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s3 teaser musings

“I’ll find you. I promise.”

- My first impressions of the VO was that it sounded slightly different from the finale, which made me think he[Sam] redid the speech for the trailer AND that’s probably how Claire will remember how it sounded all those years later. 

My fave bit of the 40secs has got to be Jamie at Ellen’s Tower! Not only do I love the fact that we get to *see* this bit that Jamie had alluded to in the books, but also, A+ sculpted chest shot. Lordy…

Glad to see the magically reappearing pearls again! (Would have really loved at least some mention of them in s2, but, oh well…)

Anyone who knows me by now knows my love for LOST is infinite, and this shot of him waking up is pretty much how I’d envisioned it to be!

CLAIRE AND JOE! Finally a glimpse of him! The look on her face tho. GAH!

I know a lot have speculated that this is Willie, I’m undecided, coz I feel it could be one of Jenny’s kids, perhaps saying goodbye as Jamie readies to leave for Ardsmuir. But it also could be Willie before Jamie leaves Helwater and/or after the fog incident. 

LOVE seeing proud Mama!Claire! Just LOVE seeing Mama!Claire, period <3

This is probs my cinematic fave shot of the whole teaser tbh! Very Maximus Decimus Meridius lol

Just the way Jamie’s fingers brushes the flowers, the dejected, hopeless look on his face. Can’t help but think this could possibly be after he doesn’t find Claire at Ellen’s Tower (he looks wet and that coat is beyond tattered!), and those flowers are his way of touching Claire, flowers/herbs etc were such an intrinsic part of her that will always remind him of everything about her, down to how she smelled.

I’m probably wrong on all counts (as usual) but looking forward to seeing what is and what isn’t.

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Who are your favorite Clexa/Lexa YouTube Video makers? There are so many! What are your top 5???

Gah…I don’t think I have a particular favorite, but there’s definitely videos that have I’ve thought were really well made. The “Say You Won’t Let Go” one I reblogged again earlier is definitely a fave. My buddy @foomatic is a fucking incredible editor as well. I think her YT user is the same as her tumblr. 

The two parts that have been released of this “series” are better than the entirety of S2 of Fear. I need more of this like I need air, but it hasn’t been “updated” in six months and I want death:

I’d sell my first born for this Another Earth AU because AE is one of my favorite movies and I’d love to see how this plays out:

Can’t think of any other videos that I *love* right now beyond these. 

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Also whispers we so need more Daddy Chris he is just too adorable!! Omg can you imagine him with two little toddlers watching The classic and 80's Winnie the pooh tv series with them and you waddle in pregnant and get teary at the tv as you adore pooh but you're fave is tigger!! <3

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ooo yes! Domestic days with Chris and the kids, gah my heart. Chris would have one kid tucked into his side and the other on his lap so that you could snuggle into his other side. I think Chris is always a touchy person when he’s at home, but I bet he’s even more so when you’re pregnant. He always wants to be close so that when the baby kicks he’s there to feel it. Chris would probably make fun of you for crying, and you’d blame it on the hormones after you remind him that he cries over Disney too. 

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Hi! If you have the time will you write a list of your favorite sports anime (and/or OTP from said anime if you'd like, your choice)? I'm on a sports anime kick right now and your blog is so fuckin' cute so I figured you'd be a super credible source of reccomendations. I've finished watched Oofuri, Haikyuu, Ace of Diamond, and Kuroko no Basket and my heart hurts because those were the only good ones I could find 😭

the ones you’ve watched are my all-time faves <3 kudos to you! i’ll only list the ones i’ve watched, yeah?

1. prince of tennis [tennis] (the first sports anime that i’ve watched.. i think? well, aside from the theory that tezuka’s the reason why dinosaurs are extinct rn, and weird MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS (YES THEY’RE ALL IN MIDDLE SCHOOL AKA 12-15 YEARS OLD KIDS) playing extreme tennis, i think you’ll enjoy it lmfao. everyone is a bae i mean a son. and i mean it. and dude there’s so many otps from here u can’t just.. i mean they even have a page of their pairings and the pairings names in wiki i just..) – momoryo, silver pair and sweet pair are my faves tho :”>

2. eyeshield 21 [american football] aishirudo nijuuichi (gods i love saying that haha) (i love sena and hiruma a lot okay, too bad the anime didn’t make it through the ending :( the ending is sosoososooo good sigh, so PLEASE READ THE MANGA IT’S ALL WORTH IT!!!) – HIRUMAMO IS MY FAVE (hiruma x mamori)

3. yowamushi pedal [cycling/road racing] watch the cycling dorks and sing the love hime themesong with them <3 oh my, please watch them bc s3 is coming soon!!! – shinara and toumaki 5ever 

4. free!! [swimming] i didn’t see it on the list above but i think everyone knows this gay swimming sports anime, right? haha – makoharu is <3

5-6. slam dunk and dear boys [basketball] if you loved knb, these are classic basketball ones that you’ll surely love too :”> (slamdunk’s osts are my all time fave okay. like really good music/ost right there man, also, in dear boys, you’ll find the rival teams just <333 too. gah) 

7. chihayafuru [karuta] karuta is a japanese trad card game, i just watched it recently and i really really love it, most ppl would say it’s more shoujo-theme like, (bc of the love-triangle that’s going pah,) BUT NO. once they’re in a game and all, you’d feel the freaking thrill and shivers while a tournament is going on. i really love it! i really love taichi sobs read the manga too! – #TEAMCHIHAYAXTAICHI 5EVER *huffs* gods i want taichi for myself for real though. ughhh

8. prince of stride [stride/parkour] i love the whole relation and all and just, yeah. last season’s hype and all, i want season 2 though, the ending’s not ‘nuff. 

9-10. hungry heart and giant killing [soccer/football]  i watched hungry heart a few years back with tenipuri, it was good, but it didn’t strike me hard like giant killing did, (i’ve only read the manga for now, but i’ll be watching the anime soon.) 

11. Baby steps [tennis] it’s a refreshing one compared to the geniuses that tenipuri has, so give it a try :) i haven’t watched s2 kill me


13. Hajime no Ippo [boxing] okay, ippo is really hard working and is cute, and who could predict that kid would be a boxing champ jfc, i love him and miyata a lot lmfao. if you want to binge a long series and is cool, ippo is one for you.

14. Air gear [advanced motor-powered skates/air treks] okay, i really dunno if this falls in the sports kind of genre, it’s more of a shounen (a little ecchi too, but i think it’s okay, sort of.) type. but, it’s street skating, plus i love the history on those skates so why not. – i am the only one in this world who ships kazu x ringo okay bye

15. speaking of skates, there’s Ginban Kaleidoscope [figure skating] the story’s a bit eccentric and shoujou-themed and all so.. jfc pete ;_;. give it a try though, it’s nice :) 


16. days [football/soccer] MY GODS DO I HAVE TO SAY WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS IT’S JUST THE SPORTS ANIME OF THE SEASON OKAY, and the main reason why you should watch days: MIZUKI HISAHITO. and ofc that cinnamon bun tsukushi and kazama and ooshiba and kimishita and yeah. PLEASE WATCH DAYS. NO, PLEASE READ THE MANGA OF DAYS PLEASE – ooshiba x kimishita and mizuki x indou :”>

17. cheer danshi [cheerleading] tumblings and all and precious boys who are just doing flips and being all cute and nice while cheering will make you gooey and fluffy inside, trust me. 

18. battery [baseball] it’s baseball anime, ofc it’s a must watch, plus the battery itself is just, golden. you’ll love it. 


19. yuri!! on ice [figure skating] BOYS DOING FIGURE SKATING. JUST. IMAGINE. we’ll have it soon!!!

20. all out! [rugby] if you’re into muscles and all, well, you’ll have to look out for this one soon. idk all i see is muscles muscles muscles sooo.. let’s wait for it.


21. area no kishi [football] was recommended by elena 

22. major [baseball]

23. over drive [cycling]

i think that’s it, idk anymore lmfao. i want a judo anime though :(

  • the character i least understand - Kennedy. I guess they needed a doubter-turned-believer, and someone who wasn’t a Tara wannabe, but something never quite rang right with her. 
  • interactions i enjoyed the most - Aside from the obvious Spike and Buffy, I LOVE Spike and Joyce, especially when they geek out over Passions. 
  • the character who scares me the most - The Gentlemen. GAH!!
  • the character who is mostly like me - I’m not sure I identify with any one in particular. I think I see little pieces of me in each one, which I think is what makes the show so successful and why we hang in there with each of the characters. If really pressed I guess I’d say Giles, as I’ve got the education and book-learning thing going on but really wouldn’t do much of the dirty work myself.
  • hottest looks character - SPIKE. 
  • one thing i dislike about my fave character - I kinda love him warts and all. Yeah, his assault on Buffy was awful, but the show needed a catalyst for him to go off and get a soul, and it had to be something truly terrible. As a vampire of the demon world, killing wouldn’t get it (unless he killed one of Buffy’s friends, and we know that would never happen because it would wreck the show), and because of the dysfunctional nature of their non-relationship, something like cheating wouldn’t get it. It pretty much had to be what it was in order for non-souled Spike to realize he’d crossed some kind of line and want to do something about it. 
  • one thing i like about my hated character - I hate misogynistic Warren most of all, and there isn’t really anything redeeming about him, but the geeky references to things like Star Wars were always amusing.
  • a quote or scene that haunts me - When Buffy believes she killed Warren’s ex girlfriend - Spike tries to stop her and in a rage she starts beating the shit out of him. And he just takes it and says stuff like, “That’s it. Put it all on me.” Even as dysfunctional as they were at the time, it also shows the complexity in which he’s the only one who can even come close to understanding what she’s been experiencing since being brought back to life; he knows she needs to channel it somewhere, and that he’s the only strong enough to take it.  He really did care; it was just tragically fucked up because of demony baggage.
  • a death that left me indifferent - not too many of those as far as the main or recurring cast members are concerned, so I guess I would have to say probably some guest character that I don’t remember because it was unremarkable and only existed to move the plot forward.
  • a character i wish died but didn’t - That’s the thing about this show: if they had it coming, they died eventually, and it was usually horrible. There were some innocents and heroes who died (Tara, Anya), and there were those who atoned and reformed (Spike, Andrew), but off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone who should’ve gotten it but didn’t.
  • my ship that never sailed - Does Angel and Cordelia count as never having sailed? They obviously had feelings for each other, but were only able to admit them when the situation had become so complicated that neither could really act on them any way, even though the feelings still existed. And the whole Cordelia sleeping with Connor thing was kinda icky and more than sorta stalled any progress. And then she had to go and die. And I know that’s ATS and not BTVS, but that’s really the only thing in the Buffyverse that I can think of that I wanted to happen but never really *completely* came to fruition. 


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Gah! okay, so my fave fic of yours has to be The Butterfly and her Brother. Because I <3 Jonathon so much in that fic, plus Gabe and Adele have a special place in my heart. Runners up: No Happily Ever Afters (Ferd=life), A Wolf by the Ear, and also I can't wait to see what you do with Better Halves. :D

Aah, thanks! I think TBahB gets overlooked sometimes, a lot of readers came in at later stories like Your Princess is in Another Castle or Heroes and don’t always go back and read the backstory stuff. Thanks for the love!

Better Halves I have not forgotten about! I might update it after the next chapter of Heroes, actually. Sometimes I worry I’m writing too much about the first gen trio, and the latest chapter of Heroes was REALLY heavy on them even though it’s ostensibly a next-gen fic, and also ended on a cliffhanger, so I should get the next chapter of that done before anything else, though.

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So they are like all like together now right?! (Bo kuroo and teru?) Kuroo's expression in the middle of the comic was making me so saddd. I'm glad Teru cleared it up 😭

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well, more or less - I did say the last three panels were supposed to be in the next strip after all, the scene isn’t totally over just yet, but yeah we’re more or less there 👍


AND I LOVE YOU TOO OH MY GOD!!!!!! It’s always so nice to find more people that ship my poly ships~❤️️

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