i think the hiatus has to end

what she says: i’m fine
what she means: i’m worried that they’re gonna pair lena with winn even though it’s clear as day that lena is gay and has a crush on kara and i’m terrified that they’re gonna pull a merlin, because they want to keep testing lena despite her doing more than enough to prove that she’s on the good side and it’s making me anxious that she’s not a series regular and might not be back next season and in general thinking about the hiatus ending stresses me out and i kind of feel like dying

My heart is slowly breaking for Mino…

He was an original member of Block B but was kicked out before they debuted… He ended up debuting in a ballad group, BoM, that was a complete waste of his talent… only for 2 members to leave thus forcing the group to disband…

He tried once more for success and debuted with WINNER only for the group to end up on hiatus practically right after debuting to watching once again as a member of his group leaves…

I can just imagine what he’s thinking…He has worked so hard to get where he is now and has so much more to give in the future only for his career to be dangling by a thread in his face constantly. He is constantly criticized…to the point of his own father shedding tears for him and he still stands tall and puts on a face of pure strength and determination even though deep inside he is struggling with himself and his career. And as much as I love WINNER…he really doesn’t belong in that group. He should be in Block B or iKON where he can really express himself better. Which brings me to being thankful that YG is letting him do solo acts as well as MOBB because even if WINNER does fail in the end at least it won’t mean his career is over.

Confession made by submitter

day 33

still no new maggie content. the hiatus is becoming unbearable. the impending “I haven’t seen maggie since last year” jokes are soon to drive me mad. people still think maggie sawyer has no depth and I’m becoming increasingly hostile. i don’t think i’ll last until the end of this thing. i miss her.


Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted some arts or comics and stuff. I am still working on the characters designs for Bladetale season one, and its stories and plots. Also working on the comics for the Storyline Alliance where one of the alliance’s top priority is to help the stories have their endings and make a new beginning. The story of the Storyline Alliance will be featuring one of my favorite AUs which is Abysstale. You may or may not have seen the wip page where Mecha meets Blade, and the comics will have to wait because my dad has to buy another charger for the tablet I was using in making that comic. My exams are tomorrow when I wrote this blog so I think I’ll be a little on hiatus right now.

I’ll also be making a blog about a contest to see who gets to be a new member of the Storyline Alliance and include them in the comics. Whether it’ll be a persona, oc, or one of your Undertale AU characters. You can ask about the Storyline Alliance if you want but not much about the plots of the story. One more thing I want to let you guys know, the Storyline Alliance is also protecting as what Red Phoenix(aka me) likes to call the Multiverse Library, containing many information and stories about a certain or specific person or object. This place is a very VERY important place so only the chosen storykeepers are free and allowed to enter there whenever they pleased. I’ll make another blog for more info about the Storyline Alliance and the Multiverse Library some other time. Feel free to ask more about these if you want.

Just in case you want to digitalize them, please ask permission from me first. And please don’t be an anon or else I won’t respond and agree in digitalizing my art.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and just enjoy the doodles I made in school. The first pic just pops up into my head and started drawing it just to let you know. And I also made this without reference so please forgive me if I got the designs wrong.

Goodbye, now I’m off to bed!


Undyne the Unknowing(it’s what I like to call it/her for now) belongs to me

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

Blade!Sans belongs to me

WhiteMemory!Sans belongs to me

BlackMemory!Sans belongs to me

Dream!Sans belongs to @jokublog

Abysstale and Abyss!Sans belongs to @metakazkz

Art belongs to @1redphoenix1 (me)


All rights to its rightful owners~

09.10.2016 / 29 Days Till A’s

?/100 Days Of Productivity 

Hey guys!! I know I’ve been pretty inactive over the past month due to prelims and preparation for the A’levels (even though i didn’t want to but i guess i kind of gave up on the 100 dop lol) 

(ノдヽ) the exams are coming really soon and i’ve been feeling super stressed over the past few days. Even though the studyblr community has been a constant source of motivation for me, i think tumblr is a really huge distraction and i need some time to sort stuff out on my own. (and get my shit tgt ;_;) Hence, I’ve decided to go on a hiatus until the A’s are over, and this will be my last post till the end of next month :) 

All the best to those who will be sitting for the O and A levels, we can do it!!! (❛ᴗ❛) 

Guess what’s coming back guys!

FriendQuest will be ending its hiatus fairly soon, and I’m hoping to have it up for my Birthday on the 7th! It’s a little off from my normal schedule, but I think it’s deserving for the occasion! 

This past semester while I’ve been on hiatus has been very hard. I wasn’t very happy with my art, and certain things were particularly hard on me that I won’t elaborate on, but my anxiety was at an all time high and my depression took away my almost constant motivation that I had before. I missed working on my comic, but couldn’t put forth the effort of a long day of homework and class. On top of that, I dealt with some serious aches and pains in my joints and after certain periods of standing that I thought was just from being out of shape. 

Now, over break I’ve been able to start medication for my depression and anxiety and after a while on them I’ve never felt better! I feel my motivation coming back and for the first time in almost 9 years I’m not a slave to intrusive anxiety causing thoughts and can react to stressful situations without feeling like I’m overreacting. 

And those aches and pains? Actually a result of a severe Vitamin D deficiency. (Most people have a minimum of 30 for Vitamin D, mine was at 14 oops). I’ll probably be on a supplement for the rest of my life since my body isn’t making it the way it should, but within the next few months my joints will heal up and my bones will strengthen (to make the strongest and spoopiest scary skeleton). 

Things are really starting to look up, and I’m ready to fight through the rest of the struggles I might face. I’m excited to see what this year brings me, and come the 7th, I’ll be glad to get back into the groove of things!

And then I don’t get why people get upset at John Cena for taking some months off? Mind you the last few hiatus were because he had some injury and was trying to pull some speed recovery shit to be in the ring faster. And like the dude has been in the company for years and, you know, I think some time off is a good thing like you know how physically demanding this job is? I can’t be mad at a guy who takes some time off to heal his body up so he doesn’t end up at the age of like 60 not being able to lift his right arm up or can’t bend properly because his job fucked him up. And I’ve seen other people agree with this theory but then when a wrestler does it it’s suddenly Bad and he’s a Part Timer like I really don’t get wrestling fans at all tbh.

anonymous asked:

Cp loves to travel. I hope she finds a guy who loves to travel as well. I would love it if she would post pictures too. But do you think Cp will do cons again during the hiatus or this year??? I would love to meet her.

I think it depends on if she has a bf or not. lol But I think she will do at least one con by the end of the hiatus. I know she loves meeting fans that way. 

HIATUS, probably the end.

I think it’s time to take a break, maybe longer than what I expect this to be, from this muse before I’m killing it. I feel like I don’t do kang seungyoon justice through this muse anymore. plus, I tend to get lazy these days. my mind has been wondering on other muses so this muse doesn’t get enough attention like they used to. It’s really hard for me to pick up the mood and write for this muse too, no matter how many times I logged in and out for him.

as for now, I’ll be working on other muses and staying away from gen muses. for those who know me, you know where to find me.

just like what I said on my previous hiatus, I’m gonna support winner quietly in other social network platform instead of being here. I’m not sure if I’ll be back for this account, as I’m losing all the motivation and creativity to write for him. a better roleplayer will come along and live good image for kang seungyoon, so I don’t think my leave for this muse will affect anyone. I had fun, and I’m grateful for all the people who spent their time to write with me.

and I’m really sorry for those who spent their time writing replies for me, that I selfishly leave like this. I hope you will continue having fun with your muses and meet better partners.

thanks so much for the love you’ve given to my version of KSY. once winner makes their comeback, please give them a lot of love :)

Yoon’s Mun.

((*spits out drink* Whaaaaat?? Okay, this may not seem like a big deal to some of you guys, but knowing myself, I probably would’ve made a big deal at 25 if I had noticed the follower count then.

I opened this ask blog from the idea of Senpai with a Sanity meter long before it was mentioned through video. If I were to put an estimated time, I made this ask blog…. one year and 1-3ish months ago approximately. It was around December of 2015 that I entered a hiatus that ended up lasting for an entire year, making reason why this ask blog actually has little despite its old age. I personally didn’t think I would’ve ever returned to this blog when I entered that hiatus, and when I did come back from a sudden spark of interest, (before the mention of the Senpai Sanity Meter in one of YanDev’s Videos as well as the video itself,) I was never sure if the ask blog would actually be able to grow since if it’s long hiatus before. At least until now. I’m so glad that I was able to keep this ask blog running despite the fact I ended up caught up in other things.

You guys are just amazing and I’m hoping that this ask blog will be able to continue growing like it has been able to. Next week I have two answers already planned on paper (one is very. Very long. Mainly from bants.) and I’m hoping to slide in some extra content in between like I have been just from being a fan of Yandere Simulator.

The Ask Box is open and probably will forever be open until it hits a high number of asks that I must close it so I can catch up with the flow of asks I’m receiving. Honestly, as weird as it sounds, I’m looking forward to the day I would have to close the ask box; It just means that everyone has an interest in Snapai and that my little guy is getting an image in the Yansim community.

To my followers and to even those that don’t follow me and just enjoy my content despite the fact, thank you for everything!

And to those that have sent me asks and have been planning to send me asks, thank you for giving this blog the ability to give out content! If it wasn’t or hasn’t been for you, this blog would have seized to exist. Either that, or I would have to make fake anons, and that’s no fun.

The biggest thanks to YandereDev for creating Yandere Simulator in the first place; If it wasn’t for him, this ask blog would have never existed, and neither would have this fandom. Thank you YanDev ^^

Thank you all! I know this is an overly long post for just 34 followers but, as I mentioned before, I would have had the same reaction probably for twenty five XD Plus there were a few minor update things mentioned in between so it wasn’t just a big giant thank you.

One last thing! If you see anything in the replies or in your ask box from @xxdragon-and-friendsxx , that is actually me! I want to make this ask blog my main account, but I’m not sure how to do that, so until then, this is how I’m resolving that ^^’ Until next time, dearies~🖤

-Snapai Admin; Call me Tyler if you want. Them/They pronouns preferred but idgaf I’m still fanbinarying I can’t even akdjif–))

anonymous asked:

what do you think about the whole 2ne1 making one last "goodbye song" together

They need to do it. YG has a tendency to just let his groups fade away instead of definitively saying “It’s over” or using the term “hiatus”. But it’s like, if it’s over, it;s over. don’t leve the hope that one day they just might comeback like with 1tym. I think it would be cool to just end it 100% and if they do decide to get back together in the future? Then that’s alright but let it be known that as of right now it’s officially over and send them off with one last gift to the fans.

Coming to terms...

I think this ending of S4 hurts so much because this isn’t just a hiatus but the end of Part 1, with Part 2 at least 3 years in the future (my bet is on 4 years). I want more, we all want more, but we aren’t in control. If you think about it, no one is, really. It has to be so far in the future that it can’t be planned, not with the nature of the business, not with everyone’s already-scheduled projects, and the possibilities that those projects might lead to. But I believe everyone when they say they do want to come back again, and I do believe we will get a S5 and S6…just not for quite a while.

‘Aight, I think we can all agree 2016 had it’s ups and it’s downs, but it’s still gonna be a bit of a good year in my book because I made so many damn friends! Ya’ll are literally the best– n’ I dunno what i’d be doin’ right now without you. Sorry for all the random hiatus’s too, but those’ll hopefully come to an end– my muse has been finicky lately, but with a lack of stress in my environment and nothin’ but positive support i’m feeling confident about my silly OC – so i’ll be here for awhile! That being said, let’s tag some of you fucks, yeah? 

This applies to @obscuringlight too, so if you follow them and not this, dw, it’s the same person. ;’)

The Squad — It’s my fam, yo.

Peeps who I can consider my friends // I really enjoy talking to or admire && though i’m closer with some more than I am others (some i’ve just met and I already adore you smh) I love you all and want to get to know all of ya’ll better because you are precious and ily thanks for putting up with my shit both here and on the Discord. This Marshmellow is a happy one.

@absconditcs // @hyperspace-hoopa // @sparkling-muses-and-dreams // @relicsxng // @oursavior-ourlord // @malasadalover // @relativiism // @askmaplemercenary // @nxhilego //  @gottakeepemall // @pulchra-melodiam // @greenbearet​ // @bruderinschwarz​ // @himacchu //  @gochickenchan // @mtt-asstial (yes Haley you count, ya’ fuck. Nice makeup btw.)

Senpai Material — Well put together blogs I admire from afar

Either amazing OCs, wonderful writing, or just downright chill af people– the guys who follow me n’ just that alone gives me confidence tbh. Ya’ll are fuckin’ lit.

@faeryskull // @gloomyskull // @hoopeddjinn //  @craniumaniac​ // @curious-objecthead​ // @skulls-and-bunnies​ // @thunderbclts​ // @pxgtails​ // @lonebirds​ // @nymphiara​ // @idealwhitelie​ // @unintentional-nightmares​  // @fusionbolts​ // @gxldenstreak​ // @fiery-skullenfrocer​ // @grisecus​ // @mallowofalola​ 

Amazing cinnamon roll people – too good for this world, too pure.

You // Also You // Yes i’m talking about you // even if we don’t interact we could totes change that // I love your face // pls have a wonderful 2017 // stay freakin’ awesome // you’re chill

hiatus announcement.

hola guys!! over the span of the last few months, my activity has been slowly decreasing and now that we’ve hit the new year, i realise that it’ll only get lower as time goes on. this is my last year of high school and i’m honestly doing all i can to finish this shit off right so,, as much as it makes me a sad bean to think about, i’m probably not going to be writing on any of my wrasslin blogs a whole lot any more, if at all. balancing out personal and social shit and school work is already enough of a hassle but coming on here to no muse is hella frustrating.

i can honestly say i’ve had such a wonderful time writing as all my muses, but i treasure the threads and character growth on nikki above all else !!!! thank you all for helping me grow as a writer and as a person and i love you all so much ah !!! i would list all the honourable mentions, but it’s been pretty much all of you, whether you’ve recently followed or if we’ve been mutuals for a century!!!!!!

[jeff hardy voice] this isn’t goodbye forever this is goodbye for now


 I really am sorry to say this, but I think this blog has met it’s end. At least for a while. I’ve lost the muse entirely, and I don’t think I can go on trying to get him back like I am.

 I truly am sorry, but I am going to have to put this blog on Hiatus for the time being, without promising that I may return. But for the time being, if you still wish to follow a blog of mine that is at least semi-active, I have two that are running at the moment that I am actually active on.

@incompetent-justice is one, which is a Detective Dick Gumshoe RP blog

@unlikely-company is another, which is an OC RP blog

 I am sorry, once more…but hopefully I will be able to come back here in the future.

anonymous asked:

I just feel like something is completely off. There's no way he signed a contract for a baby stunt that would mention an ending that could possibly last this long. I think this has just made me super uncomfortable when looking at the other boys' stunt free zone (even Chiam is a lackluster stunt) since hiatus began. Also I think most people are dealing with the fact that the Azoffs are most likely not assisting Louis like we all thought they would. Babygate just sets a bitter tone for people.

“Babygate just sets a bitter tone for people.”

OK I think its REALLY time for me to talk about this.
OK this is…this is REALLY hard to do, WOW.
As most of you know about almost a year ago I announced my GIANT HIATUS because of me having to work on my graduation project for over 6 months till March 2016. WELL, at the end of March I graduated and am now enjoying ENDLESS FREEDOM that I use to work on my portfolio to apply for an internship in the US at the end of summer.

SOOOO NATURALLY you’d think “Oh hey NICE I’ve got free time, I can work on Ayasha again!”, but I have to be honest…a LOT has changed during those past 6 months. My interest for MLP slowly faded as I worked on my own original concepts and new characters…It was hard to admit to myself that I kind of lost the motivation to work on Ayasha any longer. Mostly because I didnt want all that story to go to waste and I didnt want to break my promise to my loyal followers…they deserved to know how the story would continue!

But in the end Ayasha started as a fan-project out of pure fun and I dont think that anything good is gonna come out of me FORCING myself to update this blog. I’ve been thinking for a LONG TIME about various solutions for this, but none of them worked out for me and I had to make a decision. Things change and its time for me to move on, finding my way now into the world of animation!

Dont get me wrong, this isnt easy for me AT ALL. I LOVE my dear Ayasha and everything that I never came to introduce on this blog about her world! And I am NOT planning on leaving her to “DIE” like this. Neither her nor YOU guys deserve this!

And now its time for me to talk about YOU people. Thank you. SO. MUCH. You have no idea how much this blog means to me. Thanks to YOU GUYS I rediscovered my love for storytelling and fully realized WHO I AM and what my strengths are. You guys gave me SO MUCH CONFIDENCE and if it weren’t for you I would’ve NEVER gone to all those conventions and meet all these amazing people I call my friends today. You have no idea how much this blog affected me and I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL for that.

Which is why I will publish EVERY unpublished content I HAVE about Ayasha. You can ask me every question about her, everything I had planned for her. I will also write a summary of where I wanted the story to go and I will ALSO publish the unfinished “script” I have for the Arc I had planned to illustrate after the Hiatus.
I dont want ANY of the work I put into this blog to go to waste. I’ve seen this happen to SO many pony-blogs, all of them just vanished into thin air without a trace and most blogs with a story-arc ended on a giant cliffhanger. I’d really love to avoid this happening to Ayasha too, so whatever you wanna know, I WILL TELL YOU.

If you might be interested in following me for my newest Art or interacting with me on tumblr, I have an art blog: http://elbdot.tumblr.com/
AND a mod blog: http://eleanorappreciates.tumblr.com/
And I’ve been MORE than active on BOTH of them for the past few weeks.
I also have a twitter that I STILL have to get used to, but Im there too if you happen to be on twitter!

Again, thank you all so much for your support, your loyalty, your generosity with ALL the fanart you made for me , your patience and lastly, your ENDLESS KINDNESS.I enjoyed every second of working on this blog when it was still active and I had so much fun with all of you guys through all those ridiculous livestreams or even getting to meet some of you at conventions!

Thank you for everything.

Time to reflect

With the hiatus ending, i think it’s time to appreciate all the amazing things we’ve seen in only the 10 chapters of the Dark Continent arc released so far

  • Netero has a son, Beyond Netero
  • All the zodiacs are going to the Dark Continent
  • Ging and Pariston leave the zodiac and join Beyond’s team
  • Ging is now a main character
  • Kurapika and Leorio return as zodiacs
  • holy shit is Pariston’s mind fucked
  • Intro of the Five Calamities of the Dark Continent
  • Gon is back on Whale Island, has no nen and is journaling about his journey as a hunter
  • Intro of the 14 Kakin Princes, who must have a battle to the death for the throne (one of which is an infant)
  • Kurapika is going after the killer/body part collector, the 4th Kakin Prince who has the rest of the Kurta eyes
  • The 4th prince possibly has Pairo’s decapitated head above his throne
  • Ging’s copy ability
  • Spirit beasts will be attached to all the Princes
  • Curly best member of Beyond’s crew