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I want loads of followers and decided to go the desperate tacky way and fund a give away. I did my research and they seem to be the popular way as people like free shit. My favorite catch phrase in one of the "give away's" was "You don't have to follow me but it would be neat" typed out twice. I can't help but picture these tacky assholes as the fat kid at school who buys friends with food and shit. If I do a give away do you think people would see me like this? Part 1

I feel like you already answered your own question, if you think that’s a tacky way to get followers then that’s probably what other people will think too( I tend to have the same thoughts, I mean if you just want to be generous and give shit away that’s one thing, but just to get followers is a nah for me). I just want to say, the number of followers you have doesn’t matter, because you could have 10,000 followers but if they aren’t interacting what does it matter? You just want to say you have that many? Or do you actually want people to follow along with your content? Because if that’s what you want the best advice I could give you is to just be an active member of the community and I don’t mean by making cc. I mean follow people, comment on their stuff, so many people bitched about having commenting back yet now that it’s here it’s like they forget how to use it. I don’t do follow backs, most of the people I follow have been really active on my blog and it makes me check out their blog and 9 out of 10 times, their blogs are fucking awesome so I follow and by follow I don’t mean click the follow button. I read, I comment, I send asks. I make it known that I love their stories, content, edits little ramblings, whatever. Simblr is supposed to be a community but there is just so many cliques, and I feel like people think if you don’t ass kiss to the bigger simblrs or you don’t bow down with the sheeple you go unnoticed and I mean it’s kind of true to an extent, but for me I’d rather have people following along and getting into my story because I write well or they like my shitty pictures or they think I’m a genuine person not because so and so has my sim in their game, or this person reblogged my post or I’m ass kissing to get noticed, or doing a giveaway. Sorry this is long, I know how good it feels when people like or comment on your stuff, I’m not saying that it’s not important because it is, obviously, but first and foremost simblr should be fun, you should like what you post and you should like the stuff you see on your dash, and if you want loads of followers or notes I hope you get that, but it can be really hard,I’ve been here a long time and I’m still a really small blog and I’ve asked myself a thousand times what is the point and the point is I like having a place to be creative and I like the small group of people who love my story and chars as much as I do and that’s enough. Because even if you have a shit ton of followers and no one leaves comments or likes it’s gonna make you feel upset and if you aren’t having fun, what the hell is the point? Ya dig? I dunno I hope this helps you. LOL 

Neymar on Programa da Sabrina

Some of the things he said during the interview with Sabrina.

*Learning Spanish:
Neymar explained that he studied some of the Catalan language before moving to Europe, but that most of the learning, especially of the Spanish, happened during the contact with the other players in the trainings. 
“Catalan is much more difficult than Spanish. I, to this day, do not say much. In Spanish, you would say, ‘Cómo estás?’ And he would reply in Catalan: 'molt bé. Estic molt feliç a Barcelona ’(’ Very well. I’m very happy in Barcelona’),

He talked about how important his family is to him. 
“I’ve been through times that I wanted to drop everything, but you come home, they tell you things that you need to listen to and we face together. Then start again. Over the course of my career, I have made a lot of mistakes, but then you’re maturing. I know I’m not complete, I know I still have flaws on and off the field.”

*A day in the life of Neymar: 
Neymar also told a little about his routine. Barça’s training take place in the morning, and then he returns home, where he performs individualized work with physical trainer Ricardo Rosa and also with physiotherapist Rafael Martini.

Neymar has a gym in the basement of the house and also a physiotherapy room inside the mansion. Here he continues his work to keep his body fit and well conditioned “This is where I spend most of my time.”

*Rapid fire:

Best advice of Rafaella? “Not to be so jealous.”
What would you be if you weren’t a football player? “A singer.”
Age you lost your virginity? “15 or 16 years.”
Favorite part of your body? “My eyes.”
Favorite food? “Rice, beans, steak, potato chips and farofa. If you have an egg, we’ll add it too.”