i think the dark chocolate is too thick

Levi and Eren having a reward system that whenever Eren does something good or performs best in his experiments, training and especially in cleaning, his corporal would give him something as a reward.

So Eren finally seals wall Maria, and they reclaim the lost land, and Levi decided to give him a reward by his choice…..

Eren is nervous..It’s usually Levi that relays his reward, giving him luxurious food, sometimes clothes of silken threads and even lavishing his body with a finger or two inside his hole or maybe his thick cock. But now, Eren would be the one to request his reward.

He is kneeling in front of Levi, bare and exposed as the man is seated so nonchalantly on his chair, his knees apart as if teasing the young brunet of his mighty rod that would soon be inside his mouth or even ass.

Eren lifts his gaze upward, and he blushes upon noticing the devious smirk on his pale pink lips, those silver eyes gazing his body like a ravenous wolf to its meal.

“Now, you’ve been a good boy Eren, so very good,” - a rough hand, brushes his long chocolate locks off his eyes and the younger whines when the fingers moves to curl over his nape, dragging its blunt nails along it’s sensitive flesh. 

Then he continues, “What do you ask of me? I’ll give it to you, my obedient pet.”

He fidgets, the seductively dark voice invoking the heat in his gut and his leaking cock twitches when he thinks of his wishes.

“I-I want Heichou’s cock in me. P-please… and his milk too.” He struggles, the very image of that rich thick seed inside him bringing along a tantalizing jolt over his spine and Eren edges closer until his nose is buried on that forming bulge of the older man’s pants.

“Oh?? You want me to seal that pretty hole with my cock and cum? Heh, who knew that you were having such lewd thoughts all along.”

A tip of Levi’s boot nudges on his already hard cock, and the man brings it harder, rubbing it harshly as Eren squirms, moving his hips against its leathery surface in search for sweet friction all the while reciprocating by palming and mouthing that cock against the thick layers of cloth.

A flash of white and electrifying wave of pleasure renders him still, and a broken moan passes through his lips to signal his climax. Levi twists his foot one last time and Eren cums, his mouth agape and head craning to see his Corporal’s satisfied and sadistic expression, his eyes gleaming with dark promises for Eren.

He catches his breathe for a short moment, before he turns on his knees and palms, jutting his ass to present it to the man. 

“C-corporal, please seal my hole.”

Strawberry Kiss (One Shot/Scenario)

Summary: Taehyung wants to think love is sticky strawberry juice, the afternoon sun, endless too blue skies, and like the over puffed clouds floating above their heads.

Original Scan: ©

“What do you think love is?” Taehyung’s studying the peach colored sucker and it looks glassy against the hot light of the sun. He pops it back into his mouth, clacking it against his teeth before giving her a lopsided smile.

He looks fresh against the very blue sky and puff like clouds when he leans back to watch her.

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Bell’s “Black Note Stout”

97 A+

The infamous Black Note is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout. I acquired a few bottles from a friend with impeccable taste, fellow beer blogger, Holly George. The base of the beer is a blend composed of Expedition Stout and Double Cream Stout, which is then aged in retired oak bourbon barrels for several months before bottling.

Much to my delight, this has a wonderful, rich nose. Aromas give a thick impression of bourbon, followed by suggestions of musty wood, coconut, and vanilla. Dark roasted malts provide notes of Dutch cocoa and fudge brownies. Additional notes come out like espresso with an outline of licorice and booze.

The palate hits like a wall of malted milk chocolate. Syrupy sweetness collects like burnt molasses, looming over a dense body of dark chocolate malts. Bitterness is low, which helps amplify the authentic flavor of the roast as coffee begins to encompass the rear. The finish is slightly elevated by a vinous, dark fruit flavor like dates, plums, fermented figs, and sherry wine. The sweetness then levels out perfectly, without growing too thick. Layers of chocolate continue to wash over. The barrel reaches a pinnacle on the aftertaste, where that fruit flavor blends with complexities of vanilla and musty oak. Some residual sugars cling for a bit. The mouthfeel is silky and chewy with low carbonation.

Overall, I think this should be considered a testament to Bell’s brewing skills (but honestly, I think their lineup is pretty average). Malts construct a flavorful framework where balance is right on target. Bourbon is huge on the nose, but ends up being more controlled on the palate. The whole barrel effect is neither assertive, nor understated. Ethanol is integrated or concealed flawlessly, I can’t figure out which. Drinkability is surprisingly, deceptively easy, so watch out! Black Note is really a must-try for all you stout lovers. This decadent treat has been a joy to deconstruct. I highly recommend it!



Kalamazoo, Michigan