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Dating Sirius Black Would Include...

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~ You would probably meet because James & Remus slipped some Amortentia into his pumpkin juice at dinner because they were tired of listening to him talk about you and Sirius would be all over you for the rest of the night

~ The next day Sirius would apologize and you would be super forgiving because you have such a huge crush on him 

~ “Why’re you so understanding, huh Y/L/N? You like it or something?” he’d say with an eyebrow raised and a hot smug smile/ smirk

~ “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Black.” 

~ And he’d just kiss you

~ And you’d kiss him back

~ And he’d tell you the Amortentia smelled like James Potter’s house, the smell of a new leather jacket, and your perfume and that he’d seen them slip it in his drink, he just wanted an excuse

~ And you would be unofficially official (in his mind at least) 

~ You wouldn’t know you were his girlfriend until some Ravenclaw you’d never met ran from you after you smiled at him, claiming that he didn’t want to even breathe in Sirius Black’s girlfriend’s direction because Sirius would most likely kill him

~ And so you’d ask Sirius and he’d just turn into a blushing, mumbling git

~ “I mean…you want to be my girlfriend, yeah?” 

~ “I’d love to be your girlfriend, Sirius.” 

~ And he would smile and kiss your lips quickly before scurrying off down the hallway to his next class, “Later, angel!” 

~ You would support him at Quidditch games (even if you weren’t in his house), wearing his school scarf 

~ Victory sex after they win the Qudditch Cup

~ “Did you just use the stupefy charm or are you just a natural stunner?” 

~ Lazy cuddling and eating chocolate muffins Sirius had smuggled from the kitchen in your dorm room on Sunday mornings

~ Playing pranks on him with James 

~ Winks across the classroom

~ Lip bites whenever you walked in a room that drove you absolutely insane

~ Sirius would like calling you anything except your name so lots and lots of pet names that you couldn’t get enough of

~ When he would get detention you would get in trouble purposely and sit in detention with him 

~ Sirius would be such a whiner 

~ “Babe, give me a kiss.” 

~ “Angel, I need attention.” 

~ “Stop loving your books more than me.” 

~ You would get extremely jealous of all the girls throwing themselves at him

~ He’d usually makes jokes about it but definitely assure you that you were all he needed / wanted 

~ Sitting at the dinner table in a comfortable silence until James pipes up 

~ “Remus owes me 3 galleons.” 

~ “Yeah, what for?” you/Sirius would ask

~ “We had a contest to see who could moan Sirius’ name and sound more like Y/N. Peter judged, and I won.”  

~ He would start imitating how you sound and you would just want to crawl in a hole and die 

~ Sirius would just laugh and pull you into his chest as you blush and mumble about how much of a prick James was

~ Lots and lots of hickeys

~ He would help you with astronomy work all the time because he was so good at it 

~ Always pointing at Canis Major when you had dates in the astronomy tower

~ And he would run his fingers through your hair and tell you, “You know, love, I used to be so amazed by the stars but, now, I look at you and wonder how the stars in the sky could ever compare to the ones in your eyes.” 

~ And you would be so astounded by how in love this boy was with you that you wouldn’t even know what to say and you would pull him into the deepest kiss 

~ And he would laugh and hold you, whispering how much he loved you into your ear as you pointed out more constellations 

~ Him watching you on the Marauder’s Map

~ James would be so fed up and annoyed when you two first started dating 

~ “Sirius, if you say Y/N one more time, I’ll kill you.” 

~ He would always warn you about pranks before he pulled them not wanting you in the crossfires 

~ You would be so impressed by his pranking brilliance 

~ “Sirius, if you put as much work as you did into schoolwork as you did in these elaborate pranks, you would be top of the class.” 

~ “You sound like Dumbledore.” 

~ He would always give you his leather jacket when you looked the slightest bit uncomfortable 

~ You’d walk into their dorm and Peter would smile, “Hey, Mrs. Black.” 

~ “Don’t call her that,” Sirius would grumble. “She’s not a Black. She’s too pure to be a Black.” 

~ You would do normal things like fly on a broomstick or walking across icy sidewalks to get inside and Sirius would lose his mind

~ “Darling, please be careful. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I’m always worrying, you know that.” 

~ “Sirius, I was just walking up the steps.” 

~ Getting into legitimate fights about books with Remus

~ “Moony, stop yelling at my baby! Middle-Earth is not a real place, anyways!” 

~ And you would turn around and throw your Care of Magical Creatures textbook at him and scream, “IT IS A REAL PLACE, SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’M NOT YOUR BABY!” 

~ Remus would smiled, “Yeah, Middle-Earth isn’t a real place until your girlfriend leaves you for Legolas.” 

~ Cold walks in Hogsmeade hand in hand, laughing 

~ Piggy back rides to class

~ He’d grab/slap your ass ALL THE TIMe

~ “I don’t deserve you.”  

~ “Don’t you ever say that again.” 

~ Getting tattoos together during the summer

~ Slughorn catching you in a closet of spare potion ingredients half naked making out

~ He would freak out and take you to Dumbledore who would pace in his office for about thirty minutes before letting out a heavy sigh and sitting down at his desk and giving you and Sirius the sex talk 

~ James would think it was the most hilarious thing to ever happen 

~ You and James would have a brother/sister relationship

~ Snape would be SO mean to you

~ Running your fingers through Sirius’ hair as he studies 

~ The absolute best sex you have ever had in your life

~ Sirius walking around Gryffindor common room shirtless in pajama pants with long flaunting the long scratches down his back 

~ You would pretend to be so angry but you would secretly love it because he was yours and every girl in that room now knew it

~ I feel like Sirius would try to start a punk rock band out of the Marauders but it would fail miserably so late at night, he would sing unfinished, abandoned, amazing songs in your ear softly 

~ He would just be an amazing boyfriend 

~ Idk I want Sirius Black so bad

nothing subtle here (1/6)

Dex knew he was in trouble the first time he saw Nursey playing hockey. It was a practice, in frog year, and Dex had already decided that he and Nurse, Derek M. were not going to be friends. Or even acquaintances. Or anything close. But all the irritating comments and rolled eyes in the world couldn’t stop Dex’s stomach from swooping as he sat on the bench and watched Nursey slam a guy into the boards, steal the puck, and shoot for the net. He recognized the fluttery feeling in his stomach, he was a gay man  competing in competitive hockey. It was hopeless trying to ignore the fact that hockey players were hot as hell and Dex had given up trying long before Samwell.

But still, Dex told himself, it didn’t actually mean anything. A hockey crush is different than a crush crush. So Dex swallowed the feeling and once he was paired up with Nursey on the ice, it wasn’t that big of a deal. He had less time to watch Nursey when he was trying to keep his eyes on the puck, anyway.

Dex pushed when Nursey pulled. Their mutual agreement to disagree made the world go round and helped the goals get scored. So what if Dex felt slightly nauseous around Nurse sometimes? It was worth it for the cause. 

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The Creator

@moonfireshadow requested I do a story focusing on Joey’s relationship with Bendy in @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU after the one I did with Sammy. Will be doing one with Henry as well. 

Bendy’s feelings on Joey Drew had changed considerably since his birth. At first, Bendy had been pretty pissed off at Joey for literally summoning a demon into his freaking studio. The problem with Joey Drew had always been the man’s lack of impulse control. Not to mention he never considered the consequences of his actions. He had brought Bendy into the world off model too! The creator of the freaking cartoon had brought him to life off model! He hadn’t thought he would have to tell the man who had created him that this was what model sheets were for! All in all, working with the man, especially in the beginning, was completely frustrating to Bendy.

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But I Don’t Like Bacon

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut (ish)

Word Count: 2,006

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You narrowed your eyes as you watched your long-time enemy byun Baekhyun. He was sitting a couple of tables away from you reading his textbook intensely. That’s not the part that annoyed you.

No, it was the crowd of girls watching him from outside the library windows as if an angel had just floated down from heaven.

And what made it even worse, was that he loved it. Ohhh god the boy was reveling in the attention he was getting.

He loved playing with their feelings and then dropping them as if they were nothing.

One of your best friends happened to be one of the girls he played; but yet she still pined after him. It’s almost as if the hatred she should have felt traveled to you, amplifying you need to end him.

you were currently sitting at 2nd in your year levels ranking. Guess who the fuck was first.

Yep. Baekhyun.

Its like everything you did he was there and doing it better than you. Your vice captain, he’s captain.

Your team managed to win regionals for soccer, his team won nationals.

You’re pretty popular, but he is a walking god.

“Y/N your glaring again” your best friend sighed as she continued to write notes in her notepad.

“opps, didn’t notice” you said as you ripped your eyes from the devil and continued studying.

“aren’t your families close?” she asked as she moved on to researching on the internet. You sighed remembering that you families were planning a joint get away from the summer holidays.

“Yep! i have to see him every day, do you realise that I see him more than I see my own mother” you ranted as you placed your pencil down and sighed frustrated.

You best friend just shook her head before she looked up to give him a glance. You watched as her face quickly changed from longing to shock.  

She quickly dove her sight back down into her books as she continued to write.

You looked up to see the meaning of the sudden movement. That’s when you saw Baekhyun making his way to your table.

You rolled your eyes before slouching back in your chair ready to hear the bullshit fall out of his mouth.

“hey yuju” he said addressing your friend and completely ignoring you.

She blushed intensely as she tried to find the words to say to him.

“go away” you answered as she continued to sort out her shit. Baekhyun’s smile dropped before he slowly turned his face towards you.

“I don’t believe I was talking to you” he said as he folded his arms in annoyance.

“and you think I care” you said as you tilted your head to the side narrowing your eyes again back in his direction.

You best friend looked between you and him with worry as the tension between the both of you was building. An argument was making its way up your throats but before it could happen she spoke.

“did you want something?” yuju asked quickly.

Baekhyun gave you one last glare before turning his attention back towards her.

“I was just wondering if you would like to come to my party tonight, I was able to get the keys to the pent house of my flat complex, the whole year level is going to be there” he said before flashing her with his signature smile.

Yuju looked at you, searching your face for approval or disappointment or any kind of emotion.

A)   You don’t want to go to his stupid as party anyway

B)    You hate parties

C)   You hate him

But if she wants to go you cant stop her, but you definitely don’t approve.

“ill think about it…and if I do come, it’ll only be with Y/N” she said as she looked between us. Baekhyun looked horrified. He was not one to be negotiated with but if he want what I thought he wanted (some booty) then he was going to agree.

He groaned before eventually nodding his head.

You rolled your eyes as you watched him walk away, the crowd of girls waiting for him outside started freaking out and dispersed as soon as he opened the door

You kicked your shoes off as you entered your room, your bag quickly found its way too the ground and you phone quickly found its self calling yuju.



You sighed before continuing to talk to your friend.

“hey be careful alright…like we both know what kind of person he is” you said as you heard her shuffling around her room.

“yer yer, hey I’m going to go early alright, ill see you there” she squealed before hanging up the phone.

You huffed in annoyance before laying down on your bed relaxing your tensed muscles.

Maybe you should just stay home…Baekhyun doesn’t want you there, your friend will be too busy trying to get his attention. So, what’s the point…

You and Baekhyun used to be really good friends, your parents were best friends so naturally, you spent a lot of time together.

It wasn’t until around middle school when you started to loathe him, maybe it was because he started to ignore you? You technically weren’t cool enough for him back then.

You remembered that he had tried to rekindle your relationship with you a couple times. But of course, you being the stubborn bitch that you are rejected him.

And you also tried to rekindle things, but of course, his stubborn ass rejected you right back.

Then the both of you kind of gave up…

You shook off the thought of Baekhyun before deciding to just stop being a lil bitch and go to the party.


It was hella loud.

And I mean hella loud.

The floor was basically vibrating from the bass of the music and you might have been mistaken but the walls were basically shaking.

you wore a short red silky dress and your naturally wavy hair was let down. You felt good and you looked good too.

As you walked through the crowds of people trying to find your best friend you saw Baekhyun and his group of friends at the back of the room, drinking and laughing loudly.

Everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives, and it would be a lie if you said that the energy of the room wasn’t affecting you.

You decided to give up looking for Yuju and that the dance floor is where you should be.

As the song played and peoples bodies were moving to the beat you started swaying your hips to the rhythm not really paying attention to the people around you.

The dance floor started filling up with people as the beat of the music slowed down, it was that time of the night.

Random hands had found their way to your hips; as your body rolled you felt their body pressed against yours. Usually, this is where you would slap whoever was invading your space away.

But tonight, you wanted to have some fun.

You felt his member harden against your ass as friction was being created between the two of you.

“what the fuck do you think your doing”

You looked forward to seeing Baekhyun standing in front of you; his arms were crossed and his eyes were narrowed. Instead of the glare being directed towards you, he was glaring at the horny boy behind you.

You rolled your eyes before removing yourself from your dance partner; the mood had just been killed.

Baekhyuns eyes remained on the stranger as he sighed and walked off to find some other girl who was the same level of horny he was.

“whats your problem?” you asked angrily as he stalked closer towards you.

He said nothing. Before you could scream at him in annoyance he grabbed your wrist harshly before swerving on his heels and dragging you away from the party.

You struggled against his grip as he pushed you into the bedroom next to the main one.

“what the fuck do you want! If you’re so mad, ill just leave?!” you shouted as you tried to push past him. He pushed you roughly making you fall back onto the floor.

As you let out a pained groan he swiftly locked the door before taking a deep breath in, his back was turned towards you.

“Why do you always do this to me” he breathed out softly as you stood up from your previous position.

“what the fuck are you talking about” you muttered as you rubbed your probably bruised ass.

“you always glare at me, always give me attitude, always reject me. And It drives me insane” he whined as he turned around to you. Instead of the anger, you saw in his eyes before; they were filled with desperation.

“All I’ve ever wanted was you Y/N, but every time you just keep pushing me away” he growled as hunger dripped from his voice.

You took slow steps back as he walked towards you. He wanted you, he wanted you so bad and it was written all over his face.

And judging by the way his voice was making your body react; you wanted him too.

As your back hit the wall Baekhyun placed his hands on either side of your body as his eyes were fixated to your lips.

“But tonight, you’re mine” he whispered. His lips flew to yours like magnets.

You grabbed his shirt as his tongue skillfully entered your mouth, his hand trailed up your thigh as you opened your legs a little, letting him press his body closer to yours.

You pushed him backward lightly, leading him in the direction of the bed.

As he fell backward you eyed the hard boner that was begging for your attention.

You straddled him quickly as he tried to pull of your dress; you slapped his hands away before smirking down at him.

“Patience baek” you said before sending him a wink. He groaned impatiently before you slowly started to grind against him.

The friction caused by his jeans caused soft moans to escape your lips as the thinnest of your underwear let your core take the majority of it.

Baekhyun groaned repeatedly as he clutched your hips tightly, he tried to make you go fast but you continued at your pace.

“Y/N- baby, please go faster” he moaned as his face twisted with agony, the pace was killing him and that’s exactly what you wanted.

You had Baekhyun in the palm of your hand.

You decided to comply and picked up the pace of your grinding. Both you and baekhyuns moaned started getting louder and more frequent as the pressure of the grinding had also been increased.

As your stomach started to bubble you decided that now was the perfect time.

You stood up off Baekhyun leaving him confused to the sudden loss of contact.

“What happened?! Why’d you stop!?” he whined clearly upset that you stopped grinding which means he probably wouldn’t be able to actually have sex with you.

“What? You think you can just treat me like shit and then suddenly confess you don’t hate me and id fuck you?” you asked calmly as you fixed up your hair.

Baekhyun looked at a loss for words as he stared at you in shock.

“B-but it was the truth” he muttered softly.

“I know, and I’m willing to work on this, but it won’t be that easy” you shrugged as you collected yourself hormone wise.

“You liked it” he said as he stood up and started fixing himself up too.

“maybe, but I don’t like bacon” you said before patting his chest and walking out of the room.

You couldn’t help the smile that covered your face, you didn’t really know where your relationship with Baekhyun would go but you knew it’d be an exciting journey.

(A/N sorry if it was bad! I got a little lost with where I was taking this one, but anywho I hope you enjoyed a little bit of it :) )

Yoongi Scenario: Wrapped Around Your Finger.

Request: (i even had an alarm set for 2pm GMT-4!!) can i please request a scenario with yoongi based on ‘wrapped around your finger’ by 5 seconds of summer?

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Yoongi didn’t think if what he was doing could be considered as romanticism or plain vandalism but honestly he couldn’t care less of what could be thought about him at the moment, he just knew he had to talk to you, that time was running short for him and he wouldn’t allow anyone to stop him from being with you that night.

He jumped the fence of your backyard quite easily, it was plain dark at almost midnight but Yoongi’s eyes had already adjusted to the darkness and the moon actually let him some light to guide himself with. He knew exactly where you window was as he had actually been in your room a few times before. Your room that soon wouldn’t be your room anymore.

You weren’t answering your phone since early when you told him the news and he got angry, but how could you blame him? After realizing you were someone to him you told him you were going away, it had made Yoongi think everything was a joke to you but then he realized it hadn’t been like that , so here he was, looking around for rocks to throw at your window as if he was in a movie. In a million years he saw himself doing this for anyone, but he thought about you leaving and he knew he couldn’t just let it go.

He found some rocks and aimed, he was good, as it hit your window at first try, Yoongi knew you well, and he knew that if he wanted any chance to see you he had to insist, so that he did and threw rock after rock, waiting a couple of seconds between them to see if you appeared, he was going to throw another one but then he heard a noise, the window opened and the mellow wind made your curtains flow, you appeared there making Yoongi fist the rock on his hand thinking that he surely looked just like a delinquent, and instead you looked just like an angel, you were even wearing white, and with your hair down and the moonshining in your skin you were a view Yoongi wouldn’t forget, another one of the reasons he was there at the moment.

 He was sure all the times he saw you it was a sight he wouldn’t forget, because it made his heart rate increase unmeasurably, because it made him do all kind of crazy things just to be with you.

You just stared at him and then he smiled with mischief, like you had caught him doing something bad and not like he had been desperately wanting to get your attention.

-Come down here-


Yoongi threw the rock away and licked his lips. -Just come, I want to tell you something-

-Can’t you tell me like this? It’s the middle of the night- you retorted in a rather spoiled tone that made Yoongi smirk.

-It’s a secret, if I tell you like this everyone will hear-

You raised your brows and licked your lips nodding like thinking he had won this round which made him chuckle. Then you disappeared, you took a good while to come down, around twenty minutes, or maybe it had been less but to Yoongi every minute waiting was an eternity. Then the backdoor was open and you walked out of it, he straightened his back and told himself to be calm although his heart was beating too fast. 

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Requested By Anon

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has invited T’Challa, Steve, Nat.

Y/N: Help!

Y/N: I’m lost!

Steve: Where are you?!


T’Challa: Can you describe your surroundings?

Y/N: Trees. Trees. TREES. I’m in a forest!

Nat: Oh this is bad.




Steve: Calm down!


T’Challa: Take a deep breath in. Out. Focus on your surroundings. I need you to stay alert. You will be fine. We will track your phone and come get you but until then, I need you to just stay where you are.

Y/N: Okay. Thank you, T’Challa. It’s getting dark though! Please hurry!

Steve: I’m glad you came to us for help.

Y/N: Well Bruce is on vacation… Sam and Bucky would probably get lost trying to find me, Thor would get way too upset and freak out and Tony well, he’d never let me hear the end of this. Plus, you three are the most responsible.

Nat: Care to explain how you ended up lost in the middle of nowhere?

Y/N: Clint suggested we go camping. Take a break. Relax. Enjoy nature. Do some stargazing. BUT NOW I’M GOING TO DIE! I, AN AVENGER, DEFEATED BY NATURE!

Nat: This is Clint’s fault?!

Y/N: I mean, partially… Don’t get mad at him, Nat!

Nat: He should have been watching over you!

T’Challa: Where is Clint now? How did you get lost?

Y/N: The twins went to get some wood for the fire while Peter and I set up the tents. Clint climbed up a tree to view the sunset, I think. He didn’t explain. I saw this really cute rabbit and I wanted to take a picture of it to show Thor when we got back. But I wandered too far from camp! Everything looks the same out here! I tried going back but it turns out I just went further away.

T’Challa: Are you sure he wasn’t building a nest in the tree?

Steve: He took the twins and Peter too?!

Y/N: For family bonding!


Steve: He should have told us about this trip! This is very irresponsible of him. He should have asked me or Tasha to come with!

Y/N: Video of Clint talking: “Uncle Steve and Aunt Nat will not be joining - CAN IT PETER, WE ARE A FAMILY!  I, uncle Clint - PETER I KNOW WE’RE NOT RELATED! No Pietro, this does not mean Vision is now Wanda’s cousin or brother. No, Pietro, this doesn’t make us Lannister’s now. Can I continue?! It’s time for some good ole family bonding with you youngsters. Stop calling me an old man, Pietro! We haven’t spent any time together. No, Y/N, I’m not going crazy. Oh, yes, Nat and Steve are not here because they’d just go on and on about safety and what not and just be really boring. PIETRO STOP EATING ALL THE MARSHMALLOWS!”

Y/N: That’s why.

T’Challa: Why did you record that?

Y/N: I sent it to Tony and he remixed it into a song. It’s very catchy. I’ll send it to you.




Nat: I’M THE COOL AUNT HERE, OKAY. YOU’RE THE RESPONSIBLE UNCLE. SAM IS THE FUN UNCLE.TONY IS THE DRUNK AUNT! BRUCE IS THE SWEET GRANDMA AND BUCKY IS… The estranged relative that nobody knew about that suddenly showed up one day.  Wait, I’m getting too into this. I sound like Clint!

Steve: I’m the fun uncle…

Y/N: Have any of you watched the blair witch project…?

T’Challa: I watched it with Shuri.

Y/N: I FEEL LIKE I’M IN THAT MOVIE PLEASE HURRY! If I survive this, we should watch some more horror movies.

T’Challa: I am sure Shuri would like that.

Steve: May I join too?

Nat: Now is not the time to be making plans! But count me in.

Clint has joined the chat.

Clint: Y/N, where are you?!

Clint: We’ve been looking all over for you!

T’Challa: Have you finally come down from your nest?


Clint: … Clint? Who’s Clint? I’m not Clint. Uh. My name is Clintina. How did I get here? Wrong chat.

Y/N: I hear footsteps!


Clint: See, I knew Steve doesn’t like fun!

Clint: Pietro is hardly innocent!

Y/N: I think I’m being followed…

T’Challa: He’s fine with it, just not with you being in charge.

Steve: EXACTLY! NOW Y/N IS LOST! My precious Y/N!

Y/N: I can’t see who, or what, it is but someone’s out here with me.



Y/N: I’m not alone!

Nat: When we get there, Clint, you better hide in your tree!

Y/N: I can just see a figure among the trees.

Clint: Oh come on, Tasha! At least I didn’t bring Tony with!

Y/N: Guys I’m really scared, it’s watching me.

Steve: It would have been better with Tony!

Clint: You take that back!

Y/N: Wait it’s getting closer.

T’Challa: Now is hardly the time for fighting!

Nat: Clint are you even with the twins and Peter?!

Y/N: It’s really, really, really dark! I can’t see, the light from my phone isn’t helping!

Clint: No, we split up to find Y/N!

Y/N: Whatever that thing is, it’s chasing me now! I can’t make out what it is, it’s moving too fast!



Y/N has been disconnected.

Steve: Y/N? OH NO NOT MY Y/N!

Nat: By fighting we didn’t notice Y/N was in danger! MY LITTLE ANGEL IS FACING THE UNKNOWN AND IT’S YOUR FAULT, CLINT!

Clint: OH MY GOD Y/N! MY ACTIONS HAVE KILLED HER! Thor is going to strike me with lightning! And Bucky will throw me off a building!

T’Challa: When I get there, I am kicking you in the face.

Clint: You’ve done it before, I’m ready. I deserve it.


Steve: We trained her ourselves… She can’t be dead… No…


Peter has joined the chat.

Peter: I heard screaming! I think it was Y/N!

T’Challa: You’re nearby her then!

Steve: I want to tell you to go after her but I’m scared something will happen to you too! WHAT DO I DO?! I’M THE CAPTAIN. WHAT ORDERS DO I GIVE YOU?!

Peter: I’m already making my way towards her.

Nat: Peter be careful! We don’t know what has her!

Peter: I think I see her!

Peter: Wait… It’s not her…

Peter has been disconnected.

Clint: What will I tell Tony?!

Nat: I just got him a gift! He was doing so well with training…

Steve: They have to be alive.


Steve has left the chat.

Wanda has joined the chat.

Wanda: I’ve lost Pietro! And I heard more screaming, it was high pitched so I think it could have been Y/N.

Clint: That was me. I am distraught.

Nat: Wanda, go back to camp and wait there!

Wanda: Wait, I found Y/N’s phone! And Peter’s! They must be nearby.

T’Challa: Don’t go any further!

Wanda: I can find them, I know it!

Wanda: I see someone; it must be one of them!

Wanda has been disconnected.

Nat: Oh god no…

Clint: There’s water on my face, I don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s not raining.

Clint: Wait, it’s my tears. Never mind.

Nat: How will we stop whatever it is?!

Clint: This is all my fault.

Clint: I’m going to make this right.


T’Challa: Clint, you fool! It’s a suicide mission!

Clint has left the chat.

T’Challa has added Thor, Tony, Sam, Bucky, Vision.

T’Challa: Thor, Vision, we need you to fly ahead and find them.


Vision: I will save you, Wanda!

Thor: And the others.

Vision: Yes, them too, of course…

Thor: And then when they are rescued, I shall strike Clint with lightning. He’ll survive… I think.

Thor has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony: This is a joke, right?

Tony: Some heartless prank?

Sam: I think Bucky is crying…


Sam: You’re heartless! I’m crying. Who is going to train with me now? Who will watch silly movies with me? Who will send me memes?  Y/N is gone! Peter is gone! Wanda is gone!


Tony: No! We don’t know that! They must be alive…  What will I tell Peter’s aunt?!

Nat: We should have brought Bruce with us…

Pietro has joined the chat.


Nat: Run, Pietro! We don’t call you sonic for nothing!

Pietro: Tell Thor it’s me! He’s going to kill me if he doesn’t stop this!

Tony: Wait, why is Thor attacking you?!

Pietro:  When Y/N went missing, I found her in less than a minute. It wasn’t hard with my speed. After that I decided to scare her. I pretended to be something else and when I caught her, I just sped her off to the nearest town. She is fine but very angry with me. I did the same to Peter and Wanda. They are all safe and warm in a diner, I ordered them their favorite meals. I thought it would be funny to scare them. Peter screamed like a little girl. They were all so terrified! I came back for Clint but Thor appeared!

Tony: Changing course. I hope the diner has parking space for the quinjet.

Pietro: No, please! Stop Thor!

T’Challa: You deserve this.

Bucky: Why can’t you speed off?

Pietro: Vision has managed to catch me! Thor is so angry.

Sam: You made me mourn them. I will not mourn you.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky: They must have been terrified. I just want to hug them now.

Bucky has left the chat.

Nat: I am disappointed in you, Pietro.

Nat has left the chat.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Tony has left the chat.

Pietro: It was just a prank…

Pietro has left the chat.

Clint has joined the chat.




Clint: Oh, the lightning is for Pietro. HAHA THAT PUNK DESERVES IT!




Clint has left the chat.

Oracle [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 of Oracle

Ch 1

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Fluff/Smut

“Are you there?” he chuckled, approaching you in your state of bewilderment.

He leaned over you, placing a soft kiss to your cheek as you continued to stare.

Who knew Youngjae had such a beautiful body? Moreover, who would have guessed that he was so… So well endowed to put politely.

Your cheek grew warm where his lips had left their mark. Something in you wanted more of his warmth.

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End Of Summer Fun (Dad!Shawn x Reader)

A/N: Here, Y/S/N is 9, Grace is 7, and Logan is 6. I decided to give a name to two of the children and let the reader give a name to the oldest son so everyones happy 😊 hopefully lol. Anyway basically a bunch of domestic dad Shawn with no defined plotline really. Enjoy!

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Y/N awoke slowly to the noise of clinking dishes downstairs. She groaned slightly and turned toward her husband Shawn who was basically unconscious how asleep he was. Glancing over his shoulder, she peered at the alarm clock. 8:45.

It was Sunday, the last day of the summer holidays before Y/S/N, Logan and Grace went back to school and Y/N went back to work.  Y/N had a big day ahead of her, she wanted to go work out with her friends at the park as she did all summer, then the whole family would go check out the farmer’s market before coming back home and getting the BBQ ready for friends and family coming over to celebrate the end of summer.

Y/N originally wasn’t much of a morning person, and many mornings still isn’t, but ever since she started dating Shawn her morning routine had changed significantly. Shawn would be up bright and early to hit the gym and would always drag her with him. At first, she hated it, but after a couple weeks of doing so, she felt much healthier and had so much more time available during the day.

Y/N’s mind refocused on the clinking of china down the stairs. She turned to get out of bed, but Shawn’s arm grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. Y/N smiled and turned around to face him once more.

Shawn might be fast asleep, but it was almost second nature to him to be cuddly and touchy-feely with Y/N.

“Shaawn.” Y/N sing-songed.

Shawn merely moaned lightly and hugged her more tightly.

“Dude seriously we gotta get up.”

“Five more minutes babe.” His muffled voice said.

“I think the kids are cooking downstairs.”

Shawn’s eyes opened wide and he sat up in a flash. Y/N laughed. He was such a protective dad, and could not bear the image of his kids touching hot knives and hot pans.

“Dammit Y/N you watch too much Food Network in front of the kids.”

“Hey, YOU’RE the one who turned on Chopped last night.”

Shawn chuckled lightly as he put on a shirt and opened the bedroom door for Y/N who put on workout wear and they both clambered down the stairs.

In front of the couple were their three children standing in the kitchen, Logan and Grace wearing their “Mrs and Mr” aprons.

“Chefs, please present your breakfast dishes to the judge.” Your elder son Y/S/N said as the two younger siblings each put a plate in front of him.

“Today I made a piece of toast with grape jelly.” Grace said smiling cheekily, grape jelly across her mouth. “And I might have eaten some too.” She giggled.

Y/S/N took the air of an esteemed food critic, as he took a bite.

“The toast has a nice crunch. The jelly is a good sweet touch. Next, Logan what have you made?”

“I made ah yogurt with uuh granola!”

“Good combination of textures… Very good! So I have picked a winner-“

Y/N and Shawn were smiling at this adorable scene but suddenly woke up from their daydream.

“Good morning guys!” Shawn exclaimed and picked Grace up in his arms.

It was to both Y/N and Shawn’s knowledge that Logan was the biggest sore loser ever, so they diverted their attention away from their little game and made pancakes. Shawn, with the stomach of an alligator, also had the leftover toast and yogurt.

“You’re only having a smoothie Y/N?”

“Hmm? Yeah, I’ll eat after I go to the park.”

“Aw you’re going to work out in the park again?” Shawn pouted pulling Y/N onto his lap. “You can come work out with me in the gym you know.”

“Hahahah I know, but outside is so nice and today’ll be the last day this year that I get to go to the park with the girls before the weather decides to get cold. “

“Mhm fine.” Shawn put his chin on her shoulder and for a while they just watched their children eating.

Little Logan was flooding his pancakes in maple syrup, while Grace was making a flower out of blueberries to top her plate. Y/S/N was eating big mouthfuls while trying to finish building a Lego piece.

“Well, I’m off to the park. I’ll see you guys in an hour!” Y/N rose and kissed each of her children before grabbing a water bottle.

“Bye hun have fun!”


It was 11:00, and Shawn thought it was a good time to head off for lunch at the farmer’s market that caught his attention when he and Y/N drove by it the other day. He warmed up the leftover pancakes and put it in a container. He debated whether he could leave the kids alone in the house for five minutes as he went to go pick up Y/N at the park thirty seconds away from the house. His answer was no.

“Guys! C’mon we’re going to the park!”

He heard three pairs of footsteps rushing to the front door and before he knew it, Grace hat her little pink flower hat on and was beaming up at him.

“Graciee.” He picked his only daughter up and scrunched his nose as he pressed his nose softly against her little one. She giggled, and the way her face lit up reminded him so so much of how Y/N looked like when she smiled. Whenever he saw his two girls’ smiles, it was like seeing the definition of happiness on a human being’s face.

Logan and Y/S/N rushed to Grace’s side, and they started playing a hand game.

Shawn was putting his shoes on as he watched them. His angels. Words failed to express how he felt about them. But they were the creation of the love of his life and him, so they were made from pure love and happiness. Thinking about this, made him long to see Y/N even though it’s barely been two hours she was out.

The four of them walked to the park, Grace and Logan each got one of Shawn’s hands, while Y/S/N lead the group pretending to be a tour guide.

They got to the park and the three kids ran off to hit the swings and playground infrastructures. Beside on the soccer field was a group of moms and Y/N was in the middle lying on the grass laughing.

At the sight of him, a couple of Y/N’s single mom friends blushed and elbowed Y/N.  She groggily stood up.

“What? I’m freaking tired.” She told her other friends.

“That’s why I brought you this.” Shawn said approaching her with the container.

“Shawn! Aw thanks babe, you truly know your way to a woman’s heart.”

She kissed him on the cheek before he pulled her in a hug.

“Gah Shawn you don’t wanna hug me I’m all sweaty.” She pulled back. He laughed and held on to her.

“I don’t give a shit if you’re sweaty love.”

Y/N looked around and saw the kids out of earshot on the slide and chuckled of relief.

“Hey, you thought I’ d really swear if the kids were around?” Shawn said defensively.

“Let’s just say we’re both guilty of that.” Y/N laughed, waving bye to her friends as they both made their way to sit on a bench in the playground area.

They watched the kids play as they talked about everything and nothing.

“Hey, you already got your pancakes!” Y/N said pulling back from a Shawn on her fork. “I’m just kidding here.” She said, feeding him a mouthful.

“Mommy I’m hungry!” Logan came up to her, shoes covered in sand.

Y/N rolled her eyes slightly at the stupid idea of putting sand in playgrounds, before she pulled Logan in her lap.

“Oh yeah? What do you want to eat buddy?”

Logan glanced around before grinning mischievously.

“You!” He pointed at his mom and started kissing her all over. Y/N laughed and tickled him everywhere, making him laugh crazily.

Y/N and her son sat comfortably on the bench, while Shawn decided to go join Y/S/N in a game of soccer as Grace was picking flowers and came back to Y/N every few minutes or so to put some new kind of daisy in her hair.

Part 2: they go to the farmer’s market and have a pool party. Domestic af shit ya know

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A Sign

Destiel soulmate AU. Enjoy!

He should have known.

Cas wasn’t born human. That never meant he wasn’t going to get a soulmate tattoo.

Dean really should have known.

But nope, as the stupid son of a bitch that he is, he just assumed Cas would be – would be –

His, dammit. He assumed Cas would be his.

It would fit so well, wouldn’t it? The freak who was born without a soulmate tattoo and the ex-angel who was never born period. But no, things don’t work like that, because Dean is a jerk who doesn’t deserve more than Cas already gave up for him and Sam anyway.

It’s a normal day for them when he spots Cas’ tattoo forming. They have just killed a werewolf who was munching on a small town in California; Cas got tossed around a bit but is fine (Dean checked) and is now busy changing into clean clothes.

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Castiel loves the rain. When he was an angel… it was never something he appreciated. Of course, when he was an angel, it was never something he gave two thoughts about. Whether it rained or shone, it didn’t effect him much. 

But now, now that he’s human… it seems to be his favorite thing. He loves the way it sounds, the way it smells. He loves the way it feels on his skin and the way the birds seem to sing even though it was wet. He loves everything about it. 

Dean catches him out of bed so many times he loses count. It was scary the first night. Dean had just gotten Castiel back. He’d just watched him go from dead to alive only hours previous so when he gets up in the middle of the night and Castiel isn’t there: he freaks out. He feels tears sting his eyes as he gets up, thinking it was all a dream, that Cas wasn’t alive. It wasn’t until he goes outside to get some air, that he finds Cas standing there in the rain. He’s soaking wet… but he’s smiling, looking to Dean. 

“Isn’t it beautiful?” he asks.

Dean doesn’t remember much after hugging him so tightly his own front ends up soaked and he tells the other that he’s human now and this is a good way to get sick. His mind so clouded with relief that he doesn’t care either.

It doesn’t end there. Castiel scares him a few times after that. Once, on a hunt, they had agreed to try and get some sleep before going back into the monster they were hunting. And of course, Dean woke and Castiel was simply gone. He’d begun to dress, ready to kill… when he finds Castiel outside, sitting on a bench; frowning because he can’t capture the rain with his phone like he thought he’d be able to. 

As time passes, Dean gets used to it. In fact, he even, sorta, falls in love with it. He loves how this simple thing makes Cas so happy. He adores that the man he loves, once broken over the fact that he was human again, was able to find solace in something as simple as nature. 

So when Dean awakens on this night, he doesn’t get startled. He doesn’t freak out. He waits, listening for the sound of the rain… and when he hears it, he smiles to himself and gets out of bed. He takes the blanket that sits on the end of the bed with him as he goes toward the garage. 

He finds Castiel sitting exactly where he knew he would: on the floor, just inside the garage. His head is tipped up, trying to see as far up as he can without going outside or getting wet. 

Dean smiles again and moves, sitting down next to him. As soon as he does, Castiel moves between his legs so that his back is against his chest and Dean wraps the blanket around them both. 

“Any good thunderclaps?” he asks as he presses his lips to the top of his head.

Castiel smiles and nods. “Yes, but they seem to be moving farther away. Though the lightning is still moving across the sky. It’s beautiful,” he responds. 

Dean smiles down at him, sappy responses on his tongue. But he leaves them there, thinking he can say them another time. 

“You know, when someone makes love to someone else, they’re supposed to be there when the other wakes up,” he whispers teasingly into Castiel’s ear, smiling as he laughs. 

“You like watching the rain with me,” Castiel points out as he cranes his neck to look up at him. 

Dean can’t help himself, he leans down and kisses Castiel softly, a hum on his lips. “Yeah…” he whispers against them. “Yeah, I do.”

And Castiel is right. Because Dean loves Castiel. He loves him more than he knows what to do with. He loves him so much, that no matter what the temperature, or the place they were in… he would sit and watch the rain. 

Seeing Is Believing (Pt. 6)

A/N: Uh….uh…. things are gonna be picking up from here on out so, prepare yourself.

And one more thing. Please. For the love of Chuck. If you would like to be tagged in anything you MUST send me an ask or a message from here on out. I’m having so many issues with tumblr right now and I’m not always seeing reblogs and comments. Which is frustrating. So until it’s fixed this is just how it has to be. *le sigh*

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: *winks* Cliffhanger. My specialty.

Word Count: 1.5k

Seeing is Believing MASTERLIST

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You looked up to find that the boys had finished off the other two demons. Castiel stared at you with curiosity. Killing that demon had been so effortless for you. Especially since you’d never used any powers before.

“Y/N.” Castiel finally said.


“Do you know who your father is?” he asked.

You shook your head and looked over at Dean, who began rusing at you.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” he shouted.

“I feel fi-” you were interrupted by blood dripping into your mouth. You put your hand to your face to find that your nose had been bleeding, just before you blacked out.


The next few days had been interesting. You and the boys made your way back to Kansas to some place they called ‘the bunker’. It was a cozy place, surprisingly. You felt…somewhat safe. You were in a strange place mentally, given the fact that you weren’t the shy or anxious type. Finding out you’re not totally human can do that to a girl.

Dean hadn’t left your side since you passed out at the motel the other day, not that you really minded. Sam had completely buried himself in your mother’s books. Looking for clues on who your father might be, or a way to figure it out. Castiel left soon after you’d woke back up the other day. Dean said it had nothing to do with you, but you could sense that it did.

The small enochian symbol that Castiel had placed on your wrist was still there, and as you taught yourself to control your senses, it faded away. Cas didn’t say that would happen, but he also didn’t know what you were at that point. You’d find yourself running your thumb across the small symbol where Cas had touched you. It felt tingly. Whether it was from the symbol or from Cas’ touch, you didn’t know; but you couldn’t leave it alone.

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chimera!ed wingfic

so im writing this ficlet thing in response to one of my followers talking about wingfic, but it got me thinking. so to be clear this is set in brotherhood and what if

what if it wasn’t nina that tucker used in his experiments. what if he did love his daughter like a father should, but he was still desperate and crazy so he trapped a 15 year old fullmetal alchemist and used him in his experiments

only ed is no ordinary test subject, is no ordinary alchemist even. he doesn’t need circles. so when tucker performs the transmutation ed cant’s stop it - but he can alter it. so every step of the way ed’s alchemy if chasing tucker’s, fixing it and repairing the grotesque nature of it along the way. and edward may only be 15 and he’s never intensively studied chimera alchemy, but he knows his biological alchemy and at the end of the day he was a better alchemist at 10 than tucker ever would be. so edward does it right, does it better.

alphonse figures out something is wrong and comes barrelling in with the military not far behind him, and what he finds is his brother furious and bleeding and tucker’s unconscious form in front of him. ed’s shirtless and his back is horrifying, two disturbingly deep gashes too close to his spine for comfort and he’s positively bathed in blood. but he’s alive and human and al and roy’s team is too stupidly grateful for that to question it much. so tucker is taken into custody and with some nudges from edward nina is taken in by hughes and gracia. it’s all chalked up to a close call until almost two weeks later when ed and al are on the other side of the east, back in resembool that he locks al and winry in a room with him, shaking he’s so scared, and looks at them and says, “please don’t freak out” when what he means is please don’t hate me

“brother?” al takes a step towards him and ed backs away. he tugs off his shirt, and turns his back to them. there’s still bandages on his back from tucker’s experiment. but inbetween one blink the next they’re ripped away and in there place are - are -

“fuck,” winry says, always the most polite of them, and edward flinches and can’t make himself turn around to face them. “fuck, ed, you - they’re gorgeous.”

that wasn’t what he was expecting. he hasn’t looked at himself in the mirror like this, but he should have. giant, beautiful, powerful wings unfurl from his back, and that would have been impressive enough, if they were wings of white or brown or black.

but they’re gold. the same shining gold as his hair and his eyes, feathers a color that no bird has in nature. “did tucker - “ al has to ask, because he saw tuckers’ notes. he couldn’t have down this.

ed winces and turns to face them, carefully curling his wings close to his body so he doesn’t knock anything over. “i - helped. it seemed better than the alternative.”

“you can just - make them disappear when you want?” winry asks, stepping forward to delicately trail her fingers over his feathers.

his mouth thins but then he does his best to fore a smile, “yes. but it’s - it hurts to not have them out. a lot.”

and al and winry share a look at this but say nothing. they’re both mourning this, because however beautiful it looks this is one more burden ed has to carry, another pain he has to endure, and they don’t know what his breaking point is. they don’t want to find out.

so they all keep it a secret, and it works until it doesn’t. and just imagine team mustang’s faces when in the middle of a fight edward busts out the wings and starts flying around their enemies, easily throwing a spear through their opponents from above

the first person to make a guardian angel joke gets punched

(its breda)

skepticallysighing  asked:

Hi! If it’s not too wild, could you give your headcanons for how Patrick got into the Bowers Gang? I love your headcanons! 😊💖

Thank you! I’m going off my fanfiction verse since Henry and Patrick’s meeting is touched on very briefly.

Patrick meets Henry in Kindergarten. He pretty much immediately decides that Henry is his favorite because he just leaves this beautiful path of destruction where ever he goes. Patrick is all about that. So naturally to so his wanting for friendship, he pushes Henry down. Henry throws a block at him and Patrick starts bleeding, and he just laughs. The teachers are worried he has a bad head injury, but really he just think the scrunched up face Henry makes when he’s pissed it hilarious. It’s like he’s trying to look me, but he just looks like an angry kitten.

After that Patrick and Henry have a tentative friendship. They’ll nod at each other in the halls, but it’s not like they really hang out. By 2nd grade, Henry and Belch are bros. They’re a terrifying sight to behold on the playground. Belch has always been big for his age, he’s not particularly violent but he doesn’t have to be. Henry just needs him to stand there and look scary. Which he’s happily willing to do. He was teased a lot for being big and being able to burp the entire alphabet twice after one soda. Henry told him that he was cool and if others can’t see that they’re “uncultured” (Henry heard that word cultured at a museum once so he knows it’s fancy). So Patrick kind of fades into the background as Henry and Belch’s friendship grows.

Then Vic happens. He’d always been the quiet kid in the background and Henry and Belch had never really noticed him. (Patrick noticed him because he was pretty sure a glare like that came with lazer vision.) Vic is getting picked on by some older kids and Vic is just remaining indifferent because really these guys need to come up with some better insults. Henry is watching this happen and is thinking about stepping in(Because he’s had a big crush on Vic since before he knew what a crush was). Then the bully says something about Vic’s dad sneaking off to rent prostitutes and Vic snaps(His father has been spending more and more time out of the house lately but that’s no one else’s business) And just beats the shit out of this older and bigger kid. Belch ends up pulling him off of the kid and running off with him before Vic could get in trouble. (Imagine Belch just picking up a tiny fumming Vic and flinging him over his shoulder and just running.)

So now we have our trio set up, and Patrick finds them fascinating. He watches them all throughout elementary school. Vic notices but doesn’t say anything because as long as Patrick isn’t leaving dead bugs on their desks then he doesn’t care what he does. Patrick is very much an observer. He likes to learn all about someone and how they work before he really goes and talks to them because that way he has the upper hand in the interaction. He’s pretty sure that by the time middle school rolls around that he knows the trio very well and honestly they could benefit from his friendship. Henry especially. Vic and Belch don’t understand Henry’s rage, they just know how to keep it in check. They don’t understand that sometimes he needs to let it out.

So he waits until the perfect opportunity when Henry is pissed off and alone and then Patrick picks a fight. They go at it for a bit and both are left bruised and bloody and just like kindergarten Patrick starts laughing.

“Feel better Bowers?” “Ugh your such a freak Hockstetter” “I’ve been called worse” 

Then Patrick drags Henry to his house and cleans him up. Now Henry spends time with Belch and Vic and he spends time with Patrick, but they don’t really overlap much. Patrick can see that Belch and Vic don’t really like him. He can’t just go punch them and become friends. 

So he partners himself with Belch on a project for history class. Belch is super worried about bringing Patrick into his home, but Patrick is a perfect angel to his parents(it’s so easy to fake it in front of adults. Later on Belch’s parents learn that Patrick is a little shit, but by that point they’ve already pretty much adopted him). Then Belch goes to Patrick’s house and that’s when he begins to understand him a little better. Yeah, Patrick’s parents are there physically, but they never really seem to care what he’s doing. They don’t ask him how his day was or buy his favorite cereal or anything like that.

Patrick wasn’t really expecting Belch to feel bad for him. He’s brought people over before(well really only Henry but still) but now Belch is looking at him with these big sad eyes and Patrick gets mad and decides that this project his stupid and Belch should just do it by himself because Patrick has decided that he doesn’t want to be his friend. He doesn’t need someone looking at him like that. He’s fine he doesn’t need pity. But Belch is way too used to Henry’s outbursts so he just lets Patrick get it all out, and then asks him if he’s done. They finish the project and Belch hugs Patrick before he leaves and Patrick is really tense about it because he honestly can’t remember the last time someone hugged him.

So now Belch sometimes hangs out with Patrick and even Belch and Henry hang out with Patrick, and Vic doesn’t like it. Patrick has the whole plan on how he’s going to make Vic like him and have him practically begging to be his friend, but that all goes out the window when Patrick is cutting class and see’s Vic cornered outside by three guys from the football team(It’s the middle school team so they’re not huge but three on one is just not fair). So long story short, Patrick helps Vic kick their ass and Vic is still wary because he doesn’t want to owe Patrick anything, but Patrick shrugs him off and tells him he’s been dying to see Vic in a fight again since that time in elementary school and he sounds so genuine that Vic just stops and stares at him.

Vic comes to this silent conclusion that Patrick is a dick, but he’s who he wants to be. He doesn’t put on a bullshit facade like half the people in this town, so he’s pretty alright. 

Right after the fight Vic brings Patrick with him when he meets up with Henry and Belch for lunch, and Patrick is just like “What up sluts” And sits down like it something he does every day, and things just feel right. From that point on they’re best friends.

Haha that ended up being way longer then I originally intended. I wrote this instead of getting ready for work.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I just read your Mc looking after deaged Rfa members + Saeran, I was wondering if you could do one where Mc was the little kid, and Mc is very hyperactive and doesn't listen to adults, someone could tell her "stay here" they come back and Mc's gone because she want's to explore the magical world~ Maybe at some point with even all of the members watching she gets lost?,sorry if I already sent this, amazing blog and love your writing <3 I hope this ask was okay!

Beautiful scenario! Thank you so much for sending this, and please don’t worry about inconvenience or anything, recieving your asks makes me really happy!
(I couldn’t decide how to do V for this one since he’s blind and all :’) Maybe I’ll edit him in later as a bonus. Not sure if this is what you wanted, anon, but I had lots of fun. Thanks!)

Aight, let’s get this thing done;


• Jumin would probably be the most terrible at it to be very frank

• He can’t do this shit- he can barely understand how adults work, let alone kids

• Since his mansion is kind of gigantic, he just sort of lets you roam around in case he has work; or something that doesn’t allow him to personally look after you because he doesn’t actually think you’d be able to get out of it

• Surpise surprise! Get out is what you do. In precisely 3.5 minutes of being left alone.

• Jumin panics really bad? Like wtf? Where did you go? How the heck did you get past the stupid security guards (lmao they probably didn’t notice you crawling around their feet to be fair, you’re very sneaky and hella tiny even for your age)

• But then he just finds you in the garden poking a lizard or something, just in general touching any animal or plant you can get your hands on

• He just lets out a sigh of relief, scoops you into his arms

• He takes you inside and tries to punish you but he doesn’t know how? What do you do to punish a kid? He doesn’t think he should touch you at all and doesn’t believe in physical discipline and really, what was he supposed to do?

• He ends up just lecturing you on the dangers of going outside into the garden without guidance (which, hey; its a big garden and a small MC. We all know they’d have wandered outside if this big ass piece of land which happened to be Han property wasn’t there)

• You just sort of,

• Start apologising tearfully

• He feels uncomfortable now. He can’t stay mad for long, so he fixes his tie and tells you it’s OK before proceeding to spoil you with anything your child mind asks for

• Of course, the minute his back is turned, you’re glancing at the door already. Poor Jumeme


• Much like Jumin, he’s never done anything with kids, so I bet at first he’d be pretty confused about what to do

• But then he’d be really pumped up and excited because he discovers that baby MC is really cute??? Also, he’s always had a soft spot for kids anyways tbh.

• Tiny MC will be really sweet and easy to deal with. Right?

• Hahahahah

• No

• Yoosung wants to shut MC in with him and possibly put them on his lap while he plays LOLOL

• He tries to pay attention to her AND the game while tutoring her on How To Be A Pro Gamer 101

• “MC! Look, this is my guild. Haha. Pretty awesome, yeah? These little things we’re slaughtering are goblins ~”

• He’s totally oblivious about the fact that six year olds are probably too young for LOLOL

• Yoosung barely notices when you climb out of his lap and walk outside his room

• By the time you’re outside though, he realises there’s no one for him to point his LOLOL loot out to and he’s freakinG out

• Unlike Jumin, he has no security cameras or some shit so he’s legit terrified and has no idea where you went

• He finds that you’d navigated your way out of the building complex

• You’re just kind of standing at the side of the pavement and staring at all those real fast cars whooshing by and all those adults with their long feet and purses and wallets wander

• When he finds you, he immediately picks you up and just starts chiding you right there.

• At which point he starts tearing up because what if something had happened to you? What if you’d gotten hit by a car or something? It would have all been his fault if that happened!

• You wrap your tiny arms around his neck and say sorry over and over before promising not to go out like that again.

• He starts paying far more attention to you afterwards and even takes you outside to the park and to get ice cream!! Really if that’s what you want, you could have asked. He’d do anything to make you happy and make sure you’re safe

• He ends up falling asleep with you in his lap after you refurn home. You steal the half melted ice cream come from his hand and start nomming on it as you settle down on his lap and start yawning too. It’s not long before you close your eyes and think of the next possible adventure tomorrow -

Bo i

Seven though

• He hasn’t grown up with the best guardian obviously so he doesn’t know HOW to treat kids

• He just can’t tell what you’re supposed to do tbh

• But he’s pretty sure kids shouldn’t be allowed to walk out in the middle of the city all by themselves-

• Which by the way, after managing to sneak out of his apartment, you do

• He’s kind of freaking out because first of all, how did you get out and second of all hOW DID YOU GET OUT? His security system’s supposed to be fool proof??

• He’s paranoid for the rest of your stay and just kind of always hold you.

• Once he discovers you like PhD. Pepper and Honey Buddah Chips too, though, it’s all cool

• He lets you drown (metaphorically) in both these things

• But unlike him, you can’t live off of that stuff, and once you’re bored with it you just wanna get out again

• Unfortunately, he never forgot lock the door again and contrary to his belief you don’t actually, magically know Arabic

• So you end up exploring Seven’s place

• And you’re the clumsiest six year old ever so riP SEVEN

• Vanderwood’s probably rage quitting this shit when they come back because everything is a pure MESS.

• Seven.exe has crashed.

• Of course once he’s over the thing he’s really not mad or anything because it’s not like you destroyed his CARS (and let’s be honest those are the only things that matter). Speaking of the cars, he just takes you out in one of his for a ride in the countryside. Was it that easy? Was going out all that you wanted?

• Seven lectures you about the dangers of NOT obnoxiously demanding what you want when you want it, because it’s just easier to know what you need then

• He’s really chill and lets you do what you want. He tries his best because he thinks you deserve a good memory as a child (technically a temporary child but eh) and he’ll go out of his way to do what he thinks works with you

• He’s very affectionate if you get sleepy because then he can loosen his guard and concentrate on cuddling you instead of making sure you can’t get out of his line of vision.

Saeran ma boi

• Do NOT ever think you can get away from this guy

• He’s just confused af tbh

• Why would anyone leave a pure, innocent child with someone like him?

• He KILLED a man and you’re just the embodiment of everything innocent and childish and he just feels like crap compared to you. Why is he even trusted with this?

• Regardless, he tries his very best. His babysitting methods includes staring at you. Just. Staring at you and following you around.

• He doesn’t even say anything he just stares and follows

• It’s kind of creepy if you’re anyone else, but you’re MC for 707’s sake!

• He just won’t let you out of his sight. No way around this one. It’s like he can legit stare at you for hours.

• In the end you give up trying to get out on your own and just start whining

• He picks you up (hesitantly. Is a demon allowed to pick up angels?) because you ask him to.

• You cling to his neck all cute and childish and then whisper in his ear how you don’t like being in such a closed in place

• So naturally, he gives in after some thought and lets you out with him; conveniently, there’s a (very crowded) carnival nearby.

• Ha. Ha.

• Ha

• Good luck finding MC there, Saeran.


• He’s really hyped at the idea of having a kid with him tbh? Especially a really cute and adorable one such as yourself?

• He tries to be a cool babysitter that you can talk to about anything and just gives you general freedom

• Bad choice


• One second he could have SWORN he saw you sitting there, innocently on his couch and the next you’re gone?

• He starts panicking and freaking out before he catches you out in the living room, dangerously close to the open window, standing on a couch for support with your arms stretched out

• Caught red handed, you just pull your cute card and tell him (tearfully-) how you just wanted to go out and look at the pretty blue sky because being inside makes you feel suffocated or something

• Really MC? You could have just asked.

• He opens the door for you. Poor bab. Just as he starts going over some safety rules, you legit sprint out of the door and he has to run after you

• One word. Famous actor running in public with no disguise after a child.

• Fangirls and faboys everywhere

• You pretty much accidentally start a parade of ZEN fans in the middle of the street.


• She’s a total momma. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s already learnt her lesson from when she left you in her apartment’s living room and found you outside in the elevator (already having pressed all the buttons you could reach)

• She had to climb four different floors before she eventually caught you

• Boi, she was not happy. But she tries to be calm and understanding about it. After all, you are a child.

• She scolds you properly, but halfway through she goes to fix her glasses and finds that you’re gone again

• Goddamnit- wait, is that you in pantry? Nononononono not the coffee bean jars nOT THE COFFE BEAN J-

• Whoops. Broken. Good job, MC.

Masterpiece | Jimin, You

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Song: 나 요즘 | Saero (feat. 앤트)

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

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Part One: The Doctor Will See You Now. (Two Minutes to Midnight S05E21)

Episode Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader confront Pestilence, but when he unleashes a deadly virus upon them, a very weak Castiel must intervene on their behalf. When reader has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for the reader and her chances of saving herself from becoming a demon. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 6,115.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

Originally posted by weeklyspn

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A Total Eclipse…Of the Height?

This short is for @reylorobyn2011 and @shy2shot for the cute little idea! I hope you enjoy!

xx anya

“C’mon Kylo, we have to get to the dock or else we’ll miss it.” Rey was so excited for this day. It was the first time she would view an eclipse. She had researched every detail, looked at every page that NASA had written on solar eclipses, and was finally ready to see this beautiful beast for herself. And she had dragged her reluctant boyfriend along, too, seeing as the path of totality happened to fall right where his parents lived. So they had visited for the weekend and spent time with the notorious Skywalker/Solo couple who were known for leading groundbreaking research for NASA. Leia and Han found it amusing when Rey had said, “So, tell me about the aliens,” but Kylo? Not so much. She had been absolutely freaking out over the eclipse, and when a wedge of the moon began to peak out in front of the sun, she couldn’t help the squeal that escaped.

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Anonymous asked: Can you write one where Cas’ wings in 10.18 finally heal, but they’re messy af and Dean helps him groom them and for once wing grooming isn’t sexual, just extremely fluffy and cute!

Author’s note: Everyone seems to love the wings, as do I, so here, have a fluffy wing!fic. Tagged as season 10 because it includes Cas having his original grace back, but it doesn’t have much to do with season 10 at all, and no other season 10 events are mentioned. 

“Dean? Did you hear a single word of what I just said?” Sam asked irritably, the look on his face telling Dean that Sam already knew the answer to his own question, and was less than impressed by said answer.

Dean had the decency to smile sheepishly in apology. Sam rolled his eyes at that, turning back to the book that he’d been studying with a mumbled “never mind”.

Truth be told, Dean had been too busy observing Castiel to hear the theories that his younger brother had been firing at him. The three of them were doing research for a case, and Cas had offered to help out. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, until Dean had noticed that something seemed to be off about Cas.

Again, Dean’s eyes rested on the angel sitting across from him, Cas’ nose buried in a book. There it was again; Cas was fidgeting in his chair. As if he was uncomfortable.

And yeah, maybe Dean’s back was starting to ache as well after spending nearly two hours sitting in the same position, but Dean was human. Cas was supposed to be all powered up now that he’d been reunited with his grace. If anything, he should be less human, not more. Dean remembered how Cas could easily stay still as a stone for hours in a row if he wanted too, because angels didn’t feel that natural urge to move. It made him think that something had to be wrong.

There was a sigh from Cas, and he rolled his shoulders with a huff, even though his eyes remained glued to the book.

“Hey… You doing okay there, buddy?” Dean couldn’t help but ask, because this was very unlike Cas.

Only then did Castiel look up to give Dean a forced half-smile.

“I’m fine, Dean.” He replied curtly, immediately dismissing Dean’s concern.

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anon asked:

YOOO SO IDK IF ANY OF THE ADMINS HAVE SEEN OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB BUT IF ANY OF THEM HAVE can y'all do svt as hosts?? If not then that’s fine! ^^


  • successor to Tamaki 
  • even dyed his hair blonde to resemble Tamaki
  • s.coups isn’t weird he’s just dedicated okay
  • king of aegyo 
  • everyone falls for his “shy shy shy”
  • like how can this manly man be such a cutie pie??? 
  • uses his dimple to his advantage
  • he’s the boyfriend host
  • ever feeling lonely and want all of the benefits of having a boyfriend but without the commitment??
  • go to s.coups
  • tries to remember all of the clients’ names just so he can wink and say hi to them outside of club
  • compliment his hair, or tell him how handsome he his and bam you’re instantly his favorite
  • will listen to your problems and tell you that you’re always right even if you’re not lmao he’s not responsible for your actions, he’s just here to tell you what you wanna hear BECAUSE THAT’S HIS JOB ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he’s very comfortable like all the time so don’t be startled if he starts to cuddle with you on the couch even if you only met him like 4 seconds ago
  • omg he WILL play with your hair while you’re talking to him, he’ll ask first of course 
  • if you say no (but why would you say no), he’ll just stare at you with those chocolatey eyes and it’s like is it me or is it getting steamy in here??
  • the others have to remind him that he’s good at talking to girls
  • because lets be real, s.coups doesnt know how to talk to girls
  • ask him to do his satoori accent, ask him to speak in his native dialect 
  • DO IT
  • most of the time what he says to the clients is what he hears from the movies
  • “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird”
  • …. “s.coups, we were talking about chemistry homework”
  • but whatever it works most of the time 
  • but then s.coups tripped and accidentally ripped the curtain so whoops
  • like S.Coups is either player material or a middle school boy, theres no between


  • lmao hardcore judges the other members
  • but doesnt think the others have the right to judge him 
  • he does cheesy ass things like tucking the guest’s hair behind their ear
  • or bopping their nose
  • or taking their hand in his 
  • listening to jeonghan speak is very therapeutic
  • “aww, I’m sorry that happened to you”
  • “here have some chocolate, it’ll make you feel better”
  • “wanna take a selfie together? I dont want to forget your beautiful face”
  • he’s a pro at this tbh
  • it comes so naturally to him, everyone else is very impressed
  • so princely, he’s definitely the elegant princely host
  • once they had a butler concept
  • all the others were dressed as mighty fine butlers
  • but they made jeonghan dress up as a maid
  • everyone enjoyed it in one sense or the other
  • except for him, he was like an angry housewife with his angry feather dusting
  • gets along well with haruhi’s dad
  • mostly because her dad feeds jeonghan whenever Haruhi and Ryoji visits
  • and jeonghan is Ryoji’s favorite
  • …Ryoji sees a lot of himself in Jeonghan
  • lmao it’s probably just the hair? who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • thinks everybody in the club needs to calm their ass down
  • like he appreciates the clients and all
  • but not when they be screaming in his ear, and fangirling all up in his grill
  • the look on his face says “girl/boy, chill”
  • gives the overly excited ones the side glance all the time
  • so basically hoshi, seungkwan, dk, and occasionally joshua 
  • so close to filing a restraining order against joshua during club hours 
  • speaking of harassing
  • jeonghan walks by dino when he’s with a guest to “check up” on him
  • in reality, he’s waiting for the perfect moment to embarrass dino
  • “dino, whose baby are you?”
  • “not yours, you asshole”
  • “what was that, dino?”
  • “jeonghan’s baby” 
  • that little segment between the two of them gives Jeonghan the strength and will to get through all of the guests :’) 


  • the gentleman host
  • like are you surprised??
  • probably not
  • the guests request him when they need a shoulder to cry on
  • he’s like the club’s psychologist
  • carries tissues around just in case someone needs it :’)
  • a great listener, 10/10 would recommend therapist joshua
  • or when they need his honey-like voice singing to them while playing guitar
  • kiss kiss fall in love but in an acoustic version sung by the one and only joshua hong
  • tbh who doesn’t need that in their life??
  • compliments all of the guests individually
  • always asks about their days because he really cares :’)
  • reads poems to the guests
  • “your hair is like the ocean waves that flows under the moonlight”
  • or just plain out cheesy things like “I’ll be your prince if you’ll be my princess”
  • lmao steals S.Coups’ regulars on the daily 
  • s.coups may play with his guests’ hair but Joshua makes them coffee and gives them candy :3
  • still holds a silent grudge against Jun because he broke josh’s guitar 
  • helps the guests with their english homework
  • his favorite thing to do is wink at literally anyone and anything
  • when he looks in the mirror he winks at himself 
  • ya know, just to practice
  • pretends he’s an actor in a movie that’s placed in europe during the olden times
  • like when he looks at a guest, he just turns his head real slowly and dramatically, with his lips parted into a slight smile 
  • and it’s like the heavens have parted and presented to us the angel that is joshua hong
  • he’s lowkey gay for jeonghan too 
  • hikaru and kaoru who???
  • more like jeonghan and joshua ;))))
  • lmao this is why jeonghan avoids joshua
  • joshua just doesnt know when to stop with the bromance


  • he’s greasy off and on duty
  • caught going on dates with at least 4 of his clients
  • aspires to be like Mori
  • but can’t
  • because Jun is Jun, and Jun is derpy 25/8
  • but that doesn’t stop him from texting Mori, and asking him tips on how to be cool
  • texted Mori once asking him how he’s so tall because Jun wants to be as tall as him too
  • Mori was kind of annoyed at first because Jun kept texting him at 3 am but found it to be endearing
  • in all honesty, Jun is Mori, and The8 is Honey
  • meets up with Mori to learn kendo, while Jun teaches Mori martial arts in return
  • once tried to demonstrate something in the music room and broke a guitar…
  • it was joshua’s guitar lmao oops
  • you know the lip bite kiss thing Jun did for a behind the scenes video for a show?  
  • yeah, he occasionally does that to the clients to make them feel ATTACKED
  • tries to be like Mori in the sense that Jun will TRY to keep a poker face
  • but once the guest says some nonsensical thing
  • Jun will implode and bust out a dumb expression
  • when Jun and the8 and dino and hoshi dances in the club room
  • joshua will kinda be lurking in the back LMAO joshua’s their silent hype man
  • Jun appreciates Joshua’s support so much that he offered to set Joshua up with one of his guests
  • but Joshua was like NoooOOOOoooo
  • Jun always wear sleeveless shirts… even in the winter sometimes
  • so he’ll flex his muscles a lot for the clients ;)))
  • “the8, can you use bronzer to make the muscles on my arms look more defined?”
  • the8 judges him real hard for that
  • surprisingly, Jun isn’t really up for skinship despite every offensive thing that he does
  • idk man, he’s just not up for always hugging, or holding hands with someone that he doesn’t know that well
  • the guests would always complain to him
  • but he genuinely just feels uncomfortable doing so
  • got really freaked out when a guest back hugged him


  • need some aegyo fan service? 
  • need to feel attacked?
  • then you’ve came to the right host!!! 
  • the guests LOVE Hoshi because of his versatility
  • one second he’s ready to meet your dad
  • the other you’ll be wanting to call him daddy
  • one second he’s a hamster
  • the other he’s a clock
  • what is hoshi even???
  • he provides all of the top notch background music
  • it ranges from Justin Timberlake to Trot Music
  • his favorite theme would be James Bond
  • host-shi
  • get it?
  • it’s a combo of host and hoshi
  • but it can also mean “Mr.Host” in korean 
  • lmao so sorry that was so bad
  • he comes up with funny skits for the beginning of club for the clients
  • it makes him really happy when he sees people enjoying his performances with seokmin and seungkwan
  • lays dramatically on the grand piano when Woozi starts playing
  • bites the stem of a rose while dramatically laying on the grand piano
  • god, he’s so extra
  • sometimes if Woozi plays classical music, Hoshi would grab a guest’s hand and dance around the room with them
  • Like he’ll be twirling you and he’d have this gigantic smile on his face because wow you cute and this is really fun 
  • supports Seungkwan’s decision on getting a disco ball 
  • really wants a hamster to be the mascot for the club
  • because hamsters are cute, and hoshi resembles one and hoshi believes that he’ll make a great mascot for the club
  • everyone agreed surprisingly
  • so now theres a little hamster cage in the corner of the club
  • Hoshi is always very excited to show the guests the Hamster 
  • 1. this makes the guest thinks that he’s even cuter because hoshi is just so excited by this hamster
  • 2. it’s very amusing to see the hamster poop in hoshi’s hand 
  • ends up naming the hamster Soonyoung lmao


  • wonwoo is also a fan of the james bond theme!!
  • but we all know wonwoo is gonna spill juice on his tie
  • it’s okay that’s wonwoo’s charm
  • he’s the intimidating looking one that gossips about the latest dramas with you 
  • guests like him because he’s like the moon
  • dark and mysterious
  • but he’s also like the moon if the moon had Weenie Hut Jr. on it
  • because c’mon, Wonwoo is a cutie pie that hates doing aegyo but is forced to because it’s his job to make others happy
  • lmao we know wonwoo secretly basks in all the aegyo when he does do it 
  • petitioned to turn the host club into book club every other meeting
  • lmao he was the only one petitioning
  • chats to the guests about his new favorite book
  • “err.. Wonwoo? I thought you were the one that was supposed to be listening to me…?”
  • “….Me Before You.”
  • in all honesty, wonwoo is just this shy and cute guy
  • he’s only in this club because his friends told him to be
  • he doesn’t know what to do here
  • he’s kind of clueless tbh
  • strangely enough, that’s why all the guests flock to him
  • wonwoo is naive and innocent
  • kind of like the club’s pet hamster
  • wonwoo does find it really fun when the guests take interest in what he says
  • unlike the other members who feel like they’re here for the guests
  • Wonwoo feels like the guests are here for him because they CARE about him
  • like wow he feels so loved, he doesn’t deserve this :’) 
  • constantly apologizes because he’s always like “sorry, if im boring”
  • whenever Haruhi swings by to visit, Wonwoo loves talking to her because she makes him feel understood
  • also if it get’s chilly in the room, you can bet that he’ll give you his jacket
  • he won’t put it around you


  • whenever hoshi isn’t playing the bomb background music
  • woozi is providing it
  • i mean since they are in Music Room #3, you bet he’s gonna utilize all of the instruments in there
  • S.coups would literally shower him in pink rose petals or cherry blossoms because he’s just extra like that
  • every single time Woozi plays the piano, he’s all like “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), yes, worship me” 
  • everyone is entranced by him and his godly vocals
  • respects Tamaki, thinks he’s very extra and a lot like coups
  • tbh Tamaki visits once in awhile just so he can hear Woozi compliment and gush at him
  • Tamaki eventually teaches Woozi how to play Nocturne Pour Tamaki
  • literally everyone in the club stops what they’re doing to see these two play the piano :’)
  • in terms of Woozi being with guests 
  • he’s so awkward
  • omg someone help him
  • the most cringe-worthy member here when it comes to socializing with the guests
  • woozi cringes at himself
  • in times like these, he really envies Seungkwan’s talking skills
  • Woozi does aegyo whenever he’s asked to
  • he kind of shrivels up inside but he still does it
  • ok Woozi legit gives good advice compared to S.Coups
  • like Woozi will come up with a solution for anything and everything 
  • this is why he’s vice president of the club
  • like Kyoya, he’s in charge of the money
  • ignores every request that Seungkwan makes
  • found out about Jun dating the guests, lmao Woozi was not happy
  • “if you wanna be a hoe, then imma let you be a hoe”
  • Woozi set Jun up on a date with all of the club’s regulars
  • woozi lowkey made the regulars pay $20 in “admission” fee to go on a date with jun
  • woozi was very pleased at his punishment :^)
  • he’s a justified ruler while s.coups is too busy worrying about whatever s.coups worries about lmao


  • brings his guests hot chocolate during christmas
  • aw hot chocolate and sweater paws with D.K :’)
  • if you’re having a bad day and need a distraction, you know who to go to
  • honestly D.K will cry with you
  • he just hates seeing anyone sad
  • *cues Joshua with the tissues*
  • but when he grins his big smile at you, you better be ready and have an EMT on standby
  • reenacts “My Ear Candy” with Seungkwan on occasion 
  • the guests go WILD for it
  • salty at Woozi for not getting the club a disco ball
  • it’d be a party everydayyy
  • okay, somehow D.K has gotten really close with Kirimi Nekozawa 
  • So when Kirimi’s brother would bring her to the school
  • D.K would always read her manga
  • like isn’t that the cutest thing 
  • often times, when he reads to her it’s in the club room
  • so all of the guests just gush over the image of him being fatherly
  • and when the guests comments on how cool he is 
  • he just sheepishly smiles and blushes :’)
  • a very considerate host
  • the first thing he’ll ask his guest is if they’re okay, and if they’re comfortable, and if they’re hungry
  • very very shy and timid when it comes to skinship
  • but he wouldn’t mind snuggling up close to you while you talk about your day
  • if you ask him to sing HE DEFINITELY WILL
  • but yes, he’ll try to sing you any song as long as it’s appropriate
  • he prefers to sing ballads because he just feels like it’s more sincere
  • will thank you 10 thousand times for visitng him and taking the time out of your day to talk to him
  • D.K just really wants to make sure that his guests know they’re appreciated and loved
  • he actually keeps in touch with some of his regulars outside of club because HE JUST CARES SO MUCH AND WANTS THE BEST FOR THEIR WELL BEING


  • it’s a given that Mingyu is in charge of the snacks and tea around here
  • tells Joshua everyday to stop making coffee for his guests because his coffee is terrible
  • but joshua doesn’t listen
  • the guests will legit fight each other to get mingyu’s undivided attention
  • the other members’ regulars are all pretty chill
  • but not mingyu’s lmao
  • Mingyu’s regulars are pretty insane, in the sense that they will absolutely not share him
  • mingyu is too attractive to be shared
  • and there is certainly not enough of him to go around
  • Mingyu loves the attention but hides behind Wonwoo sometimes because mingyu gets scared too
  • is very cutesy 
  • does little subtle aegyo 
  • like scrunching up his nose
  • and shaking his head cutely
  • gosh, his facial expressions are adorable
  • like he’d make surprised faces, happy faces, grumpy faces just to be cute
  • omg he’s a 5 year old
  • king of compliments!!!
  • he’d give you so many compliments
  • every time you come to club he’d notice something new about you
  • “oh you got a haircut???”
  • “is that a new sweater :O”
  • “those jeans look great on you!”
  • gets playfully heated if the other members interrupt him and his guest speaking 
  • like excuse you, who do you think you are to interrupt mingyu’s bonding time with his beloved guests
  • they’d all be like “okay damn”
  • for some reason he just feels so relaxed when he listens to the guests talk about their day
  • like everyone’s lives are so interesting to him
  • he’s always going to have a smile on his face when you see him
  • the first thing he’s gonna do is give you something that he made for you to eat
  • how cute :’)
  • Tamaki really likes Mingyu
  • lol Mingyu is just really attractive and Tamaki acknowledges that
  • mostly because Tamaki knows that Mingyu is going to bring in so many new guests to the host club :^)
  • Renge legit has such a huge crush on Mingyu
  • he found it endearing at first but now he’s just scared
  • tbh the rest of the members are scared of her too
  • especially s.coups
  • anyway, Mingyu is voted most popular member!!


  • if he feels like he didn’t get his point across to you 
  • he’d definitely go home and write you a letter because he wants to make sure you know how he feels
  • like D.K, The8 just cares so much about his regulars
  • tbh Woozi wouldn’t admit it but The8 is the reason why they’re not getting the disco ball
  • while showcasing his martial arts skills The8 had managed to kick right through a painting
  • that and because of Jun breaking Joshua’s guitar
  • anyway
  • The8 is Mori’s favorite
  • honestly all of the former members equally love the8 
  • the8 is the number one person guests go to for help on homework 
  • like the8 is just hella good at explaining things and he’s also pretty patient as well
  • plus he’s not afraid to tell someone that they’re wrong
  • as for skinship
  • he rather not lmao
  • don’t touch the boy without consent pleasE
  • he’ll even hold your hand if you really wanted him to
  • will very gladly do aegyo
  • omg ask to take pictures with him
  • it’ll make his day
  • like he wouldn’t think that it’s creepy at all
  • the8 would think that it’s very cute that you want to take pictures with him, he’d feel so honored tbh
  • like Jun, the8 didn’t want to be a host
  • but he thought that it would help him with his shyness
  • the8 has so many stories hehe
  • he doesn’t overshare but he shares enough >:)
  • like the one time mingyu slipped on a banana peel walking into the music room, and he couldn’t walk for a week
  • or when he caught Jun licking the back of his hand to fix his hair cause he didn’t have gel lmao
  • the8 is recognized for being talented, having witty humor, and honestly being such a nice guy all the time 
  • he treats his guests with the utmost respect, and never invades their space
  • on one hand he’s like an older brother who just wants the best for you, the other hand he’s such boyfriend material LIKE HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FEEL ABOUT THIS BOY


  • tried really hard to convince Woozi to get a disco ball for the club
  • seungkwan just wants to partayyyy
  • hypes up his guests, encourages them to lighten up from school
  • he’s the moodmaker
  • Seungkwan just wants to make sure no one is stressed out from an exam or anything
  • because he believes that this club is a stress free zone
  • but if you are stressed out, Seungkwan will genuinely give you great advice
  • Seungkwan has some wise words up his sleeve, and it’ll surely make you feel better
  • Seungkwan isn’t afraid to be himself
  • and who he is is pretty goofy, so expect lots of laughing from his corner of the room
  • tbh this club makes him feel like he matters
  • 1. not only do the guests always compliment him on his cheekbones and hair
  • 2. He gets to make people happy :’) 
  • when hoshi gets on top of that grand piano, that’s seungkwan’s cue to be as extra af as well
  • and we all know that d.k joins in
  • no matter how many times someone gently brushes his hand, he’ll still get so giddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • seungkwan has genuine reactions to guest’s stories 
  • he’s just so interactive with the people around him, and it’s never awkward with him
  • he’s always doing some comedic act or cracking a joke
  • Seungkwan gets the most laughs out of his guests, he’s voted the funniest member :D
  • but he’s also sassy in a way that makes it fun for the guests to playfully tease him back
  • seungkwan doesn’t have a favorite theme
  • either way he still finds a way to be hella extra :D 
  • him and his guests are always coming up with ways of pranking the other members
  • especially vernon lmao
  • seungkwan would get lowkey jealous if he saw his regulars with someone else :(
  • “after all we’ve been through together, you left me for JOSHUA?”
  • he’s joking, but lowkey would be just a tad bit hurt inside


  • like he’s the cliche embodiment of a high school guy not knowing how to talk to a girl 
  • normal conversations are fine
  • he can handle those
  • he can even handle deep conversations about dreams and life and family
  • but when you hit him with the “flirting”
  • he’s not gonna know what language you’re speaking
  • don’t call him cute
  • don’t call him hot
  • don’t compliment him
  • unless you wanna see him melt into a puddle
  • in that case THEN GO AHEAD
  • vernon would just smile awkwardly
  • and rub the back of his neck 
  • “what? I’m cute? you mean me? nah, im not cute”
  • like his ego would be boosted just a tad bit BUT THIS IS SO AWKWARD 
  • vernon would explode any minute if you compliment him, kinda adorable though :^) 
  • so when woozi, or dk, or seungkwan, or hoshi is performing 
  • everyone would urge vernon to go up and rap because that’s his thing ya feel
  • but he’s like “nah guys, if i mess up i wouldn’t look cool anymore in front of my guests”
  • “you were never cool in the first place tbh”, seungkwan would say which would slightly offend vernon
  • just kidding lmao
  • vernon has put up with seungkwan too long to be offended
  • so proud :’)
  • but give it like 5 more minutes then he’s back to being hansol again
  • when it comes to skinship
  • he’s very comfortable with putting his hand around your shoulders while you guys are sitting at the couch
  • vernon likes to have a good chill time
  • so he’d crack a lot of jokes
  • when you start smiling, he’d be like “yes this is good, i’m making them happy”
  • he understands that as a host his main goal is to make his guests happy
  • so vernon is worried about that 24/7
  • Kyoya would advise him that it’s irrational to be worried about things like that, because if guests keep flocking to him then he’s obviously doing something right
  • and vernon is just like yeah maybe people do like me and enjoy talking to me
  • yes, yes they do :’)


  • definitely the cute ones that all the noonas thirst over
  • Honey senpai gave Dino Usa-Chan as an initiation gift to the club
  • dino was very touched
  • tbh so touched that he brushes Usa-Chan everytime before club
  • would compete with Woozi for who’s the cutest 
  • woozi didn’t ask for this
  • woozi doesnt care if he’s the cutest in the host club 
  • dino’s just competitive 
  • gets all the girls gigglin when he does his Michael Jackson dance moves
  • moonwalks across Music Room #3 often
  • serves the cake and tea by… moonwalking
  • lowkey hates getting teased because of his age and being the youngest one there
  • he’s always like “I’M A MAN, OKAY?” 
  • the clients pinches his cheeks anyway 
  • poor dino :( 
  • tbh Jeonghan is 2/3 of the blame for that
  • dino wants to whack jeonghan with Usa-chan but he resists the urge
  • plus dino is too sweet for that heinous action
  • the other 1/3 is because Dino is SUCH A SQUISH SQUISH BABY 
  • one day, one of the club’s theme is like a james bond concept which was suggested by hoshi
  • and everyone starts to THIRST after dino like he’s the last man on earth because damnn dino looks FINEE in his suit 
  • and plus that jawline, and messy ruffled hair
  • especially when he dances to No F.U.N during club
  • SO the clients start to cuddle up on Dino
  • at first he was like HEll YEah 
  • but then after a while he’s just kind of scared because he wanted this to happen
  • wishes Jeonghan would come back and treat dino like he’s his baby
  • but it’s too late, jeonghan has already moved on from that

Written By Admin V.K