i think the one with normani and lauren are the better ones idk what do you think


Melodically it might not be the strongest one in the album, & not the favourite one for many, BUT conceptually is the perfect song for single choice. Let me elaborate…
Mainstream media regularly doesn’t touch subjects aside of sex, love, heartbreak & partying.

Logic stated something similar during his VMAs performance: “I just want to take a moment right now & thank you all so much for giving me a platform to talk about something that mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about…”
Speaking about mental illnesses on his song “1-800-273-8255” is such a powerful, raw & real statement. If you have heard the song or watched his performance that night, don’t tell me you didn’t get chills or a lump in your throat.
Now, this is an statement that has achieved a #1 on Spotify’s US Top 50 chart; got a new peak of No. 5 this week on the Hot 100, a platinum certification & continues to rise (not to mention the impact that has had on the lifeline, it’s unprecedented). Personally, I’m extremely happy that a song like such is getting that amount of success. Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anyone that has treated this subject in the music ever before but take a look at the BB charts from these days & there is not another similar single on the market right now. The GP appreciates these songs that convey a different type of message other than the trivial ones we’re used to hear on the radio all the time.

Take a look at other very successful pop singles by female singers that have spoken about matters that don’t have anything to do with the common “mainstream-ish” ones:

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”… Reached double platinum on the US, & did very well on the BB lists)

Katy Perry with “Firework”… Commercially successful, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the top five on 20 charts around the world. It has sold 7.1 million copies in the United States, and over 1 million in the United Kingdom.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”…

[“I really can’t believe it. I’m humbled, honored and overwhelmed at the reception to ‘Born This Way’. This has been so life-changing for me. Between Billboard and the international No. 1s, and the radio numbers… I couldn’t be more blessed to have the fans I have. I knew when I wrote the song it was special, but I also knew that perhaps my fans or my label were hoping for me to deliver ‘Bad Romance the Third’ or ‘Poker Face the Third’. I wanted to do exactly the opposite.”]
— Gaga talking to Billboard about the commercial reception of “Born This Way”.

These are just the first examples I could come up with, surely there are other options that I’m missing right now. My point here was to highlight how these sort of songs do great in terms of the commercial reception & sometimes even better than expected.

Back to Bridges, by making it a single the girls would totally be showing the GP a side of them, musically speaking, that they have never been given the chance to showcase. I want to believe it would get them the respect they deserve. I’m positive it would change the GP’s view on them since it’d be a total different approach. I would even dare to say that they could go viral since anything that slams Trump’s administration, rightfully does (like Miss Texas two or three days ago). Concerning stan Twitter, hopefully it would lessen the slander towards them.

I know most are begging for Lonely Night or DSYLM for the third single. Almost everyone is rooting for the powerhouse ballad that DSYLM is, don’t get me wrong this song is everything we all have ever wanted from them since “Who Are You” but the absolute best time to have gotten this song out would have been their debut as a foursome, releasing something no one would have expected nor sonically nor vocally. But we know Epic adores sabotaging them. Regarding Lonely Night, the girls are known for bops, adding another one to their hits list won’t bring a change onto their name. Here’s what I mean:

For a girlgroup that’s not taken seriously more than half of the time; that has sadly secured a solid place on the stan Twitter bandwagon hate list; & the label that loves fucking up their singles choices… just look at Down, as much as they want to sell us the idea that they all agreed with it as the debut, it’s obvious that LAND didn’t pick it. Tbh if it had actually been for them I don’t think they would have included it on the tracklist.
For a band that’s been doubted since always, having a single out there climbing the top spots on the charts protesting about today’s political situation; speaking on behalf the lack of love & division reigning over society; stating about equality in general… It’s such an outstanding concept.

Four POC women basically singing in harmony a big fat fuck you to the giant Cheeto head & his regimen founded on racism & bigotry while taking over the mainstream radio it’s such an statement, I just got chills from merely thinking about it.

Apart from the fact that the GP could be very receptive of it, most importantly, it’s a much needed message that don’t even doubt for a second, Lauren, Ally, Normani & Dinah wouldn’t want to share with the world on a bigger scale.
Yeah the song is out there, sure thing. But not every outsider will give themselves the chance to hear it. Many don’t even know the song exists.
With a well budgeted music video (preferably that contains an actual storyline) & the adequate amount of promo it’s a song that could definitely get the recognition & appreciation it deserves.

I repeat, Epic won’t ever pull this card (I’m sure it must be true that they have already selected Sauced Up) but if the fans unite to demand this, definitely the girls won’t reject the idea & maybe we could really get them to change it EVEN if the third song is put out there by that moment. Many moves likes this have been done in the past, due to the fans’ petitions.
E.g. Lady Gaga had everything prepared to promote “Ayo” & she changed it last minute to “Million Reasons”. One Direction had begun promoting “Infinity” but directioners wanted “History” instead.
We could do it, we could get the label to exercise this option. Besides aren’t we told almost daily that we’re the fifth member? Just saying…

If you have made up your mind about other song for the next single, remember the other songs talk about about the trivial topics that the mainstream media consistently push. Not that there’s anything wrong with them of course, but from my POV it would just be another hit added to their brand & that’s pretty much it. Not that this last is not a big deal but imagine if they could have a hit with an anti-Trump anthem, love encouraging piece. Sounds better or is it just me??
Idk, don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating but this could be huge for them. Plus bringing a different element into the table for a change seems persuading enough to me.
By the way, the girls just said recently said in an interview that they wanted to be remember for spreading love & positivity… What a perfect opportunity to exhibit this to the GP than with Bridges.

Not convinced enough? The portion of the general public, that got to hear it already, praised it quite A LOT.
(I’ll attach later some ss with tweets demonstrating this last point)

The world deserves this message. The girls have it. It’s just a matter of pushing it & spreading it a little bit more.
This shouldn’t be an opportunity gone to waste. Especially if this is really their last project as Fifth Harmony. In the end it’s not the girls who got to decide this latter, it’s the label, (even if they try to sell us otherwise).
Not to mention right now it’s the most fitting time. The situation in America, the world crying for love & compassion… It’s a must to get this anthem out as soon as possible. The time is now.



miss movin’ on: Idk why they’re still doing this song but go off I guess lol. Camila’s opening solo is relatively easy to sing and Normani sounded great on it!

Sledgehammer: Dinah sounds good on another one of camila’s easy solos.her adlibs are better than camila’s but she still needs to tone it down a notch. I however really liked how she sang the bridge. she nailed the belt note (Some said it was a little shouty but I didn’t feel like it was)

reflection: Tens all around! The solo should have been Dinah’s from the jump. It isnt in the video but ally cover’s camila’s second solo and its satisfactory.

This is how we roll: Lauren covers camila’s first solo,its fine,I mean its sing talk you can’t really fuck it up lol. To think of the injustice of giving camila a belt note she couldn’t reach in her fucking dreams,when ally can effortless reach it and go even higher…tsk tsk! Safe to say the solo should have been hers!

scared of happy: camila’s first solo is a duplicate of normani’s so its no surprise she did it well. Lauren surprised me! She did camila’s part of the bridge pretty well and made it better (no screeching). Her range may be deteriorating,but atleast its not non existent yet…and hopefully never will be!

write on me: If the bullshit story they fed us about them auditioning for solos is true then how the fucking fuck did the pre-chorous not go to Dinah? She did it miles better than camila ever did! The bridge however,Normani was flat and while camila screeched it,dinah was alittle shouty too. I did like ally’s and lauren’s part though but honestly that bridge is a mess. both when they did it and when camila did it!

I Lied: Ally did well on the chorus. Its really high pitched and I can imagine it’s difficult to sing it if you don’t have an Alvin and the chipmunks ass voice,but I enjoyed her rendition of it and she actually managed to make it sound a little mature. No one can really do camila’s runs (that’s…not a complement) so the change in camila’s solo was expected,ally did alright.

no way: Not much to say,Normani did good,but it was pretty hard to fuck up as it follows the same melody as her own solo.

we know: I’ve always thought camila should have been left out of this song because her voice doesn’t suit it at all and I stand by that! Ally’s version of her solo is better!

dope: Easy solo,Dinah does it well(fucks up the lyrics though haha).

squeeze: camila’s solo on the album is good (sounds like she’s doing an Ellie Goulding impression but I’ll stay mute) but for some reason she adds that embellishment that makes it sound weird live (story of camila’s life)! I love Normani’s voice on squeeze and she does camila’s solo better live.

big bad wolf: The one thing I genuinely liked about camila’s voice is how she did the howl on BBW and ally kinda struggled at it. I however liked how she sang camila’s solo.

BO$$: Again,sing talk,not really that challenging. Satisfactory rendition. 

Not that kind of girl: Dinah simply sounded superior on Camila’s solo. point blank and the period!

flex: Apart from work from home,this is arguably the worst camila sounds on the whole album.Ally does a decent job at covering up camila’s really bad embellishments. It hits the ear better.

Brave Honest Beautiful: I am a big hater of BHB,Largely because the lyrics are trash (thanks Meghan Trainor) but also because the chorus is SHRILL! Dinah’s version,where she breaks into falsetto softens the harshness that camila brought to that chorus and its bearable! Lauren’s raspy voice honestly fits the pre-chorus better and she should have gotten that solo instead of nothing!And by far the WORST think on BHB is camila’s solo on the second verse,especially the way she sings the word ‘star’. how a producer in good conscience put that tragedy on the finished song will always be beyond me! I like what ally and the girls did with it way better! They make this Disney ass song mature (well as mature as you can make a song with the line ‘you deserve a Hollywood star’ in it)

gonna get better : Another case of duplicate verses (no more of this in the new era please) so obviously Normani nails it!

worth it : YAS YAS YAS YAS! that was meant to be Lauren’s solo and I am mad that she got nothing when she sounds 100 times better than camila on that particular solo (more proof that the ‘the producers pick the solos’ retort is total bullshit)! She sounds sexy AS HELL and I kinda wish she did the original line but hey,its raunchy and I don’t blame her for not wanting to! 10s across the board!

work from home: Every single moment of the new arrangement is perfection. End of story!

verdict: *Sings Missy Elliot’s ‘I’m better’*

10 Random Things I Wrote While Half Asleep

1. It’s okay to stay up crying at night over something as small as not being able to comprehend a homework assignment. Just like it’s okay to stay up crying at night over a boy or girl.

2. Friends come and go. This phrase is so overly used, but it’s the truth. The person you may have trusted the most at a certain point in your life may become the person you least trust now. That may or may not be your fault, but there is a reason they’re not a part of your life anymore, so please take that into consideration.

3. Fall in love. Fall in love with the cute guy who works at CVS that had the guts to call you pretty, not literally, but you know you’ll end up thinking about him for about two hours afterwards anyway. Fall in love with the little things. Fall in love with the way the sun kisses the water at the beach while it’s setting. Fall in love with the moon and the mystery it holds, being as to it can be the brightest thing in the night sky, even with stars surrounding it. Fall in love with your friend’s laugh and how seeing them happy, makes you happy. Love and time have no correlation, but you’re young and you’ll have plenty of time to fall in and out of love.

4. Watch what you say. Please, please, P L E A S E watch what you say. You think that saying racial/homophobic/sexist slurs is cool, but it’s not. It’s honestly disgusting to hear, but some people are so ignorant and say things without precaution. Are you black? Are you gay? Are you a woman? There is no need for you to say words that associate with each topic if you’re not of the race/sexuality/gender (or identify as the gender). Do you honestly think shouting words like the “n” word to your “friends” (WHEN YOU ARE WHITE) is appropriate? Do that in an area that is heavily populated with people of color and watch how many of them are offended and or hurt. Granted, some may not care, but for every one that doesn’t, ten do. Do you honestly think saying phrases like, “that’s so gay” is necessary? Why is it gay, and why is it being noted with negative connotation? Being gay isn’t bad. Coming to terms with who you are as a person should never be bad. Love should never be bad. So why do you act like it is? If you were born in a predominantly male household and were brought up thinking that the world revolves around men, you are wrong. Frankly, most girls don’t give a shit about you or your opinions. You should try being a decent human being and take no for an answer. You have no right to pressure a girl into doing something they don’t want to do. Refrain from using words like “slut” “hoe” and “whore,” this goes for both girls and boys. Ladies, do not degrade your own fucking gender! You are worth a lot more than what a man thinks about you. Fuckboy -the female equivalent to a slut-and yet guys use this as a praise because if they get a lot of girls, they’re sex gods, but if a girl gets a lot of guys, or embraces her sexuality, she’s a slut. Yes, that makes total sense! Also, let’s all vote for Donald Trump while we’re at it.

5. We go through so many things as individuals that we may not want to share with anyone. We keep things to ourselves because we may not want to feel like a burden. People can be so quick to judge you, and you let them because you have no energy to prove them wrong. That’s okay. Not everything or everyone deserves an explanation. However, don’t let it get you down. Don’t let it get to a point where you completely lose yourself. If locking yourself in a room and blasting Ed Sheeran makes you feel better, do it. If spontaneously driving to the beach and listening to The 1975 while you sing at the top of your lungs helps, do it! If inviting friends over while you dance around and listen to Fifth Harmony allows you to take your mind off of things, do it. You are better than your demons. You don’t need to have them control your every move. You are not a pawn, you are your own person.

6. Go outside when it rains. Go outside while it rains and just stand there. It’s raining! Do you know how absolutely beautiful that is? Water is falling from the sky. Stand in the rain, raise your arms in the air, and just feel the water kiss your skin. (UNLESS IT IS ACIDIC YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THERE SO FAST)

7. Listen to a song you would have never listened to. It might surprise you how much you can relate to a lyric or connect with the instruments.

8. Take pictures. Not selfies, but actual pictures. Remember that there could be a certain moment in time when you’re sad, but if you take a picture of something when you’re in absolute bliss, that happiness is there forever. One frame can hold so much emotion and feeling of security. I think that’s amazing. Take pictures. Take pictures of the sky when a cloud looks really dope. Take pictures of sunsets and sunrises. Take pictures of your friends when they’re in the middle of laughing. Take pictures of your friends when they’re in love (trust me, they have a certain glint in their eye that is spectacular). Take pictures of your friends when they’re absolutely pissed off, but it makes you laugh regardless. A picture can tell a thousand words. As stupid as it sounds, it’s true, and they’re permanent memories. (You can take selfies too I guess…)

9. Be happy. Put your happiness first. It’s okay to be selfish once in a while. There is nothing wrong with it and at the end of the day, you were born with you, and you’re going to die with you, so take care of yourself. (small Lauren Jauregui reference)

10. Learn to love yourself.

You and I – Chapter 3

A/N: I love you all so much omg. Thank you for the positive feedback and suggestions! btw last time I wrote ‘suggestions would be could’ well, anyway, i was sleepy. I meant Suggestions would be cool, lol. Enjoy this chapter and yeah.. idk I guess I’ll write another one now bc I have 3 more hours of travelling haha.

Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I didn’t read this  check lol. 

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