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Oh ye who's wise on all things bughead, can you please recommend me some good angsty, bughead fics. And by angst, I mean heart-wrenching, gut-twisting angst -- I wanna get deep w/ my emotions. Thanks B 😘

OOOkay - so I have to apologize @jeemyjamz for taking so freaking long to get back to you with this angsty list of fics. I also had THREE Anon requests asking for the same thing and I think because of the enormity of the ask - I felt like I couldn’t answer anyone’s asks because I have a brain block when it comes to deep devastating angst. Seriously - angst is hard for me to rec because I don’t generally read fics that will destroy my heart. I usually like flangst - fluffy angst (or angst with a happy ending) - especially when it’s plot driven - or super fluffy one shots. Too much angst hurts me - and it bleeds into my real life. (Like that couple weeks in April when we had to get through the 12 chapters of Long Live Rock. I was insufferable at home. Thought my husband would divorce me. I was short tempered and weepy. Poor Salmons.) 

But  - because I suppose I should try to keep my reputation as someone who reads a little something - here are some fics that aren’t FLUFFY and are various levels of sad that I can rec:

Firstly, I feel like I should point out that aside from the 12 chapters of Jeronica that is smushed kinda in the early middle of Long Live Rock by @ficmuse - that fic isn’t actually that angsty. It’s more of a plot driven, magic fest of campy awesomeness. That is solely why I’m not linking it on this list.

Nextly - I know I said I don’t read angst often - and this story is probably a good illustration of why. The Tales of an Endless Heart series by @lessoleilscouchants is freaking AMAZING and has literally cracked my soul open into little itty-bitty pieces a’la a horcrux. Where the fic sits now - we’re kind of on a not as angsty slide upwards (I hope permanently) but dude… literal, wet, fat, devastating, and heartbreaking tears fell down this fic reccer’s face during this series. So if you’re into masochism (like Juggie in this fic) you should read it. Seriously.

Also - my girl @lusterrdust knows how to break a heart or two. If her fic out of nowhere (and in fact - BOTH of her Somewhere in Time fics) doesn’t fail to destroy your heart, then you’re not a person. red sunrise is all about the end of the world and how scary hopeless it can feel being chased down by zombies while searching for the love of your life. And seriously heed the trigger warnings on drown because it freaking HURTS.

And let’s talk about dear @gellbellshead - who usually writes cheerful things. Well, she brought us  Don’t Leave Me as well. Freaking tearfest of a story. Thanks for that, dear.

Along similar lines - but not quite - we have a doomed soulmate fic by the ever lovely @juggydunes. To die by your side (Is such a heavenly way to die) doesn’t just have a clever name - we’ve convinced her to continue with another chapter… so that’s pretty spectacular, I feel.

Then there was a fic I came upon this afternoon by @betsjuggiecooperjones which didn’t have a name but was a Missing Scene between episodes 11 and 12 that was just so super good and mostly sad but then happy at the end (see how bad I am with the solely angsty stuff?)

Same thing with one of my most favourite stories every by @camelotskingz Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home starts out pretty freaking angsty… but there is some reprieve at the end. I mean - it’s cute and super clever - but there are a few scenes in the middle there that I felt my heart was being ripped open… so I think it fits the bill. Not to mention To B.C. I Still Love You is pretty much one angsty ‘throw-up on someone when you’re kissing them’ ride of pain. It’s one you should check out - if you haven’t already. (who am I kidding - I’m sure you’ve checked it out!)

Here’s one from the VERY early inklings of the fandom - it’s called Polaroids by AugustApollo - and it’s technically unfinished… but the two chapters that are there are pretty stand alone as they are. It’s so so good. It was in the first fifty entries or so on my big ass spreadsheet that I started in March (!) and my answer to whether this fic was gonna be epic was a big old YES - so I promise you’ll like it. And it’ll hurt you. But it’s so well written. Maybe if more people review it, we’ll get more polaroids of their life, you think?

Heartfelt by absurdvampmuse is a post Juggie’s birthday fic of pain… but pretty much any fic regurgitating the painful things Juggie threw at Betty in that garage is the epitome of angst for me - this one was just really great. I guess it’s not doom and gloom rip your heart out angst - but it’s definitely not fluffy.

Even Still by @peacelovebughead freaking crushed me. So I’m counting it as an angsty story - even if it has a happy ending.

Then of course there is As I lay Dying by @avenuepotter- which is a retelling of Hamlet… so of course it’s not gonna have a happy ending for anyone. But while it’s angsty af - it’s also clever and I’m never one to turn down a good Shakespeare retelling.

And lastly (for today) there is this one… There Was a Garden by mona_chopsis_0 - Until this afternoon, I had never read it but holy hannah on sunday! Where the hell have I been and what rock have I been living under? - because this is a freaking FANTASTIC fic - and yeah, it’s angsty - but also it doesn’t make me want to die from the pain a the end so more people need to read and review it. Seriously. AND I know I know the formatting it terrible. Whoever decided that << was a good alternative for a “ needs to have remedial fangirling lessons (sorry but that’s just my opinion) - I BEG you to read this story and ignore the uncomfortable formatting - because it’s FREAKING GOOD. Like so super good. Read it and review it! 

Okay - I’m calling it a day on this rec list for now. There are SO MANY MORE fics to rec - so if anyone else has favourite angsty fics to share - please please reblog with the links for all of us - because even though I’m going to hate myself for saying this - I could always do with more fic to read. lol. Love you, my dear, wonderful, and awesome Bughead Family.  💙💛

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rules:  answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people


1. drink: my morning cup of tea

2. phone call: My apartment office

3. text message: from my sister

4. song you listened to: Rock you like a hurricane

5. time you cried: Last week I think?  But only for a minute. Fucking fic made me cry.

6. dated someone twice: I dated this one guy off and on from middle school through college. We’re still friends.

7. kissed someone and regretted it: no

8. been cheated on: no

9. lost someone special: don’t wanna talk about it

10. been depressed: …..I’m doing better now.  Let’s leave it at that.

11. gotten drunk and thrown up: Not since college


12. Blue

13. Black

14. gray (and orange because YES)


15. made new friends: one in my daily life the rest online in the fandom community

16. fallen out of love: no

17. laughed until you cried: yeah, a few weeks ago

18. found out someone was talking about you: Yeah, found out my extended family were discussing what I may or may not like to read for fun.  Like dudes….I’m almost 30.  WTF?

19. met someone who changed you: probably

20. found out who your friends are: yeah

21. kissed someone on your facebook list: um….no?  


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them 

23. do you have any pets: a dog

24. do you want to change your name: no

25. what did you do for your last birthday: i was extremely sick so I sat on a couch and binge watched vikings with my family

26. what time did you wake up: 5:20 am 

27. what were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping, thankfully.  my insomnia wasn’t as bad last night

28. name something you can’t wait for: the weather to turn

29. when was the last time you saw your mom: last saturday

31. what are you listening to right now: nothing at all.  it’s quiet in my apartment except for the sound of me typing and eating my breakfast

32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: yeah

33. something that is getting on your nerves: those fucking people who keep parking in the fire lane

34. most visited website: Tumblr probably

35. hair colour: reddish blonde

36. long or short hair: It’s longer now but I prefer it short and I’m gonna hack it off soon

37. do you have a crush on someone: negative

38. what do you like about yourself: how loyal I am.  Also how strategic. :)

39. want any piercings: I already have the only one I want

40. blood type: ….

41. nickname: um…online and in fandom, I’m miss_grey

42. relationship status: single

43. zodiac: Capricorn bitches

44. pronouns: she/her
 (though honestly I couldn’t care less)

45. favourite tv show: so many.  Let’s go with current obsession shall we?  Band of Brothers.  Also I’m binge watching Blue Bloods because of Donnie Wahlberg.

46. tattoos: I have one on my shoulder blade

47. right or left handed: right handed

48. surgery: …

49. piercing: my left ear

50. sport: to watch? Hockey.  to play? Tetherball.

51. vacation: Went to the beach with my mom and sister for a few days.  It was awesome and soooo needed.

52. pair of trainers: I wear black tennis shoes mostly but I prefer boots.


53. eating: Captain Crunch (peanut butter yo)

54. drinking: tea

55. i’m about to: Walk my dog then go to work

56. waiting for: my next vacation or weekend or whatever

57. want: to move and get a new job and start all over again

58. get married: I’m not opposed, I guess, I just can’t really imagine it for myself.

59. career: I’m a historian (who currently teaches)


60. hugs or kisses: hugs

61. lips or eyes: eyes

62. shorter or taller: taller

63. older or younger: Older but not by much

64. nice arms or nice stomach: Why not both??

65. hook up or relationship: Um….I want a relationship, but…..?!?!

66. troublemaker or hesitant: Um…confident but mature.


67. kissed a stranger:  yes

68. drank hard liquor: me and tequila used to have a love/hate relationship

69. lost glasses/contact lenses: no. i take care of my shit.

70. turned someone down: hahaha more often then not

71. sex on the first date: *asexual laughing*

72. broken someone’s heart: i hope not?

73. had your heart broken: yeah, a couple times

74. been arrested: No
t yet.

75. cried when someone died: yeah i take those sorts of things really really hard

76. fallen for a friend: ugh, this is what happens with me :/  I’ve learned to ignore it.


77. yourself: mostly

78. miracles: occasionally

79. love at first sight: No
, not really.

80. santa claus: …..

81. kiss on the first date: If I feel like it.

82. angels: Cas :) *side-eyes the fuck out of SPN*


83. current best friend’s name: Steph

84. eye colour: Blue-gray

85. favorite movie: Ugh, I don’t even know anymore.  

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Hello! :) This might be an odd question (sorry!) but do you know of any "easy" french books? I studied french in school for three years and know basic grammar and vocabs but I really regret that I'm not good at it? Like I can't talk/make sentences on my own and stuff.. I figured reading some books might help there! However, most easy books are either for children or boring school books.. So um, do you know interesting ones that aren't too hard to understand? Thank you very much! c: ♥

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I was once again making a list of all the moments the episode took away and i realized something. It’s almost always the small moments of comedy and levity that gives these characters more development. 

Alcott gets a bigger role later on but the manga did have a lot of small moments with her early on. It’s shown through her plans and how the other Guild members regard her. She’s the tactician that makes plans that account for any situation possible. The enemy got away? Look at case B-7. Her plans are seriously longer than my accounting textbooks!

I know I am not alone when I say: “Little Q, let me give you a hug”. I love his interaction with Lovecraft since it shows how unhinged they are yet they come off as ignorant of norms rather than malicious (Q to a lesser degree than Lovecraft).

Q looks so happy while he’s walking around town and I think it shows how much he was affected by his imprisonment. He remembers the condition Mori put on him: complete the mission. He remembers but decides against it, showing no loyalty to the mafia. He’s out and he’ll do what he want.

And was immediately captured again…

I ship Hawthorne and Mitchell like no one’s business. Hawthorne’s reaction to Mitchell being hospitalized was the moment that made the ship sail to me. He regains consciousness and learns about Mitchell’s condition. He blames Fitz and this is what set both of them off.

That’s the trigger that made him use the emergency plan. “The original plan is too time consuming. It also puts more strain on our forces than initially expected.” He cares about his subordinates and wants to protect them. 

I can imagine people who haven’t read the manga would be confused since it seems like what set him off was Hawthorne leaving instead of Hawthorne blaming him for Mitchell’s condition.

Kunikida doesn’t get the love and attention he deserves sometimes. He was affected by Q’s ability in the manga. Sure it doesn’t affect the story in the long run but give the ideal man some more screen time. He saw Sasaki and that would be great continuity. Atsushi was also affected by Q’s ability showing that there were some lingering effects.

Can I just say that I love the composition of this scene? It can be summed up in this frame where it shows how similar they are. Atsushi and Lucy both came from horrible orphanages but Lucy is the one that let that make her bitter. She calls him privilege without knowing the truth. And it’s important that they only show this scene after they both reveal their scars. It’s a visual cue for both the audience and the characters.

This one scene sums up Lucy’s journey so well! But as much as I love the composition, I wish they kept in entire scene of them in Anne’s room. She was the one that planted the idea of the detectives and mafia working together. But I’m still happy with the AtsuLucy I got.

I don’t know if it’s just the translation but what happened to the Mighty Twain and his “Twain Success Diary”? Small nitpick but it shows his egotistic personality. I was surprised by his english but I am so blessed to have heard it.

Atsushi is one of my favourite protagonist. The scene where he confronts the tiger was a little rushed but I think it got across what the manga was intending. Atsushi’s acceptance of his ability. I’m in the middle of writing an analysis for Atsushi but I feel like Atsushi never really hated his ability but his inability to act. Now he’s faced with his ability and he says: “Thanks for everything.”

It’s a thanks for leading him to the agency and enabling him to fight along them. This new life, this new beginning is everything to him now.

Atsushi saving the kid and handing it to Tachihara was gold and should’ve been animated! I know Gin is everyone’s favourite black lizard but I have a bias for red heads

I like this episode more than the others but I’m a nitpick and I want to highlight these scenes

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Heeey! Have u ever read the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series? Or watched the movies? I personally absolutely love them, I have read the whole 3 books of LotR and The Hobbit. I've seen some of ur art form the Hobbit, of filly, I think (I get confused with filly and Killy, lol) and legolas's crush, whatever her name is... (All these names!!) I ship them!! Although I do feel sorry for Legolas, he was one of my favourite characters! love ur work, take ur time, and most importantly stay awesome!

** yes, I read the Hobbit, Lotr, and “Farmer Giles of Ham” (wich has nothing to do with the Middle-earth’s stories). I still have to read “The Silmarillion”, “Narn i Chîn Húrin. The Tale of the Children of Húrin” . I have all the blue rays of lotr and the hobbit and the extended edition of “the battle of five armies”. Last year I had the courage to watch all the six movies, one after the other, almost 18 hours of movies, but I did it!

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The Heir---spoilers and thoughts

1. Re: Maxerica

Oh my god. Just seeing them still in love after all these years, and literally being a fairy tale… I CAN’T EVEN. And as all who have finished the book knows, Ahren leaves with Camille and America has a heart attack. First of all, WHO GAVE AMERICA PERMISSION TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK AND GIVE ALL READERS A HEART ATTACK. NO ONE. Secondly, MAXON CRYING ARE YOU TRYING TO DROWN THE ENTIRE FANDOM? This is unacceptable. I need the fifth book now. And I need to know that she’s okay.

2. Let’s talk about the Selected

Basically, Kile is my fav. Henri and Eikko, I CAN’T CHOOSE. JACK AND BURKE YOU DISGUSTING SHITS. Baden… honey, try to be noble? I sincerely hope that Kile ends up with Eadlyn at the end or else I will definitely be bawling my eyes out over this injustice. Henri… bless that soul, I hope he ends up with someone really nice or maybe stays at the palace as a chef? lol Eikko, I sort of get a feeling that he might be requested to be put into the Selection by Eadlyn, I’m not quite sure of that, but I’m sorta hoping? I just hope that if it does in fact happen, nothing will go wrong between him and Henri. Hale, just stay at the palace make gowns and superb clothing, maybe? I quite like the Selected in general, except a few pigs here and there.

3. Favourite Scenes

I would have to say the scene after Eadlyn is harassed by Jack the douche and the siblings gather in her room, the baseball scene, the Headlyn kiss scene, and ALL KEADLYN SCENES ESPECIALLY THE KISSES THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

4. Favourite quote

“Fun maths is an oxymoron.” Can our queen-to-be be ever more understanding and perfect.


I do not know who you are shipping, but whoever they are, I’m sure it’s a great choice. Keadlyn for me is the one. I mean, you can practically guess it from the beginning when they bump into each other that it’s going to blossom into something else, and when she asks for that “fake” kiss, we all know that shit is going to break loose some time soon. And all those caring remarks from Kile, LORD SAVE ME. My favourite kiss would be, hmm… lemme think… ALL OF THEM. I just want to remind everyone that we still haven’t found out Kile’s middle name so maybe some other time in the future? *smirk* And when Eadlyn asks him “Kile Woodwork, do you want to kiss me?” I was like GO KISS HER BRUH!!!! Oh gahds. Can anyone find me a Kile on Etsy or something? 

6. Other wonderful men

Henri, I would marry you for all the cinnamon rolls you can make. Like seriously, how do you expect me to resist the temptation of food????? Erik… Oh lords of all ye heavens, a) he has a fucking awesome personality b) they held hands at the party c) Eadlyn dances with Henri and he’s just there in the background smiling sadly? COME HERE BABY LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG

7. Other characters

a. Ahren. Oh dear. I really like how he’s so in love with Camille, and I totally understand why he left his family. But still. It’s heartbreaking.

b. Josie. SHUT THE FUCK UP. gosh. 

c. Neena, I love her. I just think that maybe Eadlyn’s a bit rude some times (not intentionally though)

d. Lucy and Aspen. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???? Can we please give them something nice. Please, please, please, please, please!!!!

Now I’m just gonna go. And read it a few more million times.

You Belong With Me

Pairing: Dean x reader

Song: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Summary: You see Dean eyeing and talking to a glamorous, clique-y girl at a bar and, feeling threatened by her as you and Dean aren’t together, go home to sing and dance to You Belong With Me, only to have Dean discover you doing this.

Words: 1138

Warnings: slight nudity, no smut but a tiny bit of boob grabbing

A/N: if you enjoyed this, request me up :)

Your name: submit What is this?


She was society’s perfect definition of beautiful. Undoubtedly relaxing at the top of the social foodchain, this woman attracted stares from every person into girls who was present, in a very early One Direction song kind of way. She was donning shoes with heels bigger than some men in the room’s private parts, a classic little black dress and red lipstick that would probably stain on clothing like permanent marker. Her hair was curled into perfect blonde ringlets, which she swished around now and then. “Fuckin’ hell” you muttered as you saw her, and put on a dejected face. You were in this bar, fresh from a hunt, with dirt on your old t shirt and your faded blue jeans.
“You can say that again” Dean nodded. You assumed he was agreeing for a different reason, though.
“Sam!” You called. “Come here for a sec.” 
A little roughly, you pulled Sam aside. Him being your closest friend aside Dean and someone who knew about your thing for his older brother, you felt like you could confide in him. “I can’t be around Dean when this perfect girl is here” you sighed, nodding in their direction, where the woman was obediently laughing at presumingly a joke Dean had made. “It makes me feel so ugly and invalid. It just emphasises the fact that he’ll never like me.”
“Hey!” Sam protested. “You don’t know that.”
“Don’t get my hopes up, Sam. I’m outta here. Make up some excuse for me?” You asked as you turned to leave.
“Anytime” Sam shouted after you. “Don’t overthink this…”
When you got back to the bunker, you were restless and it was getting late, so you decided to crash. You put your iPod on shuffle while you were getting ready for bed. The third song was You Belong With Me. Having loved the song for many years and listened to it many times, you automatically started singing along.
“You’re on the phone with your girlfriend she’s upset, she’s going off about something she said, but she doesn’t get your humour like I do…”
When the third line played you thought back to the fake smile on the woman’s face as she did her obligatory laugh at Dean’s joke. You turned your back to the door and, upon doing so, your face to the portrait on the wall of you and Dean (next to the one of you and Sam) and started singing to it, in a typical-teenage-girl fashion. 
“… Dreaming ‘bout the day that you’ll wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time” you slipped your top off to get in your pyjamas at this point, while shaking your hips and bouncing a little as a way of dancing to the song. However, you got too lost in how relevant the words were, so you forgot to actually change beyond that.
“If you can see that” Dean knocked softly on the door, and, getting no reply, eased it open. He stood in the doorway as you sang, without you knowing he was there. “I’m the one who understands you” you pointed at Dean’s face in the photo. “Been here all along so why can’t you see? You belong with me” 
Dean zoned out for the next few lines as he recalled the events of the night…
Dean’s POV
Oh God, I see it now. I’ve hurt her. I went over to talk to that girl and that just made her feel worse about herself. How could I hurt her like that? 
“… And you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town…” You chuckled while dancing, remembering his gorgeous smile. 
“She wears high heels, I wear sneakers, she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers…”
Dean shook his head and let the chorus fly by again as he hung his head, sighing.
“… All this time how could you not know? Baby, you belong with me”
For the bridge, you stopped still but continued to sing. “Oh, I remember your driving to my house in the middle of the night, I’m the one who makes you laugh when you know you’re ‘bout to cry, I know your favourite songs and you tell me ‘bout your dreams, think I know where you belong, think I know what’s right for-“
You whipped round on the last line and saw Dean in the doorway. 
“D-Dean” was all you could think to say, your body beginning to shake. “I thought you would have gone somewhere with that beautiful girl.” You hung your head and your cheeks turned red. “Shit” you realised you were topless in that moment. “You don’t want to seem me like this.” You moved to get your top, but Dean rushed forward and grabbed your arms before you could do so.
“Y/n, wait. Please let me explain.”
“You’re just saying that cause there’s a girl who likes you with no top on in front of you.” You muttered.
A look of hurt crossed Dean’s face. “Y/n, no. I saw how bad you felt about that woman so I went to ask her if she could come and tell you you were as beautiful as her. She said of course, she’d always help a girl out… But you were gone before she could move a muscle.”
“But… But… How can you think I’m beautiful? The kind of girls you go for are tall but not too tall and have perfect soft skin and clear, pretty eyes and shiny, flowing hair and big boobs and a nice ass and a flat stomach and plush lips and I don’t have any of-“
Dean interrupted you by fitting his hands around your face and crashing his lips against yours. For a moment, you were shocked, but you kissed him back after a second, letting out a contented “hmm”. 
“You’re beautiful” he mumbled into your lips, his hands transferring to your waist. “And smart. And hilarious. The girls I flirt with are a distraction from how there’s a perfect girl right in front of me but I can’t have her… Until now. Plus, you’re seriously hot” he smirked and gave your boobs a quick squeeze through your bra. 
You let out a grunt of pleasure at that and Dean gently pulled his lips from yours, pressing your forehead against his, looking into your eyes.
“Sure, people have bigger boobs than you” he admitted, “but it doesn’t mean I can’t think about my hands and mouth on your perfect ones every night” he grinned. 
You let out a fake gasp. “Dean! You’re filthy…” You laughed, punching his arm playfully.
“Not as filthy as you right now” he quipped. “Maybe those jeans should come off too?” He raised his eyebrows and you chuckled again, undoing the button on your jeans.

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Do you like doctor who or have any thoughts on Who?

Oh man this is so complicated. *head in hands*

Nine was my first Doctor, but the First Doctor is my Doctor. I’ve seen every existing episode (and reconstructions of the lost ones) of Doctor Who from the first through the end of the fourth, and from the ninth through the eleventh. I think some of my online profiles still list me as “Secretly a Time Lord”. 

Ten to Eleven was the first regeneration I saw live. The Brigadier is my most beloved Companion. Jack Harkness was nothing I expected when I finally saw him after hearing a lot about him, but I loved him. Countryside is my favourite Torchwood episode, and as far as I’m concerned, Torchwood ended in the middle of season two. 

I wrote a lot of Doctor Who fanfic. I wrote even more Torchwood fanfic

A lot of people who are ex-fans of Doctor Who blame RTD’s increasing lack of care for the show followed by Moffat’s…everything, for driving them off, and I think for me there is some merit in that. They certainly contributed. But I also had a personal, visceral reaction to the culmination of the River Song plot that put me off and kept me off, and I haven’t really been able to come back fully since then. 

So…I guess the most accurate answer is that I once liked Doctor Who, and someday I might again. But it’ll probably be a while.