I *think* a small part of her snout lost details. Not sure if that was just a editing fail on my behalf.
JPG lost some detail in the legs, chest and face. 

Fourth (more severe):Oh boy!
I am SUPER impressed by the RAW file! Absolutely no detail lost. I could not edit to a point where I actually liked how the picture looked but that’s just me being me.
JPG was a goner. There was absolutely no salvaging it, most of the white has lost its details and you can’t tell if its hair or a glued on piece of paper.

I hope this was helpful!

How to make Irene Adler's beauty look from "A Scandal in Belgravia" - Easy/poor student edition

If it’s something I realised when I started doing cosplay about one year ago, it’s how expensive it can be. As a “poor student”, it can be difficult to find both the time and the money to do the look you want in the quality that you want. Many tutorials today also use many different tools and expensive makeup. Of course the result will most times be better with high quality makeup but I think that you can create quite a good look without professional skills and without super-expensive makeup. Some days ago, I decided to do Irene Adler’s characteristic hairstyle and makeup for the first time and I realised during the process that you can do quite much with quite little resources. So here is my easy and “poor student” friendly tutorial about how to turn yourself into The Woman.

Part (1) - The “Before” picture

So let’s start with the obligatory “before” picture. This is me in all my natural beauty. Or well, not quite. My hair is dyed in a darker colour since 1,5 weeks ago. The colour might be called “Dark Chocolate” but I call it “Sherlock/Evie” dark after the hair colour of my two favourites right now. I should probably add Irene Adler to that description too.

Part (2) - Irene Adler’s characteristic hairstyle

When Sherlock first meets The Woman, she has perfected her beauty look into the smallest detail. That includes her hairstyle which will be the first step in the process of recreating her look.

Step (1) - Tools

What I need to create my Irene Adler-inspired hairstyle is basically a lot of hairpins and a great amount of hairspray. I use a basic spray with strong hold and recommend you to use something like that. It depends on the quality of your hair but my hair is, though not so long, very… VERY thick so I need all the hold I can get.

Step (2) - Hairstyle in the front

Start by parting your hair slightly to the side and grab the front/upper piece of your hair on the short side. Spray! (You can never get too much hairspray).

Form this piece of hair into a slight curl, make a bun out of it and then secure it with hairpins. The loose hair is no problem (it will be included in the French twist later) so don’t try to thug it into the pun or anything. One good advice is to secure the pins with the entry of the pin pointing towards your face. The hold will become stronger and it’s easier to hide the pin in your hair.

Next, take the front/bottom piece of your hair and twist it loosely. Spray and then secure with the pins necessary. Irene has her front/upper piece of hair ending up in a large curl but as I don’t own a curler and that is an exceedingly more difficult move to do by yourself, I do it in this way instead. Of course you can try out that curl yourself!

Irene’s hair is slightly asymmetrical and the other side is not split into the same two parts as the first side. I do a simple version here again and twist the whole side up and end it slightly above my ear. Be careful with twisting it too hard. The aim is to make the hair look more effortless than it really is. Spray again and secure with the pins necessary.

Step (3) - Hairstyle in the back

So, now the front parts are done. It’s now the magic happens when it’s time to secure the back of the hair. I first use plenty of spray in the rest of the hair to make it easy to work with. I then backcomb the hair slightly to give it even better structure. Then take all of the hair from the start of the neck and twist your hair into a French twist. In this particular picture below, I did the twist slightly lower than I would have wanted it to be so keep that in mind. Secure it with all the pins necessary and don’t be afraid to use even more hairspray. If someone else is doing the hairstyle on you, you might need lesser spray but as I do it myself, I need all the help I can get from the spray.

Step (4) - Admire your hairstyle

And voilà! I have now turned my hair into an easy version of Irene Adler’s. When you’re done with the hairstyle, make sure one more time that it’s properly secured with hairpins and spray. Time to move on to the next part!

Part (3) - Irene Adler’s characteristic makeup

One thing that the audience got a good look on in “A Scandal in Belgravia” was Irene’s makeup as she is getting ready for her first meeting with Sherlock (while Sherlock is getting ready for meeting her by provoking John into hitting him to the ground). Without the makeup, it’s not really Irene Adler. The first time I did this look on myself, I realised that my features looked a lot more like hers than I first thought. This makeup is therefore adapted to my face and you might need to use different methods. I use the makeup I have at home and if you have better tools and brands, just use them! This is, as I have said, an easy tutorial for those of you who are “poor geeks” like me. Anyway, let’s take it away!

Step (1) - Tools

I have bought all my makeup in grocery stores. Some of the brands are slightly more expensive but never above 13,00 £. I recommend you to foremost use what you have at home. The only thing I have bought especially for this look is the blue eyeshadow.

Step (2) - Foundation, cover and highlight

Irene has pretty flawless skin so let’s start with a covering foundation. I use my regular one which is liquid and very light with the colour Ivory Rose to cover my whole face. The methods of applying it can differ but I use my fingers. Be sure to apply some more on the upper part of your cheekbones to make them slightly lighter.

Next, I use a bronzing powder to finish the foundation. Apply with a brush and start by the chin. Then apply on your forehead, the sides, under your eyes and the nose. Apply very sparsely on the cheekbones as you want them light for the next step.

Now, Irene has prominent cheekbones and if you don’t have them yourselves, you need to highlight them. I do this in a very simple way, by using the same browsing powder again and with a smaller brush, applies a thicker layer just below my cheekbone. If you are good at highlighting in general, this step won’t be a problem for you. If you are not, like me, just be sure to keep the upper part of the cheekbone light and the bottom part darker. I recommend you to watch a tutorial on highlighting in that case because of my own limited skills.

Step (3) - Eyebrows, eyes and lips

Now we are done with the foundation and it’s time to do the details. First, the brows. I actually just do them the way I always do them and just fill them in. Start a little bit wider and then make them thinner. If you have thicker or thinner eyebrows than me, paint them in the way you see fit. As my eyebrow pen is out, I use a thin eyeshadow brush and fill them with a black eyeshadow. Maybe not the best solution but it works if you have dark hair and nothing else at home. Sometimes, we must use our imagination to save money. Be careful with the black shadow though as it can become very thick looking if you apply too much.

The next step is Irene’s gorgeous eyes. I first use a brown eyeshadow to highlight the eyelid. Take a small brush and apply lightly across the lid. It’s no problem if it’s slightly outside at the end of the eye that points to your ear. Blend with another brush in the way you find fit. This step is just for making the look a little bit more well-rounded.

Now it’s time for the eyeliner. I first apply some black eyeshadow to the bottom of the lid to give it a smoother transition to the mascara later. Apply slightly below the bottom lashes at the corner of your eye too. Be careful though. This black shadow eyeliner shall be just that: a shadow. OBS! In the picture below, I haven’t applied the bottom lashes eyeliner yet.

Now for a characteristic step: the blue eyeliner. I use again an eyeshadow for this step and a thin brush. Paint the lower part of the lid with the eyeshadow until you have a firm, but thin, eyeliner. Apply just slightly to the corner of your eye below the bottom lashes too. This one shall not in any way be as thick as on the eyelids. Just a little splash of colour.

The final step on the eyes is the mascara. I use one with a rubber brush, which I love. If your lashes don’t curl naturally like mine do, use an eyelash bender to achieve that. Next, apply the mascara to your upper lashes and make it cover all the lashes as much as you can. Also apply mascara to the bottom lashes at the corner of the eye but not further in.

The final part of Irene’s makeup is also the truly transforming part of it: her characteristic red lipstick. If you are in a mood, you can try to reshape your lips but I don’t have the tools for that so I just put it on. I’m using the lipstick I had at home which has the colour Cherry Sparkle. Cover your lips with an even layer and of course you can do it way better than I can.

Step (4) - Find the right Irene Adler attitude in the mirror

And with that we’re done with the makeup and now the transformation is almost complete. Time for the final touches!

Part (4) - Irene Adler’s nails and jewelry

Irene has many different accesoaries in her closet, from the Louboutin high heels to the diamond ring on her finger. I have chosen to highlight some of them.

Step (1) - Nails

There are some pieces in The Woman’s beauty look which are more characteristic than others. Important are her red finger nails. I paint mine with a regular red nail polish. These can of course also be done in a much more advanced way. Do it the way you like them! The most important thing is that they are the dark red that we want them to be. I bought my nail polish at the grocery store for about 1,00 £.

Step (2) - Earrings

Other accessories are her earrings and like I said earlier, the ring on her finger. I don’t have such a ring that looks like the one she has but the earrings are easily managed, even on a small budget. I use a pair of stones that I had at home which are something that I bought for about 1,00 £. Take what you like but if you want it in Irene Adler’s style, I recommend no colour but just a regular white/silver stone.


And by that, we are done and you have your cheap and easy Irene Adler look! As I have said during this whole process, this is my way of doing it and if you have better suggestions yourself on how to mimic Irene’s beauty tricks: use them! It’s just the imagination that sets the limit! Now follows some finished pictures of the look with four different outfits! The pictures and the editing are also perfect for a small budget. I took the pictures myself with my phone and the editing is done with pixlr.com.

Outfit (1) - Sherlock’s coat

So as I don’t own a riding crop but I do own a violin, this is the story: The Woman got a hold of Sherlock’s violin and now… Well, I don’t know where it goes from there.

Outfit (2) - Battle dress

Grey characters are always the most interesting ones, I think.

Outfit (3) - Classy dress

This dress is clearly not looking like the one Irene Adler had but I love it and thought it was in the right style. And the attitude does it!

Outfit (4) - Battersea Power Station outfit

I know Irene had black leather gloves to this outfit but mine was just too thick.

help! i know there’s a better quality version of this page somewhere but i can’t find it?? i know it exists. i think i saw it on my dash a few days ago. the post had other pics from the book as well. i thought i had saved or reblogged it but apparently not since i can’t find it anywhere?? D: am i just suffering from selective blindness again? i’ve been looking for like twenty minutes already, please help me find it and i’ll love you forever ♥

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING!! ♥♥ it was this post! i’ve liked it so i’ve prob reblogged it as well…….. i really need to make my tagging system better D:

“He seems skin deep but he’s as deep as the ocean.”

This was inspired by a poem/song I’ve been working on recently and it makes me think of Lance. This is probably the most detailed piece I’ve ever colored. I’m really happy with how it turned out. (The quality of this is so much better on my computer and I want to know why the colors looks so bold on my phone)



Just a little comic to illustrate a point~ 
I think a lot of people see athletes or people in the arts and think that the final product is all there is. However, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes, and that’s all I could think about while I watched Yuri on Ice. So just thought I’d share those thoughts through my favorite character (Yuri Plisetsky at ??? age?)

(click for better quality (sorry~))