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“Pick 5 (ish) of your favourite drawings and tag 5 other artists.”

I generally like most of my drawings but there’s always something I would change in them so I pick 6 I wouldn’t change because I like them as they are :) (…Well ok, maybe I would change few small bits but whatever xD)

1. Remus Lupin. Colours and lines are pretty decent and I like how his hair turned out.

2. Lineart is hard to do, and I always try to make it look like from a comic or something which I think I managed here. I like her hair in this one.

3. My original character! I like the colours and the way they’re put on the canvas. I like that some of the lineart is visible but there are those brush strokes that give it kind of painterly look.

4. Idk, I just like it’s a little bit more dynamic. My art isn’t very dynamic… :/

5. I’m really proud I managed to use just green and brown tones but things didn’t blend together. You can still see what happens in the drawing. That’s good. I like the books, wand and reflections on the desk. Oh, and hatching of his jumper.

6. The idea is pretty interesting. I like the white in this drawing.

I’m tagging: @juanjoltaire , @ev1ct, @meabhd (if you guys want to :)) and anyone who feels like sharing their favourite drawings :)

some thoughts about middle earth
  • elves and dwarves are so confused by men’s gendering?? in both elf and dwarf cultures your gender and physical sex is completely seperate, so when they see a human baby and the parents are like, “yep, this our son, he’s a boy,” the elves and dwarves are so confused?? becaue the child hasn’t gotten a chance to decide for themselves??
  • elf and dwarf children get to feel out different genders until they feel comfortable to call themselves that gender. even then, theyre free to change it later on if they want
  • (aragorn was raised as an elf and therefore also went through this process. he tried out being a girl for a few years, then agender, and eventually decided on calling himself a boy. elrond was super proud)
  • it’s easy to tell with dwarves, bc they have special braids/beads for their gender
  • elves generally ask each other if theyre unsure, bc theyre deathly afraid of making assumptions, since thats like a really big insult
  • elves and dwarves each have very distinct body shapes. its difficult to differentiate between a (physically) female or male dwarf and between a (physically) female or male elf, which is great bc it means the humans cant just assume their gender
  • they dont really gender jobs (eg the woman cant be a guard or the man cant be a cook) bc thats not how elf/dwarf gender works?? theyre like the epitome of gender equality
  • (so dis was actually before dain in succession to the throne of erebor, but she decided to let him rule bc she had just lost the last of her remaining family)
  • elves are usually pansexual
  • dwarves are usually demisexual
  • hobbits are a mix, generally bi or pan, and occasionally polyamorous (theyre very free with their love)
  • humans are the very old school race, heterosexuality is generally preferred bc you can have a baby (theyre still very “a Woman is a Woman and a Man is a Man”). if youre looking for a pretty bigoted race, this is it
  • race (ie the colour of your skin) is not a big thing?? i mean youve got halflings and orcs and talking ravens and shit walking around??
  •  the elves occasionally have this thing about heritage, but its still more about blood (like Noldor or Sinda or w/e) than physical attributes
  • that being said, most dwarves are def poc
  • i mean, they were created in the image of aule and dont even think about telling me he was white
  • also?? hobbits are a farming and gardening race?? they spend the whole day out in the sun, working?? they are not white fam
  • elrond is also not the straight-haired, pale bitch peter jackson showed us?? um dude he was related to like half of beleriand (part of middle earth that got flooded before lotr) and despite what peter jackson tells us, not every fucking elf and human is white jesus fucking christ

I’ve been working on fixing my mental health lately and I figured that probably a lot of other people are too so I wanted to come up with something that might help that process.

This is my Mental Wellbeing Jar (catchy name, I know) and making it felt so cathartic. It’s the first spell jar I’ve ever come up with all on my own so I really hope that maybe some of you will try this and show me the results - that would mean the world!

The ingredients you need to make my Mental Wellbeing Jar are:

  • Pink tulip petals - for happiness
  • Olive snail shell - for healing
  • Himalayan salt - for protection
  • Peppermint - to ease depression
  • Citrine infused in honey - for loving, positive energy
  • Sage - for strength, courage, and grounding
  • Star anise - for good luck
  • Caraway seeds - for protection

I like to layer the ingredients I put in my jars because I think that makes it look pretty and it reminds me of the journey I’m on to fix my mental health - it can’t happen all at once so it has to happen in layers.

I sealed this jar with a mixture of pink and white candle wax, and the pink candles were rose-scented. I chose pink because the colour means kindness, friendship, caring, acceptance, and self-love, and I chose rose-scented because that means peace.

I love this little jar a lot. I’m very proud of it and I hope to make many different types in the future. Again, if anyone tried to make this or has any tips/ideas, my inbox is always open and I’d welcome the feedback.

I hope this helps someone else too.

Edit: Please remember that this should never replace medication or anything like that. If you’re struggling then please talk to someone such as a family member or friend, a doctor or the Samaritans.

Take care of yourselves

- Katy

Tutor Me? ReggiexReader! Part 3.

Hey guys, as promised, here is part 3 of Tutor Me? This is actually going to be the final part of this mini series, though if anyone would really like it, there is an epilogue that contains the next scene but it does contain smut. like real smut. if you’d like me to upload the epilogue, please send me an ask! don’t worry too much though, I’ll definitely do some more Reggie oneshots! he’s such a cutie lil fluffball. 




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Dating Jackson Would Include

Hiya… Can I get a dating jackson/jimin(bts) would include?… Thanks… Love your blog…

Note: Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

GOT7 Masterlist ~ Main Masterlist

Jackson Wang || Jinyoung || Yugyeom ||

In the Daytime

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  • Jackson is going to legit be the most amazing boyfriend on the planet
  • He’s going to support you in whatever you want to do with your life
  • But don’t expect that this is going to get you away from the teasing
  • He will take literally every opportunity to tease you 
  • About anything
  • Literally 
  • It could be the way you blush when he gives you a compliment 
  • To the way you look when you’re focused hard on something
  • But it’s always going to be in good fun
  • Like he’s always going to have good intentions
  • Even if he can be bratty at times, but aren’t we all? 
  • Be prepared to share him with Mark
  • And he may have a very busy work scheduled 
  • But he’ll always make time for you
  • He’ll love to take you off on dates and show you off to all of this friends. 
  • 9/10 you’ll be the one behind the wheel thought because he has the tendency to get distracted
  • “Ooh, I love this song!”
  • “Jackson! The road!”
  • “Oh shit, yeah.” 
  • He will be insistent on matching couple things 
  • Especially hair colours
  • “I think we should dye our hair blue, Jagiya.”
  • “You can dye your hair whatever colour you want, but I like mine the way it is thank you very much.” 
  • “Ah~ you’re so boring~” 
  • Be prepared for him to use pretty much everything you own
  • There is no such thing as ‘privacy’ in Jackson’s mind 
  • Like you’ll walk into the bedroom and he’s using up all that expensive hair spray you used the other day, or he’ll be looking up that cookie jar in the kitchen.
  • Don’t be surprised if all the snacks you bought are gone within a few hours. 
  • Him taking you on a lot of dinner dates because he likes to make sure that you’re eating well and staying healthy. 
  • Him always looking after you because you’re his pride and joy and nothing makes him happier than you do. 

At Nighttime 

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  • Have fun with this bundle of joy at night
  • Him stealing all of the covers in his sleep
  • And then apologizing over and over in the morning when he wakes up to find you shivering next to him. 
  • He cuddles you as if it’s his religion
  • There isn’t many nights when he won’t insist you come into his arms
  • Unless the two of you have had a fight
  • Which let’s be honest, isn’t going to be a very regular thing. 
  • He isn’t always going to be a giant cuddly fluffball though
  • Sometimes he’s going to be a little needy 
  • Him teasing you when you’re trying to get changed into your pajamas.
  • “There’s not much point in putting those on Jagiya, they’ll be coming off again very soon.” 
  • Him taking every advantage to please you
  • But sometimes he’s going to be a little selfish
  • “Get on top Jagi, I’m all yours tonight.” 
  • He loves to hear you
  • Though this does has his drawbacks, because it only fuels up his ego
  • Get ready for relentless teasing in the morning 
  • “What was it you were saying last night Jagi? ah~ Jackson, harder~”
  • “Literally shut the fuck up.” 
nooreva fic rec

same time, completely different place

“There’s probably a parallel universe with another Isak and Even that are lying down, just like this… Only that, there’s a different colour on the curtains or something…” – Not exactly. (In which some things are different, but some others are the same)

tonight is the night that we might fall together

She doesn’t mean to, but Eva falls asleep with her arms wrapped around Noora’s waist. She’s breathing softly and is so close to Noora that it almost seems suffocating, but less like someone’s squeezing Noora’s heart in order to break it and more like someone’s just trying to hug it hard enough to help her remember what it’s like to be loved.

feet on the ground, our head in the stars

And Noora thinks about backing up, or avoid saying it, but then she thinks about Eskild, so happy and proud of himself, and about Eskild side-eyeing her since she moved in, and she just swallows and goes for it. “I’m queer. Can we go out tonight?”
Eskild jumps off the bed and immediately wraps around her like a cat. Noora is panting a bit with the force of her admission, and she bites her lower lip hard, tucks her smile in Eskild’s neck. She lets herself be rocked back and forth.

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BTS Reaction: Their S/O dyeing their hair pink

Anonymous said: “bigbang and bts gif reaction to you dying your hair pink! :)” i will do BigBang sometime soon:)

JIN: Jin would love your pink hair as he believes that it really suits you. He would compliment you everyday about it and tell you that “You are beautiful Jagiya, any hair colour suits you.”

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RAPMONSTER: Namjoon would be shocked at first as he didn’t expect you to change something so drastically. However, he really believes that you look “Very pretty and pull it off really well.”

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JIMIN: This mochi would act totally differently to how he feels. Deep down he thinks it suits you but he teases you saying that “You copied my hairstyle, I had pink hair first.”

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J-HOPE: Gurl damn this guy would be your number 1 hype man. He would never stop complimenting you and would even show you off to his friends and other members, “Look at how beautiful Y/N is with pink hair!”

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V: As soon as Taehyung saw you from across the room with your new hair he would quickly run up to you. He would hold you in his arms, jumping up and down from excitement as he thinks you “Look even more beautiful with pink hair.”

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JUNGKOOOK: Jungkook would keep cool at first when he saw your hair not mentioning his thoughts on it. However later on when you two were alone he would lay your head on his lap and brush through the strands saying, “You’re so pretty Jagiya.”

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SUGA: Like Jungkook, Yoongi wouldn’t mention if he liked your new hair directly. He would just slowly start calling you names such as “Peach” or “Pinky” and squish your cheeks every now and then.

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caviaartifex  asked:

Do something with Sombra! Sombra/Zarya or Sombra/Katya or Sombra/Symmetra or just Sombra being Sombra and booping someone!

Okay, I totally forgot the booping part. Whoops. 

Friends with Benefits - Katya x Sombra - SFW (sorry)

[AO3] | [FF.net]


Katya should have expected that woman would be back very soon. ‘Sombra’, was it? Whatever her name was, Katya should have known. People like that didn’t stay away from people like her for very long. 

When she returned, she’d cause another security breach, Katya assumed. Maybe alarms, drama, chaos—that seemed like the sort of situation Sombra liked to manufacture. She clearly had a flair for drama, after all.

What Katya didn’t expect was to wander into her office late at night after most of her staff had gone home and find herself suddenly face to face with

God! That woman, who was sitting poised on Katya’s executive table, legs casually crossed, shaking a Chinese Baoding Ball beside her ear and listening to it chime. “Huh,” she said, examining the ball. “Are these really all that relaxing? I always wondered.”

Katya’s breath caught in her throat. “You.”

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You stood looking at yourself in the mirror in just your underwear, critiquing your every visible aspect. Your hair could be straighter, your eyes could be brighter, your muscles could be more toned, you could sure as hell be more positive about yourself. Your internal appraisal continued on, when a light cough came from behind you. Hunters instinct kicked in, you reached for your glock.

“Woah there Tomb raider, relax it’s just me” Sam smirked playfully.

“Damn it Sam, how about some warning next time?” you hastily covered yourself up with a bath robe, not letting him see more of you than he needed to.

“Sorry, I was wandering past your room and it sounded like you were saying something, colour me curious”

Shit! He’d heard you. You couldn’t think what to say. He must think you were insane!

To your surprise, he grabbed your hand, pulled you back over to the mirror and positioned himself right behind you. With his massive arms, gently wrapped around your middle, he made you look in the mirror at yourself

“So what were you saying about all this?” whispering gently into your ear and gazing at your cloth-clad body

Sam knew how make you melt like butter in his very capable hands.

“I… don’t like me” barely above a breath. He looked hurt?

“What? Really? I think you’re pretty great Y/N”

You’d heard that before, it never really reasonated with you. He could tell by your lack of response that you didn’t believe him

“Okay, lets start at the top” you cocked an eyebrow at him in the mirror

“Your hair is gorgeous, its got an amazing colour to it and a mind of it’s own. Just like someone else I know” His chin plopped delicately atop your head

“Your mind is amazing, you make connections Dean and I never see, you always seem to make me laugh and if you’re down, you’re never down for long” Green, intense eyes never left yours

“Your cheeks go that lovely shade of pink whenever your embarrassed, like right now for example”  you smiled a little and looked away.

One of his arms snaked out from around your waist and came up to your shoulder covering your chest, pulling you into him

“Your eyes are such an amazing Y/E/C that I get lost in them all the time” he took that opportunity to pull down the shoulder of your dressing gown, planting a kiss into your shoulder

“May I?” he asked politely before undressing you back down to just your underwear

You just nodded and helped him take off your robe;

“Damn” he approved in a breathy tone observing your bare form in the mirror, you giggled slightly at his bewonderment.

“I can’t see anything wrong, yeah your arms not be as firm as you’d like, but you fight off monsters like a pro, so it doesn’t even matter.”

Sam’s hand slithered down to lie on your stomach; you tensed your muscles

“So what if you haven’t exactly got a six pack, do you know how much harder it is for women to get six packs than men? Plus, it’s much healthier to not be paper thin”

His arm rejoined its partner around your waist and he continued his own critique, his head lying gently into the crook of your neck

“Are you worried that your thighs are too big?”

You nodded limply

“You need strong thighs to support you, plus you’d have to be pretty strong to stand me all the time”

You couldn’t help but groan at his bad joke resulting in a throaty chuckle from him

“And your feet… well I can still sweep you off them pretty easy” and he did. He swept you clean off the floor, collapsing on to the bed with you pinned underneath him.

“I worry I’m just…not enough, y'know. I mean, look at you, you’re a legend. I’m just” you looked down toward your less than perfect body “this”

“Hey! I love ‘this’! Also, I’m not getting up until you accept that you’re beautiful. I’m just going to compliment you until you accept it” his smile beaming

You tried to protest, but his soft lips cut you off. After far too many compliments and tender kisses, you finally shoved him off

“Fine, I guess I’m not terrible” the tiniest smirk appeared on your faced, soon to be mirrored by Sam’s own

“See! I love you for you, not one specific thing, I’m in this for the whole package”

Blood rushed back into your cheeks in delight at your favourite man’s caring words

“Yeah, I love you too Sam” 

Fic request from the lovely @waywardassbutt1 (who’s blog is definitely worth a look ;) ) 
Hope you enjoy! <3 

Miss Something - Request

Requested by @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester:  Dean x reader have been married for years, she gets pregnant but he doesn’t want it. She leaves but never moves on. He ends up in another relationship and about to marry her. At the altar he decides he needs to be with reader and their child.
& Anon:  Part three to “Miss Everything- Miss nothing” where Dean bonds some more with his daughter but mostly of his relationship with the reader becoming even stronger?
& @captain-morgans-bitch:  Please continue and make a series out of this
& A bunch of people voting for it in the past two Sequel Fridays.

Summary: After apologizing and meeting his daughter, Dean is willing to get back to her life for once and for all. He wants everything back, including (Y/N) who is still reluctant about his comeback.

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 3,755

Warnings: None.

A/N: I wanted to focus more on Samstiel with Louise, but also daddy!Dean and his relationship with reader (if that makes any sense at all). Happy Sequel Friday!


| Miss Everything (1) | Miss Nothing (2) |

Dean followed the deal like an obedient man. He called Louise every day after school – or at least after eating something because they would spend hours talking and Louise would forget to eat – and then he called (Y/N) to have dinner on Saturday.

Sam and Castiel weren’t only cheerful, and proud of Dean finally manning up and trying to make things better, but they were also far too excited to meet the little Winchester.

They would have dinner together at (Y/N) and Louise’s house that day. Sam made sure to buy pie and wine, while Castiel spent his whole morning collecting flowers at the nearest park – because Sam told him it was polite to go to a home with a present for the owner – and Dean made sure to buy Louise a colouring book and (Y/N)’s favourite sweets.

The three men arrived punctual to the appointment and Sam was impressed to notice how (Y/N) still looked the same. She was at the kitchen, checking the oven, when they arrived and so she didn’t notice. However, Louise had heard Baby’s roar and she stormed out of the house, excitedly.

“There’s my chipmunk.” Dean spoke proudly as he turned Baby off.

“She looks just like mom.” Sam commented.

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Summer renison

-Imagine Allison taking Renee shopping for summer clothes, where she literally empties an entire rack of cute pastel crop tops, throws them at her and ushers her into the changing rooms.

-She gets her to twirl round for her with each new one she tries, complimenting her beautiful girlfriend each time. She quickly runs out of words she hasn’t used before, so settles for kissing her.

-just so you know, Renee is very distracting in those tops, and Allison is very distracted.

- Picture them both tying eachother’s hair back on a really hot day to keep it out of their way. Renee leaning back on Allison’s shoulder, struggling not to fall asleep as she runs her fingers through her hair, because it’s just so relaxing.

-Allison helps Renee dye her hair pretty summery colours, which results in the bathroom looking like a rainbow exploded somewhere in there.

-Happy girlfriend’s going to the beach together. Splashing each other in the sea, helping each other apply suncream, making sandcastles, walking hand in hand across the sand, Allison sunbathing while Renee reads on the towel next to her.

-Allison in very distracting, even more so than usual in that bikini. Renee has been reading the same page for fifteen minutes, and oh no, I think Allison has noticed.

-Renee ends up reading to Allison, because she kept asking her questions about what she was reading. They alternate between Allison’s head om Renee’s lap and Renee leaning on Allison’s shoulder.

-Taking icy cool showers together to try and cool down because it is like the surface of the sun out there.

-Getting into silly fake disagreements over the weather. Allison loves summer, because of the nice weather (and being able to regularly see her girlfriend in crop tops and swimming costumes doesn’t hurt) but Renee prefers spring because it is cooler and there are lots of baby animals around.

-Sharing an ice cream together. Then complaining about how cold the others lips/tongues are when they kiss.

-Painting each other’s toenails (and grabbing any available fox and trying to convince them to let them paint their’s too.

- Dan says yes, so does Matt and Neil, who goes bright orange, obviously. Andrew just looks at the girls, which they wisely take as a no. Aaron tells them to fuck off. They manage to paint one of Kevin’s feet while he is distracted watching a match on tv. He is not overly impressed.

-Braiding flowers into each other’s hair.

-Possibly a summer wedding?

emergency commissions

hey my name is avel and i’m gonna try and keep this super short, i don’t feel too comfortable publicly giving too many details about my situation but i’ll explain the gist of it.
this month is a huuuge important and busy one for me in terms of my mental health with a lot of really necessary changes and new doctors coming into my life
i’ve been unable to work, and my family’s helping me pay for all my copays and other medical bills with the exception of medication because they don’t agree with me taking any despite them being necessary for me to pretty much function

i had a very very stable full time job before and i had enough money to deal with my medication over the next few months while this new change in doctors and testing came up, but for the second time over the last couple of months i’ve had some issues with my bank which i was able to resolve before but now it’s back and pretty much twice as bad.
after trying to solve this again, the best i’ve gotten is that they’ll review over everything, but i don’t see this going away and i have two appointments coming up on the 8th that are ridiculously important and i’ve been patiently waiting for a very long time for.

my current bank balance is at a painful to look at -$230 in just overdraft fees that shouldn’t be there to begin with when i had saved up for this.
i don’t expect to be able to make this back in 4 days at all, but if i could get enough commissions to at least lower that balance down to $0 while i at least get through my appointments i’d be happy at this point, and i’ll be applying to jobs over the next week because not having financial stability or a fallback when things like these happen is absolute crap, i’ll just push through until things are stable again.

if you could reblog this for me i’d appreciate it, i know even if people wanna help it’s not always possible

i’ll put commission info under the cut and my paypal is oirihara@gmail.com
you can message me here
and also contact me on my email ikebuguro@gmail.com or discord Iwaizumi#5555
pretty much i’ll be doing name your own price with the minimum being $5

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Happy Birthday, dork!

The club was full of people. You barely knew half of them. It made you wonder about when your best friend had gotten so popular.

You scanned the room, trying to find his tall figure across the crowd. Before spotting him though, someone padded you on the back and pressed a brightly coloured cocktail into your hand.

“Y/N!”, Niall yelled over the loud music.

You smiled broadly. You could tell he had been here longer, his alcohol level was already pretty high.

“Hey there, Mister Irish Man! How are ya?”

Niall giggled. “I’m very well, a bit tipsy to be quite honest.”

“You don’t say.”, you stated, fake shock lacing your words.

Niall laughed his characteristic laugh.

“Have you seen the birthday boy?”, you asked, looking around.

Niall shrugged. “Not since I’ve walked in, which was a while ago.”

You grinned, nodding at him. “I think I’ll go find him, but let’s have a drink together later…when I’ve had time to catch up.”

Niall chuckled and nodded.

You made your way through the crowd, saying your Hello-s here and there and asking if anyone had seen Harry. Oddly enough, no one had in a while.

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Lion’s Heart

Omg can you do one where Gryffindor Hoseok falls for Slytherin Reader? 😣🙏🏻

Note: You didn’t specify which Hoseok you meant so I wrote this for my fave. I hope you like it. 

I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Originally posted by hoshikio

Autumn had hit hogwarts; everything was ash brown, red and burgundy. The leaves on the trees, the skies at sunset. The grounds were decorated with candles and dancing flames amongst the carved pumpkins in preparation for Halloween. It was a beautiful time, especially up in the breeze by the black lake as you sprawl out your Potions essay with black ink. Usually you’d study in amongst the dusty books of the library, but how could you miss an opportunity at such a beautiful dusk? And in the dungeons of the Slytherin dorms, not a lot of light as prohibited to fall through.

It wasn’t until you heard leaves crunching and crumbling that you realised you weren’t alone. You turned back to look; it was no surprise to see the ruby red robes of the Gryffindor you knew as Jung Hoseok.

He wore a large grin on his face, it met his eyes like everything radiated with happiness. He stood tall, his shoulders pushed back as though he had all confidence in the world. You often wondered how he always looked so flawless like this, how he gave out smiles as though they didn’t cost him a single thing.

“{y/n}” He spoke as though he’d been expecting to see you there. Perhaps he was expecting to see you there. This wasn’t the first time you’d taken refuge at the outside castle grounds to escape the bustling halls. He took up an empty space of grass beside you and stretched his legs out before him; he continued to smile as though he had something to motivate him to be so cheerful.

“What do you want?” You asked him. It came off a little cold, but it didn’t seem to phase him in the slightest.

“I wanted to come here. You’re an added bonus, of course.”

You rolled your eyes at his statement, but it didn’t stop your heart thumping in your chest.

It was also myth by now that Slytherins and Gryffindors are sworn enemies, but you can’t help but feel a little hint of opposition to him. Perhaps it was just a clash of personality, or the fact that the played with your emotions at his will without even trying. You almost jumped when he put his arm over your shoulder.

“It’s pretty out here right?” He questions you, turning to face you so you look out over the lake and nod in agreement. There’s no point in trying to shake him off, because you know that he won’t leave. He;s the kind of person that will put everyone else’s happiness before his own, and you’re not exactly very good at hiding your emotions. Who comes out to a lake in the evening alone? Well, it’s certainly not because one is feeling happy.

“The lake is pretty too.” He suddenly says.

You turn to look at him, finally. His eyes are glittering, and your cheeks burned to the colour of the red sky. You cleared your throat, “I don’t understand.” You tell him, not technically wrong, you did want clarification.

“I mean, I think you’re really pretty. No, more than that, I think you’re stunning.”

The breeze parts your hair around your shoulders, and it feels cool against your skin. The feeling you’re experiencing right now in indescribable. Your heart is racing and pulsating out of control while your head spins like a tornado that refuses to give up. Your potions homework is abandoned beside you.

“I’m not.” You refuse, dragging your feet up and wrap your arms around your knees, closing yourself away from him like the ultimate fear of opening up and being hurt.

He chuckles. “Do you need me to list all of the ways you’re stunning? Because I will. I’ve liked you for a while, and I’m good for picking up the small things. Like the way you always tie your hair back when you’re concentrating hard in potions, or the way you sit like that when you’re nervous.”

You let your legs fall and push them out before you, the same way he is sat. “I’m not nervous” You tell him in defiance.

“You keep disagreeing with everything I’m saying.” He brushed a piece of hair behind your ear. “But you haven’t said that you don’t like me. Romantic or otherwise.”

He winks at that, and you shake your head. “That’s because I can’t disagree with it. Well, I could, but I’m not a liar. That’s one thing you Gryffindors can’t slate us for. Slytherins don’t lie… often.”

You crack a smile, finally, to show him you’re joking.

He laughs, and it’s like all the magic you have in your entire being is full inside of him and more. “Okay, {y/n}, I want to make you agree with me. Right?”

“Right?” You ask him, breathing a little more deeply as he leans down.

“Do you want to kiss me?”

“Agree” You respond, he smiles, only a little, then presses his lips against yours. It’s faint, and light, and your magic burns inside of you as though it wants to dance and spark and create great fireworks. It’s a moment whirl of bliss and it’s over too soon. You barely have to digest that you’d just shared a moment of romantic intimacy with a Gryffindor until your lips are pushing against his again.

It’s like rivalry all over again with each push of the lips, each swipe of the tongue and biting softly against the lips. His hair brushes against your forehead, it feels glorious. So fucking glorious.

You’re the first to pull away, and you feel proud over the way his confidence has dropped and he’s panting. For the first time since you’d met him; Jung Hoseok was speechless.

He’d allowed you to all for him, and now, you wrapped your snake around his lion’s heart.

*arrives 2 days late with starbucks fluff fic*

So all my fluff week things are going to be late now, oh ell guess I’ll be drawing out this event as long as I can. As a side note I know absolutely nothing about surfing so I am trusting google for the things in this fic. If i did get anything horribly wrong please let me know. 

prompt: sea/stars

words: 2,645

summary: Lance gives Shiro a basic surfing lesson on a alien beach 

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I just wanted to tell you you draw the best Mccree, and if you have anymore tips on how to draw him? (I have trouble drawing him) Have a nice day!

mmwell! i only have tips on how i imagine him (which isn’t to say it’s more correct than anyone else’s take, ofc), but sorta..? things to think about is:

-well ok i lied one thing is objectively truth: his skin colour is as dark as pharah’s in canon and although blizzard doesn’t respect that, i think it’s our duty as fanartists to do so-he’s a brown man, and it’s horrible to see other fanartists ignore that.
-lots lots lots of hair. facial hair, neck hair, BACK HAIR…
-he’s very soft but that softness is mostly on his body, his facial features, cheekbones and brow are pretty sharp EXCEPT his face SHAPE under his beard which is kinda rounded and flat.
-his eyes are seemingly almost always hooded or squinting like a man in a western standoff. they almost always look tired.
-he’s got pretty thick eyebrows that are furrowed more often than not
-his hands? very thick and big. sausagey fingers.
-he almost never stands straight, always leaning over in some way
-he always keeps his hands busy, either fiddling w his gun or hooked in his belt, u wont see mccree’s arms limp on his side.
-when he talks he tilts his head a lot and makes many gestures.
-large nostrils
-most of his gestures while talking are very exaggerated as well. not comically per se, but just, when he laughs, it’s kinda booming, when something bums him out, he makes a show of
-his smile is BIG

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If each of the green day members were dogs?

There was a lot of posts about this a while back, I can’t remember the conclusions but they were all very good and I agreed with them. I love dogs but I am not familiar with them and a lot of breeds but I will give this a go.


A Schipperke (smallish, fluffy, black - I always relate Billie to darker colours, pretty, can be cute and intelligent looking yet slightly comical.)


A brown Husky (beautiful, majestic, big, strong, claming and the colours remind me of the both)


Definitely a corgi (small but larger body, pretty, lovely eyes, happy, energetic, adorable, playful and when I think of Tré I think of gingerish colours - same with a corgi)

I’ve always said that when it comes to hiring in Hollywood, you have to take a chance on what you think somebody could be, versus what they are already. Look at Pretty Little Liars: Troian was a trained actress, but hadn’t had any big gigs. This was Shay Mitchell’s first acting job. You can’t be afraid to take a risk in casting, especially if we want more people of colour and women onscreen. I already have an idea in the works about empowered women with secrets and very big jobs…
—  Marlene King on women in Hollywood

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what are the paladins favorite colors of lipstick for their s/o to wear? gotta leave cute kiss marks for them to notice in the mirror later! <3

- Light pink!
- If there’s a little shimmer in there, that’s great also
- To be honest, as long as his S/O is smiling he’s okay with everything <3

- He’s pretty confused that nude is not only an option, but a family of colours
- He’s not a hypocrite, and his lips are drier than the desert he lived in, so he won’t outright state a preference
- But it’s dark purpley red
- Kind of like a,, vampy mauve

- Also red
- But very bright
- He likes that his S/O has the confidence to pull it off and he loves to look at them and kiss them while they’re wearing it

- I think they’d like darker pinks
- Not fuchsia, just a little bit subtler
- But not baby pink, they think that looks like the trademark frosty pink lip of the 90s

- Also dark red
- No cool undertones though, warm red for sure
- He doesn’t really mind a finish, but he’s learned that if it’s glossy it’ll likely transfer onto his lips after a kiss so that’s his favourite